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Olivia Munn: vigilante super hero, novelty pen collector and your mom.

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Avengers. @BrianRCarpenter@HBO you don't grab @oliviamunn without expecting a swift roundhouse to the head promptly after. #Hadouken
Retweeted by oliviamunnNo one messes with Sloan. "I'm going to take out each of your goddamn knuckles with a ball-peen hammer." @OliviaMunn #Newsroom
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New episode of #TheNewsroom on @HBO tonigh if you wanna watch!! :)I'm in ;) @VernNotice @HannahSimoneJust saw ur Twitter bio @HannahSimone & see ur a Connect4 Champ. Im a Tetris Champion. We should go back in time & rule the 4th grade ;)
Want to show us your best Sloan impression? Here's some inspiration for your #VineTheLine entry http://t.co/5en7h6WPm5 @oliviamunn #newsroom
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My thoughts & prayers are w/the victims of the horrific and completely reckless train crash in Spain and all of their loved ones.Holy shite!! CONGRATS!!! "@Jeff_Daniels: "Have you ever had a Hole In One?" Yes. I. Have. http://t.co/anFCHEIJNc"Sneak Peek! Scene from the next episode of #Newsroom @HBO http://t.co/QT7a9YF7MmWe are honored to be the most-nominated network for the 12th year in a row with 108 total @PrimetimeEmmys nominations this year. #Emmys
Retweeted by oliviamunnThanks for the ♥ Singapore's Straits Times!! #Newsroom @HBOAsia #ILovePandas #RandomHashtags http://t.co/l59PtXw53K http://t.co/qx8erUTUq2I hate when you don't call me back. @sergioangonI hate when press ask something random & then turn it into a headline as if it's something I brought up. #DoYouWantToPlayWonderWoman?Hahah :) @GabrielePaniniHide and Seek: Singapore Edition. Who wants to play??? :) http://t.co/RwPciwTrbATHANK YOU Singapore for a wonderful time! @HBOAsia #Newsroom Season 2 premieres in Asia Aug 5! @bayvuegirl http://t.co/S0d1gnvdutThe amazing Downtown Singapore! I like the Emergency Ship (In case of tsunami, break buildings, ride ship.) ;) http://t.co/vwD3gqZDmn
And that was me trying not to be awkward ;) @AkiffKasban @ChannelNewsAsiaAbout to be on @channelnewsasia AM LIVE if ur near a TV in Singapore & wanna watch. @HBOAsia #Newsroom premieres August 5th in Asia at 9pm!To all of the men & women in our armed forces, THANK YOU for your bravery, sacrifice and dedication. *High-5s-for-life*!!:) "@MikeKasem: Thanks @oliviamunn for dropping by #cartunes. Let me know when we are starting up our comedy tour! http://t.co/1hOkUxCGPV"Yep. And he's awesome. @LorenKling @HBOAsiaLove you too, boo. @GMorelionAbout to do Class 95 radio show live in Singapore with Mike Kasem & Jean Danker. :) #Singapore #Newsroom @HBOAsia'Real relationships start by force,' says The Newsroom's @oliviamunn http://t.co/TJkNDK2bix
Retweeted by oliviamunn"Everyday's an awkward day for me but it's the imperfections that make you special" @oliviamunn tells TODAY http://t.co/GP87Ce4sEk
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CONGRATS @jimmyfallon on your new baby girl!!! You're gonna be the best dad ever!THANKS Joe & Vernetta Gold 90 FM Breakfast Show for having me on! #Singapore @HBOAsia http://t.co/iILTBml319Singapore!!! About to go onto Gold 90.5 fm radio show live :)@oliviamunn Where do people in Singapore summer? #TheyHaveNoSeasons #FunFact
Retweeted by oliviamunnPrince William and Princess Kate summer in Balmoral. I summer in Glendale...
My mom loved this interview haha She was just so happy Conan wanted to meet her. "@BeatClem: I love @oliviamunn http://t.co/PGBWre55Zg"Thanks!!! Wouldnt have any of it, if it weren't for you guys!! @Cali_gamer @HBOAsiaSingapore is such a beautiful city! Thanks to all the fans who support me & give me opportunities like this to see the world! @HBOAsiaGuess what! OLIVIA MUNN will be in Singapore to promote #TheNEWSROOM S2! It's your LAST chance to tell us your questions for her!
