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Spreading love with every invention, forever devoted to the kingdom of monsters.

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ARTPOP on making outfit for Jingle Bell Ball see u soon London! Haus just told me to 'Abramovic these crystals' Long durational glue gunningRolled around Tokyo today, made it to my favorite shop. They asked me to paint a leather (an epic pastime of mine) http://t.co/vJVVGgsynz
@Eric_lovegipson is this true? If so that is incredibly tragic. Praying for his family, friends, and fans. Wow. speechlessHere's a track-by-track commentary of 'ARTPOP' http://t.co/OP5rTFKI91 I could say a million things about this music, but here's some!@BenjaminJMacey you sound like me@JDBoy_1D I love this album so much, and really really believe in it. Thank u! You're a sweetheart!@giorgious so beautiful
@AdoIsNotAPanda it was real lifeDo What U Want the Remix feat. RICK ROSS. It's happening.Get ready for my next tour. #fashionRavePOPmusic http://t.co/WEJR681pZh@Gagallaqueen <3 <3@1229_Michelle changing now! #kawaiiTime !@gatenkunga getting ready for my performance now! Aishitemasu! Thank you for watching!I'm about to perform on Music Station in Japan! I'm so excited! To all my Japanese fans I hope you love the performance I love YOU #Applause
this next one is my favorite. The anti-manicured performance of MANiCURE!! Happy eating Leftovers everyone! Save me some extra stuffing!!@burnttea i love you bella!! i like your turkey shirt!!Jim Henson has to be one of the most far out dudes of all time.My Thanksgiving special 'LADY GAGA & THE MUPPETS' HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR' starts in 10 mins for the east coast on @ABC!Happy Thanksgiving Mom @BTWFoundation Im thankful for your passion to empower youth, thankful that you care about the world as much as i do@angelopileggi the actual mating@RealMissPiggy we’ll see who Kermit chooses! Come celebrate with us tonight monsters! #TeamGaga #MuppetsThanksgivingSo excited to have Kermit and The Muppets on my Thanksgiving special tonight! I wonder if @RealMissPiggy is going to show up?Everyone keep warm&bundle up! I'll see you tonight with the Muppets on ABC. And if your already warm, turn up the freezer it's the holidays!Lady Gaga inspired tea party at the thanksgiving day parade!!! @ladygaga
Retweeted by Lady GagaI was getting ready for a tv today and I just burst into tears, all my beautiful costumes, the amazing stage shows. It's all because of you.*all my heart. &how grateful I am to be a performer in this life, writing you songs and singing to you year after year! #thankful4monstersHappy Thanksgiving little turkey+tofurkey monsters, I love you with am, my heart and thought all day about how grateful I am to be
@emmac_94 Emma your are so sweet I'm crying in a Japanese car. This has to be the best gift ever! Born brave bus is planning to follow tour!@PrincessDie96 @ChiefKeef shhhhhh chicago is my happy place@ChiefKeef THIS IS THE BEST THANKSGIVING EVER you look hot in that instagram@RuPaul here's a blurry sneak peak of our duet! Haus of Gaga loves you so much for the inspiration you are! http://t.co/bwwhMrvzFR #gAyMEN@AmyPivo but we DO share lady parts, its sort of a rental deal@EricUndefined work it mom!The Fame The Fame Monster Born This Way ARTPOP RT if you can understand it #MTVStars Lady Gaga http://t.co/8dyLh5EVHN
Retweeted by Lady GagaLIZA MINNELLI loves ARTPOP. My life is finally complete! I thought of you the whole way through SNL liza i love you! http://t.co/Z9PdXMn6KGMe and Kermit doing a little promo for our Holiday Special! http://t.co/lMbw0BQnPO@AlanJHolland me too, and when I'm listening to it I know you are too and I feel like we're together in that moment.@oh_kevg 110!!!! are u kidding me i AM DEAD WITHOUT A STAGE!@holalapascale yes!@CaptainARTPOP yes, look out for the swine@oumit1 yes! but better!@HausofMez yes! with the same stage designer as The Monster Ball Arena Tour@VersaceDylan and by 'some' i mean i thought about this a lot and wanted to make sure everyone would have a chance at coming@VersaceDylan some are very affordable. announcing in dec!@anthonyxx_ yep!@justdebora_ @TaylorKinney111 dont tell him i put the red one in my purse@iRobertNYC sure why not@voguesituation @KINGARTPOP i like that the best Lady Gaga's artRAVE - The Gazing Ball. and well do the layout so it emphasizes each part@ellieejandro SHHHHHHH@pretty_illusion I think so too, but i want ball in there underneath small type maybe? The ARTPOP Ball. The Lady Gaga Ball The Gazing Ball?@mylashesaredry I thinks so too! like leggings, and bikini tops? its stuff ive had for YEARS!@mattywattyboy u will be VERY HAPPY when you see the price of the tkts to the artRAVE (working title of tour) not named yet THE GAZING BALL?@Marianawf lets forget together@TodayWasADay1 but i have a lot of teeshirts, and jeans, and not everyone has tons of money so i thought i could make more by selling more@lliv_ i know, its weird. the past week i feel like my self lately. I feel free@jrke That makes me so happy! ARTPOP was meant to be a fun record that rejuvenates your spirit and senses for a good time!I'm going to sell a bunch of my personal clothes for the BTW foundation What do you think? Rock T-shirts $200? With a special tag from me?@applausess hahaha thats the one!!! a very professional shot.@willtwerk4kfc im choosing the best one! trippy orange, stripes, i have some pink herring. i need to see it in context! trial and editI can't wait to warm up your living rooms with Kermie http://t.co/D8hjSQph78the outfit i wore last night, i made out of fan presents! i cut up a make-up purse to make the seashells, monsters jewelry and glasses too!Lady Gaga spotted out & about in Tokyo last night! - http://t.co/XRap1OUDir
