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Kim Pham @kim617 NYC ✈ Dublin

Made of the Internet. First lady at @Frontline. New Yorker. Live to eat, not eat to live. I made a thing: http://t.co/aBsiTGJnq3

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What is w/all of this gratuitous app-splitting? Now Facebook is asking me to download a standalone messaging app, my least favorite feature.@lizkryshak IS COMING TO DUBLIN Y'ALL
*squeal* @okcupid’s blog has been revived! Dating + data = hilarious insights http://t.co/1fCsInaKmSIn Berlin later this week! Send me your killer Foursquare lists, as I haven’t lived there since 2012 and am no longer hip so there’s that@markbao Plans = only redeeming feature. I got the most value out of tips, which forces back to original 4sq app from Swarm + feels broken@foxytk23 What’s stopping you from quitting? For me, it’s the history of all my check-ins - super valuable to me@toddkh I actually still love check-ins for journaling sake, but the split literally fragments the entire experience. Quite backwards imoDoes anyone actually like the new Foursquare/Swarm? Seems like the online sentiment is vastly negative. Holler if you think otherwise!
A haunted house, but it's just your entire Google search history being projected onto every wall.
Retweeted by Kim Pham@Mister_Wang #HONY 2.0@Mister_Wang @bunmi227 - this question was made for you.I dragged @mel_johnstonx to a morning rave in Brooklyn + she wrote a dope piece on it: http://t.co/mLCTVDLm4R
Cortado and laptop in hand with Glass Animals' Gooey in the background. London, yes. (at @OldShoreditch) https://t.co/Caul86HkX2
@tommycollison @IanConnolly whatta dreamboat amiriteManufacturing Needs a New OS and @Matter_io is Looking for a #UXDesigner to Help Build One http://t.co/ME0ZXDrrD8 http://t.co/yjBghDYxnh
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@ac_shorty You're such a homie for being so helpful + so colourful :) Thanks @MeganHannum for making the connect!@chimeracoder SAD FACE :( I MISS YOU.@kim617 @eileentso Europe is so lucky to have you - way to make an amazing hire @Frontline! Now get a desk in WBY :)
Retweeted by Kim PhamFeels like I'm home in NY 😍 Posted up in the lobby, swing by + say hi! (at @AceHotel w/ 2 others) https://t.co/OduHd7JRfTShout out to @EmmEmmTeee & @eileentso for killing the ladies-in-VC game. Much love + respect, great meeting you two today!Something delightful to start your Thursday: #NowPlaying L'Appuntamento by Ornella Vanoni http://t.co/hy6S8ZnoM7
That time @Willmcq and I crashed a posh Ralph Lauren party... (@ Inn the Park w/ 3 others) https://t.co/jExnUAnA2SNever thought I'd say this, but I miss the L train + its bone-chilling AC. One sweaty summer day in the London tubes will do that to you.@jcap49 @MissEm_ma Already working on it ;) Thanks love!Hello London! Here for the rest of the week- let's get a coffee if you're around (at @AceHotel) https://t.co/nib0KrXvGC@Mister_Wang this/you make me happy@Mister_Wang excellent.Shout out to people with emojis in their LinkedIn name👌@joannakamien hahah early flight to LDN
@soundcloud How do I play my Likes on shuffle for the iPhone app? Works on Android?Ever get up to do something + then completely forget why? It’s called “The Doorway Effect” + it’s fascinating: http://t.co/d7n3iFy4CR@ttzzapp Really wish I could have joined you guys! Absolutely - DM me your email + we’ll coordinate :)@IanConnolly #lifehack #deskhack #hack
Dave 1 of @Chromeo: "It’s like James Dean rode a motorbike through the Dad section of M&S and came out all confused” http://t.co/QCIdz67t88uh http://t.co/35cXEYjpgK
Retweeted by Kim PhamBeen writing emails in all lowercase recently, simply because I miss @emmatangerine so much.Want to live in #NYC + work in #BTC? My friends at @itBit are looking for a dev: http://t.co/PhktC1ZC8IHomies in #London - I’m in your ‘hood this week/weekend. Holler at me + lets hang out!@kennethacohen @jcap49 that's my favorite book! +1
Tech@NYU in Dublin - alumni @kim617 and @ericwleong reunite in Ireland at the Guinness brewery! http://t.co/N0nngULqDI
Retweeted by Kim PhamAt the Guinness Storehouse + the tour guide polls the group of origin. Most people say "U.S." - @ericwleong and I proudly say "New York."
