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Unofficial blog about classical music on Spotify.

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@wheresrunnicles Bing http://t.co/nRzWqszV @wheresrunnicles This one? http://t.co/T5LcpM6wNew playlist: Edition Staatskapelle Dresden on Spotify http://t.co/iJTzORy6 From Fritz Busch to Christian Thielemann, 46 hours. @HitzTuba Awesome. Enjoy the tour and any time is fine:) Can't find an email on your blog, mine: spotifyclassical at gmail com Stay in touchTips on how best to search for classical music on Spotify but actually useful for all genres: http://t.co/CzfWGsDM
Retweeted by SpotifyClassical @HitzTuba Thanks for the plug. Would you be interested in sharing a Tuba playlist for the Spotify Orchestra? http://t.co/Usz91gPR
@piesaac For more question, please ask @DAChesterFrench directly:) I've done my share here... Will let you know when I find out more. @piesaac And compares to Bandcamp & co, they have lots to improve for indies, yes. Then it's another topic, right? @piesaac But you need to promote your album accordingly, new fans not just come to you because you are on Spotify, almost everyone is. @piesaac ..for 10+ times, if you can sell 1k CD. I said that many times before. @piesaac That's a understatement actually, and you forged the next half. Of course it's highly possible to get 10k people stream you music.. @piesaac This article missed one point: many more people stream "for free" than buying albums. It could work, we just don't know yet. @piesaac 30% revenue from millions of subs is enough to run such a thing, IMO... http://t.co/f1kDgsN5 They are just expanding @piesaac To my understand it's the same, they pay the rights owner or aggregator, how to re-distribute the payment is out of their control. @piesaac Just for the record, if ZoeCello ever tweeted a Spotify link, and 1m of her followers listen to a 10-track album, she makes $30k.. @piesaac So far it makes sense to me...Coldplay get $200k/month, ZoeCello gets $200 in a quarter, from Spotify.It gets better when it scales @piesaac Do you have any evidence for their wrongdoings, other than some indies get paid little (because their music was not streamed much)? @piesaac Right. But per-stream rate is calculated from track popularity and total revenue, not fixed (like ¢0.5 for majors, 0.4 for indies). @piesaac ... (exclude Naxos, Merlin, Orchard etc.) would account for much of the total streams/royalties. Is it worthy to play tricks? @piesaac That would be a stretch from "within a small margin". And I don't think real, small, powerless indies... @piesaac To me it's a supplement to the main point. And if they're going to pay 70% anyway, why'd they ever want to play tricks to indies? @piesaac Many things are involved (on-demand -streaming, free radio mobile streaming in the US etc.) Maybe he's just try to be precise. @piesaac What is the pay-per-stream rate for your album on Spotify? If it's also on Pandora, can you compare? @piesaac But I just want to get across some basic facts (70%, same for indie and major) that most people don't care to check before bashing @piesaac I'd like to know more details too.Maybe you can request and compare stats from two labels (like Naxos and New Amsterdam?) & compare @newmusicbox ...Spotify pays 70% total revenues back as royalties, and "We treat payments to indies and major labels the same way." @newmusicbox 3. Before you say "so it's indie artists that got paid unfairly?" Please see http://t.co/4kboRQJj @newmusicbox 1.The article doesn't mention Spotify 2.If you care to compare facts, Spotify pays big acts handsomely too http://t.co/rqnaFLes
New Benjamin Britten album from Nicholas Phan & Myra Huang, Still Falls The Rain http://t.co/kBbnQmd3 ping: @alexrossmusicBased on a Spotify listen - I'll buy tomorrow - @OfficialMeshell's Nina Simone hommage is in most ways ultra super. http://t.co/Amsungk1
Retweeted by SpotifyClassical.@AlexRossMusic' Recommended CDs playlist updated with @esapekkasalonen's new recording & Rattle's 4-movt Bruckner 9th http://t.co/WAvjpUOo
"But why do we listen to music, if not because it says the unsayable?" RT: @nprclassical: @JonathanBiss on Schumann: http://t.co/GAW310a2 @sandy_burnett Yes it's a problem that needs to be fixed. The desktop app (PC & Mac) shows long titles though.