Retweeted by Lady Gaga@ddvidal its amazing how music can inspire you to feel that way! things that dont belong together suddenly do, freedomUS fans! @ladygaga's ARTPOP will be available at Target for only $7 on Black Friday. Make sure to pick a copy! http://t.co/4swuO0VXVq
Retweeted by Lady Gaga@_BoyBelieber_95 thanks belieber!@L0NELYF4RTS wooh wooho wooh!!!Check out how we made 'GAGADOLLS' http://t.co/c73w70MWgs most amazing is you can hear the album from her heart :0)We're listening to G.U.Y+celebrating over 1.2 million ARTPOP albums worldwide and 7 sold out shows at Roseland! Xx http://t.co/LQalheOjboWho needs barbies when you can own your own life size pop star that sings to you #gagadollz http://t.co/OE0Cx7DUGpCheck out my stellar performance of Do What You Want on Ellen! https://t.co/AR8nCCqcmr *calling all straights*@renzkerr very respectable. we could belong together
Now THIS is what stanning is all about. Pure pop and joy, This is ARTPOP: when we come together we BELONG: http://t.co/aVJ1r0o4uH@maikeeb_kills OMG NO! This picture is gonna make me cry. why are both crying though. you were just a baby 'slay' thenRehearsing for Japanese TV! Im always so honored by the beautiful sets they build for me here, I can't wait! First stop SMAP X SMAP!you can't have m heart and you wont use my miiiiind but, do what you want with my BAWWWWWWDDDDYY do what u want with my BAWDDDY *dancingGA*@MaryJHolland_ its good to close the community out to negativity.@dxllvz no i dont, its standing up against negativity@GagaNewZealand feel better already right?Here's a sneak peak of Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular http://t.co/l87D3mcvfV Walter Kermie and Piggy are fullout!@StefanSauter2 block them and encourage others to block them@HausOfPaulain i know thats the hard part. but if u want to make the internet a more fun place find a way to defend yourself without hatred@ElieMouton yes! for some it is fun to 'hate' and get a rise out of others. if you block them you take away their power@larryapplause yep!@sebbaarce it will. be a part of it. no one deserves to have hatred on their cellphones everyday. lets clean up the internet@LeoGagaloo speak up and defend yourself@MrLittleRebel a small change, when done by many will eventually equal big change. be patient. spread love@crazybadkid bravery and acceptance. born this way@Jaeonce nothing. think before you tweet. nobody deserves to be dragged. if you have something to day articulate it well, dont pull hair@gagatallica it wont. BUT if we block them we dont have to see it anymore. so it protects the internet. block negative accounts@gagaswings you should tell them it hurts you, and if they dont care they are not your real friends. stand up for love, its all we have@eddyfunboyv3 pay them no mind, block them from their timeline. many will change there ways, clean up their act, and then welcome them back@anorexicjesus block them on social media@HausOfJP yes, start a big campaign. who cares. your spreading love you will be remembered for your bravery@cumslutcutie thats why theres fighting on the internet everyday, not recourse for actions. we have to do our own policing. Block negativity@cumslutcutie and whast weirder is you would never say them in person to someone. If we did there would be fighting in the streets everyday.@revlm tell them, if they don't stop block them. there is no shame it removing negativity from your life. it is powerful and can make u sad@behindthebwrqa we can lets do this. if you want to be remembered as revolutionaries you must stand for good not evil@anorexicjesus 1 block anyone negative 2 think before you tweet@gagaspiercing yes@OngJengKay if we all do it together@OngJengKay yes i do@eyeemoji step 1: block the negativity step 2: asses your style of tweeting and make sure your contributing to a healthy internet@Marianawf me too!! its not fun anymore. lets band together and make it fun. block any negativity on your timeline, and #thinkbeforeyoutweetIf we want the internet to remain a fun place for the world to connect we must preserve it #ThinkBeforeYouTweet Set an example 4youth online@StateOfJake she told me she lives for 'applause' it was very sweet and unexpected!@MrHarryCoates thats not the point. the point is we don't post things we wouldn't say to someones face, or the artist. preserve the internet