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Spreading love with every invention, forever devoted to the kingdom of monsters.

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@StvEvans who cares. I know the truth. wheelchair for 5 months. when u persevere the enemy is silenced by ure strength. So they downplay it@applausess they were all fun even the as an emotional songs. Music makes me feel like everything is ok, it's a place to put my pain@jessicakawik hmm I don't know! I love them all! old Lady gaga was so fun thought@MattPolimeno I want to make one! Just waiting for the right moment/song in the album cycle!@DanyloSalles @rkelly yes@gaga8mynutella I made a jazz album with Tony Bennett. He's so amazing to me, every moment of the recording process put a smile on my face.Ok! ARTPOP Q + A in 12minutes with me! Ask about the album, SNL, @rkelly, whatever you want!@BonnieMcKee thanks for the ARTPOP shoutout! Love to finally see you doin your thing after all these years! XI'm so happy! ARTPOP debuted #1 on UK Charts today! Im glad you love the music! See you in December when I headline Jingle Bell Ball. Xxx@BeatrixIshii I want to!I just put cake directly into a tub of ice cream #IKnowNoShame@DAngeloTaylor #IPickWinners Robert Kelly is a round twelve superstar@DAngeloTaylor ipwWhat a spectacular time I had on @nbcsnl Thanks Lorne, the cast, band @Rkelly @richysquirrel @MichaelBearden + my old buddy @briannewmanny
Hold the phone! I'm hosting @nbcsnl in 18 min! #GagaOnSNL http://t.co/Ahaupyyqe4Can't wait to host + perform on @nbcsnl tonight! A lifelong dream! Watch at 11:30pm ET/PT. http://t.co/HS1QJSCaXZListen to my #SaturdayNightOnline interview with @RomeoOnSNOL tonight at 7:30pm ET! http://t.co/OZ2HD7BC0cARTPOP OUT NOW! http://t.co/s8WYNpBrsZLooks like I never tweeted that my album is out with a link, whoops! Busy week!
Help Typhoon #Haiyan relief efforts by making a donation to the @RedCross through iTunes. http://t.co/eXWo4gre80 http://t.co/rm3CTous4M
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LEARN the meaning of ARTPOP: watch my interview w/ BBC Culture Show. Miranda's interview style with me was brilliant. http://t.co/ymgBXoLQ7fThe world may target our famous family, but my dad's restaurant is delicious + better than ever! Italian NY comfort http://t.co/pxxwR6fbmk X
ARTPOP app is up to #5 on the top free apps and #1 in music! We clocked 340,000 iOS downloads in two days. !!!!! http://t.co/nP3TS9QrFE
Retweeted by Lady GagaWanna learn about the ARTPOP Album Cover? Hear from the artist JEFF KOONS himself right here: http://t.co/MZo1ADEFTXSupport the REAL #GlamourWomanOfTheYear @malalafund text MALALA to 50555 give $10. 16 yrs old Challenging the Taliban.http://t.co/rIT6oJpCDw@TheRealSambora im still recovering from hanging out with you backstage. LEGEND I can die a happy deranged dreadlocked grandma!spent some time with the beautiful @LadyGaga for #ArtPop : love her. Performance, breathtaking. New songs amazing http://t.co/Vf1Iwsi6uB
Retweeted by Lady Gaga#ARTPOP is available for just $5.99 on Amazon MP3! Download your digital copy at http://t.co/Fxwz1ZVjlR
Retweeted by Lady GagaIf you missed it, CHECK OUT my interview and 2 performances of 'dope' and 'gypsy' on @TheSternShow Howard's awesome! https://t.co/jctIxDooW5
@HausOfPhil congratulations my golden ticket winner. i'll see you at jingle bell ball!!!GUYS, I just opened my 2nd ARTPOP copy and look what I found!!!!!! Best birthday present ever!! ASDFGHJKL http://t.co/6iglnBqZU1
