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by @Kittus v@JRA_Mills @Brandy_Snap @SadFaceOtter @JimboLoony @TechnicallyRon @Scotty_McTweety @jimmythepea @WhereTheArtIs @thrivedigitalLOVING your Historical Tweets http://t.co/aIY7auW3yD #HistoricalTweets#HistoricalTweets http://t.co/0FcVGO35F8 (via @EmyrG)#HistoricalTweets http://t.co/Yraa3o85P8 (via @Okeating)The internet has ruined you. http://t.co/M8QknNId19Would you Adam & Eve it? #HistoricalTweets http://t.co/D2BrYLagHv (via @jimmythepea)@daveyjay1985 @Feelwelcome It was pornographic in the extreme.#Historicaltweets http://t.co/C5G8TKjQ43 (via @Feelwelcome)10 of your best New Original Makeovers. http://t.co/VR2FgQcAt5#HistoricalTweets http://t.co/MRSuUXnhhn (via @JRA_Mills)Game of Thrones film posters. http://t.co/xrClYKuB7K#HistoricalTweets #Selfie #YOLT #ForgiveMe http://t.co/KHn5A3acL5 (via @JimboLoony)1066. #HistoricalTweets http://t.co/rzKTpSLKZL (via @Brandy_Snap)#historicaltweets http://t.co/H0GzVyNuSd (via @WhereTheArtIs)12 of the best/worst names ever. http://t.co/xnraw2jJJm#HistoricalTweets http://t.co/cIkVz3iemH (via @thrivedigital)U ok hun? #historicaltweets http://t.co/Dndv2IMAPp (via @1970RobD)#HistoricalTweets http://t.co/iMF2q0RYmy (via @GLove39)#HistoricalTweets http://t.co/thLIH6Nji3 (via @thrivedigital)Poor signal down south. #HistoricalTweets http://t.co/gNAEuofqLo (via @jimmythepea)WATCH> A tour of the British Isles in accents. http://t.co/heJWXIIWv1#HistoricalTweets http://t.co/QokuoUzpvx (via @M_A_Dickson)#historicaltweets http://t.co/B2YCxfgHdv (via @WhereTheArtIs)#historicaltweets http://t.co/WAZaiCKh2F (via @WhereTheArtIs)Jones’ Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage. http://t.co/98VOoRusCs#Historicaltweets http://t.co/txlbBS5jub (via @TechnicallyRon)@Scotty_McTweety @fudgecrumpet He certainly is. He once goaded me into XXXXX a XXXXXX up the XXXXXX. (Redacted)#historicaltweets http://t.co/pVgzlBaMNW (via @Scotty_McTweety)@Kittus @Scotty_McTweety Ha!You could use this template to join in #HistoricalTweets if you want. Maybe you don't. http://t.co/8iAQpwXA4l@Scotty_McTweety Dunno. That seems good to me. Cheers pet!@Scotty_McTweety What tweet template are you using, Scotty m'lad?Hardcore metal musicians pose with their fluffy cats. http://t.co/My3PnczwmE@Scotty_McTweety Haha!#historicaltweets http://t.co/UwbkXxFGrn (via @Kittus)@Scotty_McTweety Erm... just send them in and I'll use my judgement to save us from losing followers (and me my job).Let’s have a lovely time making up #HistoricalTweets like this one from @SadFaceOtter http://t.co/SM16ctcPTj12 of the best/worst names ever. http://t.co/xnraw2jJJmNEW EMOTICONS. :-@ = Mouth Like A Bumhole Face :-& = Been Eating Spaghetti Face :8) = Pig Face 3-) = Bollock Face :-B = Bugs Bunny Face.
Retweeted by The PokeYoda themed butter. http://t.co/Q4YVnSfKnw
Retweeted by The Poke@andrewmarklee haha !
