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The better technology can adapt to you, the more you can be yourself. #DoGreatThings https://t.co/OQdnR3ycjh

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@mick0kain Sorry about that! It was fixed Monday. Are you still seeing issues? @JackDCornwall Fiiiiiiiiiiine, but don't say we didn't try to have a little fun. https://t.co/XVcwOSBuhy @xtowers Hmm, have you checked your spam or junk mail? Sometimes things get filtered in there on accident. We're here to help! @mirandaspigener Well this just got awkward. https://t.co/dLnf4ziHUZ @mirandaspigener Played with your heart, got lost in the game. @downtowncoug *hint, hint* @ephall100 See you Monday, won't be checking emails. 😋 @purwiggy Let us know if we can help with anything else! @NYmixah Just checkin'. :) @xtowers Did you receive a contact back? @chelelynn Great! We love you too! @tkwillis Are you in the support form we sent, or in the chat window? @dis411 We're so glad you liked it! Any guesses on what tomorrow's homepage image will be? @JackDCornwall Thanks! Have you tried searching "Pong" before? https://t.co/GTbaX2MOLT @AviHarkishun Thanks for understanding. Is everything up and running again? @Dsandman12 Let's not make their bad week worse... @xtowers Let's see if we can help. Have you already contacted Bing Rewards Support? @AshtonHerrmann You were right, he's the cutest polar bear of them all. Please try your trivia again, it should be fixed. @SecretAsian29 Sorry about that, we got it fixed though! Let us know if you're still running into issues. @NYmixah Ninth time's the charm...? (Too soon?) But in all honesty, it was fixed Monday. Please let us know if you are still seeing issues. @bashattack Thanks for your patience. It should work fine now! @varadmehta Sorry about that! The issue was fixed on Monday. Are you still seeing a bug? @purwiggy Thanks for reaching out! We got that bug fixed, you should be good to go on your trivia! @chelelynn Sorry about that, Monday was rough. It should have been fixed though, are you still experiencing issues? @KarinSlyker Let's get that fixed! Please contact Bing Rewards support here: https://t.co/hyvRPdkEi0. @HollyxHawkes Go get 'em! @jewbrarian Just checking in. This should have been resolved Monday, are you still experiencing issues? @RodriguezA209 Keep up the good work! @tkwillis Please contact Bing Places For Business Support through this page: https://t.co/5Vfk8LTVhw. @3sonsBlessed Glad to have you on the team! Let us know if there's anything we can help with. @ArizaJerry (•_•) <) )> / \ @MileyWWTrends And we cannnn't stop. And we wonnnnn't stop. @Novembergal Who even needs a sound machine when you've got a homepage like that. Amirite? @ephall100 Sorry, out of office. We've got a severe travel bug today. 😉 @HeyFromAD We loved it! Thanks for the shout-out! @dis411 What did you think of the video and audio combo today? We kept getting swept away in day dreams of vacation. 🌴 🌊 @Main_Tain22 We're all about the free swag.We know you shouldn't eat raw #cookie dough. But we do it. A lot. #NationalCookieDay https://t.co/00IWqvR3f6 https://t.co/qXxkHV5vWN @KristiSGeorge Aww, good! We're so glad to hear that! @TechRojo Because you. are. awesome. @RunAwayGeek Go for it! @easyaspc Have you contacted support directly? If not, please do so now. https://t.co/s78JYE7sdu @SpencerKarter We love to get feedback, Spencer! Please suggest your idea here: https://t.co/v2Gag2oW4g. @alyssagutten Yes! Please contact support through this page: https://t.co/379ndms576. You'll need to sign in with a Microsoft account. @Computertastic Game on! Which one is up first? @MatthewWebb316 … yap not yap. @SARAH_GAMMON No data can silence the #12s! #GoHawks! https://t.co/5DL45KFy0J @KristiSGeorge You're welcome, Kristi! Did you have a good birthday? @AHA1R Thanks! @rjgetsetgo Have you had a chance to reach out to her? @trisvla Yeah, do that. ^ @TonieBoaman We thought that one was just so serene! @ephall100 Thanks for the love! @fd0293b6dfac46b Us too! Who is your favorite so far? @bwilliam45 The #Patriots are holding first seed, but the #Steelers are in the hunt. Good news is they have good odds against the #Colts! @LokiCammarano Bing Rewards are currently only available in the U.S., but we're exploring the idea of expansion. https://t.co/mV2GuqHsoo. @Andrew_Amann Love, and sparkles. But also anonymous and aggregate search data.The ocean kisses land at a black sand beach on Ingólfshöfði, Iceland. https://t.co/F6xAeOy8kl https://t.co/4k3qP3cCCo
