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Why yes, I *did* get video of lightning zapping across an intense double rainbow yesterday. http://t.co/c12h36AeXD http://t.co/bYCNn32FOv
Retweeted by SlateHow can Scott Walker be the future of the GOP if he can't even win re-election? http://t.co/4eLtltFnCu http://t.co/vSRnhCVXXPhttp://t.co/6gyBiaVMzl Kirsten Gillibrand makes excuses for her sexist colleagues, but there is no excuse for it.
Retweeted by SlateThe show that Zach Galifianakis wrote with Louis C.K. sounds great and is really happening: http://t.co/YrUXV1u17Y http://t.co/DaKAxYm1NBNo one agrees on this year's song of the summer, but for artist there's no question: http://t.co/Ro3r8zmGA8 http://t.co/gtIOdfK7R1Listen to a conservative federal judge destroy arguments against gay marriage http://t.co/17oVDVKOJb
Retweeted by SlateHa! Listening to this conservative judge tear apart anti-gay marriage arguments from the bench is SO satisfying: http://t.co/UjDODdEsryMitt Romney leads in Iowa, which tells you a lot about polling the 2016 primaries   http://t.co/xqZpyXAOBT via @daveweigel on @Slate
Retweeted by SlateTsarnaev sister charged with making a bomb threat: http://t.co/kqlUTyKzJ8
Retweeted by SlateAlaska's oil dividend is a reward -- or a bribe -- for living in Alaska: http://t.co/r5aUgfiBkIAn alleged sex scandal in the gaming world has brought out the worst in its young men: http://t.co/Mii4xobIhC #gamergateI think Scott Walker will be 2016 GOP nominee. But @jdickerson demolishes the case for him. http://t.co/oJgBW8pOSh
Retweeted by Slateoh, you haven't cried yet today? @lsjamison on the loneliest whale in the world: http://t.co/wOBQ0QzNQT
Retweeted by SlateIf you haven't listened to Richard Posner retort the awful arguments made against same-sex marriage... do it now. http://t.co/LiRWEw5b8N
Retweeted by SlateEpcot taught me to love international food. Seriously. http://t.co/Wc3xJWnHFv http://t.co/CZ6zSWExHMThis (relatively) cheap exoskeleton lets you sit wherever you want without a chair http://t.co/n1vBxL8Cdx by @lilyhnewman
Retweeted by SlateThe US will not ratify any treaty unless it has to do with fish. By @JoshuaKeating http://t.co/L8Dnw8WvSa via @slate
Retweeted by SlateAwe. Some. Double rainbow with lightning! http://t.co/kpI7tIOvjY via @BadAstronomer
Retweeted by SlateICYMI: What the latest @MULawPoll tells us about the Walker Hypothesis. http://t.co/XOCJ7UmO5p
Retweeted by SlateHow many Americans live on less than $2 per day? @brookingsinst weighs in: http://t.co/OxqwzzH7Gf http://t.co/RP62iGITFbNeed help getting along with partners, relatives, co-workers, and people in general? Ask Dear Prudence! http://t.co/WjNcjvnijWIs This the Beginning of the End of the Scott Walker Experiment? http://t.co/8q1SUbKAZKNo One Agrees on This Year's Song of the Summer, but for Artist There's No Question http://t.co/GSqnELZBL0 http://t.co/urzP2LgAkrThe NRA Just Tweeted Instructions for "7 Ways Children Can Have Fun at the Shooting Range" http://t.co/kGv2Pr7JFaObama Shouldn't Bomb ISIS in Syria http://t.co/xe4Q4jw3yj
Happy People Falling in Love Makes for a Boring Story http://t.co/UGOF67vxYzDear Prudie Early Release on Slate Plus: Help! I Have Fantasies of Hurting My 3-Year-Old Nephew. http://t.co/cuZXIo65RsIs Anyone Actually Reading Your Tweets? Now You Can Find Out. http://t.co/rlkHZHOEEkUSC Football Player Admits Lying About Injuring Himself While Saving Drowning Nephew http://t.co/FewkfnRZt5David Chase Responds to Vox's "Tony Soprano Didn't Die" Article http://t.co/pDTZE5mWzK http://t.co/ZSwMP3IUMzHere's Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert Singing "The Obvious Song" in 1993 http://t.co/rTkaI0r1CT http://t.co/Q9UQQ4jUvTWhy Did the Army Destroy This Prototype Weapon in the Sky? http://t.co/9OE5f18ER1Texas Monthly Profiles a Woman Who Has Seen 278 Executions http://t.co/rqZHTzmZ4jThe Show That Zach Galifianakis Wrote With Louis C.K. Sounds Great and Is Really Happening http://t.co/LIFFns6BDT http://t.co/znjNGQPvD6Cops Shoot and Kill Crew Member of Cops TV Show While Filming Robbery Attempt http://t.co/HiStI246QQBadminton is the best party icebreaker ever (well, next to alcohol): http://t.co/UGIUOSp0ds http://t.co/NhEZcQ2wa3If Every State Had an Official #dessert What Would It Be? http://t.co/6ayB177Rsr via @Slate
