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singer/instigator/recovering hipster-shoezager new solo record #Outside @runrunrunmusic http://t.co/nSyANgzWWg

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Only 3 weeks until RRR tour. Ahhhhhhh! @RunRunRunMusic @Rx3_StreetTeam @tru_cisco @nicspeck @AlekSpeck @Douglaspalmerun #HaveRockWillTravel
Check out @RunXanderSmith's interview to russian musical magazine Apelzin.ru Adam Lambert mention http://t.co/q5dOf6I via @AdamLambertRUUA
Retweeted by Xander Smith@coyoteshivers haunted mansion is the bestest ever!Really weird ? You mean like a postcard of a jackalope or maybe something a little more saucy and x rated? Lol @HellOnHighHeelsThu 9/1-Watch RRR test stream show this THUR at 3pm PST on Stageit.com 9/3-OC house party 9/10-Seattle w/@SeattleSusieQhey there @ittybittyannie8 here's a http://t.co/fHKM34y kiss until we get to you in St. L on Sept 27. Cant wait to c ukisses to @Vudubird in Chi town http://t.co/fHKM34y see u OCT 1 :)))) at HOB chicagoHouston here we come and big http://t.co/fHKM34y to @catdragin for your love on kickstarter. thx from @runrunrunmusicI left my http://t.co/fHKM34y in SF with @Deidreinorbit See you in SF on OCT 5 :))) luv @runrunrunmusicbig sloppy tranny chaser kiss to @willambelli http://t.co/fHKM34y who will prob be onstage w/ RRR in LA on Sept19-HOBhey @starlyyte big kiss to you http://t.co/fHKM34y and hope to see you soon at a @runrunrunmusic show :)Big kiss to @Wynkat1313 http://t.co/fHKM34y hope you have a great fall and (hint) watch some RRR shows at Stageit.com
Xoxo thx pp love RRR @PauleyP @RunRunRunMusic @nicspeck #NoH8 @JeffParshley @bouska @Rx3_StreetTeam @TommyJoeRatliff @tru_cisco@Sandishader hi. I'm seeing my friend's play. Its called "Moby dick rehearsed". Comedy :)@Fanadama awww..well xoxo anyways :)Big kiss to @niamhcat http://t.co/4wUOAYz hope all is well in Philly love @RunRunRunMusicI got to see Malaysia play Indonesia last DEC. fun game. Big http://t.co/fHKM34y to you @rhyden come visit RRR in U.S.Privet @dellynikka RRR loves you and big kiss http://t.co/fHKM34y to you and all your comrades from @runrunrunmusicNashville get a NOH8 photoshoot and RRR gets to http://t.co/fHKM34y Heidi @heidiluvsmusic #cantwaittilsept26someday someday someday a real kiss for Germany http://t.co/fHKM34y to @felia01 from @runrunrunmusicIt's a good thing i gots chapstick so i can twit kiss @tahiriwolf http://t.co/fHKM34y Come from OR to Seattle on 9/10:)Hi to @fanadama from @runrunrunmusic Here's a http://t.co/fHKM34y to you and see you in Cincinnati on sept 28 :))hello all the way to @wandinka87 http://t.co/fHKM34y is a kiss for you in a far away country. come visit us in LA :))hey @naimhcat thanks for your support on KS here's a big sloppy http://t.co/fHKM34y from @runrunrunmusickissssss also to @tigrr13 big http://t.co/fHKM34y and we'll see u in chicago me hopes :) deep dish pizza? yummm...Sunday Kiss to @mellenbo http://t.co/fHKM34y Cant wait to see ya in OHIO with @runrunrunmusic1st of all. Happy Sunday. 2nd of all, so far i follow 2,038 people. unlike MOST ppl, #HaveTwitterWillFollow :)))))))))))
Sat nite snacks at Xander's. Come on over! @RunRunRunMusic @PauleyP @TommyJoeRatliff http://t.co/3PE0BD7Just chillin out on a saturday :)Thank u so much for helping us on KS. super big kiss to @bleubelle31 Smooch http://t.co/fHKM34y from @runrunrunmusica lil kiss for @igobymanynames in the UK! http://t.co/fHKM34y Hoping to to bring @runrunrunmusic to see you someday. :)hello @Ms__me in Canada. Big http://t.co/fHKM34y to you. Come to Seattle on Sept 10 to get a real one. Thx for the loveWant your real http://t.co/fHKM34y in Detroit? we will be hoping to see @WithSparkle Thx for your great support on KShey @cycl5168 kiss kiss kiss to you http://t.co/fHKM34y from @runrunrunmusic THX for your kickstarter help :)KISS x 100 for @mjhardybritt we have a date in NEW ZEALAND someday, you better bring flowers :) http://t.co/fHKM34yHey @alabranda Here's a http://t.co/fHKM34y for helping us on Kickstarter. Come visit us soon! xoxo @runrunrunmusicOMG KISSSSSSS to @crazycraz09 What's up? see u on Sept 10 in Seattle http://t.co/fHKM34y from @runrunrunmusicKiss to @SajiniB http://t.co/fHKM34y cheers to you for helping us on KS! :) from @runrunrunmusic Hope to see u in UK!!!
