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#CheekToCheek is OFFICIALLY OUT NOW in US, Canada, & Mexico!!! 🎺🎉 BUY NOW: http://t.co/cDRXGkHJ7b http://t.co/c4A6cbEHYmIN ONE HOUR #CheekToCheek will be released in US, Canada & Mexico! Pop some champagne and get ready to swing! 🎷❤️ http://t.co/P7P6HUKINDInternational press conference @ladygaga #CheekToCheek http://t.co/Ty4l1RCMj5
Retweeted by Lady Gaga'CHEEK TO CHEEK' is #1 on the WORLDWIDE iTunes album chart! BUY HERE: http://t.co/cDRXGkHJ7bToday is the best day of my life. Singing w/ @itstonybennett in Brussels wearing a dress made by @Brandonvmaxwell http://t.co/mEGyixTiNvCan't wait to wear this tonight, most beautiful dress I've ever worn! ❤️ @brandonvmaxwell http://t.co/7HFDrTC4Et'CHEEK TO CHEEK' is out NOW in UK, Europe, most of Asia + Latin America! BUY: http://t.co/cDRXGkHJ7b @itstonybennett http://t.co/fX1I4idk6uJoin our chat with @itstonybennett and @ladygaga 9/24 at 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm UK. #AskTonyAndGaga http://t.co/sjKXdbRuwT
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'CHEEK TO CHEEK' is out NOW in the UK! 🎺🎉 BUY: http://t.co/cDRXGkHJ7b@AmyGrimesSuxx Anything Goes! 😍@GMB thanks for the support! Tony and I can't wait to swing with the UK! #CheekToCheekOnGMBMe & Tony did a lovely interview today w/ @RichardAArnold on "Good Morning Britain" gmb Airs SEPT 26th… http://t.co/89ObcgxyCYMe & Tony did a lovely interview today w/ @RichardAArnold on "Good Morning Britain" gmb Airs SEPT 26th… http://t.co/SYkoyIWKAxIn the next 48hrs #CheekToCheek will be out everywhere worldwide. I couldn't be more excited to have… http://t.co/KWYl2qpOqfLoved the Tony & Gaga CBS interview on Cheek to Cheek. Watch it here people http://t.co/AhHqmp55vB
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Goodnight little monsters, spread love with every invention, practice kindness and you will attract it. I wish peace in your hearts tonight.@LGMonsterFacts Wish they printed complete quote I said 'Beyonce' is a wonderful moment for her, & I'm happy to see her respected as an iconJust a little Brussels baby. Whisky Ginger and #CheekToCheek echoing throughout the halls of a… http://t.co/wZFz9zDFHy.@LadyGaga and @ItsTonyBennett talk about music, their friendship, a new CD + more this week on #CBSSunday (9A ET). http://t.co/weGaHVAgKB
Retweeted by Lady Gaga"This album will prove to her that she'll always be around," @ItsTonyBennett says of @LadyGaga. More on #CBSSunday. http://t.co/HKKmAM8sdV
Retweeted by Lady GagaI love my monsters! RT @tobeymonster: Lady Gaga in Brussels today. She looks amazing, that dress is A+! http://t.co/g7UlJOfA4YCheek To Cheek, Out Worldwide Sept 23! http://t.co/qRtQSfzPeCSo I did some good old fashion street team promo on my own, hope they love it! 🎷 http://t.co/XvVzg38T2KStopped by Music Machine Records in Athens to pick up some vinyl and give them a gift but they were… http://t.co/q3o79D2K5DStopped by Music Machine Records in Athens to pick up some vinyl and give them a gift but they were… http://t.co/yCmEQKLnBJOff to see my baby on Brussels #TonyGaga #CheekToCheek http://t.co/c7mjXRBUNu@gagamonster96 this was a live recording from the PBS special, like Bang Bang, they were added last minute because Tony loved them!A spectacular REVIEW of 'Cheek To Cheek' by JAZZ INTELLECTUAL + and expert Howard Reich @chicagotribune http://t.co/zYRlqxS5b9 🎺🎷🎶
@KassioAlexandre mine too :)@Nutellandro this is customary of Ancient Greek Statues, a serious and humble tone, I was channelling this art. #smilingOnTheInsideI will always be stronger than the current I swim against. #ARTPOP #artRaveAthens #OlympicStadium http://t.co/bhOrwhd7vq.@usatodaylife calls #CheekToCheek "an epic musical mash-up". Watch and read here: http://t.co/wxL7GMqbaa @ladygaga
Retweeted by Lady GagaLike many who inspired and came before us, tonight we put ART in the front ⚡️jeffkoonsstudio #ARTPOP http://t.co/FulY1uhwDWLike many who inspired and came before us, tonight we put ART in the front ⚡️jeffkoonsstudio #ARTPOP http://t.co/XimQbQKgwi#artraveAthens Here We Go. http://t.co/iU9PmlMnCjAnother 4 STAR REVIEW of #CheekToCheek by music connoisseur Will Hodgkinson Read Below/Sign Up:http://t.co/5MVYZqffzr http://t.co/W6lsekBQis@KingLadyGaga We wanted to keep the focus on the beauty of the scent & simplicity of love. Not a dark tale, a timeless one. Like the song.@thatsNathan #EauDeGaga is very different from the dark 'FAME' This is why we kept the film timeless, forever, Classic. Like Love, Like Jazz@LabOfHookers because the boxer has wounds in his eyes, fighting for my love!@ARTinesPOP Both! But Eau De Gaga is truly special because it is really for everyone.@BaesicGay it is a very romantic scent, brings together both sexes, Tony sings to me, I sing back, the way the fragrance does, with love :)@HausOfFanis they're fighting over me! :) or ya know, the fragrance :)OK MONSTERS! TREND #HausLaboratories #EauDeGaga Were ALMOST THERE! We worked 2years on this fragrance. 13 NATURAL ingredients and unisex!
