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@DeepakChopra mitt is not afraid. he has a big big back who`s supporting :)@DeepakChopra don`t worry, they`ll do it by themselves@DeepakChopra i like to call it the apocalypseHidden irrational forces in the collective mind manifest as violence, genocide, religious wars. We are in the midst of that now.
Retweeted by GeluTodoca@DeepakChopra i can take you beyond ordinary at an ordinary tea, indian oneThe divine speaks silently amid the din of shouting voices, and the miracle is that someone, somewhere, is still willing to listen. #GOD
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@sciencenewsfact yey! Einstein is dead! Vivé la Revolution! Vivé la Gravité!@ManuelColarusso what now? offffffffffffff@deepakchopra R ready to jump? Rihanna - Cockiness (Love It) (Remix) (Audio) ft. A$AP ROCKY: http://t.co/RRSmnFir via @youtube@deepakchopra I Am Your Leader (Explicit): http://t.co/RN2Btt5i via @youtube@DeepakChopra @SFGate why do you like maths? :)@DeepakChopra @SFGate basically it`s symmetry of flavors. that is it.@DeepakChopra @SFGate neurochemistry is as secret as the location of the observer. it is present in every particle.from smallest to greatest@DeepakChopra @SFGate i will right now :) do you want some feedback? :)
the Spirit Mind will tell you what to do and move to another gorgeous direction@sciencenewsfact i love everything that`s tinny :))@TheRealXtina @aleronihead lol , sounds nice but what about the music on it? is it gonna be all lilies and powerpuffs ?@TheRealXtina BIONIC was a total mess. is there anywhere I can listen to some sneak preview from #yourbody ?@IAMJHUD thank you!@IAMJHUD beautiful!@asc_csa @nasa yey! i am !@DeepakChopra http://t.co/WvYdtR7k@fleetadmiralj me either„Așa sunt oamenii: vorbesc de parcă ar ști totul, iar dacă îndrăznești să întrebi, nu știu nimic.“
Retweeted by GeluTodoca@DeepakChopra @SagesScientists agree as well@DeepakChopra i have an olsen crisis@DeepakChopra i need to see you asap@UncleRUSH compensation and empathy? where is that in ur quote?@UncleRUSH what about help?@DeepakChopra why do you look so scared?@NASAKennedy grow them inside. human body has to change for deep space exploration.@ManuelColarusso i hope at least that you`ll get ur internet connection :) >>>^>^<<< }{@ManuelColarusso well , get it out somehow. fly to Bucharest tomorrow!@ManuelColarusso why are you so irritated ? lol@dolcegabbana @Swide i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!@SamsungMobileUS Samsung Aqua. a mobile phone i could use underwater #DontWait@ManuelColarusso ahahahahahaha. you are awesome! come to Bucharest! i have internet :)))@ManuelColarusso lol@fleetadmiralj update pls , i am following@fleetadmiralj the next president u mean? :)))))))))@fleetadmiralj where?@news_va_en united@news_va_en الاتحاد للطيران@Guggenheim this so called Modern Art makes me dizzy! bleax! i am modern and my art stinks !@DeepakChopra experimental recurrence is neutrinos . what you think about this protonic injection?@DeepakChopra i miss you!@Dirk2112 i love Romney so much!Toutes les images du défilé Alexandre Plokhov printemps-été 2013 sont à découvrir ici http://t.co/QcbpU2h3 #NYFW
Retweeted by GeluTodoca@VogueParis wow! this is what i think I LOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@JPGaultier u are so stuck in the past! MOVE ON!!!@VogueParis i don`t like them@sciencenewsfact ahahahahahahahaha@sciencenewsfact combine this with a good daily anal cleaning and a dose of olive oil@physorg_com first we need to start with the moon :) just an effect@DeepakChopra you are an inspiration to me Deepak! thank you, although you refuse to talk to me :)@physorg_com technology needs to be performed to push Mars a little off it`s orbit ;)@DeepakChopra you make me lol sometimes Deepak, so hard@DeepakChopra what??? :-o@jonmbutterworth 2030? OMG! lost in space am I ...@jonmbutterworth mass force matters! how was the end day of #espp2012? 2022 first beam of ILS? Jesus Christ! lolFear clings. Love lets go .
Retweeted by GeluTodoca@deepakchopra I intent:make a self photo shoot with the theme " I am Jesus Christ Reincarnated" and then post it on FB http://t.co/SidjXBiEWhen somebody says "It's getting hot in here" I automatically think, "So take off all your clothes".
