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#nichemagazines http://t.co/jzF69Vr7bC (via @lemora)Phwoarr! #nichemagazines http://t.co/IBSbcjrKkQ (via @jimmythepea)WATCH> Prank of the day: Cop car chase. http://t.co/KwAox0mKCd#nichemagazines http://t.co/7kEibkOop8 (via @SadFaceOtter)#nichemagazines http://t.co/axYq7uJ5C3 (via @PhilLucas)So this exists. Horse head squirrel feeder. http://t.co/sLtQ8F8Zaa#nichemagazines http://t.co/hW2pxA6EMv (via @fudgecrumpet)#nichemagazines http://t.co/XOwpLYqe9m (via @WhereTheArtIs)WATCH> Best US news bloopers [February 2014] http://t.co/FhxS3HjrjlTime Out: Belmarsh #nichemagazines http://t.co/QDuGX69LFr http://t.co/IBkFSYktNC (via @Feelwelcome)How to make bin collection day more exciting. http://t.co/6c2o2Sz5DnThink of the most niche magazine possible and make a beautiful cover for it. #nichemagazinesTECH NEWS: ‘Wstmnstr’ dating app for MPs launched. http://t.co/6Axlhz87adRecovery vehicle service of the day http://t.co/sqCrGn2KxU
MERCH: Introducing the ‘Michael Gove is a Massive Wanker’ t-shirt http://t.co/UrHnJlrIIJ. Designed by @LordBunn http://t.co/T9LroAVUrk
Retweeted by The PokePhilosophy explained with doughnuts. http://t.co/pGJAmRqeJFLiving life on a knife edge http://t.co/I70IqmHDHtWATCH> Arm contortion dancing is a thing. http://t.co/Q6oquwzy2DExactly when to eat an avocado. http://t.co/t5eID2iaIEWATCH> How not to tow a car. http://t.co/2FQpsVgBDuThe downside of picking up a thrash metal band from the airport. http://t.co/b8I8c31NTTTrololo Cat. http://t.co/IrWtvn9C0b (via @BiscuitAhoy)If the London Underground told the truth http://t.co/QdxiIdagzx http://t.co/cnyEfopLb2
Retweeted by The PokeHelpful bookshop notice of the day. http://t.co/Xdn7ZM1j0rThink of a card. http://t.co/3mL9d1H7W4#pixellatedinnocence http://t.co/p20P0jl81n (via @EmyrG)Philosophy explained with doughnuts. http://t.co/bCpIy2K2fB#pixellatedinnocence http://t.co/JZ29AtDiCF (via @whowattswhy)WATCH> Arm contortion dancing is a thing. http://t.co/Q6oquwzy2D#pixellatedinnocence http://t.co/3YEcRW5DU9 (via @jdpjamesp)#pixellatedinnocence http://t.co/V9nOPTpHO6 (via @G_hine)Exactly when to eat an avocado. http://t.co/t5eID2iaIE#pixellatedinnocence http://t.co/s0kXy2h1at (via @alreadytaken74)#pixellatedinnocence http://t.co/Xs9QzUpg3j (via @fudgecrumpet)Ad remix of the day: That girl on a bike with a singing cat. http://t.co/2ykIIDjybT#pixellatedinnocence http://t.co/2Vn4RMXRY9 (via @thisisgilbs)Bit inappropriate! http://t.co/CDnVx9sQpo
Retweeted by The Poke#pixellatedinnocence http://t.co/9nL4Yn1mrB (via @SummerRay)This has had me in total stitches this morning. Well done @ThePoke http://t.co/jxRvpquaMZ #SingItKitty
Retweeted by The PokeWATCH> How not to tow a car. http://t.co/2FQpsVgBDu#pixellatedinnocence Side Show Nob. http://t.co/cCrNiRorHc (via @mrrllewis)Tony and George - a special relationship #PixellatedInnocence http://t.co/d8zvQUHt02 (via @pearsquasher)The downside of picking up a thrash metal band from the airport. http://t.co/u1sNEzCkt9#pixellatedinnocence http://t.co/7xcQLRqQxp (via @sketch_a_etch)#pixellatedinnocence http://t.co/uX3k5P7Dqc (via @Warboar79)Trololo Cat. http://t.co/IrWtvn9C0b (via @BiscuitAhoy)#pixellatedinnocence #1D http://t.co/97PicDAgym (via @M_A_Dickson)Helpful bookshop notice of the day. http://t.co/Xdn7ZM1j0r#pixellatedinnocence http://t.co/0HkhM2GfYO (via @fudgecrumpet)Facepalm http://t.co/7ptLX84gb3 (via @DavidPrescott)Take a perfectly innocent image and add some craftily placed pixels to imply a