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This one is my favorite, dessert interpretation of my distressed Aphrodite leaving the Langham. http://t.co/IpGm9vE01Xthe brilliant pastry chef at the Langham made cakes of my ARTPOP looks. http://t.co/CYOOm2xCS65 star review of the #artRAVEManchester http://t.co/Xt6quU9vuQAnd the brilliant pastry chef made cakes of my ARTPOP looks. http://t.co/CYOOm2xCS6They even embroidered my sheets 'Cheek To Cheek' http://t.co/VaPSjh7oXNThe Langham in London is such a dream. They gave me a tea set, after all the years I've stayed here I… http://t.co/p6SYiW9af4ArtRave was such an interaction between the fans and @ladygaga.. no other show km the world like it!
Retweeted by Lady GagaI can never explain how it felt at artRAVE, the atmosphere was tremendous<3. I am in love with the whole show!
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I love you even more Gwen Stefani. Thank you for using ARTPOP as an adjective. It made me smile 🔵 #ARTPOP https://t.co/LD3sHf6UeKI love watching vintage videos, they are so beautiful. Why am I famous during HD.Manchester To London, my favorite drive, and with my sister. MISTRESSES OF MAYHEM IN THE UK LOOSE http://t.co/axYUBxhJ5kBang, bang! 3 days until @LadyGaga & @itstonybennett #CheektoCheekPBS concert on @PBS. Preview http://t.co/tnt1vW8Utw http://t.co/MwLWrYOvDq
Retweeted by Lady GagaMy morning starts with the burning of many sages, both grass and book. I close my eyes and say thank you. To nature and all her gifts.Gwen Stefani is back! And with a new single: http://t.co/KyIgpy8XyK #BlondeItalians @frankfurdd thank you 👂There are 16 artRaves left. I'll cry many tears @ the end. I've loved every moment of it, it's message, it's monsters http://t.co/51p2L5GJDJLady Gaga's 'Marry The Night' performance has been voted as THE BEST MTV EMA MOMENT of all time! Good Job Monsters 🎶💜 http://t.co/bsfKjyJx7M
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Lady Gaga and @ladystarlightny raid the floors of #affleckspalace We've been a duo for almost 10… http://t.co/dYa9hrNUynI love the way Lady looks on our @PBS special- she is absolutely beautiful! @Brandonvmaxwell http://t.co/bvNjT52vHH http://t.co/zwZIAcPZXf
Retweeted by Lady GagaWATCH @itstonybennett + me singing "I Won't Dance" from our #CheekToCheek special airing this Friday at 9pm on @PBS! http://t.co/CwAnmsWOLQManchester Mayhem http://t.co/wf9cGy7QDW
Nice Review! #TonyGagaStrictly Lady Gaga joins crooner Tony Bennett on Strictly Come Dancing http://t.co/5dUoLhw3Ir via @DailyMailCeleb
Retweeted by Lady GagaWATCH @itstonybennett and me on Strictly Come Dancing: http://t.co/5tKP9JQXQ2 #CheekToCheekBye bye Scotland you were spectacular, thank you The Grove Hertfordshire for making Chicken Piccata,… http://t.co/Bq8TSuRwFNThankbu for the beautiful comments about @itstonybennett and me on #StrictlyComeDancing Enjoy it? Buy our album here: http://t.co/cDRXGkHJ7bUmmm, why did I not know how AMAZING of a singer Lady Gaga is?! That Strictly performance with Tony Bennett had me tearing up, so beautiful!