@BABYSWEETROSE Mental illness is a real issue, your mind is not functioning properly to make sound decisions Share your triumph, inspire.Go To http://t.co/HTUwGaoobV to SEEK HELP, suicide it NOT the answer. We care, offer compassion, & mentor the process of healing depression.Each year, you remind of us of the dream you bore. A moment of silence for a brave soul, who is no longer suffering. #MonstersRememberJameyRIP Jamey Rodemeyer, its been 3 yrs since his death rattled America, bringing teen suicide, + bullying to the forefront social awareness.So sorry monsters! Napped all day & #CheekToCheek Promo. Promise to come out 2moro! The passion outside hotel is 🙏💗💐😭http://t.co/cTqFFks2U5Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga review – Gaga is a wonder http://t.co/lfqBoCjHlE via @guardianLady Gaga and Tony Bennett are made for each other: Cheek To Cheek review - Daily Mail http://t.co/DzIgeKXBfc
Retweeted by Lady GagaThank you for all the kind words, I won't ever forget this moment. Tony & I love you RT #CheekToCheek ORDER/BUY NOW: http://t.co/zu4nMBCmZqI'm blown away by the love #CheekToCheek is receiving from both monsters and non-fans. (Now new fans!) Thank you for for the precious words..@peoplemag loves #CheekToCheek. Hear what they're hearing- get your copy now: http://t.co/cDdYAnDpc4 @ladygaga http://t.co/dxBEokvqdt
Retweeted by Lady GagaLady and I curated a collection for @giltcity. It's now live at http://t.co/Zg1jE5SbHG @ladygaga #CheekToCheek
Retweeted by Lady GagaGaga's vocals in this album are the best in her whole career!! #CheekToCheek is amazing!!
Retweeted by Lady Gaga#CheekToCheek available now in some countries! BUY or PRE-ORDER: http://t.co/zu4nMBCmZqhttp://t.co/93xuTFIbbS@karol_DaGaga oh don't you worry peanut, I'm a musician in many forms & have 40yrs of music ahead if not more. Enjoy this time, it's specialTwo icons, one Great American Songbook. @ladygaga and @itstonybennett go Cheek to Cheek. http://t.co/zujLYOkLaB
Retweeted by Lady Gaga#CheekToCheek out NOW in some countries BUY HERE: http://t.co/cDRXGkHJ7b Listen to samples from computer browser HERE http://t.co/3sEBirIlNMREAD HERE: additional Q & A w/ Marc Myers on #CheekToCheek, word for word account of my experiences @itstonybennett: http://t.co/hEmMQ9WsOJA Fabulous Review of Cheek To Cheek By Marc Myers, JAZZ EXPERT of the Wall Street Journal: http://t.co/QHCgaTTjtr
@aussiegear you know I love a man who keeps Prozade in his purse. Thanks for the seashells 🌊 my t*ts feel like they just had a gel manicureLady Gaga channels her inner Aphrodite as her dancers carry her amidst hundreds of screaming fans. #artRAVEAthens http://t.co/G60XIgIYxX
Retweeted by Lady GagaChoreographed airport exit with dancers, Gaga is an icon and it can't be questioned. http://t.co/aBhqiBvyfE
Retweeted by Lady GagaThank you for the beautiful warm welcome Athens. We come in the spirit of love, music, and to… http://t.co/SAEuFwBluiAphrodite Lady Shower Greekini, feeling frisky. #Venus💦 http://t.co/0ZUDBjdsoGAnd look what arrived in Athens! EAU DE GAGA 💋 http://t.co/nDpU5UzeGNThank you to Turkish designer ZEYNEPTOSUN for my beautiful dress, arrived this morning for my… http://t.co/kVSlqANHdlBathtime. "The Royal Suite" fit for a Goddess, or you know, a downtown New York gal with big dreams,… http://t.co/0hgI3MGCc1Hello, Greece: https://t.co/DygCmw5ad0Ela Greece. The Goddess of Love is here. Get ready to rave Olympus. #artraveAthens 🌊 http://t.co/b1DZvaDG0WI hope with my music, shows, and message I can share with you all these blessings though the beauty of art. Love, a very humbled Lady. 