@SavillsIreland Very unhappy- signed + paid for an apt on Baggot, didn't receive full set of keys, locked out 2 nights in a row. Plz correctMy father just asked the waiter if the steak was local, and I just shed a foodie hipster tear in pride.@NiamhyB @ericwleong @SanLorenzos @anthonyremedy thanks so much for the belated birthday treat!! http://t.co/NVhUGYKmsFNew Yorkers do #brunchofchampions (hi @ericwleong!) (at @SanLorenzos w/ 3 others) https://t.co/r7jh92EJKK http://t.co/ucy9qH3e35
@emmatangerine @bijan so many! Both are Dublin-focused, but happy to give Ireland reccs! http://t.co/xQU96WPkWX + http://t.co/rDMt7R40IK@stevekaliski @ryandawidjan #calledout
18 viewings, 4 weeks, and absurd amounts of frustration later - I have finally found an apartment in #Dublin! 😍 http://t.co/cYEJJ6uTW1Glenn Beck's hordes are flooding Salem MA city offices with anti-LGBT calls. The mayor's response is awesome. http://t.co/Ur19CDbtl4
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Some messages you never want to receive http://t.co/suC3mKXMsGCannot emphasize enough how consistently excellent @airbnb’s customer service team is - despite complicated + sticky situations. Mad love!Starting web projects in 2014: 1. Tweet about it 2. Instagram your workspace 3. Choose a JS framework 4. Make coffee … 47. Write some code
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@TropicalPopical 100%I have found my nail place in Dublin, thanks @TropicalPopical! *squeal* http://t.co/Zi494B77ii@mhdempsey also, thoughts? http://t.co/1Ehy7ZhsxOHow did this go under the radar?! IAC acquires @HowAboutWe (but not the Couples business): http://t.co/5Tz4Fo2hKf@kim617 You have 3 of the top 6 ranked bars in the world there. Who needs to eat? http://t.co/Rcx5n6EZNr
Retweeted by Kim Pham@mhdempsey AH RIGHT! Thank you for reminding me. Where would my liver be without you! (Answer: in a much healthier state.)Hi friends! I'm in #London next week - who should I meet / where should I eat (more importantly amirite)?@bjp @ryan cringe cringe cringe@ericwleong @GloryvilleDB it's my one talent in life. Being a magnet to morning raves.I somehow always manage to find morning dance parties in every city I’m in. Can’t wait for @GloryvilleDB next month! https://t.co/vnM6n4WJ96My friends @Enstitute are accepting applications for their January cohort! Apply now for NYC, DC, St. Louis, + Miami: http://t.co/WXbxygGM7G
you'll want to view this visualization before it goes mainstream. http://t.co/6mk9fNAXd4 "A Day in the Life of an NYC Taxi."
Retweeted by Kim Pham@ryandawidjan you’re such a data viz hipsterAn actual email I just received http://t.co/AGeXtE49UuWe're thrilled to announce that Newsle is joining LinkedIn! http://t.co/3wvMg2bkNY
Retweeted by Kim Pham.@Frontline co @dropkitchen repping intersection of food + hardware: “Connected kitchen startup poised to go global" http://t.co/El9jQwp4qN
ARGH email hacked. Please don't click any rogue links, sorry y'all.Slowmofacesofdefeat dot tumblr dot comAnd you get a yellow card. And you get a yellow card.
Retweeted by Kim Pham@IanConnolly @thedanigrant @freialisa 😩😩😩😩 such beautiful people@IanConnolly @thedanigrant @freialisa OH GOD THIS MAKES ME HAPPYRooting for Germany 🇩🇪 w/my Vietnamese parents in Ireland eating char siu. We are one culturally confusing Phamily http://t.co/8MAgc3ayxESunday strolling in Howth http://t.co/UquxRAT8ofAt a house party in a Victorian home dancing to Kygo. Dublin, I dig you.