How does your #football team stand up against the competition? Use #BingPredicts for picks. https://t.co/bkYhr2QJOE https://t.co/XgrmkvQ8eA @Annie314159 Great! Thanks for your patience. @vedichymn Thanks for letting us know! Please try your trivia again, it should be fixed. @Annie314159 Just checking in. The issue should have been fixed Monday, is everything up and running now? @JCalMN Hi there. The issue should have been fixed Monday. Are you still seeing issues with your Bing Rewards trivia? @imagejennation Now that would have just been wonderful. @coffeechugbooks Fun facts for everyone! @KevinHarder What moments moved you this year, Kevin? @queenlovatoslay What's wrong with being confident? @taylorinwonder Everything will be alright, if we just keep dancing like we're 22. @LucySwift26 Are we out of the woods yet? @AmandaSwift_ We've heard every album, listened to the radio. Waited for something to come along that was as good as *her* song. @tay2swift4u It's a love story. @nopreasure Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. @maryjanedeluxe Just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo. @TellieSwoulding 'Cause we never go out of style.
What were the moments that moved you in 2015? https://t.co/Lp2OtHE1CA https://t.co/ReiA4BHTIp @vinyardvickie Kyle did great!Any perfect grids out there? See how close @bing came: https://t.co/xZ15rwPL1r #BingPredicts https://t.co/n3IMeqLmdN
Retweeted by Bing @sam_salphie Aww, thanks! :) @BeachBum They're just the cutest! 😍 @MAdelaTamayo Let us know what you think of it! :)The future is at your fingertips w/ the new #MicrosoftBand Enter to win w/ #BingRewards at: https://t.co/dNUGEY8qSU https://t.co/SmFy1ix2DBSpreading the spirit of the season. https://t.co/LUsZ8xUwAM
Retweeted by BingA still moment at Bear Glacier Lake in Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska. https://t.co/F6xAeOy8kl https://t.co/NdKi5O7BVk
Can @braidensunshine be saved? #BingPredicts #TeamGwen says bye on @NBCTheVoice #TheVoice https://t.co/weQOq7pDoY https://t.co/5A51xCwawT @StephGambini Sorry, our bad! 😉 @jamesandrewmc Any favorite new features in the game so far? @npegg 😎 @ScottWickham You're welcome! Let us know if we can help with anything else. @BlessedByTwins Love it! Thanks for your patience!Is your #football team playoff-bound or busted? Get the scoop w/#BingPredicts. https://t.co/YVrU26UlBg https://t.co/QOVhBboxMuCelebrate Rosa Park’s lifetime of fighting for the freedom of every American. Learn more: at https://t.co/nGcDPHe78K https://t.co/QinOzECaED @shanneykar We love to get feedback! Please suggest that to our site here: https://t.co/9m7tze9NlH. Thank you! @szul Hi there! When you hover over the boxes, there should be an edit option in the top right corner. Clicking that will remove it. @cplater Sorry about that, sometimes Mondays really getchya. 🙈 Thanks for your patience, it should be fixed now. @ScottWickham Thanks for reaching out! Our team resolved that issue yesterday, you should not see it again in your trivia. :) @BlessedByTwins Yes, there was a bug but it's been resolved now. You should not see the issue anymore in your trivia. :) @DillyDave @Windows @Skype #DreamTeam. 😎 @npegg Step 1: Be awesome. @Scott_Universe Hey there! Our team typed extra fast yesterday to get that bug fixed. Please try your trivia again, it should be resolved. @BillLuc1982 Thanks for reaching out Bill! Our team got this fixed yesterday, please try your trivia again. Thanks for your patience!