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Born in 1989.

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This morning, my 4-yr-old asks, 'when is @taylorswift13's new album coming out?' - 15 Days! #TS1989
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftThere is a lot of emotion and joy in this cover Thank you @taylorswift13 https://t.co/6oPglkdb0l
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftJust us. Hangin' and contemplating what life will be like 15 days from now. #TS1989 http://t.co/7jiP49JScG
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftSo like.. Shake It Off is #1 on iTunes and pop radio. 1989 is #7 right now @iTunesMusic Just a an update that I'm FREAKING OUT. #thankyouSo proud of @taylorswift13 @scottborchetta @BigMachine @RepublicRecords! #1. http://t.co/yL3fOgiO5a
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftCongratulations to @TaylorSwift13 – Named 2014 Billboard Woman of the Year! http://t.co/JHdKpOxTtO
Retweeted by Taylor Swift#Swifties! Taylor Swift has been named @billboard's Woman of the Year! http://t.co/Wez9qJOxVE Get 'em, Tay! http://t.co/A01a6wsAFQ
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Endless LOLs on the Graham Norton Show. Check it out: http://t.co/QxZnqbWdsC #IdieddeadThe London #1989SecretSessions were as outrageous and hilarious and sweet as I dreamed they'd be. #fundon http://t.co/Ezf71cS1gD👵☕️👵☕️ http://t.co/FQzYXDCe7S
Retweeted by Taylor Swift3 days. #1989 http://t.co/O80vepYNo8
About to be on the Graham Norton Show- if you're in the UK, tune in! We talked about lotssss of… http://t.co/C0eNXzHFVeMy heart's troubadour @taylorswift13 activating her super power of EMOTION: https://t.co/0di3INpLqm
Retweeted by Taylor Swift
Last time I let my parents cat-sit, this portrait session/photo shoot happened. There's really no… http://t.co/m0ajHwxBgPCAN 1989 COME OUT ALREADY THIS IS RIDICULOUS
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftTo clarify, what is coming in the next few days is a new song that I think best represents #1989. It is NOT my next single. #ShakeItOffWe had the delightful @taylorswift13 in the Live Lounge earlier & she performed this gorgeous cover of Riptide. http://t.co/oUYXrtMDzp
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftThis is cute, @TaylorSwift13 & her bestie @EdSheeran are leading the #Trending140: http://t.co/tRioA4c6cI http://t.co/vawozYaPj6
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftWell @vancejoy get ready to be mind blown! @taylorswift13 just covered your Riptide on my show and it's was sublime! I mean... Next level!
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftCould she be any more perfect.The answer is no ❤️ @taylorswift13 a beauty, grounded, smart, funny and she likes cats http://t.co/c5oHVMJqRN
Retweeted by Taylor Swift5 days. #1989 http://t.co/ee1fHc4rtz
In this case, imitation really is the truest form of flattery. To @MiaFarrow from a huge fan. PS look, @RonanFarrow!! http://t.co/aVsAZJA3nkIt's so wild being back in London when Shake It Off is in its 3rd week at #1 and I get in the car and… http://t.co/Wn8Tf1z0iIWhen we left Paris, this rainbow showed up and I could not find my chill. #nofilter http://t.co/VsLdd4o2Vz
T-Minus 20 days until 1989!!! Keep watch over on @iTunesMusic. http://t.co/ieVQ7XAps2 http://t.co/X25wHlYQGJ
Retweeted by Taylor Swift“@edsheeran: Thinking out loud (official video) - http://t.co/Z47gRZUf87” Masterpiece.And to the Ella over there with the hella good hair...... http://t.co/f3y4nZW6Oj @lordemusicJust smiled so big as I watched this girl joyously dance-bomb a Whole Foods like a champion. https://t.co/1WaYBQPZNK #ShakeItOff
The Eiffel Tower outside my car window. Would've gotten out but it was raining and ew. http://t.co/dIYiuabVlTParis fans, being legendary outside NRJ. http://t.co/tDVLtSVOPBHey @taylorswift13 @NRJhitmusiconly http://t.co/BgRhQmhEtD
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftWe can now reveal that @taylorswift13 will be in the Live Lounge for us on Thursday! Are you excited? http://t.co/fQAxlzoFow
