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It’s Britney Bitch! #BritneyJean available now on @iTunesMusic: http://t.co/dps446FIFx

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Followed! :) #PerfumeVideoPremiere @bruusilveira Please follow me princess ? #PerfumeVideoPremiereFollowed! #PerfumeVideoPremiere @GlorySelena #PerfumeVideopremiere please follow @OhSnapItsEmilyB@britneyandkim Thank u! #PerfumeVideoPremiere@JayceeBitch Xo! #PerfumeVideoPremiere@LittleHiltonboy I'm so happy u loved it! #PerfumeVideoPremiere@ZsoltPalffy You're too sweet! #PerfumeVideoPremiere@GLStecanela Thank u! #PerfumeVideoPremiere@LiamMcEwan Thank u!Xo! #PerfumeVideoPremiere RT @SametcanKanal @VEVO omg it's too much i can't stand your perfection queen.Glad u luv it! #PerfumeVideoPremiere RT @howillsurvive ITS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!Yay! #PerfumeVideoPremiere RT @electraxcunt Perfection omg.@britneyspears is the unapologetic "other woman" in the #VEVOPremiere of #Perfume: http://t.co/pkDMCKmy9V Retweet if you love it!
Retweeted by Britney SpearsSo excited to share the #PerfumeVideoPremiere w u all: http://t.co/EVXZ7BygpH @VEVO
1 last little teaser... #PerfumeVideoTomorrow @MTV http://t.co/x6nGmCNdLqNew #BritneyJeanCollection! http://t.co/ek5BOm1R6P Send me pics when you get your orders :)
New show dates for @BritneySpears Britney:Piece Of Me are now on sale! Get your tickets here: http://t.co/Cql4ztiId2 http://t.co/BSdP5Kv48x
Retweeted by Britney SpearsStarted to pack for the move to Vegas today. Can't believe how close we are to opening night... OMG! #21Days#2DaysToPerfumeVideo http://t.co/yjaO7Zgmf8
Had to dig deep and really play with some acting chops for this one!We've set a date! Perfume vid will premiere Tuesday on @VEVO . http://t.co/ID74wBjy91 #3DaysToPerfumeVideoGetting ready to go live w/ #SaturdayNightOnline ! http://t.co/Ut9sP5TOOU @RomeoOnSNOL , ready for me?? @AskAnythingChatCan't wait to see you! RT @tonybway CAN NOT WAIT!!! ONE OF THE PERKS OF ME LIVING IN VEGAS!!! ♠️✨✨VIVA LAS BRITNEY!!! ✨✨See you soon then! RT @theosctweet Just got my tix for an April show!!! 2014!!!! #pieceofme We're excited tooFor all of you who haven’t gotten your copy yet of #BritneyJean, it's available at @GooglePlay ! http://t.co/NgGwOf2RpSSecond round of #PieceofMe shows are now on sale! http://t.co/FYmODaM5VJSeriously can't put into words how excited I am for y'all to see the Vegas show!@danwootton Ur so sweet! I'm so happy you love the album & It Should Be Easy! <3
Who's gonna be up tomorrow buying tix for the new #PieceofMe shows?? http://t.co/FYmODaM5VJ.@britneyspears’ new album #BritneyJean is available on iTunes. #AskBritney http://t.co/eFIpuBoO62
Retweeted by Britney SpearsThat was fun! Thanks y'all <3 RT @iTunesMusic Thank you @britneyspears for chatting with us today. #AskBritney.@iTunesMusic @jgalkin14 Everytime #AskBritney"What is your favorite song that you have ever wrote?” — @Jgalkin14 #AskBritney
Retweeted by Britney Spears.@iTunesMusic @ReadySetRock75 Alien #AskBritney"Fave track to record from your new album?” — @ReadySetRock75 #AskBritney
Retweeted by Britney Spears.@iTunesMusic You get to be Britney Bitch ;) #AskBritneyWhat is the best part about being Britney Spears? #AskBritney
Retweeted by Britney SpearsEspecially because it's a greatest hits show. I just hope Vegas is ready! ;) #AskBritney.@iTunesMusic SO excited!! I'm counting down the days to December 27th! I REALLY think this is going to be my best show ever... #AskBritneyAre you excited for your Las Vegas residency? #AskBritney
