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Hey Destro. This is really fucking gross. You did *not* tell me about this when we got in the car. http://t.co/YpaFYuinmQIf you've got a problem. If no one else can help you & if you can find them, you can hire... #GIJoe #JurassicWorld http://t.co/6bXkXWaIbdRT @TimothyCronkhi1 @ChantitSimma @PolarisTweets @TheSpoonyOne ...Doctor Insano? http://t.co/IcjS143Yxu // I CAN SEE FOREVER @.@You want to mobilize people who use the Internet, the last thing you want to make it about is accessing the Internet.Actually, it's about ethics in gaming journalism. @JayWeixelbaum@TheSpoonyOne 2) I think you and others with big fandoms on the web would be effective in this fight. It would be a pain, but worth it
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@TheSpoonyOne 1) It seems like the only way to break up a monopoly is serious mass resistance that prompts legislation.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerI'm so sick of Comcast being the only Internet provider in any area I look at offering even moderate-level speed.@yugiohtas @ChronixReviews Not to say the first doctor was stupid or anything, just that a second opinion may suggest some new options.@yugiohtas @ChronixReviews Visiting another doctor may help. My initial diagnosis of depression wasn't correct; bipolar is very different.@thedork_knight No, I'm saying on Smackdown, they could easily just shoot a thing where the heels mob him and oh-my-god-they-killed-him.Let me put it this way: if the idea you have doesn't piss you off? It's wrong.Again. I want you to think about what you just said.@TheSpoonyOne Or they're attempting to recapture 2014 by building drama around the #30 spot and actually delivering Byran this time.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerI want you to think about what you just said.@TheSpoonyOne @_auxiliatrix_ if Bryan wasn't fully cleared medically, WWE would be super irresponsible to let him bump and dive last night
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler...the last official thing I DID hear? Wasn't good. This match on Thursday seems a convenient plot excuse to "re-injure" him all over again.I still seriously question whether or not Bryan will make it to the Rumble. I don't know anything about his physical situation, but...I WAS AFRAID DANIEL BRYAN INTENDED TO ENTER THE RUMBLE AND HUMP THE TURNBUCKLE LIKE A RHESUS MONKEY. FUCK THIS SHOW."...but this week, I'm announcing my intention TO WIN IT!" OH. REALLY? WELL THAT'S A FUCKING RELIEF, DANIEL.My second favorite was Daniel Bryan coming out, looking profound, and said "last week I announced I would be in the Royal Rumble..."Not only do they not realize the title has been in the freezer since September, but what next, John? Hold your breath until you turn blue?I raged the entire show over this. This is how clueless the writing has become. The BABYFACE wants to ice the world title.I have no idea how they could possibly have a wrestling show where the champion deep sixes the belt for five months, John. You got me."What are they gonna do without a world title?!" Yes. Seriously. His plan was to win the world title and disappear. Oh no.How to get back the RyBack, Dolph, and Erick Rowan: 1) Organize a TWITTER HASHTAG! 2) Win the WWE title and ice it by refusing to wrestle.What made me rage the most during all of Raw, literally pacing back and forth shouting at the TV, was John Cena's plan. This was amazing.I'm still surprised to see @JewWario's name is still there most times I open up my friend list. But I can never bring myself to delete it.And right above the disc tray. In Memory of Justin Carmical @JewWario http://t.co/sKDlcLNtWv
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerOh yes #TheVideoGameYears Vol 2 DVD will be @MAGFest Here's the final cover art http://t.co/zjAR4rT6Z3
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@S_Picazo @gookygox @BirdmanDodd @Punkyval It's not like an asteroid hit the building and they're fleeing to the exits. Life continues.@S_Picazo @gookygox @BirdmanDodd @Punkyval Oh, just relax. Everyone's all hyped up, expecting major waves. Tomorrow's another day.@gookygox @BirdmanDodd @Punkyval I don't hold grudges, but I do love being the guy to say 'I told you so.'@gookygox @BirdmanDodd @Punkyval Yeah, well, you didn't exactly listen, which is why I believe my next words were, "Kiss my ass, Holly."@BirdmanDodd @Punkyval @gookygox Ah, yeah, sounds exactly like what I was telling you on my way out of there. About 2 years ago.#DownWithBeastBritish What if I went around saying I was a Jedi cause Satan threw an encyclopedia at me? They'd put me away @RichardGarriott#DownWithBeastBritish Listen, strange books floating in space you read w/ magic funhouse lenses is no basis for a monarchy. @RichardGarriott@TheSpoonyOne @RichardGarriott You don't VOTE for kings!