Retweeted by Lady Gaga@behindtheburqaa omg!!!!!@TaylorKinney111 O-M-G i love your show and think you're SO TALENTED! ChicagoFire is totes my fav show!!! xoxoxo taylorfan6969@TomyKMonster cynthiaaa!!!!@AurelisConTwtt thanks for feedback! we are working on making the text separate from the backgrounds so you can make things bigger+smaller!AH! I've been envisioning this since i was 4 AND 3/4rs! Here's me & Kenan warming up for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE @nbcsnl https://t.co/GCIEnXCgv7@TheEllenShow haha Ellen, why didn't you flag me down?! Well YOURE surely an angel to me. We miss you see ya next week!OH MY FUNNY watch @JimmyKimmel reviews ARTPOP lyrics on the streets of LA: http://t.co/cDUyigIujh MY FAV IS THE GUY THAT KEEPS SAYING NONAPTIME, zzzzz zzzz. Album release week is kicking my ass! #ARTPOP IS OUT NOW! (sorry they programmed my robot to say that.) #PromoGaSo @Andy told me they made perfume out of my pee from the trash in WWH dressing room (long story) U HAVE BEEN WARNED IF HE TRIES TO SPRITZ U@drunkofmahone that is so sweet to say thank u!@Trucker_Alex hey thanks!Getting ready to see @howardstern on the @sternshow in 1.5 hrs! I made him a him a special .gif with ARTPOP app : - ) http://t.co/lTni6DcBWH
I think ure fan symbol is a preexisting gang sign. Love u Ryan! #ARTPOP RT RyanSeacrest: I left my goggles at home :/http://t.co/NuAnHevOLsWATCH a Video of VOLANTIS : The Flying Dress http://t.co/QV4f0Lfeug built by techHAUS. Footage from the artRAVE! Shot By @Terry_World@cumslutcutie yes! Brilliant young minds!@onedirslaytion thanks directioner!@ChaseYurgaitis thanks! We will continue to make improvements and update its functionality and features@theonewithkatie everything is absolutely, jus enjoy the experienceTo chat in the APP swipe your finger from the left side of the screen, login + sign up for http://t.co/R5av1WFlKX http://t.co/fFaYq0Zj0fJust chatted with monsters via the App while they're hearing the album for the first time. Ahhhhhh! I love ARTPOP! http://t.co/SOHuikiAg8@Ben_JM we will be posting a website to access your codes.Check out this FREE vinyl player to listen to ARTOP! You can even control the needle, wind the record back+forth! http://t.co/diKFkMQhufAnd Jeff Koons! RT @USATODAY: Today's logo guest-designed by @ladygaga. #artpop https://t.co/COBQjCilsw@CakeLikeLina what a cutie!Me after artRave #ArtHaus http://t.co/e65R2Dasge #IrritatedCowMy voice held out until this AM! She made it through last night! Now I sound like an irritated cow. Making a .gif to express my feelings.@itstonybennett thanks Tony, I was so happy to see you at the artRave. I can't wait for everyone to hear our new album together! XxxkissxxLove the title of your new cd @ladygaga. ARTPOP - that's the right way to go.
Retweeted by Lady Gaga@CarohLovesGaga ahhh!@lilmonsterrobin yes! Fly monster!@amandaxalvarado thank you for the notification, in the meantime check if there are pre existing issues on your device@mandaflamingo oh my god@MonstHair cute!@sc00byd00bie I can't believe those sculptures made it out alive, you made me proud@vargjaeger thanks so the notification@DollarsAndFame serving@ThomasItsMe_ we are taking down all notes from initial launch and will update the technology shortly@OllynotOllie hahahahahhaa amazing!@LinePow02 lookin good, in ure hands where it belongs!@PaulSemaanGAGA on it.@MissBondStreet I'm so glad you loved It! Long week! Pure adrenalin, and what a rush performing around those sculptures@Stefanie4chuck @Gaga let's blast off to aaaaaa new dimension! Love it!The App is available now for Free ALSO on Android/GooglePlay, if you haven't purchased the album yet you can buy it through the app!@P_H_E_N_I_X so dope! If looks like a pop Dali!