Retweeted by Britney Spears.@iTunesMusic Loving @lordemusic right now, such a unique talent. @MileyCyrus of course. I think she made an amazing album. #AskBritneyWhat have you been listening to lately? #AskBritney
Retweeted by Britney Spears.@iTunesMusic Work Bitch is shaping up to be an incredible number in my Vegas residency. I think my fans are going to LOVE it. #AskBritneyWhat song from the album do you like to perform the most? #AskBritney
Retweeted by Britney SpearsI dont think anyone ever thought they would see a @Tip feature on one of my albums :) #AskBritney.@iTunesMusic The features may be surprising, but I'm really excited to have my sister @jamielynnspears & @Tip on the record... #AskBritneyAre there any surprises on Britney Jean? #AskBritney http://t.co/eFIpuBoO62
Retweeted by Britney SpearsI tend to write from experience, but also enjoy fantasizing & writing from imagination. #AskBritneyI used this album to get out everything I'd bottled up over the last few years... #AskBritney.@iTunesMusic On this album I mostly drew from personal experience. #BritneyJean was therapeutic... #AskBritneyDo you write songs from personal experience or from imagination? Or both? #AskBritney
Retweeted by Britney Spears.@iTunesMusic Of course! I've recorded a few songs in the past specifically about my boys and they are my daily inspiration. :) #AskBritneyDo your kids ever inspire your lyrics? #AskBritney
Retweeted by Britney SpearsIt also has a lot of personal songs. Songs that are very moody and vibe driven. #AskBritneyI typically make albums that are fun pop/dance records & #BritneyJean has a few, but... #AskBritney.@iTunesMusic #BritneyJean is very special to me! It's a diff album than any other album I've recorded throughout my career... #AskBritneyWhat should fans know about your new album, Britney Jean? #AskBritney http://t.co/eFIpuBoO62
Retweeted by Britney SpearsLet’s chat with @britneyspears! #AskBritney
Retweeted by Britney SpearsQ&A with @iTunesMusic in an hour!Day off... been a busy week but damn I'm going stir crazy, what's a girl to do without her dancers?!Blasting the new @BritneySpears album today! Get "Britney Jean" now: http://t.co/vmFmngVxrX http://t.co/lqQ1S7qMmF
Retweeted by Britney Spears#FlashbackFriday A #BritneyJean moment from way too long ago. My goodness time flies! http://t.co/IC97MPWcCM
Nelson Mandela was a true inspiration to all humanity. He will truly be missed."Perfume" video, next week on @VEVO http://t.co/lE4eymp3ZdIt warms my heart that y'all are loving #BritneyJean. Get your copy @amazonmp3 <3 http://t.co/LtJvU2BiVvLots of love to everyone who has already gotten their copy of #BritneyJean :) MUAH! Xo http://t.co/dps446FIFxThat's it!! Thx so much for listening through the album w/ me :) I love reading what u guys think of the songs! #BritneyJeanListeningParty@britneyspears both :)
Retweeted by Britney Spears@ItsROfficial Your background is hilariousWhich version of #Perfume do you guys like the best? I'm not sure I could choose!! I really love both :) #BritneyJeanListeningParty@califever That sounds like fun! #BritneyJeanListeningParty@SamerMajali It does have that feel a little doesn't it? #BritneyJeanListeningPartyNext Up: #NowThatIFoundYou! This song just sounds like love doesn't it? :) LOVE the music on this track! #BritneyJeanListeningPartyI think it helped set the direction for the album overall. RT @loosho @britneyspears what makes it different? #BritneyJeanListeningParty@InsaneMia All of the Britney Army are my Brightest Morning Stars #BritneyJeanListeningParty@KurtiusMaximus OMG too funny #BritneyJeanListeningParty@CoolBeans_XD Love that :) #BritneyJeanListeningPartyIt’s the 1st song I recorded for #BritneyJean. My dear friend @KooolKojak came over to my house w/ his guitar & we wrote this song together.@TiffanyZeyer Cute! #BritneyJeanListeningParty#HoldOnTight is a little different from the rest of the record, but I loved writing and recording this one!! #BritneyJeanListeningParty@britneyspears my nephew who's 4 years old and has Autism.. My 'Brightest Morning Star' :) #BritneyJeanListeningParty
