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Born in 1989.

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So excited to be officially starting the 1989 World Tour US leg tonight in Bossier City, LA! @vancejoy is sound checking right now!!!Look @LilyAldridge !! https://t.co/IlZ5dt1xSb @markvillaver @TimMilgram SO blown away by this. Amazing.Taylor Swift - Bad Blood ft Kendrick Lamar - Tricia Miranda Choreography | Filmed by @TimMilgram http://t.co/5d8iIMkmDN
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftFrom her Vogue cover to sweeping the #BBMAs—@taylorswift13's biggest power plays of the year: http://t.co/17KEQPFguZ
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Really stoked about this whole #1 on the Maxim Hot List situation. Thank you @MaximMag :) http://t.co/Fw8AgWoqrZLast night was a dream sequence. I never forget that you're the reason my life is like this. Thank you for all of it. http://t.co/QiWrrLFRNII HAVE A GIRL CRUSH ON EVERYBODY IN THIS VIDEO 😍 @taylorswift13 this makes me wanna put on heels and punch someone http://t.co/Kc03OS4lfN
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftLast night was a wild ride #DoneWithCollege http://t.co/rOVCi7SwzL
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftMad love @HaileeSteinfeld @Zendaya @iammarthahunt @EllenPompeo @LilyAldridge http://t.co/juLhTCzoU5 http://t.co/2nD1nCWT1aAfter all that buildup, @TaylorSwift13's "Bad Blood" video actually is sufficiently epic http://t.co/rAwHXG9ktk http://t.co/cCNAdQN7Tg
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftLOVED being part of the epic #BadBloodMusicVideo! I don't know about you but I need to watch it again #Knockout http://t.co/Oao2W5T2ql 👊💣
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Tonight on Twitter @ 5:45pmCT, we've got ONE job. watch. rinse. repeat. Warm up: 13 views http://t.co/IUPTgTqtLq http://t.co/8oPgigSCUy
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftMad Love #BBMAs http://t.co/3HAthgggNC
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftGo to 1:42 of the #BadBloodMusicVideo to see the take I got right. http://t.co/juLhTCzoU5 This was the FAIL take: https://t.co/6W2fsgb6aGVevo. #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/juLhTCzoU5iTunes. @kendricklamar http://t.co/nxlSO6FSsKAfter we wrapped. #BadBloodMusicVideo @selenagomez @SerayahLove @GiGiHadid @iammarthahunt @Zendaya http://t.co/hmyjxJqoCrAbsolute best video I've seen in years! Taylor is off.the.chart!!!!!! #BadBloodMusicVideo @taylorswift13
Retweeted by Taylor Swift.@MollyRingwald wants to join @taylorswift13's club. (But, then, who doesn't?) http://t.co/NafQZ6v354 via @usatodaylife
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T MINUS ONE HOUR #BadBloodMusicVideo Here with @LilyAldridge @iammarthahunt @SerayahLove @Zendaya @EllenPompeo @HaileeSteinfeldWho's ready to be SLAYED by Catastrophe aka Samurai Swift aka Slaylor! #BadBloodMusicVideo #BBMAs on @ABCNetwork 8/7c http://t.co/s299DxODgA
Retweeted by Taylor Swift#BBMAs Chart Achievement Award is the only fan-voted award! Do YOU want it to be @IGGYAZALEA @taylorswift13 or @Meghan_Trainor? 😱#GalaxyLife
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftWaiting for @taylorswift13's #BadBloodMusicVideo like... http://t.co/dAk1XuRrkB
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftTONIGHT. #BadBloodMusicVideo World Premiere OPENING the @OfficialBBMAs at 8/7ct on the on @ABCNetwork!Every time you tweet the #BadBloodMusicVideo hashtag, this most awesome bandaid with a bullet hole emoji shows up! So cool, @taylorswift13!
