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The lady herself is not just a chameleon in person, but a chameleon in music.

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Lady Gaga wore a fan jacket during the artRAVE in San Diego. @ladygaga http://t.co/cTvhpSxPVo
Retweeted by Lady Gaga@MiguelMonster96 they were fans clothes thrown on stage. *just modeling*The @robhalford was at my show. METAL GOD greatest moment ever RT Backstage #artRave San Diego w / Lady Starlight http://t.co/lz34ZFy0o8
@SpreadGagaLove fuck haters. They're just jealous and insecure with themselves. Because we are free and trapped by rules. 😌@cgrebellion it happens everynight accompanied by a large puff cloudWowow at all the outfits tonight! San Diego is planet Venus of ARTPOP heaven tonight. 😍show some love + trend #artRaveSanDiego !!@ashley_garciaa me too! I love my monsters so muchGaga shows are my favorite so many people dressed up 😍 #8thshow
Retweeted by Lady GagaThe LARR is celebrating the life of Brendon tonight at the #artRave We miss you buddy #BrendonBall http://t.co/BP37E4bBRZ
Retweeted by Lady Gaga@ladygaga i miss the artRAVE so much, i felt so free when i was there
Retweeted by Lady Gaga@ellie_farrelly embrace ureself fat to who? Fuck it! Enjoy life u are beautiful. Fat is a projection others place on you, not reality!“@ZeleneGagaEfaw: "@LadyGagaGoGo: #artRAVESanDiego #artRAVEStyle http://t.co/HEonerSVxQ" RT”❤️
Retweeted by Lady GagaSan Diego artRave is tonight and I'm SO EXCITED all my friends are gonna be there and I miss my monsters! Get ready to have some summer fun!
I could listen to Bruce Springsteen for the rest of my life. I think I will.Whenever I'm sad, I listen to ARTPOP and think about how @ladygaga helped me. Then I'm happy again. Thank you Gaga for creating ARTPOP.
Retweeted by Lady GagaI can't express into words how much I love ARTPOP, the album makes me feel a lot of things, it truly is a life ride. Thank u @ladygaga
Retweeted by Lady Gaga
Asia loves watching Batman, it's so cute she either wants to marry him or she's found her tribe leader. #batpigLife"I may not be the prettiest nor the skinniest, but you know what? I have the best fans. " - Lady Gaga #heatLadyGaga http://t.co/jmJ4i0BJc3
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@wittomonster it's not btw really, btw is the me I return to all the time. The NewYork young artist still just trying to make itMiss you monsters. Been writing a lot of poetry. It's so hard to write sometimes, I'm afraid of what… http://t.co/tdvb1ah9xf
Only @ladygaga and @Beyonce are musicians and in the list of @Forbes's 100 Most Powerful Women. #heatLadyGaga
Retweeted by Lady GagaThanks monsters for making my mom smile today. 💓 her heart beats for you http://t.co/Ml8sWybgyPThank you monsters for the #GetWellSoonGaga that was so thoughtful and sweet, you really care 😫💗 I love you marry me 💍Laying around sick watching videos of HEALTH. Ariel and Sebastian playing while Ursula hatches evil… http://t.co/axF4Fs3TqaPop culture has gone too far. My babies first words were "GaGa" as in Lady GaGa and now I don't know what to do with him.
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@rutledge_jacob 😭@ericoug 💐I'll come back and make it up to u soon I promise!@VampyrisVixen thanks for understanding 💗😭@HausOfAustin 🐷💐I'm sorry I'll be back I promise. In so sad too@ARTPOPDiva 😭@KatyPerrySlays Im so sorry. I'm holding stuffies and wearing seashell bra. With tissues and wigs.My deepest apologies to Seattle and Vancouver, we'll reschedule those shows & be back to make it up to you. I 💗 monsters. #sadgagaI'm devastated I'm unable to perform this week. Ursula took my mermaid voice I've come down with horrible Bronchitis. http://t.co/lE8xEaouH7
@HauntLikeGaga 😭💗💋 that's cuteExactly the main reason why Lady Gaga is my idol. http://t.co/vLQV86W9Is
Retweeted by Lady Gaga86 yrs old Inez 'Granny Gaga' from Edmonton and I. We had a lovely chat after the show, what an… http://t.co/OSXSIHoMNpLady gaga, by far the best concert ever
Retweeted by Lady GagaThe sad part is lady gaga is over and I got to drunk to remember it
Retweeted by Lady Gaga
You look just like me! RT @ashleyautumnxo: Rave Time! 💚💕💛 #artRAVEedmonton #artRAVE #bikerlivemisfits #artpopball http://t.co/sh9bLjFIp4This Venus' Girls look so Good tonight" #artRAVE #Calgary 🌴🌸💋💋 http://t.co/9AUsxIceso
Retweeted by Lady Gaga
@ashleyautumnxo u look so cute! Like roseland! 🌹👯I'm SO EXCITED FOR #artRAVECalgary 2nite. Grab your drinks, friends, wigs, fashion, works of art + bad attitudes. Let's celebrate monsters!@CgyHotYoga you are so sweet! Tweet made my day!
