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That said, this match is going to be a sequel to Rusev vs. DESOTROYAH!@~ #IfHeJobs #HeJobs SHOULD WIN: Drago WILL WIN: DragoI seriously have not seen a better-booked patriotic babyface rise above more adversity than Rusev. The man is a legitimate inspiration.Problem is, they'll fuck it up to where Mark gets Show disqualified by attacking Rusev on his own, further cementing Rusev as a babyface.Rusev vs Big Show Everyone knows how this one ends: Mark Henry turns heel on Show. The End. This has bowling shoe ugly written all over it.Butterfly Queen: AJ (c) vs. Paste Oh my god how long has this been going on? SHOULD WIN: I don't care. WILL WIN: You made me watch this.Screw Dolph, screw the IC title, and screw who's booking Cesaro. SHOULD WIN: Just kick the fucking belt in a storm sewer. WILL WIN: Shit.Dolph won his match on Smackdown. I *think* before that, the last match he'd won on television was on Main Event. FOUR. WEEKS. AGO.This was their golden opportunity to elevate the prestige of the title without a full-time world champion by having the midc-- oh fuck it.OH MY GOD that belt used to mean something! Right now you could have a ladder match for some Fruit by the Foot and it'd have higher stakes.It's the IntercontinentHAHAHAHACChamp--HAHAHAHAHe's not here. You've got no world champion. So... arguably-- no, not arguably, your most prestigious champion in WWE is Do--HAHAHAHA!!!Intercontinental Championship (2-out-of-3 falls): Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Cesaro I'd just like to take this moment to talk about Brock.Oh, sorry, the match. There was a match. I'm sorry Miz, I forgot you were there. I think we all did. SHOULD WIN: Sheamus WILL WIN: SheamusThe worst part is that WWE now knows that Sandow is popular, and not understanding why, they'll fuck it up immediately like #FANDANGOO.Really. "If this were real." What the hell is going on? Does he always just have Mizdow shadowing him? This is a fucking cartoon. Oh god.The gimmick doesn't even make any sense, which is why this whole thing is even sadder. Think about what the Miz is really doing here.Now people have realized Sandow has more charisma in one beard-hair than the Miz does in his entire shitty backyard wrestling heel gimmick.WWE didn't really expect him to do anything but dress like a dork, much less figure-four invisible wrestlers on the outside.So Sandow is completely clowning it up out there, because who gives a shit? It's the Miz. Fuck it. Upstage the bitch.This whole thing EATS. The Miz EATS, the feud EATS, the gimmick EATS. And Sandow (the person) is beyond giving a fuck. He'll never get a runU.S. Championship: Sheamus (c) vs. Johnny Cage (w/ Damian Cagedow) See, here's what WWE doesn't get, and I don't think you do, either...IT'S TIME FOR THE SPOONY ONE *BRUM DRDRDRMDRMDRM* WRESTLING PREDICTIONSWHAT UNREASONING VENGEFUL GOD HATED MANKIND SO MUCH AS TO BLIGHT THE UNIVERSE WITH SUCH A SICKENING WITHERED MOCKERY OF EXISTENCE@TheSpoonyOne Calm down, Spoony! @AprilVonLon, it's happening again! I'll get his legs, you get his arms.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerThat rancid, stinking, pestilential, mephitic squirt of steaming hemorrhoidal discharge. Unkillable and as unwelcome as herpes simplex.Ah yes. I can barely remember the litany of denouncements I pile upon Tidus, but it wasn't harsh enough. That weeping little anal cyst...@MatthewBrinerPA @brentalfloss LAM ME TELL CHU SOMTHIN PENDEJORT @brentalfloss Went to 3 stores to assemble a Dr. Mario costume. Nobody had the right wig, so now I'm Dr. Jesus. / http://t.co/JT0aks7BYxAh yes, I see Darth Vader is running for Parliament in the Ukraine again this year.There's just one thing you didn't count on! #ChestExpansion http://t.co/FameDAVn3l
It's simple, #WeKillTheBatusi http://t.co/yCWOVrABXxI've watched so many Nightmare tapes the past 3 days I hear thunder in my sleep. @.@RT @tesla0629 @KiriCallaghan is playing D&D w @AdamSessler right now & it's awesome! http://t.co/ScFjjjo4ME / Aw man, and nobody invited me.GAAAAAH NOT THAT ONE AGAIN http://t.co/GtpFS8vaCn@TheSpoonyOne @bluexalazi @BetaBlitz Face it, Noah, in a pun fight with us, you don't stand a GHOST of a chance! http://t.co/1ZQ5GCsVFm
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerRT @bluexalazi @TheSpoonyOne @BetaBlitz What do mummies like listening to? Wrap music! #ASKHIM // NOOO I CANOPIC-ture a worse pun. #ASKHIMRT @DarkDesperado25 @TheSpoonyOne Gonna take graver than that to make me tap. // Don't worry. It only HEARSE when you laugh. #ASKHIMRT @BetaBlitz @TheSpoonyOne what do u weigh without skin muscles or fat? A skeleTON #ASKHIM // NOOOOSorry that Halloween joke was bad. I admit, I have a GHOST writer. #ASKHIMAnd just like that, I abandon you once again as my meds kick in and I must retomb to work before I start coffin again. #ASKHIMAnd his opponents, at a combined IQ of ***DIVIDE BY ZERO ERROR*** SPOONY'S TWITTER FOLLOWERS!The following is a 40,202-on-1 Texas Tornado Handicap Elimination Halloween Joke Submission Match! Introducing 1st from Aurora, IL.. SPOONY!@BirdmanDodd Naaah. What does Dodd need with a starship? http://t.co/VE13TVS4ah@BirdmanDodd @sickkids Will you play any space shooters or Wing Commander or anything?@Linkara19 Frankenstein. It's a Frankenstein.Oh no! DOCTOR WHO has it now?! #QuarantineTheTARDIS http://t.co/UexeE1a3rC
