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lapsus linguae @treyka Brussels, Belgium

benevolent misanthrope; bit-flipper; stochastic admixture of signal and noise; kicking against the pricks;

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@maradydd Parenting a young child considered as psychological colonialism?It seems that one cannot endorse someone for 'passive-aggressivity' on DouchebaggedIn.Docker is great. Y’know, if you don’t know how to use a computer.
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Our political system is the byproduct of recursive idiocy. The halting condition remains open to speculation."i like to think of donald trump as the hologram avatar of the emergent consciousness of 4chan." -- @treyka (poetry, dear sir - poetry)
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@maradydd Yes!
Which late model cars *don't* use systemd? (Asking for a friend...)
@dakami Dummies hire for facts. Hire for character traits not easily learnt by adults, such as curiosity or initiative.☑ Emacs Desktop Environment ☐ Rewrite systemd in Elisp "Emacs is a great OS, haha" oh, you thought it was a joke?
Retweeted by lapsus linguae The 15 known tiling pentagons, including the one discovered last month (bottom right).
Retweeted by lapsus linguae The USSA spares no ink firing warning shot valentines at China. #loveyou #donteverchange #mkay
@rmogull DLP: HR, NGDear Bxl, if you were .0001% more humid, I'd be sleeping inside a smurf's large intestine.LinkedIn: when you gaze into the void and the Insane Clown Posse stares back.Nothing brings out fuckers with an agenda like grief.@JulianBangert @sergeybratus Double your pleasure! Double your fun! Doublemint printf() scrum!@threatbutt '...intelligence is nothing if not an institutionalized black market in perishable commodities.' --John le Carre
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Whoa: @lessig is running for referendum presidency to fix our democracy once and for all #lessig2016
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Question being, is Google an Alphabeta and will they eventually kill it like Reader, Wave, et al?@HackerHuntress @threatbutt You threaten my butt with paper cut?@threatbutt @HackerHuntress You're crowdsourcing recruitment of recruiters? That's so meta, it positively threatens my bunghole.@threatbutt @HackerHuntress Shit, plenty of *real* companies have fake recruiters.Bog bodies are cool. Thinking of launching a new line of branded beef jerky, geared towards the Scandinavian market.
Pish! There I go, channeling Harold Bloom or some such normative blah blah. Better to backpedal and feign intoxicated ranting. ;-)...I invited this medium to intermediate my life, like a myopic tourist glued to a camera while life passed by in the periphery.Which is not by any means to negate the real value I've derived from some conversations in this medium. It's just that at key points...Time was I regarded Twitter as an engine of serendipity; it's painful to acknowledge how much time I lost watching chaff blow by.
@Viss @sergeybratus But the compound interest will slay me! ;-)@sergeybratus Rainmaker, Rainmaker, how much for some cloud? I'm building an app and expecting a crowd...Just received an AWS invoice for USD 0, with USD 0.01 charged for sales tax. Fiendishly clever, guys, fiendishly clever. o_O
@dougald @bjorkmananna Yeah!!!
"A trained librarian is a powerful search engine with a heart" by Sarah Mcintyre
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Dylann Roof could not be charged as a terrorist. But DOJ is still charging people as terrorists for freeing minks.
Retweeted by lapsus linguae drunk billionaire launches rocket full of miscellaneous microbes & a copy of wikipedia in the direction of every known exoplanet
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Do not be alarmed, be very, very frightened. Even the climate scientists find the data to scary to think about
Retweeted by lapsus linguae This single paragraph explanation of the financial crisis by Prof Mark Blyth cannot be shared enough. Please RT
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @banasidhe I lived there for years. It's a great place. You should definitely visit.@banasidhe You have the Select pass, right? So all the countries have to be contiguous. Have you been to Prague?@banasidhe Ah, didn't read all that context into your question.@banasidhe If you're going .ch, might as well go .fr as well.Ah, finally got my Emacs setup just how I like it.
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @selenakyle @blackswanburst A true riskafarian would dodge SFO for the foreseeable future. 🐲@Walshman23 Yet shine down they do, and in the glow of their radioactive afterburn, we make love, we mutate, and writhe off into darkness.@Walshman23 Alas, my friend, the stars shine down pitiless....and, after all, isn't the world just a sack full of salt, soaked in cat piss, signifying nothing, in some blind fool's hand?...& in doing so, you channel Marx in the Reading Room of the British Museum, because that's where he did the same & thought up some shit...That thing where you have read everything in sight, so you give up and read a three-week old Economist...and you learn something...
