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Thou must confess plainly and true: I hath bewitched and led this foule kingdom to dance as though Pan himself were piping them to ruin!@TheSpoonyOne What say you, Good ser Knight? Hast thou pranced with sir Hob at the Witches' Hour?
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerBut hark! Thou thinkest darkness be thine ally? What folly, thou!@TheSpoonyOne Verily! I hath wondered which wouldst be first to break; Thy spirit or thy body!
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerBy my troth, 'tis simple! Prithee, #WeSlayethTheBatman. http://t.co/qn3nGxiwiz*sigh* The world pisses me off tonight. #DoctorWhiskey #OlJanxSpirit #EditingDungeon@LordArchive In other words, this has nothing to do with your Gamergate bullshit. So shut the fuck up about it.@LordArchive Also interesting that you interpret my support of BANNING BOOKS when I initially posted the story MAKING FUN OF HER FOR THIS.@LordArchive Did I say that? I do enjoy how people take an explanation for someone's argument as my complete, unwavering support.@LordArchive Enacted, in this case, by someone with the technological proficiency of an orangutan, but whatever.@LordArchive There is a world of difference between seeking "social justice" protecting your fragile ego and actual justice in saving lives.@LordArchive This has nothing to do with SJWs, you dork.Only they know the magic chant that will allow us to walk through the Firewalls of Protocol and close the Sockets of Knowledge.We shall have to consult the Internet Greybeards and petition them to remove this book from the Databases of the Internet.Sen. Feinstein (Dem-CA), former head of Senate Intelligence Committee, suggests book be "removed from the Internet." http://t.co/7DuCgxSsVv@yugiohtas DON'T SAY CRAZY@WackoMedia Perhaps WE can be of some assistance, hmmm? Nyeeee hee hee hee http://t.co/AG6ObBqXGL@WackoMedia He's either the devil or a satyr! Either way, he's come to claim the sinful homosexuals among us! Go get him, Mr. Sulu!@WackoMedia Sarah Jessica-Parker?!?@WackoMedia Barbra Streisand?!RT @DoctorOddfellow Peace be with you. // And also with https://t.co/u8aWf8SVVn@PerpetualJordan @TwitchBrotatoe Ah, the gripping tale of a toddler tasked with saving a world when he's barely learned to crap in a toilet.RT @TheClassicgamer @TheSpoonyOne @ValwinZ Hee real name is April Mendes. She became April Brooks // YES I KNOW THAT YOU FOOLRT @ValwinZ @TheSpoonyOne im Puertorican what does that mean ? // They changed her last name from Lee to Mendez!! HOW DID THEY DO THATThey future endeavored her so hard she got Puerto Rican'd!RT @WWE BREAKING: AJ Lee has decided to retire from in-ring competition with WWE. We wish AJ the very best. // And here... we... go.The #VigilanteSting has bad mirror ping. http://t.co/0NxIqE2KV4Anyone online who doesn't know Hitchhiker's Guide, I'm pulling your Nerd Card and wiping my ass with it.RT @Cataphract @TheSpoonyOne More importantly, only 1 person out of 328 "found this funny." D= // Well that's just disheartening."Continue?9876543210 is a remarkable milestone in the history of gaming: the videogame equivalent of Vogon poetry." All you need to know.Huh. Only 73% of users found my Steam review of CONTINUE?9876543210 helpful. I thought it was rather clever.@PerpetualJordan So yeah, that game can go straight to hell, because it fucking sickens me.@PerpetualJordan It is written on the floor of a classroom next to a teacher and a large pile of children's dead bodies.@PerpetualJordan "They didn't suffer." That is not a spoiler. I just want you to remember that when the time comes and know I told you so.@PerpetualJordan It's the third most-joyless, depressing, happiness-destroying game I've ever played.@PerpetualJordan I think you could do something a little less miserable with your life. Like watching PETA animal cruelty footage.#iAmAMAYUN #TheMostExpensivePunchInHistory http://t.co/Wm9P5MbmJTRT @MaxwellElvis @TheSpoonyOne SO DO YOU! // D=<I saw an ancient (probably fake) listing on eBay in the Philippines. If it was real, it's not a collector's item; IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM.*sigh* I have to believe a copy of the WildSpace board game video is out there somewhere. Not just that trailer. HAS to be.Think I inhaled a load of bug spray. Pretty sure that's b#gsd@Bvnkerwelt Bah, a boot doesn't look medieval!Hmm... I need a mighty tankard for my Counter Monkey set, from which to sip the Dew of the Mountains.Uh. http://t.co/vNlaeD01PMHi! Max Lord, rush chairman! Damn glad to meet ya. http://t.co/OZomsSXd9NThe German Suplex's unique grasp is achieved primarily because the French are a bunch of fleeing ninnies, and are easily caught from behind.They had to innovate their tactics of hand-to-hand combat to exile their hated enemies in the War of Palatinian Succession: the French.#DieSüpleichenAufDeutschland Those Germans know how to suplex people. They pioneered new ways of throwing people about.#SuplexBitchCity http://t.co/Iyoo3sYm8I@BennettTheSage Just like your mom. #BOOOOOOM!
