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Michael Burgstahler @twotribes Stuttgart, Germany

Theoretical physicist gone designer since 1992. Making the world more lucid px by px. Creator of @favorelli, developer of @directprint, lover of @rikiki_bonjour

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Most fascinating quantum physics discovery in a long time: Macro-systems' entanglements "produce" time's arrow. https://t.co/oftbGeH4CNHow to use the words Innovation, Invention, Creation and Novelty correctly. http://t.co/LIHCJJ7PoR
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@agebhard As a designer/photographer, you only ever see IPTC in photos' metadata. Hence… :)@agebhard You know what? I always mistook the "P" in IPTC for "photographer". Just seeing that it means "press". #sillymehttp://t.co/MV174anNn2
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@agebhard The idea is laudable. But how is net metadata the IPTC's business? And how do they believe getting traction?When corporations realize that hyper-targeted ads are buying them nothing worthwhile, a lot of the internet's privacy problems will go away.What I've been saying all the time: Over-targeted advertising is doing more harm than good. http://t.co/0G3OzuJiAW
@tehgrumpydude Whenever I see a trailer of this series, I can't get "Ravioli & Eis" out of my head.“It's very un-Samsung-like to leave an entire inch between Galaxy devices.” http://t.co/0Cy8ba50J1
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@r00p Bladerunner-style engagement shots. http://t.co/ceLCWSf2pR
@tehgrumpydude Which is essentially an "invisible UX". That _can_ be a good solution for some features.@tehgrumpydude And don't even get me started on controls for media, navigation + climate. On some brands, they're even dangerously hard.@tehgrumpydude The essential controls have become mostly easy and esp. uniform over decades. But the rest is messy, even fog lights are hard@tehgrumpydude No, because it's still a mostly distracting mess.Extensive photo collection of car UX elements. Ripe for disruption. http://t.co/DTMyCMueEe /cc @IdeaMechanic /via @khoi@gruber @jsnell 1,000 sensors on your wrist.@r00p Very inspiring shots here. And hard to catch. http://t.co/dcgwiMnTgn"OK, here are the stats. Make a graph so it looks like gun deaths have fallen since 2005." *graph guy sweats* http://t.co/33XZ4823e5
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler"Why can't I edit my tweets?! Twitter should allow that." Good one about why even "simple" features r complicated: http://t.co/6zdtIrBpeS
@agebhard Typically, I'll do a 20:50:30% split btw idea:dev:testing. As SSL is a well-known concept but tedious 2 test, I'll guess 10:30:60.@janl @agebhard For an educated guess, look here: http://t.co/3jWbdINWg0 But this is just automatic. COCOMO is usually far too high.@agebhard @janl Going out on a limp here but from the size of the codebase and the required testing, I'd guess about 7-8 person years.IT work, to a large degree, is like explaining magic to people who sustained head injuries as small children.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerNew Disney Star Wars Movies http://t.co/d4td3mCFvs
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"Eine gute, eine aufgeräumte Welt für einfache, ehrliche Menschen wie ihn, die außer Ordnung nichts Schlechtes wollen."Der feuchte Traum der "Das wird man ja wohl noch sagen dürfen"-Fraktion in Deutschland. http://t.co/QyYSpg4Kgm“Consensus is the lack of leadership.” – Margaret Thatcher I beg to differ.
@edbott You're doing “fine”, Ed."Sorry but your password must contain an uppercase letter, a number, a haiku, a gang sign, a hieroglyph, and the blood of a virgin."
@r00p More about it. http://t.co/zBVFvcJAmI@r00p Some people go gaga over this lens on Twitter, saying it's even better than a Zeiss. http://t.co/yGrXsF79cd
Wer hat eigentlich diesen OpenSSL-Code geschrieben, wegen dem jetzt alle Keys kompromittiert sind? Ein Typ na... http://t.co/Qo2VdDFIJh
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerSome people still refer to 100 GB as "Big Data" http://t.co/Tr5ztpTlqC
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler
Please hug your sysadmin today, all of them have a really stressful day today.
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A writer is a world trapped in a person. -Victor Hugo
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler
@codepo8 Not sure but Twitter for Mac does it as well when I compose tweets.Languages of tweets: 1 English 2 Japanese 3 Spanish 4 Portuguese 5 Indonesian 6 Arabic 7 French 8 Turkish 9 Russian http://t.co/IZFJ6JjeEo
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerWTF?!? Eating at Chili's on Monday will help infect our kids with measles and further charlatanry. http://t.co/jnyd2chDia
.@darth You sinister or what? “@EmrgencyKittens: Darth Cat http://t.co/s207dFO5OvThe Zwei framework we will base our new sites upon has had its baptism of fire and now hums along quite nicely w/ pretty cool features.Finally starting to invest serious work into relaunching our own websites, having laid the tech groundwork a year ago. It's embarrassing.
