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I'm serious that I want to see Ronda Rousey vs. HHH at Backlash. BOOK IT.You'll get your chance to bitch about how I hate everything, don't worry. Your anguish sustains me.@ValwinZ Tomorrow.I don't always watch television. But when I do, it's not the AFN.@TheSpoonyOne AFN (military television overseas) loved hiring him for their PSAs, these would play constantly https://t.co/V7EbBwxzNH
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerYou starred in "The Marine," John. You're about as much of a marine as I am a real doctor. It's fucking insulting.Also, this "John Cena: last, best hope for America" story, complete with exploiting U.S. armed forces to get him over makes me want to puke.Yeaaaah... a second look did help revise my opinions some. But Sting/HHH is still some of the dumbest clownshit I've ever seen in my life.April and I will film our Wrestlemania recap tomorrow afternoon. Sorry for the delay but we wanted to give it a second look.
RT @MAGPIEJAKE @TheSpoonyOne 10/10 xD // #YES #YES #YESLet me see if I'm doing this right: *ahem* u salty bro?@TheSpoonyOne you can ever be happy watching WWE can you? I Love watching your videos but if all you do is bitch about WWE. STOP WATCHING IT
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@LordStreetGuru April still needs to watch it. I'm wondering if there's much point in a video, though, if people are this irate.RT @CascadeBeta: @TheSpoonyOne You could not be more wrong. // Oh you know that's not true.The rest of the show was almost entirely ass-chili.Brock remains unbeaten, Seth looks smart, and Reigns isn't champion. I fail to see the problem.@TheSpoonyOne You defend that finish? Well, that's pretty unexpected, since I thought you love good booking...
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerThat was pretty great. I love how it buries Reigns, too, since a triple threat was the only way to get the title away from Brock.*cackles*WHY CAN'T HE WAIT FOR THE MATCH TO BE OVER?! WHAT KIND OF IDIOT IS HE?SPIDER-MAN PUNCH! AND ANOTHER ONE!Why does Roman Reigns have the Spider-Man logo on his flak jacket?RT @Warcorpse666: @TheSpoonyOne fuck you noah // THAT'S THE SPIRITRT @MAGPIEJAKE: @TheSpoonyOne more popcorn with your salt? // What in the hell are you talking about?Taker/Wyatt was slow, plodding, and just a bunch of dumb clubbering. Awful.I really wonder if some of you are watching the same crap I'm watching.Thank god that's over. #WrestleMania"I hate you so much, I will rest your head on the steps and then violently smash my knees into them without hurting you at all!"What the hell was that spot on the ring steps?FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, RONDA, SHOOT ON HHH!!! #WrestleManiaI hope Ronda takes down Hunter.It's a good thing the director had the Rock's music and video cued up just in case.Being a new star with momentum losing your first match to Cena is like getting punched by the Fist of the North Star. #WrestleMania@NatterIKH @TheSpoonyOne One match against Cena. That's all it took to put Tensai in a tutu, give Khali a kiss-cam etc.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerWithout his momentum and Lana, and mired with a crap jingoism gimmick, he'll be a dancing idiot within 3 months.RT @taylorshiells: @TheSpoonyOne He lost one match. Fucking done, right? // Yeah. Pretty much done.Welp. Rusev is done.#PREDICTADRU #WrestleMania #USTitleCENA'S GOT HIM IN HIS SHITTY STF!!HE'S GOT HIM IN THE ACOLYTERef looks at Lana's shoe, easily within arm's reach. Thinks about it. Does nothing. Checks on Rusev.Rusev brings this much glory to Russia for a full year, and THIS is the tanks he gets? #WrestleMania #USTitleThis is such pigshit. #Wrestlemania #USTitleThe Bellas are... POUTING? I-- what...AJ has been selling a dropkick like death for about 3 minutes.Unbelievable that people are sticking up for such a shameless clown show of product placement.I can't even rate that fucking match after the TerminHHHer entrance that is doomed to shame and infamy.*buries his face in his hands* #WrestleMania #StingVsTripleHHERE COMES THE BLUE WORLD ORDER!!!OH NO!!! The nWo is... very... slowly... charging!!! #WrestleMania #StingVsTripleH@TheSpoonyOne But Spoony, he cannot self-Terminate.