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Jerry Seinfeld and Tina Fey Drive a 1967 Volvo 1800S to Floridita Restaurant on ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ http://t.co/JXIxPB1PCiPolar Bear Cub Walks in Snow For the First Time at the Toronto Zoo http://t.co/vJ1dKpq7xLHow to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Using a Hotel Room Iron http://t.co/lWVt6lE0KBThe Last Cavalier, Upcoming Graphic Novel About a Modern-Day Templar Knight http://t.co/Zhs1a6D6WB
Secret, An App That Allows You to Anonymously Share Your Inner Thoughts http://t.co/F0WEcRZIOLColonel Meow (2011-2014), Famous Long-Haired Frowning Cat http://t.co/UCj7HKX6bwMan Pretends To Be Shot by Characters in Violent Film and TV Ad Posters http://t.co/iQFFbJtXeyPizza-Scented Fragrances for Him and Her http://t.co/P8Wi0Vax4F‘Seinfeld’ Reunion of Some Kind in the Works, With Jason Alexander and Larry David Involved http://t.co/ihu6IGbCGVBrilliant Parody of a Trent Reznor Song http://t.co/EaT6mThTqOBaby Wombats Playing and Getting Belly Rubs http://t.co/c0PBdVO0wSTwo New Retro-Style Travel Posters Based on Mythical Beasts by Fernando Reza http://t.co/NS1mXVQv0RHaving A Pet Is Good For You, Even If You Haven’t Been Born Yet http://t.co/kXsoAxslpEIngenious Sculpture Creates Illusion of a Turning Head http://t.co/7KIR0l2a5k8 Bits, 3 Dimensions, Flat Illustrations of Famous Artwork and Pop Culture Icons Turned into 3D-Printed Sculptures http://t.co/cTlhIcDADADay One, A Journaling App for iOS and Mac http://t.co/kqeNe2vRtOValentine’s City of New York, A New York City Tourist Guide from 1920 http://t.co/5HcjDVKwEFSpiral Top, Japanese Device Creates Light Art by Spinning Through the International Space Station http://t.co/sHGoFTsvF8What the Fuck Is My Twitter Bio, A Website That Generates Sassy Twitter Bios http://t.co/9TQxb9WwEwHomemade Remake of the ‘RoboCop’ (2014) Trailer http://t.co/4D1GREjUcFOutread, A Speed Reading App for iPhone http://t.co/v81yOyONedA Video Demonstration of Fun YouTube Easter Eggs http://t.co/CqVEjbEr9rDad With Cancer Pre-Writes 826 ‘Napkin Notes’ For His Daughter to Continue Their Tradition Even If He’s Gone http://t.co/5TIdS93uTG43,000 Feet, A Short Film About a Man’s Final Thoughts After Being Sucked Out of an Airplane http://t.co/jWVnfzeTwTTiny Kitten Battles His Own Reflection in the Mirror http://t.co/Hj6EYgU3LDBehind the Bricks, A Short Behind-the-Scenes Featurette for ‘The LEGO Movie’ http://t.co/aaznNO2OgK‘Ain’t It Fun’ Music Video by Paramore Sets World Record for Most World Records Set in a Music Video http://t.co/vcwOissq6eBlack-and-White Photos of a Tiny Batman’s Adventures in Texas by Rémi Noël http://t.co/KRxppFWVsaThe Puppetyville Horror, An Episode of ‘Bravest Warriors’ Written by ‘Invader Zim’ Creator Jhonen Vasquez http://t.co/3xWBHZTO6bBespoken, A Song by Johnnyrandom Created Entirely Using Sounds Made With a Bicycle http://t.co/Fmn1p4DSPlIs ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Anime? by PBS Idea Channel http://t.co/Zf8B0V8IGBDog Problems That Humans Don’t Understand http://t.co/3QGZHbtnWoFacebook Announces Paper, A New iPhone App Featuring a Redesigned Version of the Facebook News Feed http://t.co/9z4OKXhHH7Things You Should Know About