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Okay, I am NOT putting fucking Harry Potter on the level of the Predator.RT @SaintRocket9 @TheSpoonyOne Because that worked on the Predator. // They DID hit the Predator.Let's stipulate that I can't see the wizard. *switches to full auto* YAUUUUUUGGGHHH! He is now dead.RT @TheMadWhitaker @TheSpoonyOne @BHoldeer In. Vis. Ib. Le. // Duz. Ne. Mask. Hee. Sig. Nu. Chur.RT @TheMadWhitaker @TheSpoonyOne @BHoldeer How you gonna find the wizards when the wizards have invisibility at that distance? // Thermal.RT @BHoldeer @TheSpoonyOne magic forcefields // Pff. Whatever. Dude would be dead before he heard the shot go off two blocks away.It's like, if I'm a Muggle, I don't sweat fucking wizards. Why? I'd like to see you shieliamus patronusawhatever a 7.62mm NATO to the brain.@Linkara19 blah blah blah #EXTERMINATEEven Daleks. All they want to do is exterminate Exterminate #EXTERMINATE. But what do they do with the Doctor? Talk. Shoot him in the face.So, why does nobody just shoot the Doctor? Like, in the face. Just shoot him in the face. They're always talking to him. The face.@LordStreetGuru I will try. I'm working on it now.Despite escaping Final Fantasy for the year, Spoony can't escape his past, forcing him to rack up his biggest body count ever! #RedBallsThe next review will be an escape from the Black Hole, an actual Spoony movie review, and possibly the most shocking one yet... =O@WisdomyQuotes @Takahata101 Uh yeah, I was with you up until the last bit with Hemingway.Oh goodie, it's time for Baron Corbin's 20-second deadpan squash match. #Scowl #Smirk #NoSellJobberClothesline #DownwardSpiral #Leave #NXTGuys, sending a game to me is not some weird fey pact wherein I have to repay you by reviewing it.There's no video with it. Not going to happen.@TheSpoonyOne @thecinemasnob I smell crossover! http://t.co/ffLCBQP9XG
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@ShadyJay1908 @IBraiINiaC Have you ever tried... not being a retard? http://t.co/6xkcbeExkg@ChrisHighwnd Atmosfear had two "booster tapes" which were also sequels involving the Gatekeeper, which I mainly glossed over as footage.It looks like I'm not going to get a response from @FallonTonight about the Black Hole of Board Games, but thank you all for the support!@TheSpoonyOne Never go up against an Englishman when TEA is on the line!
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@TheSpoonyOne The most famous is never to get in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerWAIDDAMINIT!! WAIDAMINNIT!! THAZIT RIGHT THERE! AWWW SHUCKY DUCKY! QUACK QUACK! #KAYOH http://t.co/xED5doKSFIWait a minute, Balrog... Balrog made Dudley spill his tea!! SOMEBODY GON' GET DEY ASS KICKED http://t.co/lAogzIoGHtDudley hasn't even taken off his boxing gloves for this matchup! When I talked to him today, he said, "Sir, I am an artist and a gentleman."His opponent, from Queensbury in the United Kingdom, weighing 101kg: he is the current Hardcore Champion... DUDLEY!!! http://t.co/rbAreu1eREThe following contest is set for ONE FALL & is a STREET FIGHT! Introducing first, representing Shadaloo, BALROG! http://t.co/3iQPY0R83DYou stand no chance against me at Trekatan. #ExperienceBIJ@trekkieb47 yeah, @TheSpoonyOne has that & he was telling me & @DoctorOddfellow about it. Sounds like a fun game!
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler#StarTrek Catan at #ChiTAGFair @ChicagoToyNGame @mayfairgames I need to pick this up! http://t.co/98u0Gafc1Z
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler
WHICH HE THEN WEAPONIZES. FROM HIS FLYING FUCKING BATCAVE. WHO'S STUPID NOW? *MIC DROP* http://t.co/DpGXWR2qtp"That's STUPID" you say," "That's nothing like the Batcave!" Oh yes it is. Why? HE BRINGS ALONG THE GIANT PENNY. http://t.co/NuvQTrdCbqBefore Brother Eye, there was... THE FLYING GODDAMN BAT-CAVE. http://t.co/1CyDMnvpuIIt was you. #YouKilledHim http://t.co/fZYraGDXcqI will NOT... gitchme gitchme ya-yas out, madam!! GOOD DAY.Gitchy gitchy ya-ya out ta?! Wh-- This movie SUCKS.I love the Binding of Isaac but the remake's music SUCKS.RT @TedKennedyX @TheSpoonyOne Ah, so I was right. It WAS a dummy. *cough* / http://t.co/zDXFGy8nDo@TheSpoonyOne EC-Dub! EC-Dub! EC-Dub!