@tcburning @thedanigrant @freialisa I approve. Straight up referred a guy on Tinder to @lexilewtan's http://t.co/G26cvSYhbT once hahahMama and Papa Pham are in Dublin!! http://t.co/j6IchVJqn7(I'm having too much fun with this.) Send me a #GIF on @relayapp! Username: kim617 http://t.co/oO5GSG4wd4 http://t.co/T7MKsScElBWalking home and a FOX crosses my path. Dublin what are you!?
@genemurphy may the O.D.D.S be ever in your favor 😜My first @Silicondrinkabt! (@ Tengu Izakaya) https://t.co/soub2y4faa http://t.co/sx3ESN1J6dOH: "I'm going to start screening suitors based on most recently used emojis."http://t.co/LJKJX0sWa0
@emmatangerine BABE@Frenshion I should be there 7/21 - 7/26?@Frenshion thanks lady! ps. I’m in London in 2 weeks - lets hang?!Rainy Dublin afternoons are made infinitely better with @KygoMusic. Do yourself a favor: https://t.co/mpHuTpOoH6*opens Gmail* *sees subject line with "webinar"* *immediately deletes*@wesleyverhoeve this makes me sadWe have some exciting news: GV is investing in Europe — http://t.co/djyCS9OfPt
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@chromeo Chromette: http://t.co/zftVLoiLR7my friends are cool http://t.co/Vnwq3s5B3d@Hahnbo Much better imo - I edit Android pics through VSCO 4/5 times. iPhone is more like 2/5@JustYoApp got your Golang API wrapper up and running https://t.co/K9nLseuacP
Retweeted by Kim Pham@Hahnbo I recently made the switch too- keyboard is too small for my nails :(@dreidco @jaltucher this is my nightmare@dreidco Errrm, not sure if you saw this: http://t.co/Bf3IRpECq5Hey homies at @blueapron - lets start delivering to Ireland, yeah? cc: @iliap @mattsalz@alibhamed some things never change http://t.co/vmpzHUPSN9 http://t.co/4xaAW2uBDA
@emmakenneally trying @BlindPigDublin out on Thursday, super stoked!. @gryffinofficial's summer mix is exactly what you need to push through this Tuesday https://t.co/9RC3fYBsO5Betting on the Ponies: non-Unicorn Investing http://t.co/TgDEQkzRVt (c/o @sophiaedm)@AlexKirwan dangerous or amazing?!Two American girls from SF + NY meet in Dublin - at a Starbucks. So wonderful to meet you, @EmilyMattosBREU!
My walk home from work ain't bad. #Dublin @LovinDublin http://t.co/MFwl3zJIt2Officially added to the @Frontline website! Weee! http://t.co/p0MTbxmd3j@hatchandsons had this for brunch this weekend, super hearty and delicious!
@adamsdayoff well played, good sirMy Irish iPhone keeps auto-correcting "favorite" to "favourite." What is this sorcerySaturday afternoon affogato (@ Third Floor Espresso (3FE) - @3fe) https://t.co/VwHqzKBNs5 http://t.co/EE5kUud73KJust switched my phone over to 24-hour time. This is a MOMENTOUS MOMENT
@wilp excellent!! Bruce Springsteen would be proud :)So happy to be supporting the lovely @thedanigrant! http://t.co/DIxyYZ3sQqBrb creeping on the world's cutest boxer in the drivers seat http://t.co/JCmFawXIT1@stevekaliski this/you guys are amazing.“The market expects more than money. VCs must invest in platforms, not their pocketbooks.” - @msuster http://t.co/tteTlpb2aj
We updated our webpage to make our investment activity & profile more transparent http://t.co/t2fEh8bKF4 http://t.co/JDGY0l0yPf
Retweeted by Kim PhamJust another day at the office with @willmcq http://t.co/wNlxBWIfXWThis is so beautiful: “Meet the Hackers of Pakistan, Mexico and Zambia, etc.” by @thedanigrant https://t.co/bDOM0hHEUFRoadtrippin' to the @Frontline offsite with @willmcq & @wilp! http://t.co/RhEYFBs4Jd
@IanConnolly OBVIOUSLY@IanConnolly Yep! Han Sung :)I have found an Asian supermarket in Dublin that sells pork belly. All is right in the world again.