Thanks, everybody......and I feel like an essential part of me has withered and died. #littleknownfactsaboutnadya...and could be absolutely trusted off-leash in any situation that didn't involve firearms or explosives... #littleknownfactsaboutnadyaNadya knew her commands in Czech and English, as a full-blooded Akita, never drew blood from another creature... #littleknownfactsaboutnadyaNadya lived with me in four countries. #littleknownfactsaboutnadyaNadya was adopted from the Atlanta 10th Street Humane Society as a traumatized 3-month old pup. #littleknownfactsaboutnadyaFirst they came for verbs I said nothing because verbing weirds language Then they arrival for nouns and I speech nothing because I no verbs
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @Packetknife I hope she's chasing rabbits somewhere out there.RIP, Nadya, old friend... thing where you want to bawl your eyes out but are just too damned numb.My slides are now up for Passwords: Please make the pain stop #europython
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.gov is like a pulsar spewing out redundant acronyms
@sergeybratus In a parallel universe there exists a machine that reads the long binary number we named Windows 8 and boots Debian.@HackerHuntress Black Hat is like RSA as viewed through a fun house mirror.@nilsgeylen 💩🌋@fbz Stay tuned for next year's episode, 'Scarves in Space'.You see, work expands to exceed scheduled downtime…
Retweeted by lapsus linguae ZOMG, calories! Much tapas, commencing food coma.I think I know some people that are already rocking Wizardgoth:
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Always wanted to travel back in time to try fighting a younger version of yourself? Software development is the career for you!
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Q: What do you call it when you discover that you derive pleasure from having been right all along? A: Confirmation bias confirmation bias.Q: What do you call it when it turns out you were right all along? A: Confirmation bias confirmation.@blackswanburst s/\^/\^W/g@fbz Huzzah!@blackswanburst If only I had a brain^postgraduate diploma!thank you to each and every person who pledged. this is incredible. THANK YOU. #mathematical #computationallyfabulous
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Belgian air force
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @marshray @SteveBellovin @cfarivar Ah, when men were boys, CDROMs were hot shit, and airgapped was the dominant network architecture!Mind blown...
Retweeted by lapsus linguae The #europython catering is pretty good. The coffee, not so much. Also, no Club Mate :-(...and then people are shocked, SHOCKED when I do my own legal review on contracts put in front of me to sign. o_OI swear to god, I've spent at least half my career dealing with the fallout of people signing contracts they have not read. #contextfree"It's like Docker, but the Dockerfiles are in Puppet. Does that exist?" "Yeah. That's just called 'Puppet'."
Retweeted by lapsus linguae *grants everyone sudo* "JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL"
Retweeted by lapsus linguae (Then use them as ballast payloads on SpaceX test flights.)Solution to propaganda wars: pump up the demand for marketing shills to the point where governments can no longer afford their services.That moment when you stare at the third rail and ponder tweeting something hilariously inappropriate.OH: Occam's Taser: the most painful explanation is usually the correct one.
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Library books floating down a street during the Great Flood of Paris, 1910.
Retweeted by lapsus linguae woah that is some wild postgresql
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Wesley Clarke appears (sadly) in need of internment a protective facility for the victims of senile dementia.As we marveled at Pluto, this spectacular comet image came out: 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.
Retweeted by lapsus linguae A lib of vector linework for cartography, each designed in a unique aesthetic style. #dataviz
Retweeted by lapsus linguae I bet Neil and Buzz were super-nice to Collins on the way out there because they knew he could just leave their asses on the moon.
Retweeted by lapsus linguae AND, if you’re still struggling with your Wassenaar comments, Tom Millar of US-CERT has some helpful tips :
Retweeted by lapsus linguae In which @quinnnorton dissects and reports on depression, from the inside. Long read. Very worth it.
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @robertcaruso @thegrugq Plumber wanted. Must possess TS-SCI, be fluent in Arabic, Pashtun, and Mandarin. 100% travel, $60k/year.AshleyMadison is learning what more legitimate online services figured out a while ago: customer data is a liability, not an asset.
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Now on @sciam: Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking announce ambitious 10-year, $100 million SETI program.
Retweeted by lapsus linguae Oh yeah, Ashley Madison + adult friend finder + OPM = social engineering win. I don't think I have enough popcorn.
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @Secureholio I know more about Multiple Myeloma than I wish. Sending good thoughts to your family for the long fight ahead!
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