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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches.

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@fmanjoo butch lesbians against lipstick lesbians?@JeffDSachs I wish the marchers would spent their time energy for November congressional elections!@JeffDSachs its a waste of time and energy. Conservatives never match for anything, Yet they are winning.@witbrock @Apple Iphone 6 lines?@harrymccracken no. Horrible LTE in NYC.@cdixon @r2r who says Tim Cook is better investor than Mr. Dixon? If you were an aapl holder, you could always re-invest Apple's dividend!@cdixon @r2r Amazon is a Ponzi.@alexismadrigal @cdixon wasted@ericjackson @cdixon VCs are mad because Tim Cook won't buy their portfolio companies. apple shareholders can invest the dividend better!@cdixon @ericjackson investors take the cash and invest for themselves. It beats giving money to help VCs exit.@Recode @DelRey blame the Chinese government.@jasonwstein @ericjackson google's margin is only 21%? Lower than apple?@gamasutra @tim they already have VR, it's on prime time TV.@backlon Special time dilation formula of Software update: dτ=dt/sqrt(1-m/M), where m=data downloaded, M=all data to be downloaded.@ericjackson no, don't believe the hype.@turleymuller yeh! Fuck Samsung.@TProphet China mobile and China Unicom stocks suffered much more than Apple last week due to iPhone 6 delay.@TProphet mind you china had pretty bad logistics and supply chain infrastructure not too long ago. These things can turn quickly.@TProphet they can catch up. Mexico and India both got new pro-investment governments.@TProphet Vietnam, India, Mexico?@TProphet @RiskReversal Apple could always move Foxconn factory who employee millions to somewhere else.@TProphet @RiskReversal unlikely. Beauty about consumer product is that if people like them, they will find a way. Unlike enterprise product@TProphet @RiskReversal and shoot their own feet.@RiskReversal @TProphet only loser is the Chinese government losing out on VAT tax rev. Apple, Chinese consumers, and share holders win.@BenedictEvans a Japanese luxury car?@iMore those white stripes are eyesores.@Gregory_Zonsius my new iPhone 6 doesn't seem to recognize my BMW Bluetooth, my iPhone 5s does, what happened?@ReformedBroker my dog let me sleep past 7.@bwmhelp my new iPhone 6 Bluetooth doesn't seem to recognize my 2009 BMW 328i anymore. My iPhone 5s does. What happened?
@BenBajarin headline aside, do you agree with his take?@dtellom @AAPLTree based on this, I'm guessing we get a weekend sales number: 5%x250m=12.5m.@mixpanel @dtellom is that % of Iphones in use?where is my FedEx truck when I need it? #iphone6Before some "important and secret Chinese shareholders" of #Alibaba can cash out, its share price won't collapse. So, have fun, Wall Street!
Retweeted by Joe Zou@jannarone @TheDomino so they all will dump it at the open? Not worth the book keeping effort.@emilychangtv can you tell him alibaba logo is really ugly?@danielhsqr only loser is the Chinese government, they just lost a ton of VAT tax revenue.Sick of hearing Alibaba. 疤疤 $baba
@marcoarment it can tell the difference between a touch and a hard press.@bcantrill @benedictevans Deng Xiaoping was a Vice Premier at the high of his power.@waltmossberg @inafried it's bullish news. more people waiting for their new phones, no need to update their old phone.sPeople who complain about loss of privacy also prefer #SwiftKey keyboard which sends their every key stroke to remote servers. Wtf?@michaelsantoli I like 88 better. BA=八=8. Hence BABA=88“@SaanpaurSeedi: HURDing CATZ http://t.co/BTTcGnUvcv @CNBC” $orcl@reformedbroker titled "Hurding Catz"@CNBC Hurd Catz? Impossible.@jonfortt you are beating a dead horse. iCloud wasn't hacked, some hollywood people were hacked!@ATT @SamsungMobileUS if you see a stylus, they blew it!@mSecure4 are you going to support Touch ID? I'm considering switching to 1password for Touch ID and extension support.@davidfaber even if they hadn't sold down $baba stake?@ericjackson @davidfaber so it was a great move by Yang not selling to MSFT at $33?No socks? “@Diplomat_APAC: Xi Jinping in India: A Breakthrough in Relations? http://t.co/vfUwyw05ub http://t.co/VgmcDMkqfT@sammywalrusiv yes, to match your iMac's silver color.
