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Kim Pham @kim617 NYC ✈ Dublin

Made of the Internet. First lady at @Frontline. Previously: @TechatNYU president, @DormRoomFund partner. New Yorker.

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@vladciurca Thanks so much for sharing!@rx These are so, so excellent. The Berlin shots really took my breath away though.
“The real danger of technical entitlement: It discourages diversity.” —@_tessr https://t.co/lvfFkrUZCsWasn't expecting to open @Quora's newsletter and spend ~30 minutes reading + crying, but HERE I AM http://t.co/WFdiYjextC[Must Read by @kim617]: "To be present is to be selfless." http://t.co/5YGIUpJDfY
Retweeted by Kim PhamCASUAL RT @sophiaedm: Axwell just used my @googleglass at Sunburn Music Festival in Goa. Win.
"This place is just like 13th Step" - @alexis__gay. Swing by & say hi if you're nearby! (@ Coogan's Bluff) http://t.co/dG3jeWJ14s@parkerforprez @sophiaedm get physically, emotionally, mentally prepared. it's an experience.Missing Berlin + Berghain. Great post from @sophiaedm on her European adventures with Glass: http://t.co/Okqm5LpVRtWatching someone else browse the Internet is the easiest way to induce an aneurysm.New Post: Paul Graham and The World Out There http://t.co/qIuQbwSgtI
Retweeted by Kim PhamJust applied for graduation gah http://t.co/QFhNsbyQ8w@ryandawidjan isn't any black overlay + arrows with instructional text a sign of bad design?@itwentviral @gojee Agreed, so disappointing. I <3 @Yummly - search recipes by ingredient, then filter by time/# of ingredients needed.They should just rename it "XY Combinator"
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Turns out I really, really dig @NateChaseH & @ryandawidjan IRL. My friends' friends are awesome!@kim617 is the shit! New favorite person
Retweeted by Kim PhamI dig when people are multi-faceted: @hahnbo is @TechatNYU's badass president + also an incredible photographer! http://t.co/EOKCOxwGuF
So young, so accomplished. http://t.co/B1RUUchZIs@RBerrin This is what I got you for the holidays: http://t.co/4270k5jJak@mrzwiggy This is really gorgeous!Yo have you heard? @vanessatpham & I are Phamtastic! (harharhar I love dad jokes) http://t.co/94PDzU4nEUAaaand that's enough Internet for today http://t.co/oo91MfNqpc
My dad just recommended that I install + use Outlook. Bye, any/all of his street cred."No one talks anymore!" - My mom complaining, as she swipes through her new Samsung Note 3@ryandawidjan Valid. The video wasn't as hard-hitting for me, but his latest album feels very in touch with Euro youth psyche. I dig it.@ryandawidjan ?"Disillusion w/a Dance Beat": an excellent reflection on my fave artist right now @Stromae. Racine Carrée is stellar: http://t.co/3Z3kKJUSiw@bjp you're suffering from T.M.S. Too Much Swag@bjp dat sweater!@rx "Laaaaaadieeees..."Merry Christmas, all! It's a wonderful night at the Phams :) #vsco http://t.co/b2nWTgzODl
Drinking games set to Elf...welcome to #Christmas at the Phams! cc: @cherylptran @thomasdtran @vanessatphamReceiving intros on Christmas Eve... http://t.co/qsqldMYPofReally excellent review on the science behind fonts & spacing https://t.co/aTmv37DOuS (c/o of @badboyboyce)Check out my design live! "RT @betaworks: We’re looking accepting new beta testers for 2014! Apply here now http://t.co/gtuCPKqN47"
Retweeted by Kim PhamHuman beings: http://t.co/KeuaqhQ7fV@AishaRAWR this is AMAZING! Thank you so much :) cc: @emmatangerine
My dude @jmarbach wrote a post about @RapGenius's latest "growth hack" (errr, if you could call it that). Read more: http://t.co/YvAzFEXNmNHow many startups that are "changing the world" are actually making the world a better place? Building a big company != changing the world.
Retweeted by Kim PhamThe unofficial uniform for New England girls: North Face, black yoga pants, Ugg boots, and a Longchamp. #woofHomies - I'm in #LA 1/2 - 1/9 & planning everything now. Who should I meet / where I should be?!. @emmatangerine & I have a very interesting friendship http://t.co/RkcwABdtro
So many feels: "Before the Web, Hearts Grew Silent" http://t.co/UUrl7a2LZfOf course @Kanes made this list - The 31 Most Important LGBT People In Tech http://t.co/Umd0M9EIke via @houstonchron
Retweeted by Kim PhamFeeling lazy Sunday vibes ♫ Bed Peace – Jhene Aiko,Childish Gambino http://t.co/2bs9PHliOD #NowPlaying
Just introduced @vanessatpham to Rapportive. Nothing will ever be the same.A Kim Pham found me through a Google search & emailed me to thank me for "upholding the awesomeness of our name." I love the holidays yo.Just took my catch phrase to a new level http://t.co/H9mUDOxbXXReally impressed w/ @hunterwalk talking about the deals @homebrew wanted but couldn't close. No VC wins every deal. http://t.co/hv1G4xsFzv
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OH: "This weather is as crazy as my ex girlfriend."My personal / professional life -- it's only possible to have one completely in control + the other in shambles. Picking my poison.Shout out to homie @jessejkaplan & @fromparcel for the mention in Gothamist! http://t.co/1Ddig97Q9wDear @lyft, please consider running a series of ads with the catchphrase, "DO YOU EVEN LYFT, BRO?!"
