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The better technology can adapt to you, the more you can be yourself. http://t.co/OQdnR3ycjh

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@sr_kailash Thank you for the positive feedback. Glad you're enjoying #Bing. :).@Bing Don’t Lie: @Microsoft algorithm accurately predicts outcome of ‘The Voice’ http://t.co/1FbFCuVPgQ @NBCTheVoice
Retweeted by BingWe believe your local school should have #adfreesearch. Join the movement. http://t.co/McwzGbdnUl #bingclassroom http://t.co/9KGVWbcM5QThe Globe Theatre in London where MacBeth and Romeo & Juliet premiered. http://t.co/a0MRUu3Hcj http://t.co/hp3C6kecyA
Now in @BingRewards: Exchange your credits toward your favorite airline mile loyalty program. http://t.co/CGpGcTr2z4 http://t.co/mEWNZCJHzFThe fans have spoken and moved @drchoice out of the danger zone and into #TheVoiceTop12! #bingpredicts http://t.co/TRyhHq5bjnIntroducing #BingPredicts, where we use different search signals to predict the result of certain events. Learn more: http://t.co/aPVYfrgPDo@drchoice Good Luck! :)@michellekrater Travel safe. ;)@mrskrivan Thanks for trying out #Bing! :)The "Living Roof" at the eco-friendly, California Academy of Sciences. http://t.co/xrFfCbtIYt #EarthDay http://t.co/CfWuZaCFHy
#TeamAdam and #TeamShakira go vote for @drchoice and @DaniMozMusic to keep them in the #TheVoiceTop12 #bingpredicts http://t.co/TRyhHq5bjnWe don't usually change the homepage in the middle of the day, but today we couldn't resist. http://t.co/Tp49Png2n0 http://t.co/105EPg6rAc@Miss_Dazey Fantastic! Hopefully you're putting your points to good use.@bakery_bingo Glad you loved it, Erin! :)@gomez_in_red We promise that was never our intention. ;)@allyinwondrland We appreciate the shout-out, Ally!@_AngelChi Glad you enjoyed our Easter picture. :)@Lnblyth Sounds like you loved our little duck, Laura! Thanks for using #Bing. :)@Chassit What's not to love about that little guy? ;)@SheetwiseDesign We appreciate the positive feedback! Thanks for the kudos. :)@GoodThings2Life Happy to hear you were a fan, Aaron! :)@SSReaney That's what we love to hear. :)@imwrogers59 Thanks for checking out #Bing. :)@yesmad_nomad Who doesn't love baby animals? ;)@a_golia That's what we love to hear! Glad the whole family is enjoying #Bing. :)@Miss_Dazey Thank you for checking out #Bing. :)@Macca_Chief Thanks for the kudos, Matthew! :)@seattleismybabe Thanks for the shout-out :)Watch @DancingABC tonight to see if #bingpredicts was right! @Meryl_Davis and @CharlieAWhite will rise up to Top 2! http://t.co/k5ISkUZE1H#bingpredicts @Usher's Bria Kelly and @NBCTeamAdam's Christina Grimmie will come out on top. #VoiceTop12 http://t.co/vQE0i1fX0f@TheDivineChef Thank you for using #Bing! :)@Galactic That is sweet music to our ears. :) Thanks for using #Bing day after day!@Kstowetamu Enjoy your coffee, Kaitlyn. :)@RealtySanta Thanks for using #Bing! :)@mmajeski06 Fantastic! Glad you're enjoying the app, Mike. :)@xstitchmama Love it! Thanks for checking out #Bing. :)@charleskoh Thanks for the kudos. :)@Rocs777Kent Happy to hear we could give you a reason to smile. :) Thanks for using #Bing!Beyond this bridge is TD Garden, home of the @NHLBruins and the @Celtics. http://t.co/Tp49Png2n0 http://t.co/sS4STPvJaU
This is not a Peep. We repeat: THIS IS NOT A PEEP. http://t.co/6Mk7xU7ZjF http://t.co/wsCdxg3jHC
