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Born in 1989.

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A longer/alternate cut of the Target commercial, lots of NYC feelz. #style #TS1989 http://t.co/vJYqHEpCRhThe Target commercial is out, and features a brand new song you haven't heard yettttttt..... #Style #TS1989 http://t.co/I447Ow6yJ0Six more days until @TaylorSwift13’s album release party on my show! http://t.co/eIxcOjF1jM
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Why Taylor Swift Welcomed You to New York: http://t.co/7w4OKj7PDb #ESQA http://t.co/YOR4YwOypM
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftHaving family that feels like your best friend and best friends who feel like family. #WelcomeToNewYork http://t.co/hU9qmB8XwcThe Levain Bakery cookies that turned my day around. #WelcomeToNewYork http://t.co/gz7qT85rKKThe day I woke up to all these house warming presents that came in the mail from @jaime_king and… http://t.co/0iHYDcBcoPBrick walls and sweaters. #WelcomeToNewYork http://t.co/KCr96kQK0kFront stoops. #WelcomeToNewYork http://t.co/o7IOYQ82snLattes. #WelcomeToNewYork #TS1989 http://t.co/e2XFi58554This is a good example of what I typically wear on planes, in front of lots of other people who all… http://t.co/cYk1xkB3V1Bonus Track #1989lyrics #6DaysTil1989 #TS1989 http://t.co/HcqHUct29r#W2NY .. Instant anthem..anyone who just got to a big city or remembers what it felt like the first time ..instant nostalgia EPIC! #ts1989
Retweeted by Taylor Swift@JenniferNettles HAHAHA shaking it off is probably the option less likely to garner restraining orders. If you ever want a girls night, CALLWhen I want 2 leave a flaming bag'o poo at someone's door b/c they tweet something mean, I remind myself to #shakeitoff. Tnx taylorswift13 !
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftYou GUYS!!! #ShakeItOff and #WelcomeToNewYork are #1 and #2 on @iTunesMusic. YES!!! http://t.co/DjA2vHJ6YO http://t.co/DSpXvJtcXG
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftWelcome To New York lyrics http://t.co/zN4HGQvtf1 #WelcomeToNewYork #1989 #mercuryGETOUTOFRETROGRADEMy all-time favorite designer has passed away. Oscar, it was an honor to wear your creations and to… http://t.co/AOfPZbHg1i#WelcomeToNewYork is officially available NOW on @iTunesMusic!!! Get it here: http://t.co/DjA2vHJ6YO http://t.co/IJk00uubCW
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftALL SYSTEMS GO. #WelcomeToNewYork #1989 http://t.co/rKf2Je8T7y#WelcomeToNewYork and Shake It Off holds the top 2 spot on Billboard's top 140 trending chart! http://t.co/fTGnodGiCb
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftWho wants to have an #OutoftheWoods and #ShakeItOff dance party while we wait for #WelcomeToNewYork!?! 💃💃💃
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftGUYS. #WelcomeToNewYork will be up on iTunes any minute now. This is not a drill!! GO GO GO Photo… http://t.co/ekKSudHqfl
Here's the video of our X Factor Australia performance of Shake It Off! I miss Australia already, watching this: http://t.co/uY7ErgThAaTrack 7 #1989lyrics http://t.co/8PAdiovsXfits just phenomenal
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftI sat here and listened to every single song...track to track to track to track. every song could be a hit
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftI heard the entire @taylorswift13 album...I repeat I've heard the taylor album http://t.co/sAgIqiwYb2
