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The better technology can adapt to you, the more you can be yourself. http://t.co/OQdnR3ycjh

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@AlbertGubler Did you try uploading your own photo, Albert?@tanzim31 That made us laugh, Tanzim. :) Did you try it with a picture of yourself?@F1Ranting Great! Thanks for contributing - we appreciate it. Enjoy your weekend.@ZoeKirkRobinson Close enough, right? ;)@ZoeKirkRobinson Awesome. :) How close was it to your age, Zoë?@sgallman Aw. :( We appreciate your feedback. You can leave it for our engineers on Bing Listens: http://t.co/qTRiBAlwD6@MURRLAURA Welcome to Bing, Laura. :) How do you like Bing Maps?@Poolzors Hi, Chino. The time feature should be working now. Let us know if the issue persists.@jaspnwarren Hi, Jason. Have you reached out to Webmaster support? http://t.co/qoppm25t5F@serial_addicted We're excited to see what happens!@ianconcep Anything can happen! We're pretty confident in our prediction, though. :)@mayajimenez Well said, Maya. ;) How do you like the new technology?@gianweb Gian! We appreciate the compliment. Did #HowOldRobot get your age right?@Hayley_kintz As you should. :) We're glad you enjoyed #HowOldRobot. Did you try any other pictures?@pritambakshi501 Do you like Bing as much as you like selfies and contests, Pritam? ;)@m43187185 Let's see if we can fix this. What happens when you try to search?@marekkultys We appreciate the compliment and the feedback, Marek. You can leave feedback for our engineers here: http://t.co/bJbxGl6Kfr.@a_quality_guy Hi, John. This might help you out with full-text search: http://t.co/M88mGfzdRx.@MathisenSteve Checking in - did you ever give Bing a try?@Kaileyy19 Very true! We're thinking Clark Beckham will win. Check out our predictions here: http://t.co/H69oMCDS4g.@gotnoblue What a transformation! Did you sign up for Bing Rewards? http://t.co/oi0SyvaAuj@Midmotion Thanks for the feedback. You can still enjoy the beautiful homepage images! Download any of them here: http://t.co/rsZypYmKkh.@serial_addicted We're predicting Rumer to win this season. :) See what else we're predicting: http://t.co/PgdNEZm26b.@KyerstenAudreyy Agree to disagree? We'll have to watch and see what happens. ;)@snickers5x5 We hope you visit them and the Devetàshka cave. Happy Friday!@Metalmikefisher We're glad you found something interesting to read! Enjoy your Friday.That's a lot of tulips. Happy #MayDay! http://t.co/lFYW1va7f6 http://t.co/7uCkPxQWGs@JustJoeWells Awesome! Make sure to join Bing Rewards: http://t.co/aA2c2Eq0fZ.@shiraghertner We're thinking Clark Beckham will win. Check out our predictions: http://t.co/hzMJmUb2Lo.
@Leeeeeeek__ Uh oh, we're predicting Clark Beckham to win #Idol. Check out our predictions: http://t.co/eLWC6gpI3a.@serial_addicted We take it you're rooting for Nastia Liukin to win, Mira?@krummy09 We're thinking it'll be Clark Beckham. See our predictions here: http://t.co/jr9xGxCFyK. We'll have to watch and see. :)@KyerstenAudreyy We're predicting Clark Beckham to win #Idol. Take a look: http://t.co/6JOMTj76dc.@mel_rocks Rayvon is safe - for now. ;) Check out all of our predictions: http://t.co/svFfpWqytw.@MicahMora Maybe you won't have to. :) Keep up on our predictions for American Idol: http://t.co/kqdyt4qahI.@Kaileyy19 So rebellious, Kailey. ;) Who do you pick to win?@JustJoeWells Welcome to Bing. :) How do you like it so far?@shiraghertner Who are you rooting for, Shira?@rebeccajane101 Are you hoping Jax will win this season of #Idol, Rebecca?@AntonHristov Did we make you feel wanderlust, Anton?@macresslertech We might pack a bag and stay there for awhile. ;) Are you using Bing as your primary search engine?@jguardado24 That cave is quite breathtaking. :) We take it you like Bing homepage images?@inrealcontext It'd be a dream to run through there. :) Thanks for sharing, Veronica.@Kaizen_Creative Thanks for sharing! Are you enjoying the update? You can read more about it here: http://t.co/aYShbdi8Pq.@snickers5x5 Is Bulgaria on your list of places to visit as well, Steve? :)@ambi_bria Thanks for the love! Are you earning while you search? http://t.co/OXNbxMxeTR@JakeWengroff You're welcome! Did you choose a new wallpaper?@karentvchick When something is good, it's good. We get it. ;) Check out more of our great features here: http://t.co/w1vMTtRGlx.@Midmotion It was worth a try. We're here if you ever want to switch to #TeamBing. :)@Metalmikefisher Fair enough. ;) We're sure you'll find something good to read.