Only little monsters can crash VEVO. *face palm*Were working are on fixing the Livestream, there's A LOT of traffic. If VEVO does not work in your territory, fear not, we're posting video.artRave live stream is up now on @VEVO! http://t.co/tacvk5ceVRJeff Koons, Me, Marina Abramovic! Tonight we celebrate creativity, invention & passion in honor of these art heroes. http://t.co/wHkMV2MS2KTweet #ARTPOP #artRave & we will see your tweets and pictures live at the artRave on BIG screens. We are with you! http://t.co/eIVgo1anCwThe ARTPOP album AND ARTPOP App are both available in 1 h 45 minutes Worldwide! You MUST retrieve the Free App at the AppStore. #ARTPOPTONIGHT! @ladygaga #VEVOartRave LIVE at 11:30p ET/8:30p PT. Watch on VEVO & VEVO apps for iOS, Apple TV & Xbox 360! http://t.co/rMcz8X5GZi
Retweeted by Lady GagaAt 6pm EST today we will beta test VOLANTIS with the world. We invite you into our creative process during her initial stages of lift off.Playing w/ APP: http://t.co/nD11UUvT2q Create using preloaded graphics/text OR using your own pics. Animate your 3D model then export .gif !Be compassionate to those around you who experience consequences for their 2013 communicative choices TODAY, its kingdom come. #ARTPOP2NIGHTToday is a VERY important day for the 'resetting' of communication. Protect your karma, spread love, and THINK before you tweet.Twitterverse, 2day Mercury leaves retrograde, which means u will no longer side-step the consequences of the things you say on the internet@IadygagaIover @rickyzolanski yes , but not tomorrow. there will be upgrades throughout the year to keep you excited!@bornthisvenus this will not come out until further upgrades of the App. We are paving new technical ground, testing the technology slowly@olliechao worldwideDownload the App FREE, chat with fans worldwide while you listen to the album, create w ARTHAUS, and upload ure creations to social media.The App will update in stages over the next year. We did this to test server capacity and engage in an ongoing creative process w/ monsters.@thigomesx 2 yrsThe ARTPOP App is also scheduled for release 2morrow night w/ the album. This will be its initial rollout, updated every few weeks.@Jordan032886 its a combination of VOLER which means 'to fly' in French, and ATLANTIS thought of by many as 'myth'@AsFreeAsMyGagaa i like to inject an element of humor when naming our inventions. Dress is a relative term. She has many possibilities@BlackBoy_Miah YES TERRY IS FILMING THE LIVE STREAM *dreams do come true*When they loaded in the Koons sculptures at the event space I almost fainted. I just heard my dad saying 'LOOPY?' 'LOOOPS?' DAD NOT NOW@Gagaslilbitches hahahahaha24hrs until ARTPOP release! GET READY TO PARTY. Drinks. CHECK. Party favors. CHECK. Gazing balls. CHECK. Paper bag to breathe into. CHECK.
