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Because Val can't access TwitWittyVal

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@ilovepemmican @TwitWittyVal I don't think so.....Maybe?Have a sinking feeling that @Twitter isn't going to let me access my @TwitWittyVal account because my email server went rogue.Oh goody. I take the protection off my account and I immediately draw spammers. I WANT MY OLD ACCOUNT BACK!!I sure hope @Twitter @Support can help me access my @TwitWittyVal account - this one feels weird and itchy.@November8_FTW @TwitWittyVal You're telling me!Just unprotected this account I THINK. This is all so confusing....@itspurpl @TwitWittyVal I just unprotected it. It was because it had my real name on it.Hey!! If you follow me, let people know that @TwitWittyVal is in limbo, you can find me here for now......@Support HELP! I cannot access my @TwitWittyVal account. My email provider is no longer is business. Can't access to change email.@itspurpl @twitter @TwitWittyVal Still won't let me sign in. Won't recognize my password. WHY DREW, WHY????Anybody who can read this - @Twitter bumped me out of my @TwitWittyVal account and keeps saying my password is invalid. WHAT TEH HELL?
A parody account for a bottle of water? How stupid......
@ilovepemmican So you're wearing a.....butt cup? @dianalsantiago@dianalsantiago ON IT!! *puts on butt-kicking helmet* @ilovepemmican@ValZwald I'm here, like THAT'S news. Not exactly like I can go anywhere..... #AttachmentIssuesWhat does a sick toe hope for? A pediCURE! Get it? Pedi-CURE??? HAHAHAHA!!!....Hello??..... Bunch of ingrates....This afternoon has been SOOO boring! Even for a toe! All we do is sit here!! I'm about to stub myself just for a change of pace...Lost a follower for the first time....and also unfollowed someone for the first time. PAYBACK IS A BITCH, AND SO AM I! #ToeRevenge@ComfyAndFurious Word. I'd give you a fist-bump on that one, but, you know.....I'm a toe. @ValZwaldSo @ValZwald is feeling kind of crappy today. Guess a sore toe is the least of her concerns... But does her nausea have TWITTER account?Yes, I am one of the best-kept secrets on the internet. Football players' imaginary girlfriends not withstanding.
So @ValZwald is listening to music. She just referred to a song as a toe-tapper. She can try if she wants, but bitch is gonna go DOWN...Ha ha ha.... @ValZwald is hungover! @ValsHead is SOOOO pissed! Some days being a toe is a wonderful thing......
Oh great. @ValZwald is drinking rum. No, THIS won't end up with me being bashed into furniture as she stumbles her ass to bed.....#DaPain@CNNLADavid You won't regret following me! I'm the TOE-TAL package.@ilovepemmican Who you calling fictional? I got fungus under my nail more observant than you, pal. I'M A REAL TOE! @ValZwald @bassplyr5150There is a lot of talk about "crossed fingers" in my Twitter feed, when everybody knows that TOES are the lucky body part! #ToePower@bassplyr5150 Damn straight! Follow me or get out of the way!! #ToePower @ilovepemmican @ValZwald
@robdelaney While I don't mind if you suck on me, I have to warn you that I've been inside plaid Converses all day so I might taste unique.What's a toe gotta do to get a little action around here? #FootRub #OoohBabyFREEDOM!!! I have cast of my shackles of oppression (AKA the shoe) & I am no longer under the constraints of "the man." (AKA also the shoe)Wait, Val thinks SHE had a rough day? I got shoved inside a shoe, walked on, pushed, mashed, kicked..... Where's MY paycheck? #ToeEqualityCurrently going "commando" - not even a sock to hide what Mother Nature gave me! #FreeBallin'BRRRRR! It's TOE-tally cold outside! I'm freezing my bunions off!
@GailNCalifornia I am one of the five smartest toes in this shoe. DEFINITELY the most attractive. I have the knuckle of a toe half my age.Fixed my name so that it's grammatically correct. Val gets weird about that stuff. And they call ME bent.Hey look, I have nine followers! That's how many non-injured toes @ValZwald has. But I'm not bitter..... #klutz@dianalsantiago You should meet my neighboring toe, Itchy. He's a little flaky, but he's a real fungi. @ilovepemmican @ValZwald@dianalsantiago Don't be silly. You're my sole mate. @ilovepemmican @ValZwaldWhat was that loud popping sound? Was it thunder?.....OH MY GOD, IT WAS ME!!!!#ToeHumorWhat does a toe say when he's accomplished a task? "Nailed it!"How does one toe encourage another? We say "Don't worry! You'll be a shoe-in!"You know how hard it is to tweet from inside a shoe? It's dark, crowded, and smells like fancy French cheese.So Val found a way to hurt me. BIG SURPRISE! Am I right?OUCH!! @bassplyr5150