If you stare long enough you can see the ship from The Goonies sailing away. http://t.co/36cB9dbwOg http://t.co/ShtGvFE4Vz
In life, even when you have the ability to blend in, choose to stand out. http://t.co/mYTnnGGmvx http://t.co/95bKyYRy5e
@rhys169 You're too kind! Thanks for using #Bing. :)You can get a lot done from this view. http://t.co/YpZXY8ubjB #BingApps http://t.co/LrVaOhMYdxMornings look far less miserable from up here. http://t.co/EupbnjaVzl http://t.co/Gnnuf4zR26
Love those @Bing home page images? Get the top 10 on your desktop! http://t.co/uBSrsk70Ig #WindowsThemes http://t.co/724gDD6Qn2
Retweeted by Bing@jamescma5 Thanks for using #Bing! :)@varunpramanik We're always listening to our users and finding ways to improve. Thanks for the feedback!@OriginalDrTone Once you do your initial search from the http://t.co/lQJ0aPV9U3 homepage, you can access it below the search bar.@comicusmakar We hear she's quite the lady. ;) http://t.co/D4H1Olf0EU@charleskoh We'd have to agree, Charles!This might look like the inside of a church, but you’d be surprised where this actually is… http://t.co/qVk7RmDTgl http://t.co/RNQ0Auo0K0
@wonderpraveen Thank you for your kind words. :)@gjr5088 Magic. ;)@dailyedge @michfreeman The elephant apologizes for the wardrobe malfunction and has adjusted appropriately. http://t.co/XfIP6sRCNUThis is one of the most popular natural attractions in China, and it's easy to see why. http://t.co/igMUuLs9DN http://t.co/EgCXxLo9th
Located in Baulhagalla Island, Gaafu Dhaalu. Say that 3 times fast. http://t.co/2w9BZkZjkM http://t.co/U3A6REVGMl
For rent: Golden palace in the center of Bangkok. Price: One Gazillion. http://t.co/Zri6qBmxbE http://t.co/RvPFTVzQHY
Are the potholes on your roads as bad as these? http://t.co/UFkGTgt38F http://t.co/F8gTpLN8hp
See what #OneDrive is up to at #coachella and follow along as we celebrate the best of summer’s music festivals http://t.co/hL5SSSOYpY
Retweeted by BingReal-world assistants use notebooks to stay organized, so does #Cortana. Powered by Bing. http://t.co/BND9AvjGLL http://t.co/eDgsp6C05fPretty epic ending to what was probably a really exhausting hike. http://t.co/wvcekxhs4i http://t.co/pMOtzFHICf
The Bing Health & Fitness App: A one-stop-shop to a healthier you. http://t.co/KxpB3YqYAU http://t.co/NqqsFDsLQfHere are two of the most adorable siblings you’ll see all day. http://t.co/en7zbNsLF3 #NationalSiblingsDay http://t.co/RyCGDL1Hau
@PeterEgerton That's awesome! Thanks for the shout-out, Peter. :)@huskermiked Use the following link: http://t.co/oXuZuPOsGg - And a customer rep will be able to resend your reward or replace if necessary@Kenneth_Toy Thanks for using #Bing! :)Become a @BingRewards member to earn credits towards gift cards & more, just for using Bing. http://t.co/Vx2Oik0jpR http://t.co/YhFNghSfdU@ChefFabrizio The customer order has been re-sent to your email, expect to see the order confirmation email shortly. Thank you.@ecila Thank you for using #Bing!@risma_sjahrir You'll have to visit Germany to see this library! http://t.co/X4JsTH1Ato@congrexitos You can learn all about the library here: http://t.co/hUUFfkpyMe@tuvok89 Stylin'! ;) We appreciate the support!@KaylaSmiles85 Let us know if this works: http://t.co/0mgTQVW8xT@slwmann1 It's located in Germany! Learn more here: http://t.co/dVKLbquaV4Just a friendly reminder to start watering your plants. http://t.co/xt5KlCHNle http://t.co/7TBkRqvfVc
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