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Greg Newman @gregnewman Charlotte, NC

Freelance Illustrator, Artist & Django Devigner. Biker. Interests: my dogs + family, sketching, art, photography, guitar, kayak, code, emacs, Harleys, reading

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By the time my Garmin finds the satellites I have to remotivate myself. #fb
@pcweenies understood. But I think App Store is forcing some of that. Full screen fantastical rocks!@pcweenies worth it and it supports great developersFantastical 2 is out and looks great @flexibits !! http://t.co/fYMjJEEoMa
@cdharrison @ZoesKitchen we love Zoes. Eat there all the time
@kdawg0113 @joshourisman ride safe. I don't miss the pa road salt. Dangerous stuff@kdawg0113 @joshourisman we never stop here 😬@joshourisman @kdawg0113 a BMW would be nice. If you need help let me know.@joshourisman awesome!! You're welcome anytime. What are you getting?@joshourisman can't get you off my mind honey@joshourisman you butted into my text message you stalker!I think @joshourisman found his way into my dictionary this morning. http://t.co/p6S0CB6zWu
Artist Has Spent 7 Years Turning UK Forests Into Works Of Art http://t.co/wX3K5trQ3g
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Special thanks to @pncbank loss prevention for blocking the asshole that tried to run up charges on our card. Could have been very bad.“@peterflur: Private - Do Not Share apparently translates to something else in English for @MapMyRide #PrivacyMatters /cc @privacytoday
“@peterflur: @MapMyRide private - DO NOT SHARE means I don't want ANYONE to see my workout data except me. Is that hard to understand?”
@webology deleted my account years ago@webology I didn’t know that was still around
@varikin I've tried. Can't do it anymore.@joshourisman I'm sure it is awesome. But I'm content without one. An apple belt buckle?? Yes!!@joshourisman I love the craftsmanship too but haven't worn a watch in at least a decade. Tried last year. Uncomfortable.People still wear watches??interesting thoughts about Ello from @thomashawk http://t.co/m6Qk6c2ELv My stagnant Ello is @greg-newman
#NowPlaying Blooze by @peterframpton and Warren Haynes on @Rdio: http://t.co/oM7LrBW7wa #fb
Meet the ex-Apple engineers who turn iPads into @wacom killers: http://t.co/gb5E4MiLDe http://t.co/iQyw8y8UXr
Retweeted by Greg Newman@dmott70 eat raw cookie dough@dmott70 are you inducing hunger pains?@pcweenies I use screenflow
“@jodigymgirl: Proud to be an ambassador for this great company, @revicigear. Take a look at their stuff! #crossfit #gymorhome” very cool!Just purged a decade long collection of bookmarks. Spring cleaning.@carywood or we need to rig up a shock collar for youRT @jodigymgirl: @teampodiumnc Grand opening next weekend, can't wait! March 14th at 10am. BE THERE!are there any good waterproof alternatives to Lifeproof for the iPhone 6 Plus?@peterflur if you call me you can hear it. Do it quickly before I take this case off thoughreally not impressed with the lifeproof iPhone 6+ case. gaps around edges and wife says it sounds like i’m driving in wind when i talk
@lfaren will be 70's here tomorrow. Sorry you all are getting hammered@dgnorton that's a good reason!!!@dgnorton I’m not a good runner so none of it feels easy for me. lol However, I have been doing this when I run subconsciously.Meditate While Running http://t.co/WcJuPNqfU4@eldarion @paltman looks fantastic guys! well done.@godmachineuk people who forgot their glasses and close talkers@bigfleet where did you have your finger? O.overy interesting wallet design. some of the features are gimmicky but it could be a nice alternative: http://t.co/7x5DBd6bdj@patricklenz from what I've read handoff with chrome does not work well
@bryanveloso good vibes from NC buddy!!@jtauber Love how that entire video turned out! The animation of the logo was elegant and perfectly done. Thanks James!Wind therapy #fb@jodigymgirl “@CharlotteMag: $12 for a two-year subscription to #CLTMag? Yes, please! http://t.co/iGBxNRUS7P #Subscribe@patricklenz how!!??well crafted article on technical debt: https://t.co/7sFsODN5Yz@ironfroggy have not bothered to research it. Probably.Handoff with Safari is so useful. Might make me leave chrome.@jodigymgirl the ground hog is on drugs@jodigymgirl what’s a grounddog?@jodigymgirl spring is around the corner!@travislouie morning!
@BrodeyNewman good luck with that@BrodeyNewman smh@peterflur @jodigymgirl @feeneytris no, this is how it's done. Toll house pie!! http://t.co/gzUUeXy0ez@peterflur @jodigymgirl @feeneytris could not load image@feeneytris add chocolateI'll cut you @feeneytris lol @jodigymgirl@jodigymgirl 🙊I never tire of the homemade peanut butter @jodigymgirl makes and uses on my PBJ'sWe have added a new Ignite athlete! Check out this awesome athlete Jodi Newman- @jodigymgirl https://t.co/5X0Xpjxqmp
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@Phineas jealous@richleland @joshourisman will keep you guys posted.Picking up my #andrewwyeth print "Stop" from the framer. Thank you jodigymgirl !! https://t.co/1fczF1nv5Y
Retweeted by Greg NewmanSomeone stole a nascar car. Wait until they learn it only turns left.@joshourisman will do. Maybe @richleland will be around too@zedshaw terrible is subjective. Your vision is different than mine, the viewer. Good idea on that site.@joshourisman definitely. Will be staying in Easton but going to probably be there most of the week.@varikin http://t.co/3ItEsHbl2w@varikin @gregnewman_art ebay. $90 shipped@zedshaw now following you so I can see what you're doing.@zedshaw damn dude!!! I'm impressed as hell. Love the skull still life!@joshourisman I'll go anywhere for bacon!! I will be up there in September for an ironman on the Chesapeake@jodigymgirl @peterflur her hands get cold around the house too@snookca ha!!! It is but it's not.New studio storage showed up last night. Really cleans the tools up. https://t.co/wFjrDu3b0M
Retweeted by Greg Newman@joshourisman want!!!!@jodigymgirl there has to be a fix for that!!@zedshaw how is your progress with painting going?@dmott70 @Bright_Group congrats Dave!! That's fantastic!!
@antonpeck @duranfan1971 that is awesome!!!@jodigymgirl Friday night highlight!!@jodigymgirl 🙈@jodigymgirl that's shockingAfter 2,177 days since her last tweet, my #ironman wife is back on Twitter. @jodigymgirl@jrewing HA!@jrewing I see salmon and eggplant. That should throw them off.@jrewing what blows my mind is that people see black. What’s up with that?@jrewing I’m annoyed by it now. Snow is blue in shadow is is the dress.
After 5 years hanging in my studio the Taylor guitar was only out of tune 1/2 step on a few strings #fb@rogie lol@rogie #blessyou@patricklenz Skype chat, you freak@patricklenz I’ve never really used @1password on iOS. I have it but never use it. Would be curious to see how you’re using it.@patricklenz how so besides unlocking the device?@patricklenz are you saying fingerprint reader is a game changer for you?
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