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@akahn wow, lucky them. 👏@muanchiou @travisci no human has ever typed that@muanchiou no one ever uses that, btw.i’m gonna curl up and, yeah.the drunkenness of being ok at computers and laughing in the face of assholes is p cool.
@littleidea i think people are responding to them but the bar is p low rn.“i’d kill for for anyone to appear with a good idea” — we’re hiring@RobotDeathSquad i’m just over here tryna smoke a joint and not deal with too many animated people. And then people are like “i’m annoying”@RobotDeathSquad ugh: “It was – and continues to be – debated widely.” 👎@cloud_opinion in time, holler if you’re in SF. Currently in one those “shake my ass” because i’m right things and you have to just wait.@cloud_opinion externally i don’t get your optimism around those 2 properties vs opinions on HP/IBM. They’re all gonna die.@cloud_opinion it’s just posturing by companies who invested poorly. I’ll happily take you out for🍷/🍖 in 2015-20 if I’m wrong.@cloud_opinion everyone trying is doing a really fucking terrible job and they’re playing catch up in a space they don’t fully understand.@cloud_opinion i have yet to see anyone offer a compelling argument to that in both APIs or availability. Maybe start at uptimes?@cloud_opinion does amazon have one of those? My guess is no because everyone uses their shit but i’m scrollin.@cloud_opinion so, 1 company in a debatably shitty/exploitative space vs like everyone else using shit all over the world. Cool Story. 👍@cloud_opinion i’d be really curious to see anyone promoting their infra investment in either app engine or azure.@cloud_opinion i’m all for everyone coming to the table and trying and shit but there’s like 0 people coming out saying they run on that 💩@cloud_opinion lmao, obviously AWS is fucked because of one poorly executed “strategic” deviation. Makes perfect sense.@mdo thanks, Mark. I feel better that someone else is confused by it too. 😘@atmos @mdo familiarity is pretty terrible when it’s misleading because you SHOULD understand it but don’t.@mdo for sure. I find it awkwardly undiscoverable and meaningless after weeks of use.@mdo trade the burger menu for blatant and not necessarily useful design copied from instagram? What other apps are copying that style?@mdo yup, 4 out of 5 of those buttons are worthless and too awkwardly similar to instagram. There’s little/no meaning to them afaict@glenngillen @maddox the world doesn’t need the negativity that goes on in my head. even out of context. 😜@glenngillen @maddox i’m evaluating my options. It *may* have been an atmos-wine bot but i’m not at liberty to confirm or deny that rn.@samkottler i’m available for consulting, fyi.@atmos @ELLIOTTCABLE This is one of my faves. https://t.co/IKBfBew5XG@ELLIOTTCABLE thus far you’re the only person who has noticed the interleaved bot messages. 😋@ELLIOTTCABLE I’ve been a/b testing my Markov bot, but that’s diff. This is some undergraduate eng driven poor design http://t.co/8b6KQGHS3H@ELLIOTTCABLE more just wondering why it copied a confusing lower 15% of the screen split into 5ths that’s instagram but makes no sense.Are there any online explanations of the ongoing devolving swarm app?@capotej @brittanyforks I propose a communal outing when it becomes a reality.@capotej @brittanyforks what are your feelings on this? http://t.co/WxO7hp2kmD@jakeboxer @github same@mdo @bkeepers @adamhjk @ethomson I thought that's what license.md was for. Lol@atmos @adamhjk @mdo @bkeepers @ethomson and there's plenty of successful projects that don't have corporate backing or CLAs@adamhjk @mdo @bkeepers @ethomson I think the thing that bugs me is that almost every project with a CLA has corporate backing. It feels 😒@bkeepers @ethomson @mdo do you think an open source css library is an area where patents realistically come into play?@ethomson @mdo @bkeepers you nailed the summary with the "disappointing" because in this case I see no value for having one.@mdo @bkeepers @ethomson I didn't contribute to @chef back in the day for purely philosophical reasons because I think CLAs are stupid@mdo @bkeepers @ethomson every project that has CLAs has lawyers involved and there's plenty of oss stuff that was successful without one@mdo @bkeepers @ethomson CLAs get a bad rap because they're a barrier to contributing and no one has ever said "sure glad we had a CLA"Setting up a new Mac. http://t.co/x2QLZdUMTO@brianpattison @1Password I can still unlock my vaults, I just can't get back into my computer. It's a few hour inconvenience. Reformat.@homakov disposable laptops. Not in the sense of throwing them in the bin, but how long does it take you to get back up and running.
