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"Spoony is a bipolar liar." // Aha, but that would mean I lied about being bipolar.WHOA. HEY. I had nothing to do with that. #TheKidIsNotMySon@TheSpoonyOne the son of my new gf. #SonOfInsano? http://t.co/bKLZlAasrx
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerOkay. That part is done. Need to stop and not get overwhelmed. The review is still a little ways off but I'm getting stuff done until then.
@ShadowTodd @thelindsayellis This is true. I am a simpering coward. She works my nuts like Chinese worry balls.@thelindsayellis Soon I won't even remember what it was for my thoughts to be my own.@thelindsayellis Anyway, apparently I'm the damsel in distress in my relationship. Seems April has brainwashed me into her feminazi agenda.@thelindsayellis If there's a damsel-in-distress Lindsay, I've never seen her. You normally throw scorpions at me when I'm insolent.@Cataphract Let's just say I find your assessment of the man rather skewed, and leave it at that.@Cataphract I am not getting pulled into this anymore. Go scream your meaningless bullshit sexist posturing elsewhere & leave me out of it.@Cataphract Don't.PSYCHE! F-5! F-5! DOOM WIPES OUT SPIDER-MAN WITH AN F-5!!! http://t.co/AeYg8PY68u#DOOM has a job offer for Spider-Man. http://t.co/iqm6w3bgeQRT @SpudimusPrime89 @TheSpoonyOne Then, Iron Man busts in and says "We have a Hulk!" // http://t.co/x3qbZdLj1F@KalelData @MaxwellElvis Because #DOOM is COLD AS ICE.@MaxwellElvis @KalelData And snapped a goddess' neck like a Pixie Stik left-handed & tore her heart out, Kano style. http://t.co/XrorR7BeuC@KalelData @MaxwellElvis Well, there is that one time he was literally fighting all of Hell unarmed. And winning. http://t.co/plvDzikd33@MaxwellElvis @KalelData Ah, no. #DOOM has literally punched the Beyonder and greater demons to death. He can handle Loki.And really, that's the most generous offer #DOOM has EVER given anyone. Sharing world dominion?#DOOM's plan COCKBLOCKED by Namor! Imperius Rex MY ASS! http://t.co/3g8HFd9QTY#DOOM has a plan. http://t.co/7EQusgZGO7@Phelous @ChaosD1 So I probably shouldn't be bathing in the stuff.RT @GaminGlennSeto *a horde of screeching groupies rushes past in pursuit of Sess' glorious mutton chops*/ DAMN SESSLER AND HIS MUTTON CHOPSI mean, the HAIR, man. Which one of us belongs in front of the camera? *fans his luxurious mane of hair*Well. More accurate to say he was a guest with me. *puffs chest*I was a guest with Adam Sessler (name DROP) at a con who got conflu at E3 and dude was STILL near-crippled a a month later.There's ONE FUCKER there with fucking MOTABA at that con who's just been picking his ass moments before shaking my hand, probably.And I am not saying all nerds are dirty, unclean diseases assholes. I'm saying ONE OF YOU is.RT @ARGiammarco @TheSpoonyOne It's a good thing the only people I shake hands with are friends and guests // THAT DOES NOT MATTER.One more time. I am a fucking veteran. I've covered wars. SERIOUSLY. You want to get out of this, TOUCH NO ONE. HAND SANITIZER.I know right now a ton of you are rolling your eyes and thinking "germophobe." Give it time, motherfuckers. I'll be here to watch you die.Touch no one. Hug no one. Shake no hands. Elbow-bump if you must. For god's sake, someone there is patient zero to a fucking plague.Best of luck to anyone going to Magfest. Sincerely. If you escape that pit without the worst con-flu of your life, count yourself fortunate.@PushinUpRoses Hrm. To anyone else I'd suggest they watch one of your livestreams. BOOOOOM!!! =DWE TAKE WHAT WE WANT. AND AFTER WE TAKE LEX LUGER AND THE GIANT, WE WANT THE GOLD, SUCKA. #HulkHogan #WeCominFoYou http://t.co/RVsxZ721a2Oh no! No, Midnighter's going to that place!! Don't do this! No NO NO NO NONONOHMY GAAWWWWDD!! http://t.co/dHsn39PkgYRT @Tehno9 @TheSpoonyOne Hey Spoony 2006 called he wants his jokes back // WELL IT CAN'T HAVE THEM! NEVER!Vinnie Jones confirmed to play Hammerhead in the Amazing Spider-Man 3. http://t.co/feoJLA2Vru@ZeSadPanda I understood every word in that sentence except "MacBook."@TheSpoonyOne "What IS this, a throne room for ants? I may be a dark god of deceit and domination, but even I need a little lumbar support!"
