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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches.

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@george_chen not if they occupy the Central.@SammyWalrusIV sue the high school.@ChuBailiang because he's 纯清@ericjackson Marisa MyersMonday. http://t.co/knsaF1KPhf
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@NickKristof you are smelling it wrong.@danielhsqr @ericjackson only if they play some pornhub games, will every pay tv subscriber in the world pays for twitch.@BenedictEvans @BenBajarin @semil not if Apple enforce its privacy rules.@beresniovas @sm_sears fish poops?
@karaswisher New Apple TV is coming?Once again, a fun read that surprisingly learns from the Apple is doomed meme MT @JohnKirk: Apple Claim Chowder http://t.co/PDWLd2ft75
Retweeted by Joe Zou@semil only if it takes money from Jeff Bezos and gives it to the poor.@ericjackson 9 mm unique visitors or 9 people visiting 1mm times?@semil @charlesarthur Starbucks, iBook, pay bills from bunch of telco, cable apps, buy and sell stocks from broker's apps....I think this is the definitive tablet use share chart http://t.co/FevsAvVf1z
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@boygenius your speculation or you have sources?2 teens in Guangxi were punished with ducks hanging in their mouths after being caught for stealing ducks on 25th http://t.co/hrcPX1GcvZ
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2 students used bananas to practice putting on condom Thurs at a “sex science summer camp” held by ECNU in Shanghai http://t.co/ExmjzUktBf
Retweeted by Joe ZouApple outsmarted all rumor bloggers who missed the huge structure Apple built at the Flint Center for its special event on 9/9. $aapl@dishfeed you forgot the intangible: the look and the feel are priceless.@counternotions drones for dummies.@cnbc to shot down amazon drones?@george_chen king with no cloth.If you need to deliver any bad news about your company I recommend doing so on 9/9.
Retweeted by Joe Zou@SammyWalrusIV and gym equipments for healthkit demo.@asymco so you finally made Apple invite list? what took them so long?Apple's invites are out for Sept 9: "Wish we could say more." That's cryptic even by Apple's standards... http://t.co/bcyvQ6exGY
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Andrew Cuomo blew it by picking an anti-Apple bigot as his running mate. “@voxdotcom: http://t.co/TsPL7oRRtnhttp://t.co/aMKdLkcVHI $aaplHSBC mobile banking App has the world's worst User interface and fucked-up name convention! @hsbc_press, WTF? http://t.co/rCa7LYZRUv@AmericanAir @TProphet not an airline fit for queens. Forget the flag, offer some fabulous services instead.@ianbremmer those percentage numbers tell little. in September 2000, Oil price ~ $25 a barrel, today ~$100!@ReformedBroker 35K phones, selling at $650, will probably generate more profit than all amazon's other business. So it's bullish?
Happy #nationaldogday http://t.co/UjR90RYWRv@BenedictEvans if no one agrees with you and you are right, you need PR. If you are wrong and no one agrees with you, PR is useless.@benedictevans hmm, I think I'm right on this one.@BenedictEvans "think you are right" or "you are right"? Totally different.@SammyWalrusIV 2GB data on VZ = 1 vodka & Tonic (not including tips).@jonfortt why doesn't @CNBC on AppleTV run Ads during commercial breaks? Not that I'm complaining. Does Apple object to Ads?@asymco @counternotions don't worry, twitch acquisition will cover up the flop. #ponzi@ianbremmer that's because price went up.
@VanceMc14 do they have any hope of making a penny from Chinese android phones? Zero! 85%x0=0.@VanceMc14 do you know msft makes more money from Android than google? Success, yes, but not for goog.@VanceMc14 BS.“NYT public editor says NYT calling Michael Brown "no angel," was a "regrettable mistake" http://t.co/B93Sm634iw” regrettable? fuck ya NYT!@VanceMc14 @om but only search makes money. Still a one trick pony after all these years of trying.@om there is a non-vanishing probability that Amazon is a Ponzi. It needs to get into new business to cover up loses of its old businesses.