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftAre you going to watch Mad Men, Game of Thrones or the bonkers new video by @TaylorSwift13 tonight? http://t.co/EahPNjWB6D
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftLAST DAY TO VOTE🙌 #BBMAs Chart Achievement Award Pres By @SamsungMobileUS👉 @IGGYAZALEA @Meghan_Trainor @taylorswift13 http://t.co/j2iMqWGWdG
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftWatching the #BBMAs pre-show right now on ABC? Visit our hub to for even more info about tomorrow night! http://t.co/x5PC3Y30JA
Retweeted by Taylor Swift.@taylorswift13 says it's a good time for women in music -- women who are brave enough to speak about feminism -- on #BBMAs pre-special.
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Too pregnant! But my name would be Gun in the Oven or Immaculate Conceptionator what u think @taylorswift13? LOL https://t.co/UvMxZs6uBw
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftSWIFTIES! ☝TAP TO VOTE for your girl, @taylorswift13 for the #BBMAs Chart Achievement Award, Pres By @SamsungMobileUS http://t.co/edlkFfwrDA
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftMeet Arsyn. @selenagomez #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/QjJ8yyzg7ZThe next and final poster released will reveal the lead actress in the #BadBloodMusicVideo. It's sure to start some fires...🔥 @echosmith Sydney!! I wish I would've gotten to say hi last night. Love you guysCatastrophe vs Homeslice @iammarthahunt #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/LDmN2V1noP.@GiGiHadid Talks Starring In @taylorswift13 #BadBloodMusicVideo! http://t.co/IWKPX7Jfn4
Retweeted by Taylor Swift @Lyyssaaaa13 I actually cannot stop unintentionally matching with my friends. Look at us wearing dark blue like that.Guys, u gotta go see the @taylorswift13 #1989WorldTour. She's sangin. "Out of the Woods" was my fav. #RockInRioUSA https://t.co/ueJyShvF0Y
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftPlaying my alien space piano at Rock in Rio tonight. Photo by: @amosjheller's iPhone http://t.co/rTyI94UMWt#RockinRioUSA is swooning for #Sweeran http://t.co/MwYEr9lq5G
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftLoved singing Tenerife Sea with @taylorswift13 tonight. Her new show is stellar too. Thank you rock in rio
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftEverything we know about Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video: http://t.co/46rrptMywY
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftI look around me and see a sweet life... https://t.co/KYw9l8ZYH8
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Seat cards have been assigned for the cast of @taylorswift13's #BadBloodMusicVideo...💋 http://t.co/s9xHGUAK7j #BBMAs https://t.co/jNAfv8MSCE
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftMeet Headmistress. @CindyCrawford #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/SlkoB8VWKvCelebrating 3 years of @edsheeran in ma life https://t.co/w7B7uuDYJNMeet Mother Chucker. @Caradelevingne #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/paVk2HjazFTaylor Swift getting the human versions of her cats in the #BadBloodMusicVideo is such a Taylor Swift thing to do.
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Meet Justice. @Mariska #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/gZK3VhnbOyMeet Luna. @EllenPompeo #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/aDuOgmUv2LDrinks among assassins. https://t.co/LLXCrrsCmU
Catastrophe vs. Knockout #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/FPLXLHg7xyMeet HomeSlice. @iammarthahunt #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/fGT6VUiOi3
Meet Domino. @jessicaalba #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/Btee26i9gdMeet Dilemma. @SerayahLove #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/pLfg2MytTs
Meet Knockout. @karliekloss #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/QYP7IOB8HfMeet Welvin Da Great. @kendricklamar #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/iz6iG87NLEFun fact about #BadBloodMusicVideo: Each individual actor/actress chose their character's name and persona. *😺CATastrophe😺*
Meet Lucky Fiori. @lenadunham #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/agdFw8OSsnMeet The Trinity. @HaileeSteinfeld #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/cYn6u7D5jZ
