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@WackoMedia Because the awesomest hits were the ones that were stiff-as-shit helmet-to-helmet paralyzing shots that liquefied spines. @WackoMedia They do. But it's a penalty when they do it anyway. Which is what Trump is complaining about: referees calling penalties. @WackoMedia The space-helmets did lead to players leading with their heads into tackles. Which isn't legal. @WackoMedia It's an interesting way of thinking about it, but it's more complicated than that. The tackling methods being a major factor."Y'know doze throwback jersey games dey do? I love those. Every week should be throwback jersey night. It should. It should."I was seriously hoping he'd start pushing to get rid of "those pussy hi-tech helmets" and get some REAL leather helmets back in football!See, if they don't CALL any illegal hits, there AREN'T any illegal hits. Problem solved. Why ruin everyone's fun?I'm almost picturing Donald flashing back to the days of his childhood and that good old American dream. Probably looked like Fallout.And in a funny way the NFL thing is exactly in line with Trump's "make America great again" thesis. America was GREAT with BAD ASS football.We didn't used to have to WORRY about this shit, you know? Let's just not worry about it. I don't like thinking about concussions.I think what Trump is almost trying to say is "Can't... can't we just go back to pretending these guys were invincible?"It seems unfair to draw the line between safety and "I like to watch people get hurt," but if you want big hits, people will get hurt.I get what you're saying: that you can't take the violence out of a contact sport. But this isn't a cartoon. People break.Okay, well that's neat. You're a guy who likes to watch other people get grievously injured. Everyone take note. https://t.co/dyyGxrXdwdLet's bring it back to the referees: they don't MAKE the rules & I don't think their wives are that impressed with delay-of-game penalties.That's actually not a horrible idea, you know. https://t.co/eoVbMVqeUcUnless he actually is suggesting the NFL go back to the days of giving zero shits about concussions, in which case he's out of h-- --Yeah.You can't have it both ways, and I think even the most militant NFL fan cares about concussion safety, at least selfishly.Y'know, I understand a lot of people miss the days of the spine-obliterating hits. But I can't imagine anyone WANTING players to get hurt.Trump says that NFL referees 'throw flags to impress their wives watching at home.' This guy. He's certainly consistent. @Graham_LRR @yugiohtas That said, HHH wins. @Graham_LRR @yugiohtas I mean right now it'd make more sense to have Finn Balor shock the Rumble and steal the WWE Championship. @Graham_LRR @yugiohtas Would never happen, and it wouldn't be productive to just blindside the WWE audience with someone they don't know.He tasks me! https://t.co/P22acdKUYfIt still bothers me I never got to kill @Lanipator in that game. Damn it. @TheSpoonyOne But what if one of the yous IS HIM
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler*rocks back and forth* The only me is me... The only me is me... @TheSpoonyOne @ProJared You both hate Undertale... IT ALL ADDS UP!
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerIT WAS ME ALL ALONG @TheSpoonyOne @ProJared MOTHER OF GOD.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerWait a minute... if @ProJared sort of looks like a younger me, and we both played Undertale, then I... He... ... https://t.co/dudxQ67zfwThe best part about being told how to exactly play Undertale is then everybody telling me that I'm playing Undertale completely wrong.
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler#PREDOREO #OverHere #TurnAround https://t.co/m6RLKI7616 @Maffewgregg Have I not made my stance clear regarding the galloping goblin lung-butter pox?It's like being forced to sing black metal at gunpoint. For two months.Ever had bronchitis? OH DADDY IS IT FUN LEMME TELL YACall me a germophobe, but you will be too once you get medieval-weapons-grade orange bronchitis letting people wheeze into your eyeballs.But no. You'll get sick and wonder where you went wrong, and it might have been with letting every bastard you met breathe up your nose.Oh, you're a hugger? You're Typhoid Fucking Mary is what you are.I mean what the HELL are you doing over there? It hits Magfest like nothing I've ever seen. For god's sakes, don't TOUCH anyone there.Every frigging year it's the same, too. You all walk away having discovered some new fucknasty strain of squaemous projectile hurling fever.I'm fucking serious. Every year, Patient Zero of some extradimensional mutant superflu attends that goddamn convention, and you all hug him.Apparently MAGFest is coming up. I say it every year, and every year I'm proven correct: that convention is a disease pit. Touch no one. @michaelltd Ugh. Is it that time again already? Insufferable con.I'm not posting a picture because it's fricking gross. #WatchClarkYou see that picture of that weird mutant mountain lion? It looks like the Thing, man. @LordStreetGuru Yeah I've been careful about that. They're just crapping out on me, or the chargers are. I don't know which. @TheSpoonyOne - "Stygian! The best!"
