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It’s Britney Bitch! #BritneyJean available now on @iTunesMusic: http://t.co/dps446FIFx

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@freeasmydick So cool! #BritneyJeanListeningPartyI think at my core, I am a dancer through and through. ;) #BritneyJeanListeningPartyAnd the next song is #BodyAche! I think this song speaks to my biggest passion which has always been dancing.@teambritneyuk_ Omgoodness, me too. Tik Tik Tik #BritneyJeanListeningParty@daniel_tang @Tip It's a good one! #BritneyJeanListeningPartySeeing lots of these tweets! Hmmm.... RT @_DenverSean make #TikTikBoom a single. #BritneyJeanListeningParty@famousrichard What show are you coming to?? #BritneyJeanListeningPartyNext up: #TikTikBoom!! I knew immediately that I had to have @Tip on this track! You guys dig it? #BritneyJeanListeningPartyAlways fun in the studio w @iamwill RT @GGsaid this song is so fun, you must have had a great time making it! #BritneyJeanListeningParty@dafuqboys Luv u too! #BritneyJeanListeningPartySometimes, we make love really complicated, but I've always felt It Should Be Easy :) #BritneyJeanListeningPartySo much love to @sia for helping create such an amazing song!! Xo #BritneyJeanListeningPartySooner than you think! RT @britneyspeans My favorite! when are we getting the video? #BritneyJeanListeningParty@TiffanyCarterxo Lips are sealed :) #BritneyJeanListeningPartyCan you guess who this song is about?#Perfume is really just about relationship insecurities & feeling insecure about the person you care for the most #BritneyJeanListeningPartyYou better believe it! RT @dangerbritney Are u going to perform Work Bitch in Vegas? #BritneyJeanListeningParty@TWY69 Hehe, nope don't have 1 of those either #BritneyJeanListeningParty@CassPiamyheroes Get it girl! #BritneyJeanListeningPartyHere comes the smasher!! You betta #WorkBitch!! Confession: I do not have a Bugatti… yet ;) #BritneyJeanListeningParty@chdefreyn This is why I adore u all <3 <3 <3 #BritneyJeanListeningParty@chr14t12n One of mine too #BritneyJeanListeningPartySuch a massive fan. I def see myself working w him more in the future RT @StephanyValeIz #BritneyJeanListeningParty How was working w Orbit?Sometimes I need to remind myself that i'm #NotAlone :) #BritneyJeanListeningPartySong deals with loneliness and how you can be surrounded at all times by friends, family and adoring fans who you love and still feel alone.Starting with Alien :) Loved working on this track with the very talented @WilliamOrbit! #BritneyJeanListeningParty#BritneyJeanListeningParty starts now :) http://t.co/dps446FIFx
Join me tomorrow at 11 AM PST here on Twitter and listen to #BritneyJean with me!! I'll tell you what I love about each song. :)Keep them coming!! Send me all ur fun & fab #BritneyJean photos here: http://t.co/xWZwtyC31BLiterally obsessed with the photos y'all are tweeting me with #BritneyJean. SO CUTE.Had so much fun yesterday! Back to rehearsals today... last run through before we move the show to Vegas. #Focused #23Days #OMGJoin our Twitter Chat with @britneyspears on 12/6 at 3pm PT/6pm ET. Send questions: #AskBritney. http://t.co/S390iTon2D
Retweeted by Britney SpearsNew dates added to #PieceOfMe! Get those tix early if ur an @AmericanExpress member!! :) http://t.co/Gb4jFpusgS