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerI suppose I could do what the actual sequel did and just pad it out with 45 minutes of Jerrid clubbing people over the head with a tire ironOkay okay. There's always the Human Spider 3: Final Sequence. (Which is so not a premise I can stretch to feature-length.)What? It worked for Attack of the Clones."Aaaah, just dodge around and block like things are flying at you. I'll add some magic missiles and shit later in After Effects."That way I can just COMPLETELY phone that shit in. ;)You know what I gotta do, is get Malibu and the Dragon Strike people together to make that WildSpace movie as my Patreon movie.Augh... anyway. I must go back on my exile. My drugs are kicking in, and I need my rest. Then the work begins again.RT @Shaella_ @TheSpoonyOne Look man all i'm saying is that there is definitely a lunatic fringe of Bronies. And it. Is. Terror. // *popcorn*RT @Shaella_ @TheSpoonyOne @THEDOGSMEAT are you claiming bronies don't have a lunatic fringe? // WITH CHAINSAWS.RT @THEDOGSMEAT Thing is, basically every group has a radical lunatic fringe/ Girl scouts, bronies, Oprah book clubs, rare coin collectors..@LordStreetGuru Falling readership would have sorted this out on its own. I simply think the RAGE MONKEY INVASION was the wrong approach.@LordStreetGuru Perhaps, but apparently you are not alone. Complaints to the editor expressing your concerns do carry weight.@LordStreetGuru Then that's simply a matter of you not liking the author and the site itself. Stop reading the site.@LordStreetGuru Reviews are editorials. Opinion pieces. Opinions of the author. Separating bias is impossible, and undesirable in editorial.@LordStreetGuru Yes.@LordStreetGuru @ShadowTodd I like biased reviews. Can't trust unbiased ones.@ZealousZombie01 How about "blocked?" Yes. That seems fitting.@ZealousZombie01 Yes yes, "echochamber." The new vocabulary buzzword you heard someone smarter than you kicking around.@Linkara19 @ShadowTodd I've long since given up trying to reason with any of them. Really, how can you begin a debate in good faith here?@trivianinja Although, you have reminded me of something I can do... so thanks. *vanishes in a smoke bomb*@trivianinja Yeah, I'm laid up with a migraine from hell right now, so it's not like I can work right now anyway.I'M GETTIN' TIRED OF YOUR GAS, NOW JERK THAT PISTOL AND GO TO WORK http://t.co/JhIWybHcitI SAID THROW DOWN, BOY http://t.co/Z1oiYkRbB4#WAK http://t.co/lzNJUOBDrfSkin that smokewagon and see what happens. http://t.co/S3rflm2wuRGo ahead, skin it. http://t.co/0rr0uLdfyRUgh. Hearing Rap Rat say "I'm the reason for rebellion" makes me gag harder than Ice's "I grabbed my nine; all I heard were shells."He's trying to keep Gordon guessing, you know?It's simple, #WeKillTheBatman. http://t.co/QoNFzjyBGCMigraine. Brains defective such pain
Alrighty, doing some test streaming before we get started! Come on over and tell me what I'm doing wrong! http://t.co/ewzvIvri39
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerSoon, @Linkara19 and I will livestream "The Last Door!" I've played Chapter 1, so mainly I shall cackle at his squeals of terror.Did you see what I did there? With the Canada thing? JLEH? Because... b- it's th-... the JLA and... an- Canadian... like... like t-...But there's Rann, and Rann's so far away. To get to Rann, I ran all night and day.@TheSpoonyOne @Zelslayer They go to Rann, at least in the first arc, completely fucking everything about Rann, Adam Strange, star positions
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerRT @Zelslayer @TheSpoonyOne so what are they gonna do there??? fight wild mooses? // Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretti nasti...#AndThenInTheNew52 the US government disbanded the JLA, so they moved to Canada. #JLEH http://t.co/tiani8kbiE@Linkara19 Okey doke. I'll talk to you later about it. You're probably busy tonight.@Linkara19 @thecinemasnob Either of you want to try to do a LP of The Last Door?This has to be that "getting old" bullshit, and I won't have it. #GettingTooOldForThisShitOh GOD... every time I move it sounds like my joints are made of dry sticks and broken glass.And of course, thank you to @michaelltd for the unbelievable opportunity to go with him to see the production of the show firsthand.I'd like to thank @wilw for allowing @michaelltd and me to hang out on the set of Tabletop. Maybe we'll meet again someday... be ready. o.O@TheSpoonyOne SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@TheSpoonyOne He's a miracle!
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler#FLASH http://t.co/7npxrSXffP@TheSpoonyOne AHAHA SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE!
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@TheSpoonyOne AAaaaaAAAAH!
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@TheSpoonyOne AHHHAAA SAVIOUR OF THE UNIVERSE
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@TheSpoonyOne A-AAH!
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler#FLASH http://t.co/p1lm68cDlY@yugiohtas What you did there #DoesntReallyWork