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Natural foods chef, best-selling author, reality TV star, self-made businesswoman, and mom.

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@TinaFey123 @amypoehler had me laughing the whole time- Pick up some @Skinnygirl & celebrate a job well done! #letsdrinktothatTruly amazing film- congrats RT @Skinnygirl: Congrats12 years a Slave a deserving Best Picture win simply incredible story. #letsdrinktothat
Every time Matt McConaughey says "alright, alrightt, alrightt" I swoon- Congrats! Celebrate w @Skinnygirl #letsdrinktothat #GoldenGlobesCongrats Cate Blanchett on your Best Actress win- and we CAN hear the music ;) #letsdrinktothatSuch a sweet speech #LetsDrinktoThat RT @Skinnygirl: The only man on Wall Street we've ever liked or thought was cute. Bravo Leo on the GG#letsdrinktothat @Skinnygirl RT @Bethenny the only thing that would have made Emma's presentation better if she had a skinny girl cocktail!@Skinnygirl cocktails! #LetsDrinktoThat RT @Skinnygirl: While the Best Drama winners are sipping Wine, the Best Comedy winners are..RT #bestmakeout of the night! #GoldenGlobes http://t.co/fydGujeUJw #letsdrinktothat
Retweeted by Bethenny FrankelWho rocked the baby bump the best on #eredcarpet tonight? @oliviawilde @DrewBarrymore @kerrywashington #letsdrinktothat #SkinnygirlSparklersSo excited for you @amypoehler ! Cheers on your #goldenglobes win! #letsdrinktothat http://t.co/jTfa6QHd7aMy peanut and I LOVE Frozen! Congrats! #letsdrinktothatRed seems to be a big color of the night #ERedCarpet @Skinnygirl #letsdrinktothat@MelissaMcC_x @jimmyfallon A sand bag? Maybe it was one too many @Skinnygirl cocktails... #letsdrinktothatWell deserved! Congrats on your #goldenglobes win Robin! #letsdrinktothat http://t.co/YReY1wSsf9
Retweeted by Bethenny Frankel#letsdrinktothat RT @JaelDesignsInc: Ha! "We're good at the dysfunctional love stories" #Bono #GoldenGIobes #LetsDrinktoThatAgreed! #letsdrinktothat @Skinnygirl RT @catherineblais4: Yesss for powerful woman #AmyAdams #JenniferLawrence #bestactress #letsdrinktothatSounds delish! Im going to do the same! RT @JessicaFarbent: @Skinnygirl @Bethenny Enjoying Prosecco with blueberries #letsdrinktothat@cookiedabooboo wants a walk- must hurry! Be back before commercials end! #letsdrinktothat http://t.co/KSqoSAbfNJAnother reason to raise a glass?@Skinnygirl is making a donation to @DressforSuccess for every lady in red at the #GoldenGlobes."Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow" -@iamdiddy @Skinnygirl #letsdrinktothatNo one has fallen yet! #Letsdrinktothat #GoldenGlobesCongrats!! #letsdrinktothat RT @Skinnygirl: Congrats to @ImJenLawrence #letsdrinktothat Love her!Now! Don't want @Skinnygirl stains! #LetsDrinkToThat RT @Skinnygirl: If u spill your wine, clean it now or later? #letsdrinktothatBoth are so hilarious and talented! Girl power! #LetsDrinkToThat RT @Skinnygirl: BtwnTina and Amy, who will steal the show #LetsDrinkToThatForgetting your designer- major burn! #LetsDrinkToThat RT @Skinnygirl: What worse: forgetting designer or bumping into old fling #ERedCarpet#LetsDrinkToThat RT @Skinnygirl: Please enjoy your Skinnygirl® cocktails responsibly this weekend. #goldenglobes #DrinkLikeALadyJLaw bc she remains humble; rare hwood gem #LetsDrinkToThat RT @Skinnygirl: If I were on the #ERedCarpet , I’d be most excited to meet...Who are u wearing? Feel so glam in my sweats RT @Skinnygirl: The most cliché question asked on the #ERedCarpet is ______. #LetsDrinkToThatGetting ready for the @Skinnygirl #ERedCarpet party on Twitter. #letsdrinktothat #GoldenGlobes http://t.co/eV6sAzzJzC
Retweeted by Bethenny FrankelI'm wearing ratty sweatpants, a ripped t shirt, no bra, facial mask & a ponytail. What r u wearing for the @goldenglobesHeels so I can drink all the @Skinnygirl I want! #letsdrinktothat " #ERedCarpet look heels too high 2walk or dress too tight?"Don't make too much of it or too little bc u will be let down or feel like it passed w no meaning @michelle2heartsWas your resolution to come to see a taping of #bethennytv? Sign up here for tickets: http://t.co/26sO4tnNrO. Let’s get into it together!
Congrats #snagbswag winners! @madbruce17552, @BreadenLynn, @Rockinmom123, @Irishgirlmommy & @crudegalTrue but it has been cold as shit in NY @ttracyh #holyiceballsLike many of you, i have no time to work out unless i'm away. Tonight i kept my promise to do 1 thing for me a day & did yoga. #aaahhhLet's have a #GoldenGlobes party @Skinnygirl style. From my phone to your home, I'll tweet live & you can join in! http://t.co/M34MkD5DUe@lisarinna have to see u soon! Miss u "@lisarinna enjoyed our new @Skinnygirl chardonnay @Bethenny #letsdrinktothat...Look who we found checking out our new @Skinnygirl Wines? Our fav @ENews Host @IAmCattSadler! #letsdrinktothat http://t.co/7qgrnkFOSz
Retweeted by Bethenny FrankelDon’t only drink green juices.. Swap for red ones. Beet, apple & pomegranate are full of antioxidants & vitamins. #SkinnygirlSolutionsI like it! @Geri1031Gearing up to watch the #goldenglobes tmrw, even tho I feel like I haven’t seen a non-animated movie since Sex & the City (the first one!).I feel the same way about you @AsYouHeldOntoMe: @Bethenny seriously love you more everyday :))Who has the coolest snowboard clothes right now? Mine are from the 90s!You are very sweet @juliogaggiaI'm digging @DunkinDonuts right now. Good egg sandwich & flavored coffees. If they get soy milk, all will be well in the world.
