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Video captures NYPD beating unarmed, surrendering teen during marijuana arrest: http://t.co/f69pkBjXTl
Retweeted by SlateYou can watch the first episode of Showtime's new show The Affair online for free: http://t.co/2Sa882mPTy http://t.co/OWK5ufGbcKAn important message from @Slate and the Whiting Foundation: http://t.co/s2luNFWuqh #SecondNovelSyndrome http://t.co/06GKsapVAA
Retweeted by SlateThese stunning architectural photos reveal how we live--PHOTOS: http://t.co/W5sfzJky6X http://t.co/o39pWkVA1hMapping the birthplace of all professional athletes. Pick up the pace Vermont: http://t.co/0WWTxhdfEVHow difficult is it to make a film about a person who is still alive? http://t.co/4zl8n8MT1s http://t.co/K07HDJv3smRepublicans love this one simple trick that makes tax cuts seem more powerful than they are: http://t.co/YpBI8dVvEeToday is the 50th anniversary of Fail-Safe, the forgotten flop that's smarter about nuclear war than Dr. Strangelove http://t.co/9b6HiF5vLP
Retweeted by SlateFinally, a manager who's making the right bullpen calls in the postseason: http://t.co/BCxlY2ZNYh http://t.co/qyic6YCyI0Set an alarm to see tonight/tomorrow morning's lunar eclipse (or just stay up all night) http://t.co/UHmUgtJUuI via @BadAstronomer @Slate
Retweeted by SlateTV on the Radio has an anthemic new song--LISTEN: http://t.co/R3IbFcOl0o http://t.co/Rgh96X50eZISIS forces are close to succeeding in a weeks-long campaign to capture the Syrian city of Kobani: http://t.co/2dATYk90hl#GamerGate is proof that Twitter is broken: http://t.co/3G7WezqFwe http://t.co/RGeZvctNZRJunior Smith was a troubled kid who needed help. Instead, West Virginia threw him in jail: http://t.co/VR7skY29xbTax Cuts Uber Alles!!!!! http://t.co/Laz8ey4vaU
Retweeted by SlateMost Americans don't know who this is: http://t.co/CEc8Ehqe64 http://t.co/uxuov7plckThe physics #Nobel was awarded today for the design of blue LEDs. I wrote about why this important… 9 years ago. http://t.co/SHb80MZ9IR
Retweeted by SlateRead the pointers Eleanor Roosevelt gave to JFK after his first televised debate with Nixon: http://t.co/XS7EQReYbT http://t.co/qfvWTKE4yrWhy #GamerGate proves that Twitter is broken: http://t.co/F8slMT4GW2 via @slate
Retweeted by SlateHere's how to make seeding butternut squash slightly less annoying--WATCH: http://t.co/u7DJQ4tYo4 http://t.co/IsyJoK2SUDSlate is hiring a part-time Web producer/copy editor! Here's how to apply: http://t.co/RdJBhzveODHere's what you need to know about tonight's lunar eclipse: http://t.co/RYvck76AdQ http://t.co/TjwfKht0KxOne of the winners of the physics Nobel Prize helped invent blue LED light. He fought to get paid for the discovery. http://t.co/8CUN47NoPm
Retweeted by SlateFind out what algorithms can tell about you based on your Facebook account: http://t.co/xA03WngUyIListen to an anthemic new song from TV on the Radio: http://t.co/m4oaQLirYq http://t.co/KHGyghXuGG
Retweeted by SlatePlease stop dressing like a slob when you’re traveling. http://t.co/qVoSGy1odW via @slate
Retweeted by SlateHere's the best way to store leftovers in your freezer: http://t.co/1zWvtibb9Z http://t.co/Xtfr6Q6XTwWho deserves the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize? Nobody. http://t.co/ll2q4U8cQTWhy is this obscure New York Times story banned from Google results in Europe? http://t.co/jfZSGC5nw8 http://t.co/rpuSkDx9DNBoom! That terrible consensual sex app Good2Go has been shut down: http://t.co/QmbkIzBl5B http://t.co/nEkR9Cfb1a"How the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision affects my straight marriage" http://t.co/6zx26C2yxoFrozen is taking over: http://t.co/bEmqM9NrsX http://t.co/NHHI3MAuDXAre you ready for tonight’s lunar eclipse? Here’s what you need to know. http://t.co/mIEqhfrWwu
Retweeted by SlateThis is the most important conversation you can have with your doctor: http://t.co/8FgmEQX5op http://t.co/OXwxweubLwSlate's live CultureFest is headed to LA tomorrow with special guests @JennySlate & @NLyonne! http://t.co/qIbtMT86OB http://t.co/E2y73YDJJzPublic sector jobs have not exploded under the Obama administration: http://t.co/3KZHE2WaMi http://t.co/Ze5bDmmIER
Retweeted by Slate#DearPrudie: "Help! I'm too embarrassed to tell people I go to Harvard." http://t.co/U5SJUPZgXp http://t.co/H64WR4m5rDHow two Florida schools handled sexual assault allegations against their quarterbacks http://t.co/1bDM4Molts http://t.co/aYvIJegpc2Mapping the birthplace of all professional athletes. Pick up the pace Vermont http://t.co/WzNYgHYFk1
Retweeted by Slatehttp://t.co/ma03Lak2j6 The “consent” app that seemed more like a rape-assistance app has been shut down.
