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@HopeWithinChaos I'm guessing it sucks, and you can throw someone off Hell in a Cell, which they will just get up from in about 15 seconds.@thecinemasnob Bradley. It's because I love you that sometimes I have to hurt you. You know that, right? *mafia punch to the stomach*RT @Rokline37 @TheSpoonyOne ...Genisys? GENISYS? WHY STOP AT FUCKING UP TWO VOWELS? // https://t.co/eqQKw8OMiy*reads Terminator news* Well. That's it then. *gets sword*@ZeSadPanda @KyleLOLgren HEY PANDA I NEED A CAMEO WULD U DRESS LIKE DR INSANO W/ NO PANTS@PushinUpRoses ...I really am.@PushinUpRoses ...They really won't.@PushinUpRoses ...You really don't.DISGAEA... is un-FUCKING believable. #ChristopherWalkenLovesGames@Takahata101 Oh, I'm not riling anybody up. I've given up on the whole thing. The entire field is pissed off and loving it.@Takahata101 It's an article calling for reason and detente to a mob of rage monkeys. It's worthless.@Takahata101 Ugh, yawn. "Stop arguing." Wow, problem over.DAMN YOU BURN NOTICE GUY DAMN YOURT @Brakywaki @TheSpoonyOne @Takahata101 Is that why you weren't at SGC this year? Did that motherfucker have you burned?!? // =O@Takahata101 Hey, I don't know, man. The Burn Notice Guy goes where he wants.@Takahata101 He wasn't a guest at SGC. He was just... there.RT @Shooter__Andy @TheSpoonyOne ...I don't think that last part happened. // No, because SGC wired the mics for shit and they didn't work.*MIC DROP*So I grab the mic and yell after him "THAT'S A BURN NOTICE MOTHERFUCKER!!!"He looks at me and goes "aaaaHAHAHAHAHAAAAA" shoots me GIGANTIC DOUBLE MIDDLE FINGERS and leaves.I fucking leap to my feet, eyes wide like Donald Sutherland, point and yell "I LOVED YOU IN BLAIR WITCH 2!!!"And I'm like "The fuck am I doing here?" So sure enough, the Burn Notice Guy shows up in a t-shirt and everyone's all BURN NOTICE GUY WOOOO@Takahata101 And he's like "The Burn Notice Guy." "Ohhhh." "You want to see him?" "Yayyyy!" So he calls him up.@Takahata101 So I'm next to this guy who's telling the best stories, all of them fucking filthy, and then he just namedrops Jeffrey Donovan.@Takahata101 I'm at SGC where they've put me on a panel with voice-over actors. I had no business being there. Pretty sure it was an error.@Takahata101 One time I got the guy from Burn Notice to flip me the double-bird. It was awesome.@Takahata101 Whaaaaat?@SonikGav Naaah it was okay. They didn't know if we were going to be pests or what, They need their space."You don't never mention Without a Paddle around him, son. Lucky yer still alive."So we geeked out and had a good laugh, although the story would have been better had it ended with Seth Green scissor-kicking me in the faceN: Ok well sign this quick before they see. I woulda brought my DVD of Without a Paddle but I didn't know you'd be here. S: I was in that?Seth: You ok? N: I'm not really allowed to talk to you. S: Huh? N: They said not to talk to the, uh. S: ...I'm talking to *you.* N: Oh.@KnitChick1979 That was Seth. He came up to me having no idea who I was because he thought my N7 hat and the patches on my bag were awesome.RT @SonikGav You met @KarenGillan2 ? Better not tell @Welshy_Who , there may be... an incident ;) // OH THAT'S RIGHT YA PASTY BASTARDAnd so, I have invented... DOCTOR INSANO & SCOTT EVIL FANFICTION. #ShipItI got this signed by @wilw, @SethGreen, @ClareGrant, and @KarenGillan2 on the set of #Tabletop! Thanks, everyone! http://t.co/9MgZa7S2Dn@Takahata101 GRABABRUSHANDPUTALITTLEMAKEUP@SmashTheTweets Hey, wow, you're right. I forgot that. Well, in that case, I'm firmly on your side.We all just saw it and thought, "Oh, well yeah. Bray Wyatt has a hologram. Anyway."You know, there's one question coming out of Hell in Cell that, unbelievably, hasn't even been asked. What the hell was the genie?RT @Mushroomer25 They've shot most of it. Do you expect Snyder to burn down the studio sometime next year? / Snyder...? It's an Onion story.RT @Mushroomer25 @TheSpoonyOne Just like that Batman & Superman movie you're convinced will never actually happen? // It won't.The Deadpool movie is never going to go into production, and even if it does, you'll wish it hadn't. #BadNewsSpoonyPlaying Doom and Destiny and found a @TheSpoonyOne cameo http://t.co/p80be4qBT1
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"I am not misogynist. I PUNISH ALL OF YOU EQUALLY."There's no GamerGatekeeper. He keeps sending people to the Blagho but Gamergaters say you can't prove he represents them.Does anyone want to be the Platekeeper?Anyway. Must rest. Then work. Work. Work. And likely fail to finish this review by Halloween. *sigh*Ah, you would be if only you had my sweet, sweet hair.@TheSpoonyOne I Am Angry Because Something Happened In Wrestling *then i make a 3 hour video on how i don't like a movie*, am i spoony now?