Meet Destructa X. @elliegoulding #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/PbgpkDUliTMeet Slay-Z. @GiGiHadid #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/FCW0wmSFgR
Meet The Crimson Curse. @yelyahwilliams #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/R8nssKiXPGMeet Cut-Throat. @Zendaya #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/hmBSUUNj1J
Meet Frostbyte. @LilyAldridge #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/UBgWF05f1IWatch the @Billboard Music Awards to see the premiere of @taylorswift13's new song "Bad Blood"! #BBMAs Sun, May 17! http://t.co/IYRJS8kW4d
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftOur June cover girl is @taylorswift13! Preview her get-real interview with Tavi Gevinson here: http://t.co/T1pMmF3S6L http://t.co/7nzsc8ChwO
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftMeet Catastrophe. #BadBloodMusicVideo http://t.co/q9P7JJoWld
Dude, that club twirl tho 👌🏼 @taylorswift13 http://t.co/NGzq0zY5fT
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftI was so happy tonight. See you next time, Tokyo. Next up, we bring the whole '89 show to Rockin Rio in Vegas..... http://t.co/c1Kk8CTAae
There have been so many amazing covers of 1989 songs... I'm going to be bold enough to say this one is my favorite. http://t.co/JiJhpvpRupJust added a couple of great live shots to my recap: @TaylorSwift13 takes the stage in Tokyo: http://t.co/uZvLUUCint via @usatodaylife
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftThe 1989 World Tour has officially started. I love you. I love you. I love you. @taylorswift13 I LOVE that you're still doing this for your hardcore fans - for free!!! There is no one like you!!! http://t.co/Bq5o2Z6tFo
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftTHAT. CROWD. THAT CROWD. #1989TourTokyo http://t.co/4US3iQBhumWalking to the stage..... #1989TourTokyoWE ARE HERE for #1989TourTokyo!!! Hanging with the other 50,000 Swfities for THE VERY FIRST 1989 SHOW!! #テイラーアンバサダー! http://t.co/wm37Gaofs7
Retweeted by Taylor Swift
@Thejessicakorda dude come to the show!! I'll get you tickets, I know a guy.Tokyo.. We're so excited to see you, we went to the stadium tonight to watch the stage get built. See you tomorrow:) https://t.co/Qojua5GDVTNever not rhyming with @edsheeran http://t.co/BL3E0kGI7i#1DayTil1989WorldTour http://t.co/E3rldBvtRJ
Finished up some US headline dates last night. 3 more shows before we start #The1989WorldTour with @taylorswift13 🙈 http://t.co/ctKs9KKhcr
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftMonths of rehearsal and preparation. Innumerable decisions. A new era begins. It seemed like the first show would never get here.
Retweeted by Taylor Swift#3DaysTil1989WorldTourFrom #NBAPlayoffs to Grammys? Watch Bulls star @JimmyButler sing his fave @TaylorSwift13 songs http://t.co/3cRymZqpi8 http://t.co/FAxNE9BYzw
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I feel so lucky to get to perform alongside people who love it this much. http://t.co/aCLZLAZFta #1989WorldTourReal love. @HAIMtheband @lordemusic @SerayahLove @halstonsage http://t.co/m5Fk8Bbb7J
@rhodesmusic YES! I loved it, and I adore your music. Can't wait to come see a show. Let me know if you'd ever like to come to one of mine!VOTE for @IGGYAZALEA, @Meghan_Trainor or @TaylorSwift13 for the #BBMAs Chart Achievement Award! @OfficialBBMAs http://t.co/skoPB5nSDs
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Sheep are rude. https://t.co/DmKfrpgSTGYou've never heard @taylorswift13 sound like this! @rhodesmusic covers Blank Space for @huwstephens #R1PianoSessions https://t.co/rrdYouuUCM
Retweeted by Taylor SwiftIt's Martha's birthday and still technically Gigi's birthday week! Wish I was with them! @GiGiHadid @iammarthahunt http://t.co/89I8Oz2sGYLunch brake🙉 https://t.co/lXGpgnortc
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71 reasons @taylorswift13 is a street style pro: http://t.co/TrciS8fXtu http://t.co/97wWj2S17q
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Living With Roosters A Documentary https://t.co/wUkBMdTcWQThe 10 Women Who Changed My Life @GlamourMagUK http://t.co/U6IFmEWooW.@taylorswift13 rapping is actually the best: http://t.co/CAviUqTAYR
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A sneak peak into my guest edited issue of @GlamourUK. My Women of Tomorrow: http://t.co/2mLsvdtdL9