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerMaybe HHH should have gone back in time and terminated Vince Russo or Eric Bischoff. Or whoever came up with this match. #WrestleManiaI sweah I will not Pillmanize anyone. #WrestleMania #StingVsTripleHI need ya cloze. Ya bootz. And ya sledjhammuh. #WrestleMania #StingVsTripleHWas that some attempt to get into Sting's head by summoning the dumbest sci-fi imagery he could find since the Shockmaster? #WrestleManiaJESUS FUCKING CHRIST STING, HHH HAS SENT FUCKING TERMINATORS AFTER YOU THE DUDE IS NOT FUCKING AROUNDOn March 29, 2015, SKYNET became self-aware. #WrestleManiaROBOCOP HAD BETTER FUCKING COME OUT OR THIS MATCH IS COMPLETE HORSESHIT #WrestleManiaVIGILANTE STINGO DESU~!How was two guys directly hitting the ring and attacking not a disqualification?I HEAR VOICYS IN MY HEAD THEY COUNCYL ME THEY UNDYRSTAND THEY TALK TO ME #TerminatorGenisys #WrestlemaniamE hIT mE fREnD DolF wif thINk bOne a LoT oWWwWBryan: mE wIN cHAmPiumSHiP!!! YaYyyaY!!! me tHInK mE loZe BraYn sUm ThOAMBROSE WENT RIGHT THROUGH THAT STEELWOOD LADDER!!!JBL: Barrett is a great Intercontinental Champion!! (Barrett was 0 for 8 leading to Mania.)So Cody loses his match against Goldust and is rewarded with an IC title match. Goldust gets crammed into a meaningless battle royal.Stardust: I will build a monument to HATE! With LADDERS!!! HATE HATE HATE!*sings to Bryan's music* ~/o Stuck in the midcard, stuck in the midcard, stuck in the midcard, and I'll never escaaaape! ~/oWhy do some people add an entire syllable to the word "athletes?" Ath-uh-letes? Fucking say it right.Remember that epic scene in Return of the Jedi, when Vader turned against the Emperor, and the Emperor fucking tossed Vader down the shaft?HAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK YOU. #Wrestlemania #BattleRoyal #MizdowI'm just settling in to watch the show. I've missed most of the pre-show, apparently. OH DARN.I hadn't heard any rumors about an injury to Bray. That is terrible, if true.Seriously dreading the Bray Wyatt match. Witness the new face of bored%=$4 8@#;^¦§§¢ ©¥÷¡ fy] £}} <°¶ ¿¥} @&_%#DAH http://t.co/Zq35a4e3ydRT @MaxwellElvis @TheSpoonyOne @LotusPrince @Dooms_Eye TORNADO UPPER! // YOU CANNOT ESCAPE. WRONG DEATH.RT @LotusPrince @Dooms_Eye @TheSpoonyOne You gotta hear it. GENOCIDE CUTT-AH // GEESE-UHRT @Dooms_Eye @TheSpoonyOne Why is it Genocide Cutter and not Diamond Cutter? // ** GENOCIDE CUTTER ** See the difference?RT @LotusPrince @TheSpoonyOne Pedant time: they're winged horses. Pegasus was just the name of a winged horse. :-P // ** GENOCIDE CUTTER **IF ONLY YOU COULD SEE IT LIKE I CANGod damn it, I just want to cast @MANOWAR in a movie where they ride on steel pegasi made of lightning and thunderfuck demons to death.I'm calling it "Lincoln 2."RT @MatthewBrinerPA @TheSpoonyOne ...When's the last time you slept? // I slept for like two hours and then I wrote this down.*crumples up the paper* This may be beyond my means.So, the movie outline I started involves a metal band raining its slain fans on their enemies while two men duel with guitars made of souls.@DoctorOddfellow Oh, I do.Umm... I admit my memory is spotty at times, but I don't remember giving anyone permission to put him in this game. https://t.co/Ai3shi7SOU*blink blink* Oh. Oh, well that's interesting. Huh. *finds his lawyer's number*Yeah. Says that guy.@TheSpoonyOne Says the guy who took the piss out of the critics who said Ultima IX was one of the greatest RPGs of all time.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerYou don't see me dragging my fanballs across your lips, do ya? I'm not making Sliders mashups where John Rhys-Davies is the 13th Doctor.RT @MichaelAfroman Dude, I don't see you come out on top on this one. // BULLSHIT. IT IMITATES A HUMAN AND IMITATES HIM PERFECTLYI was going to let you have everything else, but you just HAD to go after John Carpenter. Now it's war. Now you bleed.I see a fez, I kill the man wearing it. I am done with this Whovian shit.Okay, this has officially gone too far. Seriously. You done fucked up. http://t.co/APCZPrcCwXIn all seriousness, maybe poor Crusher would still be here if John Cena didn't have to look him in the eye & tell him Rusev was US Champion.BAAAAAAAM!!!!RT @DoctorOddfellow Does the Tenth Doctor have a clever catchphrase in the French dub of Doctor Who? // Why? He doesn't have one in English.Anyone who says TIE Fighter sucks, I will kick you in the dick so hard your kids will retroactively die.And Scorched Earth, because fuck Worms, I want to play fucking Scorched Earth, not your pussy Worms shit.And no game is perfect. Except Netrek.