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerUnfortunately, one cannot simply BE Spoony until you understand Spoony. And that's just not possible.RT @PushinUpRoses I want to be spoony in every video from now on. // Fixed that for you.@TheSpoonyOne Sandow (I am NOT calling him Mizdow) wasn't wrestling invisible foe. He was wrestling Vacant.
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@cracked @DoctorOddfellow "...But seriously, it's probably really good.""There's not gonna be any titties at the end of this rainbow." ~ @TheSpoonyOne https://t.co/JpAcVnasKo
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerDon't even send me the link, because I know already. Trust me. Ah AH AH. No, I *AM* talking about the thing you found. I know already.Well, thanks for being supportive of my THOROUGHLY DEFEATED Wrestle Wrestle video. I can't imagine being more demoralized by a WWE show.No interference from Teleporting HoloBray this time. I guess Bray doesn't care about Cena anymore, even though they battled FOR THE PLANET.Oh, and Cena got Seth Rollins on Raw. Contract on a pole? Enh. I can wait until the day after.Looks like no Brock at Survivor Series. #BestForBusiness #WWE @WWE
@PushinUpRoses Well I did kill Snow with the Dalton throat-rip. That was pretty sweet..@internetTAB Do you *have* any weed?@TheSpoonyOne I knew a lady who only buys weed for her migraines. never smoked socially, just when she would have a migraine. try it
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@TheSpoonyOne Good thing he wasn't the villain in Casino Royale then. Bond: I can see right through you ò.Ó Panda: Okay '_'
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerThe villain is Le SadPanda, unbeatable at cards because of his blank, unreadable poker face."Your record shows no Final Fantasy reviews. And it takes..." "Two." "Well, you needn't worry. The second is--" http://t.co/jSuBdZqHDoRT @BloodBoughtSean It would be awesome if you were in the new Bond film. You could fulfill many potential roles. // http://t.co/CT5kOrOwZLAlso I do tend to take a computer on the road due to my A-list celebrity status as a traveling International Man of Mystery.I don't *need* one. During breaks I've been idly lusting after one since mine is a dinosaur that can no longer handle hostling livestreams..@PatrickLeBoo @Noin007 @ThatStrohl EAT LEAD, SLACKERSThe first person who tells me to buy a Macbook loses their kneecaps. *racks his shotgun*I'd love to buy one of your laptops, Razer. Or, I could put a down payment on a house.RT @mattyjay316 @TheSpoonyOne Of course I do, sir! // EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT!YES. I always have Mountain Dew when I watch wrestling; you know that!@TheSpoonyOne keep wrestling Usos!!!!!
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerWow, you'd never guess the Usos were related to so many other Samoan wrestlers, both past and present. I knew it, I'm surrounded by Usos.RT @musicnut91 @TheSpoonyOne Hey spoonyonee you forgot talk about show vs rusev // Oh. Anyway how's your sex life?Okay. Here it is. Prepare for a ton of jaded, disillusioned, angry rambling from a man who's... given up on WWE. http://t.co/UqiyeyodCpBrock F-5s Seth so goddamn hard it blows the blond streak out out of his hair.Meanwhile Heyman is losing his mind. "MY CLIENT BRRROOOCK LLLESSSNARRR~!@!@#oNE~! CANNOT BE KILLED WITH CONVENTIONAL WEAPONRY"Then he should try it on Brock. Empties the entire mag into his back, cashes in the briefcase. Then Brock no-sells it. "Pussy nine-mils."At this rate just have him legit killing people with a TEC-9 in broad daylight, running away, and having Kane dispose of the bodies.I often joke about it, but if they're booking Rollins as such a pussy he needs three guys armed with bricks and swords to cross the street?WrestleWrestle recap coming #SOON. And believe me, it already feels immensely liberating to know I can catch up on housework tonight.@Maffewgregg I am not, actually.@Maffewgregg That was rhetorical. The answer is $9.99. Fuck's sake.@Maffewgregg Is it? Is it entertaining? Two months of Ambrose running around with condiments and Rollins running away and not wrestling?@Maffewgregg You really can't see the problem in robbing the audience of any kind of closure by having Princess Leia's hologram do a run-in?I sure hope Dean Ambrose delivers the Death Star Plans to General Antilles in time.The Usos and Rhodes Brothers have wrestled 14 times since September up to tonight.Fun Fact: Dolph and Cesaro have wrestled 5 times in September, and counting tonight, 4 times in October.RT @Feidaykin @TheSpoonyOne Well this is actually the worst thing you do/produce so yeah // Aw, I do much worse things.@sd3Ebz Get some sleep. Still need to render it.Ugh. I may lose a lot of you in this WrestleWrestle. I pretty much jump ship entirely. Disillusionment is the theme of the night.There also wasn't about ten hours of weekly television back in the old days to overexpose the shit out of the feuds.@TheSpoonyOne Six months was the average length of a feud back in the old days. I thought you liked classic booking.
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@MrNamelessOne You are provably incorrect and should never say anything like that ever again. You understand? Never.One match. Fucking goldfish have a better memory than you do.That is IMPOSSIBLE. The mix of the Usos, Rhodes Brothers, and RyBaxel have been my tag team purgatory for at LEAST 10 months.