@jamielynnspears Thank u sis! Love u! :)@LanceBass Awww thanks Lance!! Miss u ❤️@JosephKahn OMG you're making me blush!! Thank u Joseph@iamwill Thank u sweetie! Ur the best :)@billboard Thanks y'all!! I like that hashtag ;)@phvegas Thank u!! Great to see y'all today :)@MuuMuse Thank u Bradley :) Love that gif! <3@kingsleyyy Thank u sweetie :) Can't wait to see a pic of #BritneyJean in your hands!!@JustJared Awww! You guys are super sweet :) Thank u!!Best. Birthday. Surprise. Ever! Thank u!!! RT @eonline: Britney Spears' secret birthday video: http://t.co/FcOQLpZdirStoked to announce that new dates have been added to #PieceOfMe too! http://t.co/FYmODaM5VJ Tix on sale this Saturday!In Vegas! Celebrating #BritneyJean & #PieceOfMe with my new Vegas family. :)@finestbieber Luv u too! #BritneyJeanOutNow@tbhjustin Thank u! #BritneyJeanOutNow@JaacksonSpeears Xo! #BritneyJeanOutNow@Grammyless Ur the best! #BritneyJeanOutNow@raisebieber Love u too! #BritneyJeanOutNow@AmiraSaid Xo! #BritneyJeanOutNow@cromoloucos Aww thank u! Xo! #BritneyJeanOutNow@wreckingbaIl That's amazing! #BritneyJeanOutNow@p0derm4lik Ur so sweet! #BritneyJeanOutNow@jordanxcx Xo! #BritneyJeanOutNowI want to dedicate #BritneyJean to all of the fans who have waited so patiently. So happy to share my heart with y'all - this one's for you!@lovatosgomez Xo! #BritneyJeanOutNow@indigo_15 :) #BritneyJeanOutNow@orgasmicgomez Luv that! :) #BritneyJeanOutNow@NIKAMARAJ Yay! #BritneyJeanOutNow@ugxly That's amazing! #BritneyJeanOutNow@JosephbyNature Awww ur too sweet! Glad u luv it!@FeimM I'm so happy that u luv it!@FeimM Love that u loved it! :)@jordanxcx I'm glad you love it!Release day! Feedback so far has been truly incredible. I love u all! #BritneyJeanOutNow http://t.co/Adkqtji62uI'm gonna be on @TheEllenShow today. We had an absolute blast together. Check your local listings! http://t.co/QpNKwYXTSL
@RyanOve1 Yes sir :) #BritneyJeanOniTunes@codysabadkid This one's for all y'all :) #BritneyJeanOniTunes@britneyspears I already bought mine, I love you so much. Thanks for this masterpiece. #BritneyJeanOniTunes ;-) http://t.co/Uif9BQ6Tbh
Retweeted by Britney SpearsWell of course :) RT @Aaronnlee I LOVE BRITNEY JEAN SO SO MUCH! Bought like 5 copies. Will you follow me Britney? Xxoo #BritneyJeanOniTunes@MissAmericax Yay! Love the glasses! #BritneyJeanOniTunes@ericka0991 Good luck on those finals girl! xo #BritneyJeanOniTunes@britneyspears ME! ♥️ #BritneyJeanOniTunes http://t.co/cfzIvPrO2C
Retweeted by Britney Spears@mikeyaguilar Cool! Is that your favorite track? #BritneyJeanOniTunesWho's got it? #BritneyJeanOniTunes http://t.co/dps446FIFx@MaikeyC Well I'm happy that you like it! #BritneyJeanOniTunes@BRI10mo Kisses to Japan!! xoxox #BritneyJeanOniTunes@fckkbritney All smiles here....wow! #BritneyJeanOniTunesIt's midnight... #BritneyJean is out around the world on @iTunesMusic! http://t.co/dps446FIFx #BritneyJeanOniTunesJust taped @TheEllenShow LOVE HER. Can't wait for y'all to see tomorrow! http://t.co/WqxTSs1uZ4Amazing birthday surprise from my extended family <3 http://t.co/cJozQZybjNAnnouncing the next set of #PieceOfMe Vegas show dates tomorrow! Pre-order #BritneyJean here http://t.co/hBhykqjhF3 for the pre-sale code :)@Al3xWils0n Yay! Do u have a favorite? #BritneyJeanTomorrowFollowed :) Who else? RT @lv_direction #BritneyJeanTomorrow Can't wait Britney! Can you followed me? Love you :) And happy birthday my love!@britneymachorra Gonna be a fun one :) #BritneyJeanTomorrow@BritneyRus Aww cool! #BritneyJeanTomorrow@itsJuhB_ I love it! Thank u! #BritneyJeanTomorrow#BritneyJeanTomorrowLast day to stream #BritneyJean on @iTunesMusic: http://t.co/Y5EgNBuFj2 But you know what that means... album's out TOMORROW!!! YAY!Thank u so much for all ur birthday wishes! They mean so much to me!!! Xo!
So am I :) Followed ya RT @cakeliketatum #2DaysTillBritneyJean you have no idea how excited I am. omg. Love you. Follow me?@WorldBritney Can't wait! xo #2DaysTillBritneyJean@weiiiird Cool! Which one is your favorite? #2DaysTillBritneyJean@fcknjaaay Love! #2DaysTillBritneyJean@FemmeFatale1987 Followed u girl. Happy belated :)@Jamybitch Wow! Sending lots of love and kisses to Brazil. What a way to start my birthday. Muah! <3Followed :) And thank you!!! RT @18LuKaS18 #2DaysTillBritneyJean Follow me Brit? Love ya! And ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! xD xD xD ♥@KingggAnthony You are too sweet :)