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Purchase “Cheek To Cheek” from #GagaVisionNO46 @iTunes: http://t.co/zu4nMBCmZq @Amazon: http://t.co/H04UbtfzW9 or http://t.co/bKbxGPBOnYGAGAVISION No.46 'The Lady Is A Gaga': https://t.co/tc7aMyEU3JSurprise Monsters! #GagaVisionNO46 I'm not just a chameleon in person, but also in music. #CheekToCheek I love you, rock on! Enjoy!
.@itstonybennett & I are going ballroom! See us perform on STRICTLY COME DANCING @bbcstrictly Oct 19th #CheekToCheek http://t.co/IajqtR0ey9.@PropaGaga : "Lady's Last Laugh: A Track by Track Review of Cheek to Cheek" by @marcmonster http://t.co/gjqjSsqg3Ritstonybennett it looks like little monsters are loving #cheektocheek ! ❤️ so exciting miss you Tony… http://t.co/mtFpTPSkbMI can hear my Czech monsters screaming outside the hotel! I love u, I won't be coming out today, going to sleep and rest for #artRAVE PawsUP"How Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett sold 131,000 JAZZ Albums" in 1 week @BW : http://t.co/PkE5p8WTGJ"Tony Bennett talks Lady Gaga and Secret to his success": http://t.co/2X1mrdc8itFaux-Fendi tracksuit from 'Dog' who needs to pay retail when your punk-haus will make one for u!… http://t.co/32yZRUbXcuWhat a simply gorgeous hotel, with a view of the water! It's going to be a beautiful day! #monsterstyle http://t.co/AWA5qFHMbm
10 things we learned from @LadyGaga's Reddit AMA http://t.co/sgzz0KO6hR
Retweeted by The CountessWe're so proud #CheekToCheek is #4 @iTunes! BUY DELUXE: http://t.co/cDRXGkHJ7b Or STANDARD: http://t.co/aJ4KhHYCAW 🎶 http://t.co/PepDvs7TraHe's the oldest artist to have a No. 1 album, proving @itstonybennett is timeless #PersonoftheWeek #WorldNewsTonight http://t.co/ZpgnQQ2t2q
Retweeted by The CountessOn the Tour Bus, Hamburg To Prague, What an incredible unity between the fans tonight. You are so bad… http://t.co/Pvbn0zu9Y9HOT NEW MUSIC ALERT: Haus of Gaga's @BREEDLOVENYC releases EP w/ @ChewFU @iTunes https://t.co/UQTSbtEMIu "Sex O' Clock" is 🔥hit in the makinLady Gaga got a "monster claw" tattoo on her back http://t.co/n2WXuxEvDP http://t.co/3TPrvMXZwx
Retweeted by The CountessON SALE NOW: Tickets to our special post-Grammy concert in Los Angeles! http://t.co/UczU390jG8 @ladygaga http://t.co/zhmgwKjqJY
Retweeted by The Countess#artRaveHamburg what special night to perform in Germany, the anniversary of the country's reunification in 1990! 🇩🇪 http://t.co/eleiSmcW2VRead my Q & A from @reddit_AMA now! Just finished, so fun! Here it is: http://t.co/8EXhzhjcEjJoin @ladygaga for her AMA live now: http://t.co/PPgvkPkrqY http://t.co/6ZNDGL0bvE
Retweeted by The CountessI love how much Gaga loves and thinks of us!! I thought the little monster tattoo was a huge sign of love, but that paw is serious!!
Retweeted by The Countess@VitoLiranzo till death do us part 💀@KoriPaulSwabey #monster4lifeGaga, as if we didn't have a strong enough bond before, this tattoo made us invincible 💗 i love you. #PawsUp 🌸 @ladygaga 🌟
Retweeted by The Countess@gagamonster96 thank you! I wanted to always have you with me. The monster paw is the symbol of our unity and strength. It's my favoriteI'm so excited for my 10 am ET 'Ask Me Almost Anything' on Reddit! I have so many stories about… http://t.co/gxYkAEleT1I paint everyday but this day is special - celebrating Lady's and my Cheek to Cheek being #1. @ladygaga http://t.co/BgNCKDsCeC
Retweeted by The CountessBig congrats to @LadyGaga & @itstonybennett: http://t.co/LN6OvbowtC 🙌
Retweeted by The CountessLooking forward to my AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything) on Reddit 2day! Can't wait to answer Questions on #CheekToCheek! http://t.co/cJViZxnfde
I got this Tattoo to honor my fans, u are special, loyal & I'm humbled everyday how lucky I am to have you. Paws Up I'll be a #monster4life#Monster4Life http://t.co/WQe6NsGBFdAbout to tattoo ladygaga #nspired1 #deerseyestudio #bishoprotary #inkeeze #kwadron #stencilgreenhttp://t.co/GEFKRamLDW
Retweeted by The Countess#HausWork @nspired1art having a real night with the kids, we sure know how to party. #jazzpunk http://t.co/IbIO0q57a8Getting some very important ink from the the great @nspired1art ...it's time #monster4life http://t.co/8CegQkHYLkUh Oh...it's time monsters. Paws Up http://t.co/apIse237ZKIf u haven't yet! Grab exclusive editions of "Cheek To Cheek" from @iTunesMusic: http://t.co/cDRXGkHJ7b. Or @Target http://t.co/pWoPmmMz4wSinging at the restaurant, I'm so happy. Nothing better than having your best friends with you.… http://t.co/MnarkVtd3P"I guess I'm, Just a lucky so and so." -Mack David & Duke Ellington http://t.co/kCFShBQrH3My Solo 'Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)' is #1 on Billboard Jazz Digital Songs! Marking Tony & My 4th #1 together! http://t.co/HEeJepaSny
With Cheek To Cheek, @ladygaga this week becomes the 1st female solo artist to score 3 #1 albums in the US in this decade.