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler#TRUFAX: I did three takes of this. #TRUERFAX: I am an idiot.#TRUFAX: When the Gatekeeper warps me back into the #BLAGHO, that really is me hurling myself off a ladder onto the floor, w/ actual sound.@Linkara19 Perhaps it's some of the timing? http://t.co/xG6cFtPnKY@Linkara19 Actually, speaking of scamming, I need to go scam my massive pile of unread e-mails down to zero. Farewell!@Linkara19 I COULD ACCOMPLISH A LOT TOO IF I WAS SCAMMING MY FANS BLIND@Linkara19 Being surrounded be colleagues who don't listen to you or respect you... sound familiar, Lewis? }=)SOMEBODY GON' GET DEY ASS KICKED #DarkseidIs http://t.co/y4fwFWzU35Where's Darkseid? WHERE IS HE?? MY PARENTS ARE DEAAAAD!!! http://t.co/h1zzgkNNWJFUCK YO SPACESHIPS TOO BUY ANOTHER YA RICH MUTHAFUCKA HAA HAAAAAA THIS IS ALL MY SHIT NOW I'M THE GODDAMN BATMAN http://t.co/Ne8yb07AwA#AndThenThereWasThatOneTime Batman FUCKING ATTACKED APOKOLIPS. Just rolls up all KING KONG AINT GOT SHIT ON ME AAAAHH http://t.co/9SWsMiZr4DIt's simple, #WeKillTheB--ohhhh #SHIT http://t.co/LGFVzJaFylHULK LOVE TONY TOO MUCH TO WATCH TONY SELF DESTRUCTHULK NOT GO UNTIL TONY ADMIT HE HAS PROBLEMLeaked scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron - #SPOILERS http://t.co/QC8pO3ReN5
#AndThenThereWasThatOneTime Batman fell off a cliff strangling a flaming bear to death with a logging chain. http://t.co/51RQrBZS0N*Blagpo not included with purchase of Nightmare V: Baitkeeper game.I HEAR VOICES IN MY HEAD THEY COUNSEL ME THEY WANT TO SEE #aWorldWithoutSpiderMan http://t.co/XtzOk64KXT#InAmerica@TheSpoonyOne *Offer valid in USA only Spoony.
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler
Today Only: Download Star-Lord's Official Mixtape for Free http://t.co/8kcE6EGPDxRT @DrPlague0 loved the new review, Spoony. I loved the reference to Beetlejuice you threw in there. // Whoa. Seahorses. Ya hate 'em, right?Yeah, editing around seven videos and the various subtleties of timing was really hard.@TheSpoonyOne The Nightmare review was the most technically difficult review I've seen you do in terms of editing and production values 1/2
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerFixing my schedule is like climbing that rope thing at the Ren Faire. The Quest For Editing can begin with much vigor.The schedule is BENDABLE. I had to get Nightmare out ASAP, and now I can start hacking at the pile of e-mails I have.@TheSpoonyOne I desperately hope this isn't you sticking to your schedule, because that sucks.
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@TheSpoonyOne Can totally vouch for this. I haven't seen him come to bed in like 3 weeks. ;_; I need a Spoony hug-pillow to supplement.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerI was seriously working about 30 hours straight to get the review done when I did. @.@ I don't even want to think about how long that week.Okay, I have a TON of e-mails to catch up on. A MASSIVE amount, most of them about editors and whatnot. I can finally look at that stuff.RT @J_P_Quin @TheSpoonyOne DOOMICRON HUNGERS // #DOOM http://t.co/ZwVtcqd9rd#AndThenThereWasThatOneTime Doctor Doom, facing his own death transplanted his mind into Ego and became PLANET #DOOM. http://t.co/TdfpohdjoZOh! And now Ziggler is getting destroyed 4-on-1 and about to lose the IC title. Team captain John Cena makes no appearance at any point.I DON TEAM WIF NO RUSSIAN Mark, you get to hurt John Cena and Dolph Ziggler. DOLPH. Hurt DOLPH. THASS. WHAT I **DO!!!**So, Mark Henry is perfectly happy to be put on the same team as Captain Evil Rusev? @WWE #SurvivorSeriesRT @NevixAstari @Linkara19 Nor does it feature the Gatekeither! -1 out of ten! // Gotcha a little paranoid, are we? CHILL OUUUUUT!!!
@TheSpoonyOne The be serious, the quality you put on the videos is astonishing, miles away even from the nerd himself. Brilliant.
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@TheSpoonyOne Doesn't feature the Beekeeper. Zero out of ten.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerSEVEN GAMES REVIEWED!!! The most orgasmic Thunderdome ever witnessed! And a Crisis of Infinite Keepers!Black Hole of Board Games - Nightmare: Back in the Hole http://t.co/I9BXkIEMw4SOON.TONIGHT.
RT @LordArchive @TheSpoonyOne The WWE network just got hacked and was shut down... Spoony... what did you do? // You wot?