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Just got to my dressing room. @TheTodayShow clearly understands me. 🐨 http://t.co/RiSrsd9C
Now we're off to Australia, where @GrantMickelson will undoubtedly refer to koalas as 'panda bears' no matter how many times we correct him.Leaving Tokyo. I'll miss you guys. Thank you for your lovely hospitality and cat-related gifts. :)
I'm thankful for friendships like this. http://t.co/KKiS2IUOLast night my band, crew, and I ate Japanese food and went around the table saying what we're thankful for. I could've gone on for an hour.
Time to play my nightly game of "where are the light switches in this hotel room?"Landed in Japan a few hours ago- thank you to all the wonderful fans at the airport for your adorable gifts and adorable-ness in general :)
Thank you so much for the AMA! You're unreal. I went straight from the awards to a night video shoot. Long day but so worth it.
Getting ready for the AMAs! Maybe if you feel like it, you'll watch? πŸ˜ƒ
Walked into my AMA dressing room and there was this little bowl of candy in there. Literally shrieked with excitement. Need to tone it down.
Had a blast playing on #xfactorUSA. Also, @Ddlovato's hair looks SO good tonight.
I'll be on @TheXFactorUSA tonight at 8 ET on FOX. So stoked.
Just in case you missed it: Taylor's performance from last night's MTV EMAs! http://t.co/FxIFUFiz
Retweeted by Taylor Swift
Such an insane night!!! You guys won me 3 EMAs! Best female, best live act, best look. Can't even begin to thank you enough. I love you!!Backstage @MTVEMA.. My band and I are walking around in our costumes, taking hilarious pictures. Can't WAIT for this.
Sooooo my Storytellers airs on @VH1 tomorrow at 6 & 11 p.m. ET if you feel like watching me tell stories and then sing about them πŸ‘EMA rehearsals in Frankfurt!! Yay! (Blows nose. Sniffles. Then coughs. Blows nose again. Apologizes to everyone in vicinity.)
πŸ‡«πŸ‡·=πŸ’— http://t.co/svEVr96O
Hung out at @NRJhitmusiconly with @cauetofficiel today- so much fun! Merci!! πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ‘πŸ˜„
The voting for the EMA's ends soon, so you can go here http://t.co/U6HceCfr if you want. Or if you just feel bad for me cause I'm sick. πŸ‘Got a cold. I'm carrying around a box of tissues like it's my new favorite accessory, sneezing excessively, talking like a frog/old man.
Got to help switch on the lights at Westfield tonight in London and lots of people showed up and we played a few songs and I had fun. :)
Just walked the red carpet at the CMAs.. Who's gonna watch tonight? Cool thanks :)@Miranda_Lambert just read your tweet-- thank you!!! That made me so happy. Can't wait to see you tonight!Plane music..RED. @taylorswift13 you sure know how to write a heart felt heartbroke song. Hot Pics too! #girlscanlearnfromeachother:)
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftMTV Europe Music Awards voting (bottom of the page): http://t.co/0JU3vEEk and AMAs: http://t.co/BjleTZ92 PCAs: http://t.co/q2ORqQYd
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Congrats to @taylorswift13 for selling 1.2 million albums in a week, orrrrsssuuummmm
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift's 'Red' Sells 1.21 Million; Biggest Sales Week for an Album Since 2002 http://t.co/bJ1RULbM
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftThey just told me Red sold 1.2 million albums first week. How is this real life?! You are UNREAL. I love you so much. Thanks a million ;)
We're performing on @DancingABC tonight at 8 ET. πŸ’ƒWith the ⭐s! #DWTS
Again With The Posture. Meredith laying around, being a cat. http://t.co/COdH3QbIRight now "Begin Again" by @taylorswift13 is what I'm repeating in my headphones... #delicate #beautiful #bittersweet
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This is the stuff that comes with the cd if you get Red at Wal Mart. (Everything except the pumpkin bread I http://t.co/gU6bJWyfSome people have been asking about songs like 'Girl at Home'-At target, you get 6 extra songs. That's one of them.The RED tour!!!! http://t.co/G942gljh
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftHappy to announce that I am special guest on @taylorswift13's tour of North America next year, cannot wait!!
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"The Moment I Knew" "was a song about my 21st birthday party, which was the worst experience ever," - TS
Retweeted by Taylor Swift'The Moment I Knew' and acoustic 'State of Grace' on the Target edition are the best out of the entire album #RED
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftGetting up extra early tomorrow 4 the "T-Swift Worldwide Radio Remote!" 72 stations = 72 interviews = You just might hear me on your radio!
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftI'll be on @katieshow tomorrow before my big announcement on @abc2020 tomorrow night. πŸ‘This hope is treacherous.
