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1) Fast Travel 2) Stealth Boy 3) Rob a store 4) Make money meaningless 5) Repeat1) Fast Travel 2) See Enemy 3) Go to VATS 4) Win instantly 5) RepeatHeh heh heh heh... #AndHereWeGo.@GameOverGreggy @michaelltd If it helps, just remember that it'll probably be the exact same goddamn game as Fallout 3.I won't be playing the new WWE game. Everything I'm hearing about it pretty much confirms what I was afraid of.@LordStreetGuru Uh. That uh... changes things... Obviously, did not know that.@LordStreetGuru No, what happened to Tim?@LordStreetGuru Oh no. What happened?I am best for send many foreign of people to employing at gulag.Hang on-- why do I not have these Steam achievements for Papers, Please? I DID this stuff. This game make cheat for anger Spoony. >=(I think what I did was got an Angel Room, beat up the angel and used a d6 to re-roll the two angel items. Got the Godhead that way.Weird item combo there. Something like Fate, Dead Onion, Cain's Other Eye, Godhead, Blood Clot, MEAT!You can't fake moves like these, daddy. https://t.co/qblbEoCEsBThen no, I did not. https://t.co/UiTPym2KmaFirst of all: how dare you. Second: there's a cheat? https://t.co/EssrknIKUr#BeholdTheKing https://t.co/5XmXuQhsAPI have a vast selection of special oils to coat mine witching sword-- Why do you leave? Did I offend thee? https://t.co/OT3YXnTXQ8What ho, thou comely wench? Need you a proper witching? For thee I wouldst charge nothing. https://t.co/v4iHsyGevyCome, Oreo! Spoonalt of Rivia has monsters to slay and maidens to save! https://t.co/jHk9Pg0uX7@BonsaiTreehouse Ah, you're right. Just that one. Got my movies crossed up.Rrrrgh. I just can't get out of this funk and feel up to livestreaming. Really frustrating.
@AnotherReviewer I think it's more of an indicator that I don't really want to livestream.I feel like livestreaming, and yet I'm in a rotten mood and completely untalkative. Oh well.@michaelltd I love the smell of cordite.Although it went on significantly longer than that.April and I were out just last night where a delightful child near us said (and I quote): "DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDYDADDYDADDY""Is he a good guy or a bad guy?" "Whudd he say?"The fucking old people who can't hear shit and don't know what's going on. The whole fucking movie their wife is repeating the dialogue.I've heard the stereotype of black people being disruptive in the theater. I've never noticed that. It's always been kids and OLD PEOPLE.Besides, how are you going to know what's a spoiler and what isn't? Chewbacca dies. There. I spoiled it.Spoilers are unavoidable. You can't hold back the tide this time. But I hardly think there's much to spoil. https://t.co/yebD3LNiz8So yeah, I can wait a couple of days.But every gaffi-stick-waving motherfucker who goes there will be screaming the whole time.I'm very happy Harrison Ford will be there, too. But you don't see me jumping up and going "WOOOOOOO" for it, because I'm not an asshole."But Spoony! That's the fun of it! The celebration!" Yeah, I bet that's fucking great. You know what I like? Enjoying the fucking movie."THERE WAS A LIGHTSABER AND I NOTICED IT FWOOORM FWOOOOM""DUDE A LIGHTSABER THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME YEAAAAHHH"But then you've got the assholes who will stand up and applaud for the most minor goddamn thing, screaming "BOBA FOOT!! YEAAAAAHH!!!"Have no idea why. If you're going to throw up, why turn around to face the back row?! "LOOK OUT EVERYONE I'M GONNA THRAAAAWHHEHHR"This kid was like from the Exorcist. Head spinning around, chunks flying in every direction.True story: when I went to the midnight screening of Phantom Menace, some little six year-old bastard in the front row HURLED EVERYWHERE.I was NEVER that goddamn annoying as a kid. Not fucking EVER. FUCK I hate kids.Ugh. The entire time, a bunch of little fuckers, "Han Sowo!" "MOMMY THERE'S CHOOMACCA"No, but LAWD ALMIGHTY the midnight show will be the worst. https://t.co/pdnWkwblHKYou're barely going to hear a fucking thing with all the little brats crying and asking "who's that guy!!"Not to mention, those midnight audiences are going to be INSUFFERABLE.What difference does 5-6 hours more or less make as opposed to sitting in balls-freezing weather all night to get shitty seats anyway?"But Spoony what's wrong with getting excited and enjoying life and I got tickets for first showing!" Get some sleep. You'll see the movie.*reads about movie ticket sites crashing* Ah, you do realize that movie theaters will be showing Star Wars every 15 minutes, yeah?But here's the point buy system anyway........pussy. Best @TheSpoonyOne quote ever
Retweeted by Noah Antwiler@TheSpoonyOne Ethicality must be balanced with Tolerance, else you set loose the Bane of Prejudice.
