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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches.

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@EdmondLococo @tculpan nothing is different from what Apple has already published on its US website. There is no special pledge.
@RichBTIG @kenli729 shouldn't nflx be priced like a traditional movie studio with hits and misses at Lower multiple? Can't have it both waysPresident Xi tells the mainlanders: please go occupy Apple Stores http://t.co/XuCX235HTi@tculpan MIIT said no such things, Bloomberg just makes up shit.@EconBizFin when did the Economists become such click bait whores?@eyoonCNBC occupying will overshadow #occupyingHk@shribr @deepakslore @TechCrunch @mjburnsy go ahead and yawn.@shribr @deepakslore @TechCrunch @mjburnsy free can cost you a bundle. Wasted time and effort due to bad software and bad UI are price less.@BenedictEvans will not download@Krisiouz @9to5mac why do you care if not buying one?Begun the #occupyChina movement: http://t.co/lMh6zapmDiforget #occupyhk, this is more important: “@ReutersBiz: China regulator approves Apple's iPhone 6 for sale in China http://t.co/qH49JLoNSm@akaDashan when I was a student at 北大 in the 80s, hot girls all wanted to date HK boys because they had money. Not so anymore today. Lost 辉煌@CoryTV FYI, Apple PR is far more credible than any mainstream news organization including Bloomberg.@ReformedBroker so the take away: people with little risk/reward analysis skill should not be allowed to recommend stocks.@dailydot yes. It is.@Pogue @rickjoyce @keskowitz @jackyalcine network appliances@WebMD it's highly recommended that you give your nosy boss a nose-hair trimmer at Christmas time.@nytimesbusiness so is reading nytimes@IdeaGov @klustout @andrewcnn not a great way to gain sympathies from mainlanders who already resent them for their special privileges.@lsewhere @Sci_Phile phew!@GlennF @chrissyfarr vomiting@GlennF @chrissyfarr those things belong in hospitals, not on your iOS devices.@Sci_Phile don't care about the barrier, what happened to the driver? Did he walk away?“@pdacosta: Eight arrested in #Ferguson protests - @CNN” mean while zero arrested in HongKong!@BloombergWest is 9 out of one million a small number? how about 9 out of 10 million? is Bloomberg TV rating even smaller than 9?@BloombergWest what's your beef with Apple? Didn't get a review unit? What part of denial you don't understand?@BloombergWest you guys are beating a dead horse. Why don't you ask that guy who paid him for the video?@IdeaGov @klustout @andrewcnn yes@CNBCTopStories @TheDomino @CNBC you guys are seriously misinformed. It's a feature that can be turned off in setting!HK population ~ 7 million, protesters ~ 80K. HK streets are narrow, pictures look much larger on TV than they really are. #OccupyHK@marcodellacava @USATODAY @usatodaytech person of the quarter.? @tim_cook doesn't think in 3-month intervals.@davidfurstnyt @daledelarey @benedictevans don't look like protest to me, more like a giant street party with people snapping selfies?@carney prostitutes are not cheap.@asymco @ReformedBroker if the coat comes with the model included, it's cheap.@kajawhitehouse actually it's the Irish government that's been investigated. apple is not the target. Get your facts straight.@tculpan remember when your boss Bloomberg ordered NYPD to forcefully remove occupywallstreet "Heroes"?@goofrider @jahardman they don't care what you are demanding. They do care that you obey their orders.@jahardman but bl is subject to interpretation as is for any law. Even US constitution is still subject to interpretation now.@jahardman take half a loaf, work for another 1/4, and another 1/8... You approach full loaf eventually.During British rule, did HongKong people ever have a say as to whom the Queen would pick as their governor? Half a loaf > no loaf #OccupyHK@prchovanec kids will use any excuse to play hooky.@Jediphone @EmanuelDerman so walking my dog daily beats $250 monthly gym membership.