@hellblazer_krew Smart choice. Happy searching. :)@LonnaKinns Getting rewarded while searching makes homework a little more bearable, right? Sounds like a great deal to us. :)@carlosrr24 What a great use of points! How long ago did you preorder?@Metalmikefisher We think you meant every day. ;) Did you read anything particularly interesting today?@FadzC This is officially our favorite tweet of the day! Thanks for continuing to share your love of Bing, Fadzai.@karentvchick Welcome, we're happy to have you, Karen. How are you enjoying it so far?Today's #DraftDay! Check out who #BingPredicts to come out on top of this year's #NFLDraft http://t.co/4vzZf68tHw http://t.co/hqUgHLVGoA@JakeWengroff That might get a little pokey. ;) Did you know that you can download any of our homepage images here: http://t.co/1tq9o39UcY?@SOCCERHEAD77 We're glad your search with us went well. :) Did you reward yourself for searching? http://t.co/xvZQa0YrTY@ItayAnywhere We're impressed! If one goes missing, we know who to call to find it. ;)@miguelianraya We're so glad to hear that. :) Have you signed up for Bing Rewards yet? http://t.co/dcvTj2oatx@hellblazer_krew Happy to have you on #TeamBing. Are you enjoying the rewards that come with it? http://t.co/QquiVz5jL2.It’s not a bad hair day, it’s a bad quill day. http://t.co/lFYW1va7f6 http://t.co/wEhRkPTvLL
@From804WithLove Hmm. You should be able to hover over a video and have it play. We'll look into this issue for you.@hellblazer_krew That made us chuckle. :) We take it you're a fan of Bing?@miguelianraya This made our day, Miguel. Welcome to Bing!@gotnoblue Did you make the switch, Ed? We'd love to have you on #TeamBing. :)@jcsomerville Yay! That's what we like to see. Is this a friend of yours?@DonQuintero We think the choice is clear. ;) http://t.co/nvvQOKiXF1@ChairmanRowe How was our driving, Chris? :)@CraigpAustin You can keep up with our Bing cars thorough our blog. Find it here: http://t.co/LsFhs8cx3l.@carlosrr24 We're happy to have you in the family. :) Are you using Bing Rewards? http://t.co/6ck97LbB8c@TAnhT75 Now that Hannah was eliminated, who is your first pick?@From804WithLove Is this within our video search?@terrehbyte We enjoy celebrating the little things. ;)@cheetahquick Hi, there. This blog should help you fine tune location coordinates: http://t.co/4Sz6ZfpGfk.@virtualpenny We're glad you enjoyed it. Did you know that you can download any of our homepage images here: http://t.co/5cOuB2BZgs?@cmgottfredson That's what we like to hear. :) Glad to have you on #TeamBing, Michael.@TeradyneEzeri Good luck and happy searching. :)The Green Bridge in Wales is an awesome display of the ocean’s power. http://t.co/lFYW1va7f6 http://t.co/u0eKHCADtS
@From804WithLove Let's try and work this out. Is there something we can help you with?@BBCUSA173 We're glad you made the switch. :) Are you using Bing Rewards as well? http://t.co/jKi5cwwi0A.@BeliebbMahomie We're predicting Rayvon is still in danger, but Tyanna faces elimination: http://t.co/CqI0TYn8wV.@_HannahCate_ With your dance expertise, who do you think will win #DWTS this season?@TAnhT75 We'll have to watch and see! We predict Hannah is danger. Check out our other predictions: http://t.co/kMF9TwnETe.@gigimagtv Don't worry, we predict Koryn is safe this week. See who is in danger: http://t.co/hODWVlqlaj.@_missgrumpy18 We're predicting Rumer Willis has the talent to win #DWTS this season. See what else we're predicting: http://t.co/9mIj4CGasq@cz_gi_22 It's quite beautiful! We take it you're a fan of the homepage images, Christopher?@terrehbyte Oh no! Are you not enjoying Bing Rewards, Terry?@carlosrr24 We're glad you like the video search. How long have you been a part of #TeamBing?@WahyuHyudhin That cave looks like a great place to run through. Are you a fan of the homepage images, Wahyu?@TeradyneEzeri We couldn't agree more. ;) What rewards are you saving up for?@_mFouad We're honored to be on all your screens! Glad to have you in the Bing family, Mohamed.@Bseaborn If only we could work out the kinks of Bing babysitting. ;) We're glad you and your wife get a night out on us. #TeamBing@arnehess Let's see if we can help you with this decision. Do you prefer nature, architecture, or animals?@sunnnehness You could try us on your mobile phone. :) Is that too forward?@F1Ranting You can up-vote that idea through our User Voice program. Find it here: http://t.co/vm0oIn2hWL.@arplaysmcpe Our cameras probably caught you! Be on the look out. ;)@ShawnDWu We appreciate the compliment. You can download any of our homepage images here: http://t.co/1HpxERwqSZ.@CraigpAustin We had a need for speed. ;) Maybe you'll get your picture next time you spot us.