bit o’ rudeness. #pixellatedinnocence http://t.co/X9p5mga8DYAd remix of the day: That girl on a bike with a singing cat. http://t.co/2ykIIDjybT@StephenLepitak The latest Three advert remixed http://t.co/wmxHhKee9S #advertising #SingItKitty@jezzalee The latest Three advert remixed http://t.co/wmxHhKee9S #advertising #SingItKittyMorning timeline http://t.co/lsX7rEoQSe@lukeosullivan ta!We remixed that that Girl On A Bike With A Singing Cat advert http://t.co/2ykIIDjybTDear @iamwill, I did this to you. You're welcome. Venus http://t.co/1gsJUkjFiW
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It’ll take you a minute.... http://t.co/J5LjrvIyAqWATCH> Real men demonstrate snow swimming. http://t.co/xq80TEFukY@TitusRadio ta!A selection of Channel 4 film posters. http://t.co/RVpweGMzUjThe danger of missing a comma is even more dangerous when it’s on a BBC autocue. http://t.co/rAcdwDWh1zModern romance. http://t.co/gzKV1c4CZSMeanwhile in Holland they are raving to Benny Hill... http://t.co/mJD2dK4d7x@BASTILLEdan haha! It's too good...Why, Japan? Tell us why! http://t.co/2WCyRp8ctIWATCH> Mash up of the day: ‘Never Gonna Wake Up’. http://t.co/tNBOMud60KShakespeare’s deaths and murders [infographic]. http://t.co/7mjiSDqYO6.@KimKardashian U ok hun? xx http://t.co/HsZ418AEPj
Retweeted by The Pokethree days later - we're still watching this Vine https://t.co/ZbCADeohZRWATCH> Real men demonstrate snow swimming. http://t.co/xq80TEnl6QRickroll of the day http://t.co/Qc6SpW1TOGLady Gaga #LiteralAlbumCovers http://t.co/2OSl2tulXc (via @thrivedigital)#LiteralAlbumCovers miley cyrus http://t.co/e2F1uKMDgQ (via @KR1ST0F3R)A selection of Channel 4 film posters. http://t.co/rWhghBiYup#LiteralAlbumCovers http://t.co/IyzKkHFQ8c (via @alreadytaken74)The danger of missing a comma is even more dangerous when it’s on a BBC autocue. http://t.co/IjEraINrsb#LiteralAlbumCovers Like A Virgin http://t.co/Voit1KymKm (via @JimboLoony)#LiteralAlbumCovers http://t.co/Mr4JDlDJ0N (via @SadFaceOtter)Modern romance. http://t.co/gzKV1bMtLK#LiteralAlbumCovers http://t.co/3UoAql55VH (via @alreadytaken74)An Elvis album from way back … #LiteralAlbumCovers http://t.co/DEDdlHZZnJ (via @jimmythepea)#LiteralAlbumCovers http://t.co/U5dSpNtAad (via @Herdsmann)10 ways to deal with weather. http://t.co/gnHVEceKOQ#LiteralAlbumCovers http://t.co/0DaCRbKuBv (via @DubWeasel)#LiteralAlbumCovers http://t.co/d09j6hrCba (via @SadFaceOtter)#LiteralAlbumCovers U2 - The Joshua Tree http://t.co/tMIFK1xvV7 (via @simm_minogue)Meanwhile in Holland they are raving to Benny Hill... http://t.co/WUQpouraZk#LiteralAlbumCovers http://t.co/ybi9IeTH4y (via @alreadytaken74)The BeeGees Number Ones #LiteralAlbumCovers http://t.co/MQSEFBHSZj (via @Scotty_McTweety)Why, Japan? Tell us why! http://t.co/2WCyRp8ctI#LiteralAlbumCovers Massive Attack - Protection http://t.co/IRm8BDcXWO (via @VictorMRiordan)#LiteralAlbumCovers #BackToBedlam http://t.co/KuaEibDm5k (via @JimboLoony)WATCH> Mash up of the day: ‘Never Gonna Wake Up’. http://t.co/RKRoVjHVw7#LiteralAlbumCovers http://t.co/WQmZa46CPq (via @PhilLucas)#LiteralAlbumCovers http://t.co/YyQx3oAne0 (via @WhereTheArtIs)Shakespeare’s deaths and murders [infographic]. http://t.co/7mjiSDqYO6#LiteralAlbumCovers Radiohead - The Bends http://t.co/ESrVctX24j (via @mrmrreekie)We’d like more of your #LiteralAlbumCovers please. Beauties like these: http://t.co/k7mWrq1feh10 ways to deal with weather. http://t.co/gnHVEceKOQMeanwhile in Shoreditch http://t.co/fxzF6hWE6a
