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It’s Britney Bitch! #BritneyJean available now on @iTunesMusic: http://t.co/dps446FIFx

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@hausofbliss Xo!@canunickiminot Ur the sweetest!@dangerbritney I'm happy you loved it! Xo!@Britsanity Thank you!!!Wow… perfect audience for the 1st #PieceOfMe show! That was AMAZING! I <3 you Vegas!!! http://t.co/7w0mGIH3BJIt has begun! Use #PlanetBritney for all of your @britneyspears photos. http://t.co/ejvbcH1nJb
Retweeted by Britney SpearsHere we go... http://t.co/lw5f5Ne9jT#1HrTillShowtime #PieceOfMe#2HrsTillShowtime #PieceOfMe#3HrsTillShowtime #PieceOfMeThe most beautiful flowers I've ever seen! Thank you @CelineDion!! http://t.co/YHBoeClZK7
Can't believe the 1st show is almost here!!! #PieceOfMe http://t.co/66KyF0IKfbI've got chills. Last dress rehearsal for friends and family before opening night tmw. #1DayTillShowtime http://t.co/fmoz48gkGH
Hope y'all are having a Merry Christmas!#2DaysTillShowtime http://t.co/e66nOzVXG5
#3DaysTillShowtime http://t.co/bGAFh2c1Di
#4DaysTillShowtime http://t.co/saYmvNJ2HL
See you in Vegas bitches…. ;) #IAmBritneyJeanHope y'all loved that. Just wanted you to know how hard I've been working on this show these past few months. #IAmBritneyJeanJust got chill bumps watching that footage. Next time you see me on that stage it will be the real deal! #IAmBritneyJeanLove @Koirestaurants! They’ve been taking such good care of me here in Vegas! #IAmBritneyJean"Everytime" has become one of my favorite moments in the show. My boys said they loved it too :) #IAmBritneyJeanYou are defined by what you become under pressure #iambritneyjean
Retweeted by Britney SpearsWe've grown so close. It's like I get to perform with my family on stage :) #IAmBritneyJeanThe things we have all learned about each these past couple weeks is pretty amazing. #IAmBritneyJean@liamvith LOL #IAmBritneyJeanIs this the first time some of you are seeing the stage? What do you think???? #IAmBritneyJean"Go beyond reason to love: it is safe. It is the only safety." #IAmBritneyJean
Retweeted by Britney Spears@dale62891 I'm with you on that! #IAmBritneyJeanFingers crossed we can fit Alien into the show on the next go-round. I must bring that song to life!!! #IAmBritneyJeanIt's so important to be conscious of what's happening in the world and to give love wherever & whenever you can. #IAmBritneyJeanWe had deep fried turkey, deviled eggs, corn bread… all the yummy southern food you could ever want. Daddy's the best cook. #IAmBritneyJean@JamieLynnSpears Rematch on Christmas ;) #IAmBritneyJeanLove you @JamieLynnSpears. If you haven't yet please go watch her new video, it's amazing: http://t.co/5sRPd1bK5U #IAmBritneyJeanOmg my heart is melting watching Jayden on the piano. #IAmBritneyJean@gillianchastine Glad you're enjoying it <3 #IAmBritneyJeanJust want this show to be perfect & the costumes are so important. Promise y'all will love what we ended up coming up with. #IAmBritneyJeanI'm a perfectionist, I can't help it. #IAmBritneyJean@BritneyArmy001 @iamwill He is a genius! #IAmBritneyJeanAww @Andy. #AdorableAndy #BoobAndHeartAction #IAmBritneyJean@Bentley_Pharaoh They are good. The best! #IAmBritneyJean@PeterDeeTM lolGET IT GET IT y'all. #GetItGetIt #IAmBritneyJeanDance rehearsal is a spiritual time for me. It's therapeutic really. #IAmBritneyJeanNothing got my pulse racing and heart jumping like the Circus intro that started the show. Omg, I nearly died of excitement #IAmBritneyJean
Retweeted by Britney SpearsWhich is your favorite of my tours? #IAmBritneyJeanCan't wait for u to see these dancers in action. I've grown so close to them and they are a truly talented bunch. #IAmBritneyJeanThank u all for all the love you have shown me throughout the years. I wouldn't be here today without you all. #IAmBritneyJean@jauregunit Cool!Don't know what it is about London but I love love love it. Hopefully I can squeeze in a trip back there soon :) #IAmBritneyJeanOh gosh 😳 #IAmBritneyJeanI'm getting my Daddy duct tape in every color for Christmas. #IAmBritneyJeanThe production is so over the top. Fire. Rain. Magic. I'm continually trying to outdo myself & I think this takes the cake. #IAmBritneyJeanHave any of you guys been to Vegas before? #IAmBritneyJeanGo give @SquaredDivision some love. Just amazing. So fresh. & Funky. The choreo we have is the hardest I've ever done. #IAmBritneyJean@MustachioMahone Well thank you #IAmBritneyJeanWhat did you all think of this shoot? Costumes were TO DIE for. 1st time getting in the Vegas spirit too. #IAmBritneyJeanIt's time! So stoked to watch this with y'all. Popcorn in hand. #IAmBritneyJean starts now :)#5DaysTillShowtime http://t.co/3DWEy7KguC
#IAmBritneyJeanTOMORROW 9/8c on @eonline! http://t.co/mvbhCpAIlPBritney Spears' Best Concert Costumes: Take a Look Back at Her Past Tours as She Prepares for Piece of Me in Vegas! http://t.co/9vSz0MihBK
