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Jessie Ware @JessieWare South London

I eat and sing. New album, Tough Love, out now. Get it from iTunes http://t.co/XMBRIencfm. Enquiries: ben@pmrrecords.com

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Out now!!! @majidjordan http://t.co/t0xqvrdp5h
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@Ramon_Romano ha. I wishBen B @soulcycle is my fave. 'You are the mountain. you are the lake!'Loved this shoot so much. Thanks ES magazine. Thanks kimkiefermua @beanskiing jasonhetherington &… http://t.co/9HjTh0AhC3I also have touring news on Monday for San Fran 9AM , Toronto 12pm , Paris, Amsterdam & Warsaw 6pm X@AAdelequeen hold tight...I've got some touring news for you....MONDAY 21ST JULY : 9am LA 12pm NY 5pm UK x@bon_w that's a massive compliment to me!! Xx@samsmithworld πŸ’™ URelease date coming soon x
My new album is on the way, it's called β€’ Tough Love β€’ http://t.co/STZjYtbJI7My new album is on the way. It's called β€’ Tough Love β€’ http://t.co/hhZBbmARtCThis Jungle album is so goodTomorrow in ES Magazine http://t.co/ioBbAF70Kg
#Desire @nineteen85 http://t.co/zR55cju46i
Skills @ Chinatown Fair Arcade http://t.co/Vf9JJFzVAY@Mike_VFit I'm already aching mike. And it's only been a couple hours!!!@HeyItsBrenno not creepy at all
Back with the doll cyndlekomarovski shooting in NYC πŸ“· http://t.co/97fks3SjTDThanks @Mike_VFit for whooping my arse in training today - best PT in NYC xxx@RixtonOfficial pleasure treasures x@_RoAlvarez my song tough love is out then x@_RoAlvarez understand it all wrong. XGwaaaaan boys! X RT @RixtonOfficial: WOKEN UP TO NUMBER ONE!!! Whaaaaaat is this!!!?? I have no words. Let's keep it… http://t.co/DSTafw1s3o@riddell_rose I hope so xShe shops in Lidl and she sings like a dolphin. @JessieWare is my new favourite interviewee: http://t.co/I4dGtTuSSX http://t.co/BBXhsUfoVG
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@RynWeaver πŸ‘­@VirginAtlantic your staff were so lovely to us on the morning flight to Newark today
@Joker @JessieWare @LuckyMe @Skepta and the poltergeist with the guy singing in the rain 😱😱😱😱@RosesGabor hiya! Xx@LuckyMe that film fucked me up when I was little!!!@RosesGabor super moon tonightgo get it! #MAMBH!!! X http://t.co/5ogEIoUnDC
Retweeted by Jessie Ware@1Kaz2 such a pleasure. Very excited and grateful to have you xBass player Dan on Sweet Talk: 'oh So she basically wants to get pounded?' NO DAN. NOThat's my sister x RT @MarkSablan: Just finished 1st ep of #Betrayal and 1st thing I noticed was how the lead looks like @JessieWare.http://t.co/6QlHEt9FVB@ItsBennyBlanco poopy
#fbf making the album with these two @itsbennyblanco @twoinchpunch http://t.co/7zplRSSOXe http://t.co/eIhqGVyU73@scooterbraun massive mazels to you and wifey! Xxx@johnnydodkin what a beaut!!!@sophwilkinson oh. Yeah! X@sophwilkinson huh?!?@Torchels aw thanks@samsmithworld πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž 😘😘😘😘Just posted a photo @ The Joint http://t.co/CrT2tjgq4G@fredbutlerstyle thanks beaut x@sndychng πŸ‘Just gonna live inside @JessieWare's Tough Love song and vacation inside the music video. Brb never
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@JennaStarkey thanks xMy boy!!! RT @cyrilhahn: wohoo my @JessieWare edit is #1 remix on @hypem http://t.co/QGWViphaEo#tbt me and @lupita_nyongo ... Chillin http://t.co/VYXIp4djTY@radiofootage I love hollywood@radiofootage end of July my love@radiofootage I don't know!! XxHere's me doing my best impression of @JessieWare in her new video last Saturday. (I wasn't drunk - promise) http://t.co/1aUNsWNEa1
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@I_R_STEPH @_libbywilliams so gross x@rorhor well @JoeSethNewman could help x@katemoross thanks doll x@Mike_VFit @RynWeaver @hypem_charts that's out girl x@bacontime cute! Send results#ToughLove http://t.co/7KuK9vXyiA@JackKenny I like hix or this little place in angel that looks like an old fashioned cocktail place x@BBCR1 fanks x@RootlessDiamond indeed@RootlessDiamond tough xSo share the (Tough) Love: http://t.co/DDV21C1TViYesterday's link to the tough love video had some issues with it, so here is the new link, in all it's technicolour! http://t.co/DDV21C1TVi@flossiejoll1 lol@LauraDockrill @Terrydehav ah no problem, you could fly in these beauts!! Xxxx@LauraDockrill @terrydehav laura these are amazing! Xxx@russellcrowe πŸ’™
i know i'm late but love you @disclosure https://t.co/aHJp5u9LalGive em an inch they take a mile - #GermanWhip
Retweeted by Jessie Wareamazing watching brazil sing their anthem - goosebumps.@h_o_o_k_s yes@CASHMERECAT luv you kitty xxx@h_o_o_k_s you can still be front row! xxx@JessieWarePL it won't be on the new set I don't then I'm afraid. You will have to have a new fave! X@kalijoy have a good oneYou got Tough Love trending. Thanks! XDay 1 of rehearsals with band πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ@diplo @Missinfo cheers xx@AJ_HEATH20 atleast you live in south london so I can come find you πŸ”«@AJ_HEATH20 I know. It's so weird.@JessieWare's "Tough Love" is making its way to the top of the #Trending140: http://t.co/my2eTBq4i5 http://t.co/8xo5j60yna
Retweeted by Jessie Ware@RynWeaver thanks petal see u next week my doll x@samsmithworld my boy 😘😘😘@honestburgers we were! See u this week for sure. About to intro a group of hungry musicians to the honest burger. XAhaha RT @AlekBoskovic: Devotion is when you post "Tough Love" video on your Facebook page before @JessieWare herself . lolI’m actually not gonna make it to work today because the Tough Love video’s beauty has wrecked me that much. @JessieWare
Retweeted by Jessie WareTOUGH LOVE, directed by @BRTHRFILMS http://t.co/P1iPnnCHQn@honestburgers everywhere I go you're there!! Xxx so great. May come in with band for lunch this week n say hi x http://t.co/W2uQbTAungAhem, attention please...I now have a tumblr: http://t.co/6QlHEt9FVB@R1Breakfast @grimmers oh hi! thanks for that! Ready to come in and have chats. X ps completely agree it sounds like I'm in the loo. X@MichaelCragg so bad. And just mean!
i can't stop watching shit wedding films on netflix@HautemessTom hmmm not sure. @PMRRECORDS do you know xYou can now listen to my friend @CyrilHahn's remix of 'Tough Love' here: https://t.co/sH4h7jhBjP πŸ’™