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@thealexandra_a I am very blessed to work with all of them. So talented. I appreciate them so much.@oxygengaga Its gonna be amazing!@metenessaputa Members of the TechHaus work as rocket engineers. We will premiering our newest invention VOLANTIS, for you in coming months.To acquire the FOIL LIMITED ADDITION PHYSICAL COPIES of ARTPOP its best to pre-order import from http://t.co/ug8nCkSINU LIMITED@keshasbestmate venus@JamilCedenoC YES YES AND YES@HausOfDestiny YES YOU WILL!@LucasrochaH Artpop, sexxx dreams have violins@HausOfEdward @RedOne_Official GYPSY! was written with @RedOne_Official !@EastonAsEaston maybe its 15 im sorry im so tired bk nights will come out on the app sometimes during the album cycle@loopy_parawhore i delved deep into my heart and mind and truly made a record that I wanted to listen to. Nothing I thought I had to make .@UNlCORNlO CANNABIS@JaFr123 I explored different genres on ARTPOP. But the concept behind the album sonically is a throughline, everything relates through joy@Fairshare4 @DanaAbouCharaf 16!!!!@ifuckedladygaga we love ARTPOP@itsmateus produced by @zedd and myself. smash electronic space jam@Highwayxmonster its about the goddess of love!@Raaaul_s it is. It will come out. don't worry. I wanted to spend more time on it.The gazing ball is significant also because my sanskrit's a small dot. Im destined to float as a universe, fitting with all types of people.@EthanExposed how much i love it. genuinely love listening to it@lavender_gold although the entire piece is the sculpture, when I look at it I feel an explosion of Jeffs past+future.@lavender_gold the gazing ball is the point of creation. I view this as the sculpture of me, and my image as the representation of jeff@GagaAddict101 right now it is. but i truly love all my albums and born this way will always have a special place in my heart@slayergaga i don't know. im too close to all the songs. i love venus something awful.@bbrandonking we are still designing it@BadKidOscar but some songs sound like robots, and others like a chorus. Depends on the song. ARTPOP knows no bounds.@BadKidOscar All of them. I sang my ass off on ARTPOP@Jhosteph19 we are going to listen to some really good hip hop artists on some fearless hip hop electronic records@YummyPasta94 POPART put the soup can on art. ARTPOP put the art on soup can.@SamirLevi everything and nothing. I view creativity like an inferno that is why ARTPOP sounds and looks this way.@AlfredRyando @LGMonsterFacts NEGATIVE@stewcrack_ one where art is put in the front@stewcrack_ It is an exchange between to artists, one from the sphere of pop, the other of art, that results in a true meeting of the minds@EsMoises_ ARTPOP :)@atemyhe4rt i made a happy album with a lot of energy to pick up my spirits and keep my adrenaline pumping. MUSIC FOR MUSIC JUNKIES@atemyhe4rt dope, gypsy is a ballad/electronic song. But there is a lot of hard funky midtempo + a space rock electronica explosion of beats@chanelfucker yes, lots of songs for ACT TWO!@behindthealan i think the studio is actually just a hospital and i am a very sick person@guiafull These vocals were done at a special time during conception of the record. They were important to me and @Zedd. This is our visionnext year!@BraveUnicorn satisfied is maybe not the way to describe it. Very proud, very strong connection to this album.@sweetm0nster no maam it the beginning of ARTPOP TRILOGY ENDINGS TO COME!@HausOfMarcela yes, very personal song but it became very freeing. Put a lot of rage into this album. Its been hard to part from it.@BornthaScheisse I LOVE SEXXX DREAMS VENUS AND DOPE G.U.Y ARTPOP. actually im obsessed with the whole album@BadKidMike MARY JANE HOLLAND AND BROOKLYN NIGHTSTwitterverse, shall me commence?TWITTER Q & A. ARTPOP. 30 min. TREND IT. #ARTPOPquestionWhat Do You Wanna Wear This Spring? What Do You Think is the New Thing? What Do You Wanna Wear This Season? #DONATELLAThis purse can hold my black card and Tiaraaaaaaaa Versace promises I will Dol-ce Vittaaaa
bye bye ARTPOP. I love you, you'll always be so special to me. They're taking it away now. Makes me sad, I don't know why.