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@jonmbutterworth welcome to my world! :-)@TIME @TIMETechland when?@deepakchopra I intend to...talk more with Him today http://t.co/oxMkXqtZ@jonmbutterworth everything is spherical. bubble soups break because of 1.2.3. brrrrrrrrrrrr@jonmbutterworth I see that you are not thinking spherical. or is it my wrong perception? your measurements are good but still you are lost@jonmbutterworth what does NP phases stand for?@jonmbutterworth if i were and alien i would have slapped you by now :))) but i`m not :) i adore you all!@jonmbutterworth yukawa interaction. look more into that. it can be tasted. that was symmetry is. taste of interaction.@jonmbutterworth i already see differences. you are not looking at it right. why do you use a scale? of upwards? turn it upside down and see@jonmbutterworth i am in Heaven! webcast does not work. i`ll look at the slides , the flavors and symmetry one . thank you so much!I intend to...talk on Twitter , today, with 2 guys from CERN. http://t.co/mtbBchI5@NicolodeGroot from center core of Earth@NicolodeGroot there is a force that pushes from downwards. what is it?@NicolodeGroot gravitational waves. i thought it was a castle ... :))@jonmbutterworth bon giorno! come se vai a la #espp2012? is there anywhere i can see what is discussed there? like a live transmit-ion?@saturdaypopo u too!!! :) >>>^>^<<<The universe is aware of itself within us
Retweeted by GeluTodocaLove is the only reality, and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation.
Retweeted by GeluTodocaIn my stillness is eternal being. In my movement--cosmos.
Retweeted by GeluTodocaNow is the still point in which the universe arises & subsides. #CosmicConsciousness
Retweeted by GeluTodocaThe universe forever manifests as "I". #CosmicConsciousness
Retweeted by GeluTodoca@deepakchopra I was Jesus of Nazareth, Israel and now I am Gelu Catalin Todoca from Apateu, Romania http://t.co/OjvAM3AM@deepakchopra so true! Eminem - We Made You: http://t.co/uUUyYfzU@ManuelColarusso buon giorno Manuel! >>>^.^<<< }{@deepakchopra I intend to...be Recognized by at least 1 person today as Who I Am http://t.co/SENBNcS5i need recognition . that`s my problem . nobody recognizes me, anywhere
@time @timenewsfeed horiblé figurines!@jonmbutterworth i have the tendancy to jump overboard! Like you guys do! We can speed up the process! That's why i am excited!YOLO http://t.co/NhwgSHOY
Retweeted by GeluTodocaYOLO@saturdaypopo sleep tight ! :)) future is right here!@jonmbutterworth i am so excited and I just can`t hide it! why you are not there? or are you?@paulocoelho you are already! kiss from Bucharest!@LucaTodoca @jonmbutterworth i would love to attend!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!@LucaTodoca @jonmbutterworth la mejor problema que tienes : un observatorio individual :)))@jonmbutterworth i am so excited:se discutirá sobre : LHC, I+D en aceleradores , ILC, neutrinos, astro-partículas, física teórica y nuclear.@jonmbutterworth from #espp2012 i understand espana :))) not that`s a messed up technicality@jonmbutterworth i love technical and mathematical and chemistry . thanks! what about? higgs again?@physorg_com perfect!@474864538 @jpgaultier bleax! Horriblé!@lucatodoca @deepakchopra i don't understand why u refuse to reply. Are u blinded? It's not the a380 hiting , it's me striking a posé x@lucatodoca @deepakchopra witest= wireless testbed. Like the one i'm in right now :-)@deepakchopra son, don't you think it's about time?@deepakchopra you are so right. The witest and the Schiofrenics lolSubtle is the Lord, however he is not malicious.
Retweeted by GeluTodocaNo problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
Retweeted by GeluTodoca@manuelcolarusso lol@cern @jonmbutterworth i really don't understand! What is this ???@einsteinbot what mean awe? Aaaa, we? Or : aaaaaa, qui? Or: aaaaa , mais wi in french??? :-)))@deepakchopra ...Make Deepak Chopra talk to Me Directly . It has been a Hell of a Fight hasn`t It , Dear Deepak? http://t.co/NSlH0wE1@deepakchopra I intend to...be Pontificated as Pope Lucius IIV http://t.co/xDxg0Y93
@CNN yey!@CNN no@NicoleScherzy hey! bip bip!The Dark Lord is going to follow everyone who follows @comedyfact RETWEET if you did so I know who to follow!
Retweeted by GeluTodocaCatastrophy: http://t.co/K7hE8DP8 via @deepakchopra@deepakchopra I intend to...live Forever! untimely. http://t.co/Yw8KMxxmbom bom pow!hey! Etna!ni la tata! come to daddy!chain me! try!!!latin , hatna! latin!man male! sick man!@iamwill undercover!@iamwill enjoy!I intend to...let the Universe Guide Me. it is all planned anyway... i am gonna just enjoy! http://t.co/Tycnqpf2@deepakchopra imagine, the impact@deepakchopra maybe u can heal me of my previous history@deepakchopra or better, u can call and record . It will be a smash hit! :-))@deepakchopra aparently we are not on the same wavelenght@deepakchopra i feel like talking to you! Would u like to talk back?Catholic bishop, Robert Finn, convicted for not reporting child abuse - God Discussion (blog) http://t.co/IqC6tTpE
Retweeted by GeluTodoca@deepakchopra I intend to...let Emotions Out today: cry, laugh , joy... Feel. I am a machine, so complex. :) http://t.co/oOY3CuxC@DeepakChopra yes it is :)) are you?
i think i will go to sleep. deepak seems very busy@The_Real_IMAN nice, ying yang :))@The_Real_IMAN gorgeous! both of u!@The_Real_IMAN the man is gorgeous , the bag ? bleax!