Retweeted by The CountessWatch Tony & My Performance of "But Beautiful" live from Brussels! #CheekToCheek https://t.co/JTBbS4P2tz So honored to be on stage with him!I'm doing a #CheekToCheek themed @reddit_AMA #AMAA this Friday at 10am ET! https://t.co/kkJUkku2Kw #GagaOnReddit http://t.co/LCJkOsNBsqI'm thrilled that @ladygaga and my CHEEK TO CHEEK is #1. Lady, you are a beautiful artist! http://t.co/QOIzgEa00m
Retweeted by The Countess#CheekToCheek is also available @GooglePlay! DELUXE: http://t.co/bSDF5izsTg STANDARD: http://t.co/Wmjg50wjyi 🎺#CheekToCheek is also available @Walmart, @Walgreens , @Starbucks, @BestBuy @riteaid, @officialfye , + independent record stores, OUT NOW!CHEEK TO CHEEK DEBUTS AT #1!! http://t.co/MWFLG5jc8g
Retweeted by The Countess"Bennett Breaks Personal Record By Remaining Oldest Artist to Debut at #1 at the Age of 88; @ladygaga Scores Third Consecutive #1 Album"
Retweeted by The Countess#HausWork or champagne & sandwiches. 🎺🎉🎈 http://t.co/l5KDwp5QXq#Monster4Life thanks for the beautiful celebration outside the hotel today! You're one and a million! http://t.co/edQ2qG0Z8uSo happy today, it's like dream. Somebody pinch me, but don't wake me. Heaven, I'm in heaven… http://t.co/vqyPZjjoOHCelebrating our Billboard #1 Top 200, #1 Jazz and #1 Traditional Jazz Albums in the US! Sending Tony… http://t.co/zhhvdhIeHjI'm so proud to have the #1 album in the country, with the greatest guy I know @itstonybennett #CheekToCheek ❤️ http://t.co/kMwh8wdFrYThe Cheek to Cheek album is the best thing to wake up with in the morning 🙏❤️💋💎💃
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.@LadyGaga shows off her pipes in 'Bang Bang' video http://t.co/izNxLGzrwh
Retweeted by The CountessIt's a late night for the Haus tonight, love you monsters. Miss being #cheektocheek with Tony. http://t.co/Yi1GMIsgDP#artraveStockholm what an outrageous crowd. Sweden makes me feel so proud. http://t.co/adg0cRu71C'Oh my God, what a dream. I can't stop listening to it. Brava!' - DV @ladygaga #VersaceLovesGaga http://t.co/IBTWLlZbGB
Retweeted by The CountessLet's go #artRaveStockholm Are u ready to rave in the name of your talents? Let's free our minds together... http://t.co/lRD8QQYCJtExclusive @styledotcom #CheekToCheek interview with some VERY candid answers! http://t.co/N3lgANlwhYThe @Starbucks Edition of #CheekToCheek w/ Exclusive Cover Art is out now! Grab a coffee, a cd, and swing into fall! http://t.co/kSMiCTeg75"Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" is now on @Vevo! Watch: http://t.co/mal1epXfxJ + download #iTunesExclusive album: http://t.co/cDRXGkHJ7b
Watch @itstonybennett tonight on @FallonTonight performing songs from #CheekToCheek!Off to Sweden on the bus! #artRaveStockholm what a great show tonight in Oslo! Haus party on the bus!… http://t.co/jE0Z7uI8CyThanku @SKstudly 4 the stunning photos you took of me & @itstonybennett I love this behind the scenes pic #GagaKlein http://t.co/4MwsEia8QrLoving @LadyGaga's new jazz album #CheekToCheek with @ItsTonyBennett. Amazing collaboration! 🎤🎼🎶 #Legends 🙌 http://t.co/l9APJcbRlO
Retweeted by The Countess#artRAVEOslo get ready to Rave in the spirit of art, make art of the rage of life. http://t.co/WIAPxbDVmt. @DJWS talented dear friend and collaborator. Miss you. Chicago double date? Bout to play ARTPOP in #OSLO, it bumps so hard! 🔥love, lady@adamlambert miss singing with you and Queen! You do Freddie so proud every night, so happy for you!@ladygaga that Bang Bang performance was KILLER. Fantastic vocal Lady. ;)
