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Jessie Ware @JessieWare South London

I eat and sing. New album, Tough Love, out now. Get it from iTunes http://t.co/XMBRIencfm. Enquiries: ben@pmrrecords.com

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@Witch_Privilege yes xStrong RT @adamcodders: Casual 82 plays of @JessieWare's "Say You Love Me" in 3 daysSay You Love Me is finally out and you can get it from @iTunesMusic at http://t.co/ucnMTAkRMV NOW! Thank u for all the support. Love u xxx
😍😍😍RT @IamCandiStaton: @JessieWare Great interview with UK GQ. Your welcome to come sing "You got the love" with me anytime!@IamCandiStaton wow. Thank you Candi! Didn't think you would see that. Xxxx@edibow thanks very much Edith. That means a lot coming from u. Come to a show soon xxxYou can see a video of me chatting with @ItsBennyBlanco about Say You Love Me over on @brooklynvegan's site… http://t.co/S4mYT91Ts4 xx
@druidDUDE @dash_radio thanks Kevin xxxx@MsAmberPRiley @druidDUDE amber i LOVE you x@LewLew94 u sung all the words! Thank u xx@JessieWare http://t.co/FVN2eeTkwf
Retweeted by Jessie Ware@MauroParis great picAmazing night tonight watching @JessieWare Thanks for writing you&I (forever)...loved it! Take a listen to the words @JamesBewley #waiting
Retweeted by Jessie Ware@ChrisMidasDJ thank u xxxThank you so so much Paris. That was just wow. Best show ever in Paris xxx http://t.co/CQSI1YeqQ1A message for Paris! 8.30pm kick off xx http://t.co/jszZqz6X9H8.30pm kick off tonight. Paris, can't wait xThanks Poland! RT @JessieWarePL: Oh, it's just @JessieWare's Say You Love Me with #2 on iTunes RIGHT NOW. Quite cool. http://t.co/57Fa3QiiwN@lynsey_alex @GazelliSkincare @JoshWoodColour I cannot wait!! Thanks Lynsey xxx@JessieWare we're about to board the Eurostar to come see you!! TOO EXCITED!! #prosecco #toughlife #toughlove ❤️ http://t.co/OtWMnrTAEE
Retweeted by Jessie WareParis! Show time tonight is 8.30pm. On stage at that time. And i'm v impatient. Lots of love. XxxParis is sunny and gorgeous. Looking forward to tonight. XxxThat clever one @DornikSpeaks has another TUNE: https://t.co/dFnInariqPThank you for your email @horbs so glad that it's all worked out. XThe person that started my solo career @SBTRKT has his 2nd album out on Monday. I'm on it too! Pls go get it, he is a pioneer & it's amazingReading all your letters at the airport. Thank you. Xxx http://t.co/HxgaaNAbr4Just posted a photo http://t.co/RLB4MvIzSyThank you for my flowers Warsaw, so lovely to be back here. Xxx http://t.co/ABZngpR4Ui
@tibi ❤️😘❤️@EagleCaroline that's it thanksWarsaw, how far away am I from that fave restaurant of mine where you walk into a cinema kind of entrance?@jackb_street happy bday buddy xxx@tsago_tsago impressive xApparently you're all very full of banter today. Top marks on swimming pool jokes x@shaunfabric good one xHi Poland. Playing in an old swimming pool tonight apparently? X@MJ_Southward 1. Just one!@gaydio thank god he isn't on Twitter. XSuch a fun interview Gaydio. 'The fanny pack of Joy' was something to behold! http://t.co/zNeIGNBbGKThe lovely @JessieWare is in with us NOW! Lots of love, Chris and Emma xx
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So glad someone captured this, thanks Amsterdam: http://t.co/EZu2GcWQCCThank you Bitterzoet, Amsterdam. Most intimate show I have done in years. And it was so great. Thank you. XGetting the whole crew involved! Dip the apple in the honey! Shana Tova! Have a sweet new year xxxx… http://t.co/ANjZl2mVKe@_fireshark snooze ya lose my love xSay You Love Me is up to the A list. Thanks guys. x RT @BBCR1: Here's next week's playlist: http://t.co/G57wVLXlig@LyanRord xxxx@JessieWare This one is for you! Love you and your music. 💙🙌🎶😄 http://t.co/9VY8R8wqpo http://t.co/iZP1hrfVPh