The best florist in Glasgow? http://t.co/mqi4wjqaTYTRY THIS > Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator http://t.co/TG6WB63qS8@Culture_Agent it's a belter!The German chancellor and The Israeli PM called a press conference. Awkward shadow puppetry occurred. http://t.co/raGkqYwhA8Hipster tube invasion. http://t.co/pBCEZcOeZNWATCH> Squirrel steals model aeroplane. http://t.co/M6W8oCHlsVPregnancy announcement of the day. http://t.co/hd7P0eRkmxVan of the day http://t.co/JAn1jTMcLVWATCH> 365 days of penises. http://t.co/KF768jPAlm (via @emmak67)#Channel4FilmPosters http://t.co/GM4caeRGSF (via @fudgecrumpet)Brookside Story #Channel4FilmPosters http://t.co/r7qPNTm5XI (via @jimmythepea)The best florist in Glasgow? http://t.co/mqi4wjqaTY#Channel4FilmPosters http://t.co/HQNhlc9xVE (via @tumour)WATCH> Priceless camera error on BBC News. http://t.co/mFzQve7IJm#Channel4FilmPosters http://t.co/SN6ugJWQzW (via @Jimbolinos)#Channel4FilmPosters http://t.co/l7WVusNZeI (via @sherbsville)Proof that it’s possible to build a Lego spaceship out of anything. http://t.co/AleBesvyfd#Channel4FilmPosters http://t.co/AyfXFxiUNa (via @thrivedigital)Greed, Envy,Wrath,etc… #Channel4FilmPosters http://t.co/XBJFeweKYD (via @Brandy_Snap)LEAKED! Channel 4’s Programme Ideas Generator. http://t.co/Stfs3yASDp#Channel4FilmPosters George of the Jungle http://t.co/nZfT9XziMo (via @drofidnas)#Channel4FilmPosters http://t.co/voTwpCyJEF (via @schhmadam)#Channel4FilmPosters The I.T Crowd http://t.co/glcpzDrPZN (via @TheRealNickKay)WATCH> How to shut down a party with a carrot. http://t.co/2Z2nsAhBdH#Channel4FilmPosters John McCRiddick http://t.co/ZdOI1eSSuu (via @SummerRay)Shameless in Seattle #Channel4FilmPosters http://t.co/iG9AaoIi1D (via @Warboar79)Hipster tube invasion. http://t.co/pBCEZcOeZN#Channel4FilmPosters http://t.co/8Js3MQM4iu (via @PhilLucas)#Channel4FilmPosters http://t.co/behl8qSsaD (via @fudgecrumpet)WATCH> Squirrel steals model aeroplane. http://t.co/M6W8oCHlsV#Channel4FilmPosters http://t.co/KUFDBOfB1u (via @Ninjamitch)@scottfish75 Beautiful!Father Ted of the Bride #Channel4FilmPosters http://t.co/NmoyqWIcp1 (via @Dickkie85)Pregnancy announcement of the day. http://t.co/hd7P0eRkmx#Channel4FilmPosters http://t.co/OIeiU8MeT4 (via @Atofyb)Use a Channel 4 programme or star past or present and give it / them the big screen treatment. #Channel4FilmPostersLEAKED! Channel 4’s Programme Ideas Generator. http://t.co/Stfs3yASDpKids book of the day http://t.co/fj89eBUuWBwebsite of the day http://t.co/CvRazRz0WM
Vine of the day https://t.co/ZbCADeohZR (via @karliismith)This Sherlock themed birthday cake is really rather brilliant http://t.co/NgQ5DuvNE5 (via @SamiraAhmedUK)WATCH> Mark Feigenbutz Celebrity Rundown. http://t.co/mQJV8VTgvkHave some real life celebrities. http://t.co/z1tHynSdU3WATCH> The best AC/DC cover played on cellos you’ll hear today. http://t.co/zAwvFVO97XHeadline of the day http://t.co/EWSSOyPD6e (via @StigAbell)Motivational Flowchart. http://t.co/VFNRlGY9kmWATCH> Olympic speed skating: Mario version. http://t.co/5a79SgEprtSweet pub poetry. http://t.co/8UM5nrmkfRJohn Lenin….? #celebrityhybrids http://t.co/6FYs5ZywEt (via @CredulousMoron)Samuel M. Jackson #celebrityhybrids http://t.co/zCN2PYanhk (via @thrivedigital)10 ways to celebrate potholes. http://t.co/5klfjI0fMn#celebrityhybrids Jedward and Mrs Simpson http://t.co/65bL2KvNsQ (via @VenusDeMileage)#celebrityhybrids Jean-Claude Van Dame Edna Everage http://t.co/1dsszFBmoV (via @JimboLoony)WATCH> Mark Feigenbutz Celebrity