Retweeted by Britney Spears#6DaysTillShowtime http://t.co/w0BAz8NVdp
#7DaysTillShowtime http://t.co/gZp5MDJyxt#7DaysTilBritney @BritneySpears http://t.co/Ih1JbnEeHD http://t.co/VTZa0ysJxp
Retweeted by Britney SpearsY'all probably don't know this, but I'm constantly writing! A pen truly is a girl's best friend #IAmBritneyJean #BTS http://t.co/oIwNA5pkx2Had an amazing time on @SurpriseITV with James! Such a sweetie. Was a pleasure enjoying tea & scones w/ you :) http://t.co/73Vq3LQ8HD
Sometimes u just wanna go old school & WRITE instead of type:) Who else agrees?! #IAmBritneyJean #BTS #ITypedThis http://t.co/3UHJMBkU8I
#IAmBritneyJean sneak peek: get ready for this Sunday's #exclusive 2 hour movie event! http://t.co/M1jY8tEEiu
Retweeted by Britney Spears
Behind the scenes photo from the #WORKBXXCH music video for my upcoming E! Documentary... #IAmBritneyJean http://t.co/CdRw8bMB9yThe Vegas fam!! <3 http://t.co/k9K6EgUmM5
It's crunch time b**tches! No time for rehearsal breaks!Excited for this!!! @britneyspears #pieceofme #britneyjean #phvegas http://t.co/mUSRfRAWsv
Retweeted by Britney Spears@harrymyherif I'm excited for you all to see #IAmBritneyJean :)Make sure you watch the #IAmBritneyJean documentary on Dec 22 on @eonline! Excited to share this little piece of me with u :)A few of you guessed right ;) I have a sneak peek of the #IAmBritneyJean documentary for ya right here: http://t.co/gZjk00oZZ6@mandymcgee28 awww i love you all!!! <3 #BritneySurprise@MehrsaTafaqodi you'll see soon ;) #BritneySurpriseMy face when I think of the #BritneySurprise @britneyspears follow me babeee💕😘😍👯 http://t.co/oFln7NE9H9
Retweeted by Britney Spears@Haileymaffitt awww you are too cute! love it! #BritneySurprise@Stan4_Minaj @DARRAGHMINAJ got ya both! BritneySurpriseFollowed ya :) RT @nessah_iamme Follow me please? I'm really looking forward to the surprise, I love you very much #BritneySurprise <3333333@HarrysGirly_ @selenator989 surprise ladies! :) #BritneySurprise@SwagyGomez it's definitely possible ;) #BritneySurprise@withthescene i see ya! #BritneySurprise@thanksgodney i got ya ;) #BritneySurprise@mxrcs you will see very soon... #BritneySurprise@SlaveForDance getting warmer.... #BritneySurprise@britneyspears I'm so excited!! I can't waıt to know what is #BritneySurprise
Retweeted by Britney Spears@w0rkspears happy bday gabriel!That's not it...but I'll follow u sweetie :) RT @PaulineyOff @britneyspears a surprise to me ? :) follow me queen please <3 #BritneySurprise@lovepjustin1 me too!!! :) #BritneySurpriseHave a little surprise coming for you all in a bit…any guesses as to what it is?! #BritneySurprise
.@britneyspears loves "Ice Ice Baby"? Hear what other songs she loves on Guest DJ. #iTunesRadio (US only) http://t.co/vItGXyM3AP
Retweeted by Britney SpearsJust saw the first cut from my documentary. Excited for y’all to see it on Dec 22 on @eonline#15DaysToShowtime http://t.co/FYmODaM5VJRehearsing on the @phvegas stage for the first time today... Y'all. It's omg amazing. http://t.co/drq3IlOwop
@BritneySpears' new documentary I Am Britney Jean premieres Sunday, December 22 on E!
Retweeted by Britney Spears@jamielynnspears Thank you sis! You're the best! Love you <3I love my big sis @britneyspears' new video for her song “Perfume!” Y’all should check it out!! http://t.co/bEsTfewnrr #proudsister
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U all are too sweet, thank you for all the love on the new video. I'm happy u all like it! http://t.co/EVXZ7BygpHI'm so excited! This is starting to feel real. #17DaysToShowtime http://t.co/1MGCwDVoxt@FashionableSMG i see you girl ;) #PerfumeVideoPremiere@itsfuckingdiva followed u sweetie! #PerfumeVideoPremiere@jorgesuxx followed ya! #PerfumeVideoPremiere@marimedi13 @VEVO :) Followed! xoxo #PerfumeVideoPremiereFollowed! <3 u xo RT @gomezismyworld #PerfumeVideoPremiere PLEASE FOLLOW ME BRITNEY You're amazing and I love the perfume video!@maisumaflyer @antoniopoli followed u both ;) #PerfumeVideoPremiere@SritoCristian awww you are too sweet! xo #PerfumeVideoPremiere@_lovewithlouis <3 you too. #PerfumeVideoPremiereFollowed! #PerfumeVideoPremiere @MyQueenSellyG PLEASE FOLLOW ME BRITNEY You're amazing and I love the perfume video! I love you so much 💗Followed! #PerfumeVideoPremiere @filipedesouza PLEASE FOLLOW ME, BRITNEY. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, PLEASE #PerfumeVideoPremiereI see u! Xo! #PerfumeVideoPremiere @NetoSanRoman princess u see me? LOVE U SO MUCH !Following u :) #PerfumeVideoPremiere @xjustrauhl PLEASE FOLLOW ME IT WOULD MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME #PerfumeVideoPremiereI see ya girl! :) #PerfumeVideoPremiere @SwagyGomez you probably not see this tweet but perfume is so amazing good job queen ilyI see you! :) #PerfumeVideoPremiere @meV00o @ZsoltPalffy I want a small replay from britney OMG I adore herFollowed! :) #PerfumeVideoPremiere @Madonnasus PLEASE FOLLOW ME DARLING! GOD I LOVE U SO MUCH! ❤️