Don't listen to that rotten, flabby Spider-Man! You want #MarvelFitness, you work out like Pappy Jameson taught me! http://t.co/0NYt9Tu7SH“@GT2o1o: #AskASir You may drink one soft drink while watching one feature film. Name both.” Root beer and Big Trouble in Little China
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@fardmuhammad I have heard FAR worse campaign platforms than that.Make friends with this person at once, because you are looking at the next President of the United States.@TheSpoonyOne Hey Spoony, I know a kid at my school who loves Final Fantasy 13. He says that it has no plotholes. What's your opinion?
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerWell, no, he should start hitting rolling German suplexes until it shatters. And then he can F-5 Cole.I hope Cole comes back in the armored Cole Mine. And then Brock F-5s it.Byron Saxton: ...Here's Rusev. Byron Saxton: ... *Dean Ambrose's music* Byron Saxton: ... Byron Saxton: ...Maybe not? Byron Saxton: ...Byron Saxton: ...Hold on. Byron Saxton: ... Byron Saxton: ... Byron Saxton: ... Byron Saxton: ... Byron Saxton: ... Byron Saxton: ...Byron Saxton: Well... Byron Saxton: ...Flattery is the sincerest form of flattery. Byron Saxton: ... Byron Saxton: ... Byron Saxton: ...RT @bluexalazi @TheSpoonyOne Man, you really don't fuck with Lord Death Man. // You do not fuck with Lord Death Man. http://t.co/y30j1Vr6wQRT @Jsuelieta @TheSpoonyOne That seems needlessly over-the-top evil. // He's LORD DEATH MAN.It's simple, #WeKillTheBatman. #BlowUpTheDisabledKidsFirst #ImLordDeathManLOL http://t.co/z5XjLT6LDt<--- #TheVigilanteSpoony http://t.co/aN0dOMueT5RT @Wii_Cho_ just realized that your profile pic looks like those promo vids when they put stings face paint on HHH http://t.co/aN0dOMueT5Heh. Welcome to the club, Daniel. I'm so sorry.Daniel Bryan loses on Smackdown. No, I haven't read spoilers. But I will watch any random Nitro April selects if I'm wrong.I HEAR VOICES IN MY HEAD THEY COUNSEL ME THEY UNDERSTAND #TheyTalkToMe http://t.co/6dQ5R5AsYY@th3Engineer @Linkara19 WHEERRRRRHHRIIIZZZZHIIIIIIT??@VinalG4ce I almost always go to used bookstores.An RKO right there would have been awesome.#RollForInitiative #HerculesWins #Natural20 http://t.co/7SeB5Tqy4H@Rhinox168 It doesn't matter. I don't owe you an explanation for this decision.@Rhinox168 Or maybe it has nothing to do with me, and you're talking right out of your ass.
@TheSpoonyOne "This is the Tanks he gets?!" Funniest thing I've heard tonight and I think it flew right over @AprilVonLon head. #wellplayed
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@Rhinox168 Well, clearly you already know the answer, smart guy.The alliteration plays better than my title, "Peter's Horribly Torn Groin Muscle."And now it's time for #MarvelFitness! Today's exercise: Peter's Perpendicular Leg Extensions. http://t.co/3qjZ4A5KBI@TamaraLChambers OMIGORB APRIL AND ME R GOIN THRIFTIN TOOUm, actually Brock, it's #SuplayCity-- **gets F-5'ed into dust**At this point I think I know how to save Rusev. #KenzoSuzukiThe Raw crowd popped a "this is awesome" chant for an overhand wrist lock, for christ's sake. The Mania crowd can blow me.People would probably want the guy with the t-shirt bazooka to win. Doesn't mean it's smart booking.@TheSpoonyOne The point is not how he performed in the match. The point is, did crowd want him to win going in. The answer? Yes.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerRT @Vcom7418 @TheSpoonyOne So? People still cheered him. // People cheer the t-shirt guy.RT @Vcom7418 "Nobody cared about anybody going into this match" Itami. // Who was ragdolled and tossed like a used tissue immediately.RT @AdamantArchvile @TheSpoonyOne Is that a baseball furies t-shirt you were wearing? // No, it's Shonen Bat.@BirdmanDodd I just want to make funny videos. Anything else is a distraction.@BirdmanDodd Ah, no. I take no joy in any of this.@Benzaie_tgwtg @RanCossack @Obscurus_Lupa @BirdmanDodd Before any of you ask, leave me out of this.Never mind. I'm in a bad mood. Sorry.See, this is a trap. I name something, and you complain about how it compares to Mania, forcing me into an argument I care nothing for.@TheSpoonyOne @DKohl_ alright, rephrase, what was the last ppv that you enjoyed the most (for the right reasons)
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerI'll save you the time and effort. #SpoonyHatesEverything.RT @DKohl_ Real talk Spoony. What was the last WWE PPV that you found nothing wrong with. // Perfection is impossible. Therefore, never.WrestleWrestle 3/31/15 - Wrestlemania 31 (Part 1): http://t.co/ux4A38dOt9 via @YouTube
WrestleWrestle 3/31/15 - Wrestlemania 31 (Part 1) http://t.co/AmLfHRhiES*two soldiers dive over themselves to shine his boots* "Nyee he he hee... good! WAIT." *they freeze in terror* "My kiss?" ... "HAHAHA!""*ahem* There's sand on my boots." "Sir?" *he explodes into shrieking flame* "Too slow. You. Sand." "What d--" *explodes*" "Sand."*two gallons of Ritalin later* "All better?" "Oh yes, daddy. Oh yes. Aha... ahahaha... I'd like to go make some music of my own, now..."