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Hey, Patreon peeps! I just posted a special sneak peek at my newest review on my profile! Check it out! http://t.co/XHe6zmeYsb@the8bitericshow Yeah, well, I caught @ShadyJay1908 jerking it to the sex scene in the Golgo 13 NES game, so what does he know?@PushinUpRoses http://t.co/dwjBJr8SQZ"You seem hesitant, Spider-Man. Understandable. As a peace offering, #DOOM will bring you to Latveria for pizza and margarita shooters."Spider-Man: not sure if #DOOM has turned babyface. #WouldThisFaceLieToYou http://t.co/zDoeqsYyTcDUSTY AND TERRY FUNK DIDN'T HAVE AS MANY GODDAMN MATCHES AS RHODES/RYBAXEL YOU ASSHOLES #RAWI hope Goldust and Stardust find the Cosmic Key soon. I'm assuming the Cosmic Key is ANY OTHER SET OF OPPONENTS THAN FUCKING RYBAXEL. #RAWI always like how Cena makes it look like the steps weigh 2,000 lbs.Promo Video: BROCK LESNAR LIFTS WEIGHTS~!! JOHN CENA LIFTS WEIGHTS TOO!!~! AT TEH PAY PER VIEW THOUGH THEY WILL NOT BE LIFTING WEIGHTS@Linkara19 You'll never scam as well as the Bee Gees.
Cesaro is jobbing to Dolph Ziggler?! http://t.co/A9sSw8GUDc #UpIsDown #BlackIsWhite #CesaroDeservesBetter #RAWLol why would you let that show up on the app? @TheSpoonyOne http://t.co/BM3A0ksYts
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerRusev vs. Sin Cara took place entirely during the commercial break? #FuckThisCompany #RAW http://t.co/A9sSw8GUDcHercules is furious! The Greeks wrestled nude specifically because of cowardly holds like the Jock Lock! Next time, oiled nude pankration!Hercules is too proud to tap out here. No matter how much it hurts! Unless Thor got the waistband over his-- ... Well now he's tapping.WAIT A MINUTE! Thorcules has got the tights! HE'S GOT THE WEDGIE! The jock strap clutch! He's up in the air! #ASKHIM http://t.co/4sdBtR52p7And Thorcules just got blindsided with that hammer! He's GOT to be unconscious after that! #BOO #GODDATHUNDAAA http://t.co/HdbTx6jAvoNow these two hosses just trading shots! #BOO #GOTCHAGAAAIN #YAY #BACKATCHA http://t.co/umvSQGqrUVYou could hear that one all the way from Asgard! #YAY! http://t.co/GM6diR6vNkWell, that's one way out of it. #noDQs http://t.co/oa3v6uHfaSHERCUTHOR PULLS HIM UP BY THE NIPPLES! He's got the dreaded Athenian Purple Nurple Lock! Will he tap?! #ASKHIM http://t.co/eVTs8Ho5yLAND HERCUTHOR OPENS UP WITH A MASSIVE #SUKKKAPUNCH!!! You just don't dress up as another man, JR! http://t.co/17fBwQAaTPOH SNAP HE'S BACK. #AthensStreetFight http://t.co/UZGkoUW0M1And yea, henceforth didst Hercules become worthy of wielding Mjolnir and becometh Thor incarnate! http://t.co/QtvVZYTMj4Hercules has got the sleeper! Even the God of Thunder can't break that grip. He's out! Thor is out! #ASKHIM http://t.co/22xaSg3VDASOMEBODY GON' GET DEY ASS KICKED http://t.co/0zWhncRSzMRT @superveryman @Linkara19 ghorgh paw veb qun HoS Rangers? // http://t.co/h0kESAJ5MA@SpideyWing @Linkara19 How in the hell else are you supposed to fight the spawn of Melchor?@SpideyWing @Linkara19 And in the First Age, the Númenóreans were able to summon massive robots from the oceans. True fact.@SpideyWing @Linkara19 The Dúnedain are a capital D as well. Technically speaking, the Dúnedain refer to the descendents of the Númenóreans.@SpideyWing @Linkara19 The word "Ranger" translates to Dúnedain! Tuure Dúnedain!@HT_Kimmy @Linkara19 #BEER http://t.co/FbdtO4WvhDDa dinosoahs didn't disappeah! DEY WAH SKINNED ALIVE! http://t.co/qiIofPluASRT @ManENames @TheSpoonyOne Tarzan, Big Ass Motherfucker! // I bet he got AIDS too, huh Kwang?#AndThenThereWasThatOneTime Tarzan broke out Ol' Painless. http://t.co/gzve476tBVFor those of you who don't habla Espanol, "El Fuerte" is Spanish for "the Fuerte."He's hot! He's spicy! #ElFuerte http://t.co/KhPhNdY3PRRT @Benzaie_tgwtg @AWDtwit You mean a TEKKEN Tourney then... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH // #WHAT http://t.co/2fP2XuCNgQ
And if I laugh, it is so that I may not weep.@TheSpoonyOne Wow... you realize Batista played a character right... Why not watch him play another one...