Retweeted by Britney SpearsBrightest Morning Star is a song @Sia helped me write about God :) Who is ur Brightest Morning Star? #BritneyJeanListeningParty@dangerbritney That's what I hoped for! #BritneyJeanListeningParty@BuzzFeed Chillin' with you ;)@WesleyWalrus Well thank you. Don't cry though! #BritneyJeanListeningPartyHe suggested getting Foster The People 2 help on production. I really think they nailed it. They added a few bells & the whistle on the songWhen @iamwill & I were finishing the song we felt it was missing something. It felt like it needed something to make the song more unique...Funny story about that! RT @EmreAkn I love the whistle in the beginning. It gives me chills. And the lyrics are soo emotional :(@neevebayb Means the world sweetie, thank you! #BritneyJeanListeningPartyThis one was very therapeutic for me. Sometimes a girl needs to remind herself not to cry and that life will go on.Really proud of the final version of #DontCry :) #BritneyJeanListeningParty@GrantPYoung @jamielynnspears I have too! It finally felt right for this album. #BritneyJeanListeningParty@jamielynnspears Your voice really shines on #ChillinWithYou sis!! Proud of u <3@Robin_H00d Good luck!! Thanks for tweeting along :) #BritneyJeanListeningPartyShe's more of a country artist and I'm obviously pop so we figured we would meet in the middle :) #BritneyJeanListeningParty@hausofbliss Wait until you hear more of her music!@brunolovesbrit @jamielynnspears That would be fun wouldn't it?? #BritneyJeanListeningPartyShe's been working on her first album in Nashville for a while and I thought it would be really cool to have her on my album.@AllexxSpears Enjoy the ride :) #BritneyJeanListeningParty.@jamielynnspears and I had SO much fun recording #ChillinWithYou!! #BritneyJeanListeningPartyI just loved this song and it spoke to me right away. RT @hausofbader The beat and lyrics are everything! #BritneyJeanListeningParty@zacharyfunk Aw thankya Zachary. Loved loved loved recording this one. #BritneyJeanListeningParty@leogmz @katyperry Yes she is! #BritneyJeanListeningPartyMy girl @KatyPerry wrote this one with @Sia and the @Diplo track is incredible :) #BritneyJeanListeningPartyI fell in love with #Passenger as soon as I heard it! #BritneyJeanListeningParty@breatheheavycom Hehe!Life is funny like that. Think I've kicked myself a few times after breaking up w someone. Dont kno why it’s always so clear AFTER u breakupThis makes me smile! RT @alekjandro it's makes me stronger, It's helping me@cope with a broken heart </3 #BritneyJeanListeningParty@Manon_ASP Yes ma'am #BritneyJeanListeningParty@ElenitaSPEARS Too sweet, thank you sweetie xo #BritneyJeanListeningParty#TilItsGone is a post-break up song, and it's true... You never really know what you have until it's gone. #BritneyJeanListeningParty@picsoftumblr I see you now! O_O #BritneyJeanListeningParty@leoinsiders2 A God job, wow! Ha #BritneyJeanListeningParty@MRKiNGALEXXX You'll have to wait & see ;) #BritneyJeanListeningPartyThe show I'm putting together has more dance than any show I've ever done. I guess I was dancing until my body ached every single day. LOL!!When I cut this song I was right in the middle of dance rehearsals for my Vegas show...