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David Bedwell @DavidBedwell London, England.

My views are my own, and do not reflect those of my family, friends, work or cats. Steering the ship at @Showmasters. Writer for @FlicksCity @diytv @wwormholes.

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@Jasmijn_D Thank you :-)@LizzyB87 Thanks :)Thank you for all the cards & messages. Brain's a bit frazzled so sorry if I don't thank everyone individually but we really appreciate it.Hope everyone enjoys #Sherlocked this weekend. Would have loved to be there but couldn't tear myself away from the little lady quite yet.@Johnboy_Cook Definitely takes after her mum :)Admittedly I know next to nothing about politics but does the person with the most cock ups win? They're all trying really hard.@NadiaBunny88 Interesting! Will be good to see the footage eventually. See what they're really doing.First day looking pretty in pink. #newborn #baby #girl #tabitha #ipswich https://t.co/x4BO7o6mBn@claire2281 Yeah I'm kinda trying not to judge either way. It has got me curious though and I wasn't too bothered before.@LauraNMauro Haha actually she's not been as bad as she could have. She's quite predictable time-wise which is nice.@claire2281 Haha really hard to judge from one shot really but I can see why it's polarising. Good to get people talking though.Reinventing/reintroducing a hugely popular character is a struggle. Let's remember how many doubters Heath had. The proof will be on screen.@LauraNMauro I've got an idea. A tiny human who cries a lot and can't communicate as to what they really want. I'd call it "newborn."Joker? I approve. Familiarity yet a modern and fresh look to him. The right way to go. Plus he looks absolutely fucking mental. Good.
@quidditysea @WillowsCrayon She is mean and also wrong. Chocolate should always come from the fridge.@crimesandpies Aww thanks. Haha I didn't have tickets so no :P I just turn up because I'm awesome.@auroraloveslife Thank you :-)Was thinking about going to Sherlocked but how can anything compare to this? http://t.co/WcQYhyBAcq@bunny_summers Ooh I like them all.@tashalouise6 Haha they're both very curious :-)@EthanRunt Haha probably. Cant say I've watched in many years.They did what on Grey's? :oFirst night at home survived. Now training the babysitter. #newborn #baby #cats https://t.co/hmPqWvOcS4
Tabitha's slowly taking over the shelves already. #newborn #baby #home #cards https://t.co/0HCKw9zLI2@RahWhitehead Still very surreal but I'm sure we'll get used to it :-)Now entering the "what is this you brought home?" phase. #cats #baby https://t.co/7OQC80YykBTabitha's off home :) #newbaby #baby #ipswich #sleeping https://t.co/B7FQ5rGOpW@WillowsCrayon Noooooo!@WillowsCrayon She appreciates the love :DAs #AvengerAgeOfUltron opens, here's a piece about Marvel's Cinematic Issues http://t.co/5HWb0ers4P
Retweeted by David Bedwell@EthanRunt True. At least I didn't have a Bruce.@EthanRunt You know what her uncle is called? Ben. Destiny.@EthanRunt Hmm okay.. I'll try and find a spider..@badingding I think that's reasonable.@EthanRunt I was honestly thinking at least one of us had a shot this time but nope.@badingding Pfft she's not going near boys.Hoping @MrJamesMay is done with Top Gear as reported. No point having 2 guys pretending to get along with a newbie.@Lady_LBD Haha she really is :)@bunny_summers I did indeed :)@badingding She so is <3@Big_Pants Haha I try :D@RobGilroy Thanks! :)Phew. Avengers steelbook pre-ordered.Getting ready for her first official photo shoot. Who knew that was a thing?! http://t.co/ejdLnUOmWR@lunglock Haha okay :D@Simon_M_Davies Thank you :-)You'd think she'd be more excited about probably going home today.. http://t.co/nJuDO6EE7t@bunny_summers Ooh thank you! Yes completely missed that.@KerryL_ She's super cute :) thank you!@beyondbcosplay Thanks :D@meheartsyou Haha I'll let you off. Thank you :-)I've already become one of those annoying parents haven't I. Sorry. Give me a few days to get back to normal.@geordiedavid @dawneywawney Upgrade to Cunty David?@geordiedavid Well if people don't expect Grumpy David to be grumpy then they're fucking idiots.Waking up knowing I have a daughter is still completely mental.@geordiedavid Were you not grumpy enough?
@easternsparkle I know! So much attention for such a little one.@luluann96 Thank you :)
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