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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

And I feel quite foolish sometimes when I pray, but my thoughts are all I got so I try to make 'em brave. And I know...I know...it's gonna be a good day. #Hello

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Ouch. #TheVoiceSneak peek! #TreeLighting @ East End Bazaar - Open-Air Artisan Market http://t.co/Cf2cwo68xVIt's happening! chaseastend #TreeLighting @ East End Bazaar - Open-Air Artisan Market http://t.co/HnfqDTnixPEast End tree going up! Woohoo! @ East End Bazaar - Open-Air Artisan Market http://t.co/C658Ph3BTUAnd that's a #ProTip you can have for free. xoWhen tempted to publish something suggesting what others, in positions you are not now nor are ever like to be in, SHOULD do/say/be? Don't.BBC teases the return of Benedict Cumberbatch in the best way. http://t.co/sXEZfTtNHe http://t.co/BeUHO0Yxsk
Retweeted by Jennifer™#TEDPrize winner Dave Isay recommends 10 questions to ask your family around the #Thanksgiving table. http://t.co/4mbjSgNphS @StoryCorps
Retweeted by Jennifer™The Ferguson library gives a lesson in community http://t.co/NcVGUtQlcy via @SalonHere is a Facebook thing I just posted on Thanksgiving grace & blessing. http://t.co/ndkuzZeaVL. Love & thanks are always the whole story
Retweeted by Jennifer™"The Internet is just one more way that, on nights like Monday night, the whole world is watching" http://t.co/PhxXL41IkV
Retweeted by Jennifer™Well, this is horrendous. || Via @nprnews: Marine Corps Finds It Tough To Shut Down Sexist Facebook Groups http://t.co/4MHeu0aDFuSeriously, national media, I can wait a day or two for your breakdown of the grand jury evidence. Please take your time and read it.
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It's almost like announcing a highly unpopular decision at night after a day of heightening tension was not a good call.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Seeing images from Penn State, 2011. University of Kentucky, 2014. San Fran post World Series, 2014. What is it with us and rioting?@cgoodwoman Not feelin' it. Wishing he had waited.@iamchrisblake So many tweets I'd like to call out individually. But what would that serve, really? :-/I'm taking a moment of silence now. Good night, America. Let's do better tomorrow. <3"Obviously." WTF?Seems to be something missing from this statement. RT @WNTonight NEW: Statement from Darren Wilson's defense team #FergusonDecision@beccarecco Absolutely. There will be no collective fix until we each take responsibility for ourselves.I so wish he wouldn't. RT @ABC Just in: President Obama will make a statement at 10pm ET, White House announces
Retweeted by Jennifer™So many people's lives, forever changed. Only time will tell if there is anything positive to come from this. Lots of lessons to be learned.There comes a time in every person's life when "lol" is not an appropriate response. Goin' out on a limb here to say tonight is such a time.@VeronicaLewis Don't you stay up past your bedtime when things matter to you? Say, election nights and such? This tweet is beneath you.Brown family statement: "We are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions"
Retweeted by Jennifer™Hard to believe there wasn't evidence enough to indict. To send it to trial. If not enough evidence to convict, that's completely different.Because the world right now needs to hear McCollough unload his own bundle of resentments right now. Tone is totally wrong for the moment.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Welp. It's pretty clear what the decision is, right? This rambling mess needs to just end.This is the worst reporting I've ever seen. #furgeson
Retweeted by Jennifer™That moment when you cross your fingers, hoping that America will just be better than you expect.
Retweeted by Jennifer™@LaurelMK Ha! :-)@stevenadamswv 8 pm. I don't understand the logic. Ridiculous.cc: @LaurelMK RT @PostalMuseum The 1st official use of a postage meter machine in the U.S. took place today in 1903: http://t.co/sw4Q1HbS0hWe can help each other. YOU can be the difference in a neighbor's life. Today. Tomorrow. Next Week. Now. Join us. http://t.co/dMugaTnnFzIf you have 2 hours a week or 2 hours a month, and if you want the opportunity to have immediate impact on the lives of others...@FIAofGKVI can't stop thinking about them. They are weighing heavy on my heart and mind this evening. There is so much work to do. @FIAofGKVBoth are sharp. She knows how deep in need they are. He reminded me immediately of my father as soon as I walked in their house. @FIAofGKVEnded the day at the home of a very sweet couple in desperate need of so many things I don't know where to start. Overwhelming. @FIAofGKVTook two lovely ladies to their respective medical appointments, had a phone visit with another in the hospital in Huntington. @FIAofGKVI took a vacation day today. Spent it traveling 169 miles, from Cheylan to Ronda to Sissonville to Cross Lanes and back again. @FIAofGKV"An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind." Praying for peace. #LetLoveRuleI hope the good people of #Ferguson break the hearts of every protest pornographer (aka journalist) on location in their city tonight. <3@cmdeb I can't remember the last time it did.I was just told that the Grand Jury is done and that a press conference is scheduled for later today.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Suspected arson fire in southwestern Poland damages 750-year-old oak tree believed to be the country's oldest: http://t.co/hZrEtcawXZ
