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@RichardGarriott What are your thoughts on the possibility of a space elevator?Spontaneous human combustion occurs to hundreds of people every year. It's just not widely reported.It's simple, #WeKillTheBatman. http://t.co/lGKhsHaqtIYyyyep. I knew it. #WeKillTheBatman http://t.co/AhJdkfTMShNow I'm just imagining it photoshopped to say "You're in my way, sir."#HalJordan turns #HEEL. http://t.co/vwJZGq2G8B"I *could* go take my revenge against the bullies who teabagged my Easter basket, but THE CHILDREN MUST KNOW MY PAIN." #OfCOURSESoon, everyone will know what it's like to live in my world: a world without mercy, #aWorldWithoutSpiderMan. http://t.co/21U7bBdowM#OMAC #pwnt http://t.co/2BarzocDL8Ludicrous movie. "Don't save me, son. These dozen strangers who don't know who we are would betray us."The entire theater was laughing at that scene in Man of Steel where Clark asked Pa Kent if he should have let the kids drown. "Maybe."Finally the REAL Batman VS Superman trailer. https://t.co/5LWB5iQ4ki
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@TheCinemaSlob Ugh, Multiplayer. Everything has to be multiplayer, doesn't it.RT @GaminGlennSeto @TheSpoonyOne #OnliOneJob? // #MyndYou #MøøseBitesCanBePrettiNasti#YouHadOneJob http://t.co/4QVQuD1h1V@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari **RKO'S THE STINKING CONSERVATIVE OUTTA NOWHERE** \_o__/@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari *bow*@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari Trust me, if not a space laser, they money was going to go in someone's pocket.@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari We're not disagreeing here. EVERY project they undertook was plagued by corruption. It's the government.@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari Russia went bankrupt for a LOT of reasons. Let's settle on rampant government corruption instead of Star Wars.@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari And he tried to build a space laser. At least Doctor Insano would have pulled that off.@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari Yes. And Reagan was out-his-goddamn mind.@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari We are going far afield from the original thesis: Donald Trump is out-his-goddamn mind.@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari Perhaps. But we live one more day and try to deal with that later.@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari I applaud the moral stand you're taking, but we're all going to *die* here. Give an inch.@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari It's like if you're with people who are starving, but you and your friends vote against eating over Veganism.@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari Dude, refusal-to-surrender is by definition obstructionism. But regarding the budget, this comes at a cost.@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari When it came to the recent budget crisis, even "moderate" Republicans were VERY frustrated with them.@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari Here's where you're misinterpreting me: perhaps you're right. But again, I'm talking about here. Now.@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari There's no magic. the Tea Party's main appeal is their no-compromise ethic. It's noble, but obstructionist.@NevixAstari @GilfillanDaniel Agreed. But IMHO, over 7 years-- and even most conservatives will admit- the Tea Party is strangling Congress.@NevixAstari @GilfillanDaniel The answer is "not a whole hell of a lot," which is sadly almost always the case. Unity is an alien concept.@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari Mainly what I'm addressing is the current situation. History aside, what has the current administration done?@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari Domestic spying by the NSA? Perhaps started by another, but still occurred on Pres. Obama's watch, unresolved.@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari Perhaps more so. He was given the political One Ring, had the chance to get rid of it, and he turned away.@NevixAstari @GilfillanDaniel Trust me, I have my own serious issues with Pres. Obama abusing executive order every bit as badly as Bush.@NevixAstari @GilfillanDaniel Let me put it this way: I'm by no means sticking up for Pres. Obama. My discussion is limited to Congress now.@NevixAstari If you're seriously tossing the blame for all this on Jimmy Carter, you're absolving a LOT of presidents of responsibility.@GilfillanDaniel @NevixAstari Not sure. Hard for me to remember thanks to the current filibuster-crazy majority we have.@GilfillanDaniel I'm talking the national budget sequester and downgrade of the U.S.' credit rating due to constant Tea Party brinksmanship.The GOP is fractured because of the Tea Party, whose primary weapon is mutually-assured destruction, which took our economy to the brink.Either they're competing to go as extreme-conservative as possible, or trying to out-bastard each other by tearing everyone else down.Now you have sixteen different candidates, almost all of which are taking varying levels of hardline stances.Problem is, no-compromise obstructionism has become their MO. Which would mean something if the GOP could agree on what to not-compromise onThis must be a miracle for Ted Cruz, whose no-compromise religious nutbar rhetoric seems moderate next to that orange-skinned whacko.Let's not forget the other greasy-as-fuck nightmare scenario candidate, Chris Christie from the "how in the hell is he still here" party.I doubt I'll watch it. Which is a shame, since having Trump front & center is going to be comedy gold.@TheSpoonyOne Any chance you can cover the gop debate like a WWE match? Might be more similar than you think #SpoonySuffers :)
