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Spreading love with every invention, forever devoted to the kingdom of monsters.

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There is also a surprise! The center image of me is a new Jeff Koons sculpture to be exhibited nov.10 at the artRAVE ARTPOP's release party!Album cover can be unlocked in 30 min by trending #iHeartARTPOP ! I'll be in the bathroom throwing up #iHeartPanicAttack #WheresMyInhaler@AmedAyoub you totally have! You've waited a long time and have inspired me the whole way!I'm nervous&excited to share something that's such a piece of my heart. Something I cherish deeply. A real depiction of my mind through his.Please welcome Jeff Koons into our family +shower him with love for the the talents he has shared with us. A pure and genuine collaborator.Here is a list of all the Clear Channel billboards near you where u can also discover my album cover! http://t.co/zdgiIovp1zI can't believe it's almost time for you to see the ARTPOP album cover. Go to http://t.co/3ZlDtU2EFN to see a stream of it's unveiling!
What did JEFF KOONS make of LADY GAGA? #iHeartARTPOP http://t.co/riGrHzYlZ6Starting at 1pm ET Monday we'll reveal the cover in sections unlocked by your tweets using #iHeartARTPOP
The ARTPOP album cover created by JEFF KOONS will be revealed with @iHeartRadio at 1pmET Monday on @CCOutdoor billboards around the world!
It's the premiere or MACHETE KILLS tonight my first acting gig! Can't wait for you to see it. #RodriguezDameForLifeIt's time to #GetCovered at http://t.co/SgKBFOZB7j. http://t.co/K0vvb70yRG
@StefanoAlfa currently I #ServeForTheGods@lallred3 a few have already popped out during the prebirth. Zeus and I have put them aside for tour merch@hausofalejandoe u can chief to the whole album@iteff bonkers track bonkers song@ARTPOB no@Lexiesus yes ocean water birth@lol_gabe whatever u do dont scream@HighFashionn25 hahahah I'm sorry! Is it another betrayal? I'm still in labour you cannot rush nature!!The head is crowning. ARTPOP birthing pains #NoEpidural SPREAD 'EM Venus the goddess is coming!
Im sorry the tracklisting is late monsters. A few more squirrels snuck into the ARTPOP tree. Don't worry it will be worth it!
@MrMoreThanaMan happy birthday@konstelace i feel like that kid in the david does dentist video@tealhead @lucasfeurz thank u its lovely makes me smile! so twisted!@gagasmockingjay can i have an extensionmonsters sleeping outside the studio last night. left at 5 am and said how come you guys are still here! they said to support you. so radhttp://t.co/24ZFyLbDnK
The haus made me pretty to do lists. #studiorat http://t.co/E3fOC8W8jC@heavymetal0ver the birth of venus@omgkye NO RULES@LadyGigiloo when im able to hear how I've changed as a person in how I've changed as a writer/producer/singer. The new manifesto@mctlr that will be fun! i told you to plan a party well done! album is a trip!@EdManNastyy69 im happier. feel a sense of clarity that really reflected in the music. like the noise in my mind has been detangled@NourZh who knows! Only time will tell. most importantly I LOVE the music, believe in it and think its good. I can only create with my heart@MarryTheGaga17 me too :)It was this amazing moment today my head down gazing at the soundboard--the music came on i looked up + knew it was ARTPOP it all made sense@MiMiGoldNYC Andy Warhol was one of the greatest minds in history! His art changed culture forever!@enric_torres all kinds of projections@kclairdelune thanks thanks thank kayla cutes!@mateoalejandroo i am a drone of many trades@trielba me too girl. i just get so excited when im making music i can't sleep.in the final days finishing ARTPOP. i feel like an atelier. refining seams. ironing fabrics. needling the last thread of my couture creation
Elton John's new Album The Diving Board is such an AMAZING musical piece. His evolution is inspiring. Good listen monsters, totally free@ladydelspears I meant bitch like Britney uses it! A term of endearment. I love you monster awake working hard on the album!@LadyDelSpears no bitch im making ARTPOP@redauraflame APPLAUSE by @LADYGAGA is playing on Z100 Portland! http://t.co/XeCo2Zs7vi
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@GagasPaws I think J&D is meaningful because of the cultural context, such classic rappers coming into our community so fearlessly.@ximeenalopez born this way changed my life too@palynathisway also a favorite it's hard to choose!@CarlosUnbound that is Elton's favorite!Everyone's asking me what my favorite song is on ARTPOP. It changes all the time but I LOVE LOVE Jewels n' Drugs feat. TI Too $hort & Twista@HausofLenis it hasn't even started!@ARTC0CK :) thanks@TrollMarkus It means A LOT to me :) Applause is the little glam engine that couldAnd thank u so much to all the fans who've been requesting Applause on the radio! I have heard it so much, u did a good job!! XseashellkissXAPPLAUSE is #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club play charts this week! It marks my 13th #1 in this category! A BIG THANK YOU from me to the DJ'S
Write what you want, say what you want 'bout me, if you're wonderin' know that im not sorry. Do what you want (what you want with my body)@HausOfLucas I SEE YOU LUCAS@iGagasHeart OK I SEE what you are all doing now, its cute :) i love you all so much.@xxAmenFashion thats perfect! i cant wait for you to have all of ARTPOP@holyh00ker that makes me happy! hopefully it gives you and extra burst of energy. wait till you hear the album its like 1000 cups of coffee@ARTPOPAlien_ if you saw my timeline you would understand@jexyjonas thats because im cheering you on! go for that extra mile!@kimmylupoo i love that! i wrote the lyrics + put those claps in the music so at the gym or work u would feel like i was cheering u on!@AlexiaTwister U were living 4 those APPLAUSE +deserve them! Ur the reason I rehearse so much so someone will redo it + it will last forever@enigmandaa NO SLEEP TILL ARTPOP IS FINISHED. its my favorite album i ever made. I want it to be perfect :(That routine is not easy! @alexiatwister was so impressive, when she made it out for the seashell girls cue I nearly fell over screaming.A MUST WATCH: this queen in RIO re-did my VMA Applause performance TO A T! https://t.co/vBu5iNfEKP
ok its exactly 6 days till i have to turn in ARTPOP. SONGS check SEASHELLS check MONSTERS check INHALER for album separation anxiety checkDO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN WITH LADY GAGA http://t.co/teuY8ldb9q@tahrima_islam seapink@HOLY_F00L IT WAS A JOKE@Caleb_LG i am Venus@DntBeADrag typo!!!!! seashell girl gets confused around technical devices*straight guys in the gym* 'i hope my earbuds aren't too loud so no one hears im blasting lady gaga applause. #CAUGHT
@LozzyPurry CONFIRMEDit's called DO WHAT YOU WANT (WITH MY BODY). I thought if i repeated the title four times you'd figure it out but NOOOOOyou can't stop my voice cuz' you dont own my life but do what you want (with my body) do what you want (with my body)you can't have my heart and you wont use my mind but do what you want (with my body) do what you want with my bodyfemale pop is a very strict party *drinks in the corner*@ladygaga's living on the edge of the law. http://t.co/IGqeElkD38
Retweeted by Lady Gagai love being in the studio but i get the worst munchies. seashell girl just did bad things with some crab fried rice #venus