"Where do I get classical music?" http://t.co/5ojGUNvE via @redditFor Music Monday, a special Spotify playlist celebrating out Classical Concert Series which kicks off this week! #MM http://t.co/z54EzP2A
Retweeted by SpotifyClassicalNew playlist: Nostalgia for a Far Away Future Utopia - Luigi Nono Complete Chronological Catalogue on Spotify http://t.co/ZxcUhE5f @musikFabrik You just need to read @moderncomp's tweet more carefully:) https://t.co/Dezn30u9
Added “This is the World We Know, the World of Air and Breathing and Sun and Beating Hearts” to the Maslanka playlist http://t.co/DNk2slwP @CBCarey The same to you:)Google is celebrating the birthday of Thom Yorke, Yo-Yo Ma, @CBCarey, @Spotify (beta launched Oct. 7, 2008) and mine, with Bohr doodle. @foolintheforest Sympathy For The Devil, Shanghai, 2006 https://t.co/bi7lojc6 Don Giovanni was my first opera, in which Don used an iPhone.
Wow, my #SpotifyApp http://t.co/QRsajSZy is back on top 40 (UK chart). Classical music is almost as popular as Blur! http://t.co/Gnatvsas @spotidj The answer http://t.co/f1kDgsN5 Or rather, Why the question is stupid.
To detox the 110 hours of Strauss Family I posted this week: Frankie Yankovic's Pennsylvania Polka, from Groundhog Day http://t.co/IPE1Gcx3Get All The Shakespeare Things (on Spotify) http://t.co/10mHvKim
Retweeted by SpotifyClassicalI posted a #SpotifyIdea (Follow artists) in the #SpotifyCommunity http://t.co/cyHlFnHc Vote up if you also want this feature.50 years ago today: release of first James Bond movie, Dr. No, and first Beatles single, Love Me Do.
Retweeted by SpotifyClassicalJohann Strauss II Complete Orchestral Edition on Spotify http://t.co/lI2wRUEM A milestone in recording history by Marco Polo/@naxosrecordsAnd Musically Speaking http://t.co/TICiYnvb @andrewski How did you know?;) http://t.co/ygywuptX It's unpublished yet, enjoy. Also don't miss http://t.co/mYA0z5Ar & http://t.co/F6bh7wTfSpotify tip: To browse/shuffle all the music you collected, just choose Library as current playlist, and toggle shuffle http://t.co/5ISHBaVl
@jmbeleta Would love to make a Mompou playlist sometime. Suggestions are welcome:)New classical releases on Spotify: @sdgrecordings' live Beethoven, Pollini's new Chopin album, Harvey's Wagner Dream http://t.co/HBwNEYEh @SomeDiego According to a report we're "home to FB (63m users) & Twitter" http://t.co/SX6nC4qW But I guess at most 10m people have VPN here. @SomeDiego What about 1 billion user and 167M PCU in one country? http://t.co/ljd0ef3a @naxosrecords Here http://t.co/C6pfGmOB it says "...and Josef Strauss [on 27 CDs]". I can only see 26 volumes of this series.Josef Strauss Edition on Spotify http://t.co/2h8btyKY "Josef is the more gifted of us two; I am merely the more popular" - Johann Strauss IINotable new @NonesuchRecords album: http://t.co/BinttSNp Gidon Kremer/Kremerata Baltica – The Art of Instrumentation: Homage to Glenn Gould
Wow, congrats to @nyphil and @gilbertconducts for the new Carl Nielsen album! Sounds great. Big, yet, transparent. http://t.co/dtjylNv8
Retweeted by SpotifyClassical @glynmoody Stay tuned for the even more voluminous Marco Polo editions of his sons... @roreyjones How about "we don't cannibalize artists' revenue, On the contrary, we can boost it if they get more fans to stream their music." @roreyjones I understand artists/labels want stories like this... but to me it sounds as ridiculous as "CD doesn't cannibalize vinyl sales". @roreyjones Is this "we doesn't cannibalize sales" PR really necessary? You're going to "replace" content ownership, like CD replaced vinyl.New playlist: The ongoing Johann Strauss I Edition from Marco Polo: http://t.co/BWeP734v He wrote the Radetzky March, among other things.