Sweet, the iOS 8 keyboard knew my puppy's name already! http://t.co/GCQ9tXI1jm@arnoldkim where did the photo stream and camera roll go?@jonfortt @veshapidze where did the photo stream go?@daringfireball but the 64gb has the same price as last year's 32gb. So it's a price cut!@om @pmarca@jonfortt what's wrong with iOS keyboard? Never felt the need for something else. But I can't type anyway.@JimmyVielkind @nahmias that's not capitalism, it's iEconomics invented by Apple Inc. at Cupertino, California.Special relativity time dilation formula of Software update: dτ=dt/sqrt(1-m/M), where m=data downloaded, M=all data to be downloaded. #iOS8@om its a waste of time. You never see conservatives March for anything, yet they are winning.@ericjackson value and price has little correlation in short term.@fmanjoo do we know if Scotland still gets iPhone 6 if they vote for independence tomorrow?@SAI not if you have a dog.@mSecure4 do you support iOS 8 extension feature?@JohnPaczkowski isn't that the anniversary date of Soviet Revolution?| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | | iOS 8 | | Is Out | | | | _____ | (\__/) || (•ㅅ•) || /   づ”@m_cof @marketwatch that's very good considering they haven't seen it.@asymco that amounts to $0.20 additional EPS assuming all goes the bottom line.@asymco so Amex is iOS and Visa is Android?@sammywalrusiv they take off their shirts and shoes everyday anyway.@cnbc iPad app's new UI sucks balls. Bring back the stock tickers and hide the stupid videos that nobody cares.@SirSteven @GuardianUS not the first. Google and Facebook share holders are voiceless too.@withoutdoing you should call Sony Corporation and ask them if its true.@BCAppelbaum that's when China, the biggest supply of labors, really came online! Capital is mobile and localized labors lost out.@levie for consumer products, not for business.@SammyWalrusIV aspect ratios are wrong.@om amazing, unbelievable, fantastic, biggest, and best.
★ Apple Watch: Initial Thoughts and Observations: http://t.co/YnyIYAtZUO
Retweeted by Joe Zou| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | | iOS 8 | | Tomorrow | | | | _____ | (\__/) || (•ㅅ•) || /   づ”@felixsalmon they call password "memorable answer"! http://t.co/jFcNSZLjkt@daringfireball if giving free gift to people is the worst mistake Apple made, I say the company's future is bright.People are dying from Ebola in Africa and the Chinese are deprived of iPhone 6 till 2015, and you people are bitching about free U2 Album?@jonfortt is there any good reason @cnbc on TV shows no commercials? Apple doesn't allow commercials?@jonfortt @chriswbeecroft you are trying to be "fair and balance" just a little too hard. Sometime there is no "other side."@shanselman @fmanjoo great way to spread virus.@jonfortt @apppro1 @carlquintanilla @SquawkAlley do you believe some guy who answered phone at china mobile? Why don't you call Tim Cook?@jonfortt if you hide your house key under your doormat and your house was burglarized, it is your fault. Locksmith was not hacked!@jonfortt @danecjorgensen if you put all phishing scam numbers on the web together, i suspect Apple ranked at the near bottom. #perspective@jonfortt @DaneCJorgensen your own gullibility is not apple or google fault. Blame Nigeria princes.@jonfortt @DaneCJorgensen no. How many gmails are phished?@BenBajarin but people who buy apple will not buy local brands.@BenBajarin what does the Chinese government get out from the delay other than hurt its own citizen?@BenBajarin @danielhsqr so, can SEC delay $baba ipo to retaliate? #Asymmetricwar@iiiint @withoutdoing 未: hasn't@HuffPostCanada @george_chen yes, it is now.@AirbnbNYC get the fuck out of my neighborhood.
@SammyWalrusIV I ok with U2. Had Tim Cook shoved Justin Bieber's album into my iPhone I'd be outraged.@SamsungMobileUS Samsung is toast now.
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