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Now that's what I'm talking about. Truly captivating episode from start to finish. @HBO @oliviamunn
Retweeted by oliviamunnTHANKS!!! Hope you liked the episode. @BrokenBastionThanks!! Lemme know how Newsroom episode is tonight! How'd you know I was going to Singapore? @DoubleSixxHaha She should have more. :) @JonathanHooverLOVE flying Japan Airlines. They treat flying like an experience like it used to be b4 airlines decided to treat passengers like garbage.@oliviamunn @GeraldoRivera journalism at its finest!
Retweeted by oliviamunnNo. No, no, no. "@GeraldoRivera: 70 is the new 50 (Erica and family are going to be so pissed...but at my age...) http://t.co/gtcKdVDiwF"
Coming Fall 2013 to The CW... A show about Asians called Back to Back! #oliviamunn #sdcc #comiccon 🎎🎎🎎 http://t.co/gy56sKph5W
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Hanging out with my buddy @oliviamunn and @SamuelLJackson on the @SpikeTV #SDCC set giving them a demo of the future http://t.co/KqSJUljlZo
Retweeted by oliviamunnThanks for saying hi! :) "@StaceyRabs: !!! @oliviamunn is probably the nicest person ever!! thanks for the picture http://t.co/W4jo5t0EDe"WOW! The Robocop SDCC 2013 footage was AWESOME!!! You guys will be blown away by the trailer!
Retweeted by oliviamunnDetroit going bankrupt is just a #sdcc #robocop publicity stunt. #ocp
Retweeted by oliviamunnSamuel L Jackson sees his over the top TV character in #RoboCop as "Rush Sharpton"
Retweeted by oliviamunnWe'll have to make them impromptu #OMFG meetups as we randomly find each other. :) High-5s for everyone!!! @fred_dogHaha Yeah. You go hide and I'll seek. And if I dont find you, just keep waiting . ;) @RhymestyleComic-Con!!! This time its all play, no work for me. Hope all of you are coming to the #Robocop Panel today! :) http://t.co/ipEk9qzyDABehind the curtain about to walk out onto @ConanOBrien last night. Two of us in this pic are happy... one is not. http://t.co/a20hMr2tfV
:) "@christianmarc: Braiding twisting&pinning for the beautiful @oliviamunn at @ConanOBrien #hairdo @THEMAGNETAGENCY http://t.co/70m19ePGFY"I spent a few hours yesterday listening to #oliviamunn tell funny stories to #johnstamos for his upcoming special... http://t.co/mxcRMmhZPr
Retweeted by oliviamunnJust flew in & had 30mins to get all dolled up 4 @ConanOBrien! Racing there now w/ @christianmarc @shanepaish Aaahh!! http://t.co/xK9v52NRGaCONGRATS @Jeff_Daniels and Jane Fonda for their Emmy nominations for @HBO #Newsroom!! So exciting and so deserved!! Yay!
Having an amazing time at @LOrealWID NextGenerationAwards. A room full of women changing the world. #WIN #LOrealWID http://t.co/HX9I7lclfZYes I am very tired, but very happy. @DoubleSixx Zero complaints. :)Got to NY this morning and found my friend @whoisgambles & I are dressed almost identical. #JeanTeam! http://t.co/jDLZsvEhTq
Dear OMFG: Been unwrapping birthday presents from you guys all day!! Thank you so much!!! You guys are the best! Just the best. :) *High-5!*
"No I make nerds look good." - Sloan http://t.co/SvG9l2TMUB #newsroom @oliviamunn
Retweeted by oliviamunnTHANK U so much to everyone who watched!! "@THR: The premiere of @HBO #Newsroom gets a ratings boost from last year. http://t.co/ywLoDlnYVu"
#NoSpoilers #ButImStillThere "@JoshMalina: Don't ruin the #Newsroom premiere for me. Just tell me...do they get out of the desert?"Can I be Sloan Sabbith when I grow up? cc: @oliviamunn #TheNewsroom
Retweeted by oliviamunnSorkin makes nerds look good :) "@HBO: "No I make nerds look good." RT If you agree with Sloan. (CC: @oliviamunn) #newsroom"The #Newsroom Season 2 is less than 4 hours away. Watch a clip from tonight's episode: http://t.co/tLfIfuuLPO
Retweeted by oliviamunnThe ACN news team rides again! The Newsroom returns for a second season tonight at 10 pm on the one and only HBO.
