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Bully The Merciless @ImDaBully North Carolina, Raleigh

What up its your boy BULLY follow me ....promoter/host club phantom #ICEBERGENT #PHANTOMBOYZ #NCTWITTER #PHANTOMLIFE CALL ME #THEGOAT

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Out here grindin in these North Carolina streets grindin #919 #910 #336 #252 follow @YoungBreedCCChttp://t.co/Y8MFLuCjKR“@KaraPublishes “@PackAthletics Raleigh named #1 City to Raise a Family by Forbes - http://t.co/DNj0n1RiqG http://t.co/Ebxrfvd9bZ””THE #BOSS RICKY ROZAY PERFORMING LIVE FRIDAY JUNE 6TH @CLUB PHANTOM RALEIGH NC..#MASTERMIND!
Retweeted by Bully The Merciless@Phantom_Raleigh phantomonly friday night that matters 100 black bottles. Free all might on my guest list young thug performing stoner may2.
Retweeted by Bully The MercilessI only love her if her ass fatBorrowing I don't steal #webuyinnotbeggin plus she got a purse u can't rob Dee lol “@PRETTYINGA ... http://t.co/g4Qfy32hgcBefore I get in the shower is there any chicks that wanna hang from my shower curtainGm young worldAnd lay too lol “@NC_CAPO919 RT @redfernave: HOES WILL LIE!!!!!”EOG tired of stopping at the store to get condoms@Addicted2Nadia EOG trying to go 1/2 on somebodies baby 😂”How does a virgin hear such things “@Addicted2Nadia I heard they sell penis pumps for the low on EBay .....just putting it out there”Rt if u played hiding go get it or did the oochie coochieMy first nut was like a rapid fire machine gun was Goin off I couldn't stop humping shit was sad yoNadia your music ain't tho “@Addicted2Nadia “@NC_CAPO919: Y'all fast asses was fucking at wat age?”<< 😇”Too young blame cinemax and hiding go get it “@NC_CAPO919 Y'all fast asses was fucking at wat age?”Eog on my TL sending his Bae I wanna fuck raw subtweetsNiggas be like gurl I ain't gonna tell nobody ...Look like she got some balls“@Everydayiz1225 “@TheTittyRaters: http://t.co/U2Ha7Bhc1i”👀”Pussy be so good u gotta testifyIt must've been great that nigga had to tell everyone“@Diona_910 I remember when I first started fuckin ... http://t.co/neEf7AcYpRNot my follower lol“@King_Eog1984 @ImDaBully man Idk WTF is I was going to ask you.. That why I didn't respond”@King_Eog1984 last tweet was that a girl or nah that said the Rick Ross thingIon know “@King_Eog1984 This still "just " twitter or Nah”@AngelUnique88 hey Angel how are u tonight #letsstartovertweetI'm white “@AngelUnique88 Sooo lol I'm good nigga @ImDaBully: @AngelUnique88 go to sleep u been drankin””What's the question“@Addicted2Nadia I'm just looking for answers #thatisall@AngelUnique88 go to sleep u been drankin#blameitonbully I got u fam“@King_Eog1984 These are tweets from my past life pre December 27th”I'm not beggin I'm buyin “@AngelUnique88 PervertsBelike @ImDaBully: Bully like big butts and his tweets ... http://t.co/GM7zvDvK5lWhat “@TheRealMarkitta mann I need ..”Where “@Diona_910 I fuckin found Michael”Bully like big butts and his tweets reflect it “@AngelUnique88 Bully the pervert😂😩”Mines too lmao“@NC_CAPO919 My dick lil huh 😂😂😴😴😴😴 http://t.co/hMLKHmXcSH@AngelUnique88 ok@Diona_910 who is thatAss laying right tho “@AngelUnique88 Oh me? I'm a little tipsy bout to lay my ass down”Yall see Mimi get fucked in the shower am I the only one who thought dude was making sure her box was fresh b4 he beatHow did u come to this conclusion “@Geeky_Sheek I think that Penis was made for me. 😩😩”And then his P.O. gonna lock hid ass up “@King_Eog1984 And he one write up away from losing his job”Nigga car old af it's paid for but it's old “@King_Eog1984 Child honey let me tell u that nigga broke ... http://t.co/WHRTeMNSdeIm gonna buy that tape so technically well u know...#iwantmeachicktoshowerme“@MimiFaust 😶!! http://t.co/16QyUe8yyQ
Even emojis are light skinned “@Addicted2Nadia @ImDaBully 😒”But be like that nigga on above the rim “@LosoCorleone U cant do nothing without a team.”Them chicks would never get hired by a new nigga“@ImDaBully “@King_Eog1984 U know how you fill an ... http://t.co/JFI0ZXVkLBU know how you fill an app and put down previous employment want that be some shit if you had to list ur ex b4 u got in a new relationship
