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@LordStreetGuru I think I used this to clean the CPU last time though and it worked out. I guess it's okay. @LordStreetGuru I have Walgreens 70% ethyl rubbing alcohol. I read sometimes there's additives like mineral oils in some stuff. No good?Hm. Looks like 70% rubbing alcohol won't cut it, either. Got to go get some of the hardcore isopropyl good stuff. @CLSeaton Well, then I better get to it, and make it a good one.HUGE shop update in NovAnti! Necklaces, earrings, hair sticks, and more! https://t.co/GQxgmUr62I https://t.co/wQ080UvN3O
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerEvery PC I've owned I put together myself, but it's among the most stressful things I ever do. @LordStreetGuru Looks like a good choice of goo, thanks.I always worry about screwing up the application of the thermal goo.Smeg. Now I need more thermal stuff. Good thing I asked. https://t.co/ZBMwvUaXd5Does separating them screw up the pre-applied thermal compound? Or can I just put the two back together?I have to transfer the CPU and cooling unit to a new motherboard, which probably means separating the cooler and CPU.Technical question: I have a CPU water cooling unit on my processor that has thermal compound already applied to the plate. (cont'd) @WackoMedia Rifftrax is still on my shitlist because of this one.I'm sure Sunless Sea is a great game, but the learning curve is impossible without a tutorial. @WackoMedia MARTIN SHEEN.DUST: a 2013 short film starring Alan Rickman. It's quite good. https://t.co/gjaeoZ3vKl #InMemoriamCancer. https://t.co/UFtUhlUcBd#InMemoriam Alan Rickman 1946-2016 https://t.co/ZWojGfPcsaI may have been lying about the Mountain Dew.Speaking of, if anyone who speaks German can find a copy of this poster, you would be rewarded with Mountain Dew.I mean, if you thought I was running out of material? Son, this is all you need to know. #YAAUUUUGGGGHHH https://t.co/zjnywhcDKmI mean, I been going about this too complicated. Time for back to basics. Me, a chair, and shitty Reb Brown movies. That's the way.But we gotta have Rebruary in 2016, right?Meantime I can shoot another season of Counter Monkey to make the wait worth it.Honestly, I think I'm going to punt on this video for now and make Rebruary fucking epic this year. Hate to do it... argh.*rubs brain* Not sure what to do. I'd invested a lot of effort trying to do this bit and I can't get it right.I'm in one of those spots where I'm trying to write and perform a bit that's just not going to work, and I'm trying in vain to save it.Did @TheSpoonyOne take over IGN? https://t.co/TQF38ypN9h
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@AnotherReviewer Eh? What advice?It's like a surgeon operating with a hammer and chisel. My art is death, and I paint masterpieces with the tears of you scrubs.I will be god damned if I play Tekken with a frigging controller. DAMNED, I tell you.No, I had a sweet Tekken stick made by Hori I think, but it won't work for next-gen models, naturally. https://t.co/k6mIVBB4xHThe worst part of those things is the pricetag. The one I'm looking at: $200. I mean just fuck you on that one.Has there been a fight stick made for the PS4 that's worth a damn? I simply cannot play Tekken without a fight stick. @yugiohtas He followed the rails, man. The rails.YES YOU BASTARD https://t.co/9hQjEWxhLVAustralia: you are my least-favorite people in the world right now because of this... THING I am about to do.Patrons: go here for a peek at what I am about to do to myself on camera for the next review: https://t.co/ugBNEzUL91 @AnotherReviewer https://t.co/HEzUS1zwqbCarmella wins, the result of TWO girls chilling outside of the ring the entire match. That's the secret, folks. Don't wrestle.The crowd is wise to this, chanting "We see Eva!"Eva Marie is playing possum on the outside. Has been since the bell rung. I got a bad feeling about this.I like Darth Emma in this one, but Eva Marie remains the looming shadow over all things Diva.No way Asuka wins this battle royal. Bayley/Asuka would be a horrendous idea at this stage.I hate to be that guy, but Asuka seriously needs to learn English if she wants to make it here.HAH, after the match he goes to play his guitar (ugh) and the crowd chants "Freebird!"I mean, the whole point of this character is he's going to crank people over the head with his guitar. He'll be on Raw within 2 months.This Elias Samson drifter gimmick is so dead-on-arrival I can't even stand to watch.Konnor lets out a mighty Colossus roar! #YEAAARRRGGGHHHIt's remarkable how popular and legitimate the Ascension is on NXT, when they're literally bad jokes on #RAW.OOF. Ciampa kills Burch dead with some kind of weird rope-assisted flatliner. Never seen that one.Huh. Tommaso Ciampa's in the first match tonight, here to squash a jobber (Danny Burch). Good match so far.Bayley vs. Sasha Banks in Brooklyn won NXT