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Itโ€™s Britney Bitch! #BritneyJean available now on @iTunesMusic: http://t.co/dps446FIFx

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@camilabridges Me too! #2DaysTillBritneyJean#2DaysTillBritneyJeanRemember we're 1 week until the @BritneySpears @AskAnythingChat w/ @RomeoOnSNOL #SaturdayNightOnline! #BritneyJean is out this Tuesday 12/3!
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Back to work for me! I hope y'all are enjoying the long weekend!We wanna send YOU to Las Vegas to see @britneyspears LIVE! All you have to do is enter to win a #PieceOfBritney at http://t.co/mh1dco1tZU
Retweeted by Britney SpearsFor all of u lovely @SiriusXMHits1 listeners, I am hosting the #WeekendCountdown + #Hitbound all weekend long. Yay! http://t.co/OBacYfKpER
@britneyspears You're trending worldwide baby!! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’• PLEASE FOLLOW ME ILYSM AND I'll TIK TIK BOOM!!! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’• #4DaysTillBritneyJean
Retweeted by Britney Spears@thomcastell i see ya tom xo #4DaysTillBritneyJeanFollowed u :) RT @itschenoa I'd be honored if you finally followed me tonight! @britneyspears #4DaysTillBritneyJean@_the_womanizer awww you're too cute!! xo #4DaysTillBritneyJeanYes! Now get some sleep xo RT @__caits it's 3.40am in scotland right now and im still awake, follow me?:( #4DaysTillBritneyJean@lips_toxic <3 #4DaysTillBritneyJean@crazykidsswag @falconisuxx followed u both!!! <3 #4DaysTillBritneyJean@britneyspears I'm pre-ordering my physical copy of Britney Jean later tonight! So excited! #4DaysTillBritneyJean xx
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Retweeted by Britney Spears#4DaysTillBritneyJeanWouldn't be a Spears' Thanksgiving without a deep fried turkey!!! http://t.co/uk7vTAElTaSo what did yโ€™all buy for Black Friday?Followed :) RT @WWMLD TIK TIK BOOOOOOM lol FOLLOW ME QUEEN!@IamOezz Yay!@QualityLana Yay!@myharryfeels Xo!@RideMyHump Xo!@guiller_alapan Xo!@MaxParadisee Yay!@tomlincoke :)@britneyspears all of them!!
Retweeted by Britney SpearsWhich song have you been listening to on repeat from #BritneyJeaniTunesStream on #iTunesRadio? https://t.co/A356OwDPfH
.@jamielynnspears I'm thankful for my wonderful family! Xo!"What are y'all thankful for?Tag #howcouldiwantmore and I'll pick 5 of u to send personal thank you notes for being such INCREDIBLE fans!"
Retweeted by Britney SpearsHappy Turkey Day! Xo
Thank u @InStyle for the beautiful flowers & sweet note. Luv them! http://t.co/qPQmEmyfYUWhere is everyone going tomorrow for Thanksgiving?Whatโ€™s your fave song from #BritneyJean on #iTunesRadio?? Itโ€™s streaming for free all week! https://t.co/A356OwDPfHStill on top. Still @britneyspears. Listen to Britney Jean now on First Play. #iTunesRadio (US only) http://t.co/fnGrs4PFu2
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Retweeted by Britney Spears#6DaysTillBritneyJeanThis time, it's personal. Hear @britneyspears' new album now on First Play. #iTunesRadio (US only) http://t.co/oY7bmL9j9o
Retweeted by Britney SpearsJust did an interview with @TasteOfCountry!! Y'all can read it here! http://t.co/n2fbDZSlRb
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My dancers playing #TwisterDanceRaveGame! Love this! :) http://t.co/B3aH1r4yQcIโ€™m so excited to have my friends come to my rehearsal today! Giving them a sneak peak of #PieceOfMeThank you all for asking @britneyspears your questions! Catch more of #BritneyonET tonight as #BritneyBlowout begins! http://t.co/JneDsub8NJ
Retweeted by Britney Spears.@ETonlineAlert @wondersterek I love chocolate.....and sleep......@britneyspears from @wondersterek: @ETonlineAlert Hi Britney! What's your guilty pleasure? #BritneyonET
Retweeted by Britney Spears.@ETonlineAlert @diegodeleon25 It's 21 hits!.@britneyspears from @godneyfanbitch: Britney, can you name a few songs that you will perform on the "Piece Of Me show"? #BritneyonET
Retweeted by Britney Spears.@britneyspears from @meetscottyb: What Southern food do you miss most from back home?? Mineโ€™s hush puppies. You should serve them in Vegas!
Retweeted by Britney Spears.@ETonlineAlert @meetscottyb Broccoli casserole, butter beans and cornbread!Just 20 minutes until we ask @britneyspears some of your questions! Don't miss out. #BritneyonET #BritneyJean
Retweeted by Britney Spears#BritneyJeanStream is also on #iTunesRadio! Have you heard it? https://t.co/A356OwDPfHFollowed :) RT @drunkofmahone #7DaysTillBritneyJean im so excited queen!ilysm .i adore u.will u ever follow me?c26@lateygodga Xo!Followed! :) RT @LM_Mixer1D follow me?? please@lateygodga I'm glad u luv it! Xo!Followed :) @jordanxcx #7DaysTillBritneyJeanFollowed! :) @drunkofmahone #7DaysTillBritneyJean@AmigasCheetah I'm glad u luv it! #7DaysTillBritneyJean@AmigasCheetah :)@QualityLana Thank u! #7DaysTillBritneyJean@puputaas Xo! #7DaysTillBritneyJean@QualityLana Yay! #7DaysTillBritneyJean@drunkofmahone #7DaysTillBritneyJean@QualityLana Xo! #7DaysTillBritneyJean@OnUrRadar3 Yay! #7DaysTillBritneyJean@gagashighprince #7DaysTillBritneyJean :)@IamOezz #7DaysTillBritneyJean Me too!@ckhedda Xo! #7DaysTillBritneyJean@abesuxx Xo! #7DaysTillBritneyJean@NIKAMARAJ #7DaysTillBritneyJean :)@yelyahDelRey #7DaysTillBritneyJean Yay!@JordanBradleyy7 Of course! #7DaysTillBritneyJean#7DaysTillBritneyJean@britneyspears thanks for the support B!! I love you! #spearssisters #howcouldiwantmore
Retweeted by Britney SpearsCanโ€™t believe how beautiful my sister looks in her #HowCouldIWantMore video. OMG! Watch on @OnAirWithRyan http://t.co/5sRPd1bK5UHERE IT IS!!! - Jamie Lynn Spears Evokes Country Love in 'How Could I Want More' Video - Ryan Seacrest http://t.co/mC1bKxHcsO
Retweeted by Britney SpearsPREMIERE: @JamieLynnSpears embraces her country roots in "How Could I Want More" video! http://t.co/Bf1lco6eks
Retweeted by Britney Spears#BritneyBlowout starts tonight on @ETonlineAlert . Answering questions from them today on Twitter at 4 p.m. PT. Use hashtag #BritneyonET
@mathmaths Thank u!! :)@MaxParadisee Xo!@selenaontario Aww thank u! Xo!@IamOezz Hi :)@MaxParadisee Of course I do!