Retweeted by Lady GagaLoved performing on @bbcstrictly with Tony! Our album #CheekToCheek is now £5.99 on UK iTunes http://t.co/C6FpJ5ln4H #TonyAndGagaOnStrictlyLady Gaga and Tony Bennett on Strictly just wow. They have the ability to make EVERYONE love jazz... Amazing! 👍⭐️😍
Retweeted by Lady GagaLady Gaga on strictly was perfection made my Sunday night
Retweeted by Lady GagaLady Gaga was AMAZING on Strictly! an amazing duo who were born to sing together! TIMELESS @ladygaga
Retweeted by Lady GagaBrilliant performance by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga on @bbcstrictly just now. The best vocal performance I've ever heard from her. #SCD ✨🎶💃👏
Retweeted by Lady GagaTony Bennett & Lady Gaga performing on Strictly Come Dancing http://t.co/IPYx85jcgx
Retweeted by Lady Gagaaaaah Lady Gaga was amazing on Strictly! an amazing duo who were born to sing together! TIMELESS @ladygaga
Retweeted by Lady GagaGaga has to see this amazing tattoo! 😊💖 http://t.co/fQIKRC8slC
Retweeted by Lady GagaIt's showtime Glasgow, #artRaveScotland and Strictly Come Dancing in under 30 hrs #ladyhustle http://t.co/1r2S1Qa1M9It's showtime Glasgow, #artRaveScotland and Strictly Come Dancing in under 30 hrs #ladyhustle http://t.co/sw8h2jvUQ1#TonyGagaOnStrictly I can't wait for everyone to see Tony and me perform on the biggest show on the UK! #AnythingGoes #ItDontMeanAThingJust a FEW MINS. till Tony x Gaga's perform on Strictly Come Dancing! Tune in, don't miss it! #TonyGagaOnStrictly http://t.co/luuDI38RvH
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Don't miss Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett on "Strictly Come Dancing" tomorrow - https://t.co/VIHuyaAm1n
Retweeted by Lady GagaIt's a pretty good omen for the rest of artrave tour that I met Surgeon my techno IDOL last show.… http://t.co/iKT83EMUtC
Retweeted by Lady GagaIt's a bird... It's a plane...it's a hat. It's fozzi bear! http://t.co/44KPFc7CFz
We’re just A WEEK away from Lady Gaga's & Tony Bennett's Cheek To Cheek LIVE special on @PBS, Oct 24 at 9pm EST! 🎶🎷 http://t.co/p8IgBv0fqY
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'Lady Gaga and Other Curiosities Await in Art Basel in Miami Beach’s Kabinett' via @artnet: http://t.co/KDg4dZjYL0
Retweeted by Lady GagaA clip of Tony and I singing "Nature Boy,' one of my favorites. I just love singing with him, he makes me so happy: https://t.co/lIzpOEngT1We're 8 DAYS AWAY from Oct.24th. Don't miss @itstonybennett and my performance of #CheekToCheek! Plan a night, wine & dinner at 9pm on @PBSJust another day at work for Miss Asia. 😭 my sister laughing in the background. http://t.co/pkL320bWbI @jordvnhaus i love that picture, keep shining. So fun to see a little monster wowing everyone. Your confidence is beautiful and charming @ladygaga YOU'RE MY BIGGEST INSPIRATION. W OUT U I WOULDN'T HAVE COME OUT OR BE ABLE TO SHOW THE WORLD WHO I AM #GAGA http://t.co/XtEJ5h3BgI
Retweeted by Lady GagaMy mom just sent this to me. Oh lord, this Chihuahua must have just been listening to #CheekToCheek 😂 http://t.co/W9bTHy6yYC @GagaSons i love that so much!Lady Gaga color pencil portrait by Ricardo Abraham! Gaga has to see this 😍👌 http://t.co/cvcRsyYVTK
Retweeted by Lady Gaga @jordvnhaus i love you baby! you really showed the world when that camera was rolling! A real monster, grabbing life by the face for a kiss!Another day, another slay: @jordvnhaus shows his support for anti-bullying & LGBT youth. http://t.co/eCiKAef4zO http://t.co/HzRrCqRzaP
Retweeted by Lady GagaApplause Choreagraphy kids video is viral, i cannot. I love him, where is he http://t.co/ALMun6NZmL
I know I was on vacation, but when are we going to talk about the boy who did applause choreography in the background of a news report. 😭Never forget this time in our lives. When we painted each others faces, called each other monsters & talked about love & art all night long.I'm A Directioner But Cheek To Cheek Made Me Fall In Love With Lady GaGa Omg It's So Good 😩😩❤️❤️
Retweeted by Lady GagaMy brother enjoys 'But Beautiful' 💗 He loves Gaga and Tony 💗💕🌸 @ladygaga @itstonybennett PS He stocked the shelves! 😏 http://t.co/RhcnvT1gY4
Retweeted by Lady Gaga.@cher I Got You Babe ❤️ http://t.co/3M7ukExWi4THAT WAS SO FUN I LOVE MY FANS SO MUCH I CANT BELIEVE THERES ONLY 18 artRAVEs left I'm gonna cry! #monster4life #artRaveBirmingham #ARTPOPBerlin was so fun with my friend. @skstudly now it's time to tear up the UK! #gagaKLEIN #artistlove http://t.co/vwyojXnWnEVINYL edition of Cheek To Cheek is now available! Get yours at @amazon for $19.99: http://t.co/YEyBsO11e5 @ladygaga http://t.co/H26BqHPML2