#callingallmygirls Snag a styling wand by tweeting me a pic of your bad #hair day. #bethennypics http://t.co/ezsFWXffpc #snagbswagMonday I have a real situation on my hands on #bethennytv. @MikeTheSituation is here… and you know we get into it. http://t.co/jzG3wlUce0Sunday night deserves a special @Skinnygirl Cocktail. Cheers to all the nominees! #GoldenGlobes #letsdrinktothat http://t.co/C8hqw7jJy0I learned today that calorie-wise, a slice of pecan pie & 1/2 c. vanilla ice cream is equal to 30 strips of bacon! Know ur food! #bethennytvThis has been a long week, but I’m so happy to be back to work and see all of you! Cheers to a well-deserved weekend. xoThank you @RezaFarahan for being such an awesome sport and letting me shave your moustache for charity. http://t.co/pn7twv5I13I'm hustling to get more @Skinnygirl Sparklers on the shelves for you. Turns out you all enjoy a virgin (beverage that is).
#snagbswag What are the three Bs to remember for the ultimate slimming style? http://t.co/ezsFWXffpcStill crying @LateNightJimmy @higbonesRT @SkinnygirlShape: Take charge of the way you look by heading over to http://t.co/mSP6BMEzJB to enter to win a Skinnygirl shaping brief!Considering going from housewife to mob wife after hanging out with the toughest bunch of broads this side of NYC, today on #bethennytv.All I have to say to @jimmyfallon is "manhole"Do women always instinctively know when men are lying, or can men can keep secrets so well that you’ll never know? Let's get into it today.Back in the saddle. It takes a village. http://t.co/S5W6dTLERs
These ridiculously cold temperatures make me never want to get out of my fleece pjs and fuzzy socks.#snagbswag: What percentage of men, does @Finessemitchell say, play games? http://t.co/ezsFWXffpcGetting ready for @jimmyfallon tonight! #LateNight #LNJF http://t.co/AqhQCBHLjDYay!!! Something crazy always happens! RT @JimmyFallon: Tonight's show: Catchphrase w William H. Macy & @Bethenny & cooking w @ChefChiarelloNice to see you in the Twittersphere, @LewsView. Good luck fitting everything you want to say in 140 characters!Thanks! @JasenKaplan.@Skinnygirl Vodka is now @TGIFridays!!!! Skinny twists on your fave cocktails are the perf addition to a girls night out. #martiniwednesdayI say “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” That said, who plays more games in relationships, men or women?Making red velvet cupcakes w a 3 yr old looks like a crime scene.
What does @PattiStanger say is the biggest mistake men make with women? #snagbswag http://t.co/ezsFWXffpcIt's hard to give yourself a good blowout,yeah I said it. Thankfully, we learned essential tips today on #bethennytv http://t.co/6nWYJBExq0I NEED chocolate!!! And when it calls I have to answer! What's it gonna be?You never know what a relationship is behind closed doors & u learn a lot more about someone in divorce then marriage. @montrose46I LOVE a diet debate! @dolvett: In a full-on diet debate with @bethenny today. You don’t want to miss it! http://t.co/Yecvenf8DdSomeone had a "ruff" holiday season! http://t.co/R4pVC94X6aIn a relationship, which do you think is more important, sex or money? #bethennytv
I love that Tracy comes on & owns it. The most effective workout u can imagine. @Browniewellness: @Bethenny @TracyAnderson love this!How many green juices will it take to absolve all your holiday booze & decadent food sins?Someone just said this to me about someone else "it's not her fault. She's just stupid."It was so fun having you on #bethennytv today @MarioLopezExtra. xoU don’t need to join a gym to workout. @TracyAnderson & I use a household cleaning object today. U’ll be swept away. http://t.co/5EWL6WtH1UHow are you all today? I woke up thinking about you, missing you & I can't wait to get back to work! Lots to talk about! XoxoxoxMorning keith @master_king_godXo @757adb: @Bethenny I was watching your show the other day and just seeing you up on that stage makes me so proud of you You encourage me:) @JelisaMorris
I truly don’t know which one is scarier…the glaring kitty using the toilet or space kitty? I am so not a cat person. http://t.co/WDbpNi1TQFSadly vacation is coming to an end but the good news is i get to be with you every day! #winwin xo
Everything is great! How is everyone doing? I miss you all! XoEverything in life is more precious with a little girl.
There is something about the combination of snow and sunshine that makes me so happy. Cool warmth.Although every day is a chance at a new start, there is something particularly inspiring about a New Year.
One thing I miss about the burbs is a mall. How are the sales right now?Freeze those leftover holiday cookies, they'll be out of sight and just asgood in a few months when you¹re really craving them.How is everyone doing today????
Finally a nice beach day in Miami. Jumping into the ocean to plunge info the new year.Happy New Year, everyone! A New Year, #NoLimits! Wahoo! #2014
Happy new year!!! I am so grateful for u and love u so much. 013 was a mixed bag. I can feel the energy & 014 is going to be great! XoIn 2014, promise yourself to go get 'em, never settle, and always try to come from 'A Place of Yes'.Who's drinking @skinnygirl tonight? Be safe and have a great NYE!!#callingallmygirls! Win some bling and sparkle for the beginning of 2014! http://t.co/SHOO4VddhV