Retweeted by SlateDavid Chase responds to "David Chase says Tony Soprano isn't dead" Vox article http://t.co/dZTigqqire #DavidChaseSays http://t.co/HCjYTTw6nZUpon review, Tony Soprano is not not dead. http://t.co/HUJCxM8EhU
Retweeted by SlateDavid Chase has responded to Vox's claim that "Tony Soprano Didn't Die": http://t.co/I1E9ccNZ7f http://t.co/ktT9teAgSD
Retweeted by SlateDavid Chase responds to Vox's "Tony Soprano didn't die" article. Yup: http://t.co/IutdAzhgHN http://t.co/h3Q0qYTM8oYou don't need to use a computer to teach kids computer science: http://t.co/T2g8npawVwThese photographs of artifacts from the Hiroshima atomic blast are haunting--PHOTOS: http://t.co/RmP2d7W50N http://t.co/822UKag1mYNo, there's *still* no connection between vaccines and autism: http://t.co/uSGN2IfhTKTarget and Nordstrom have rolled out a new service that makes impulse purchases terrifyingly simple: http://t.co/ufhkWwG358There's a name for architectural relics that serve no purpose: http://t.co/Q2lCxnw5yc http://t.co/EtGG0hcKJxWhat if men weren't allowed on Facebook? http://t.co/RTLWLmN1xQNo, FXX's cropping is not ruining the Simpsons marathon--WATCH: http://t.co/yfI89ka9Te http://t.co/nX4oKesMmo"How should I greet a closeted co-worker's partner?" http://t.co/iL7hn9wraeThe legend of the loneliest whale in the world: http://t.co/AMzgjFzVVu http://t.co/kK0cWk1227Listen to this conservative judge brutally destroy arguments against gay marriage: http://t.co/xmGwaLm6Ci http://t.co/miTHLWnac0Watch Alec Baldwin effortlessly catch a stray tennis ball at the U.S. Open: http://t.co/LqTA1veKDI http://t.co/1JxLi58CmuIn the wake of an ugly, sexist gaming scandal, here are some ground rules for young male gamers: http://t.co/WPpx2ehP9j#DearPrudie: "Help! My wife wants me to stop smoking pot now that we've had a baby." http://t.co/x4mC239PMh http://t.co/mhWPpwEDndThe biggest peer-to-peer lending site just filed for an IPO: http://t.co/Yakdvr5fyfHuge Pacific hurricane bringing "gnarly" swell to Southern California: http://t.co/FoNmmax71g via @FutureTenseNowThe U.S. sells green cards, and it should charge more for them: http://t.co/PSlD3Ks9VHGreece, New York, has a new policy for who can lead town prayers. Guess who can't? http://t.co/olwAuKy9cyWatch the trailer for Amazon's already acclaimed new show Transparent: http://t.co/HyP7Eo9LvH http://t.co/uXP9ES8PAWZara is sorry for making a shirt that looked like a Nazi concentration camp uniform: http://t.co/vjPNXK0Q0T http://t.co/tGrpDcggmpHuge hurricane is bringing 'gnarly' waves to SoCal. I spent the morning chatting with surfers: http://t.co/bNWV73OX4Y http://t.co/aX5dweVogs
Retweeted by SlateNo, there's *still* no connection between vaccines and autism: http://t.co/Rj3cL9mrPjMitch McConnell's flub wasn't really a flub: http://t.co/UF3wBnA3Uq http://t.co/VMxzFzGO6nThoroughly enjoyed these clips of Judge Richard Posner swatting at anti-same sex marriage arguments like flies: http://t.co/HNu8cC7PEj
Retweeted by SlateSurprising photos of queer life in Kampala: http://t.co/xAQlpgPSLs
Retweeted by SlateWhat Tyler Perry had to say about working on Gone Girl: http://t.co/3rYG7oEHaM http://t.co/B32A7EC6dNhere's why mosquitos seem to bite you more than other people: http://t.co/BvS8X0hQT3