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftNEW SONG ALERT! Get #WelcomeToNewYork TONIGHT with your #TS1989 pre-order! Watch Taylor talk about it: http://t.co/62nmRdUsdP
Retweeted by Taylor Swift#WelcomeToNewYork #WelcomeToNewYork #WelcomeToNewYork #WelcomeToNewYork #WelcomeToNewYork #WelcomeToNewYork #WelcomeToNewYork
Retweeted by Taylor Swift"Was that entire crowd just chanting ‘Becky’?" -@treepaine after my X-Factor Australia performance. This is going to be an interesting tour.This Out Of The Woods cover is one of the coolest I've seen.. So interesting and so well done! https://t.co/EQ3o1R7mMv #8DaysTil1989Guess what? A special surprise from @TaylorSwift13 tomorrow! She'll have an announcement on @GMA! What could it be!? http://t.co/gQKmw37sRW
Retweeted by Taylor Swifthere is a little jazzy picture they made telling you how to vote (if you don't know already) that would be lovely! 💜💙 http://t.co/XcxIX841Lf
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Track 11 #1989lyrics http://t.co/moz8fqf2Em▶ I'm so proud of @taylorswift13 response regarding writing songs about relationships. It starts at 5:25. #RealTalk http://t.co/4db0oLEnfH
Retweeted by Taylor Swiftare we outta the woods🌲🌳🌲🌳
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Heads up! Something's happening on @itunesmusic at around 11:59pm EST Monday night.. Available worldwide:) #1989 http://t.co/bfjlIptViPTrack 5 #1989lyrics http://t.co/bnhKXbD6UTTrack 4 #1989lyrics http://t.co/LZCaOVLC2U
@taylorswift13 #1989
Retweeted by Taylor Swift@taylorswift13 my someday wedding song, as you know
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftBonus track #1989lyrics http://t.co/IaPlOydgg4Yes, Boston College, YES. Thank you so everyone who took part in making this, it just made me SO happy! http://t.co/J65NJC0hUB #ShakeItOffHere it is... your behind the scenes look at the #1989SecretSessions. Love you guys so much. http://t.co/0dxlZtW6TJ
Track 3 #1989lyrics http://t.co/dUC6hcMdin“@taylorswift13: Track 2 #1989lyrics http://t.co/vVqFDQNI7J” FAVOURITE
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Track 2 #1989lyrics http://t.co/HH6O76QbhOThe last Shake It Off outtakes video, profiling our legendary and lovable director, @markromanek. Go! Look!! (Please) http://t.co/lH0psPgH7mBehold, the Diet Coke ad that depicts my perfect world. Featuring a new song and Olivia, who is now a cat actress. http://t.co/dhzqFTZbkEOMG I can't handle how cute Christina Perri is. http://t.co/Irgn02KL9eI wish I could dress my cats in Halloween costumes but the one time I tried that, Meredith tried to jump off a balcony.@abiander CAN I COME OVER@elizabethhuett missing your little baby talk voice and the way you slur your words on purpose and how I used to give you haircuts!!!"Areweouttathewoodsyetareaweouttathewoodsyetareweouttathewoodsyet areweouttathewoods" -My brain all day @taylorswift13 😍🎶🎉
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftTrack 1 #1989lyrics http://t.co/1AL0ZcRmLsARE WE OUT OF THE WOODS YET ARE WE IN THE CLEAR YET (not quite, we still need the rest of the album) #1989
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Love her so much ---therealsarahhyland's photo http://t.co/G9pIi2od6zloving #OutOfTheWoods @taylorswift13 awesome job!! and #1onitunes get it girl
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftHey @taylorswift13 !! Your new song #OutOfTheWoods is insane and I listened to it on repeat on my way to work. Too much? Naaaaah... 😘
Retweeted by Taylor Swift#OutOfTheWoods=nearly perfect pop song on 1st listen. What I'd expect of @taylorswift13/@jackantonoff, 2 of the best young writers today.