Retweeted by Taylor Swift
I have some BIG news! I'll announce it tomorrow night on @ABC2020 with @katiecouric at 9pm ET...Watch?
Taylor in @TheEllenShow "Haunted Hallway" … hilarity ensues: http://t.co/iaAuHsP5
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftOne more day to the big day! Watch @TaylorSwift13's crazy outdoor concert on my show tomorrow! http://t.co/3bohIVIs
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftMost relatable song on Taylor swifts new album is definitely "I almost do" How does she do it ?!
Retweeted by Taylor Swift@TaylorSwift13 Listen To This: Your New Shower Song! http://t.co/JgipqTOs
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftFreaking out http://t.co/KESfjGUz
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftShout out to the #TaylorFollowers who have been with me all week. Check out their tweets for updates because they rule.Headed to @theViewTV! Performing and speaking with ladies and such.Keep grabbing Taylor's album, the song I feature on is called 'everything has changed' cheekkkk it out - http://t.co/UE9fV2XM
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftStarting the morning. Meredith is silently judging me. Lovingly, I hope. http://t.co/7hUB4eSLThe "Begin Again" music video is here! Watch it now: http://t.co/lSOyBnfi
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftAbout to be on the Late Show with David Letterman on CBS!!! Watch??? K thanksβ€œ@CarlieStylezz: Guess who's a happy kitten?! Mama butler brought this to me!! ❀Her!! http://t.co/90IlIdiH” Thanks for getting it!!! πŸ±πŸ’‹β€œ@UANthenTMH: I literally cannot stop listening to Everything Has Changed, it's perfect” Yayyyyyyyy!!!!! πŸ˜„β€œ@JessicaIpockk: Everything has changed #tswiftandedsheeran #myjam” heyyyyy girl thanks for saying that.β€œ@_SouthernBlonde: Time won't fly it's like I'm paralyzed by it, I'd like to be my old self again but I'm still trying to find it” I ❀ you.β€œ@k_grzywacz: It was rare, I was there, I remember it all too well.” Love youuuuuu thanks for quoting 'All Too Well' :)Taylor Swift's song All Too Well is the story of my life.
Retweeted by Taylor Swift@PerezHilton YES!!!!!!I don't know about u, but I'm feeling 22!! Everything will be alright if you keep me next to u! U don't know about me, but I bet u want to!
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftI'll be live on @theViewTV tomorrow on ABC! Early morning PARTY.
Gonna be on the @Late_Show tonight and I'm excited about it because David Letterman is cool.Check out current #RED reviews, sales numbers and more here: http://t.co/iGCVuKLU
Retweeted by Taylor Swift@lenadunham, you made my day with that. I'm now going to sit in my dressing room reciting my fav @girlsHBO quotes.. Which is all of them.Update: @taylorswift13's album is triumphant. If she'd been here when I was in college I would have written papers on her, not Sylvia Plath.
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftTimes Square! http://t.co/ipk6GMxUMy @GMA Times Square concert is finally happening -- tomorrow on ABC!!
Congrats @taylorswift13!! Look at you go... Listening party in the trailer & the French are digging it too. http://t.co/j0TYjlne
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftSo..."Taylor Swift Week" starts tonight on @ETonlinealert-- it's very nice of them of them to call it that. Excited.Promised I wouldn't tweet from vacation but willpower's never been my strong suit: Today= Taylor Swift's new album and @girlsHBO in the UK!
Retweeted by Taylor Swifthttp://t.co/zjMacYPl
Retweeted by Taylor Swift#4
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftTaylor's song ft me is #5 in the USA! Whoop!
Retweeted by Taylor Swift#nowplaying Everything Has Changed - Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran. THIS IS PERF.
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftRed (Deluxe Version) by Taylor Swift http://t.co/UE9fV2XM
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftListening to @taylorswift13 Red right now. Hadn't heard the whole record. It's fantastic. Epic!
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftThe new album RED by @taylorswift13 is out now! I feature on the song 'everything has changed'. Grab the album, it's very good
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftI still see it all in my head.. in burning #RED. http://t.co/Lfmo7X9eTomorrow we start to..... http://t.co/dQ8cHzEK120 minutes until #RED
Retweeted by Taylor Swift3 hours. #RED (!!!!!!!)So I'll be on @GMA @ 7am ET and SiriusXM "The Highway" @ 2pm ET. Watch/listen please :)4 hours. #RED
5 hours. #RED.Check out the hashtag #TaylorFollowers - Taylor invited fans to literally follow her to each event and update onsite starting tomorrow!
Retweeted by Taylor Swift#RED is scheduled to land in your iTunes library in T-Minus 6 hours!