Retweeted by oliviamunn@gregmottola @msalisonpill is a fake account, homes. Sorry.
Retweeted by oliviamunnWishing everyone a happy Sunday! It's been a sad weekend in the news, hopefully things will brighten up soon. *BigBigHug*Shocked and saddened by the tragic death of Cory Monteith. All my love to his family, friends & girlfriend. #TooSoon
THANK YOU so much to everyone for all your support & love of #Newsroom :-) Excited for season 2 to start this Sunday July 14 on @HBO !!Got to meet John Malkovich! On The Tonight Show w/ @jayleno TONIGHT if uou wanna watch :-) http://t.co/ycogYciiRS
VIDEO: Newsroom Star @OliviaMunn Takes a Stand Against 'Selfies' in a Hollywood Reporter PSA http://t.co/t2rTtUwaEi
Retweeted by oliviamunnPhones & cars dont go together. DONT Text&Drive OR Text&Tweet (I see those driver side car shots) @TMobile #ItCanWait http://t.co/XflcCpyeocDammit. Just saw a Marie Callenders pie commercial. On my way to get some now... Yep. Thats all it takes for me. One 15-second commercial.I’m voting for @YasielPuig to go to the #MLBAllStar game. You should too! Go to http://t.co/8VLnPAoVRc! #VotePuig
My niece Ripley found a Sloan in NYC! #Newsroom @HBO. Season 2 premieres June 14 :-) http://t.co/wKAzYdkWJAThanks!! #Newsroom Season 2 Premieres July 14 @HBO :-) "@CorsetnBoots: @oliviamunn "I make nerds look good." #quoteoftheday"Great seeing you guys! Thanks for all the ♥! @DoubleSixx #OMFGExcited to go see "Live With Kelly amd Michael" this morning!! Kelly+Olivia=1/2 the size of Michael. :)Just in.time for Season 2 on July 14! @HBO #Newsroom @dreamarlowe85 @Jeff_Daniels @emcarr23
MT"@HBONewsroom Will reports on the NSA scandal. Sloan wears a fat suit to work for some reason" #Newsroom Jul 14 ;) http://t.co/4ryGQreMy0
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An Asiana Airlines passenger plane carrying 291 passengers crashed at San Francisco airport. Hope everyone is okay!My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their loved ones of the horrific runaway train explosion in Lac-Megantic (Quebec).Thanks for a wonderful brunch and all the delicious gummy candy @SugarAndPlumm ! http://t.co/wo2h8sFcA0
THANK YOU SO MUCH @ESBObservatory for giving me&my family such a special experience!! Fireworks from the tippity top! http://t.co/A1NjEFwbk5View from the top! Watching fireworks with my family @Zhagg on the 103rd floor of @ESBObservatory . http://t.co/hazRZs1t9i9-11 Memorial. So many stories of heroism. #USA http://t.co/VA4k1SocfO
Thank you @catchny @emmgroupinc for an amazing birthday dinner!!! #FoodComaTHANK YOU @DylansCandyBar for my tower of birthday candy boxes!!! Om nom nom nom nom http://t.co/1LEztM3zvZTHANK YOU for all the birthday wishes!!!! You guys are the best!!! *high-five!!!*Thanks!!! Ill want half of everything. #FutureBallin! ;) "@questlove: happy birthday to my future ex baby momma @oliviamunn"Perfect!! THANKS!! "@_Gerrad: @oliviamunn Happy Birthday Olivia! I shall get daywasted in your honor. Maybe night wasted too. = ) #OMFG"Does this means weve been working on a scary movie 2 long? Bday card from movie daughter w/a tiny Olivia in a coffin. http://t.co/roAqMy8bbw
My deepest condolences to Pierce Brosnan and his family for the loss of his daughter to ovarian cancer.Tragedy in Arizona. My thoughts & prayers are with all the loved ones of the 19 fallen firefighters.
"It was the biggest thing any of us have ever touched." The #Newsroom S2 premieres 7/14: http://t.co/TjqDh6HnVb @Jeff_Daniels @OliviaMunn
Retweeted by oliviamunn@oliviamunn The only proper way to react when you see a #Newsroom poster. My dad in NYC. :) #WorshipItAndGodAaron http://t.co/e5LwlGwTOr
Retweeted by oliviamunnThanks!!! @sshadow3