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Born in 1989.

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@yoabbaabba @taylorswift13 these hands had to let it go free
Retweeted by Taylor Swift✨1989✨
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftIn silent screams, In wildest dreams, I never dreamed of this. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/7q8JMkkL6gSo hey, let's be friends. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/9cE9OKAgP4And I got that red lip classic thing that you like. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/7EXMcCCMa2And now let's watch Emma demonstrate a new way to use your 1989 album Polaroids: http://t.co/lvBwAjloWZWe're too busy dancing to get knocked off our feet. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/COEE1tbkXwLet them say what they want, we won't hear it. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/74CxpPOrd5We found Wonderland. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/13lWqOOYuDYou got that James Dean daydream look in your eye... #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/upJf0DH82b#TaylorOnLetterman starts NOW!!! Who's going to watch with us???
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftThis love is good. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/vYF17G6Sz4I'm so excited that I get to hang out with this guy again tonight! I'll be on @Letterman tonight talking and singing. http://t.co/y7ObyKQcLoSaw you there and I thought "Oh my God. Look at that face." #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/bMVjHNlHj4Tonight: Find out why @TaylorSwift13 invited fans into her living room for a party-> http://t.co/H94zfgqihJ #TS1989 http://t.co/mBs9HRJ9xO
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftIt's important that you watch this if you want to understand anything I say on Tumblr/the internetz. http://t.co/0JwjyLszL1
Taylor's on @NBCTheVoice TONIGHT at 8/7c! You still have 2hrs to get to a TV! Watch it with us?! ✌️x13 #TSwiftOnTheVoice
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftI want you for worse or for better. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/C21Bj0dk9NCause we never go out of style.... #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/qCsEzUwbw0I'm crying. It's so good. #1989
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftJust grab my hand and don't ever drop it, my love. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/ghUaZbLCCQThis love is glowing in the dark. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/dcmli978PMFIVE HOURS until this magic. #TSwiftOnTheVoice http://t.co/UPTpB5RQc5
Retweeted by Taylor Swift"They said 'take a selfie, take a selfie!' And then they showed me how to take a selfie!" -my dad's first selfie http://t.co/BcmVLkLOUDIs there anything better than a 2 hour flight ahead of you with the new @taylorswift13 album ready to be listened to?! #nope
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftWish you knew that I'll never forget you as long as I live. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/hjMbj92E3QHow Taylor Swift Are You? http://t.co/fkPvJoysyQ http://t.co/xBMZIG8gUt
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftThey are the hunters. We are the foxes. ...and we run. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/ovfcaEQhyyIn losing grip on sinking ships, you showed up just in time. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/y4K8Ax2PAPThis love left a permanent mark. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/Hte5W1F0BEAnd you know for me, it's always you. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/6hf7snOE8mJust found this and I agree that this guy totally wins 'at best boyfriend ever'. Other boyfriends, get on his level. http://t.co/MW1wRlT2c1It's a new soundtrack, I could dance to this beat forevermore. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/gI3hNFVNjREverybody here wanted something more, searching for a sound we hadn't heard before. #TS1989 #taylurking http://t.co/NPvpUuf6KiThe best people in life are free. #taylurking #TS1989 http://t.co/h57ruxwfAgBaby we're the New Romantics.. #taylurking #TS1989 http://t.co/vcIzq447EvGood morning! Just #taylurking again. Look at all the cute ways you're putting the Polaroids to use! #TS1989 http://t.co/GVsyhqDQAMI'm loving seeing all these people going to buy 1989 in groups and seemingly, having the most fun EVER. #taylurking http://t.co/d9Gbhi5FYJNONE OF US CAN FIND OUR CHILL. #taylurking http://t.co/RvnwUxVAHzThese cuties...... #taylurking http://t.co/8FEPAb2075These babes: #taylurking http://t.co/NWNj3fdaxeMeeting everyone after the rooftop Secret Sessions and taking weird pictures = the greatest joy of my… http://t.co/RNPs16uMbbThe photos from Secret Sessions are always hella interesting: #TS1989 http://t.co/FrqSLGwvbXJust got home from the NYC Secret Session. Now back to full time #taylurking: http://t.co/2p9FMxxPmLCongrats on 1989, my dear @taylorswift13! I still remember our listening party in my living room months ago. Earbud-buddies fo-life. 🎧👯🎧
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@taylorswift13 album is out today. It sounds rad.
