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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan

Beida Ren (εŒ—ε€§δΊΊ), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches.

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@BenBajarin manufacturing capacity won't allow it.@mattyglesias @ezraklein no, they only way they can save Japan is to either make more babies or import more people.@SammyWalrusIV those who wants to do something should be willing to send their sons to fight.
@BenBajarin blackberry surged to its all time high 2 years after iPhoneNo wonder $twtr stock is crashing. They still are clueless about ads. So much for data analytics! http://t.co/rVfk0POWrlThe average Knick's ticket price is $588! Cavaliers is about $380. They call iPhone 6 expensive?@mandrill_one @Tw0fl0wer @asymco @ruskin147 never feed a troll.Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee announced "I'm proud to be Gay too".Why is it called World Series when all teams are from US? ( Canada is part of US for baseball purpose)@SammyWalrusIV forced by Korean regulations.
@BenBajarin that thing looks like a night club Saturday night party tag.@howardlindzon @BenBajarin will Switzerland be the new Korea in a few years?@stevekovach @parislemon unless they want to bury Steve Ballmer's baby.@BenBajarin did they report actual smart phone shipment numbers last year?@WaltBTIG gene Munster disagrees!@counternotions can they count the money that would have go to FB? Taking from one hand and giving to the other hand.@SammyWalrusIV the middle ground is to allow both and let customers decide which one to use.@jbooton @MarketWatch πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž@danielhsqr thoughts on $twtr?@stevesi @BenedictEvans too much of this, not enough substance: http://t.co/7i5fwQKuXC@om android switchers download apps to their iPhone 6 first time.
@SammyWalrusIV @JeffBessling both CVS and Walgreen are within one block distance from me. Choosing Walgreen over CVS is no brainer.@SammyWalrusIV bought my puppy a bag of chicken jerky at @Petco today using Apple Pay and store coupons.@monkbent what's onePlus?@SammyWalrusIV what's the utility bill to serve 600 million users?What we *should* worry about with #Ebola burning through West Africa http://t.co/JOsHFeqHfm Important via @marynmck
Retweeted by Joe Zou@GabrielaLungu @Steinberg1 total bs. Samsung? Walmart?@Sci_Phile @nanexllc as a results of budget sequestration, this is all NASA can afford?@danielchownet what are they saving the 800 number for?@BenedictEvans interesting slides, but you just made up some round numbers such as 2020, why not 2019 or 2021?In China government can lock you up for the "good of public and social stability" and in NJ Christie can lock you up for the good of public.@dpinsen @EmanuelDerman @Chris_arnade there are many arguments for it. Humanitarian reason is a valid one, but not the deciding one.@dpinsen @EmanuelDerman @Chris_arnade Mr. Duncan arrived at US via Belgium. Are you willing to block all international flights?@Chris_arnade @EmanuelDerman not if the fear prevent US from helping control the outbreak in Africa, it will increase the risk.@counternotions so FTC chairman will end up a Verizon employee someday?@harrymccracken 200 millions of them are using iPhones.@Verizon no@ericjackson eeeeeejaaaaaaa!@danielhsqr but twtr hasn't jammed my timeline like fb did. Room to grow.@danielhsqr but fb market cap > 7x of twtr market cap. People paying twtr price want fb results, not realistic.@jonfortt so it's zero sum game between google and FB.@jonfortt I mean people who click on the ads and buying junks there.@jonfortt who are these gullible people?@thecoolnoodle @jonfortt @squawkalley they will certainly dominate high end market. iOS will be over 50% of smart phones in US and Japan.@thecoolnoodle @jonfortt @squawkalley most don't have data plan@thecoolnoodle @jonfortt @squawkalley only those iOS users who spend money. people who buy 100$ android phones have no money to spend.@jonfortt @thecoolnoodle @SquawkAlley 1 iOS user > 4 android users. Follow the money.@thecoolnoodle @jonfortt @SquawkAlley android users in china, Africa and India give zero benefit to google. Not all market shares are equal
