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Stevie Wonder @ImDaBully North Carolina, Raleigh

Club promoter/host For booking contact @Diona_910 ...#WeAintBegginWeBuyin #flyishonly #blackbottlebully #nctwitter

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Amen “@Zhathkya what God has for me it is for ME. 🙏”Me either I hate questions “@Diona_910 My resumes be bomb AF im just not good at interviews”Yep “@louchie_lou Real nigga don't argue with women. They got better shit to do with their time.”ERRRBODY WILL BE IN THE BUILDING INCLUDING YO GOTTI!!! http://t.co/51n2DGg6SW
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder http://t.co/R49v5SNYEH
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder The biggest #StAug and #ShawU homecoming party is going down Friday night at club phantom.... You boy… http://t.co/MqScC79wIF#Idontseethatshit http://t.co/CXPQkVDbB2I done seen it all“good morning @Geeky_Sheek Good Morning y'all. ☺️”Good morning “@xoDASxo good morning”Get in the game .....ill take a loss iver not getting in the game.... #diaryofasneakerhead http://t.co/enKlL4bCB7
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder When Jay-Z said "I jack, I rob, I sin. Aw man, I’m Jackie Robinson, except when I run base, I dodge the pen." http://t.co/pvV705YTWy
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder @YoGottiKOM will be at club phantom this Friday night http://t.co/V49zGduE9R
10:24 #ScorpioGang 😝 OVOGang http://t.co/ibEt0OZ9eI
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder #neverforget http://t.co/fdz5qQx1Ts“@Zhathkya 🎶 yeen real you'n give em what they askin for.. you such a real nigga, what the fuck you asking for?”Oh “@milankiyokli .never forget: a mistake made more than once is a choice”#DontDoDis “@lenny_devito Big Ben da rapist is a beast #SaluteAll the chicks single and all the niggas dick riding this can't be life but it can be my state.... SmmfhI don't see nothing but St Aug homecomingI will be in Raleigh this weekendBig booty problems “@xoDASxo I think my pants are too tight lmao trying to sit down is getting REAL!”Hey sister “@niqueluvualwayz 👑NIQUE http://t.co/0aKEt926vC#WeAintBegginWeBuyin “@YoungBreedCCC It's hard to keep up wit a young ni66a who done damn near did it all!!!!”#blametwitter “@xoDASxo @ImDaBully in the library suppose to be doing homework and writing a paper but umm... lol”I'm there hit my phone I'm coming to do flyers and I might give some tkts away “@Bigga_Vel05 @ImDaBully we be LIT round 11-12 ish”Coolin lil mama how u “@xoDASxo @ImDaBully sup shawty! lol”What time I need to lol “@Bigga_Vel05 @ImDaBully bet I'll hit your line around what tyme you pulling up”Nice to meet u “@xoDASxo allow me to reintroduce myself my name is HOV!”I'm coming tomorrow “@Bigga_Vel05 @ImDaBully tomorrow Wed and all day Thursday”Cuzo your order is complete‼️ Getting 📦 up now. Thanks for your support 👍 His & Hers "FUCKFRIENDS"… http://t.co/PqHRHwY9us
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder @Bigga_Vel05 when u gonna be on campusFridays move Phantom with big bro @ImDaBully Yo Gotti will be up close & personal http://t.co/3z4HPydYdX
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder The biggest #StAug and #ShawU homecoming party is going down Friday night at club phantom.... You boy… http://t.co/djsdO2ELH2#WeAintBegginWeBuyin http://t.co/EPoU82NZK1@NanasiaMusic 😔😔😔😔Do what “@NanasiaMusic @ImDaBully I don't know how men do it Lol honestly”Oh “@NanasiaMusic MAN God knew what he was doing when he gave me female parts.... cause if I was nicca shyttt I'd pipe with no regrets”Just posted a photo http://t.co/KojHtCSfMb@GoOdMiNsKi http://t.co/auGuGR0D6MI made baked spaghetti tonightHas your man crush Monday ever gave u some money.... Oh OKThis Friday club phantom will be lit http://t.co/fwgEmInQRkWhat up y'allFie “@bhillyaheardme Paper chaser-gates”By @d_skullgang via repostwhiz app: Friends won't start supporting you.. Until strangers start… http://t.co/JHPsoVNXk3
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Who got more rings “@lenny_devito “@SportsCenter Crazy Stat of Day: Peyton Manning has more TD ... http://t.co/0GHNjvHVEZ#mymoneymonday#rns http://t.co/A1SKHhGsKeFRIDAY NIGHT #LEVELS @LIMELIGHT DOWNTOWN GREENSBORO, 21+, PARTY ON 3 LEVEL @ THE SEXIEST CLUB IN GREENSBORO #THEULTIMATEGHOEEXPERIENCE!