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftThe musical poppet that is @taylorswift13 will be gracing our #R1LiveLounge with her angelic presence this THURSDAY! @BBCR1
Retweeted by Taylor Swift
On the way to the airport at 7am, bright eyed and ready to take on the next adventure! .......nope. http://t.co/5Gw6qjPUa1Thanks to everyone who illuminated my night and my life. #1989SecretSessions PS there are so many… http://t.co/1seAyJQTUxYes we are climbing all over each other. #1989SecretSessions http://t.co/FHi7jFfBjyThanks for being there when I needed a pick-me-up. #1989SecretSessions http://t.co/xOHaVrn8KNYes we are ladylike. #1989SecretSessions http://t.co/kuGY6hRGBhWe are like so over it. #1989SecretSessions http://t.co/mmJiJonTRCYes we are cats. #1989SecretSessions http://t.co/NPwfxWC5BdYes we are under a blanket. #1989SecretSessions http://t.co/N6kDFij0rzYes we are lying on the cold hard ground. #1989SecretSessions http://t.co/xlQvDFkcFdYes we are busy playing piano. #1989SecretSessions http://t.co/tq3wVyaFEdYes we are holding a sailboat. #1989SecretSessions http://t.co/LxsJLQT03JYes we are holding lanterns. #1989SecretSessions http://t.co/TVRLk0iyrA@mollyshafferr love you 375 days a year.IM NOT OKAY, THIS WAS SO WORTH THE 8 YEAR WAIT http://t.co/YYD3i44yef
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Miss you already. #1989SecretSessions http://t.co/GzeIfyaREkTo see my dad photo bombing is to see him at his happiest. http://t.co/ClIjcbjtGUNYC memories.. #1989SecretSessions http://t.co/BQDVDoPdLti can honestly say 1989 > her other albums? i was so skeptical of people at sessions having that opinion but i truly stand behind that order
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftTonight was #1989SecretSessions in NYC and john_grande6 came up with this next level pose. http://t.co/j1dxJcf0dE
Way excited about being a 'key advisor' on @NBCTheVoice. Here are some pics of me and the coaches that I key advised. http://t.co/Ub5HDNsOXsFun fact: the amount of days left until #1989 comes out is the same number of years I've been alive. Hint: it's 24.
It's October AKA the month when the horror movie ads start and at any moment a dead doll or corpse ghost could pop up on my tv. #strugglesGuys I'm really excited about this. My first @britishvogue cover! http://t.co/cxG1jZRc6zTo see me exhibit tons of elegance and coordination, click here: http://t.co/KnY54zwY6H PS it's opposite day. #ribbondancingismylife
We are OFFICIALLY in the month of 1989 and we're NOT doing a good job of keeping it together. http://t.co/DjA2vHJ6YO #Monthof1989
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftWhen attending a Hozier concert, it's very important to accompany the band on your invisible… http://t.co/mt0RhzQserMY COVER OF @BRITISHVOGUE NOVEMBER ISSUE WITH @TAYLORSWIFT13. #LucindaChambers @jamespecis @thevalgarland http://t.co/cmywJF7Ndi
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this girl was the first person i played yellow flicker beat to, and she was instantly... http://t.co/SoNY7MB8WZ
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftProud. @lordemusic http://t.co/LIwt67UWJa
Last night was a dream. http://t.co/bE9LPgS5EGRemember when I tweeted this quote? They weren't wrong. http://t.co/SjEd4IlOwx
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftChai sugar cookies with cinnamon eggnog icing AKA Christmas in September. http://t.co/7LDrZmqDfPHere are some adorable polaroids of Taylor with Swifties at #1989SECRETSESSIONS in Nashville!! http://t.co/ZXeSIAU5ss
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@kamilahmarshall I think I've had that nightmare before. Did it look like this? http://t.co/e4lwDBIiOm
AHHHHH! #1Monthtil1989Just saw this, then immediately called my parents and asked them point blank if they kidnapped me from… http://t.co/v7znnIDRivThy players shall playeth, playeth, playeth and thy haters shall hateth, hateth, hateth. I shall shaketh off.
