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A Japanese monster gave me a stuffy Asia I'm bringing her everywhere I love my fans. #DONKIHOTEqueen http://t.co/ju9fpc32cFI miss my little bucket (my nick name for her) but she is in good hands! 🚒 http://t.co/tC94ccMa5hNightlife Tokyo Bitches http://t.co/IUoo5w9HQaLuckiest girl in the world #artRAVETokyo http://t.co/zo8Kz52j5kLuckiest girl in the world #artRAVETokyo http://t.co/hMalTzV8kNARTPOP is a bit success in Japan, and I'm so happy to be here with them to celebrate. http://t.co/nFU8m9sD8ATokyo , my favorite place. Aphrodite took a hit of love and went to a disco in the future. http://t.co/c0woBYb0ckPlease reach out to http://t.co/fVI9vXHQOw if you are struggling with depression, mental illness or addiction. You are not alone.Rest in Peace+Laughter Robin Williams. Perhaps this tragedy will shed light on the seriousness of depression. You made us all so so happy.
@DailyMailUK thats not ella singing in the background. Its me #CheektoCheek.I'll miss u 💗 till the next ball http://t.co/0uam2vTFvabye bye USA artRave and family #cheektocheek http://t.co/M7A2wPlOeHMy Heart Won't Let My Feet Do a Things They Should Do http://t.co/WlBkMreiiVI Wont Dance, Don't ask Me http://t.co/95cVj3ijWw@dessybabaay for bothEAU DE GAGA coming this season. Artwork By Steven Klein @skstudly http://t.co/SLtY2TdNwoWhen nothing goes right, watch Gaga vids or listen to her music.
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BRAVO! Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett, what a brilliant duo! http://t.co/mvAPkyAFh3
Retweeted by Lady GagaMy beautiful lil bubba #asiagram I'm gonna miss her and US monsters. We've had such a killer summer… http://t.co/AfnpcjHrSNPaparazzi on in the gym *sinks into the elliptical* 😀
@ladygaga #artRAVEVancouver Tonight! #MTVHottest Lady Gaga http://t.co/e6XS7G1EHW
Retweeted by Lady GagaThe LAST artRAVE for the North American Leg is tonight in Vancouver! Trend it! #artRAVEVancouver let me see your outfits and #monsterstyleSEATTLE http://t.co/FtbVAecjCZ
#artraveSEATTLE it's the LAST artRave in the US I'm ready to rumble! http://t.co/gvEEQgncfCOk SEATTLE THERE IS NO TURNING BACK I'm here, feeling great, and ready to throw the RAVE U DESERVE!@jacob_gaga thank you! i think so too
@MommyMonsterof2 truth at like 10 different places and never fired 👯Me and Joseph Gordon Levitt performing on the set of SIN CITY 2 http://t.co/PytBW66zg0Harper Lee wrote To Kill A Mockingbird. #RHONY LORD JESUS@OMFLG OMG@Seashell_Bikini Asia loves it!@stevenartpop we bring that out in eachother #GAGAKLEINJust another day with Mommy. #AsiaGram http://t.co/lfxJWNCGBA@KingLadyGaga I've been working so hard I can't wait for you to hear!Everyday that goes by I get more and more excited for Tony and I's album. It comes out SEPT 23 that is soon! 👫 Cheek to Cheek@javyy3 I can't wait for her to hear the whole Album!Hey @itstonybennett ! Our song 'Anything Goes' is #1 on the Billboard Jazz Charts for Digital Songs! I'm so proud and I love you darling!@iYesdaniel you don't need it with this fragrance. It is an extremely sexy and arousing smell for all genders. Alluring and ready for sex.@DieWithUrPawsUp the base consists of sparkling water, lime, leather. 3 things I use everyday. A very clean expensive scent@SWINEPOPkatie I wanted it to be a timeless, elegant, luxurious bottle, something that would last forever. This is just EAU DE GAGA no.1@kvbrick it is :) and unisex scent. Inspired by the adventurous woman and the man who loves her.@BlackBoyMiah thanks u are too :) everyday all of youAltitude Sickness is no Joke! #hitThatHospitalShit #artRaveDenver many true ravers crowd tonight http://t.co/0mX407Xewshttp://t.co/sIbHMY9YVf
@FeatherMermaid everyone needs to relax I'm going to make music for the next 60 years what is this timeline today IM AN ART AND MUSIC SLAVEHappy Birthday Andy Warhol. Pop Culture was in Art, now ART's in POP Culture in Me! He continues to inspire me, and everything, everywhere..Love you little monsters, long and beautiful day. Amazing things ahead. You believing in me makes… http://t.co/uLgIsZM8WXOmg in this old 2008 interview, Gaga talked about how she'd love to have herself displayed in the Louvre in Paris. BABY YOU DID IT
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Athena Reich Is Lady Gaga in #ARTBIRTH, Beg. 8/17 in NYC http://t.co/m703ITfofW #ladygaga
Retweeted by Lady GagaSometimes you need to check your lipstick! VIDEO: Lady Gaga chases after a truck to look in the mirror. http://t.co/mnYqxIC4F1This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! That seal is so stoked! http://t.co/ORv3VnC1Kc
#artRAVESaltLakeCity monsters get ready to get Swiney! ready for the time of your life! http://t.co/Jems48f9AU @ladygaga @RICHYSQUIRREL
