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Natural foods chef, best-selling author, reality TV star, self-made businesswoman, and mom.

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GTFU in what context? https://t.co/CeJVPHL73J
@Bethenny @SkinnygirlDaily @SkinnygirlBrand sooooo excited to find!!!! https://t.co/Uyyzh98l9q
Retweeted by Bethenny FrankelWhoever the casting director for @ScandalABC is can kindly cast the men in my life in the future. Still behind but scott foley is sexy as F.It's all about perspective. #TeethAndAJob @KymWhitley @TheStacyKaiser @IAmSteveHarvey https://t.co/V2BIzUaLqNSometimes coming from a #placeofyes means saying no. https://t.co/MUoGaa1TXa @businessinsiderHow much do you love coffee? #iheartcoffee #Skinnygirlcoffee https://t.co/mNdmJ1EfyoNO. They are BEYOND amazing & so filling. https://t.co/8HBoYXchEyThey're a game changer. Choc & van 80 cals,12g protein. ZERO sugar #OBSESSED & I was never a protein shake person. https://t.co/QiW20Bw3AiYou are going to FREAK when u try the new @SkinnygirlDaily protein shakes sold @Walmart They are next level!
And the thing is I don't like milk chocolate. Only dark. @SashaNYAsap @UnitedInFormI know but it's like doing a thesis. I've put some time in. I'm busy w some other stuff. https://t.co/BFVmXAHLrjWow this @ScandalABC is no joke. Catching up. Up to where Cyrus starts bawling at press podium & Jake sits w his husband til dead. Whoa.You're going to need A LOT of wine to feed that army. https://t.co/6gynn5HjNHThere are little things you can do in all recipes to make them healthier options - even cheesecake. https://t.co/AsC6QNSBusIn the spirit of the season, @Skinnygirlbrand will be doing a lot of GIVING very soon! Sign up to get the details: https://t.co/ZHUenvIHluThey are next level amazing. 80 calories!!!! delicious https://t.co/QGtTkLXQqeGetting glammed up at @iamsteveharvey! Watch me today at 3PM EST. Obsessed w my #ajacobyandcompany earrings! https://t.co/PqrIJzH4WaI am beyond beyond BEYOND obsessed with Strawberry Lemonade sparkler! Where has this been my entire life? @SkinnygirlBrand @Bethenny
Retweeted by Bethenny FrankelAwww congrats! @ForeverInLove99Get your holiday gift game on this week bc after next week it's amateur hour with lines & mania. At leaset make ur list.
UPDATE: 10 french fighter jets bomb #ISIS stronghold in #Syria https://t.co/t0iDr6rWVG https://t.co/H1Nwaw9cfW
Retweeted by Bethenny FrankelTonight was sal's pizza little italy. There was a pic of Victoria Gotti @KellyRipa & Sarah Jessica Parker on the wall so... @erikaspinsSitting in nyc w my daughter by my fireplace feels really special. #blessedSince no one believes that I eat, I won't bother discussing the crispy. zesty piece of "grandma" pizza I'm making love to right now. @Bethenny's @Skinnygirl lime popcorn and margaritas perfect to pep up my Sunday. #sogood #sweepstakes @Rose_Tartag https://t.co/9UIce4wAtM
Retweeted by Bethenny FrankelHolding onto anger is like drinking poison & expecting the other person to die. #Buddha https://t.co/hvMT2Z1w01 @Bethenny we have my fav brand of drinks at my grocery store. Ty so much for skinny girl brands and drinks https://t.co/9TTPQmYJ39
Retweeted by Bethenny FrankelShe is!!! @MyFancyOne @justinbieberSmart https://t.co/Umarcanjjw
Lost my phone tonight & was oddly relieved.On Monday I've got @Bethenny @TheStacyKaiser @kymwhitley answering questions from my audience filled w/single moms! https://t.co/boCqpAEOb8
Retweeted by Bethenny Frankel:) @RealityAshhole @justinbieberWell @justinbieber can egg my house & have a pet monkey bc his music is legit. These new songs r good.Go to @tao or @catch for girls dinner then do a party brunch at @BagatelleNYC or wherever the young kids go :) @ocrow87My fire making game is TIGHT......but maybe that was Freud. We do need to ACT or....I meant act OF warHearing the words "act or war" is anxiety producing for everyone.It's good to tell it like it is on reality tv but this isn't "the real candidates of america" #RCOA https://t.co/1RgDRxZnfkSnuggling my sweet little girl tighter today.Nope. I choose my words. You choose yours. https://t.co/bspHAXS4YmThis is comprehensive. Such a massacre creating worldwide anxiety & paranoia. #poorinnocentpeople https://t.co/YkkSobmYM1
My thoughts are with the people of Paris. #PrayersForParis ❤️🇫🇷 https://t.co/pLT42o5IeVomg it never ends https://t.co/dyJL5tLFKiGym time=me time. Shop: https://t.co/oOq37H8Q0T #getoffmyjock ft. @hernotyou https://t.co/nTKo2nqAqb
Retweeted by Bethenny FrankelRemember when I used to do yoga.... I feel like an overworked stressed out knot. Gonna chill this weekend w my little pink peanut.As if I needed another reason to eat @cheesecake. Thx again for the ride @janeem23, ur a lifesaver. @latenightseth https://t.co/vXM9IF6Gs5wow have I been busy....but I've got a handle on it. Sleep & organization = balancr
What is @BusinessMovie with vince vaughn bc he makes me giggle.I can keep a secret, it's the people I tell that can't. https://t.co/RUZxjSUNvhFINALLY HAPPENING. @Bethenny https://t.co/vXIalha7W3
Retweeted by Bethenny FrankelGo to @LaEsquinaNY https://t.co/uQrFQdmfQOPhoto booth fun w @kellyripa #TBT https://t.co/VAsqtWLx4ESelf Portrait makes the dress. https://t.co/sCR0xlAOttBaby got back https://t.co/uH5eZJN4xcThe male who was taking my hair towel off to dry it just said: "honey, I'm gonna twist u out." Me: "sweetie, lord knows I need it."Xo https://t.co/9Xc4k76lV9Thank you! @sethmeyers is amazing! https://t.co/jhSEyopZG9Since talk of @DunkinDonuts & @Starbucks cups has been so good for business, I think I should talk about my festive "jugs."