Retweeted by Lady GagaGet the #1 album CHEEK TO CHEEK now. iTunes has an exclusive bonus track by @ladygaga! http://t.co/R9kWXFLCMm http://t.co/F0Uv5TgMdw
Retweeted by Lady Gaga @FREEARTIST2 save me a seat and a pint 🍻 cheersI'm so excited to perform 2nite #artraveBirmingham & can't wait for the @PBS #CheekToCheek special #9daysTillTonyGaga http://t.co/yCpqaNntlh
Proud of @momgerm + @BTWFoundation for today's keynote on the importance of building kinder+braver schools thru #SEL. @GagaPerfection we keep anything and everything and send it to a giant volt in Hollywood. I have it :)"Her bright sound and joyful sense of swing is reminiscent of a young Ella Fitzgerald." @ladygaga http://t.co/zOUBTOH1Ph
Retweeted by Lady GagaGo behind the scenes w/ @itstonybennett & @ladygaga on @GPerfPBS #CheektoCheekPBS 10/24 at 9/8c. http://t.co/4WLgozBzQi
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Watch @itstonybennett and me singing "But Beautiful" in the studio! http://t.co/EuPiqp0ppA #CheekToCheek
Days off for the baby. Bout to get cheek to cheek with my other "T" 🙊 http://t.co/bvWwie7C2q
It's showtime. I've been waiting for this night to come #artRaveBerlin http://t.co/hX5xOWVy8j#artRAVEBerlin @ladygaga I really hope you see my monster paw tattoo. http://t.co/HoMCNxS4iu
Retweeted by Lady GagaTonight Lady Gaga plays her 60th artRAVE in Berlin, Germany! Check out monsters' outfits #artRAVEBerlin 👯🔵🎶🐚 http://t.co/xYBOARREl0
Retweeted by Lady Gaga @priyarockets it's not a rumor!And what a treat when Tony Parker came back to see us, he was such a gentleman, we were all laughing… http://t.co/ugkDODCm9CAnd what a treat when Tony Parker came back to see us, he was such a gentlemen, we were all laughing… http://t.co/ugkDODCm9CThe Spurs and NBA were so sweet to me last night! They even let me hold their championship trophy! I… http://t.co/B0UsnspTOhListen to the legendary @GiorgioMoroder's mix of @ItsTonyBennett & @LadyGaga's #ICantGiveYouAnythingButLove on @VEVO: http://t.co/I31fo0EeBS
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Night night Berlin. I can't give you anything but love. http://t.co/Mo8sqcPZ4JBuy "Cheek To Cheek" @iTunes http://t.co/cDRXGkHJ7b Love, Tony & Lady http://t.co/hFUsQypPx8I LOVE BERLIN and so does ASIA! Thank you for not tipping over the tour bus, were very happy to see monsters! #sheibe http://t.co/ctzdOFYcdhBeautiful ARTPOP sunny day in Berlin, it could mean anything. http://t.co/CGV0q2fa5V
This album has inspired me to continue in my jazz band! Thank you so much Gaga and Tony!!! 😭 #CheekToCheek http://t.co/KulUkloQNY🎹🎼🎷
Retweeted by Lady GagaWhat can I say? I'm a Starlight superfan RT @gagadaily: This video of Gaga dancing in sweatpants will make your day 😂 http://t.co/8ZZl2InnsM
Get #CheekToCheek w/ Me + Tony Bennett @itunes: http://t.co/cDRXGkHJ7b w/ EXCLUSIVE Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) http://t.co/alPnMm8ggRPREMIERE: Listen to @GiorgioMoroder's remix of @itstonybennett & @LadyGaga's "I Can't Give You Anything But Love": http://t.co/JXdkxSywN4
Retweeted by Lady GagaWe picked some really special musicians for these "Cheek To Cheek" mixes, don't miss them as they pop up. #JazzpopLet the remixes roll in! Artists re-imagine our versions-->"I Can't Give You Anything But Love" @parov_stelar MIX ♫ http://t.co/6mtgCvmOz2.@parov_stelar mixes @ladygaga and @itstonybennett's "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" [Premiere] ♫ http://t.co/dptrHNHhp1
Retweeted by Lady GagaMonsters are so so special to me. Wherever we go we go together. http://t.co/EGM3Ka20YjMonsters are so so special to me. Wherever we go we go together. http://t.co/Q8bQTi5eUUDankeschön Köln http://t.co/BwziN6lsdYOh Cologne how I missed you, Beer, Braut, Kraut and Beauty Store blow-out!🍺🍞🚬 http://t.co/sOfSH3jlFFLady Gaga has announced her plans for New Years Eve: http://t.co/HoPsouyVzw http://t.co/JWX19Ubh5T
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I really can't describe how HAPPY I felt at the artRAVE. all your friends around you, gaga, your favorite music. what else do you need?
Retweeted by Lady GagaOk #artravePrague now that you're warmed up, let's get ready to RAVE! 😎. @ladystarlightny has been my muse since I was 20 & she still is. Her ever morphing talent & fearlessness is inspiring & Her beats r live!!