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerI suppose that falls into them whatchacallem, "ethics" you're all so keen on.Now: one could easily point out relative subscriber counts between us and conclude that I'm full of shit. I can't really argue with that.But I advised him from the beginning to avoid using a number system. He understands that people crave a definite number. Easier to digest.The very notion that Joe is aware of the inherent flaws of a numeric system makes him one of the few critics you can trust.Joe actually struggles mightily to find a system that avoids these pitfalls. He's spoken to me about it. https://t.co/ZABOiYgM1NToday, the number itself has become only more misleading and uninformative, given the reactionary, hyperbolic nature of Internet criticism.Assigning a number applies an empirical metric to measure the quality of a purely subjective media. This is inherently, fundamentally flawedBut then, anytime you assign a number rating to a review, you've failed before you even started.Let me put it this way: if you give a game a 10/10, you are wrong. Objectively, probably wrong. And your review sucks."Better than 2k15, by a lot. Now it's just playable." 9/10 // Yeah. You guys'll do just fine on your own.Do people even know what these numbers mean? I'm getting a headache.Metacritic review of WWE'16: Graphic is average, some superstars/divas face model look horrible, animations ok, gameplay is good. 10/10@JimmyGeekPA Illinois. Ask me about this later, though? I'm actually starting to feel unwell. Might lie down a bit.@JimmyGeekPA Well yeah. It would depend on a few things, like whether or not they flew me in.@JonEWorldbeater Then they started showing replays of it. I could not believe the nerve of those people."Oberstabsfeldwebel! Ze Golem has killed 20 of our Men!" "IGNORE ZE GOLEM! KILL ZE AMERICAN!"@JimmyGeekPA No no, sorry, misused the word. Live on TV."Everyone! Fire on ze 30-foot tall Golem!" "NEIN! Everyone shoot ze American! Ignore ze monstrous rampaging Golem completely!" #WolfensteinMiles & I saw Sid breaking his leg live, too. Augh. Nearly hurled. Think Sid jumped off the middle rope, though.Eeeeewwww https://t.co/FF3B973bSj@TheSpoonyOne "You sink you vill kill me? I raise my foot avay from you bit mockery!"
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerRagdoll Nazi is dead, but smug. https://t.co/tyuVXLnlxm#ReleaseTheDoves https://t.co/SwB6KqCJEF@TheSpoonyOne I HEAR VOICES IN MY HEAD THEY COUNSEL ME THEY UNDERSTAND
Retweeted by Noah AntwilerONE PUNCH! #SpiderMan2099 https://t.co/7bxvzCMuxxHey Spidey! What is the Riddle of Steel? https://t.co/FMlLZNCLWJHe got moves like Norris! https://t.co/ShHTXxbIj0His opponent, representing the Fenris 2099 and allegedly now residing in Asgard... BLOODSWORD!!! https://t.co/oj75EQHIgXThe following contest is a Boiler Room Brawl! Introducing first: from DOWNTOWN, Nueva York... SPIDER-MAN!!! https://t.co/islkSObnhw@AnotherReviewer https://t.co/1cj1GusCCeI could lift Wales. Baleen that.The Isle of Man is smaller than I'd usually like for committing direct physical assault on another nation, but I can make do.It's not working. Is anyone using the Isle of Man? No?Now hang on, I just need to find a good place to grab Wales so I can rip it off the side of this... thing... nnnnggNo, I'm not going to use Ireland. What did Ireland do to deserve that?WOULDN'T TAKE LONG, I ASSURE YOU.I wish I could pick up Wales and beat the rest of England stupid with it.Bunch of pasty, miserable, shambling fart-minstrels...Right now I'm mainly pissed at the UK and your FUCKING PAL format bullshit. You just HAD to be different, didn't you.Rage and sarcasm systems fully functional. *gets booze*And even if you died you couldn't sue them since they abolished all lawyers LOL BUT IT DIDN'T REALLY HAPPEN IRL HAHA https://t.co/52JYEXQC16PRESS UR THUMB TO TEH PLATE ROFL https://t.co/XW2598n72DWHY DO WE NOT HAVE TGHOZE FLOATING TRACTION THINGS HAHA I WANT ONE IT'S SO WEIRD IT WAS IN A MOVIE ABOUT TEH FUTURE AND ITS DIFFERENT NOWOH MY GOD U GAIZ Today is the day that George McFly in 2015 gets out of his floating injury traction thing LET'S ALL POST ANNOYING BTTF SHITGoing to bed. I feel so funky.Feeling kinda weird on these meds, man. #FleshOfFallenAngels#what https://t.co/hx3htlCqb6 https://t.co/uIJnEzrwsMOkay, I'm not imagining this: the graphics for WWE'16 look AWFUL. It's like they forgot to include textures for the models or something.
*Roman turns away to leave* JBL: (offended) He turned his back on the World Heavyweight Champion! ((Well he had to leave AT SOME POINT.))