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftSo TS has done it again. Get ready ears for your new anthem. http://t.co/FnI0asx3uI
Retweeted by Taylor Swift@camilluddington you just made my day. Excuse me while I fangirl about getting a tweet from you (!!!!!!!!!!)Just heard @taylorswift13 new song #OutOfTheWoods ... Don't mind me while I blast it in the makeup trailer the next few days.. #GreysAnatomy
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftYes!! @taylorswift13 & @jackantonoff can you two just never stop writing together please? John Hughes-y synth pop forever. I'm in love😍🎹
Retweeted by Taylor Swift@taylorswift13 SO proud of you, bb 👸
Retweeted by Taylor Swift"Are we in the clear?" @taylorswift13 Get #OutOfTheWoods now when you pre-order 1989. http://t.co/j6dL07XVvv http://t.co/lKzGmYFPxr
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftHOW. AM I. SUPPOSED. TO HANDLE THIS. #heavybreathing #outofthewoods http://t.co/oTGlSx1z7hFor the next 13 days leading up to 1989, I'll be posting one lyric from each of the 13 tracks each day. #1989Trying to sign lithographs. Dealing with critters. #shehasnorespect #olivia #1989 http://t.co/B3iOuJUEAvThe monsters turned out to be just trees @maebirdwing @milesdheizer
Retweeted by Taylor Swiftare we out of the woods yet are we out of the woods yet are we out of the woods yet are we out of the woods yet are we out of the woods yet
Retweeted by Taylor Swiftlenadunham's photo http://t.co/DupCdikZoz #outofthewoods #1989Oh um excuse me @taylorswift13 & @jackantonoff put a song out like 11 minutes ago and it's already #1 on iTunes http://t.co/fxWdZC8jm1
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftSo this is cool (!!!) http://t.co/Qj2Y7dLlXb
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftClearly, we are very nonchalant about the whole thing. #whereismyCHILL #outofthewoods http://t.co/QAwf8LxwE7@multayply thanks Elise! Cute lyric picture! That was FAST. #skills@9PHunter Thank you so much!!! So excited that you like it!Wrote about the new Taylor Swift song (which I love). http://t.co/0foEqZ2W9q
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftTech support from @jackantonoff: How to get Out Of The Woods to download if you've already preordered 1989 on iTunes: http://t.co/0CDQrEwRZ9You guys have been sooo patient but now you can get #OutOfTheWoods on @iTunesMusic! Pre-buy 1989 while you're there? http://t.co/JhUZG7ADJ4OUT OF THE WOODS http://t.co/4a9ncOWxfK - I couldn't love working w/ taylor more. this song + the experience making it mean the world to me
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftLyrics: Out Of The Woods⁰Written by Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff⁰Produced by Jack Antonoff http://t.co/BJ9Av48dDVIt’s HERE!!! http://t.co/DjA2vHJ6YO #OutOfTheWoods
Retweeted by Taylor Swift@caa1317 I love that you noticed that!! Impressive spy skills. #OutOfTheWoods@taylornation13 IT NOW SAYS OUT OF THE WOODS IM NOT OK #2HourstilOutOfTheWoods http://t.co/kTHUlaweCU
Retweeted by Taylor Swift@BaileeMadison LOVE YOU!If anyone needs me I'll be staring @ my clock waiting 4 it 2 be midnight/anxiously holding my computer because #outofthewoods @taylorswift13
Retweeted by Taylor Swift#3HoursTilOutOfTheWoods #1989 PS: these forest shots have all just been pics I took while hiking. http://t.co/TgNYRbO4gyOOTW
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftYou GUYS!!! #1 Worldwide Trending Topic...NBD...#casual (#5HoursUntilOutOfTheWoods!!!!!!) http://t.co/K3ZsTL0I2w
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#outofthewoods #itunes #midnight http://t.co/7Bvl0h4ZVaFull disclosure: I've had the chorus of "out of the woods" in my head for months. Now you can too! Midnight! #OutOfTheWoods #TS1989
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftTonight at midnight. @jackantonoff #OutOfTheWoods #1989 http://t.co/wbASgxbBCA"Is that a proper cat?" -John Cleese PS Meredith in the background just straight chillin. http://t.co/z22OXs7E8ACasually shaking it off on X Factor. Shout out to all of the fantastic dancers who were phenomenal up… http://t.co/K3z9YLYxyySo... Maybe watch @GMA tomorrow morning (Mon at 8:10 E) and maybe check @iTunesMusic at midnight Monday. #OutOfTheWoods #1989
Thanks for having me, @TheXFactor! What a perfect end to my trip to the UK. I'll be back soon, I promise! http://t.co/TyFpdDRSIg #ShakeItOff