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I love this. Your pain. Your tears of unfathomable sadness. The still-frames of your stunned, slack-jawed horror.Oh. Oh this is beautiful.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAUndertaker's attempt to kill Brock of old age during his entrance seems illogical to me. #Wrestlemania@TheSpoonyOne Saw it clear as hell on my end. Right side of the screen as they panned over. #WrestleMania
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerHAH! They show all of the Undertaker's victims in the form of caskets with names painted on them. Conveniently, CM Punk's is obscured.I hate to say I told you so, but... Heh, actually I love it. I told you so. #CenaWinsLOL #BadNewsSpoony #Wrestlemania@TheSpoonyOne After he attacked two people who only got involved after being provoked.
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@TheSpoonyOne Never. I am a Superstar - like Hogan before me.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerCena throws down the chair , F-Us Bray, pins him clean as a sheet. Announcers push hard that he stayed true to hustle, loyalty, and respect.Take your chair weapon. Use it. I am unarmed. Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey to the Dark Side will be complete!!SISTER ABIGAIL!! ONE! TWO! Of course not. #WrestlemaniaCENA SMAAAASH! #WrestlemaniaC-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!! #FiveKnuckleShuffle #ThatWasCreepy #WrestlemaniaI can FEEL your anger. It makes you stronger. Gives you FOCUS. #DarthWigger #Cenempire #WrestlemaniaCena has new merch powers. Bray is FUCKED. #Wrestlemania"But Spoony, Cena doesn't need this win, and Bray's the rising star." Cena destroying a popular heel before he gets traction? I may faint.So far I'm 100% on my predictions (yes, even Cesaro), but here's where I go against the market. I've got Cena beating Bray Wyatt in this.Cesaro pulls out the win with a freakish dead-lift of Big Show over the top rope. #WrestlemaniaKofi delivers one of the most what-the-fuck battle royale elimination saves in history when he crashes, but keeps a foot on the ring steps.CESARO JUST DESTROYED DOLPH WITH SWISS DEATH!! #WrestlemaniaYeah. A Double-Triple Powerbomb. Figure that one out. #WrestlemaniaKane and the Outlaws get utterly clowned. Literally no offense from them. The Shield ends the Outlaws with a Double-Triple Powerbomb.So with all this time to prepare for a Wrestlemania match, Citizen Kane still chooses to wrestle in slacks? #WrestlemaniaAlmost no break between that and the trios match of Citizen Kane & The Middle-Age Outlaws vs. The Shield. This one is a foregone conclusion.Steph hits the ring in full bitch-on-fire mode with a flurry of bitchslaps. HHH jumps him and crushes Bryan's bad arm with a chair #FATALITYGoing for the pedigree! Rolls out! KICK OF DEATH! Bryan to the corner! HE HITS THE KNEE PLUS!! ONE! TWO! THREE! BRYAN WINS! #WrestlemaniaPEDIGREE! PEDIGREE!! ONE! TWO!! THR-- NOOOOOOO!!! #WrestlemaniaTRIPLE H BUSTS OUT A TIGER SUPLEX!! #Wrestlemania"Suck it, you weak, pathetic fool!" #Wrestlemania #TripleKahhhnDaniel Bryan vs. Shao Kahn. ROUND 1. FIGHT!! #Wrestlemania #WRESTLEKOMBATIt is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell you his tale. It is time to play the game of high adventure! #WrestlemaniaHither came Triple H, sledgehamer in hand, destined to trod the jeweled thrones of TNA beneath his sandaled feet. #WrestlemaniaBetween the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the rise of the sons of Arias, there was an age undreamed of... #WrestlemaniaAustralian @Benzaie_tgwtg is sitting behind Michael Cole at #Wrestlemania.#BOTCHAMANIA #HulkHogan #TheRock #Wrestlemania #SuperdomeSTONE COLD STONE COLD STONE COLD #StunHogan #WrestlemaniaBegun, this Civil War has. Cesaro wipes out Swagger with a 9-revolution giant swing. Zeb wails in horror like the Emperor's death plummet.Usos retain. No way were the Americans going to win this one given their breakup was imminent. I'm 1 for 1 on predictions. #WrestlemaniaAudio is back. Video is suboptimal but nothing to complain about. Right now the Real Americans are the babyfaces in this match #WrestlemaniaJust tuned in to #Wrestlemania on the Network. There is no sound. Not. Good.Combine that with the delay from the livestream? Probably a bad ideaAnd I'd like to have April in on the livestream.The reason I say it's difficult to livestream is that I don't want to stream even background audio of the PPV off the TV.Although it might just be a better idea to do a Wrestle Wrestle recap at the end.Hmmm... I might do a livestream commentary (no video or audio of the PPV) of Wrestlemania... I just need to figure out how to DO that.**staggers groggily to his feet**RT @Linkara19 @TheSpoonyOne @david_haddon *Harvey Finevoice runs in and hits Spoony with a chair* // X_X@Linkara19 @david_haddon *keeps calling for the bell!!