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftT-Minus 6 hours 50 minutes until #RED
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftT-Minus 7 hours 37 minutes #RED
Retweeted by Taylor Swift8 hours til #RED.Taylor Swift's album Red is out at midnight. We wrote and sung a song together on it. Am very proud to be on the record. Exciting times.x
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftGearing up. http://t.co/bbrrlWZl10 hours.#RandomRedThought The Lucky One made me listen to it again, but Starlight made me decide I like @taylorswift13's Red better than Speak Now.
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftHelp us trend #13HoursTilRED! RT #TaylorFollowers
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftThis is my last day of life before #RED. Midnight. Tonight. http://t.co/VttUFpSjT-Minus 14 hours until #RED
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftLess than 24 hours until #RED. Countdown to 12am ET begins...
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftTaylor swifts new album is out at midnight. I feature on a song, very excited to hear the rest of it, who's gonna grab it?
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftI wish I could do a good job of articulating why "I Knew You Were Trouble" is a great rock & roll song even though the kids call it dubstep.
Retweeted by Taylor Swift
2 DAYS UNTIL #RED. I can't believe we're this close. http://t.co/tTYfhBGbThis CMA promo uses my new song '22'!!!!!!! Eeeeee!! http://t.co/cdI33wAV
THREE DAYS TIL #RED!!!!! http://t.co/H6954mJXFour days!!! Thanks @theellenshow! #RED http://t.co/PzF60DZ0Friends, y'all we're so beautiful today... surrounding our #RED Rock Stage!! Thx 4 freaking out 4 us!! :) <3 http://t.co/pJBKxRB5
Retweeted by Taylor Swift
Tune in tonight at 9pm on HBO to see ETHEL - the beautiful film about an amazing woman--@Ethel_Movie @HBODocswww.ethelmovie.com.FIVE days til #RED http://t.co/l2tDqaVh
Daily reminder: MTV Europe Music Awards voting (bottom of the page): http://t.co/0JU3vEEk and AMAs: http://t.co/BjleTZ92
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftSIX days til #RED. Six tiny little flowers. http://t.co/55hQXRXjBlasting @taylorswift13 while packing for NYC. Great morning πŸ‘―
Retweeted by Taylor Swift3 of the Top 10 singles on @iTunesMusic today are from @taylorswift13 who's already sold over 3.5m singles from #Red http://t.co/gXRqf2T6
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftNew song "State of Grace" from #RED is available now for download on iTunes! http://t.co/6OFU8sUY
Retweeted by Taylor Swift"State of Grace" comes out tonight on iTunes at midnight! yayyyyyyyy!
Seven days until #RED- seven band members' feet. http://t.co/n0hGh9tmHere's the preview of "State of Grace" which hits iTunes tonight at 12am ET! http://t.co/cOZl7zeJ #RED in 7 days
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftSo there's gonna be a new song preview from #RED on @GMA tomorrow morning at 7am ET, available on iTunes Tuesday!! Called "State of Grace".
This many days til #RED (EIGHT!!!!) http://t.co/wrfUqU8l
Nine days until #RED . Nine vintage shoe forms. http://t.co/op03wLbaMy publicist describing the fashion direction of this shoot to me: "It's supposed to be festive, but not 'Taylor Swift the Christmas elf"
Taylor covers the new @RollingStone magazine on stands today! Go behind the scenes from the shoot: http://t.co/Y7IKOtaz
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftMy dad's all "Can you try using these new guitar picks?" And I'm all "sure, I'm not picky." Then I'm all "Get it??? HAHAHAHAHA"So I'm going to be counting down now because its 10 DAYS until #RED!!!! http://t.co/mNEKPgOQ
Want a chance to see @TaylorSwift13 in a live concert at my Burbank studio? Email TaylorOnEllen@gmail.com & you could be here!#TaylorOnEllen
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Daily reminder: MTV Europe Music Awards voting (bottom of the page): http://t.co/0JU3vEEk and AMAs: http://t.co/BjleTZ92
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftThank you so much for the AMA nomination and for making I Knew You Were Trouble #1 on iTunes!!! That makes me so unbelievably happy.
*🎢I knew you were trouble when you walked in🎢*…. *Singing* (!)
Retweeted by Taylor Swift
I Knew You Were Trouble comes out tonight at midnight. Ready to hear more about my romantic misadventures????
There's a preview of a brand new song from Red tomorrow morning on @GMA.. It's called 'I Knew You Were Trouble.' And it's one of my favssss.That show was like "EEEEEEEEEEE!!!" @BBCR1 Teen Awards. Wembley Arena. I'm in love with you, London. πŸ’‹πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
The official RED track list is now on http://t.co/6tBHalPg! See the new song titles here: http://t.co/Z3vEBaX3
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftI feel like I'd be more understood if people knew 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing' by Aerosmith is how most of my emotions sound in my head.