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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

And I feel quite foolish sometimes when I pray, but my thoughts are all I got so I try to make 'em brave. And I know...I know...it's gonna be a good day. #Hello

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An Owen Omen. #StrangerSchmittHasHappened LetsGoooooMountaineers @ Schmitt's Saloon http://t.co/wUXzmuQwpH#Notorious @ Schmitt's Saloon http://t.co/fvM05yqi4T@jaycatvt yummmm!12 British Legal Terms Explained — http://t.co/Og4jsQoTJR http://t.co/xXAPdX5rUo
Retweeted by Jennifer™.@mattyglesias 'Cause that would be a Galaxy Note.@hestonfarm Got any openings for Sunday brunch?Thank you for your interest. I'm trolling other people right now. Your character flaws are important to me. Please stay on the line.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Photobooth-Women : 1900 - 1970. http://t.co/E70y6OlrXt
Retweeted by Jennifer™Coal fired pizza and Yuengling Oktoberfest. #AppalachianDateNight #MorgantownBound http://t.co/xcAWvUjcT7Uniformed Secret Service officers, some with automatic weapons, ordered press and staff out of the West Wing.
Retweeted by Jennifer™FYIWhen a GOPer is getting his ass handed to him, it's because his Dem opponent is "rude." LMFAOLOL RT @EricaGrieder: Abbott asks Davis: "Senator Davis, do you regret voting for Barack Obama?" lol #RGVDebateDEVELOPING: News media being evacuated from White House; president is not at the White House - @ArletteSaenz
Retweeted by Jennifer™From Derek Jeter to #Yankees fans everywhere. #Re2pect #FarewellCaptain http://t.co/cuVijFhwA7
Retweeted by Jennifer™In about 9 minutes it's crystal clear why @GregAbbott_TX didn't want to debate @WendyDavisTexas six times. #TexasDebates
Retweeted by Jennifer™What a day!These designs could change the world. Tell us which one you think is the most promising http://t.co/Wczfr1QnnH
Retweeted by Jennifer™People who constantly whine about "the media" are almost as obnoxious as people who blame everything on "the refs." #AccountabilityMuch.@wvucobe alum donates $1 million to help alleviate business school students' loan debt http://t.co/8VQYzbtzdt #WVU
Retweeted by Jennifer™@ReleasMcCracken I know you must be! Just heard a bit of her talk. She's totally running. LOLOh, lord. :-( RT @mashable A man waited two days in line for an iPhone 6 to try to win back his wife http://t.co/GC13fsGlvX@ReleasMcCracken Awesome!!Hillary Clinton. http://t.co/ISVz1kKMKJ
Retweeted by Jennifer™Free donut from Krispy Kreme just for talkin' like a pirate. Got the guts to dress full pirate? They'll give you a free dozen. #AyeMatey
Original Michelin, 1910 http://t.co/gmmpkXuqzC
Retweeted by Jennifer™@DawnyPoo60 And you are incredibly sweet. :)Other things may changes us, but we start and end with family. http://t.co/n1ZG1rRTt6While we wait for #ScotlandDecides enjoy these gorgeous men in kilts http://t.co/zv82D1HtbA #Scotland
Retweeted by Jennifer™@Lindat1229 Truer words never spoken! (Also, amazing what fun you can have being in the right place/right time often enough.)Not for nothin'. #TheMoreYouKnowWe crashed an Oracle party in the Bahamas once. They flew in the Counting Crows for a concert on the beach and we were RIGHT THERE.@happyappalachy AGREED.Larry Ellison is a lot of things, but one thing he's not anymore is the CEO of Oracle: http://t.co/OuKWNDOgOE http://t.co/7tKXtj0HnI
Retweeted by Jennifer™Wow. Such honesty! This one will be with me a goodly while. || Why I Hope to Die at 75 - The Atlantic http://t.co/cemRO5EAiwStrange to think that we might soon be living in a world in which Germany is united and Great Britain is divided.
Retweeted by Jennifer™oxford comma or no I think we can all agree there should be some commas, somewhere RT @madamezooble: http://t.co/RttQBgbbNt
Retweeted by Jennifer™@toddgunter Okay. I take back the groan. Watching too many ignorant political ads about losing our way of life/freedoms. Makes me twitchy.@toddgunter Oh, groan. Poor Todd. What is it you want to do that you cannot?Misty water colored memories.Rush is wrong on Reagan: Rush Limbaugh recalls the Reagan years as a time when 'it was exciting to be a Republ... http://t.co/2pfUIVL5Gi
Retweeted by Jennifer™Regurgitating what you heard is not productive & palatable discourse. If you're not engaging in reality, stop interrupting those who are.
Retweeted by Jennifer™EXCLUSIVE: A 30 Year old industrial disaster that is still killing people! Official trailer of #BhopalAPrayerForRain http://t.co/7vDZIjpP8V
Retweeted by Jennifer™@kalpenn I was born and raised in Carbide's back yard, where MIC was made in So. Charleston, WV thru 80s. Bhopal story was so surreal to me.Well played, @jesseclee44. Well played. #7point3millionPAID#BREAKING – South Butler School District says South Butler Primary School student has Enterovirus-D68 http://t.co/HOXSdSg9dG
Retweeted by Jennifer™The new G&G is here. :-) @gardenandgunmag @AlexandraByrd http://t.co/IY4VWWc7AJ
Retweeted by Jennifer™Can we talk about how STOKED I AM?! || 12 Things You Never Knew About 'Gilmore Girls' http://t.co/bGAdmHCd6u via @HuffPostEntBREAKING: Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews votes to allow female members. @YahooSports
Retweeted by Jennifer™What a day.Grandson is scheduled to arrive one week from today. Hearts on strings!New #MinuteMindful on changing your results by changing your thoughts. That simple...and that hard. http://t.co/va5UGHf8OT #mindful
Retweeted by Jennifer™
So glad @Dave_Boucher1 got me to follow @adndotcom. Great, weird Alaska stories...and they have a Pinterest account with moose recipes.