*@david_haddon *waves off the fight, pushing @Linkara19 back to his corner before you hurt him too badly***The white person brings the Ultimateverse gifts such as curling, the Paranormal Activity movies, and Limp Bizkit, and is swiftly lynched****After many months, a white person from another dimension appears...** http://t.co/75NcGuR70hAll right men, we need to find out where the white women at. http://t.co/b3DGCiXyRhWho here isn't black? http://t.co/w1C5uijk9HHang on, he's black too? http://t.co/eVV5CHUMfXRT @LordTboneman @TheSpoonyOne HE'S-HE'S BLACK // http://t.co/r3SYYRZbj8DESCRIBE. WHAT DOCTOR ARNIM. ZOLA. LOOKS LIKE. http://t.co/VgNjWBTgdI #DoesHeLookLikeABitchAh, excusez-moi, mademoiselle, but #BatrocZeLeapair could not help but notice you admiring my waxed mustache. http://t.co/XWwIvZhVoxHa! You thought he had weak arms, non? Quel surprise! For zere are none better at arm wrestling zan #BatrocZeLeapair! http://t.co/ypvmPWPErsWorse, it completely alienated the Latino fanbase. "I left that toilet Mexico and found a real life in America! Viva Mexico! USA! USA!"Oh my god, this Swagger/Del Rio title feud was a disaster. Alberto's "Made in America" babyface turn was such horseshit & nobody bought it.They've finally learned to keep gold off the Miz. I'd keep Miz away from the kids' crowns at Burger King, if I could.The Miz defeats Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship. Which is undone the next night when the front 10 rows drown in vomit.Chris! I've figured it out; he's Don Flamenco! Hit him with alternating lefts and rights and he won't be able to fight back!Unbelievable that Jericho put this dweeb over clean. #FANDANGOO makes Disco Inferno and the Maestro look absolutely butch.Oh hey, it's #FANDANGOO when he had a lady sidekick who could actually dance. Great gimmick by the way: I refuse to wrestle. I am #FANDANGOODolph and Big E Langston get squashed easily by Team Hell No. For some reason, people still wanted Dolph to cash in that damn case.Yeah, they showed up late to Wrestlemania because some asshole closed all the bridges."Please welcome these Special Olympians and Governor Chris Christie!" AND THEIR OPPONENTS... THE SHIELD!!!SOMEBODY GON GET DEY ASS KICKEDOkay, well correction; they blew it in general since it was among loss after loss after loss after loss in pay-per-views that ruined him.They're showing Mania 29 on the Network. Mark Henry vs. The Ryback is up. This was where they officially blew it with the Ryback as a face.It's Waste My Fucking Time With Your Stupid Made-Up Crap Day! Find out if it's stupid enough by spreading my ass cheeks wide and inhaling!RT @twibbon It’s World Physical Activity Day! // Oh bullshit, it is.RT @Maffewgregg Some Guy: Hey you look like Doctor Who. Me: Which one? Some guy: ...Just Doctor Who. #Americans // http://t.co/5Knjjf5iTE*seethe* This is going to be a long day.I am of a rageful mindset right now, so it's probably best I shut the PC off and try to relax for a while.He's just too nice to say no.God damn it, @Linkara19 is not your retweet monkey. Leave him alone!@BirdmanDodd Papa Shango. I have pretty much all of this junk for a review I'm working on.@JimmyGeekPA Download what...? What t-shirt?They're not that stupid. ;)RT @Robertmc80 you can get a one week trial then cancel after Wrestlemania like a lot of people. // The free trial thing's over now.Might look for a sports bar or something.Not sure what April and I are doing for Wrestlemania yet. I don't have the Network and don't plan to eat the cost of the PPV myself.Hawkeye: not exactly grasping the core advantages of archery. Such as #BatrocZeLeapair not kicking you in the face. http://t.co/sP2S8XxG0FHey Hawkeye, when you're dealing with #BatrocZeLeapair, maybe you shouldn't fight in SUPERKICK RANGE. http://t.co/ihWIeY7qdE #KAYOHEt maintenant, voici #LadyBatrocZeLeapair!!! http://t.co/rin20BhDbk
J'ETENDS DES VOIX DANS MA TÊTE ILS ME CONSEILLER ILS COMPRENNENT http://t.co/Duxter9WeW #BatrocZeLeapair@TheSpoonyOne @EzioAuditorre19 "QUOI!!!"
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerRT @EzioAuditorre19 @TheSpoonyOne ITS ME BATROC! IT WAS ME ALL ALONG BATROC // AW C'EST DES CONNERIES!But wait a minute! Who can possibly defeat el rudo Crossbones?! C'est le master of savate, #BatrocZeLeapair!! http://t.co/xJJmTe7MmTCROSSSSSBOOOONNNNES IS REEEAAAAADDDYYYYYY http://t.co/jVRcpvBgVGNoah & April watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier http://t.co/kYeexiQIhWYOU ALL BOUGHT IT! http://t.co/eLJkegjdpY@TheSpoonyOne WHAT!!!
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@TheSpoonyOne Aw, sonnuvabitch!
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerIT'S ME, BOOSTER! http://t.co/g3dOzmThYx IT WAS ME ALL ALONG, BOOSTER!!@RedCoatGunman @ElaMongrella Whatever. Looks like fun.@BirdmanDodd I haven't been inspired to play anything lately. It's all multiplayer lately and it's seriously bummed me out.