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My style is unorthodox, but of course it rocks.

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@mdo @muanchiou when is #muanconf?
@dreww grilling at mine if you’re still around.@Elizasoul80 👃🏼👈🏼@dreww beer a triple voodoo?@brettgoulder @blakegentry @opendoor in my experience that gets old quickly and shouldn’t be a shame 🔔. Celebrating income is dope though. 😀@mrtazz @janaboruta No, like, real mountains. They’re different.@jedschmidt @janaboruta wants to go in the spring after i get mountain and snow season in. I need to come visit and scope things out though.@mrtazz @janaboruta It’ll like be April/May because I need mountains and snow, not just snow and cold.Attn Chez Maman fans. “Dat Spot” just opened in their old place and it’s comfort food. sorry I missed you!@fabrahamlincoln only if you’re doing Frankenstein for Halloween.
@0xcharlie gtfo, please say you guys are gonna cameo@kdaigle 👍@nothingstrivial 😍 I can finally use that one I bought to test it!Happy Birthday 🎊💖@meat
@kdaigle nah, it’s like 4 blocks from my house though if you wanna try to catch up sometime among the crazy. You speaking?@homakov check out 😓🐶@kdaigle Always go full Daigle.@samnoland That’s what I was thinking too.@samnoland @blakegentry I thought this was pretty damn cool until I saw this exchange and now I feel weird about it.Do you build tools for operators? I’m organizing: “Internal Tools Show & Tell Night” in collaboration w Meetup, Oct 22, in NYC. Ping me!
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@glenngillen @janaboruta She really did. Vibe was on point and discussions were great.@indirect 😭@indirect forget the network?OH: at @hashiconf “I think <corp sponsored project> will survive in the same way that Open Stack has ‘survived’.”@kneath yo i thought that was a bucket of chicken at first@mdo i love that people keep choosing orange for their friendly robots.@ammeep the feline overlords are coming for you.@paulca for me it’s been adblockers or just plain incompetence that is the web for the last 15-20 years.@genius you owe it to your users to encrypt their traffic all the time.“Kingpins” @mrjayzone
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@raganwald @thegrugq same@defiler @technoweenie @yann_ck I did have the pleasure of pointing to my cap that indicated I was a deer hunter.
someone asked to borrow my mullet tonight at a photobooth and i had the unfortunate experience of telling them “yeah, that’s my hair. sorry”@holman @jnewland my is still hanging on quit after leaving it open overnight for weeks. So I still haven’t used it@jnewland were you on 9.1 previously? This is the first year I haven’t jumped on the betas and it makes me feel old/lazy. However, it works.Open tweetbot, see a simple change between cool people. Read the rest of my stream. Yup, everyone is still mad about something. ✌🏼@roidrage @capotej nope, just late September.
@meat @zerofucksde “hi, tops”
@lstoll also it’s been 2 months since i purchased it, i mean come on.@lstoll yeah, in my head i’m just like “why don’t you just give it to me and i’ll convince other people it’s ok.” #growthhacking@lstoll yeah, the pricing seems fucked. i only purchased it in august and it’s available at 70% the cost of a new license.@indec i totally thought it was but then remembered the cartoon.@janaboruta you mean like that GitHub org you inspired? sadly my experience w/ anything apple cloud related has been “don’t” in retrospect.@mrtazz were not going to live to see it so put it in motion@lstoll did you upgrade to 8?@lstoll done yet?
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Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@Flashflooder ugh, i haven’t given it a listen yet but had high hopes. Listened to Big Grams yet?@paulcbetts @jnunemaker same. I tried a few others and i guess I’m just partial to the apple ones. I wish they sold usb ones still.
me: ranting about inconsequential things @fabrahamlincoln: could you please pass the salt.(doing various types of kickflips) lol sup nerds !
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@mrtazz give it time@jedschmidt @stolt45 contacting support rn@mrtazz p sure they throttled everything for his stance on the war machine@thedaniel @paulcbetts for a second I thought that was the dj booth at @PublicWorksSF@paulcbetts thanks chrome developers@GrayAreaorg @nicolas___jaar @djdials really, 40$@apblake @ioerror over http 😢@apblake @ioerror *requires flash* 😞MOVE FAST AND BREAK PEOPLE
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@tapbots is there a way to paste a full url from the web into tweetbot on mac so I can fave/retweet. I don’t ever login to the website.@henrikhodne shoulda used s3@erniemiller @pengwynn “let me show you how the debugger works in this paid software” - OSS nerds lose their shit@pengwynn @erniemiller Yup, I had polarizing feedback that was mostly positive, but ended up being great.@cmeik @seancribbs @_jared this is, this is, yeah. it’s sad and unfortunate.@erniemiller amazon’s re:invent does that too, it was helpful for reflection.seen on github... "In general, it's the halting problem." "Is there any attempt to fix that problem?"
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@rodjek @dgoodlad wrong link. Sorry.@rodjek @dgoodlad
@charliesome i saw someone else recently tweet “back in my day we called them constructors”@kelseyschimm I’m sure you all are gonna knock it out of the park.@parkr i modified cloud-to-butt in response to this then realized it was silly. Easy to do though. 😜@freeformz the distributed ones are PRREETTTTYYY awesome@janaboruta i refuse to conform to anything posted on that website@blakegentry wow, finally?@shiftkey Unsure, it’s pretty recent.“the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 did more for San Francisco than Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all [the tech]“
@paulcbetts why do you program so much windows stuff?@fabrahamlincoln @kdaigle tweetbot...@stolt45 @maddox That’s not true. It’s because you moved out of the west bay … and we frequent bars a lot less@maddox @stolt45 it's what the front left pocket is for@maddox a hair tie
@kcshearon growth hacking!Today marks the annual process where it’s v hot and it’s been so long since we tried the AC that we can’t remember if we have it. We don’t.@carbonfive @sundaykofax This is awesome@modeselektor 😢@maddox @lindvall i feel like everyone pirated IDEs in college for classes, it not that different. ¯\(°_o)/¯
@chelsea HI CHELS@patricktoomey @paulcbetts yeah, photos are hella important to me and I always end up justifying the upgrade when the camera is better.@paulcbetts that's what I'm seeing. Gonna test it in the mountains this winter before I attempt dropping Verizon entirely.@paulcbetts @patricktoomey I could get by on it, but it's still so foreign. Also, no iMessage.@paulcbetts I'll probably just keep it. The fi sim works in my iPhone but I'm unsure if I can manage it without an android device.@paulcbetts evaluating Google fi too. Feel like I wasted my money tbh@paulcbetts I did my "it's been 2 years, how's android doing?" test last week with a nexus 6. Still can't enjoy it. The screen is nice tho.@kudeki where do your programming powers come from without one?@kudeki omg so it’s not just me
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