Do What U Want is on the radio in NYC!!! Oooowwwheeee!@Millyzz breathe :)@ThFameGirlxo omg wow thanks! It's just the beginning wait till 2moro night!@Nataliaalg if u can't beat ure insanity embrace it@_artpopist_ doggie ARTPOP selfie so cute!@gagasmockingjay yes this is acceptable :)@bettyann329 yes! You are the future! You are the great minds I'm so honored to be around@samxmonster I love it! I'm so happy it's in your hands!On my way to test-fly #VOLANTIS the newest invention by the Haus of Gaga: The Flying Dress. #IdeasTakeFlight #artRave #30hrsTillArtRave@artpopkoons so cute! Makes me hungry!DO WHAT U WANT on @grahnort http://t.co/sxAbeoyEPE sometimes I just wanna sing. In MarcJacobs final collection 4 @LouisVuitton #10inchheelsMe and June Brown! Career highlight (for me not her) finally got to show my talents as a seamstress brilliant she is! http://t.co/6bTYS7mF0m
@LGMonsterFacts doing dirty deeds with the music i see, this album has a very rebellious spirit@imNGO :) I so happy you're happyAddicted #ARTPOP #ArtHaus http://t.co/I22X9kCmpw
Retweeted by Lady Gaga@LovelyMonster97 I love it so amazing! I'm so happy! Enjoy my darling!Discover the #ARTPOPApp for FREE at your APPStore then create and communicate with #ArtHaus http://t.co/wnpwUvlGAzI will be at the NEW Times Square @HM opening at 12:01am Thursday morning the 14th to open the store and celebrate ARTPOP! <3 so excited!!I'm excited to announce that 175 US H&M @HM locations will be carrying the physical copy of ARTPOP, including the LIMITED EDITION PINK FOILHear @LadyGaga's Town Hall today at 9p ET on @SiriusXMHits1! Tweet using #LadyGagaOnHits1. Details + US free trial: http://t.co/PrRD0hGfwa
Retweeted by Lady Gaga@unicorndoll oh wow I'm so happy! Finally!Monsters who got ARTPOP early! Tweet pix with your physical copy and I'll tweet you back! Maybe I'll make a collage, or a dress! #ARTPOPCheck out my new cover story with @AttitudeMag shot by @inezandvinoodh ! http://t.co/xQqN2DmscgLots of EXCITING announcements coming today w/ @HM, the Haus' newest invention 'VOLANTIS', and my new TECH companies PETGA Inc & TechHaus.
Robert Wilson has confirmed that he will be showcasing a video that he recently worked with Lady Gaga on at the Louvre in Paris on Nov 11th.
Retweeted by Lady Gaga@RaamishInCP The app was built by a team I put together personally, not backplane. backplane was integrated to connect the worlds.@MarsCuriosity Thanks! Maybe u can give me #spacetips? Intergalactic drinks? I know a few hotspots on #VENUS, but Mars is outta this world.Ok MONSTERS! http://t.co/CZwbkYqSWg is back up & running better than ever! Sign up now to enhance the interactive experience on ARTPOP'S APPARTPOP Pop-Up Shop Locations! Purchase. album & walk through costume gallery! NYC: 417 West 14th Street LA: 1538 N Cahuenga Blvd, HollywoodHi Japanese Monsters! Thank you so much for supporting my new album ARTPOP and making it a #1 album on iTunes in your country. Aishitemasu!UK monsters, official ARTPOP stream is up on #O2Tracks! http://t.co/Uzfwznt956
@erikm0nster i wrote it the european way ;) just fixed it thanks!Find out if the rumors are true 11.10 LIVE from ARTPOP's album launch. Will #VirginGalactic+#ZeroGColony send Gaga to sing LIVE from space?#GagaInSpace2015Exclusive: In 2015, @LadyGaga will become the first artist to sing in outer space! http://t.co/1aZhf8AXbM
Retweeted by Lady GagaI will also perform live on a stage built around never before exhibited sculptures by JEFF KOONS with DJ sets by @DJWS & @MADEON!!!!!!#5DaysTillARTPOP Worried you won't get into the album release party? DONT! It will be live streamed by @ClearChannel w/ host @RyanSeacrest!
Lady Gaga's honored to be producing the event, 2 years in the making. On 11.11 ART MUSIC FASHION + TECHNOLOGY explode into flight #ARTPOP#5moreDaysTillartRAVE, The ARTPOP Album Release Event in NY, The Haus is beaming with excitement to share with you our creations and love.
US fans can listen to ARTPOP now on #iTunesRadio! http://t.co/8jFJsBqZzJ@Versace la mia famiglia xoxo ti amo Donatella. ti amo Allegra.@ladygaga Gaga, you are the best! Thank you! xoxoxo DV http://t.co/j9x913OZek
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