💋Some days it hits me so hard, reality, I can't express my gratitude enough to monsters+team for believing in me. U changed my families life.Spent a lot of time crying today, happy tears, but many. I can't believe my life. Being able to buy nice things, travel, it's overwhelming.#AphroditeLadySeashellGreekini ! The planets were brought into "Venus" to bring in the Roman interpretation of Greek Art, Astrology! 🌕Were leaving for Greece today to play the Olympic Stadium! I'm so ready! Much of ARTPOP was inspired by classical art + Pagan tradition 🐚
@ladygaga Check out more ARTPOP-inspired tattoos, Gaga! they're awesome 🎨🐚🔵 http://t.co/3fuUyVueJJ
Retweeted by Lady Gaga@skulltatttoo @stuckonfknyou so dope you guys, were connected for life. I'm getting my monster paw tat next. It's TIME!Dope ARTPOP fan tattoo #AphroditeLadySeashellBikini http://t.co/q92ZZ0nUo5Goodnight babies , there will never be another fan base like you. #monster4life thanks for making my… http://t.co/Pnt3bPXFVBI may not be a real Sultana, but this hotel room sure makes me feel like one. #MonsterStyle http://t.co/tQfDormZU3This also occurred, when I became a real life *face palm* moment Someone had too much fun tonight,… http://t.co/ktTWYBwYMjBeautiful crowd tonight just sensational, know every word to ARTPOP. It's unfortunate the media gave… http://t.co/dsJFHbntnyTonight we turned all our pain into a rave. Make art of your sadness, and your whole life will be a… http://t.co/YsDCr1xTPLTonight we turned all our pain into a rave. Make art of your sadness, and your whole life will be a… http://t.co/XHaHJwcgrY@RollingStone thanks anyway for the lovely review and words about Tony and Mr. Horn. They were wonderful friends and it means a lot. 🎶@littleartlover I love music period! Obsessed! Music junkie!@RollingStone meant to not capitalize the composers name, no bother, just wanted to make sure you knew ahbez wanted his name in lower case!Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett team up for the sublime "Nature Boy" from their upcoming 'Cheek to Cheek' album: http://t.co/ae32hYvp8w
Retweeted by Lady GagaLady Gaga & Tony Bennett's "Nature Boy" is #1 on Billboard Trending 140 ! http://t.co/2wcm5tTF8w http://t.co/HftSUgqvi3
Retweeted by Lady GagaHaven't heard it yet? 'NATURE BOY' is streaming NOW: http://t.co/W1l8C9IZdV RT Pre-Order: http://t.co/zu4nMBCmZq #7daysTillCheekToCheek 🎺🐾Show starts in 1 hr 45 min! Were gonna make art in the spirit of rave, and rave in support of the art! LETS GO TURKEY! #artRAVEIstanbul@GagasGirI true!Tonight Lady Gaga plays her 50th artRAVE at ITU STadium in Istanbul. Check out monsters' outfits #artRAVEIstanbul 🎉 http://t.co/tO42OLPoIW
Retweeted by Lady Gaga@Nutellandro you ain't kidding im in there somewhere I can't even get to my own show! 😭Lady Gaga's #artRAVE in Istanbul caused a major traffic jam 😂 @ladygaga #artRAVEIstanbul http://t.co/PvjfuHl3r4
Retweeted by Lady GagaListen to 'NATURE BOY' by @itstonybennett + me, from #CheekToCheek! http://t.co/W1l8C9IZdV RT and preorder new album http://t.co/zu4nMBCmZqTREND IT Monsters! #TonyGagaNatureBoyOnVevo Lets bring jazz to the whole world for these great composers! We can do it!Ok no more informative tweets!---->jazz nerd. Just close your eyes and enjoy "NATURE BOY" in 1hr33 minutes! #ThankUMonstersForSupportingJazz