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RT @chero666 @TheSpoonyOne https://t.co/6BJ2iFtm5E // D=*looks at the Steam sale* I'm on the Pink Team? Why am I Mr. Pink?!~/o You see I'm quick to let the hammer go click On my Tec-9 so if you try to wreck mine Fool it's your bedtime ~/o http://t.co/Wp3QvOsb7r@TheSpoonyOne Journey with me into the mind of a maniac. Doomed to be a killer since I came out the nutsack.
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler*Natural Born Killaz" starts blasting" IT'S DEADPOOL! THE ORIGINAL GANGSTA! http://t.co/oI1tIiB2dcRT @Teep_the_Teep This is when you hear "XRAY, MIKE, ECHO, NOVEMBER" and Cyclops & Angel come in to help Colossus. http://t.co/QkcZAXTQ0g@PepijnPoolman It's called War of the Atom. Alternate history thing.King: You mean Patrick Stewart! JR: Aw hell, I don't know! I don't watch Star Wars!*referees charge the ring trying in vain to pull her off* JR: She's completely lost it! She's sending a message to Charles Xavier here!Molly! Watch the hands! Open up the fists! MOLLY! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE-- RING THE BELL!! http://t.co/pEoSVVVwaPRT @DVDidenko @TheSpoonyOne "давка" is a noun, not a verb. // Are you saying Captain Ramius is a liar? #SendYouToGULAGДа, я говорю по-русски. Шон Коннери научил меня.Sorry, Колос ударять, Колос давка!"She's gonna work you over like you're Soda Popinski, bub. You're goin' into the #DangerZone.""Oooh you turn to metal. Real scary bub. I tried to snikt like four times and she hit me so hard I saw the curvature of the earth, bub.""And she was like seven at the time, bub. This was before she started working out. Have you seen the guns on her now? Jesus Christ."Bet the whole trip over Logan was like "bub seriously this Molly chick" "seriously bub she punched me like six blocks" "bub"RT @Stoutstone Also, did she just no-sell a punch from Colossus? // Well, more the Bruce Lee "You made me bleed. Now we're talking." thing.Wig. Split. #WMD #KAYOH http://t.co/qGjKvtZMlNКолосс удря Колосс мачка! http://t.co/bcFmb6eGIWOHHHHH!!! DAMMMN!!! http://t.co/NL2EK92ZciRT @DrydAykma @TheSpoonyOne Dude... http://t.co/zKUrqJSLA9 // I have never seen Sir Patrick Stewart rile anyone up for a fight like this!!Here is your winner... #PrincessPowerful #WMD #KAYOH #bub http://t.co/Q2B998pHxlOh man! This is gonna get intense! @thespoonyone @SirPatStew. #XaviervsMolly http://t.co/DUNPF9DHSu
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerCLICK. CLICK. #BOOM. #bub http://t.co/X831pkvc4ZCrowd: ~/o Molly's gonna kill you! ~/oSOMEBODY GON' GET DEY ASS KICKED http://t.co/cpitNbz6n6This would also be the time known as "the dumbest fucking thing Logan ever did." #DangerZone #Unicorns #Princess http://t.co/2pRQuJAzS2#AndThenThereWasThatOneTime Wolverine shut off Molly's holodeck simulation of unicorns and butterflies. #DangerZone http://t.co/MkjwyWGY4xSOMEBODY GON' GET DEY ASS KICKED http://t.co/4O9BMuv5J0@TheSpoonyOne "Hold one: Armdrag! Hold two: Armbar!"
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerASK HIM! http://t.co/OjjXqqYg1DOr more accurately, since it was under Lucha Libre rules, Doop a cambio a rudo! #AwHijoDePuta#AndThenThereWasThatOneTime Wolverine and Doop wrestled for the UCW Tag Team Championships, but Doop turned heel. http://t.co/OjjXqqYg1DRT @Pirate_Mike @TheSpoonyOne omei wa mo, shinderu // #YOOOOUUUUUUU http://t.co/mGRhyaFtdT@TheSpoonyOne AH-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-WATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler#YOOOOUUUUUUU!!! http://t.co/uVFHrxtFE3I AM A PRINCESS!!! http://t.co/C7xzStfwD3RT @ColonelDeath1 have finally seen big trouble in little China. Fuckin Awesome. No horseshit. // No horseshit, Wang. http://t.co/H6BHBvnAFS@squirrelymonki @TheMistressJ Someone tried to get me to autograph their Death Note, but you can't trick me that easily.@AnotherReviewer #JontronHatesEverythingRT @MatthewBrinerPA @TheSpoonyOne On some level, aren't we ALL the size of our own penis? // Not all men.