Retweeted by Jessie WareFinally we are touring. Seriously, so happy. It's been an age. X@MFML_ @CharlieMaile just signed up! Thanks xShana Tova! I shall be dipping the apple in the honey, have the sweetest new year! XxxCan anyone recommend good yoga sessions that you can buy online / stream? Xxx@Benhowardmusic I forget where we were is so beautiful xxx#wcw Sade, always (thanks @tedsdraws ) http://t.co/wT9FeV1YQCAmsterdam. You're first! See you tonight. Xxx
The new appcast on #O2Tracks has me, @UnionJworld @cleanbandit & @JessieWare. Listen at http://t.co/cXc1O78X2L @O2
Retweeted by Jessie Ware@jamietabberer oh thanks. I think that means u like it? I like that one xLive at the Barbican: @JessieWare's 'Want Your Feeling' filmed in the atmospheric surroundings of our Conservatory http://t.co/ZnuII0unwM
Retweeted by Jessie Ware@Truman_Black mazel tov@TheBeatJuice oh well that's good? I think xxxx@Danroachlfc thanks Dan. Great to see you again xWell said @Emwatson #HeforShe http://t.co/pttT9ZzUgxPromopromopromopromopromopromo..........@JessieWareFans thank u xWell chuffed to be up for #BestRnBsoulact at the @MOBOawards - three years in a row I feel v touched thank u xxxx@MOBOAwards again!!! Aw wow. Thank you so much guys. XxxxxCongratulations @DALEYmusic, @EstelleDarlings, @JessieWare, @MarshaAmbrosius & @samsmithworld  on the #BestRnBSoulAct Nomination! #MOBO2014
Retweeted by Jessie Ware@CathTaylor__ out next Monday x@Pizziislife sure. Tell them it's going to be v tame as I have dinner plans at 8.30 that evening and they should come with and meet me x
@LaureySimmons @SisleyparisUK so so good!Special tour starts this week. Holland --- Warsaw --- Paris see you soon xxx can't waitSay You Love Me Out a week today! http://t.co/2ha2boqWQ5@juliobashmore actually? Yes.@juliobashmore lolJoe & Jessie radio promo tour lessss go! http://t.co/NyVGrhNren@MatineeIdle big mazel tov and congrats!!!
Thank you Re-Works Festival, Thessaloniki. Such a pleasure x http://t.co/9AihBkyrF3@adluftman my fave!@Ohmygossip hey the album is out on 13th October xx
@MichaelCragg mental. I like it@MichaelCragg may as well get your sleeping bag and toothbrush! You're there every night@lreed31 win tomorrow!! Great to meet you both x@SBTRKT back in the DAY!!!! X@JessieWare ! saw our pictures outside roundhouse reminded me of Nervous! early boiler room sets to the roundhouse :) http://t.co/LcTfsI4ykR
Retweeted by Jessie WareY'all my grandma keeps asking me to play @JessieWare and I am emotional. She gets it she gets it.
Retweeted by Jessie WarePreorder @JessieWare #ToughLove & get Tough Love Want Your Feeling & Kind of…Sometimes…Maybe http://t.co/WKSODMO19O http://t.co/226aK1NGKj
Retweeted by Jessie WareSO GOOD RT @SBTRKT: watch back the live set from iTunes fest tonight here! :) http://t.co/LIEbMi1ksd http://t.co/2uKTsiO9KYFree download from @GorgonCity alert! Get their remix of @JessieWare's 'Say You Love Me' here: http://t.co/roeGu9oMeI
Retweeted by Jessie Ware@claraamfo thanks girl xxHugely enjoying my iPhone 6. Especially because my chipolatas have more room to type now thank you apple for solving my fat finger problem
See Best Fit fave @JessieWare tonight at @RoundhouseLDN in @GaelleBeri's gallery: http://t.co/Tdl9dDtJRo @ToastPress http://t.co/Lshvm5IQ5m
Retweeted by Jessie Ware@AnnieMac fine it's sam cookin.@AnnieMac cookin dinner and put r1 on and there I am - thanks annie. XxxI'm in the paper today... http://t.co/nYEenSfRFP X http://t.co/a9Jz6X4NxhShirt by my talented friend hannahmarshallworld - more tour pieces to come. Thank you for the photo… http://t.co/QraKfh87VNYou can now listen to a bit of each song from the new album on @itunesmusic - http://t.co/s30o7kWZwN xx@GorgonCity thank you guys xxHere is our remix of @JessieWare’s massive new single - http://t.co/zWTOno5b6M Free Download for you guys, have a good weekend! x
Retweeted by Jessie WareSo rude of me. I was so nervous I forgot to big up @LittleDragon - one of my favourite bands. Was such a pleasure sharing the stage with u x@rophotographs why not@DJay95 I hope the cameras got you. Thank you for all the passion xx