@BloombergTV your boss mike Bloomberg ?@raykwong @chinadailyshow that should shrink HK's share of China's GDP to below 1%.When I was in college, Peking U's hot girls all wanted to date HK boys Because they had money. not anymore these days. #OccupyHK won't help.This chart shows why Beijing doesn't care what the protestors are demanding in HongKong: HK's share of Chines GDP http://t.co/CIKNoXXBfj@NickKristof he doesn't care. Here is why: http://t.co/HvvgwN05kA@eyoonCNBC @george_chen this chart shows Why Beijing doesn't care about HK anymore. http://t.co/XVd8ofPlXR@tomwarren @BenedictEvans some of you should send Ello invites to the homeless, so they can meet some rich people.@tim WSJ's take on EU tax prob seems less sensational than FT's take. WSJ says Apple is not the target, irish government is.@BenedictEvans what's the ratio if you exclude china and Africa?@BenedictEvans did you tell @fredwilson that?@econbizfin link bait whore. still not clicking.@econbizfin why are you spreading lies?@jonfortt no, with watch, you don't need to take the big ass phone out of your pocket/bag most of time.@chr1sa it's like writing in 2000 "How Microsoft works?"@chr1sa too soon to conclude that Google actually works. revisit in 20 years.@TProphet ferguson east
@USATODAY begun civil war 2.0 USA.@nytimes here is a piece of news fit to print in nytimes: it pays to be the President's friend in any country.Memo to NY FED: you can't send bank examiners out to regulate their future employers. #ThisAmericanLife@counternotions she blew the whistle because GS didn't hire her. There is nothing on the tape. Not a drop of vampire squid blood on the tape@BenedictEvans you talking about Adam smith or Karl Marx?@TProphet @dakami @niubi if you have iPhone 5S running iOS 8, it's encrypted and Ape can't break it.@arnoldkim with shared data plan, only $15 a month to add an extra phone, about the price of a cocktail drink in Manhattan.@BobBrinker or have congress pass a law requiring regulated banks to make up the pay difference between examiners and bankers.@arnoldkim I have one Iphone forward calls to the other. All iMessages are synced, it can be done.@BobBrinker current NY Fed president was the chief economist at GS and he's got a lot of personal favors to repay.@BobBrinker you can't regulate your future potential employers.@danieleran are you sure it's not Taiwan? Oct.10 is the Chinese National Day celebrated in Taiwan. the mainland national day is Oct. 1.@bobbrinker there is nothing to it. no money quote and not a drop of vampire squid blood.@george_chen but Taiwan Government would have used. the same headline. Taiwan Province, Republic of China, no?@benedictevans unless you need IT department approval.@tprophet @dakami @niubi this is not iPhone 6 specific. iPhone 4s, 5 and 5S also run on iOS which was released in China with no objection.@pickover creative mind. Great candidate for Silicon Valley, not so much for Ivy League.@danielhsqr @barrons reads like a puff piece for Northern Trust.@cdixon @a16z @kevin2kelly this is not even wrong. In the long run, optimists and pessimists are dead.A glorious day at the beach. http://t.co/d3b0xtsvek@nntaleb I tell them I'm a plaintiff lawyer.@BenedictEvans use .mac for important stuff. Yahoo and even AOL for junk sites like fb, Boycott gmail.@boes_ @TheStalwart hence the returns are at all time low relative to the benchmark.@ericjackson too soon to tell@sm_sears @barronsonline year end bonus locking.@ReformedBroker is Uber's excess liability policy cap greater than $18bn?@TProphet @dakami @niubi the icloud data were not in China till the deal with china telecom.@TProphet @dakami @niubi not true. Icloud worksed in China before the deal with china telecom.@TProphet @dakami @niubi but Apple's Chinese users' icloud data are stored at China Telecom. Pretty sure there is an arrangement there.@pdacosta there is nothing on the tape. No vampire squid blood at all. Waste of my time listening to it.finished listening to The Secret Recordings re NY Fed and GS. There is nothing to it. No vampire squid blood. http://t.co/aTsYB02IWo
@peterfordcsm @gadyepstein why should they? Blood》oil.@george_chen HK police seems nicer to those protesters than NYPD was to the occupying Wall Street crowd. No?@TechCrunch actually, vast majority@ChuBailiang but why? To prove what?Why is Bill Gross still trending on Twitter? Are there really that many bond traders and financial junkies on Twitter?@jonfortt @ConsumerReports the whole thing was a FUD and CNBC played a big part in propagating the FUD by airing that fake video.@businessinsider hope uber have good liability insurance.@rdamia they said that about Blackberry.@adamlashinsky @fortunemagazine let me guess, one of them is no nude photos because he and Google will report to FBI?@manicakes @BenedictEvans why not offer a $5000 service without Live FX and bond quotes?
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