Retweeted by Bully The MercilessOh ok “@TheRealMarkitta ALL my ex's still in love with me , them some cool ass niggas , but it'll NEVER happen again !”“@lenny_devito Sit dwn 2 pee azz Niggaz”!!“@FREEASABIRDBAIL @ImDaBully lol that's how I'm feeling tonight”#lightskingirlalert “@Addicted2Nadia Hey just because a girl talk about about you after a break up ... http://t.co/9MWF5yNCrhSame broke nigga that kept that Remy in your hair and MK bags on your armCan't work the middle cause his dick too little ass nigga “@King_Eog1984 2min ass nigga”Roll up lol “@FREEASABIRDBAIL Sometimes I just be wanting a joint & niggas be like....”The same Lil dick that made u turn up at my family cookout cause u didn't fix my plateUmmmm “@Addicted2Nadia Ion talk bad about nobody. If you ever meant something to me how can I.”“@King_Eog1984 #TweetOfTheCentury RT @ImDaBully: Fuck that Lil dick broke bitch ass ain't shit ... http://t.co/cbOhRxG7yZWell damn “@Geeky_Sheek @ImDaBully alllll”Fuck that Lil dick broke bitch ass ain't shit muthfucka and his mother “@King_Eog1984 Ask a chick about her ex and see what she says”Crack weed meth ecstasy perks or all of the above “@Geeky_Sheek I was told my sex better then drugs.”Wit a Lil dick“@King_Eog1984 When y'all break up that great guy he was when he was with you become an ain't shit Nigga”Having sex with chicks with small booties is boring afAnd If soneone else gets him will this statement still be fact or nah “@Geeky_Sheek Ain't no nigga like the one I got 😜🙈”Ok as long as u follow mines @ImDaBully and yes I'm a pro at this lol“@_MargoSunshine_ Follow @EventsByMargo <--my professional Twitter”“@1M_C_M1 I got my broom out and I ain't puttin it up til I get this championship!!!!!! #Argentino !!!”Lmao dead “@lenny_devito Wen u grab yo ol lady azz u gota make sho yo pointer finger touches her ... http://t.co/f0kxTHCcoV“@alladreamnc Young thug concert may 2 tix & vip booths selling fast get yours asap. MAKE SURE YOU RSVP… http://t.co/Hz4QoM3zjc@Brit_iAmHer look behind uNevamind u already know lol “@Brit_iAmHer wassup RT “@ImDaBully: I got a secret to tell u lol ... http://t.co/mKoXX4xJd8I got a secret to tell u lol “@Brit_iAmHer i've been eating so much , and ain't gained NO weight ‼️”I got my own money“@gullymackNC "That's my brother" RT @OfficiallyIce: "This your pussy!" RT ... http://t.co/z11jg6M4eELol “@gullymackNC Still don't have any friends on Xbox live 😞”I just seen an upside down McDonald's sign on my TLFor the vine or nah “@ElleChanel Don't do it”Oh “@MiNd_FucKinYoU I just walked past a white girl with a stupid phat ass.. n nice shape”U tryna help me huh“@Addicted2Nadia “@ImDaBully: I only love her if her ass fat”<---- ladies”“@Diona_910 Lmao I need to “@ImDaBully: @King_Eog1984 @Diona_910 u ordering new purses on the Internet or nah””I like when Elle check me@ElleChanel lol I can't ignore any of your tweets@ElleChanel @King_Eog1984 @x_Mac_Kisses #bootty I was trying to fix it ElleBooty fat or nah lol “@King_Eog1984 Milk or Nah RT @x_Mac_Kisses: 2%”””We not beggin we buyin ... #bullystraightI only love her if her ass fatBoots fat or nah lol “@King_Eog1984 Milk or Nah RT @x_Mac_Kisses: 2%”#lookatthecrowd #alltheseatsempty #yeaugotacoupleofdollars #butmoneyisntallittakes http://t.co/RaPYUb6IlcThis Friday at club phantom #blackbottlesaluteHey I just went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got these new shower curtains and metal rod ...girl wassupWith who “@King_Eog1984 Who me?.. Just outside on the porch chillin”That's hot I like it “@_MargoSunshine_ 🔥 http://t.co/ta7wUrv0wm@King_Eog1984 @Diona_910 u ordering new purses on the Internet or nahPackage huh “@Diona_910 😩 my package is in Portland damn I need to go to sleep till Monday”Oh “@YouluvMybaddass Why give a bitch an inch when she rather have 9 ..”@_MargoSunshine_ yes I am women love #TheBadGuyHey yall Rick Ross coming to phantom June 6th GET YALL MONEY RIGHT@_MargoSunshine_ <<<<#wcwU know who “@King_Eog1984 Who though RT @ImDaBully: Wanna Crush Women Wednesday”Oh ok “@ElleChanel @ImDaBully this place in gboro that just opened”#mycurrentsituation helping one of the Glamour Girls fill these easter eggs for this EASTER SUNDAY… http://t.co/Sf1dLmy5ky#andbeat “@Addicted2Nadia I need to go ahead & settle down so my boyfriend can bring me lunch n stuff”Hooters “@ElleChanel Ohhh all you can eat crab legs? #iMightThanks same to u “@KaraPublishes I wish you success if you're working hard.”This is how u give back $1000 easter egg hunt this Sunday http://t.co/yPZMXfoAVc
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