Retweeted by SlateShould you quit your job and buy a bar? http://t.co/OSWC0Fj4tJ http://t.co/rgxGGQBfQzSexual consent app Good2Go shuts down: http://t.co/d3w1vitIsI
Retweeted by SlateAlgorithms can guess a lot about you from your social media profile. It's creepy how right, and wrong, they can be http://t.co/s6U1CrT1eE
Retweeted by SlateHow did we miss *thousands* of undersea mountains all this time? Take a peak. http://t.co/kI1j5apFr1
Retweeted by Slate#DearPrudie: "Help! I plan on abandoning my husband and young daughter." http://t.co/7XddtGXoCQ http://t.co/k6iQCjSBa1This miniseries might be the best thing that HBO airs this year: http://t.co/NgrPk6tiUB http://t.co/NIQHgZT6bPTHOUSANDS of new mountains discovered. Satellites and gravity FTW http://t.co/ioJU3htrra via @BadAstronomer on @Slate
Retweeted by SlateExcellent piece on social data mining by @jengolbeck -- but note how wrong info can be http://t.co/THzJjJhmbh via @slate
Retweeted by SlateDid you notice the subtle favor David Fincher did for Steven Soderbergh in Gone Girl? http://t.co/PgksaNXec0 http://t.co/saFknuAvN4My weirdo freezer organization method has hit the big time! Immortalized in @Slate lifehack vid http://t.co/3rCp5l3i6h #Proud
Retweeted by SlateDo You Want to Build a Franchise? FROZEN takes over a TV show (and, eventually, the world) http://t.co/VWwe8RJSqK http://t.co/HDEZW4nE87
Retweeted by SlateThe Psycho Bitch, From Fatal Attraction's Single Woman to Gone Girl's Perfect Wife http://t.co/MT2to1kosD http://t.co/4I0R6odgRHIf you ever use Facebook to check up on burnouts from high school when you're down, know this: You're not alone: http://t.co/VI7GTDCbsPEvery generation gets the psycho bitch it deserves, says @amandahess, writing on Gone Girl, Fatal Attraction, & more: http://t.co/cquxQ1NEqQ
Retweeted by Slate“How are you, doctor?” “I think I’m supposed to ask you that” @Atul_Gawande on getting it right for once http://t.co/Jd1UlbV2El via @slate
Retweeted by SlateThis is what filming a sex scene looks like: http://t.co/fJFF4LXbva
Retweeted by SlateMy Husband’s Other Wife: She Died, so I Could Find the Man I Love http://t.co/JoaMYx5b8L I’ve read this thrice since 2009.