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerIs it all right if I boo Drax because he's one of the main characters and not #BatrocZeLeapair?I just hope in behind-the-scenes footage he shot the huge invisible machinegun and they added a huge CG plasma machinegun around him.I SIT FOR HOURS INSIDE THIS MAKEUP CHAMBERI need to think of a name for Green Batista. #Greentista? #Verdigritista?@JaredvonHindman Why would you EVER subscribe to that?WHO'S THAT JUMPIN' OUT THE SKY #Olé http://t.co/Ld9kgYbIndIf he ever wrestled Petey Williams & started trading Canadian Destroyers it'd be like watching a wrestling match backwards in zero gravity.I gotta say, John, we live in a world where a man can stretch his arm 10 yards to punch someone, and I call bullshit on the physics of that!Ken's had enough, damn it! HOLD ON! IT'S EL FUERTE! EL FUERTE! FLYING GIGA BUSTER!! Is he out of his mind?!? http://t.co/6WsTzsRJfVLook at the size of that Russian monster!! Lana's telling him ZANGIEF CRUSH! WHAT A SUPLEX! I think Ken's out! http://t.co/ulx5zpcxtLPUNK COVER YOUR HEART! COVER YOUR HEART!!GOOD GAWD! Brock slapped CM Punk so hard their flesh fused together and Punk's tattoos exploded! http://t.co/IzRcaqsjCsRT @ShonenOtaku That's only in KOF13. Other games have a echo effect. Then in KOF 2003 & 11 there's just a flash. // Keep us posted on this.Or he's trying to land a spinning heel kick on Doomtrain which is about to hit them.Punk kicks so hard it blows out the background like when you score a knockout with an EX Super move in King of Fighters.Who is Punk kicking? Why isn't he selling it? Is that a cardboard trash can? The hell is going on back there? http://t.co/lPbmTTfgpoAND THEN HE METAMORPHOSED INTO LUKE HARPER AND CHANGED INTO A FLANNEL SHIRT HE'S A SORCERER! #FollowTheBuzzards http://t.co/oHGFzOHcXEHm, Bray Wyatt seems to have lost a great deal of weight... http://t.co/pkoq2KfBVwThe artist would have added more detail, but that would have been TOO MANY LINES TOO MANY LINES #FELLAAAAAA#FELLAAAAAA TRACER!!! http://t.co/FN2ah8Da1IIs it possible they're just talking to a cardboard standee of Sheamus?This is another panel on the same page!! Sheamus is vapor-locked!! #FELLAAAAAA http://t.co/HWJl3HmEbXOH GOD SHEAMUS IS SERIOUSLY FREAKING ME OUT http://t.co/RWwGlQjTM2TRACER!! TRACER!!! http://t.co/mwzgOAo8eTWait a minute. WHAT THE FUCK. http://t.co/scpiPINdf0Also note that this is a fairly new comic, and CM Punk is the primary character.This is actual, really real art from the WWE Superstars comic that was published and sold. People were paid. http://t.co/mwzgOAo8eT#SIERRA #HOTEL #INDIA #ECHO #LIMA #DELTA http://t.co/xTwPo3Mq5q#ONE #TWO #NOOOO!! He kicked out! Kaz kicked out! Michelle's going up top to finish it with the fist drop! http://t.co/rqBkbyLKc2It's Michelle vs. Kazuya in the finals! Kaz is laughing this one off WHEN MICHELLE CRUSHES HIM WITH A PERFECT PLEX!! http://t.co/34H3XU0HpQAnd then Lee Chaolan ducked Sweet Chin Music, blinded Law with his hairspray & destroyed him with a Diamond Cutter. http://t.co/mA9pgafHbsThen King reversed the Sumo Bearhug into a Tombstone Piledriver! If you can even see it through the speech bubbles. http://t.co/1YKlTKOuq5#AndThen Terry Bogard got Awesome Bombed by King. #HEYYOU #AreYouOK http://t.co/aaA7PbFcM2