Retweeted by Kim PhamAlors on sort pour oublier tous les problèmes (@ Pouring Ribbons) http://t.co/RjskZ0qpOk
Damn, @buffer just put it all out there with "open salaries" + their salary formula. Transparency to the extreme: http://t.co/PTc8nbsbpTHow am I friends w/such incredible people?! "How CoVenture's Founder Went from Sleeping in Union Square to Investing" http://t.co/TH5Nho7bEsI LOVE LAMP (@ Regal Union Square Stadium 14 - @regalmovies for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues w/ @bunmi227) http://t.co/I2a3JeyaNJ. @firstround just won the internet today: http://t.co/sHavaj7fxF
If you need me, I'm bopping down the street to Disclosure b/c I just beasted my last final & am officially a part-time senior! #hiremeplz@lexilewtan I want to date you based on your airbnb listing aloneJust spotted: a guy wearing a t-shirt that says "I make apps that have been downloaded millions of times" in all caps. I AM DONE@magicpixx @bjp @kennethacohen lolwutYou are my favorite RT @kennethacohen: @kim617 Ugh the internet is so hard. Am I even doing facetime right? http://t.co/PWIl9Zx850@kennethacohen @robinhoodapp that's not how you hold your phone? pshhh n00bThis year's last @TechatNYU digest involved homies, infinite doge, & sexting. I think I have too much fun with this: http://t.co/xmGy55tEME@jjmalina YOU'RE WELCOME+1 RT @itwentviral: Incredible how @foursquare has encompassed my search needs w/social interests this seamlessly. @Yelp nearly eliminated.The end of the Facebook era: "It goes to show that social products are just as mortal as the people who use them." http://t.co/TOrhlaeRxO@thebyrd best friendz https://t.co/ILjeQyzzDx@rx http://t.co/C8sWUKWdHq@rx ugh no it's kind of awfulInteresting that I always link to someone's Twitter handle when making an email intro - rarely his or her LinkedIn, blog, etc.
. @NYMag's "Reasons to Love New York Right Now" issue is really wonderful. http://t.co/ntUTYno9jo #RTLNY@marannelson I appreciate the candidness. I'm the same way- I don't think I comprehend the full picture & am still unsure on where I stand.Worth the read RT @marannelson: Some hugely important points made here about inequality in tech-- http://t.co/3Jgzs9nv76My dad just shared an album on Google+ with me... http://t.co/VMbpX6NTUP@howiepants218 http://t.co/UuPJDA7Y3gSome days I'm an adult, other days I save "oldladysexting.GIF" onto my desktop.@sophiaedm http://t.co/WPMomLAneiMad props to @Grouper for creating http://t.co/R5ekVmOEWW! (via @ryaneshea) #btc@Shaila DAMN COFFEE SHOPS ON EVERY CORNER@MikeBronfman haha hey homie!Reuniting with the one and only @Shaila (at @ThinkCoffeeNyc w/ @mikebronfman) http://t.co/R2IwuT6Yk9@mgd718 yep! Heading to Boston on FridayDying: "AZN Mean Girls" is too accurate! https://t.co/GVSsOwFNuU@MeltingIce MAKE ALL THE THINGS FLATWant to #LearnByDoing at the best startups & companies in #DC & #NYC? Spend your holiday break applying to @Enstitute http://t.co/GioIfgn6Re
Retweeted by Kim Pham"No one can be friends with me on @Foursquare. Too much craziness." - This is why @bjp is my homie.
@emmatangerine CONGRATS BOO x"Curiosity isn’t enough to help us w/the things that really matter." The importance of being angry: http://t.co/4bqkJ95dF4 via @Mister_Wang@rx At least your mom knows how to screenshot :PMy parents are doing this thing called "joining the Internet" where they follow me on Instagram & like my LinkedIn updates. #cringeAt Last! An advocate for the recognition of ADHD finally admits it's being HUGELY over diagnosed. http://t.co/vJCKKk584q
Retweeted by Kim PhamShout out to the badass team @BlueApronMeals for being named one of Forbes' hottest #startups of 2013! http://t.co/1TBY5XvRG8
#SundayFunday with @alibhamed @mhdemps @vurbeff (@ Tribeca Grand Hotel) http://t.co/5hCtWozKRH@popupoetry to tweet or not to tweet. That is the questionSo dope (@ NYU ITP - @nyuniversity for ITP Winter Show 2013 w/ @mhdemps) http://t.co/G2L9fOj0Xo@AliBHamed omg you DID blog about it