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Disk is too slow or System Overload.

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@kogler Honestly, there have been so many ripoffs that I stopped bothering to send takedown notices to Apple for each one. @heathborders Feel free to drop my name out of this thread. @schwa has hated me for years for unknown reasons. I don’t know him at all.Thanks, @chuq: https://t.co/mQ6V8vBRyGThis pops up every so often since upgrading to El Cap. Any easy way to find where it’s coming from? https://t.co/PTnHM5fBNA
It’s so bright! https://t.co/ziV3vDtF6M
Retweeted by Marco ArmentI’m not ashamed. But I never want to exploit sympathy.
Retweeted by Marco ArmentWe normally are most comfortable keeping these things off Twitter. But sometimes truthful explanations are important.
Retweeted by Marco ArmentI just want to acknowledge everyone for reaching out to us. Thank you all.
Retweeted by Marco Arment @DanB Thanks. (You played a large role in the existence and success of the personal computer… that’s hard to beat.)Pleasing everyone is impossible. I’m doing the best I can to make things and contribute to a community. Back to the work and family I love.If you harass or threaten anyone, you’re no friend of mine, and don’t dare do it for my benefit. If you’re unreasonable to me, I block you.My mind can’t be consumed with people accusing me of despicable things as I’m helping my wife through our fifth miscarriage.I’ve taken a few days away, dealing with another family loss, and have gained some perspective on what matters.My network, @_RelayFM, is fully behind this invitation. If she wants, @marcoarment would be willing to come on this episode as well! 4/4
Retweeted by Marco ArmentI wanted to publicly repeat that offer here. She has an open invitation to come on Rocket and discuss everything in her piece. 3/4
Retweeted by Marco ArmentThere’s been a lot of talk about @s_bielefeld. When her piece about the patronage model came out, I immediately invited her on Rocket. 2/4
Retweeted by Marco ArmentThe whole reason I started both @Isometricshow and @_RocketFM was to give women in tech a voice, as I felt we were underrepresented. 1/4
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This is great, by the way: https://t.co/zoKzodmCs8That needs to change, but that’s on me to do.Twitter amplifies all voices, even those whose sole goals are confrontation and manipulation. I grant them access to me and my attention.I still have a lot to learn from Louis CK, @HowardStern, and @spolsky about how much tweeting and blogging are really worth.Finally, @tiffanyarment and I rank our Top Four Podcasts (…Right Now): https://t.co/DYOe9BoJp8
Posted: Top Four 5 with @marcoarment, & @tiffanyarment - http://t.co/pgjFOLvQcE
Retweeted by Marco Arment @jcenters Oh no please don’t cross those streams @film_girl That’s far more productive, trust me. (And feel better!) @webtwozero Pretty rough, but better than managing ImageMagick dependencies. @webtwozero My image thumbnailer and Twitter-card HTTPS media proxy are also Go.I’m still using Go as a kind of web assembly language, applying only to major hotspots or specialized roles. I should try a whole app in it. @cocoalabs No relationships — just one busy list and a bunch of basic get/set objects. @lacker It is when you have about 10 other servers manipulating lists and fetching multi-KB objects.The more I write in Go, the weirder I think it is… but the more I kinda like it. @Gromble Honestly, I couldn’t even get through it. Welch has been pretty rough on me for years, for some reason — it seems deeply personal.(Also… when you’re accustomed to Memcache, Redis *is* kinda slow. I’m probably using it wrong.)I know I’m on the right track when I reach the point that the biggest performance problem is that Redis is too slow. @ibuys Quite a few people pointed out her financial errors before I responded at all. @ibuys @danielpunkass @viticci What reaction, specifically? @ibuys @danielpunkass @viticci Why is it my fault that she included wrong numbers about my finances and other people said so? @gtcaz Neither can I. @danielpunkass @ibuys @viticci I keep trying to pin down what this argument even *is*, and it just keeps moving around. @danielpunkass @ibuys @viticci Even if that’s true (which I don’t think), incited them to do what? Disagree? @ibuys @viticci @danielpunkass Can you cite specifically what you’re talking about? @mangowhizz @chrisbrandow @danielpunkass Where was this condemnation? All I saw was agreement and civil disagreement. That’s discussion.ICYMI I wrote about how @marcoarment's move to make Overcast free isn't as big a deal as many have made it out to be http://t.co/xz8Na5CYFN
Retweeted by Marco Arment @cocoalabs Did you find a place to order it? All I got was a mailing-list signup. @KevinColeman Thanks. I appreciate it. @KevinColeman I’m not that good at handling it, believe me. @KevinColeman Because I’m a geek and I care, even if I probably shouldn't. @mangowhizz @chrisbrandow @danielpunkass On what? @esttorhe You keep trying to reframe the discussion before citing any actual specifics. Clearly, you’re not really looking for a discussion.I have been publicly slimed by nonsensical antagonists. It only gets worse, the more well-known you are. Makes me very empathetic of others.