Retweeted by SlateWhy the Supreme Court is dodging the gay marriage issue. By @DahliaLithwick http://t.co/TuFDBO62cp via @slate
Retweeted by SlateThis morning, @Atul_Gawande made me cry. Read this. http://t.co/COeaQDkbhX via @slate
Retweeted by SlateWhy modern medicine was caught unprepared for the Ebola outbreak: http://t.co/A6bPKr2JJH http://t.co/MQXlOFhzQZSlate is hiring a part-time Web producer/copy editor! Here's how to apply: http://t.co/rkNHd5XzpxSlate's live CultureFest is headed to LA on 10/8 with special guests @JennySlate and @NLyonne! http://t.co/EAnobwuo35 http://t.co/py7YcufjqiThe science mistakes in the last episode of Doctor Who were egregious and obvious: http://t.co/K1TywqLqe3 http://t.co/j2JVw1azEdJaguars Apologize for Mascot's Not-So-Clever Ebola Sign During Sunday's Game http://t.co/C49DYDdB8uThis Ivy League college keeps hundreds of human brains in jars: http://t.co/5LcBWNop76 http://t.co/UXTWiMsbW0Would it be unethical to give birth on Mars? This and other questions of astronaut bioethics: http://t.co/dXbKrmr9md http://t.co/EYkz0vyC5ONurse in Spain Tests Positive for Ebola in First Known Transmission Outside of Africa http://t.co/iKHMYFOOVCFederal Judge Finds Policing of Ferguson Protests Was Unconstitutional http://t.co/GuCAWHG3vjHow Republicans plan to cook the books if they win in November: http://t.co/PGEGSWpGMySuburban Chicago 19-Year-Old Arrested at O'Hare En Route to Allegedly Join ISIS http://t.co/j33eAPGZYHThe More You Pay Your Employees, the Less Likely They Are to Sabotage Your Computer Systems http://t.co/LVj7smBj2CCan you say "y'all" to address just one person? Southerners don't think so: http://t.co/JgNCdZ9TND http://t.co/ZMp9KuwUklFinally, a manager who's making the right bullpen calls in the postseason: http://t.co/oJ2TnTyjLq http://t.co/zk9Z1HM1vAICYMI: Twin Peaks is returning to television. Really. http://t.co/olMaDXDyvG http://t.co/Vt21QXgb13If you ever use Facebook to check up on burnouts from high school when you're down, know this: You're not alone: http://t.co/IA4azt62uV
Why Is West Virginia Locking Up So Many Minors? http://t.co/DHxO6nPqjaThe video for Tune-Yards' "Real Thing" is funny, trippy, and features creepy mannequins: http://t.co/RP5VB5A4H0Should the U.S. Consider Qatar a Friend? An Enemy? A Frenemy? http://t.co/yuwU4osdVv"How the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision affects my straight marriage" http://t.co/1gKRgvXVCXDid you notice the subtle favor David Fincher did for Steven Soderbergh in Gone Girl? http://t.co/QMHqNljPVa http://t.co/Kfsf78ciYwThe Psycho Bitch, From Fatal Attraction's Single Woman to Gone Girl's Perfect Wife http://t.co/zoE2iaADdL http://t.co/dmTrFoVQxdShould you quit your job and buy a bar? http://t.co/0VHf0B8IVZ http://t.co/KC4iXW3r8iMost Americans don't know who this is: http://t.co/hcPRf41mzf http://t.co/dNG4iNpcfbPresident Obama joked that it takes a wife "10 years to train a man." Ha? http://t.co/M2fnwz8Dih http://t.co/12oUmFy5HcSome sharks are socialites, and some want you to go away: http://t.co/r52OBhKtUZ http://t.co/GKJmpmSXgUIf you love what Homeland used to be, don't watch season 4. Watch this instead: http://t.co/ptq85gYz0U"The Shift" is a stunning science fiction short set in '60s in suburbia--WATCH: http://t.co/5OIGCfJYAB http://t.co/GQvF476JSXHere's the best way to store leftovers in your freezer: http://t.co/pfwfVEKAXU http://t.co/34mRHu33fd10 things you should know about vaccines: http://t.co/SBFDna2uQmDoes being born to older parents cause you to think about aging differently? http://t.co/YhGnK8dV4U http://t.co/GDcLwfpcEzWatch a football-field-sized spaceship fly across the sky this week: http://t.co/mKjZBJRzuV http://t.co/pjVBgqmb0IWhat it's like to be a mom in "a paradise for sex stereotypes": http://t.co/DfjXWLCAXtIkea claims its new furniture line can be assembled without tools in less than five minutes: http://t.co/6gRbxsenSm http://t.co/Z30CqsHLdg.@nytimes details the events prior to the hospitalization of the first Ebola patient in the US http://t.co/vNlpwuBjUb http://t.co/kK54dbXQ7T"Better Call Saul: The Song" will only get you more excited for the Breaking Bad spinoff: http://t.co/HbDDY8D54E http://t.co/VbbALwKh06How to redraw America to have 13 (or five, or two) states of equal population: http://t.co/gntWDobK6q http://t.co/9abu25nwZuBeyoncé and Nicki Minaj perform their "Flawless" remix for the first time--WATCH: http://t.co/s1BSTspPc5 http://t.co/7Sa2v95yLZA study of ISIS's ammunition finds that 20% of cartridges were manufactured in the US: http://t.co/RhRdobHPDn http://t.co/Nl7zZx8OZPThe first rule of opening your own bar is not drinking in your own bar. http://t.co/YWxZdCAmJD
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