Match of the Year. Fucking yeah.Enough of these monkeyshines. Time for NXT."We're gonna have people come in, but they're gonna come in LEGALLY!" Except Muslims, right @realDonaldTrump?I'm surprised; I haven't seen a single protester. His screening has apparently improved.Who's General Magarther, @realDonaldTrump?He also tells the story "I got people who call me and ask-- very nice people!" Like people just call him or approach out of nowhere.Now he wants to extort money from the Syrian refugees for their safe harbor.He does that a lot before insulting people-- they're very nice people!"I got people come up to me-- and some are very nice people! They come up to me and say 'You can't have Mexico pay'!" Nobody does that, Don.Maybe back off the microphone a bit, Donald. And maybe stop trying to spray your 'P's into it."Don't pay the bastard! Somebody does a crappy job ya don't pay the bastard!" Yeah! You tell that roadie!He's called the guy who installed the podium microphone a son of a bitch because he's causing plosives all over the place.He's pushing to give tax breaks to major corporate interests. I... I would be careful about pitching this idea, Donald.He's angry about Nabisco building a factory in Mexico. Well yeah, you're kicking out all the hard-working illegal Mexicans!FUCKING TOBAGO https://t.co/v7hI924RvbFUCK YOU SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS, YOU FUCKING THIEVES"Every country in the world is ripping us off. Every country in the world. Every country." EVERY country?! Even MALTA?? NOT MALTA!"Can't have a gun in Paris or France! Can't have a gun!" I like how he still seems to regard Paris and France as exclusive to one another.He's wearing a power tie of legend, man. It's like a karate chop of power to the throat.He's literally going through every online poll in every state he has (polls hosted by the media who's unfairly picking on him) to brag. @GilfillanDaniel My point is, this seems to be the primary focus of his whole speech. Seriously, he's going on 15 minutes of bragging.All he's done is whine about the media & boast about his polling numbers. He's coming off like such a whiny blowhard. People like this guy?Hah! And within 30 seconds he's back to complaining about CNN's coverage. What is WITH this guy?Now he's going birther on Ted Cruz. I've tuned out on this one. He's going nowhere.Still complaining about his media coverage, and then saying he doesn't care what they think. And then back to complaining.Pretty sure you can't unilaterally make that kind of policy decision when it comes to foreign trade.Now he's openly said he'll stiff Iran on the billions we owe them in trade. "Who cares! Who cares! Thanks for the prisoners! Byeee!"All he's done is complain about his media coverage, when he can thank his entire campaign on the free media he gets on his asshole behavior.T: "We're gonna take back our trade deals with China, with Japan, with Mexico, with Vietnam!" Good, that'll help. Ending foreign trade.It seems those who do not study history are doomed to hold public office.We have a Mr. Jim Crow calling on line #1, Governor Haley."We’ve never in the history of this country passed any laws or done anything based on race or religion." -Nikki Haley, Gov. South Carolina @TheMadWhitaker All the more reason it makes sense Trump would push for one.#InMemoriam David Marguiles https://t.co/3iSAlFnGTF He saved the lives of millions of registered voters.YOU STAY ON YOUR SIDE. https://t.co/3SThRzEs4GI am honestly amazed that he wasn't advocating a minefield, instead of a wall.Except my side of the room has the mini-fridge full of delicious, refreshing Mountain Dew, and you want some.It's like me drawing a line of masking tape across the room and insisting that you BETTER not cross onto my side. There is TAPE there.Current policies aren't working, you see, and there's nothing tangible to show for whatever we're doing. A wall is a Thing. We can see it.It appeals to the ignorant because a wall is something tangible, literally a concrete effort to stop something that is not so easily stoppedIt's classic racist scapegoating and exploitation of ignorance. A failure to recognize both the problem and identify a practical solution.Of course I'd oppose it. It's ridiculous, and a mis-prioritization of the real problems in this country. https://t.co/ONK1YIduEq @MatthewBrinerPA He blathers something about cutting foreign aid and increasing tariffs. The math is ludicrous.I sure hope the illegals don't invent ladders or this wall thing is in trouble. @GilfillanDaniel I'm sure that will pay for the construction of a thousand-mile long wall and the staff to guard and maintain it.Heroes don't need plans. https://t.co/MHWqg3iFRR @MatthewBrinerPA Oh but we do. We'll make Mexico pay for the wall.Oh, I've read them. They're the same bullet points with non-specifics "we'll make Mexico pay for it" from before. https://t.co/XfQPTFlYZD