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerOh, I know what it looks like: http://t.co/XxFnl4wAi0@TheSpoonyOne A: Can anybody find meeeee~ B: SOMEBODY TO LOOOOOOVE
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler"She got a... GREAT ASS!!!" http://t.co/lAPrlyr9bMHe looks like a jumped on a bicycle without the seat on it.RT @stjepansejic @TheSpoonyOne in gotham I AM... THE LAW! // #LAAAAWWWWW http://t.co/lAPrlyr9bM"You're in my way, Master Bruce." http://t.co/lAPrlyr9bM@TheSpoonyOne Looks more like Alfred just gave him a Bat-suppository
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerHis face looks like the last thing my Mountain Dew ever sees.Curiosity -> Confusion -> Sinking Dread -> Shock -> Horror -> Stunned -> RemorsefulAlso notice that apparently, Bruce runs through four entirely different emotions in that panel, all maintaining that expression."NEEERRRRRRD!!!" http://t.co/lAPrlyr9bMLooks like my face whenever I play Darkest Dungeon.It's simple, #WeKillTheBatman. #StalloneFace http://t.co/lAPrlyr9bM
Holy CRAP, Bubba Dudley seriously looks like he's put on about 45 lbs. #FAAAAATassesHeh, Kevin Owens in an interview said that William Regal apologized to him like a real man's man. #ButtPerson@MaxwellElvis And actually, I kind of DO, considering Morrison wrote Final Crisis and a comic where Swamp Thing fucks a woman with a potato.@MaxwellElvis He's not really jive-talkin'. He's out of his damn mind, bordering on Deadpool levels of self-awareness.@MaxwellElvis Whaaat? I like #LordDeathMan.Don't you go gettin' fresh with #LordDeathMan. http://t.co/ZIx0m3OnAM.@realDonaldTrump He's got a great IQ, but evidently little comprehension of sentence structure or the use of punctuation. #lolol #uSaltyBroSorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure,it's not your fault
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@deray @loweringthebar Well clearly he was experiencing the reefer madness.MATCH OF THE YEAR! MATCH OF THE YEAR! #SupermanBatman #VampiresWerewolves http://t.co/L9Qr0IhPKk#AndThenThereWasThatOneTime Black Panther showed Tony Stark #TheHand. http://t.co/Imng2rBBeALooks like they're advertising the RyBack for Summerslam. Hope he's able to make it; that infection looked brutal.RT @Maffewgregg @tommyend @GaryRos1989 The retro mask made it. http://t.co/tg4fPQxC0W // #YoungbloodsDisease@Skullboy264 Remember that average game nobody really bought or liked? Now you can not-buy the sequel!DUDE CAN PALM TWO BLITZBALLS AT ONCE, MAN.Just how DID Jordan get his superpowers in "Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City?" HAD TO LOOK ONLINE. http://t.co/TbqI0OSKX8You had to go online to learn the history of Cool Spot, too. It was bullshit. What MOTIVATES the 7-Up Spot? Does he know how to love?Would it have killed them to give us a little more online lore to help us get immersed in the world of Boogerman? http://t.co/MvSznf9bUNTo this day, I have no idea what the backstory is to the weird banjo-playing hillbilly motherfucker in Phalanx. I mean come on.I admit, I was annoyed at having to go online to fully comprehend the goings-on to Shaq-Fu in its extensive online collection of datalogs.And "to be fair" since you opened the window to all SNES games, you are now comparing Destiny to the rich lore of Barkley's Shut Up and Jam.RT @TheHawkeyedOne @TheSpoonyOne almost every super Nintendo game did that, to be fair // Ah, no they didn't.RT @TheZenith24 @TheSpoonyOne I find it funny that you ignore anyone who brings up valid counter-points to what you say. // So do I."I don't want to talk your ear off. Here's a link to the wiki page. It explains everything better than I would."My favorite part of the game is early on, when there's a guy who says he COULD tell you all about the cool backstory... ...but he won't.I simply cannot understand the design process that led them to think it was a good idea to have the gamer WALK AWAY FROM THE TV for story.First game I ever saw that not only parceled out information almost entirely in datalogs, but also made you READ THEM ONLINE, not in-game.RT @CalebImrie But, but, but, a subclass that was clearly missing from the launch is coming! And more deep story telling! // THE #LORE!!@TheZenith24 @CalebImrie Ah yes, those razor sharp gun mechanics, where there is no bullet drop and no travel time from gun to enemy.(This has been a message from #BadNewsSpoony) https://t.co/xcXM1rcgc2Always holding out vain hope that the next chapter will make it all better! I know it will! It's not. It won't.I can almost see them gritting their teeth in agony, biting back the urge to play something else. "I... love this game. I NEED to..."The number of gamers and journalists flat-out FORCING themselves to try and stay excited about Destiny is getting pathetic..@AprilVonLon I'm just saying, this is what happens when you use Wisdom as your dump stat. }:-)
Ralph, hi! Max Lord: rush chairman. Damn glad to meet ya. #HaveYouMetTed http://t.co/RKjzo65C9KActually its name is William Groinwell Codworth the Zillionth Exclamation Point Pkoink Pkoink WHOOPS Beef FLONNNNNGGGG. But Willie is fine.Welp, @AprilVonLon's character has been ego-dominated by an intelligent Rod of Wonder. Its name is Willie. #CounterMonkey*villain's bodyguard gets his head blown off* Villain: HE'S HERE!I also love being in a tense shootout while the ridiculously sleazy muted trumpet section is screaming "WRAH WRAH WROH WROH WAAA WAAAAAA~!~"