Does #VMAs stand for some kind of sexually transmitted disease?Sara Jessica Parker is at Sip n Twirl of Fire Island Pines. It made my day.I just had this brilliant marketing idea for Brooklyn hipsters restaurants: Sonoma quake-rocked Cabernet Sauvignon.who know Jellyfish use fast simulated annealing to search for global maximum of plankton concentrations? http://t.co/b11QCofqrl@benedictevans UK's right wing is to the left of the US's left. So you maybe correct if you are comparing UK's right to US left.@levie still waiting for them to have Burning Man at a Four Seasons hotel.@asymco 44% increase is not "slightly'.@GirishB @Benioff the spirit is great, but it can't rebuild the roads, still need disaster relief money from tax payers!@BenedictEvans https://t.co/zZPrOt0CbB@SammyWalrusIV I'm for it if it's done in January and in Alaska.@SammyWalrusIV some people ...@JoshConstine when they are going to put up a Four Seasons nearby? I would definitely go when that happens.@WaterCode @sciam @imgur @Motionry lame@adamlashinsky wonder if amazon is a Ponzi scheme. It needs ever expanding lines of business in to cover up losses of existing business.@247WallSt bsHope Napa and Sonoma wine makers have earthquake proof cellars. #quake@TProphet 2GB = $10, faster and cheaper.@TProphet I don't bother with wifi anymore, I just use LTE on my iOS devices.
If you're having a bad day remember somewhere an NSA analyst is trying to write an algorithm that can detect 'IS(IS)' but not the word 'is'
Retweeted by Joe Zou@susanorlean @ericjackson or I think I'll get Lyft there.@dtellom thanks@dtellom confused. september 2014 target at 113? or 116?@dtellom well, Glen Yeung no longer works at @citibank@benedictevans are there really any "high end" Android Phones? plastic Samsung S series look cheap and i won't call them high end.@trengriffin @BenedictEvans @jbrodkin so many terabyte of data, so little information propagated!This article is so last century, I will totally accept your compliment. http://t.co/EVp7B79wO8
@BenedictEvans i under stand why some people need a job, but why would anyone want a job?@reuterstech @reuters so you spread this kind of unsourced rumors like clock work every year? LOL@BenedictEvans I'm saying there is a non-vanishing probability that Bezos is a fraud, one of risks since he won't release relevant info.
@BenedictEvans it's necessary to grow in order to hide zero profit from investors.@MerrillLynch where are Ken Lewis and Angelo perpetually-Tanned Mozilo?@horwitzjosh @BenedictEvans uber is run by a bunch of assholes.@globaltimesnews not by all. I don't.@counternotions @bterris one could ask the same question for tech pundits.@BenedictEvans Uber clones should let Über fight regulators and enjoy a free ride of Über's regulatory victories. Copy&ride.@BenedictEvans maybe or maybe not. I now have two choices in manhattan now. Uber and lyft. There will be more.@davidmat @BenedictEvans yes, it's called manhattan mini storage.@HansRosling @sciam it's not Breaking news since it happens every day. It's a fact of life.@BenedictEvans but the cost of entry for a uber clone is almost zero. the regulators are not über's biggest risk. It's the emerging clones.@kenhyers @bobegan @BenBajarin Bloomberg mistaken Korean Won for US$?Claim Chowder for lunch today: 4 reasons why Apple won't see $700 again: http://t.co/5CAieY27Qr@bobegan @BenBajarin @kenhyers pretty sure your apple cash number is wrong. apple cash and short term cash equivalent > $150 billion.Where are Ken Lewis and Angelo perpetually-tanned Mozilo, two men responsible for $BAC record fines?
@techmeme @amir good luck with that.
@PDChina @ChuBailiang the man carrying Ebola?@ChuBailiang it's true. why hasn't nytimes said the same thing?When did police work become a profession where the risk factor to the cop must be zero? There's some risk! "Protect and serve" refers to us!
Retweeted by Joe Zou@AP mugshot please!Egypt calls on US authorities to show restraint against protesters in #Ferguson http://t.co/r4pZ1uKScZ http://t.co/BDSwDATZD1
Retweeted by Joe Zou@tprophet one dollar move in AAPL stock = $6 billion! why bother with $2 billion?@daringfireball care to post some claim chowder?@thedomino we are already above all time high for total return investors.@thedomino not if you add back the dividend received!@waltbtig @marceloclaure until they get LTE coverage up, no pricing schemes can save them.
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