Added Wagner Dream to the Jonathan Harvey playlist http://t.co/YNPibdlq Album page on Cypres Records' site http://t.co/2Xy6I1ra @notaswittyas Classical music used in Kubrick movies, in one Spotify playlist:) http://t.co/zFcFTIFL
New album from world's most famous violist http://t.co/Xp5Qb7N0 John Cale – Shifty Adventures In Nookie WoodNew playlist: @naxosrecords' 19th Century Violinist Composers Series on Spotify http://t.co/wRN7VfcK Joachim, Vieuxtemps, Spohr & more.
"People you may find interesting". Nice new feature that (perhaps) indicates the browser-based Spotify is coming. http://t.co/LPeUiw0j
Polyphonica, new Tumblr site that showcases great classical composers/works/recordings on Spotify http://t.co/PO1YPPQt
@musikFabrik That's great. It's just I added you on Spotify (unless that's someone else with same name) but can't seem to find you anymore..If listening to every Rossini opera is one of your life goals, this playlist can help http://t.co/INveXNZR Updated with many Opera Rara CDs. @SpotifyCares Search for "spotify browsing failed" on Twitter, I'm not the only one. All albums. I'm positive it's a glitch in your system. @musikFabrik Changed your mind about streaming?... @SpotifyCares Click any album title on the desktop app it shows the "browsing failed" error message. Please investigate. @nicolecardoza You might also like this http://t.co/QRsajSZy For jazz check out the Blue Note app http://t.co/yveDD3Ph @100010001 You might want to link this in your article:) http://t.co/kFpUzXgQ
Added two @newamrecords recordings http://t.co/aNl7AxWH & http://t.co/aNl7AxWH to the @nicomuhly playlist http://t.co/KxSII4XE @juddgreenstein Would love to see the New Amsterdam stats if that's not prohibited by the NDA. btw really enjoy the newly added NA albums. @foolintheforest Thanks, will check out later. Can't wait for Doublethink music to show up... @foolintheforest That's sounds like 4'33 to me... The Salonen Violin Concerto also have a drum kit, and sounds great. @foolintheforest Listening to the title track now, someday someone should make a playlist for contemporary pieces that use drum set.New @DelosMusic release: Kenji Bunch - Boiling Point http://t.co/raPm0Mku Listen here http://t.co/FZsaQOik Discovered via @foolintheforest @MarcosBalter Thanks, and I hope a report based on up-to-date facts can help them to improve:) Looking forward to the email. @MarcosBalter I'd love to offer some more links:) spotifyclassical at http://t.co/35rXlJ22 @MarcosBalter Yes, but no one use it really. Dl revenue is something like lesser than 1% of their total numbers. I never thought about it @MarcosBalter This is a reliable public source on Spotify royalties http://t.co/gBq3Uv8R Again, it's streaming... it's not a dl service. @MarcosBalter Sadly that not want People want, and business models are made upon their needs, as always. @MarcosBalter Please note: I don't work for Spotify... @MarcosBalter Spotiy is a streaming service, it doesn't do downloads in the US and almost no one use its dl service in EU... @MarcosBalter Simple answer, 0.86% Americans use Spotify, what do you expect at this stage? @juddgreenstein @MarcosBalter And I than made it possible for other hundreds of people listen to his music. It's a good example IMO, and could snowball. @MarcosBalter No... if not for Spotify I'd never heard his music. Streaming made it possible for a layman like me listen to more stuff. @MarcosBalter I used number from open sources, like Mode Records. Various recent sources say the same: about $0.005 per stream to labels. @MarcosBalter No, I discovered him on Spotify last year, thanks to other bloggers and Kyle Gann http://t.co/J8MnleED @MarcosBalter I can only say for myself. If not for Spotify, I'd never know Duckworth, now I introduced him to hundreds http://t.co/uKQkQSW4 @MarcosBalter and more people go see your shows is a plus. @MarcosBalter To me it's not just promo, if you indeed get 10 times more people to listen to your music than buy CD, you make the same moneyFirst Kid Koala album since 2006's Your Mom's Favorite DJ http://t.co/DnsFoqw6 @MarcosBalter IMO if they realize the difference between streaming & dl, promote to potential listeners beyond existing fans, it could work.