Retweeted by The Countess@madeon thanks lil' baby I miss you! I think of you when I play Gypsy everynight!Congrats to @ladygaga for her new album with Tony Bennett ! Listening now. http://t.co/gNSWBAsFOC
Retweeted by The CountessOh i love this fan art of Me and Tony! I found it on http://t.co/dGDnMWEZ89 will be doing a chat on the site today! http://t.co/MVVTfgSvRh
Love you @itstonybennett night night.💋"Even Miss Asia can tell how happy I am."- me on singing Jazz with @itstonybennett http://t.co/azqG9qcsL5"Just relaxing, looking out at beautiful Amsterdam. Ella Fitzgerald on vinyl, dreaming of Tony Bennett" -me http://t.co/oLmb9o628bHURRY & ORDER #CheekToCheek BEFORE THE WEEKEND IS OVER. Available on Amazon for $5.99. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 http://t.co/7Cop7DW5d0 http://t.co/d0CWEP869v
Retweeted by The Countess@LisaVanderpump what a doll you are, many thanks from Me and Tony 💗✨ Asia said to say hi to Jiggy, she thinks he's a sexy man! 😍@kelly_clarkson oh my miss River Rose is given' me a run for my money!! Look at those shoulders, like Grace Jones! Can I borrow that bib?Photo by Alex Dolan for YAHOO! Style https://t.co/mhttVfLR5K Interview with Sarah Cristobal. #CheekToCheekOutNow http://t.co/TrXkkgOk8wI did an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW & PHOTOS w/ YAHOO! STYLE. Read Article & See the Slideshow Here: https://t.co/mhttVfLR5K http://t.co/4kbz3ogTxs@cher wow, you're really a special person. I'm blown away by your support. You are one to truly look up to. 💖 A Star From the Inside OutHey🐥🐣 give a listen 2 #CheektoCheek ITS REALLY AN EXCEPTIONAL PIECE OF WORK! Its Beyond Unique.Listen With open Mind,Ears &💖 U Wont B Sorry
Retweeted by The CountessGaga does Q & A with MONSTERS, answers 10 Super-Fan Questions about 'CHEEK TO CHEEK' RT @gagadaily http://t.co/2d0VJwQygA 🎷.@LadyGaga took over our Instagram yesterday with these 7 exclusive #selfies—I love the leather jacket one! http://t.co/jfN4YceaEJ
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Available ONLY This Weekend @amazonmusic @itstonybennett + My #CheekToCheek just 5.99 http://t.co/8iiW2ZFg1E http://t.co/MMwoHl6xmv@Zedd keep kicking ass buddy, love watching you shine. Your Aura is so bright.My gurl @ladygaga released a new amazing jazz album w/ @itstonybennett!! U should check it!! http://t.co/EOVw8YlBHq
Retweeted by The Countess@Andy not as much as we dig you, #serveforthegods.@ladygaga & TB - I am digging this! http://t.co/tsVUUOTiQm
Retweeted by The Countess@britneyspears thank you darling, Tony & I appreciate it, you've always been such a sweetheart, Congratulations on The Intimate Line! Sexy!👄.@ladygaga 'Cheek To Cheek' is a jazzy delight!! 🎷 You & @itstonybennett are a musical match! http://t.co/UdQGMfHmGT
Retweeted by The CountessBuy the @HSN edition of Cheek To Cheek http://t.co/5LVQEZ8h80
Retweeted by The Countess@OscarCOfficial I live for the hustle, that's how I got here. And it's how I'll stay.Calling into @HSN in 1 hr 15 minutes! I can't wait to talk to Suzanne! #CheekToCheekOnHSN@TaylorKinney111 'Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye'...I die a little. When I recorded that song, I thought about you my love. Miss you 💋I'm calling into @HSN Live 2NITE @11pm ET, 8pm PT! I'll answer questions live, it'll surely be a blast! #CheekToCheek http://t.co/UnfXnFfywPBuy Cheek To Cheek, by Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett for a special price on Amazon: http://t.co/RKzKFGysON 🎺🎶 http://t.co/Kjc3lwDk1X
Retweeted by The CountessGet @ladygaga & @itstonybennett's new album #CheekToCheek on iTunes now: http://t.co/ulv6lvd3Bj http://t.co/3RAcT3QFbv
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