Although I suppose he could have been filling the fountains and little castle moats with their blood.I thought I saw George R.R. Martin while going past a mini-golf course, but he wasn't sodomizing a Stark w/ a putter, so it probably wasn't.Ha - @TheSpoonyOne made it onto the list #whatsapalladin - #AskDixie - the greatest hashtag in Twitter histo…: http://t.co/K9YSVAbsRu
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerStill editing the latest review. Hope to have it done in the next day or so. Then I can get out to see some movies at last.RT @The_Camera_Lady @TheSpoonyOne Oh jeezus I thought you were talking about a boot drive not the library of congress // Bob. Gun.Sure. I'll get right on that one. I have @th3Engineer working on my Kryptonian holographic crystal storage matrix right now.RT @The_Camera_Lady @TheSpoonyOne get a ssd, mang. join the future // An SSD. For archival drives. 20TB of archival storage."Remember Spoony, if you beat them with a phone book, it doesn't leave as much bruising, and you won't break your hands...".@ThomasFishwick I KNOW. *breathe* Mustn't kill the fans. They mean well. Remember what the lawyer said.RT @ThomasFishwick Are the Hubs drivers up to date? // Now you're just insulting me.@TheCrowAxe So your solution is to do exactly what I was trying to not do, which was add FIVE adapters and a tangle of cables to my desk.RT @MarcSketch with the way things progress in this age? no, I don't.. // You see, when an iPod and a Macbook love each other very much......You don't know whether or not USB is inside the computer or out of it.@TheSpoonyOne - maybe I just don't know compewtors, but I see nothing in that sentence about whether the hard drive is external or not.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerIt is. The part that takes forever is when Windows is loading, as if it's scanning all the drives.@TheVincentSmyth @TheSpoonyOne ditto this guy, fiddle around in your BIOS to make sure your primary hard drive is the 1st boot device.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerRT @gunsmithPup he means the ones that don't require power other than USB // And I mean the ones that are actually worth a shit.It may have been confusing, what with my explicitly saying "I have these USB hard drives" in the very first sentence.I have literally been talking about external hard drives this entire time.@TheSpoonyOne I would say get a few external hard drives and transfer all your shit to them, plus you don't have to deal with that power bs
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerRT @SzaboMarcell Is keeping them all connected to the PC all the time an option? // When I do that, the PC takes forever to load on reboot.RT @Shooter__Andy @TheSpoonyOne I'm taking it the drives have a separate power cable then? // They all require a separate power cable.Which is precisely what I *didn't* want to do. And I have been properly disconnecting the drives with the Windows "eject media" thing.Problem: whenever I plug a drive in, the PC almost invariably fails to detect and load it properly. I have to power cycle it completely.This is because the drives are under the desk, and I don't want to crawl under there. I just want to mess with the USB cables.I have these USB hard drives I use for archival. I keep them unplugged from USB when not in use. Always hooked up to power...Okay, tech question. And I swear to god I block anyone who gives me a fucking IT Crowd bullshit reference. I get it. You're unoriginal.