The antonym of bug isn't "feature" but… ?.@ThieveryCorpDC's new album "Saudade" is extremely cool and relaxing. Slow Brazil vibes. https://t.co/44jFRaXQmiGoogle’s sneaky new privacy change affects 85% of iPhone users—but most won’t have noticed - http://t.co/VyYnzKt9i1
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerOMG @darth seriously? http://t.co/GeRiq7XwdRHilariously Uncomfortable Products http://t.co/x2jORts0sG /via @counternotionsDespair Driven Development: Don't think about the value you're creating but the sadness you could prevent
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerIt helps getting to the core of an anti-gay opinion if you replace "anti-gay" with "anti-black" or "anti-woman". Simply unacceptable.Excellent arguments abt Brendan Eich: "Your freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences of that speech." http://t.co/UbN8qcm4kn"Uneingeschränkte Toleranz führt mit Notwendigkeit zum Verschwinden der Toleranz." – Karl Popper“Eich’s continued opposition to marriage equality isn’t a matter of politics; it’s a matter of civil rights” http://t.co/xH42N1hD7k #mozilla
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It's over. "Brendan Eich Resigns As Mozilla CEO Following Criticism Of His Support For Prop 8 | TechCrunch" http://t.co/PwbVZgVMacApple even put the entire text paragraph in the image's alt attribute. Coding like it's 1999?Hey Apple! Heard of this fancy new thing called "web fonts"? It's so much cooler than rendered-type-images #facepalm https://t.co/HWycuRNUSl
@glennf Give, and you will be given. Take, and you will be taken.@r00p Iceland glacier: http://t.co/1zYqLNIYK2Well played, Target http://t.co/QtZLQRDwC8
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@grumpusnation So I can get high from ol' Windows remnants? How cool is that!@grumpusnation Thing is, my compost pile is developing an unpleasant odor from this.
Don't use your phone while driving http://t.co/xWlIdro2by
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler
What if we all just pretend tomorrow is March 32nd
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerIt's adorable how OS X' Finder crashes and opens the last window again in a split second, figuring I won't notice the crash and be upset.I wonder how many simpletons buy stock from $CSS as it's the most widely used product on the internet. https://t.co/YWNBcf47R5Nice. A sofa made from volcanic lava and carbon fiber. Check your floor's tonnage before ordering. http://t.co/jNriPZStVSHere's looking at you, kid. http://t.co/uSSzIJHjNk #WebGL /cc @KonstantinDatz
When your sauce hollandaise clots. #firstworldproblems
A boot screen is a funny place to insist on Android branding. Unless you expect users to see it a lot.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerBeing homophobic has become a serious hurdle to corporations, costing real money. And rightly so.Holy crap: Three Mozilla Board Members Resign over Choice of New CEO - includes two former Mozilla CEOs WSJ http://t.co/RNzRvu2Zj7
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@getwired "BrInside"
@kellabyte Nope. http://t.co/Vkj7r9Lvk0Well, this is one way to design an e-commerce website… http://t.co/tir2NcLaut
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerReport: New Android devices require “Powered by Android” branding for access to Google Mobile Services http://t.co/6e0FoIBGHT
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerTwitter is a tool for sharing oversimplifications with people who already agree with you.
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@thijs Fortunately, we could use position: absolute. Early tests w/ floating failed every other time due to rounding errors in all browsers.@thijs In one recent website project we did, we lined up eight 12.5% columns to 100%. Firefox was the worst. Chrome + Safari handled it fineBest take yet on the prospects of "disrupting" the fabled TV market. It's not so much about technology but habits. http://t.co/FwyIBrEfddFacebook rejected last year's redesign, despite an increase in revenue, due to usability issues on low end devices. https://t.co/3sTaTlR6uz
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@ideamechanic I think A/B testing is largely a sign of poor understanding of users and most get the statistical significance all wrong.
Whatever goes up, that's what we do http://t.co/vc0Ul2WcSL (A short blog post about Facebook's battle between design and numbers.)
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerFacebook employee: "We are slaves to the numbers. We don’t operate around innovation. We only optimize. We do what goes up."If Jesus comes back and everyone is wearing Google Glass, boy are you guys in for it.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerWelcome to the #iPad and @AppStore! @satyanadella and Office for iPad
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@treestman Would be very interesting to see which of Apple's UI frameworks they used + which they replaced w/ their own 2 achieve smoothness@monkbent Interesting parallel: Nadella’s 1st intro as CEO is to play nice with Apple to ensure future of his company. Akin to Jobs in ’97.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerSo when will we see @billg working on Excel on his iPad? Because dedication.Microsoft would please much more Office users by properly supporting PDF placements instead of releasing an iPad version.I feel sorry for dogs. They learnt to fetch newspapers, but newspapers are dying. Killed by an internet driven by cats.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerThe smell of a codebase you've last touched 18 months ago. #ewFacebook experimenting w/ biologically inspired redesign of Oculus goggles, allowing for an immersive experience. http://t.co/38t3VMUM7K
The WebKit team is working on a CSS JIT compiler, roughly doubling the speed of selectors. https://t.co/5oLWmhfvdD@iamdevloper I'm a loop constructor and condition brancher.In 140 chars, @parislemon precisely summed up the tech press' futility. https://t.co/dC5usiHwUZWhere did the hamburger menu icon originate? Xerox, circa 1981. Nice find @geoffa http://t.co/hudP0lBAhz
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@r00p Try "Schönfärberei" which is closely related :D @sibisI had no idea: The ASCII charset contains dedicated separator codes for fields + records. No CSV and tabs necessary. https://t.co/TIwVAGhxyJWonderful idea: Replacing ad space in major cities with classical paintings. http://t.co/ziq4u7ygNbSergey Brin: "Wow, Steve used a smiley. God, I never got one of those." http://t.co/wYnuIkhZfM Brutal on all accords.Twitter should actually support Facebook buying more companies to further drive user engagement. #gossip
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