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Yo Gotti & Future THIS Saturday NC A&T #Ghoe Vip Skip The Line Tickets -> http://t.co/GEj2csEOGV http://t.co/vszZpZhz6v TRIAD CIVIC CENTER
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder “@iam_JASZIE @ImDaBully #jaszies #chiraqFREESTYLE video is finally here ... http://t.co/pp9LgUZq9fOh lol “@Cocahennaaa__ My mind stuck on nasty right now 😜😜”#jaszies #chiraqFREESTYLE video is finally here 😙😙😙👉http://t.co/eUcdldd64I 👈 yall go check it out 👏👏👌💯❗️
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Who do u loveThis might be my wish too 😊😊😊“@louchie_lou I wish Missy would cook breakfast & invite me over 😕”It's movie time once again at club phantom @yogottikom will be in the building #bullyapprovedhttp://t.co/TYJKVi2glJErrbody gonna be @Phantom_Raleigh this Friday @yogottikom in the building #STAUGHOMECOMIMG #SHAWUHOMECOMING http://t.co/KWiXEPUT97Morning Soto “@louchie_lou Good morning from me & my forehead😊lol... count down to my birthday #1022🎉 http://t.co/D7A2BGXaTQ😂😂“@xoDASxo Had another dream about tacos. This is either a sign that I should make my awesome ... http://t.co/mrA5TNDcVOYo Gotti at phantom Fri Oct 24th Tkts at @drstylzraleigh @capsraleigh and @myperfectpair for booths call 9197583830 http://t.co/PnaoqE7fmZI call it black and decker “@Geeky_Sheek “@ImDaBully: If your man tripping I know how to make him straighten up”you got that hammer?”You already know “@Geeky_Sheek “@ImDaBully: If your man tripping I know how to make him straighten up”you got that hammer?”@Bigga_Vel05 saluteFriday MY BDAY I'm LIT with big bro @ImDaBully IceBerg Phantom Yo Gotti up close & personal ALL BLACK AFFAIR http://t.co/y2kWA51eGA
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder If your man tripping I know how to make him straighten upBar trippin“@Geeky_Sheek @ImDaBully yesssss 😂”#falconPride http://t.co/MnN6VM3JDdOne between your legs huh “@Geeky_Sheek @ImDaBully nope sleeping alone with nine pillows 😕”Y'all come turn up wit my lil dude @Bigga_Vel05 BDAY THIS THURSDAY NIGHT Astro Mundo old passions http://t.co/4tKK60DMtu” #BULLYCOSIGNSo bae ain't there to sleep with u “@Geeky_Sheek Time for bed.”Oh “@Geeky_Sheek @ImDaBully lmaoo”Yep imma make an appearance tweet me the flyer “@Bigga_Vel05 @ImDaBully you coming to my bday bash big bro Thursday”Damn “@Geeky_Sheek “@ImDaBully: Bae fuckin up or nah “@Geeky_Sheek Sick of excuse. I need more effort.””😩 sadly”Fuck with me “@Bigga_Vel05 This week bout to be LIT” http://t.co/8uOJv6AeqSBae fuckin up or nah “@Geeky_Sheek Sick of excuse. I need more effort.”😔😔😔“@PRETTYINGA Both my guys have lil colds...hate seeing em under the weather ,smh bb is a bigger baby than Ryder.”Find u a him “@Zhathkya nights when you just wanna be held.. 😔”I wanna go lol “@louchie_lou @Diona_910 yeah start coming here I need a buddy to eat & go to movies ... http://t.co/m3yA2NfrygWhat channel “@PRETTYINGA @ImDaBully yes he said it was Pam cousin 😂”@AngelUnique88 happy birthdayIs that the one whem he was fighting that lil animal“@PRETTYINGA That episode of Martin when they're on chiligans island is on tho 😂”@CC_34 your follower called me a bully lmaoWhy “@____NB Smh RT @ImDaBully: Me “@CC_34 Not me .. “@____NB: #Bullies RT CC_34: #Classic .. “@ImDaBully: #NCtwitter””””Me “@CC_34 Not me .. “@____NB: #Bullies RT CC_34: #Classic .. “@ImDaBully: #NCtwitter”””
Yep “@Diona_910 Devon said Disney world cost too much 2 hotdogs was $22 😂”@Zhathkya nope#NCtwitterChick do that to me I'm going down for murder 1 “@Zhathkya who TF is snowballin outchea? you nasty mf'er, you!”I know I'm sick right now “@PRETTYINGA @ImDaBully they just playing like 💩💩”Lmao “@Diona_910 I wish TF I would suck some damn toes”Lmao “@Zhathkya you spit in my mouth ima stab you. 🔪”It would take 2.3 seconds to retweet this face of a missing child. http://t.co/isXrWbF2dT
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Who gave k Michelle a TV showI need party girls, in my party world Titties plastic, ass fantastic!!
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder 😔😔😔“@PRETTYINGA My 49ers are just 👎”Where is @Diona_910 she hates feetOh “@Zhathkya it really aint too much i wont do for my man. i aim to please. in every area. in every way.”Them ATL rappers suspectJesus take the wheel
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