@kennethacohen @emmatangerine July 18th is my birthday :( Please celebrate for me!!@matthewgonzales thanks for the warm welcome! :)@Russellbanks77 @Frontline @EmilyMattosBREU @BettsRecruiting Much love + thanks :) Loving Dublin thus far!Mad love to @DropboxDublin for letting me dance on their float this past weekend at #DublinPride! http://t.co/o96Ql30Ut7
An impressive barbecue spread + Germany vs. Algeria on this beautiful summer night http://t.co/hxyBhunBCSThank you, New York. https://t.co/iYlKMmVr5v"You can only challenge pattern-matching by changing the norm." -@sonyalennon on gender imbalance in VC-backed entrepreneurs #FemaleFoundersRepping @Frontline at Female Founders Forum (@ Guinness Storehouse) http://t.co/3aqLSGatjF http://t.co/bIxQLv3qaaSilicon Valley tech startups find a second home in Ireland http://t.co/0VLm8ka33y
Spent the day frolicking through the Irish countryside http://t.co/CMU92erLwV
@mel_johnstonx get on WhatsApp, I miss you!Mad love from #DublinPride! http://t.co/dC5uSDrkBw
@Hahnbo @abhiagarwal On an Air for work & it's painful compared to my beautiful 17" pro retina >:(. @Betabrand is absolutely delightful - A/B testing how beard length affects click-through rates http://t.co/lpZAGAT8FO@AlexKirwan thank you! Looking forward to doing a ton of exploring :)
Found a slice of Brooklyn in Dublin today http://t.co/G662hGDzv5Generally not bullish on fashion wearables, but oh man I want a @getringly https://t.co/aPf66XLnepI am beaming with pride for @thedanigrant & the entire "Hackers of X" team. Grateful to have been a part of it: http://t.co/lS2U1JqNw0In other news: just had miso soup in Ireland. There was potato in it.@i_jianliang shoot me an email: kpham617 at gmail@i_jianliang More than happy to hop on a call!@i_jianliang Unfortunately just moved to Dublin! Do let me know if you're ever over here :)Former pres @kim617 was featured in @HackersofNY- she dives into the term ‘hack' & gives advisor @davidlee a shoutout http://t.co/kuW7ILoPWu
Retweeted by Kim PhamLove this - IKEA breaks down the morning behaviors of people across the globe: http://t.co/AkiMNYWbKh (c/o @emmatangerine)Super useful overview of everything Google announced at I/O yesterday: http://t.co/OG53HrbRN6
Check out my new project "The Colors of Motion" - an interactive visualization of the use of color in movies. http://t.co/5eDhXK4HrI
Retweeted by Kim PhamGot @AliBHamed to admit the obvious, even when across the Atlantic in different time zones http://t.co/qjmKcvWDtP“We buil[t] a mobile experience to...revolutionize the way humans communicate.” Say No to “Yo” & Join Team Hey: https://t.co/3HnHUcXeUXI now know what a slow death feels like, and it is having an awful bout of hay fever in Dublin.
Thanks @LovinDublin for my new to-do list: "150 Of The Most Incredible Things To Eat + Drink In Dublin" http://t.co/XXAdNtX8tU
.@kim617 reflecting on her last moments as a Hacker of NY before jet setting across the globe. http://t.co/v1OBochJjS http://t.co/bklA6j0Grg
Retweeted by Kim Pham@AliBHamed "once a year"“ to hack means to be resourceful, to take a look at a problem and be creative in your approach.” http://t.co/46DJ92RzAU - @kim617
Retweeted by Kim PhamIt's @kim617 's 2nd day living in Ireland and 1st day working @Frontline as Head of Platform, helping our investees. Welcome Kim!