Lets Blast off to ahhhhh New Dimension..In Your BEDROOM. #VENUS@taylorkinney111 and i promise to support you when your pop album comes outIt is impossible to photograph and do it justice but wow the foiling is beautiful! In person it is so… http://t.co/g4DzzLeQfb:) RT @TaylorKinney111: go see #MACHETEKILLS! or @officialDannyT might find you, cut your toes off and eat them just because. Just because.@badkidmichael omg i was just thinking that. hopefully you guys will be ok with that age 65: my new single #pluto off ARTPOP ACT 30 out SOON'APPLAUSE' is now my 3rd biggest US radio hit after Bad Romance + Poker Face. PLATINUM now too! A lot happened while I was in the studio!#JimmyIovine and @DrDre doing what they do: http://t.co/ms0w9uVB50
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2ND SINGLE #VENUS Worldwide Release OCT. 27 2013. Descend your discoballs. #TAKEMETOYOURPLANET #TAKEMETOYOURLEADER #TAKEMETOYOURVENUSTONIGHT WE ANNOUNCE THE BIRTH OF….YOU ARE CORRECT.IM SORRY. MANiCURE and DONATELLA are also incorrect. PLEASE TRY AGAIN.IM SORRY. #GYPSY is incorrect. PLEASE TRY AGAIN.In order to unlock my announcement u must work together. Good Luck. 911 POP MUSIC EMERGENCY THIS IS NOT A FIREDRILL #OperationTrend2ndSingleReady to know what/when the next single is? TREND your song prediction and when you guess it right I will announce it! #ARTPOP@mrtrevz21 don't you worry pony its there! #dope@HausOfLucas at least we know the album won't go badThanks for making the tracklisting release so memorable. Got to hang out with the culprits and thank… http://t.co/xHgRUkRQGE@DanielStephen #PUFFin #puffOUT Enjoy the trip planned. Buckle ARTPOP is emotional.@DJWS excited for everyone to hear VENUS. I wonder what they will think of that young, up and coming, female producer :)@MonsterGrillz YES MAAM the first 500,000 to leave the factory into the hands of music and art collectorsin other words, YALL BETTER GET ONE OF THOSE FIRST 500,000. They are once in a lifetime, one of a kind. #ARTPOPThe foiling represents the true design of the cover as imagined by the artist Jeff Koons, who hand collaged the typography himself.FUN FACT: The first 500,000 physical copies of ARTPOP are crafted with LADY GAGA + ARTPOP cut out of hot pink metallic foil + silver foil.Rodriguez surprised me with a lyric video for the OPENING song on ARTPOP! 'AURA' in my debut film MACHETE KILLS! http://t.co/bycnw45fJUI just saw RadioARTPOP. Watching u become friends, share stories+have creative discussions. Best gift u could give me http://t.co/WO9OBrMuKqRecord Plant @ladygaga http://t.co/guAVkVWIDg
Retweeted by Lady Gaga@lucdolan NOT AS EXCITED AS ME #realtalkBeen celebrating the completion of ARTPOP with @RuPaul What a star. Taught me so much growing up and still does. http://t.co/KXZ7OxTxcq
#ARTPOPTracklist http://t.co/VP6RvRjjqw
Retweeted by Lady Gaga15. Applause #ARTPOPTracklist http://t.co/icN0WrvqsC
Retweeted by Lady Gaga14. Gypsy #ARTPOPTracklist http://t.co/xBjtjKVGTY
Retweeted by Lady Gaga13. Dope #ARTPOPTracklist http://t.co/MTWHh1V1KJ
Retweeted by Lady Gaga12. Mary Jane Holland #ARTPOPTracklist http://t.co/m9WhVkqXnL
Retweeted by Lady Gaga11. Fashion! #ARTPOPTracklist http://t.co/w96b3sVyRi
Retweeted by Lady Gaga10. Donatella #ARTPOPTracklist http://t.co/kafu0JhjXQ
Retweeted by Lady Gaga9. Swine #ARTPOPTracklist http://t.co/jSiu9HtPJi
Retweeted by Lady Gaga8. ARTPOP #ARTPOPTracklist http://t.co/QLUd4ZuKpx
Retweeted by Lady Gaga7. Do What U Want ft. R. Kelly #ARTPOPTracklist http://t.co/AC2ZO4VHXt
Retweeted by Lady Gaga6. MANiCURE #ARTPOPTracklist http://t.co/oC3ono6DJ9
Retweeted by Lady Gaga5. Jewels N' Drugs ft. T.I., Too $hort, and Twista #ARTPOPTracklist http://t.co/bB0j4PPAAF
Retweeted by Lady Gaga4. Sexxx Dreams #ARTPOPTracklist http://t.co/AD3y4NfbAN
Retweeted by Lady Gaga3. G.U.Y. #ARTPOPTracklist http://t.co/P1V4MzZ5pI
Retweeted by Lady Gaga2. Venus #ARTPOPTracklist http://t.co/tUl0MhOmWW
Retweeted by Lady Gaga1. Aura #ARTPOPTracklist http://t.co/68DH62msdU
Retweeted by Lady GagaAt 9pm PT they will all begin tweeting pictures of their work!Known as the LA Rivington Rebels, they've been sleeping outside of the Record Plant (my studio) for a month! Sleeping bags, booze & all.To announce the ARTPOP tracklist I've commissioned a mural by my most dedicated Los Angeles fans.@GagasMaleHooker fuck boundaries. Who put them there anyway@MossieMonstre77 who said it was hip hopAnd look out for DOPE. Track #13. The evolution of a fan song that became a deep confession in the… http://t.co/hk8agfrgmaNo matter what I create only 3 artifacts will remain in the vault when I'm gone 1. the music 2. The album cover 3. any contributions of goodARTPOP TRACKLIST TWITTER 9pm PST TONIGHTTracklist is late because 2 songs are cockfighting for the #12 spot. I'll let u know which cock wins at 9pm tonight :) get out the champagne@jonnswift13 no it is notAURA lyric video is coming by Robert Rodriguez' MACHETE KILLS. It is late because I had it re-mixed+mastered. Blame me I'm a perfectionist!
@SAVANTGARDE_ it really looks like the music sounds he had the album before anybody@ladygaga GREAT analysis of the #ARTPOP cover art by #Koons http://t.co/ec3jkXc9Te
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FULL ARTPOP ALBUM COVER.'One second I'm a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me!' #ApplauseJeffKoons http://t.co/NdAOJ8XKSw@WillyWollyOlly I wanted to be immortalized by Jeff in my original coif! What an honor!@azealiawanks my brain is a strange placefull fetal position does anyone else hear the screams in my head #iHeartARTPOP@ChrisHernandz that has so many meanings