This is the best day off ever. I really needed it! I have not left my bed and it feels like heaven! #slumberparty
monsters wait outside in the rain all day to celebrate RT @fabuleuxpaxvali: Group pic w/ Gaga! THE AVANT GARDE QUEEN http://t.co/DVZ3d2Lh90Happy Birthday to a most meaningful record + moment in my life. Born This Way, cheers around the world to the paws who spread love w/ it 🌟
My insanely talented sister @germmonster318 is exhibiting a dress from her current collection at SAKS 5th Avenue in NY! Go and see it, I am!I'm SO EXCITED for tonight's show in Winnipeg, Canada It's gonna be a wild SOLD-OUT SHOW Were about to lock the doors and rave #monsterstyleThis JUDAS video re-make is a MUST-WATCH. I love it! And I Love the kids who made it! 💗https://t.co/E4waYg8gRb💗💋🙏 http://t.co/pLu7SOhKL3It was the most thoughtful gift, it really means the world to me. Here is one flower. I love you monster mSo @gagadaily made me a bouquet of origami flower msgs from fans all over the world. I pick a flower for a pick-me up http://t.co/9OW9rAF99v
Had a blast with my dear friend @ladygaga visiting @GilletteChildrn today! We changed lives. #CurePity http://t.co/j6nVYM43Xr
Retweeted by Lady GagaWhat fierce b🌹tech you are @germmonster318 #TalentAlwaysWins I can wait to see your beautiful dress at Saks! 🐹
@emmac_94 I'm so proud of you. I can't wait to see you tonight im gonna explode into glowsticks!I love monsters so much, so many of u are always there for me. I'll always be there for you. Leather, lace, fishnets and fists in the air.
Check out my interview with @angiemartinez on @extratv http://t.co/7V5CYWD76g #artRave #monsterstyleMy fans tattoos are fucking bad ass 😱💞 http://t.co/ikFklyNkeu #iLiveARTPOP@himerotes it's fast food for your brainHangin w Asia. Her noises are so 😭💗 http://t.co/fUOLKn5eag@MarcMonster but that's my favorite show thoughTalk shit on me again ill sandwich your fuggin face http://t.co/V2HumDg0CP@maikeeb_kills A+ for that answer, 50 birkens for you!@Ambrollins cuz I'm a babyPeople that are obsessed with hating you, feel flattered. Their whole lives revolve around you.I have a day off, time to raise hell.I listen to this all the time +just cry. I feel like he wrote it for me. He's so amazing @rkelly http://t.co/paHJv8SvHK
Cleveland Ohio, it's been such a long time I can't wait to get this party going! Grab a drink and get ready to have a killer time!!!!! 💗🍺🍼At the bar with my dawg http://t.co/AfiIU7UKZK@RIAA @RedOne_Official I'm so happy we wrote that wondrous song together, <3
@MTVBuzzworthy 😘@MTV 🙊thinkin about starting this girl group. 😜 #HouseOfGaGa #PreShowChopUp #MondayNightOnExtraTV @ Joe… http://t.co/GmKNCO8auR
Retweeted by Lady GagaYou think you know, but you have no idea. http://t.co/Of6rYd8qgt@PrincessDie96 the cutest there is!Being a champion is not about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can BE hit and still get back up fighting.http://t.co/lOMslEcBHx@ladygaga what you think about this? #monsterstyle follow me queenx http://t.co/LO64fNcYQe
Retweeted by Lady Gaga@ladygaga #monsterstyle #artRAVE http://t.co/ft1HwS2gUx
Retweeted by Lady GagaDETROIT u better hold on to your booze liquor and fucking fashun, tonight we celebrate #monsterstyle. Send me pics of your outfits I'll RT!
Me and my Piggy, so happy to be alive, making music, and barreling down American roads playing Arenas. 🌹 - http://t.co/06Bzruyn3N@courtneyact #meangays girl...#meangays 👏🌹👯“@tlrd: Courtney Act Cavorts with the 'Mean Gays': MUSIC VIDEO http://t.co/ek2Euvn2fY http://t.co/XPbidqUpYU” thanks Andy! Xxx
Retweeted by Lady Gaga@gagamonster96 I'll take that nick name thank you 💗@GagaFNews Everyone was on there feet for 2 hrs!Amazing photo from Lady Gaga's artRAVE spectacle last night in Philly http://t.co/wVaU8F1dJV
Retweeted by Lady GagaThe season Finale of @NBCChicagoFire is so amazing 💗😭 I cried like a baby! Good job guys 👏💐Honored to name @ladygaga @RIAA's first female Digital Diamond Award recipient! @ladygaga forever holds a top spot in Gold & Plat history!
Retweeted by Lady GagaThank you RIAA! My monsters and I are so grateful for your recognition, and I share this award* with them!Thank you RIAA! My monsters and I are so grateful for your recognition, and I share this aware with them!I'm the 1st woman in Gold & Platinum program history to pass the 10,000,000 mark with a digital song, they declared it iconic of the decade.The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has given me & BAD ROMANCE a Digital Diamond Award. It is a very special award...I tried to leave Philly without eating a cheesesteak I failed. The crowd was too good tonight! #artrave http://t.co/v7nboveD6A
You know why it's so lonely at the top? Because it's too crowded at the bottom. - @DavidLeeRoth@tommylondon what was that quote you told me last night? was it really David Lee Roth Im not sure.. it was good #pearlsGIRLS
Thanks @heygagaru Lady Gaga #artraveatlanta #artrave http://t.co/4yj9luTN5l
Retweeted by Lady GagaAsia gotta selfie with T.I 😭💗#AsiaTIselfie http://t.co/j2egB2xx8pWe had an absolutely killer show last night. The rave was electric, and the audience unforgettable! Thank u NY you make my dreams come true!This is #artRave http://t.co/syHxNPLUJ2
Retweeted by Lady Gaga
We're back at Madison Square Garden! Just a hometown girl livin' the dream. I belong to u NY. #SoldOut http://t.co/25t0cDBXWI