@news_va_en very good@DeepakChopra yes!@deepakchopra Check out jesus-luca by ~JeluTodoca on @deviantART http://t.co/8pIWXodX@deepakchopra I intend to...Let @ least 10 people Know, today, that They are Pieces of God http://t.co/7rEVCAzi
@sciencenewsfact it starts from skin and in the skin i reveal my glory. as Madonna likes to say or sing or crack@sciencenewsfact good!@styledotcom @kimberlyovitz univented ones@styledotcom @kimberlyovitz i do@DeepakChopra i am bored, and sleepy and undercovered and all. que esta pasando?I intend to...masturbate to gay free porn http://t.co/39MYvq7K@deepakchopra twice i tried to see Avatar and twice i failed asslipI intend to...give up, today, 06:09:2012, to the Fact that I am GOD! see what happens http://t.co/866P9qlU
I intend to...stop this Madness You are IN. http://t.co/soQuuU16ahahahahahaha. je vous aimeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! kiss and hugs, if you can afford :))))@LucaTodoca @DeepakChopra @cosmicsociety and theoretical and stuff. theoretic we all know it. practical we just need to eat, sleep and fuck@DeepakChopra @cosmicsociety i don`t like this general relatively you keep referring to.get past Einstein. Jesus Christ Superstar!@DeepakChopra lol. it is already printed in everyone's consciousness@paulocoelho I intend to...Make Them put OLive Trees on The Palm in Dubai! http://t.co/A9soXuQ6@deepakchopra I intend to...Make Them put OLive Trees on The Palm in Dubai! http://t.co/A9soXuQ6@LucaTodoca @YasserHareb make The Palm a new World Wonder. as it is intended to Be! MIX! and they will all come! step out a little :))@YasserHareb ! إن شاء الله على وضع بالم الزيتون. يتساءل لهم جعل!
I intend to Test Each and Every Singular ONE of you INDIVIDUALLY in my new Church! TEMPLE EXPIATORI DE LA SGB !!! lsd? cocaine? LSBD? GAY?God created dinosaurs, god destroyed dinosars. god creates man. Democrats destroy god, dinosaurs eat democrats, republicans rule the earth
Retweeted by GeluTodocaI intend to Become so flexible (like gymnasts) and Suck Again my own Dick! I used to do it before! http://t.co/OUFhN2yWI intend to Stop Time on 21:12:2012 09:00 am GMT http://t.co/J5mh40Wm@paulocoelho @CoelhoEspanol hi! how are you?I intend to @deepakchopra...soon get bored with this Site! http://t.co/t8sElzVK@harrymccracken good one. you have been struggling a lot , u deserve a reword! good boy! here`s your biscuit@ScienceChannel ahahahahahahaha. good one!@deepakchopra show to everyOne i meet today that I am loaded with money although I can barely Cross the street :)) http://t.co/YQTUMwKZJudge eVERYTHING That moves oR is static. last time i came from light. THIS TIME I COME FROM DARKNESS! http://t.co/GT9ADdLeshow to everyOne i meet today 04:09:2012 that I am loaded with money although I can barely Cross the street :)) http://t.co/YQTUMwKZ@deepakchopra smoothly Prepare my Coming Out of the Closet on the 21:12:2012. I have a Theing with Numbers! :))) http://t.co/OiZOLt8F@deepakchopra I intend to Experimenter More! http://t.co/sVK2K4Rm
@pzmyers @idebunkforme lol! Where is this anger cumming from?!? Ahahahaha@lucatodoca my work is never done! Ever! Lol!@pzmyers and where are they now?I intend to...Play More! http://t.co/b2ubj3lA@lucatodoca @apostle_david hi! :-)))@auroramax_asc i love it!!!!!!!!!ALERTE AURORAMAX • Une tempête géomagnétique de classe G2 est en cours! Observateurs du #Canada soyez aux aguets pour les aurores ce soir!
Retweeted by GeluTodoca@apostle_david new book is written! Here! :-)))@apostle_david new era began the day i was born. 23:06:1982@apostle_david Romania is the new place! Jerusalem is over and done!Would you like a table? No I came to eat on the ground. Carpet for 5 five please.
Retweeted by GeluTodoca@paulocoelho @deepakchopra donde estas?@science yey!!!!! Search!!! Test! Free!!!@coelhoespanol more trolls are activeting! Yey! Enjoy!@romancatholic36 experimenting much?@whitehouse work it!@apostle_david @lucatodoca what mountains? Or which?@unclerush @tyrese i want to listen and i can't :-(@coelhoespanol i am a troll! Chase ne!@deepakchopra what travels faster than light?@DeepakChopra @JulieZwillich @theChopraCenter she seems totally lost there@YasserHareb هي رائعة. أسعار لها على الحجر@UncleRUSH it will take you lightyears to move. ur like a rock . and this is nicely said . ajajahahahahahahaha@UncleRUSH you are still stucked on this planet darling . ahahahahahahahaha