"Do NOT fuck with me; I am LITERALLY the size of my penis right now!" --Spoony, Cards Against Humanity@TheSpoonyOne on Call of Cthulhu http://t.co/V1p23fUDij This man speaks the truth.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerAnd of course, the Anti-@Linkara19 CAH cards are coming fast and plentiful!Looks like we're missing some Cards Against Humanity players... not sure what's wrong, but I certainly hope everyone makes it tonight.Hey Patreon peeps! The Cards Against Humanity game is gearing up! If you're in, now's the time to get on Google Hangouts!Counter Monkey - Free RPG Day 2014 http://t.co/uDriJiMuDwIt's simple, #WeKillTheBatman. http://t.co/wTmVrTGKYFRT @MarcSketch yes, nitpicking the most minor game design choices and shrieking profanities at works of fiction is "gangster". // BOOIIIEEEEI keep it real #OGRT @nlombardi8 @CalvinHartwell @TheSpoonyOne @avgn Thats the joke. // POSER. CRITIC.I call Fake Nerd!@TheSpoonyOne you just called @avgn a poser critic? He was reviewing games years before you? You barely even review games anymore!
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerRT @themagicrobshow @TheSpoonyOne Yo, man, we still doing the Cards Against Humanity tonight? // Yep, absolutely!IT'S STILL REAL TO ME, DAMN IT! http://t.co/XIvyffzWLT*rubs eyes* Spent all night editing, then filming Counter Monkey, then editing Counter Monkey. No sleep. No sleep...@IAmJericho Did you just @TheSpoonyOne?
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerThen there was that time #Snooki worked #Wrestlemania27...and she's tells us all about it on… http://t.co/Spy3S1wV3O
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler...That sounded really pathetic.Agh, Payday 2 is on a Steam flash sale. That was always a game I wanted to play but never had anyone on my friends list to game with.@MarzGurl Aw, why'd you have to go and summon #RinguSpoony?!@MarzGurl http://t.co/NXAfpYVjqYHerc smells sex and candy here. #OrVillainyIsAtHand http://t.co/CaaHS6ttnG@TheSpoonyOne They were both terrible comics. Over the years I've been developing an immunity to Liefeld.
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@th3Engineer There's been storms and the power's been out for a lot of the last two days... =/ I hadn't thought to check my calendar.And criminals are used to having people not trust them as Kano is not trusted by us, so I can clearly not choose the comic in front of me.RT @Shaminarthedrgn It was an excellent idea to recon Kano as Australian. // It's because Australia is peopled entirely with criminals.A happy belated birthday to my website EEH @th3Engineer. I have an excuse he is likely uninterested in. Better late than never? #Twinkie?She's saying a LOT in the time it takes to pop off that hurricanrana.RT @LloydRivas4 @TheSpoonyOne I studied all Ya Moves!! // #HURRICANRANA http://t.co/VWafY10ZFg'Allo baby. Did you miss me? #FATALITY http://t.co/khIRGHyDxq
RT @LoveFNDeluxe @TheSpoonyOne why the fuck does he look like a rejected space marine design? // He looks like he plays Blood Bowl.I HEAR VOICES IN MY HEAD THEY COUNSEL ME THEY #KNEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!!!! http://t.co/SHK29BXuqK.@TheSpoonyOne Trapper Suede: I ever tell you gentlemen about the Orient? I hear their theatre is something else...
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerSHOP UPDATE! Lots of new stuff, and more to come in the next few days! Check it out! https://t.co/GQxgmUrDSg
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerMeanwhile, in Wales... Great-great-great-great-whatever-Welshy: Looks like rain... *sigh...*RT @JakRaziel @TheSpoonyOne wait did book brains ancestors travel back at some point? // Well yes, he was one of the landed gentry."Furious" Inigo Jose Vargas the Spaniard: HAHAHA! You fool! Chauncey "Book Brain" Buckworth: Quite.Heinz Antviler: Look there, Chadwick! It is beautiful! Such majesty! Chadwick Lovhaug: Here now, let me see! *push* "AAAAA--" *PLOOOSH*I've heard that one of my ancestors is notorious for having fallen off the Mayflower as it was pulling up to shore. Seems about right.*leaps around in triumph* #YES #YES #YES #YESOkay okay, here it is: T: Knock knock. "Who's there?" T: Curtis. "Curtis who?" T: Arnott. "Arnott?" T: Are too!!I just thought of the best @Takahata101 knock-knock joke in the world. He must now pay me $1 for it.Hey Patreon peeps! If you'd like your special thanks credit in Runes of Virtue Part 2, read this ASAP! http://t.co/uLkoiHvLtb*lip quivers*Did you see what I did there? With the... ...the... retention of... knowledge... and then I... uh... said I couldn't... um...I remember hearing that in school... I think...?@TheSpoonyOne @MetalShadowX People say that, but retention rates for Japanese schooling is actually abysmally low (as in what they remember)
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerRT @MetalShadowX @TheSpoonyOne So, like the US Congress? // No, the Japanese guys probably have better educations.At least, I'd like to think that, in the sense people recognize it NOW and vote these sexist pigs out immediately.Before you write off the entire country, however, I would like to think that the assembly is full of greasy old fuckers with 1960s mindsets.Choice quotes from the peanut gallery of assemblymen include "why don't you just get married" and "can you even bear children?"Female politician laughed offstage following her speech promoting additional women's social programs in Japan. http://t.co/n4rYU34fXl@AnimeGuru77 @AnotherReviewer Dude, what the fuck?*puts head down* Today is just... ...And who the fuck is Bagu? I've got money. Just take 5 bucks before I shove that paddle up your ass. Fucking Rower.