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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

And I feel quite foolish sometimes when I pray, but my thoughts are all I got so I try to make 'em brave. And I know...I know...it's gonna be a good day. #Hello

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I’m only a morning person on December 25th.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Sad. But utterly unsurprising. Amiright? RT @voxdotcom Monday is the most common day for workplace murders: http://t.co/iLB96MGsvAFinale. What an incredible show! Thanks #MountainStage !! @ Mountain Stage - WV Culture Center http://t.co/wYUxD8wIXNPREACH. #stpaulandthebrokenbones #MountainStage @ Mountain Stage - WV Culture Center http://t.co/O0FzayWFyi"To be a rug cutter you gotta cut it just right." Catherine Russell. KILLIN it. #MountainStageJoyful noise to start the day, a little soul to end it. #LifeIsGood #MountainStage @ Mountain Stage -… http://t.co/9FdAyzQYteHusband's beloved Cowboys play tonight, the 'Eers go for championship in Puerto Rico at 6:30. He picks @MountainStage. #WhyIMarriedHim #HaSippin' bourbon in advance of tonight's @MountainStage show. Such a great line up, top to bottom! Can't wait! #stpaulandthebrokenbonesTune into NASA TV coverage of #Exp42 #Soyuz launch to #ISS. Coverage at 3p ET, launch at 4:01p http://t.co/RxASWP1qU4 http://t.co/lsxgzPIfxr
Retweeted by Jennifer™Jake and Mom. #TLA @ Waggmore Manor http://t.co/F85Vhb5kTgJoyful noise! #iamccumwv @ Christ Church United Methodist http://t.co/VVR7vQYCUZThe most #SNL thing #SNL has done in ages! LOL MT @nbcsnl ♪ I am just a bill, sitting on Capitol Hill. ♪
All that's left to do is ... everything. LOL Except I am feeling zero stress, just chill. And THAT is called being blessed. xoJust did all my Thanksgiving dinner shopping; was relatively painless. Mrs. Flowers is coming to clean on Monday. Family here Wednesday.How Jenny Got Her Groove Back. #Gifted http://t.co/JKCuWmnzXkWorking through @FIAofGKV makes me deeply, truly appreciate the smallest blessings in my life. Take nothing for granted.
Despite Exhausted Press, Public, America's Events Insist Upon Continuing to Happen
Retweeted by Jennifer™Sippin' bourbon. Goodbye Twitter! Hello, weekend. :-)How Picasso, Rothko and 8 other artists would plate your Thanksgiving feast: http://t.co/LUYcSioPTC by @propjen http://t.co/at1c5qajuo
Retweeted by Jennifer™House Benghazi Subcommittee debunks findings of the "FW: FW: FW: Obungler" email from your Uncle worried about the direction of the country.
Retweeted by Jennifer™There really could not be a more apt title for his biography. http://t.co/kDC68YIaiFMitch McConnell has no interest in governing, make no mistake. His only interest is in doing what he has to do to win the next cycle.If an Obama basher pouts and whines enough about GOP bashing, does a tree fall in the forest? #AskingForAFriendOh, yeah. RT @knobcreek This weekend's about sippin’ and grinnin’ with two fingers of big flavored bourbon. #CrackTheWax@Patchy_Beard It will be at the @EastEndBazaar. Come on out! Hot chocolate. Cookies. Fun! :-)Lost in the Friday haze. || House intel panel debunks many Benghazi theories http://t.co/eQp14jciTbI was in Rhonda, WV, today. Raise your hand if you even knew there was a Rhonda, WV.Weekend plans: http://t.co/6nAi9fuiMr
Retweeted by Jennifer™Crude oil pipeline construction across America. http://t.co/I19v9WesGE
Retweeted by Jennifer™If you haven't already, mark your calendars to be at the 1st ever @ChasEastEnd Tree Lighting 11/28 from 6-8 pm! And bring cookies to share!The @ChasEastEnd Tree Lighting event is gonna be AMAZING!! Check out these ornaments neighborhood preschoolers made! http://t.co/ZBH2fAV5ZHJake and his no-longer-stuffed animal menagerie. Bless their flat and lifeless hearts. Santa can't get… http://t.co/G1BPB7h2Qk@Goofyfan_Chuck !!! LOLJon Stewart finally made his debut as a Colbert Report guest. Totally worth the wait. http://t.co/oKN1nHqoUt
Retweeted by Jennifer™Batman teams up with the Joker to fight proposed rules for costumed characters in Times Square: http://t.co/3ULK3WROj4 @HarryBruinius
Retweeted by Jennifer™So how 'bout everyone just simmer the hell down and go about the business of doing your jobs? Novel concept, I realize. But still.Here's the thing: if Boehner can herd his cats, pass a bill that Obama can sign, everything Obama's exec action promises to do is moot.Listening to @SpeakerBoehner, and what kept running through my mind? "Mission Accomplished." Bless his heart. <3"You keep using those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean."As is true with most things, if people would take a breath and actually educate themselves *first*, all the histrionics could be avoided.
Just read the last @nbcparenthood. Wow. Wow. Wow. http://t.co/xEzYncaZeL
Retweeted by Jennifer™Okay then. || Ben Carson: 'I feel fingers' from God to run for President http://t.co/IT66z8SpV8@patricksouthern SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.Bet my husband wishes he'd stayed home and cuddled w/ me tonight instead of going to this game. But he'd never admit it. #MountaineerStrongHow flippin' cute is SamJoel?More from my apparel line for new dads - winter must-haves http://t.co/sqGbIpujAT
Retweeted by Jennifer™The only thing I take as gospel is the Truth. Can I still be a hipster?!?! Puh-leeeeeezzzeeee?! #LOL@ReganWV !@pnuts_mama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do with this what you will. https://t.co/dTgUD6MzoxMemories: that time Marco Rubio said let's maybe deal with immigration and his party stopped talking about him for a year.
Retweeted by Jennifer™I welcome @WhiteHouse's action because it will provide some relief for millions of people who are in great need. http://t.co/tO2jIVJ4CA
Retweeted by Jennifer™I hate who I become when entrenching in this crap. You believe what you believe. You follow your own moral compass. All the rest is noise.THIS -----> RT @JonHenke: The easiest way to reduce illegal immigration is to make it much easier and faster to immigrate legally.
Retweeted by Jennifer™True story: I have never seen the news being "reported" on Fox. Not once. I guess I'm never in front of my TV during their 1 hour of "news."@GlennThrush She's turning into Fox's version of Nancy Grace. It's uncanny!It's uncanny! LOLBeen awhile, but must admit: @megynkelly still plays the Queen of Outrage better than just about anyone else. She's like Fox's Nancy Grace!@DanaHoule I'm right there with you..@MrsLandingham What's next?
Retweeted by Jennifer™The "I'm hungry" face http://t.co/Ykd2xZF2Jr
Retweeted by Jennifer™Maybe you shouldn't get your facts from blogs? http://t.co/58wFybOijEWe need #amnesty for the Mountaineer team that showed up tonight. #WVU #Dreamers #TurribleIf you care more about what polling says about an issue than what morality says about an issue, the problem is you.The question now: Does he do the Sharia Law executive order next? Or does he hold that one until after the mass gun confiscations?
Retweeted by Jennifer™Thanks to POTUS for taking action on immigration in the face of inaction. Now let’s turn to permanent bipartisan reform. #ImmigrationAction
Retweeted by Jennifer™The order is very closely calibrated to be about keeping families together, including families of American children. #immigration
Retweeted by Jennifer™But...but...if we don't impugn each other's characters, we can't call ourselves patriots! Or politicos! Or something!.@PunditFact looks at whether Obama's #immigration action is on the same scale as George HW Bush. True. http://t.co/is7WO7K3aF
Retweeted by Jennifer™Hear the Velvet Underground play an early version of "Sweet Jane": http://t.co/kkWGPdy254
Retweeted by Jennifer™All of the wasted words and energy on a thing that's going to be a non-thing in less than two months. People are so stupid.Firing squad executions back on the table in Utah Legislature http://t.co/CaJfqXievh via @sharethis || WHY.Read my statement on President Obama’s decision to issue executive actions on immigration reform: http://t.co/ZLJFs08Idt
Retweeted by Jennifer™Husband is at the game. Jake and I are curled up in front of the TV with pizza. New tradition, apparently. LOL #WVULet's do this. Let's goooooooooooo... #WVUKansas St-West Virginia about to kick off on @FOXSports1. Stick around for a special Thursday edition of "Countdown to Kickoff" afterward.
Retweeted by Jennifer™The precedents being set in the here and now bode ominously for the tomorrows.National Book Award Winner 'Redeployment' Explores Iraq War's Physical And Psychic Costs http://t.co/XB6meQpy3M
Retweeted by Jennifer™Here’s every presidential executive order going back to George Washington, in one chart: http://t.co/jiMJ92F2JP
Retweeted by Jennifer™Let a little truth into your world to balance out the ideology you cling to. You'll be AMAZED.Obama will make a major #immigration announcement tonight. Read these 12 fact-checks to get caught up on the debate. http://t.co/JPoNj17j0i
Retweeted by Jennifer™Heaven forbid we are forced to miss our daily primetime brain numbing.Get over yourselves and get on with life.We put up with asshattery and bullshit, call it "politics," and wonder why our system/country is so jacked? WE are why. US. YOU. ME.Awesome that the era I am living through will be forever remembered for ushering in the Culture of Disrespect. This country, man.Beautiful, wrenching piece. #EndAlz RT @ESPN_Burnside T.J. Oshie and his dad Tim confront a difficult future. http://t.co/Rmm77yuAnoI don't always enjoy it, but today's Diane Rehm show was brilliant. I miss scholars and philosophers. || http://t.co/AdjsA7oZCyBroadway will dim its lights tomorrow night for 1 minute at 7:45 for director, performer, writer Mike Nichols, dead at 83.
Retweeted by Jennifer™
7 home bar tools every cocktail geek should have: http://t.co/lb0RdRmpCA http://t.co/NiIBVUhuQn
Retweeted by Jennifer™India is so, so big http://t.co/PL7dpMnczn
Retweeted by Jennifer™@stevenadamswv Fixed it for me, actually, if we're being technical about it.Fixed it for you. MT @stevenadamswv Wanted: Less Political Coverage on TVThe view from my "office" window right now. #FaithInAction http://t.co/32iMqPeItrNew York residents digging out after storm. A vehicle drove along Route 20 Wed. http://t.co/mf4JITqLdd http://t.co/fN21BCO1pw
Retweeted by Jennifer™@randomjeweler LOLTwitter is full of backseat politicians. All hat, no cattle. Thank GOD.Today I am grateful that the ppl in my TL who have time on their hands to tweet how the President *should* be/act/govern are not in power.
Grilled ham and cheese, tomato soup, and chocolate milk. 'Cause watch. Also, I am 12. #TakeMeBack http://t.co/BlAYJo7Dix@TheFix That picture, though.Last tweet from here: || Brittany Maynard's mom defends her daughter's choice to die http://t.co/6okPBFhKmX via @thelastword
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