Retweeted by Jennifer™The great divide."My father punched me in the face when I talked back and I deserved it." That point when you feel bad for Sean Hannity. Like seriously.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Off to Charleston to perform Barber with the @WVSO for their opening weekend. 3rd time with that excellent orchestra, looking forward!
Retweeted by Jennifer™:-( Stupid deniers RT @SmithsonianEnv 1h Those crab cakes could become shrimp cakes if climate change continues. http://t.co/1e6krTNW65Valid. RT @FastCompany: Almost every way of getting to work besides driving is better for your mental health http://t.co/EGsnLYgiEiCharles Barkley threw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field last night. It was pretty turrible. http://t.co/H0agebjMdA
Retweeted by Jennifer™At our first health fair at Highland in Kanawha City! Come see us! @FIAGKV http://t.co/garIuTWewh
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! http://t.co/CU08BC4aG6
Retweeted by Jennifer™"The U2 songs you hear are coming from inside your house."
Retweeted by Jennifer™@jeffjam TR was The Man before being The Man was a thing.I am having some serious first world problems right this minute. It's so stupid.This article, though. LOL | Oklahoma football: Are the Sooners ready for West Virginia's wild fans? http://t.co/bFME95qlFG:-( #NoNoNo http://t.co/lmkjLCMEpzThe Federal Budget Deficit Has Disappeared. Really. http://t.co/aVJ5NosYKh via @forbes
Retweeted by Jennifer™Hells to the yeah! The lady's still got it! || Jimmy Fallon Loses It Over Barbra Streisand's 'Tonight Show' Return http://t.co/yY44UXFGWd@uncletypewriter They were amazeballs. LOL@uncletypewriter I had these for breakfast: http://t.co/ScAUylGpYY@uncletypewriter *raises hand*At 9 years old, Grace has already beaten cancer. Now she's taking on child homelessness http://t.co/2BNtZZKYxJ
Retweeted by Jennifer™We have labor pains, people! WE HAVE LABOR PAINS! #GrandbabyWatchInfluential lawyer lobbyist Thomas Hale Boggs dies at 73 http://t.co/gijTPfugiP
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@myfavoritesong The lady's still got it, too.These four girls were killed in 16th Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama, today 1963: #NARA http://t.co/wPupH6XfLm
Retweeted by Jennifer™When I am Queen, Mondays will cease to be a nuisance. Read into that what you will.
Besides, I'm sitting here watching these felons play a little boy's game, so who am I to judge? https://t.co/5ndCicLwLlSo I will temper my lack of enthusiasm. But I will say, there are other, much less costly (time + $) ways to earn scholarship money.Would like to express my opinion about beauty pageants but there are a whole lot of people I follow because I like who enjoy the show of it.@pnuts_mama Sauces and soups and salsas for February!@Whitnage @pookhahare Yeah, maybe that's why I refuse to watch it in the first place. :-(Miss America is trending higher than The Roosevelts and you wonder why we can't have nice things? :-(.@KenBurns fashions a fascinating doc from the lives of Teddy, Franklin, & Eleanor Roosevelt http://t.co/aLCSjoN1P0 http://t.co/452pc4wymB
Retweeted by Jennifer™RT @usatodaynews: Senate has a secret book of rules http://t.co/pOaQUVo8xZ
Retweeted by Jennifer™Area journo surprised that future presidential candidate won’t make biggest announcement of her life in response to question from a ropeline
Retweeted by Jennifer™@nycjim Is it really "trolling" if it's true, though? Just sayin'. @mashableYes! RT @RollingStone Watch the Cure cover the Beatles' "Hello, Goodbye" for the album 'The Art of McCartney': http://t.co/TXIdhwxc4RClearly a sign that the end is near: In this Chinese city, phone addicts get their own sidewalk lane http://t.co/YseemFH69D
Retweeted by Jennifer™@uncletypewriter Maybe he can just reads people's hearts and is pre-reacting.Yay! @FIAofGKV reached 200 followers on FB! Help us get the word out! 'Like' us and share our page with a friend! http://t.co/Y4Dn7k6sE8Man dares judge to give him the death penalty http://t.co/WcY1kJbAK1 via @nbc6 http://t.co/rzxDziRADn
Retweeted by Jennifer™When pols take up "We want our country back" sloganeering, what is it they want "back" precisely? I mean beyond their own party in control..@KenBurns -- yes, I've said before -- Do what you can, where you are, with what you have ~TR #RooseveltsPBS
Retweeted by Jennifer™Roosevelts were civically engaged from a young age. @PBS, advice for young people today who want to be involved?#RooseveltsPBS
Retweeted by Jennifer™Curious display at #FedExField today #Awkward @nytimes considering: http://t.co/ymbT0XyBZb http://t.co/Bi30xEXkzO
Retweeted by Jennifer™"Mainstream" media is a myth. RT @oncee I gave up on mainstream media years ago. I get all my news from Twitter and Facebook.@sportingnews If Chris Berman had delivered that monologue through clenched teeth, would you have headlined the piece "Emotional Berman..."?@sportingnews Can I ask a favor, on behalf of women everywhere? Hannah Storm was not "emotional." Hannah stormed was enraged. Infuriated.Wish they had left out the word "emotional" and used the word "enraged" or even "pissed off." "Seething" maybe. " "Aggrieved." "Infuriated."
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