Retweeted by SlateThe soldier who shot herself at Fort Lee was an Iraq vet: http://t.co/Ip78LyKeFqU.S. Asks Labs to Pause Work With Pathogens for 24 Hours: http://t.co/jVfiMr3rHrGoodbye to Berlin's openly gay mayor: http://t.co/jCCPLA687V
Retweeted by SlateThis awesome video will explain why mosquitos love to drink from you: http://t.co/WN5xns0CJl
Retweeted by SlateThere is a great bra protest happening in Spain: http://t.co/qelhtDKMUI http://t.co/kyUy1sZZZQWatch the trailer for Amazon's new show Transparent, which is already acclaimed by @Slate TV critic @willapaskin: http://t.co/H10o6ZVGyS
Retweeted by SlateAbout 20 percent of the population seems to be bitten by mosquitoes more often than others. Here's why: http://t.co/CFmrRk0BGJThe Gentleman Scholar has some advice for college freshmen: Rule No. 1-- Don't do anything egregiously stupid. http://t.co/kvpfzaa3jDIt's the silly season and I'm not proud. Why badminton is the best party icebreaker ever, next to alcohol. http://t.co/JfsWFhlRMw via @slate
Retweeted by Slate"I am confident in saying I was the worst high school quarterback of all time." http://t.co/bJf5q2XdVM http://t.co/lgFzS4SLxISome ground rules for young male gamers in the wake of an ugly, sexist scandal. http://t.co/O7KuYtqiBz
Retweeted by SlateTyler Perry on Gone GIrl's ending and what it was like to work with David Fincher: http://t.co/yE15WQH6I1
Retweeted by SlateBerlin's openly gay mayor resigns after making the city cool: http://t.co/ADtPuR0APgThe U.S. government wants labs to stop working with pathogens for 24 hours and take an inventory http://t.co/IGX5npyG2m
Retweeted by SlateBooze, blood type, pregnancy. All the strange ways people attract mosquitoes: http://t.co/jBzQFdpLrx
Retweeted by SlateNo, FXX's cropping is not ruining the Simpsons marathon--WATCH: http://t.co/jMXmq1jng7 http://t.co/gdI1bhI92kListen to this conservative judge brutally destroy arguments against gay marriage: http://t.co/iVNooyTHGg http://t.co/frI8H5okAJSoldier who shot herself at Fort Lee had served for 13 years, including Iraq tour: http://t.co/41bsjSmmDy
Retweeted by Slatehttp://t.co/KCMt1h7VGn Spanish protesters decorate the street with bras to protest Valladolid mayor’s repugnant statements on rape.
Retweeted by SlateWatch Alec Baldwin effortlessly catch a stray tennis ball at the U.S. Open: http://t.co/pr9iURoml9 http://t.co/zjCsVXJ1YQThis volcanic island is getting laaaaaarger--PHOTOS: http://t.co/H2Wb1qTfFO http://t.co/FhntpnQ0TPIn the wake of an ugly, sexist gaming scandal, here are some ground rules for young male gamers: http://t.co/1p2ECUVSCSGood news! FXX's cropping is not ruining the #EverySimpsonsEver marathon after all: http://t.co/RzoawOnBoI #whew http://t.co/XTPW5lBPon
Retweeted by SlateStop calling it "suicide by cop." The term is unfair to those who get shot and those who do the shooting: http://t.co/RnJ1lyWIHhNo, FXX's cropping is not ruining the Simpsons marathon. http://t.co/RPjyKOwXLC
Retweeted by SlateDavid Lynch's #icebucketchallenge video is so David Lynch--WATCH: http://t.co/ANpQFYRzRL http://t.co/lvjVGQ4usAThis is FANTASTIC RT @mjs_DC: Listen to a conservative judge brutally destroy arguments against gay marriage: http://t.co/gnpE7OMhMn
Retweeted by SlateAl-Qaida-linked rebels helped seize a Syria-Israel border crossing, which seems bad: http://t.co/0qCMoh7N13How one publisher ditched Amazon and succeeded: http://t.co/EB4KWPM3ZfPolice Handler Let Dog Urinate on Michael Brown Memorial the Day He Was Killed http://t.co/X356NNUWBJ via @slate
Retweeted by Slate"The next ‘Big One’ is going to happen no matter what humans do.” Comforting, I think? http://t.co/V1jsHGRxAS http://t.co/zj6NPlG2Mf
Retweeted by SlateListen to Judge Richard Posner absolutely destroy gay marriage arguments: http://t.co/I4ygWQMhRj
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