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RT @N_You_Music @dracoerevis perhaps this tweet is all part of the april fools prank. who knows? // The last time I slept is not funny.My April 1 video will almost certainly not be finished on time. But I will try. I will try.@TheSpoonyOne Figured you might appreciate this. http://t.co/oZLfQo3Pwe
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@PushinUpRoses @thecinemasnob Yeah well you only get to come to the sleepover if you're down with the Biebs and 1D.@PushinUpRoses @thecinemasnob WHATSLEEPOVER! @thecinemasnob https://t.co/In3MgQr4i8Oh come on. The DVD version I have of this movie is fullscreen? Fuck you. #FWP
@HopeWithinChaos @BirdmanDodd Although whatever happens, do NOT let them put you on Latuda. I seriously was almost dangerous on that shit.@HopeWithinChaos @BirdmanDodd Yeah, but a lot of meds do a lot of things. Anti-seizure, anti-psychotics sort of apply here and there.@BirdmanDodd @HopeWithinChaos There's also amitryptiline (sp?) but I'm on a minimal dose and I haven't taken it in a long time.@BirdmanDodd @HopeWithinChaos Side effects? Nothing. It's just like a vitamin. I'm on Topiramate and Magnesium as prevantatives.@HopeWithinChaos There are other meds than caffeine. Prescription ones, though. My doctor has me on magnesium supplements as preventatives.@HopeWithinChaos If she directly accused you of theft, you need to see a manager.I HAVE BECOME A GODHA HA HA HAAAAA! #YES #YES #YES #YES #YES@TheSpoonyOne @RichardGarriott Maybe tomorrow we'll discuss honor, he is only 6. He keeps asking me what a Paladin is.
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@jdrasin @RichardGarriott *grins evilly* Tell him that Paladins are the best because they hold Honor above all others! PALADINS. Remember.Zis cannot be ze real Batroc. C'est impossible. It must be le Skrull.#BatrocZeLeapair will PUNCH YOU IN THE STOMACH!!! http://t.co/DaWIznyIoC Wait WHAT??#UltimateBatrocZeLeapair gives Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Sweet Chin Music!! http://t.co/pO7s5TjVAq#BatrocZeLeapair knows what a Paladin is, someone to KICK IN ZEE FACE!! http://t.co/WCeVYSU5SNRT @jofo22 @TheSpoonyOne Nice try mon ami, pick a card! http://t.co/gbaCLvqjGF // Putain de merde!!Gambit? Zis Creole you speak, zis offends #BatrocZeLeapair. KICK TO THE FACE. http://t.co/XIaq9JJNwr#BatrocZeLeapair kicked Cap in the FACE so goddamn hard he's lucky he didn't shit his own brains. That boy got hangtime. #CestIncroyableOooooof. That... Eeeesh. http://t.co/aBRvVTbdyA #BatrocZeLeapairMON DIEU TOUT PUISSANT http://t.co/gOh7HXONyZ Should NOT have given #BatrocZeLeapair that free KICK TO THE FACE, Cap. http://t.co/fMhPcXn5daRT @saintwalker98 @TheSpoonyOne Batroc kicks everyone in the face! EVERYONE! // Bonjour! http://t.co/iXPPUCSatE #BatrocZeLeapair IN THE FACE#BatrocZeLeapair spends his days off drinking with Machete & starting barfights kicking Captain America in the FACE. http://t.co/cYXqHUbWk1Madness? #ZIS #EES #BATROC!!! http://t.co/uu6JhMu62e #BatrocZeLeapair@JosephCiantar Need it? I don't think so. It'd be nice for whoever's running it to have background, but for individual adventures? No.@Merlynn27 They KIND of confronted it before where Ra's Al'Ghul gave him a potion to supposedly talk to them in exchange for a Lazurus Pit.RT @Diamandahagan Captain America 2: Fuck yeah. Just sayin'. // WORD. http://t.co/lAbVoSyNI3 #Rebruary@yugiohtas Ask @Rialisms and @vicmignogna if they read Sutter Cane.Smart kid. It's way more fun on the dark side, because #GoodIsDumb. #RISE http://t.co/ZjS5d9QkPPIsaac Hempstead-Wright wants to turn heel in Game of Thrones. http://t.co/KASN5td9r9@PushinUpRoses I dunno, which tattoo is doing the vlog?@HopeWithinChaos *picks up the red phone* Get me Mike Adamle.I have to admit, this is REALLY good tackling fundamentals. Robin could legit play free safety. http://t.co/AZNCeb2sM8RT @DreamsofLuxor How else are you gonna know what's in the bag?! // Did the bank just stuff green bags with random assortments of dollars?I love how even in that time, supervillains are stealing bags of money with big dollar signs on them.Why don't you call me when you're ready to start taking things a little more seriously. #HeresMyCard. http://t.co/12PFFb2c58Never mind that shit! #HereComesMONGUL! http://t.co/DrMyMgIvUYI HEAR VOICES IN MY HEAD THEY COUNSEL ME THEY UNDERSTAND http://t.co/qXWFJXnumB #TheyTalkToMeChinese Families Demand 'Return' of Those on Missing Jet (NBC) http://t.co/HTJZWWGN3E // Yeah, well, people in Hell want ice water.@yugiohtas Yeah. Well. I don't think I'm going to finish my April 1 video on time at all, so I got you beat there.@yugiohtas Everyone has off-nights. People were just happy to see you. Don't drive yourself crazy overanalyzing all it in hindsight."Don't be too proud of this bicameral legislature you've constructed. The ability to filibuster is insignificant to the power of the Force."Darth Vader is now an official candidate in the Ukrainian presidential election. http://t.co/a7Es3BV3Dc #Vader2014 #YouWillJoinUsOrDieI swear that I saw George R. R. Martin at the gas station again today. But he wasn't dragging the mangled corpse of a Stark behind his car.
