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@MaxwellElvis It's hard for me to see any reason for the all-women angle other than exploitation of a gimmick. A cynical marketing ploy.@MaxwellElvis "Isn't that WEIRD? Huh?" It'd be like selling a movie on the premise "Ghostbusters, AND THEY'RE ALL GAY!"@MaxwellElvis So, it's just a marketing ploy. There's no reason for it beyond selling it as "Ghostbusters, BUT THEY'RE ALL LADIES!"Let's at least see who these #Ghostbusters are before judging any part of this issue too harshly. *reads* Melissa McCa-- *shoots monitor*@ktonieskacze Other than someone who can actually capitalize sentences properly, I mean.@ktonieskacze My GOD, what have I become?@Nobunagashi @ZeSadPanda Bury them next to the gamer demographic, then?TIGER UPPERCUT #USA http://t.co/zyFPzbJlsO#WWE You know, I don't think R-Truth really cares what's up with me when he asks what's up.#TriangleMan, #TriangleMan #TriangleMan meets Wonder Wo-Man. They have a fight; Diana wins. #TriangleMan. http://t.co/SzPFR9TztYMY CLIENT JIMMY OLSEN BROKE SUPERMAN'S UNDEFEATED STREAK! http://t.co/TQjHsXsK1GJimmy's got the Bowtie Ankle Lock!! Superman reaching for the ropes! He's got nowhere to go! SUPERMAN TAPS!! HE TAPS! http://t.co/8OTZJmb2yb@JonEWorldbeater @BennettTheSage You mean Yanque? This isn't the Darque Ages. We don't fpell wordf with thofe weird f fhaped letterf now.
@JonEWorldbeater @BennettTheSage Paycheck does not have a Q, a U, and does not end in E, ya Aussie dork.@BennettTheSage @SelfDs Used to, until a Japanese grudge demon ripped Venkman's soul out of his ass.@BennettTheSage @SelfDs Well yeah, he fights on. Ray stays at the firehouse to consult and maintain the equipment, but won't go bustin'.@SelfDs @BennettTheSage Winston makes it. Dude's got a good head on his shoulders. At the end, Ray couldn't handle it.I got the Ghostbusters in a close one. They clear the house but lose Egon and Venkman. Ray retires immediately afterward.Ghostbusters vs. The Grudge. Who ya got?@KnitChick1979 @TheCinemaSlob Whereas the feminine-no-sign is a mighty sapphic swatter upon the supernatural.@KnitChick1979 @TheCinemaSlob See, that implies they only bust lady ghosts.@KnitChick1979 @TheCinemaSlob You have faith in Hollywood. Well I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS! https://t.co/9FM78FW6jG #BadNewsSpoony@KnitChick1979 @TheCinemaSlob Bonus points if it's fucking pink.@KnitChick1979 @TheCinemaSlob How much you want to bet when the poster comes out, it's the "No Ghost" symbol, but also the feminine sign?@TheCinemaSlob They're not marketing a Ghostbusters film. It's ALL-FEMALES. "All Female Ghostbusters" might as well be the title now.@TheCinemaSlob I simply question the motives behind it. It's like the movie is being marketed on this premise alone. "Here's the gimmick!"RT @Overlord_Mikey I assume Spoony means the legendary best game evar Ultima IX? // -.- Darth Joe. Deal with this. http://t.co/BFqK3HP2IV@TheMadWhitaker @PushinUpRoses >.< I find your lack of faith disturbing.@PushinUpRoses *elbow drops microphone* WOO! WOO!!!!@PushinUpRoses Third, Full Throttle drags Manny's fool carcass behind his chopper. And fourth, TIE Fighter, mama. *mic drop*@PushinUpRoses Okay, first off, YOU never beat that one, did you? And second, that's not it.@PushinUpRoses My favorite game could beat up your favorite game.#AndThenThereWasThatOneTime the Batman put a lion in a sleeper hold. #ASKHIM http://t.co/rTDhmN3f1PYep. Batman just nailed a dire bengal tiger with a bat-water balloon.It's simple, #WeKillTheBatman. http://t.co/h1uypOjQOgRT @hoffman_turner @TheSpoonyOne I'm surprised you didn't talk about buba ray being in the rumble // What's to say? He looked like an idiot.#RuinAWeddingIn5Words I'm looking for Sarah Connor.Not seeing it. Not so long as you pull that #FANT4STIC bullshit in the title. Oh you think I'm bluffing? I am seriously that fucking petty.#FANT4STIC? For fuck's sake. You fucking know better.@DoctorOddfellow Star Trek largely IS incapable of telling serious science fiction...@DoctorOddfellow Yeah, because ANY attempt in that direction will turn out that way.@DoctorOddfellow Nnnnnot when you have a guy with a penis made of orange rock and a world-eater with a helmet like the one he wears.#RuinAWeddingIn5Words The Lannisters send their regards.@RichardGarriott HAH! Our hubris was well-founded! Suck it, nature!#RuinAWeddingIn5Words CASSANDRA!!! CASSANDRAAAAA! CASSANDRAAAAA!!! CASSANDRAAAAA!!! CASSANDRAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! https://t.co/io1y3CKqhm#RuinAWeddingIn5Words #NO #NO #NO #NO #NOTSE Livestream - Quod evenit in labyrintho properantibus: ipsa illos velocitas inplicat. http://t.co/nS3inGchMg #hitboxlive via @hitboxliveChrist, talking to some of these people. How did they even manage potty training? Anyway, hope you enjoy the video.@Kefkism My god, you really are clueless.@Kefkism And maybe you shouldn't address issues and assign motives to actions you don't know a goddamn thing about.@Kefkism Maybe it has nothing to do with me. Maybe I'm leaving my own ego out of it, and responding to the legitimate concerns of fans.@Kefkism Or perhaps I want to make my site pleasant to visit, safe from hateful speech and bullying assholes who ruin it for everyone.Or how quickly I can (and do) block people that I find unpleasant.I wonder sometimes how many people keep bitching "zingers" they spent hours thinking of on Twitter, not realizing I blocked them ages ago.