tfw you give your homey your admin password, you change it, then you forget it. http://t.co/kZ7vBSZlk3@Nickrob @acethirtynine http://t.co/XuC4kfeVdG It sounds like shitty circus music.@bcrypt 🍻 http://t.co/M8XCuio61F@bcrypt every little bit helps@Nickrob what’s the opposite of an RT?@tinybaby watching this shit rn and just wondering what a shithead like that would do in “Silicon Valley” now.@joshpeek @nakajima its two blocks from your place. Go.Wrapping up an amazing weekend with 48 hour sous vide ribs from @frenchbutchery http://t.co/A6kB1AdnwThttp://t.co/mD9B3EYAH4
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeDenali just rolled up to brunch with my neighbor’s turtle in her mouth. Hoping Hercules pulls through 🐢@jrecursive @kudeki @DJSpacecamp thanks so so much for the visuals. It's always such a fun time. 🙇The best part of csi cyber is that @smoss is older than @vanderjames.@homakov bummed I missed you. Maybe we can catch up later while you're still in town.
@mrb_bk @ejgreenberg birdman was great. As was whiplash, the hawking, and Turing movies too@homakov yeah man come through. I’ll buy you a drink. I go on at 12:30.@homakov should be deep house and techno. 10pm onward should be a good crowd. Come by if you’re in town.@mrb_bk hopefully our damaged turntable will be fixed by the next time you’re in SFNot gonna lie, pretty excited about tonight at @PublicWorksSF http://t.co/1LAvhytz5D@ejgreenberg it was much longer than I anticipated. The bots were ok though.
@grubernaut I loved living there.@kdaigle i will gladly refund their free w/ rsvp tickets. #blessedThere are people on Facebook who think I’m a Swedish DJ and are expecting someone that isn’t me for our show tomorrow. 😎@Nickrob obvious solution is drugs of some kind@kneath we used to go climbing at a place where they'd nest where we were belaying. Not ideal for being in control of someone's life.@daneharrigan Definitely. I enjoyed the penguins though. 🐧“This issue's first birthday was just a few days ago 🎂” —@izuzak gently reminding us of a neglected user issue.@ProFanMarisa tater tots and hella beer at thee parkside if there’s a decent show.
San Francisco sheriff's deputies forced prisoners to fight in gladiator-style matches while they bet on the outcome http://t.co/G4gDGb3sQW
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@pbowden The choir of all of your devices is fucking terrifying@rich0H @tsumme as a rapport ice fan, obviously.@kcshearon @pengwynn nope, but it’s worth visiting.@kcshearon @pengwynn http://t.co/uZ6S905xeT is a crappy website but it’s not far away and the best ribs I’ve found in the bay.
@jrecursive top right seemed like cement bowls. Try one from the park under the 101 or near the hospital in potrero.@jrecursive is that a skatepark?Friends in SF, come see me @kudeki and @DJSpacecamp this Saturday at @PublicWorksSF https://t.co/EC55q2rqEf
@sr @stolt45 It’s ok. Basically Chez Papa vibe with Mama’s menu + a few things they adopted to the menu from across town. Saw Olivier. 👍🍷
@solarce it was obvious@solarce if you work with a bunch remotes/forks long enough the ordering starts to make sense.@daneharrigan just have her apply. I’m not involved in that too much but at least give it a shot.
@solarce @grubernaut @pearups I might be able to Monday evening. I’m pretty busy the rest of the weekI would be so pissed if someone shook me all night long.
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@mdo @maddox @holman it’s where he lives, but it apparently doesn’t exist anywhere but twitter geolocation
@j2h @hiro_asari @alindeman @travisci request a build for a ref/sha with a named context. Hooks pick it up. Your button becomes and API req@joshsusser I’d use github pages or Wordpress. In that orderLess 💔, more 💖💞. I keep reflecting on http://t.co/ieBaMbn2J4 from @mrtazz
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@holman That’s all I could think when watching Jinx, “this is just @serial with video”@bkeepers I saw some on the street yesterday. Weren’t even a new design, they were the classics I remember from middle school.@taco @Jamiegirl1 My thoughts exactly. 😉@hiro_asari @alindeman @travisci I need to revive an old branch that provides that.@alindeman @hiro_asari @travisci I’m still mad that we don’t have a build trigger in the API. ‘/ci build github/mybranch’ is so useful.@calavera @walski http://t.co/VQ2acUZxAsYou'd be amazed both how little progress and how much progress can be made in 5 years depending on whether you're doing stuff that matters.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@haacked @JeffHandley there’s very little incentive to participate in open source communities, unfortunately. Life always takes precedence.Ideas or the lack of them can cause disease.
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