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftI cyber-stalk because I care. #taylurking http://t.co/vilq5ABtmOThe best dancing you'll see on television. #TSwiftOnTheVoice http://t.co/DPKVnuyayP
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftJust #taylurking around and found these adorable photos: http://t.co/b1ylCw5hbzStyle is far and away my fav @taylorswift13 song of all time. What a song/vibe/lyric/hook! Been on repeat alllllll day.- will #ts1989
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftI love the pics you're posting with the Polaroids! #taylurking http://t.co/HkpveKKwFZGetting ready for the @iHeartRadio Secret Session, casually #taylurking.. http://t.co/r6u6Xh2DosSome important stuff popping off over at @TheEllenShow pretty soon.... http://t.co/LCVIvTTvThIn every @Target store, they're playing exclusive never-before-seen video footage of the creation of… http://t.co/xLg8Vu6yUfSome reasons I'm having a beautiful Monday: #TS1989 http://t.co/74XvLOHT5r1989 by @taylorswift13 is currently #1 in 88 Markets Globally on iTunes! Best Fans Ever. #Swiftober
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift reblogged me on tumblr and called me her favorite author. Trying not to freak out. http://t.co/JFgQ1u28UL
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftThis post made my day. I can't believe I'm lucky enough to have friends like this. selenagomez's photo http://t.co/CKmGZ1Cs7TFound some important photos while #taylurking just now... #TS1989 http://t.co/V22MRB83kK1989 RESURRECTED MY SOUL/thought i was bored of writing about anything/talk 2 me abt the chemical change taking place in my body re: "Style"
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftThe deluxe #TS1989 is at @Target & I just got my copy! 3 voice memos + 3 extra songs, 13… http://t.co/vu8dQpqjxqOh my God, guys, you could not possibly be cuter. #TS1989 http://t.co/PbduCikdhmYes, it's a busy promo day.. But if you think I'm too busy to cyber-stalk you, you're WRONG. #TS1989 http://t.co/akVs0dgWI7YAYYYYY LILY lilyaldridge's photo http://t.co/orCs9rkwj4this new @taylorswift13 👍👍👍👍
Retweeted by Taylor Swift"Cuz you know I love the players/ and you love the game"- @taylorswift13. I love this woman.
Retweeted by Taylor Swift@taylorswift13 I'm going to be listening to #TS1989 for the rest of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Retweeted by Taylor Swift.@TaylorSwift13's "1989" album dropped and here are all the celebs who love it: http://t.co/quF9ZsKFXA
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftOn the way to Good Morning America and THIS HAPPENS #blankspace #TS1989 http://t.co/tbla5mtqLQHere's the tv schedule for this week! Not on here, but also important: gonna be on MTV all day in… http://t.co/YY1jFUIhpGWintery beaches. lenadunham's photo http://t.co/20dnfTzjYrFlower crowns. lenadunham's photo http://t.co/ZHQpsZzHHUOMG 1989 IS OUT WHAT A DAY. so proud of my sista. my favourite is style (and also blank space) (and also all of them) http://t.co/BUlAQaQjTE
Retweeted by Taylor Swifti first heard style driving down the pacific coast highway and it was EVERYTHING i chair-danced so hard you have no idea #TS1989
Retweeted by Taylor Swift"When I was drowning that's when I could finally breathe" ironic how breathtakingly beautiful these lyrics are. @taylorswift13 #TS1989
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftShe done done it again! Tonight, my favorite is "This Love".. #TS1989 http://t.co/8FcBwYp7XE
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftAll You Had To Do Was Stay. #TS1989 👯🎉
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftMy favorite songs on #1989 are This Love, Blank Space, Out of the Woods and also every single song.
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftHope you enjoy October 27th or, as it shall now be called, national Taylor Swift day #TS1989
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftGo grab yourself @taylorswift13's new album, it just came out and it's stellar - http://t.co/5CxHgHbtD1
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftMy last tweet tonight. It's here. #TS1989 @iTunesMusic http://t.co/JhUZG7ADJ4IT'S OUT IT'S OUT IT'S OUT THIS IS NOT A DRILL GO GO GO #TS1989#1HourTil1989 !!!!!!I'll be on @GMA tomorrow talking about #TS1989 and back later in the week to perform! Less than 2 hours....TONIGHT, I GATHERED THE FAMILY AT THE DINNER TABLE AND GAVE A VERY EMOTIONAL SPEECH ABOUT @taylorswift13 + LIFE + 1989. CRYING. I LOVE YOU.
Retweeted by Taylor Swift#3HoursTil1989Let's show the WORLD the power of the #Swifties and trend our countdown ALL. NIGHT. LONG!!! #5Hourstil1989
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftOn my website, you can make your own 1989 Polaroid cover! Look at these cuties: http://t.co/1sMB7M0l42 http://t.co/XxavUbWy8A
If you get #TS1989 at @Target, your album will include 3 bonus songs and 3 of my songwriting voice memos, as well as 13 Polaroids. 6 hoursI'm giving out 1000 tickets and 500 meet and greets. You can enter as many times as you want, but you HAVE to enter this week. 7 hours.I want to meet as many of you as I can. When you buy 1989 this week, you'll get a code for a chance to win tickets/meet and greets on tour.The #TS1989 physical cd comes with 13 Polaroids. There are 5 different sets (65 different poloroids in all) 9 hours. http://t.co/wAKgcUDNrOTrack 9 #1989lyrics #TS1989 11 HOURS http://t.co/1pfCvjVr5v13 hours til 1989.Tomorrow, Jack Antonoff and I will be taking over MTV with wide-eyed wonderment. #TS1989 http://t.co/8Lub5g2Zj5Track 8 #1989lyrics 17 HOURS http://t.co/4ZWPz2KsDC24 HOURS TIL 1989Watching Kelly Clarkson SLAY "Shake It Off" is an excellent way to celebrate 26 HOURS TIL 1989!!!!!! #TS1989 http://t.co/StqJLKObGC#Swifties! @taylorswift13 takes over the americantop40 Countdown all weekend long! Listen… http://t.co/jo8yMFmJmx
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