Lookin' at pics & comments tnt. I finally chill & gain some weight this summer & people say: hmmm, u look different? #howeverdouwantmeOnly one week left to enter our Holiday Party contest w/ Bethenny Frankel! Full rules here: https://t.co/d4aJ7q6JlG. https://t.co/sLMQ4kIX2a
Retweeted by Bethenny FrankelTune in to #LNSM tonight at 12:35/11:35c - I'll be on with @adamlevine! @latenightseth https://t.co/54AQGk0gaGMashed Sweet Potatoes are delish. So healthy & versatile. Plus they cure your sweet tooth. https://t.co/aar3SfLRLN #recipeThis is so cool! https://t.co/OpDwrrAEUFI was referring to the @Starbucks #redcupgate @TheHopeSpears @duchessrebeccaHaha #redcupgate @DawnQLandauI mean it is as if I ran into the @villagepeople & honored them for being service men...Wow, are you ever surprised by how many people are morons? It never ceases to amaze me.When I met them yesterday I wasn't holding a casting call. This is who I ran into & anyone who serves is a hero @duchessrebeccaOmg yes @shirlgirl1956Raising a glass to all of our brave soldiers both past and present. Thank you for your service. #VeteransDay https://t.co/SqxQ7XO8a5Genius marketing. I wish someone famous would get pissed off at my @SkinnygirlBrand label. #chaching https://t.co/IV1tpEJZ3G
The key to making a big holiday meal w many elements is to prep dishes ahead of time. Here’s what I like to serve: https://t.co/oSdZLmm9E2I need a @ScandalABC support group.U too!!! Thanks for coming! @Mhillqt @SkinnygirlDailyI'll be streaming LIVE from today's event on Facebook in 5 mins! Head to https://t.co/CxMQiv14bK to watch! @skinnygirldaily #ProteinFixCatch the truck at Columbus Circle, Rockefeller Plaza, & World Trade Center too - Follow @SkinnygirlDaily to see when it'll be in ur area.Celebrating the launch of new #Skinnygirl Protein Bars & Shakes from 12:30-2p EST today in #UnionSquare! https://t.co/F8Ggk3qbhAYup that's how i'd roll @debles85 @StarbucksIt's absurd. Many people don't observe xmas, red is in the spirit & no greeting means no wasted cups @jsnice4 @realDonaldTrump @StarbucksIs @realDonaldTrump criticizing @Starbucks 4 red cups vs Merry xmas. We still say it. It's green & smart bc they'll use them into jan."When you embrace your difference, that's when you start to shine." —@Bethenny
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Nick's Bar in FL has @Skinnygirl - where else have you seen her? #Skinnygirlgetsaround https://t.co/o6IfMEKnxTSend me pics of u wearing ur #GetOffMyJock tees too. Shop Tees at https://t.co/BVwOaAhGNI. @czndSeriously, #getonmyjock. Tag ur hot guy friends w #WhereAreTheHotGuys. I'm picking my faves each week to win a tee. https://t.co/z5ackl6NkeIn Tampa for biz, raining & our car blew us off. Hitched a ride w @janeeM23 w my agents Perry & Mark in front of @Cheesecake #thisismylifeBasically. [Via @_thewickedpink] https://t.co/jh6p2tVnxHDoesn’t get more fall than this - Baked Pumpkin Pasta recipe: https://t.co/MrtvsxW4TH https://t.co/fQpXNMVX53If he were a millionaire it would be too fast :) https://t.co/yElP3ogEanThought you might get a kick outta this @Bethenny 🤗 https://t.co/HG11xpIxRJ
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ICYMI: Mark Zuckerberg shares a touching photo of himself and his pregnant wife: https://t.co/WAMTo5LIdM
Retweeted by Bethenny FrankelMake a wishThis is @cookiedabooboo's boyfriend. How many fucks do u think this guy gives? https://t.co/kWLk7aGn0TFinding your truth is the key to finding your life. #aplaceofyes https://t.co/7hUM40PfsCI love @elliottyamin musicHa ur an idiot :) @Pin_SeakerIf loving fish bladder is wrong then I don't wanna be right @Donny101How does fish bladder get into anything? https://t.co/nOhjvDp4gj
#skinnygirlbbq #tailgatechic https://t.co/JDWI2s0B0p"Does he make me laugh?" "He doesn't make me cry." George Clooney & Julia Roberts in "Oceans 11" #greatline