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerMagic incense! And it's only 10sp per ounce. https://t.co/HV2SYRoKBL"It's dangerous to go alone!" https://t.co/xDl2cee6oQBIG DAMN HERO https://t.co/ANbk1baoDqDem's good eggs.Cooking Skill +1 https://t.co/2S7eGaSmQk @supernazo94 @yugiohtas it's part of the reason I've done a lot of livestreams. This has been a BAD couple of months.I figured it'd save money, right? Instead it's a hassle and they've been unreliable. And this is Energizer, Duracell, doesn't matter. @yugiohtas Worst part for me is feeling like a failure for all the days I'm just not capable of working. I have a lot of them lately.I had a set of 4 batteries on the charger all night. I try them on my wireless mouse. Nothing. The mouse is fine with normal batteries.I have just no luck with rechargeable batteries. They never hold a charge! And most times the charger doesn't even seem to do anything. @PerpetualJordan ...That's not funny.tummeh rub plzkthx https://t.co/CbtBongoOwOnly in Darkest Dungeon is leveling up a bad thing that most often leads to crippling and/or illegal sexual dysfunction.If I dumped all the cards I have for sale, I *might* make $1.50 after a few days.Steam cards & badges are baffling to me. They do nothing and they're impossible to get without engaging in pointless, difficult trades.#FANDANGOO walks a path that must be walked alone, my friend. https://t.co/MNsJF623TVI suppose "Social Outcasts" is a better name than "Four Random Geeks With Nothing To Do" #WWE @ArticulateT It doesn't have a working switch or anything, and it's unwieldy as hell. Looks okay on a shelf or on video as a prop. @ArticulateT Mine is almost entirely pipe fittings with bits cut out of them with a Dremel, and a shitload of hot glue.Oreo! You found it! Good doggeh! https://t.co/Gtw4bUKBcPI KNOW RIGHT *hugs Oreo* (-:{ https://t.co/r8beHv7xHsBasically I imagine myself wandering through the Underground as the Predator. #ShitHappensIt's a shame there's no option to rip Toriel's head off and drag it behind me by the spine as a grisly trophy and warning to others. @ShinWitty I do. But I love making my own fun and killing pretty things... >=D*flicks a toothpick on her carcass* I told you, I hate butterscotch.BHAAAA HA HA HA HA HAAwww, Toriel decided to let me past because she couldn't stand to k-- ***RKOs THE SHIT OUT OF HER IN BETRAYAL!!!*** Toriel: Y-you...Huh. Very cute. Unfortunately NegaSpoony ran into a bigger sociopath than himself.Ooh. Oh wait, that's cute. That's very cute. He owns my soul if I reboot. That was the whole point... if the story is as smart as I reckon.And I cannot guess what the long-game NegaSpoony would have, because my playthrough basically had no story.So it all comes down to how smart the plot actually is, and whether or not NegaSpoony is playing some kind of rebooting Mantorok long-game.The only reason I'd do it is to play through in goody gumdrops mode. I'm certainly not just doing the Megadeath run again.So, if NegaSpoony is some kind of reaper of souls, why would he just give me the chance to reboot the universe?His catch phrase could be like, ¡Cuidado, tigre explosivo!THAT COULD BE HIS THING! You could sell exploding tiger toys to kids. @TheSpoonyOne Pretty sure a Tigrenador throws exploding tigers, which may be even cooler.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerOr like, a Terminator that is also a tiger. Tigrenador, or Tigre Cibernetico. Tigre Uno sucks as a name. This bothers me.And even if there were two Tigres, can't you come up with something more badass than Tigre #1 and Tigre #2? How about TIGRE MUERTE!So if there IS no Tigre Dos, why call yourself Tigre Uno? You have no Tigres to contend with. You are simply El Tigre, which sounds badass.I presume they mean Tiger #1, which would mean something if there was a Tigre Dos, who I've never seen.Tigre Uno in TNA confuses me. I admit, my Spanish sucks, but doesn't "Tigre Uno" just mean "A Tiger?"
"You Spoony Bard!" #FFIV #AGDQ2016 @TheSpoonyOne
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerSPOILAR in teh genocied run u kill all teh things https://t.co/OFQrDKnS9rIt's simple, #WeKillTheBatman. https://t.co/dbQyCqPVyz @TheSpoonyOne DESHI DESHI SPOONYONE SPOONYONE DESHI DESHI SPOONYONE SPOONYONE
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerI'm the underground's reckoning, here to bring justice to the world you've all been living under. https://t.co/A724ng2kGkHe wept. And groveled. And screamed for mercy when I had none to give. https://t.co/AJ4t3YMqrOI'm the Spoony One! IIIIIII'M THE SPOONY ONE!!! https://t.co/JjKYkDjm7m @TheSpoonyOne @FuzzyKinz89 Keep telling yourself that, "Spoony."
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerS-shut up! I know who I am! https://t.co/Ppsy7rPbAII still wanted to kill Not!Spoony. THE ONLY ME IS ME. https://t.co/dudxQ67zfwNo, but they do cry. https://t.co/QUv24rkyGm