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I found this and it made me miss this little party animal. Happy Friday errryone! @lordemusic http://t.co/EkdN3U0qKW
“@ChloeGMoretz: Was super fun rocking out to @taylorswift13 #shakeitoff at @BravoWWHL !!! #andycohen best late night show ! Hahaha” YES!!
OUTSTANDING COVER ALERT. I am so obsessed with Labrinth's version of Shake It Off. Unreal. @Labrinthda1st @BBCR1 http://t.co/qYUyVuyJEX
"I'm dancing on my own//I make the moves up as I go." = https://t.co/d0k1rf6fMy #ShakeItOffMeredith is in one of her moods. http://t.co/gVWh11jMzf
The phrase “fan engagement” always makes me sleepy. But when I see a star bake her fans cookies, it’s not about metrics, just mutual delight
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftOf 12 new @taylorswift13 songs, I counted two that I'd qualify as ballads. Other 10 about tied as potential "Shake"-followup Top 40 smashes.
Retweeted by Taylor Swift
I Heart Radio = a marvelous time. See photo evidence: http://t.co/ethNiUzmOQI was so happy tonight, it made it impossible to remember the times in the past that I haven't been. #iHeartRadio http://t.co/pf8zWCJQqrAbout to walk onstage........ ! #iHeartRadio
I don't mean to be all 'me, me, me' but I'm pretty sure this is my fault. @lordemusic http://t.co/H7On4WrfxvSo completely, definitely going to watch this show. http://t.co/PYRWV2mWjJ #RedBandSociety #ShakeItOffDas what People say, Mmm Mmm.. Das what People say... Thanks @peoplemag! http://t.co/awXJGyekVkHow was I to know, upon writing it, that a bird would one day rage THIS hard to #ShakeItOff... https://t.co/6YuogE9lU6“@Zedd: I love @taylorswift13 ! Shake it off is real!” Happy about this!!The #ShakeItOff Outtakes Video #4 is HERE!!! RT if you watched it. http://t.co/fxY80qj0Le
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Some really important conversations are happening on Tumblr. http://t.co/2EHzhYodPFHey, @Mariska and @nbcsvu, if you noticed less crime in NYC today.. It's cause the other Olivia Benson was on patrol. http://t.co/cMjQfeh0NL
Oh my God, LOVE HER, oh my God. http://t.co/5uISjKNVMi @BethanyMota @derekhough @DancingABC #BAEthany
Can someone please invent an app that tells me where I can get the food that I smell in the air? #newyork
@DaveMills85 It's pretty apparent that we were both having a very casual day. As you can see, I was casually holding a bunch of balloons.@brittsepe hey girl heyyyy.@taylorswift13's new record is a brilliant pop poetic party. Just you wait.
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftIngrid Michaelson, brilliant singer songwriter and cat photographer: http://t.co/i7liMLBB47
I'll never be able to explain to you how astounding it is to open iTunes and see this love letter from… http://t.co/ZlrAMktRqb“@edsheeran: Intense day preparing for the next music video, it's gonna be a special one” No one's ready for what you have up your sleeve.I'm obsessed with @taylorswift13. I'm so late?!??!?!
Retweeted by Taylor Swift“@skyferreira: I'm obsessed with @taylorswift13. I'm so late?!??!?!” I love your record! 'Boys' is on every playlist of mine.
This is quite simply the best day of my life. #wemadeit http://t.co/1OeWyFkf9w
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftSo...now all I need is a date to @taylorswift13's concert.
Retweeted by Taylor Swift@taylorswift13 we accept.
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftI'm personally inviting all of these guys (and a date!) to a show on tour next year, it's on me. Nailed it, bros! http://t.co/PuBjqkf27nShake it Off Music Video Outtakes "The Modern Dancers" LOL. #ShakeItOff http://t.co/7uOLqXRm4VSo @Pharrell just told me he is the biggest @taylorswift13 fan. She is winning at the moment! I totally agree!! Max x
Retweeted by Taylor Swift