Rundown. http://t.co/mQJV8VTgvkNick Cleggo #celebrityhybrids http://t.co/EYEh4EcQZQ (via @fudgecrumpet)#celebrityhybrids Cleopatrick Stewart http://t.co/9kxVoKviGh (via @horridwars)Have some real life celebrities. http://t.co/z1tHynSdU3#celebrityhybrids Edgar Allan Pogue http://t.co/LBVXzQmWx1 (via @VenusDeMileage)Tim Allen Partridge. #celebrityhybrids http://t.co/ZaYAJW69vW (via @DocHackenbush)Charlton Heston Blumenthal #celebrityhybrids http://t.co/y05Z3RIsqY (via @jonculshaw)SATURDAY NIGHT NEWS: Dog fart sabotages dinner party. http://t.co/quojpT42kqhttp://t.co/41O1l8vNXz #celebrityhybrids http://t.co/HWpRr420Eb (via @VenusDeMileage)Dennis Taylor Swift #celebrityhybrids http://t.co/BksVSwy9br (via @chriscomben)Alan Carrs. #celebrityhybrids http://t.co/BcHltDFwVN (via @fudgecrumpet)WATCH> The best AC/DC cover played on cellos you’ll hear today. http://t.co/SsUAXaUtxiEtta James Corden #celebrityhybrids http://t.co/4N3J6VXAdO (via @kitkant)Tamsin Greig Davies #celebrityhybrids http://t.co/otvtIHqlDH (via @chriscomben)Motivational Flowchart. http://t.co/VFNRlGY9kmBarbara Windsor Davies #celebrityhybrids http://t.co/bZlzGhCArg (via @fudgecrumpet)‘Fess up teachers; you would, wouldn’t you? George Michael Gove. #celebrityhybrids http://t.co/PTwgQ98UTK (via @Brandy_Snap)WATCH> Olympic speed skating: Mario version. http://t.co/5a79SgEprtPiers Morgan Fairchild #celebrityhybrids http://t.co/qwB3NyC4ni (via @thrivedigital)#celebrityhybrids Larry David Beckham http://t.co/Fj24bjUrPM (via @craiguito)Sweet pub poetry. http://t.co/8UM5nrmkfR#celebrityhybrids Piers Morgan Freeman http://t.co/RXgfGMp9EO (via @QuebecTango)Stick a couple of celebrities in the LHC and smash them together at near light speed to create #celebrityhybrids: http://t.co/WSizUDbdhOSATURDAY NIGHT NEWS: Dog fart sabotages dinner party. http://t.co/quojpT42kqThe worst tourist attraction in Copenhagen http://t.co/xwKFXGBcc7#recap America faces a new crisis. http://t.co/sO0W1cc1k3
Still the best typo in a takeaway menu ever. http://t.co/3j1eJWDorN
Retweeted by The Poke#recap Blog of the day: Piña Colliding. http://t.co/46do074pdEThe sixth rule of Fight Club is 'Leave it, Darren! He's not worth it!'.
Retweeted by The PokeIt’s pretty straightforward if you just read the instructions; http://t.co/oUkmow6nwS
Retweeted by The PokeEntirely appropriate vending machine malfunction rage of the day http://t.co/gf2UYnLn2Y (via @RiffRaff41)#recap Why the Microsoft logo is an 'X'. http://t.co/ZxJ6GfxUhr#recap Honest Trailers: Gravity. http://t.co/GysEaWz4NMReader letter of the day. Spotted in the Sunday Telegraph. http://t.co/CBNZ5nC21q (via @SophyRidgeSky)#recap How to celebrate Matt's birthday. http://t.co/EknRTWZpFlRT of the Day @AlsBoy My feeling is this news story contains the greatest closing sentence in history of journalism http://t.co/LWxMJ4RCmH
Retweeted by The Poke@jwren51 @neil_gillon @frankieboyle oh dear - v.poor...#recap 7 reasons why grammar nazis should never eat out. http://t.co/tcqGggMPJPObama met the Dalai Lama this week. China objected. The Daily Record delivered this belter. http://t.co/5HnEFIOMhc via (@neil_gillon)#recap WATCH> Laurel & Hardy vs. Santana. http://t.co/M8QQXFN0A9#recap Meanwhile in Somerset... http://t.co/Jfk1QlYt62#recap Top 10 Cockney Album covers. http://t.co/jz2w3RW36j#recap WATCH> This armadillo gathers leaves like Michael Jackson. http://t.co/tXCP721GS3#recap Couple caught on KissCam. http://t.co/MuoedevVw2#recap The faces of Olympic figure skating. http://t.co/ePZWlKAlhy