Retweeted by Lady GagaI am so excited for #artRAVESaltLakeCity tonight! Lemmie see your outfits! I can't wait little monsters, I love you! 🎈💋Ya know, @bobby_campbell my manager! Plannin' away it's the best time of the year.Cheek to Cheek 🎈me and bobby http://t.co/Cbl6MqcFB6@BrookeCandy thanks brooke that was so nice! You know I love both you and Nicola. Keep fuckin em up! #KleinGirls
@SEZZZDREAMS she also can't come there😫They won't let Asia into Asia. Some quarantine rules. I don't know what I'm going to do without my baby girl in Tokyo. I had so many plans!For the best. 💋✈️ itstonybennett Singing together has changed my life. http://t.co/NG6lxpIEdd@itstonybennett I can't help it I love you! Have a romantic evening! 🍦🎺💐Dear Lady, you said there will always be flowers but this is ridiculous! Best birthday ever. @ladygaga http://t.co/PNOFs6mako
Retweeted by Lady Gaga@Aerodax they are so killer. And lead singer can really sing it's very unexpected and the music is authentic I'm a fanLet's trend it worldwide so I can tell him! #HappyBirthdayTonyBennett I love you baby you're the best!💗 http://t.co/qTShZ1eW8l@samsmithworld thanks Sam we love youI don't wanna be alone forever but I can be tonight
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Ok I'm hearing major things about #artRaveTahoe outfits! Post them and I will FAV!Bathtime. I love singing with Tony so much, and touring ARTPOP. I'm so happy it hurts to smile 🐝 http://t.co/2kRU0bDfNt
The best part is my lil sis does it all herself. She's a craft genius and the leather was crackled by hand. 🎨 http://t.co/D7IDOdb0oq@TheLaurenHutton you are forever
I want to save this picture forever. Stephan Gan and Carine Roitfeld. Your real friends are always… http://t.co/pdgSUp8FL7EXCLUSIVE VIDEO Behind the scenes look at @harpersbazaarus ICONS shoot http://t.co/F9U1OPBkDqAnd my sister Natali killing it in fashion, jacket from her Parsons thesis collection chosen by Carine… http://t.co/JFkklcsk1L@michellevisage thanks Michelle I love the showLady Gaga Singing Standards Is All I Need At the Moment http://t.co/XFHd0ueFvh
Retweeted by Lady GagaMiss Asia has made her first cover with Mommy on Harper's Bazaar! What a lil baby making the Sept Issue! #Chanel http://t.co/wpzIlGnbea
Post your outfits for #artRavePhoenix coming as Botticelli? A Koons, Picasso, Pierrot or gypsy raver? Post and I'll FAV. #monster4LifeHanging up my Gowns, fastening my dreadlocks, pacifier check, gazing ball check. It's artRave madness. #ladybydaygagabynightMy fan are the greatest gift and blessing of my life. I'm SO excited for #artRavePhoenix tonight. I miss u! http://t.co/ukmWcrZ4V5@morguemuffin I loved that lookHere is one of my portraits by @bob_wilson 'Ingres' I posed for six hours this is the video http://t.co/fHuF4c3zrfWonderful Article on my Portraits with @Bob_Wilson Thank You @VogueMagazine, insight into my performance art life http://t.co/WkwqEBfhe0@URLladygaga thanks lil baby. You know I'm gonna make you fall in love with Jazz, Its such a special music. Just close your eyes and listen.Out w/ the boys after our show w/ Mr. Bennett. Things got rowdy and we played a 2 am set at St. J's http://t.co/pYzk9GQEig #RivingtonRebels@BetteMidler oh i love you betteTony Bennett & Lady Gaga are releasing an album together. Why, they're a natural pair! Like peanut butter & space jelly from the year 2036.
Retweeted by Lady GagaThank you Steven Klein @skstudly for the beautiful artwork of Me and @itstonybennett Tony and I are so thrilled. http://t.co/S9IkAUh0Uu
@jacob_gaga this is just the beginning doll.@LadyGaga and @ItsTonyBennett reveal their jazz album's release date on TODAY: http://t.co/SBp4FSdl4g
Retweeted by Lady Gagahttp://t.co/wc4saTcPt4 http://t.co/a03EPBLySA@showbiz411 Thanks Roger, she's my favorite girlLady Gaga Can Sing Like Ella Fitzgerald, Tapes Secret TV Show with Tony Bennett http://t.co/8fb4IrHqoS
Retweeted by Lady GagaANYTHING GOES video of @itstonybennett and me recording LIVE with the band. No autotune. No tricks. Pure Jazz 🎺 http://t.co/DOZEcCjod6@lohanuschrist ditto baby!We just announced 'Cheek to Cheek' our Jazz Collaboration Out September 23 #56days http://t.co/OjJ14SXJW3Making our jazz album announcement LIVE on NBC #cheektocheek what a beautiful day http://t.co/cmJDhkQXyXJust for a LIL' while, call me Lady. #cheektocheek #TheTodayShow http://t.co/X5ZH1YtdY2Just for a LIL' while, call me Lady. #cheektocheek #TheTodayShow http://t.co/WsY0x4krFC@CoolNEGuy anything goes“There might be 60 years between me and Tony, but there’s no distance between us when we sing jazz.” —Lady Gaga http://t.co/bRubYquPCN
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