Retweeted by Marco Arment @esttorhe What mob, what were they doing wrong, and what did you expect me to do to stop it? @esttorhe So just to confirm, you also have no specific examples? Seems to be a pattern around here. @esttorhe You’re clearly agreeing with a narrative that’s been presented, but I’m honestly having trouble figuring out what it’s based on. @esttorhe I’ll ask again: Can you be specific about what exactly I said that you’re referring to? @danielpunkass I wish it was that simple. In reality, it’s a small number of angry people (some real, some fake) who’ve hated me for years. @jonnypadams I’ve set the timestamps such that it still works. @tjhunsaker I think I agree, but we disagree on who’s being bullied here. @esttorhe Can you point to exactly what I’ve done to offend you this much? @johnl2112 Yup, that’s a chapter with a URL. @AmyJane Is it from a city in Germany? @CommonTek I would happily come on any podcast with @s_bielefeld. @theevanshow Sure, but attacking people from a pseudonym is a fundamental tool OF harassers. @Dman228 Thank you. That’s certainly how I’m feeling about it. @casuallynorm I’d place a large bet that you will never get her to agree to be on a podcast. @LDColton I know you’re joking, but you probably don’t really know what you’re dealing with here. @profetto @mangowhizz This is the manipulator move: when people disagree with you, change the conversation to something they can’t touch. @profetto @mangowhizz @s_bielefeld The truth in this case is that it has nothing to do with gender. It’s a defensive smokescreen. @s_bielefeld All slander, no substance. You’re a master manipulator and distorter, and I have zero tolerance for people like you. Goodbye. @s_bielefeld So, the answer is no, then?Nice! https://t.co/8JeVUQLnpjIf someone won’t even tell you who they really are, what else are they willing to do? Better not to engage. (I should remember this.) @s_bielefeld Can you show an example of me “bullying”, or are you mischaracterizing people disagreeing with you? @gte @BuildingTwenty @justin @s_bielefeld Don’t worry, there are plenty of distortions to go around!We can all agree on cheese.I can finally delete the iWork ’08 apps!LOL iWork '08 support http://t.co/J7F7M5T1Ir
Retweeted by Marco Arment139: I've Seen This Train Before http://t.co/N5ATvERBq4 Overcast 2, avoiding the Facebookization of podcasts, and trying Medium.
Retweeted by Marco Arment @twstantonio @marcoarment http://t.co/UiycjxWA8Q
Retweeted by Marco ArmentSince @marcoarment can’t seem to please anyone anymore, he’s now perfectly qualified to run for President of the United States. #Arment2016
Retweeted by Marco Arment @Ph1lomena Nope. @_danj_ Yes.Time to share: we made a show, it’s a technology talk show set in 1983. And it’s called Computer Show. http://t.co/50tUedHIEi
Retweeted by Marco ArmentIf you knew that secretly @marcoarment received a VIP Apple Watch Edition from us in April, the internet would explode
Retweeted by Marco Arment @tapbot_paul Not even in coding — just in use, especially on Mac.The San Francisco font’s proportional numbers by default were a mistake. @gilberttangjr Probably because I lived on that block in 2009 and walked everywhere. @StormGarelli I think they’re missing its purpose. It’s to make amateur shows more listenable, not to make well-produced ones sound better. @jvbonaiii I don’t have any Republican fans.Overcast just crossed 500,000 users. This is a great honor. Thank you, everyone.
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We’ll be live in 12 minutes! http://t.co/RytmAun35N
Retweeted by Marco Arment @stephenstockwel Sorry, I’m out of that business."Hello world" in ARM assembly, but hand-drawn like it was in a medieval text https://t.co/yd7d9ehkhG
Retweeted by Marco ArmentVisit http://t.co/g5NvRccF6k It's a show about computers. It's good.
Retweeted by Marco ArmentThanks to @lindvall of @papertrailapp for some great MySQL tuning help! https://t.co/L3KTHQM73wDo I know any high-scale MySQL performance experts who can look at a SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS from high-load time and tell me what’s wrong? @dwiskus Best wishes. I hope you learned a valuable lesson: don’t go to Michigan. @drfindley My initial inclination is actually that I may NOT like GMB as much. Seems like it has less energy in the mids. But maybe placebo. @drfindley I think so, but since I sent my G for upgrade rather than buying new, I can’t A/B them. @drfindley I did the GMB upgrade.