Going to Chi-Fi today! @TheSpoonyOne will be with me, selling pictures and signing autographs. Come down if you can! :D
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@TheSpoonyOne LOS LOCOS KICK YOUR BALLS INTO OUTER SPACE
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@TheSpoonyOne LOS LOCOS KICK YOUR FACE
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerLOS LOCOS KICK YOUR ASS@BirdmanDodd @TheSpoonyOne Jarmok and Dalad, at Tanagra.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerWhat the fuck is Dalad jelly?
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@BT_James @PushinUpRoses Okay okay, leave it alone.
@PushinUpRoses MAN UP. You're not going to wuss out of something I can do, are you?@PushinUpRoses Right in between your teeth. Digging. Skriiiiik. Skrriiiiiiiik. Skriiik skriiiiiiik. KRAK@PushinUpRoses There's nothing to freak out about. It's just a cleaning. With that little hook. That impossibly small, needle hook.@HopeWithinChaos I still have him friended on Facebook. I can't bring myself to take him off the list.Oh let's see. Write, film, edit a whole review in 3 days? Yeah. This'll about end me. *sigh* Time to get some rest.Streaming for a short while before I snap completely from stress. http://t.co/KaV8LgAiwzThen our hero MVP comes, wins the company, ushers in a new era of hope, then offers a title shot to a guy who isn't under contract at all.Mere months after the company is so horribly mismanaged that they lose their world title to a wrestler under an expiring contract.1) Magnus tells MVP that Abyss does not work for #TNA. Just for Magnus. 2) MVP immediately offers Abyss a TNA title shot. 3) Oh no.RT @DavetheUsher Your most hated FFX Blitzball team? #FinalFantasyX #FFX #FFXHD #FinalFantasyXHD #FinalFantasy // Die Goers Die@AngryJoeShow Please state the nature of your Twitter emergency.Although there's something about this movie that seems... familiar. http://t.co/Pe7L4dXNbtI don't think I have ever-- maybe more than twice-- gone to Netflix and found the movie I wanted to watch.Once again, I log into Netflix looking for a movie, and it ain't there. Terminator 2? Yes. Terminator? Of course not. What's the point.@thelindsayellis @BirdmanDodd I didn't do nothin'.MEAN GENE IS TRAPPED IN THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR'S FORCE FIELD https://t.co/93ntywLc6L HE WILL NOT BE RELEASED UNTIL AFTER THANKSGIVINGI cannot deal with the world right now. *seals his bunker*
RT @Cybren @TheSpoonyOne Kickstarter reward spoony. // A kickstarter for WHAT? What in GOD'S holy name are you blathering about?I don't run RPGs with fans, guys. It never goes well.@HopeWithinChaos A few days ago that would have been cool but now I'm slammed with so much work I'm having panic attacks..@Gorlam With who, exactly? Oh, right, my zero friends who play Pathfinder and zero friends who want to learn.@TheSpoonyOne You could try playing Pathfinder and streaming it.
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@LikChan That was the plan. It really was.Ah screw it. Wasted enough time just spinning my wheels WORKING on RELAXING. Might as well just work.The Reveal! http://t.co/Mes9eJ0Fvv
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerRT @MinchiTsurugi @TheSpoonyOne Lightning Returns. // YOU LIE. YOU'RE A LIAR http://t.co/SKNSHm8ERy.@HopeWithinChaos WHAT'S IN THE FUCKING BOX http://t.co/Sjkv17yTLKHmmm a package inside the box? How interesting http://t.co/Hsc6IkBg66
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerRT @HopeWithinChaos Hey twitter, how about a game of "What's in the Box?" http://t.co/AyH6AJG1Vt // AHHH WHAT'S IN THE BOX???@Merlynn27 I'm not making any god damn list.@DavetheUsher ...Why?Ugh, I just realized filming tomorrow night is probably not an option, and now my schedule is completely fucked.YouTube Banned in Turkey (MSNBC) http://t.co/GOfaf0ZnC2 // Have we started the fire?And you're all going to line up and see it anyway like the sad losers you are! HA HA! http://t.co/DPHDxB0Yjp #BadNewsSpoony@TheSpoonyOne Dude, we all know its gonna suck. Just let it go.
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@TheSpoonyOne Is it about the absurd, repulsive designs of the turtles?
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler*TAK TAK TAK* CAN I HAVE SOME DECORUM PLEASE? Ninja Turtles fans, I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS! http://t.co/DPHDxB0Yjp #BadNewsSpoonyI should just shut this damn PC off when I'm done working.@Solistian Enh, I haven't found a game on the PC I've wanted to stream all week, and I hate livestreaming drunk and alone.@Merlynn27 A depressing list of games I won't find people to play with? What fun.@universetoday @RichardGarriott How do they know dwarves live there?Work is done for the day. Now what.RT @randomfox @AprilVonLon @TheSpoonyOne We demand move lists. // I was looking for Kenny Omega's EX HADOUKEN but alas, not listed in '14.Noah and I just spent like two hours making avatars of ourselves in the WWE 2k14 game. They look freakily accurate. O_o
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler