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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, Fire Island, 重庆

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches. zzbar=(x+iy)(x-iy)

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@TProphet you can't be sure.@eric_analytics @asymco no idea.@asymco @eric_analytics 17,300*90,000~$1.5 bn < Apple Watch'd revenue during its first 3 months. No wonder @elonmusk is mad at Apple.@elonmusk you are just mad that Apple Watch makes more revenue in its first 3 months than Tesla does in entire 2015.Told you so Apple can't do cloud services! @BrendanBuck ok, WM = way & means. Got it.@costareports what's WM? White men?@kaylatausche @fmanjoo @sallyshin this is why Elon musk sounded so unhinged.This is what comes up first when I search "Kevin McCarthy". Nothing seems what it appears to be. @DeepBagchee he's angry that Apple Watch generated more revenue in first 3 months than Tesla ever has in its entire history.@DeepBagchee @elonmusk @ArjunKharpal apple must really got under his skin. He sounded unhinged. He Will regret what he said.
@benthompson Elon sounded unhinged, Apple is getting under his skin.@benthompson all true.@theloop he's unhinged.@ntaylor963 @benthompson FB is still silly no matter what you say.@ianbremmer smart move. If it fails, GOP congress to blame, if it passes, the issue is off the table for 2016 election. Win win for her.@Plantsmantx @brianstelter @CNNMoney ask Rupert@manicakes @ReformedBroker dog transportation too. Only reason I keep a car is for my dog.
@npomalley @JohnJHarwood @davidfrum smart to oppose it. If fails, blame GOP since they control congress. If passes, issue off the table.@brianstelter @CNNMoney you know bam is only 1/2 black, right?@loosewire @Reuters would you want to bet $100 on that claim? LolHaha is smart to oppose TPP. If It fails, GOP is to blame because they control Congress. If It passes, the issue is off the table in 2016@jillianiles breaking news: Jony Ive to retire in 15 years?@mikeyhorse @ianbremmer this is not a trade deal. It's a "anyone but china club". It deserves to fail.@MarketWatch not a chance@joan_e @VanityFair "aluminum"@ianbremmer by excluding China, this is not a trade deal, more like a geopolitical ploy. The deal will fail.@ianbremmer not this particular version of the deal. Blame John Kerry's negotiation skills.@ZekeJMiller @joshgerstein and by excluding China, TPP will not work. So she's right to oppose it.@ZekeJMiller @joshgerstein and Japan!@jeffzeleny @HillaryClinton @jaketapper not this particular version though.@acanal why not make it easy to opt out? Better yet, why not make it a default not to track customers? Don't be evil.@VerizonPolicy @VZWSupport if you really respect customer privacy, make it easy to opt out. better yet, make it a default setting.@VerizonPolicy @VZWSupport total BS. Default Should be opt in, not opt out.@barronstechblog how is this making any sense considering all iPhone 6S models have 3-4 weeks wait time? You've been played by This guy.@caro_milanesi also your numbers don't seem to correlated with ComScore's, why?@caro_milanesi consumers only? missing enterprise market in US? important for iOS.@mims table pivoting is the key.@SirSteven not if the cash was never repatriated. Apple has no legal obligation to do so. Samsung or Nokia don't get taxed twice.@SirSteven no. Those oversea cash were earned from overseas sales. Apple pays US tax on US sales.What's the catch? Hmm...
Mother of all Traffic jams'm starting to like this Trevor Noah guy hosting The Daily Show on Comedy Central. #DailyShow@michetravi @S_Rabinovitch @YPsue_ramsay it's better that they spell out all conditions. NSA does all these without your knowing it.@carlquintanilla @pmarca like realtors always bullish on house prices.@reneritchie @asymco @jdalrymple lurking@robert_cookson @eric_analytics @gruber name of the app in App Store?@davidfaber maybe the Chinese prefer Starbucks fine coffee over KFC greasy chickens?@davidfaber you can fool the Chinese on novelty for a while, it eventually fades.@davidfaber perhaps the Chinese have wised up? If Americans don't eat fried chickens, why should the Chinese?@TProphet it takes 3 days to come up with a good "consistent" cover for lies?@caro_milanesi so Windows PC OEMs should just go kill themselves now?Listen to The Bends (Collector's Edition) by Radiohead on @AppleMusic., coding is the new Ford's Model T assembling line work. @langejason @Reuters all iPhone 6s and 6s plus.@benthompson wait a moment please.Neutrinos you are so imprisoned in the Apple walled garden. Don't even think of escaping.
Google's Waze kills! @CNN she was using Waze, a Google app.@michaelmolina76 @CNN actually, she was using waze, a google service.Verizon is drilling holes in my building for Fios. Guess Time Warner Cable will get a competitor after all. Just in time for new Apple TV.@tvaziri @gruber too long, need to shorten it. Who has 2.5 hours of uninterrupted time? I've yet to finish one guber podcast.Fascinating Long tail of Vietnam war: Malaria Drug Artemisinin Gets the Nobel Prize
@mattyglesias @jamestaranto easy, ban ammunition production. Eventually, they run out of bullets.@chockenberry should have got the sapphire watchMSF: "This amounts to an admission of a war crime."
Retweeted by Joe Zou@FortuneMagazine Wrong. Bestbuy, T-Mobile and sprint.@CNBCJosh right thing for whom? Right for Google could be wrong for the world.
@HBONowHelp it's there now.@ianbremmer Russian's targets are better than Obama's targeting #MSF hospital for sure.While Putin was bombing ISIS, Obama bombed #MSF hospital. #Exceptionalism Apple TV@hbonow why isn't Bill Maher's show from last night on HBONow yet? Why do you delay the show?@HBONowHelp hey, why isn't Bill Maher's show from last night on HBO Now? Why do you delay the show?@MicrosoftStore does it have a spiral glass staircase? If not, not interested.@symmetrymag looks like a miniature Apple campus II.@pkedrosky @BobBrinker perfect for housing some Syrian refugees.Strike by who? The Russian? The Chinese? Can you name the bomber, please? be careful when you sit or squat.@neilcybart charging outlet by the bed Is a must!@EmanuelDerman @AppleMusic it seems to serve up just the right playlists based on my location, my local weather, and possibly my mood.@EmanuelDerman @AppleMusic I love their curated playlists based on my old iTunes library. Very very good.Listen to Songs for a Rainy Day by Apple Music Rock on @AppleMusic."Collateral damage" = "stuffhappens", outrageous! is the US media's outrage at Obama's killing his fellow Nobel Peace Prize winners, Doctors at #MSF? #hypocrite
@MagicNumberApp your avatar looks like this app logo. Related? restored mine from iCloud and couldn't be any smoother. Don't know what you talking about.@MagicNumberApp yup. Who's sponsor 0?@BenBajarin what about Apple Watch? It has cpu and runs iOS.@johndstoll @jeffbennettwsj @UAW nice Apple Watch though.@MagicNumberApp @asymco sponsor -1?@khoi never on Spotify, Apple Music only@JohnJHarwood @brianbeutler @JebBush @NewRepublic no, the entire video shows he's indifferent.@stevesi Starbucks is a close second after Apple considering most Chinese don't even drink coffee.@jandawson the last list of choices on is flawed, can't de-select a mistaken choice!@mlevchin did you use Touch ID on iPhone 6S? much faster.@rjonesy same as "millions of Medicare recipients don't want government run healthcare". "Get government hands off my Medicare"@mims almost certainly wrong. No "solar or battery operating system". All Commodities.
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