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler#DownWithBeastBritish How did he come to rule Britannia? 'Twas before I was born! I did not vote for him! @RichardGarriott#DownWithBeastBritish What right hath he to rule Britain? Is he even Britannian? Will he not release his birth certificate? @RichardGarriottThe narration by Morgan Freeman really helped add a sense of tragedy and triumph to each redundant PPV win, though.I was impressed with WWE's ability to abridge so much of their history, but we did have 3000 matches with Edge to cover as well.Oh, I noticed there's a John Cena's Greatest Rivalries Blu-Ray set. 6 of the 10 discs cover Randy Orton.
Fucking hell. I mean, Shane McMahon was winning championships and all he needed was the Mean Street Posse.4) Seth Rollins is repeatedly referred to as the "future of the WWE" by HHH and Steph and yet he needs 12 men to help him win matches.3) Stephanie is repeatedly & cruelly referred to as a "ho" despite her actually being quite devoted and faithful to HHH, not at all ho-like.2) Sandow blatantly interferes attempting to drag Miz out of the ring. Ref allows this. Also rips off same tug-of-war spot from Cena match.And don't even tell me that was "inner thigh". Bullshit. I've never seen a clearer punt to the harblz in all my life.Moments where I went incoherent with rage: 1) The Miz kicks Jey Uso RIGHT in the balls. I mean RIGHT there. Ref allows it.Brock Lesnar is so badass, he can Tombstone himself in the middle of the ring FROM THE TOP ROPE. AND STILL KICK OUT AT 2.At least when Brock botches, it takes the form of the spectacular top-rope Shooting Star Auto-Tombstone Piledriver.It beats Cena, who nearly broke Bryan's head off attempting a middle-rope Styles Clash.@TheSpoonyOne Bryan/Lesnar at Mania would be so awesome if I weren't terrified of Lesnar's style literally killing Bryan.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerThat theory is incorrect.@TheSpoonyOne They probably have the very ill-thought out idea that Reigns would get cheered if he threw out who threw out Bryan.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerReigns is going to get booed out of the building, and if Bryan gets thrown out of the Rumble, it's over. Just over.You could very well be witnessing the end of Roman Reigns. If Bryan makes it to the Rumble (and even if not) he is doomed.I know you may think I'm prone to exaggeration, but this is seriously the worst stretch of #WWE programming I think I've ever seen. #RAW@thegamechasers @ShadyJay1908 @the8bitericshow @AlphaOmegaSin Did I set a record?! =DStarscream just picked Goldbug up like a toy AND HE'S SQUISHING HIM LIKE A BUG! #RingTheBell http://t.co/fhRL8THkdLI can't tell, are those #GOLDBUG chants being piped in over the speakers? Goldbug pointing the finger! #YOOOUUUUU!! http://t.co/Ro1mX7InDJ~ I HEAR VOICES IN MY HEAD THEY COUNSEL ME THEY UNDERSTAND ~ His opponent, representing the Decepticons: STARSCREAM! http://t.co/vsTw56UOH3Introducing first from Cybertron, representing the Autobots, he is the Light Heavyweight Champion... GOOOOLDBUG! http://t.co/VmZ0TYWvBa*Goldbug is horrified by his own pyro* #GOLDBUG ... #GOLDBUG ... The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL! http://t.co/mzgpqTU3eJ#GOLDBUG ... #GOLDBUG ... #GOLDBUG YOU'RE UP, GOLDBUG!! http://t.co/9xtGBJ7PT8#AndThenThereWasThatOneTime Bumblebee came in peace the Autobots' emissary. So the Joes fragged the shit out of him. http://t.co/RWtrNeGcTm@TheSpoonyOne No, don't, stop. You have to be better than him, have to bring him to justice, blah, blah, blah...