@BenedictEvans how did they get up to the high pedestal?@frankrichny like uber, but Ebola@SoberLook @BobBrinker thanks to Iphone 6?@counternotions so it's possible Apple could destroy the Korean economy like it did to the Finnish economy?Chinese equivalent of "brown nosing" β€œ@ChinaSimplified: http://t.co/y8OnYZwLpC http://t.co/UVS9YnI5VV”@raykwong a simple way to disperse #OccupyHongKong crowd is to yell Ebola.@manicakes @SammyWalrusIV pretty sure the store manager would know.@SammyWalrusIV I loaded a basket at CVS today, unable to pay with Apple Pay. I left the basket on the counter and walked out. Message sent.@politico is Christie a Princeton Alum?@BenedictEvans someone is wearing black turtleneck at wsjdlive tonight?@firstadopter @danielhsqr so it's like Manhattan Mini Storage minus the pricing power because of limited space in Mahattan.@WaltBTIG is @flannerysms the telco analyst at Morgan Stanley?@BobBrinker not if you have money invested with the guy who's wrong 80% of time.@monkbent @philiped actually, willfully distorted
What's good for Apple is good for America! β€œ@nytimesbusiness: When iPhones ring, the economy listens http://t.co/2yGJ1n6AnR”.@XHNews the Constitution can be amended whenever the politburo feels like it, the constitution is not worth the paper it's printed on.@Target do you accept Apple Pay in your stores?@nntaleb that's why only cowards genes survive in the long run. We are all descendants of cowards.@NYGovCuomo your Ebola Quarantine stun convinced me to vote against you on Election Day.@EmanuelDerman wait till an Ebola patient shows up there, the hysteria will be higher then Heighta..@NYGovCuomo and @GovChristie Ebola quarantine policy shows Individual Liberty and totalitarianism are two end points of a continuum, (0,1).@jsnell @_mlevi don't you mean KFC?@charlesarthur @asymco but that's all galaxy phones. They don't sell 80 million Galaxy phones per qtr.@asymco @AAPLTree so 6 weeks of channel is about 40 million units, 1/2 of all phones. 40 million of high end phones are way too much.
@BenedictEvans my physics professor once told me, one equation per slide and No words with small fonts.@JustinWolfers @ObsoleteDogma that's just the labor for assembling. There are embedded labor costs in components.@dcurtis it's like Uber, but no Ebola?@harrymccracken I'd ignore it unless you have a Nigerian friend.@BenedictEvans slides look too busy. Human eyes can't focus on too many things..@GovChristie @NYGovCuomo shame on you: β€œ@MSF_USA: statement re returned field worker being held in isolation in NJ http://t.co/QmMUy5d4bm”@CVS_Extra bye-bye CVS. Hello Walgreen.@fmanjoo alibaba"I have been quarantined in New Jersey... I am scared for those who will follow me." http://t.co/w37aIDXOyQ
Retweeted by Joe ZouOh, no, this is not good: http://t.co/ZxYbo4sxEj@CVS_Extra there is a Duane Reade, a Walgreen and a CVS within 2 blocks. Walgreen/Duane Reade are my choices because of Apple Pay. Not CVS!@SuB8u extrapolation too much.@jandawson the trouble is by the time it stop building new fulfillment centers, the old one will need to be rebuilt, roofs leak over time!
@_youhadonejob Google map sucks Dick?@Starbucks do you accept Apple Pay in your store?I just donated to help @MSF_USA help fight Ebola in Africa, Join me here: http://t.co/M2LLqjETn5If you really want to help stop Ebola, now is a good time to give to MSF (Doctors without Borders). http://t.co/SoU0wVAvDOEclipse sponsored by ο£Ώ β€œ@washingtonpost: Stunning photos of the partial solar eclipse http://t.co/SBGV0Al05u http://t.co/nwVgLdKEKC”@ReformedBroker "we believe in Jeff Bezos"
@businessinsider never going to click that link no matter how many times you tweet it.Rare snow leopards photographed on Mount Everest: http://t.co/1RTLhV6NKs
Retweeted by Joe Zou@EmanuelDerman what if one feels completely normal, no symptoms what so ever and one is quarantined for 3 weeks? Tough call.@EmanuelDerman mandatory quarantine someone without symptoms because the person had contact with victims is a civil liberty issue, no?@EmanuelDerman this NYC doctor wasn't even self isolated. He went out bowling.@EmanuelDerman civil liberty of those having direct contact with the source.@EmanuelDerman and ban media coverage like cnn. Stop mass panic. That how the Chinese stopped SARS@EmanuelDerman or adopt the Chinese model, forget about civil liberty, mass quarantine of people arriving from affected region.@andersoncooper with all these headlines, CNN struck gold.
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