Money http://t.co/K8C3dG6eFrCurious Cat Plays in the Snow for the Very First Time in Alabama http://t.co/YGhCuMiPteXander the Pug, A Blind Service Dog Who Helps Humans and Animals Alike http://t.co/Ex6nSe1ymVBritish People Attempt to Answer Questions About the Super Bowl http://t.co/IazyILB2JELittle Golden Tales, Art Show Tribute to Little Golden Books at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California http://t.co/Kxbe8QijR0Playing ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ with Unique Yoga Poses http://t.co/jjCenBlUQcA Tour of Modern Pinball NYC, A Pinball Arcade and Showroom in Manhattan http://t.co/cbACldC8rIA Puppy and a Clydesdale Horse Form a Close Friendship in Budweiser’s ‘Puppy Love’ Super Bowl Ad http://t.co/L4gvXMbfpAThe Men of ‘Full House’ Reunited to Help Jimmy Fallon with His ‘Late Night’ Frights http://t.co/IIdony9eAu
Beer Poured Onto a Hot Skillet Glides Effortlessy Across the Surface of the Pan http://t.co/A93IMQCT7zThe Gap, A Typographic Video Based on an Inspirational Talk About Creativity by Ira Glass http://t.co/HuRtEsX0NbGoogle to Sell Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 Billion http://t.co/3mniyRoVRQHilarious Parody of a Sorority Recruitment Video http://t.co/8Qoe9WlOpEFirst Teaser Trailer Released for the Coming of Age Sci-Fi Film Short ‘Prospect’ http://t.co/I5v3ABP3SKDoorman, A Service That Collects Packages of All Kinds and Delivers Them To You on Demand http://t.co/veNNzqHrc1Joe, A Drama Film Starring Nicolas Cage About an Ex-Con Who Mentors a Troubled Teen http://t.co/vNAcMlecZRMen Try to Guess the Prices of Women’s Products http://t.co/JtpFrw0G9COfficial Lyric Video by The Key of Awesome http://t.co/P9dKLJZtgwA Compilation of Ongoing Battles Between Kids and Cats http://t.co/SM2atVqNYTGeek A Week: Year Five Two, 52 Trading Cards of Geek Icons by Len Peralta http://t.co/wDO76lF1PaMcKenna Pope Makes a Moving Case for Gender-Neutral Toys in a TEDYouth Talk http://t.co/UDScajRh4qNew York Public Library Calls on Book Fans to Take a ‘Shelfie’ Photo for #libraryshelfie Day http://t.co/wzi1SMUcjPNOISE, A Short Film That Explores White and Black Noise Through Motion Capture http://t.co/7HC6n10CrrThe 4th Annual Super Bowl: Men in Tights, A Football Comedy Show in San Francisco http://t.co/RBOYR8gIBrA Brief History of Sampling by Eclectic Method http://t.co/usrKgAClGxWunWun, Free On-Demand Delivery from Stores in New York City http://t.co/yPx7C7uMvnLouis C.K.’s 15-Year-Old Unreleased Feature Film ‘Tomorrow Night’ Is Now Available Online http://t.co/3MxLdPAWwkThe Elder Scrolls Online Cinematic Trailers ‘The Alliances’ and ‘The Arrival’ http://t.co/kIC3OrH5nj‘Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’ Trailer Made in the Style of Super Nintendo Entertainment System http://t.co/OdtzrMcHjZBuild, A Chrome Experiment for Virtually Building with LEGO Bricks http://t.co/52NJ8AAayXMetal Objects Cross-Stitched With Ornate Embroidery http://t.co/r06VTH094cIntricately Designed 3D Printed Nail Jewelry by TheLaserGirls http://t.co/xg9v2PhAEfPart One of Double Fine’s ‘Broken Age’ Adventure Game Launches on Steam http://t.co/N44wkfRN7EAn Evil Tom Hiddleston, Ben Kingsley, and Mark Strong ‘Rendezvous’ in Jaguar’s ‘British Villains’ Super Bowl Ad http://t.co/HebmZAH3FOMan Crafts Nerdy Set of Alphabet Blocks to Share With His Newborn Son http://t.co/2AOO7kUIErDelta’s New 1980s-Style In-Flight Safety Video http://t.co/b8EygUA1K9Kaia the Dog Races Down Trail Faster Than Her Human’s Mountain Bike http://t.co/8XEks5nGBGMore Fascinating Facts About Each of the 50 States http://t.co/F7Sv5taFCsThe Truth, Kia’s Super Bowl Ad Starring Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus from ‘The Matrix’ http://t.co/GVRSjNGIXIConan’s Supercut of Newscasters Saying ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ http://t.co/QexPYhZzniVolkswagen’s Super Bowl Ad Shows German Engineers Earning Their ‘Wings’ Every Time a VW Hits 100K Miles http://t.co/HRbCw5VtEBMother Cat Sends Kittens Running for Cover When Her Attempted Jump Onto the Window Sill Fails http://t.co/mqJc2AKXDUCompilation of the Best News Bloopers of January 2014 http://t.co/ql5CXx3JBbAudi’s Super Bowl Ad Stars a Horrifying ‘Doberhuahua’ Hybrid of a Chihuahua Combined With a Doberman http://t.co/KzDaqHzO1HNew Twitter Tools Make Sharing Photos Easier http://t.co/RHVHsAysXTTaylor Swift Attacked by Ryu from ‘Street Fighter’ During Her Grammys Performance http://t.co/sXBcKT3Wh2How Alcohol is Consumed Around the World http://t.co/yl4126VyVb
Book Sculptures That Bring Stories to Life http://t.co/GSTXg8RDDeIllustrations Made Using Layered Packing Tape http://t.co/FIjQ5s28L2The Top Gear Test Track Is Now on Google Street View http://t.co/k94HFzLh0zBlogging Pioneer Justin Hall Is Making a Video About His 20 Years of Online Sharing http://t.co/9ZNTTUPv9wEverything Wrong with ‘Batman & Robin’ in 17 Minutes or Less http://t.co/1TrdCpDPdfWorld Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen Demolishes Bill Gates in Nine Moves http://t.co/VEN7YPr04aImpressive Visual Effects Reel for Veteran Digital Artist David Horsley http://t.co/RmsVrvSvkuKid President Gives Advice on How to Be an Awesome Person http://t.co/mqdIqK2NhIVisiting Scottish Couple Oblivious to Waiting Bear Cub on Pasadena Porch As They Exit the House http://t.co/ygzRl4K08tProfessional Table Tennis Match in Taiwan Involves a Surprising Number of Shenanigans http://t.co/tTA6xdFY48Teens React to ‘Devil Baby’ Attack, Featuring Maisie Williams from ‘Games of Thrones’ http://t.co/D49GANyJ9OEllie Mae the English Bulldog Doesn’t Like Being Called ‘Butkus’ http://t.co/ErU4kBtgWgSomewhere, A Service for Visually Sharing Your Work Online http://t.co/S3uGl7x5OoThey Actually Made That!? Episode 5 – Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces http://t.co/sAok3bdxY4Make Your Thing, A Conference for Independent Creators Organized by Jesse Thorn of Maximum Fun http://t.co/Mdlco665ptLong Lost Video of Steve Jobs Unveiling the Macintosh to the Public for the First Time http://t.co/T6ZVPyvDzpCarved Crystal Skull Made from Agate Geode http://t.co/LfyyKGb0vCYolkFish, A Squeezable Fish That Separates Egg Whites & Yolks With Just A Kiss http://t.co/XXzA3Ah3MzDoge Weather, A Weather Site Starring the Doge Meme http://t.co/Sa8U869J0oPlease welcome @LaughingSquid’s new contributing writer @rollinbishop! Thanks to everyone who applied, we had a lot of great candidates.
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