Retweeted by Kim PhamThe act of moving isn’t sudden, but small+gradual: unsubbing from local newsletters, changing bios' location, editing email signature, etc.“Designers Who Dismiss People Who Like Sports” by @ienjoy https://t.co/ym0HpB2aXz
Retweeted by Kim PhamGreat conference for bright students looking to start their career in tech: Start @ a Startup, October 2014 in NYC http://t.co/UikHzX4bmp*squeal* Thank you to my friends at @HackersofNY for the feature! http://t.co/G6Bd0J2uNK@AliBHamed LITERALLYI leave New York City for one day & this is what happens... http://t.co/DfLw6rFGFh"What watching the World Cup taught me about scaling an engineering team" - a medium post
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Day 1 of Dublin: me wandering the streets for hours muttering "I live here now," over and over again. So surreal http://t.co/IBT7gfrkri@drayford this is really beautiful. Best of luck :)Perhaps the saddest thing about leaving New York is no longer receiving @poncho_ny updates :(@beLaurie @BioIsChanged thanks for the heads up! will check it out.I wish there was a tool to track changes to Twitter bios over time - to map out life markers, location changes, etc.
Wheels up for Dublin ✈ Onto my next adventure! (@ John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)) http://t.co/wGQBDyWczJBon voyage @kim617 - Dublin, get ready, awesomeness en route.
Retweeted by Kim PhamEn route to JFK, bawling my eyes out. Humbled by all of your love, I don't deserve it. Thanks for being a part of my 4 years in NYC ♡@kim617 Update: I lasted 30 minutes before deleting Yo.@kennethacohen I'm 100% hating myself right now.Hopped the bandwagon & decided to see what all the Yo hype is about. Holler at me: kim617Current status: dancing atop a speaker for Kygo http://t.co/482Cfxz25hKygo for my last night ♡ (@ Webster Hall for Kygo, Alex English, DJ Rekles + more) http://t.co/y3NbbQsOhVLast night in NY = Kim wandering around East Village waxing poetic about sidewalk garbage, "Rent is too damn high!" guy, and The Halal Guys.
@Mister_Wang yeeee! DMing you now@Mister_Wang getting a big group together to go see Kygo...at Webster Hall (I know I know I know)My farewell dinner: dim sum + the best friends a girl could ask for. I have so much love in my life, it's absurd. http://t.co/0cwWBWwpZFWhat are we going to do without @kim617 😭😭😭 #kimsumdontgogo #dublincanthaveyou http://t.co/Po3zPk4nXT
Retweeted by Kim PhamGoodbye dinner with all of my favorites ♡ #kimsumdontgogo (@ Dim Sum Go Go) http://t.co/9Amw83i4Hr
Here is a light, dreamy, and thoroughly wonderful mixtape to get you through that mid-day slump: https://t.co/yBQEfqAaWb@4sqSupport https://t.co/q2bGVJtFMb@4sqSupport I keep getting this error pop-up, despite trying different, "more public" variations of this plan. http://t.co/UvJyL3YXnO@swarmapp What constitutes a "private plan"? Keep getting blocked out from posting about a dinner tn at 8:30pm at a specific location.
I dragged @ldlibra to a morning rave and now he's famous as a CTO who "sports a man bun and a beard": http://t.co/cdsndtnk3y #Daybreaker@netspencer @bjp is Vine still relevant?We're livestreaming #startupschool NY starting 3:30pm EST. Check http://t.co/o8zxmOgLJS for the link.
Retweeted by Kim Pham@IanConnolly yo. Now give me $1MYo founder: "The way it affects your life is profound." http://t.co/JzKqRosSt2 I think I'm done with tech for the day.... @thebyrd reveals his true calling http://t.co/8e5slgMagpI can't stand outside of a David Chang restaurant w/o a guy mistakenly assuming I'm his Tinder date. It's happened 2x- at Noodle Bar + Ssäm.
It's barely 10am and I've almost hit my Jawbone UP goal for the day. Thank you, #Daybreaker! http://t.co/JhQPByAAwO"That's the best Go hacker in the city!" - me and @abestanway repping @ldlibra as he breakdances all over #Daybreaker#daybreaker with @kim617-- really going to miss you! http://t.co/K6WiT56Xqt
Retweeted by Kim PhamThe day twas brought #Daybreaker @ The DL http://t.co/3a4QLVmiNQ@dkproprietors Really dig the wall print in the 1st bathroom on left at @NitecapNYC - love the care in the details. Where can I get them?