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerRT @MatthewBrinerPA So Joker Sting...is the Joker to Vigilante Sting's...Batman? Does that make Dolph the new Robin? // That's Sandow.Sting is also the Joker in this analogy. Basically #WeKillTheBatman.RT @Shooter__Andy @TheSpoonyOne Wait, I'm confused. Who's Batman in this analogy? // The Vigilante Sting.I mean, if you're counting on John Cena to save you, I don't like your chances. They're about as good as dialing 911 in Gotham City.Edge & Christian got balls showing up on Smackdown again with the Authority back and Seth Rollins still happy to murder them.RT @HandlebarOXD @TheSpoonyOne There's always Impact Wrestling! XD // No, there isn't. Or is that the joke?It puts Bray over as a heel, and also shows the depths to which he's willing to sink to beat Dean Ambrose.It would have made far more sense had Erick NOT wanted to fight him, and Bray COMPLETELY annihilated him out of nowhere as a betrayal.Years of frustration. They never once showed any frustration toward one another as a team, and they split up peacefully. This is bullshit.Bray commands him to just lay down for the 3, but Rowan charges him. Then Cole-- get this-- says this is years of frustration boiling over.I can't even watch Smackdown. Turned it off after the first match. First match is Bray Wyatt vs. Erick Rowan. Right away I had to resist.#DOOM is also feet up on your ottoman, sippin' on gin & juice. #LaidBack http://t.co/B3rX4ZVRcaRT @craigtheintern So from the pictures, I'm guessing Darkseid is about 5'10" and about 200 lbs, maybe. // He looks MASSIVELY uncomfortable.Really, Orion? A wood highback dining room chair? #DarkseidIs assuming you don't have people over often. http://t.co/djDVvVe6IE#DarkseidIs helping himself to some brandy. Nice place you got here, Scott. http://t.co/XIDA7SDh1U
Does anyone have the RPG book "Uncaged: Faces of Sigil?" (And yes, I am aware of the wonderland of consumerism that is Amazon .com)@DerKork I hate fighting with computers because I have so little time to fuck with them. It really angers me.@DerKork I'm not attacking you, just saying. =)And indeed, I have one. Which defeats the point of the bluetooth headset I just purchased.@TheSpoonyOne iI it IS an audio stream routing issue, you'd most likely get the same issue with XSplit. A wired headset would be reasonable.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerAnyway, the causes are certainly interesting, but what about solutions?@BHoldeer Close enough. As in, not close at all by about 10 goddamn years so you can shut your twinkie-hole.The first person to quote the IT Crowd at me gets blocked. It wasn't even funny when it was funny.I will remind the audience that I have a degree in computer science and am not a complete imbecile..@Tommy_Nom No. It is not muted.Whenever I activate the livestream in OBS using my bluetooth headset, the game audio immediately goes silent in my headset. Not sure why.BARK **ARF** ARFBARK!! BARK BARK ARF, WOOF ARFWOOF, ARFBARK!! http://t.co/ePY1atLN0aLook familiar, @TheCinemaSlob? >=) http://t.co/NVJEuH0t0H#SIERRA #HOTEL #INDIA #ECHO--WHAT THE FUCK?! http://t.co/NVJEuH0t0HThe Wizard & Shield would go on to form a dominant tag team known as Freedom is Magic that won the titles 4 times!SUDDENLY THE #SHOCKMASTER! #BelieveInTheShield http://t.co/3s2yG0ExpIMurdoch. ... MURDOCH. I'm comin' to get YOU. #BelieveInTheShield http://t.co/HdciRwM6x2*bonks the #EEH console* Hey @th3Engineer. Site's borked. Wake your hologrammatic butt up!Did 'Back to the Future' Predict 2015 Correctly? (http://t.co/xwkV0i46eY) // IT HAS BEGUN #BadNewsSpoony
@wilw Do you read Sutter Cane?@TheSpoonyOne You were right. Facebook is FLOODED. https://t.co/6gV3FDceIa
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerTye Dillinger and Jason Jordan are roided up to their eyeballs. #NXTI'll be livestreaming soon at http://t.co/4qgWlYQqYX It's been a rough day. Really damn rough and... it's all I can think to do.@PushinUpRoses Pretty much what Doug Walker says when he calls up.@PushinUpRoses Can I call your parrot? You can film it.@dexbonus @PushinUpRoses OH YEAH I WENT THERE COME AT ME BRA@dexbonus @PushinUpRoses Casserole. More like asserole.@loweringthebar And that's just the Americans. If you're detained by the other guys, well... don't be detained by the other guys.@loweringthebar Let me guess-- and this is a shot in the dark-- they can detain you for no reason for up to... 72 hours?@loweringthebar Don't you lawyer people have some kind of... thing... like an ACLU-symbol on the roof of the building? A spotlight?@loweringthebar Or. They could have tried just not taking a boxcutter to my mail for no reason.@loweringthebar And even if BY MIRACLE OF MIRACLES I got them to compensate me, it was handmade and irreplaceable.@loweringthebar If I called to complain-- and that's as far as I can go before the joke turns to ashes in my mouth.@loweringthebar And they damaged it in the process. I have no idea who, and I can't prove liability even if I did know who.@loweringthebar I mean look, I'm trying not to veer into tin-foil hat territory, but they opened my mail of nerd shit for no reason.@loweringthebar Or, assume I had sensitive photo-- er, documents inside. How do I know they DIDN'T read them? Faith in the syst--hahaha!@loweringthebar Where's the accountability? What's to stop them from falsely claiming something was in there? Or stealing my anal beads?@loweringthebar As long as he puts them back, tapes it shut with green "tee hee, we so naughty" tape, he gets away with it?@loweringthebar So some Canadian border patrol motherfucker can just open my box of exotic flavored anal beads & have a Canuck Fuck Potluck?RT @loweringthebar At the border they don't need a warrant or even probable cause to search a package. Never have. / http://t.co/OP73dXJTKl@loweringthebar Well that's bullshit.@loweringthebar Not much to see, really. (I blacked out the addresses.) They managed to damage the costume inside. https://t.co/021zI95IPQ@loweringthebar And then the response is, "yeah but it's not, because we made a law that lets us fuck your Bill of Rights."@loweringthebar Ah forget it, enjoy your holiday. It just irritates the piss out of me. This seems like a completely illegal search.