Retweeted by Jennifer™Oh, yeah, baby. @ Kroger Co http://t.co/tJkfNCgbzLWVU School of Social Work director selected for national Leadership Academy in Aging http://t.co/U4rmjI4vjF #WVU
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I’m only a morning person on December 25th.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Sad. But utterly unsurprising. Amiright? RT @voxdotcom Monday is the most common day for workplace murders: http://t.co/iLB96MGsvAFinale. What an incredible show! Thanks #MountainStage !! @ Mountain Stage - WV Culture Center http://t.co/wYUxD8wIXNPREACH. #stpaulandthebrokenbones #MountainStage @ Mountain Stage - WV Culture Center http://t.co/O0FzayWFyi"To be a rug cutter you gotta cut it just right." Catherine Russell. KILLIN it. #MountainStageJoyful noise to start the day, a little soul to end it. #LifeIsGood #MountainStage @ Mountain Stage -… http://t.co/9FdAyzQYteHusband's beloved Cowboys play tonight, the 'Eers go for championship in Puerto Rico at 6:30. He picks @MountainStage. #WhyIMarriedHim #HaSippin' bourbon in advance of tonight's @MountainStage show. Such a great line up, top to bottom! Can't wait! #stpaulandthebrokenbonesTune into NASA TV coverage of #Exp42 #Soyuz launch to #ISS. Coverage at 3p ET, launch at 4:01p http://t.co/RxASWP1qU4 http://t.co/lsxgzPIfxr
Retweeted by Jennifer™Jake and Mom. #TLA @ Waggmore Manor http://t.co/F85Vhb5kTgJoyful noise! #iamccumwv @ Christ Church United Methodist http://t.co/VVR7vQYCUZThe most #SNL thing #SNL has done in ages! LOL MT @nbcsnl ♪ I am just a bill, sitting on Capitol Hill. ♪
All that's left to do is ... everything. LOL Except I am feeling zero stress, just chill. And THAT is called being blessed. xoJust did all my Thanksgiving dinner shopping; was relatively painless. Mrs. Flowers is coming to clean on Monday. Family here Wednesday.How Jenny Got Her Groove Back. #Gifted http://t.co/JKCuWmnzXkWorking through @FIAofGKV makes me deeply, truly appreciate the smallest blessings in my life. Take nothing for granted.
Despite Exhausted Press, Public, America's Events Insist Upon Continuing to Happen
Retweeted by Jennifer™Sippin' bourbon. Goodbye Twitter! Hello, weekend. :-)How Picasso, Rothko and 8 other artists would plate your Thanksgiving feast: http://t.co/LUYcSioPTC by @propjen http://t.co/at1c5qajuo
Retweeted by Jennifer™House Benghazi Subcommittee debunks findings of the "FW: FW: FW: Obungler" email from your Uncle worried about the direction of the country.
Retweeted by Jennifer™There really could not be a more apt title for his biography. http://t.co/kDC68YIaiFMitch McConnell has no interest in governing, make no mistake. His only interest is in doing what he has to do to win the next cycle.If an Obama basher pouts and whines enough about GOP bashing, does a tree fall in the forest? #AskingForAFriendOh, yeah. RT @knobcreek This weekend's about sippin’ and grinnin’ with two fingers of big flavored bourbon. #CrackTheWax@Patchy_Beard It will be at the @EastEndBazaar. Come on out! Hot chocolate. Cookies. Fun! :-)Lost in the Friday haze. || House intel panel debunks many Benghazi theories http://t.co/eQp14jciTbI was in Rhonda, WV, today. Raise your hand if you even knew there was a Rhonda, WV.Weekend plans: http://t.co/6nAi9fuiMr
Retweeted by Jennifer™Crude oil pipeline construction across America. http://t.co/I19v9WesGE
Retweeted by Jennifer™If you haven't already, mark your calendars to be at the 1st ever @ChasEastEnd Tree Lighting 11/28 from 6-8 pm! And bring cookies to share!The @ChasEastEnd Tree Lighting event is gonna be AMAZING!! Check out these ornaments neighborhood preschoolers made! http://t.co/ZBH2fAV5ZHJake and his no-longer-stuffed animal menagerie. Bless their flat and lifeless hearts. Santa can't get… http://t.co/G1BPB7h2Qk@Goofyfan_Chuck !!! LOLJon Stewart finally made his debut as a Colbert Report guest. Totally worth the wait. http://t.co/oKN1nHqoUt
Retweeted by Jennifer™Batman teams up with the Joker to fight proposed rules for costumed characters in Times Square: http://t.co/3ULK3WROj4 @HarryBruinius
Retweeted by Jennifer™So how 'bout everyone just simmer the hell down and go about the business of doing your jobs? Novel concept, I realize. But still.Here's the thing: if Boehner can herd his cats, pass a bill that Obama can sign, everything Obama's exec action promises to do is moot.Listening to @SpeakerBoehner, and what kept running through my mind? "Mission Accomplished." Bless his heart. <3"You keep using those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean."As is true with most things, if people would take a breath and actually educate themselves *first*, all the histrionics could be avoided.
Just read the last @nbcparenthood. Wow. Wow. Wow. http://t.co/xEzYncaZeL
Retweeted by Jennifer™Okay then. || Ben Carson: 'I feel fingers' from God to run for President http://t.co/IT66z8SpV8@patricksouthern SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.Bet my husband wishes he'd stayed home and cuddled w/ me tonight instead of going to this game. But he'd never admit it. #MountaineerStrongHow flippin' cute is SamJoel?More from my apparel line for new dads - winter must-haves http://t.co/sqGbIpujAT
Retweeted by Jennifer™The only thing I take as gospel is the Truth. Can I still be a hipster?!?! Puh-leeeeeezzzeeee?! #LOL@ReganWV !@pnuts_mama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do with this what you will. https://t.co/dTgUD6MzoxMemories: that time Marco Rubio said let's maybe deal with immigration and his party stopped talking about him for a year.
Retweeted by Jennifer™I welcome @WhiteHouse's action because it will provide some relief for millions of people who are in great need. http://t.co/tO2jIVJ4CA
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