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerRT @MetalShadowX @TheSpoonyOne So basically this? http://t.co/Ybkn1qZ3s3 // #MAWP #MAWPAlthough fired indoors, whatever it sounds like it'd be just about the last thing you'd hear for a long time, I imagine.I feel bad for mentally nitpicking that a gun like that probably wouldn't make a BLAM noise, even if it is artistically the best choice.U-uh... http://t.co/FluKK3qFmVOHHH MYYY GAAAAWWWWWDDDDD #ULTIMATESWERVE http://t.co/GhuKEeBPLHHe didn't just sell out; he sold his damn soul-- WAIT A MINUTE!! WHAT-- http://t.co/L35WHQO58ACobra Commander just gave Chuckles a gun-- he's not gonna do this, is he? That's your brother! Don't do this!! http://t.co/xSqVyM3GBR#AndThenThereWasThatOneTime the Secretary disavowed all knowledge of Rocky Balboa's involvement with G.I. Joe. #GoJoe http://t.co/enZxJAlMAe#AndThenThereWasThatOneTime the World Heavyweight Champion, Rocky Balboa, was a member of the G.I. Joes. #GoJoe http://t.co/rTBHViZXI4@Takahata101 Or a muffin baker without the proper... muffin... baking... accoutrements.RT @ccagraveheart @TheSpoonyOne Ah, Keifer. "WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?!" // DAMN IT CHLOEKeifer Sutherland as Big Boss doesn't do nearly enough yelling "TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS!!" Really would have saved him in the end.
SpoonyExperiment - She told us her name: Katia Szasz. Strange name, I thought. http://t.co/nS3inGchMg #hitboxlive via @hitboxliveSpoonyExperiment - Big Boss... Operation Intrude TSE1. Ground Zeroes. http://t.co/nS3inGchMg #hitboxlive via @hitboxlive#NoSleep #NoFood #NoNothing #JustManiacismRT @LookItsX @TheSpoonyOne maybe it's the scruff but you looked beat. // Hah, well that's pretty much my life now.RT @no39006041 @TheSpoonyOne How tired were you when you filmed BoEF? Looks like you had to remember how to form sentences. // I did?I haven't been able to do one yet, but I don't do much lifting.You want to be able to do #CockPushUps or not? #PenisWeightsHey, those sex monks gotta flex those... thusters. You need specialized #PenisWeights. #ThreeAintEnoughMan #iNeedFive#CounterMonkey http://t.co/Qboobq6VF5 #PenisWeightsCounter Monkey - The Dirtiest Book in the Game: Part 2: http://t.co/yU8mQTzzFO via @YouTubeProblem solved! *to bed*Heh. Just realized. I don't want to livestream. I don't like doing it.Want to livestream but so tired.."I'd also like you to meet the three new Shadowlor-- er, Secretaries of Virtue, Astaroth, Faulinei, and Nosfentor. Say hello.""*ahem* That said, there have obviously been a number of administrative changes. First, Nystul, you're fired. The uh, flying carpet...".@RichardGarriott @starr_long "And most tragic of all, Britannia's-- *dramatic hand to eyes* MY... liege... is slain!".@RichardGarriott @starr_long I picture Blackthorn gating in a dozen daemons to wreak hell, "oh my, it was awful. I barely escaped.".@RichardGarriott @Starr_Long "Do you think such a paltry spell can harm one such as Blackthorn?!" http://t.co/IR0Kl9OmOW.@RichardGarriott I love how even as Lord British smolders, Blackthorn cackles with glee, crowing about his invulnerability. @Starr_LongTerminator V: Terminator vs. Gator SCHWARTZENEGGER. REYNOLDS. #WhoeverWins #WeGonnaDoWhatTheySayCantBeDoneYOU STILL DON'T GET IT, DO YOU? HE'LL FIND HER! THAT'S WHAT HE DOES! THAT'S ALL HE DOES! YOU CAN'T STOP HIM. http://t.co/OFw33L2iMv