Girl Rescued From Drain By Firefighters After iPhone Blunder http://t.co/m3W3IHquRdWhat we have learned from adverts aimed at women. http://t.co/DWyGW1jKg2 (by @TechnicallyRon)20 Cosplayers who nailed it. http://t.co/VnpzbFPIEwMan ends TV interview in style. http://t.co/nppVtYnmjZNever celebrate too early https://t.co/83BfpiSYDX (via @FootbalIStuff)Spelling matters. http://t.co/U8JOKxUhUQWATCH> Gravity (alternative scene). http://t.co/BXg54yghDgHow to ride a rollercoaster. http://t.co/tHZTN4uPwyThe Jubilee line to Jurassic Park! http://t.co/200CgC62WxI just googled Ramen. Wish I hadn't... http://t.co/aBsAPxWT2JEar Hair Triggers Existential Crisis http://t.co/RT9jFjl4Kb#gameofthronesfilmposters http://t.co/0jWAir4oaw (via @SadFaceOtter)Gravity #gameofthronesfilmposters http://t.co/unU2oy5DpI (via @stevejm866)What we have learned from adverts aimed at women. http://t.co/AWTDk08q1c (by @TechnicallyRon)Bronn on the 4th of July #gameofthronesfilmposters http://t.co/vWGziqT5w9 (via @MrSteveBob)After pulling in Labour core voters last night, Farage has makeover to target Tory heartland. http://t.co/dBTUFFkRVK (via @Brandy_Snap)AGE NEWS: Ear hair triggers existential crisis. http://t.co/h1j51D6I6S#gameofthronesfilmposters http://t.co/9YF0E36cXY (via @M_Chrs)20 Cosplayers who nailed it. http://t.co/VnpzbFPIEwGet Shorty #gameofthronesfilmposters http://t.co/ANH6FRWx9P (via @jonjgough)#gameofthronesfilmposters http://t.co/T8aDgHZDWr (via @audiopsyence)#gameofthronesfilmposters This is my house, I have to defend it! http://t.co/TOe3dwWb37 (via @JustinLeeming)Game of Thrones in the style of other TV shows. http://t.co/CzOXsoktMe (by @JamieDMJ)@Cain_Unable That's unforgivable. You should be removed from the internet. xImpception #gameofthronesfilmposters http://t.co/A0wvCGxFlO (via @robinpeyton)#gameofthronesfilmposters Problem Child http://t.co/3meFjC0tBg (via @Scotty_McTweety)Man ends TV interview in style. http://t.co/nppVtYnmjZSliding Hodors #gameofthronesfilmposters http://t.co/uxqHZWf6dy (via @simonswatman)@Jeffwni The entry will still count - we'll announce winner next week!Spelling matters. http://t.co/U8JOKxUhUQWhere the Wildlings Are. #gameofthronesfilmposters #GameofThrones http://t.co/waMEjAU1u2 (via @brhdodds)#gameofthronesfilmposters http://t.co/StPawoOCrn #GameofThrones (via @Warboar79)WATCH> Gravity (alternative scene). http://t.co/BXg54yghDgRed Wedding Crashers #gameofthronesfilmposters #GameofThrones http://t.co/GcK8NiLvSO (via @brhdodds)How to ride a rollercoaster. http://t.co/tHZTN4uPwy#gameofthronesfilmposters The Snowman http://t.co/yjdY3g15ID (via @alphabetamaxuk)Make a film poster based on #GameofThrones. ‘Hodor’s Wins’ would be a particularly bad example. #gameofthronesfilmpostersGame of Thrones in the style of other TV shows. http://t.co/GSiNud4Fuu (by @JamieDMJ)Some street art is just way to lifelike http://t.co/MdkCpseU8B
14 ways to deal with spiders. http://t.co/mgs4LJ6bmE‘Awwww’ of the day: cat versus humidifier. http://t.co/SijJdUrtOzA glitch in The Matrix. http://t.co/ipqezBzSPdHonest film posters. http://t.co/nf0lmW8jwQHonest trailers: Game of Thrones. http://t.co/F7aEbhh41tHow to deal with junk mail. http://t.co/MUcyANSHriDogs watching TV compilation. http://t.co/qHonKc5GJgThey have accepted me as one of their own... http://t.co/ynvS66UH2B@MarkStevensPD that's inspiredbring on the mash-up's!My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen. The selfie is dead. RT @TheDukeOfYork http://t.co/cRoGbxymSf14 ways to deal with spiders. http://t.co/mgs4LJ6bmE‘Awwww’ of the day: cat versus humidifier. http://t.co/SijJdUrtOz#NewOriginalMakeover http://t.co/IicW5Kurn3 (via @JimboLoony)A glitch in The Matrix. http://t.co/ipqezBzSPd#NewOriginalMakeover http://t.co/C6fOdqwRxv (via @thrivedigital)@Jeffwni @Okeating Haha!@Okeating We'll run it tomorrow too. So - 5pm tomorrow.Honest film posters. http://t.co/nf0lmW8jwQ