Getting to watch the reunion show for That Dog. 90s Indie rock pioneers. go wiki them! http://t.co/W3wCOtzI'm going old school tonight! Wait who the hell has a VCR! Haha http://t.co/jpRC22INew Orleans is a fab idea. I will be getting impregnated that night by a voodoo spirit @adamsmadams @Idolme922 @RunRunRunMusic @Isolde_13@adamsmadams @Idolme922 @RunRunRunMusic working on hanging out with rrr ! Ohhhh yeah!All who r going to Las Vegas will be required to attend Anaheim and maybe SF :)#XanderTakesRollCall @adamsmadams @Idolme922 @RunRunRunMusicFF# this amazing person for obvious HKitty reason! @HelloKittyRicky @J4Yx2 as well as @NOH8Campaign @bouska @JeffParshley @RunRunRunMusicHey RRR needs a safe place to stay Tuesday night on Sept 20 just east of El Paso to Dallas. Any ideas? @RunRunRunMusic #havesleepingbagsFun! @RunRunRunMusic loves miss Pauley!@Joji387 @Mizikw @PauleyP FF# all these folks!Damn blackberry spell correct. I know @pomegranate02 and koala bears come from down under. Haha. 2nd kiss for u today :)Last twit kiss for today goes to @hellOnHighHeels in loverly SWEDEN. http://t.co/fHKM34y Thx for your support on KS :PKisssss to @asherly89 http://t.co/fHKM34y plz plz plz come get a real one in Denver from all of @runrunrunmusic :)))))Philly I miss u but here's a twit kiss to @dorihb to you http://t.co/fHKM34y. Houseparty soon we hope! :)) smooch!Hey @queenmusiclvr here's your Kickstarter kiss :) http://t.co/fHKM34y PS- i have a fun fact bout yo first name :PKisses to Austria and @pomegranate02 http://t.co/fHKM34y for your support of @runrunrunmusic on Kickstarter. :)))))Kisses to @anjaHBIC in Germany http://t.co/fHKM34y Can't wait to play "Pico" for u in person someday. Thx 4 help on KSBig sloppy Twit kiss to miss LV @adamsmadams http://t.co/fHKM34y @runrunrunmusic hearts you. #vegasbabyOCT10SMooooch to @MarCurtis http://t.co/fHKM34y see you soon in Ohio and thx for your KS support for @runrunrunnmusic :)Another Kiss Kiss Kiss to @bloodflowsred for your kind support on KS! http://t.co/fHKM34y WantAReal1? Sept10 Seattle:)Kiss Kiss Kiss to @Spindlespindle1 http://t.co/fHKM34y Thx for your support on KS. we hope to see ya in SF!!FF# @ColorsParker @Douglaspalmerun @nicspeck @AlekSpeck @tru_cisco @kcinkcity @libracatz @Rx3_StreetTeam They r all #RRRoadrunners
hey folks! hurry, get your tickets for RRR in HOUSTON 9/23. hint hint: 4 pack is cheaper :) http://t.co/eXMNIqy
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@phoenixgal69 I love thissssssssss!Question for @Runxandersmith from @PeaceRocknRoll : How did your van Grace get her name? (We'd all like to know!!)
Retweeted by Xander Smith@Prince_Imanuel yes :)Xander's tattoo! @margo8461 @Rx3_StreetTeam @AuntieQuaint @Ms_Bitch_to_you @MaPetiteAmore http://t.co/nX4WuhJIs it okay to tweet that I'm just having a great day? Hope y'all have one too! #walkingonsunshine
Plz show some love and Everybody follow @Douglaspalmerun. best lead Gtr player ever of Run Run Run.That's right ladies and gents..... http://t.co/eDiRAqw
Retweeted by Xander Smith@Rx3_StreetTeam I love it!Yikes! Today I'm glad California is NOT deciding to shake its booty! Best wishes and safety for everyone on East coast.@citygirl36 I'm at mickys now btw@outlawbooster of course. See Everyone in chicago on oct 1 at hob porch restaurant. Don't forget special dinner first. #kickstarterparty
@runxandersmith hey! Im so freakin excited! I think i finally found a way to see u in chicago!!! Anyways! Gn!! :) <3
Retweeted by Xander Smithrun run run is celebrating kickstarter at el compadre restaurant in hollywood http://t.co/FuUTFIT@SocialGlambert thanks brianna :)))@Grrrr_girl :). Thx@Monte_StreetF @RunRunRunMusic @Rx3_StreetTeam thank u so much@sassyrockgirl @tru_cisco @Douglaspalmerun @nicspeck @AlekSpeck @RunRunRunMusic @Rx3_StreetTeam thank u. See u Oct 1!definitely fun times w/ @jfk_lenorahill @Rx3_StreetTeam @Monterrific @TommyJoeRatliff @WARNWILLIS @kcinkcity. Thx for postingJeff. hope to see u in chicago! :) @Yrs4asong @AdamsWench @KeliGreenEyesHAPPY BIRTHDAY to @GlamPimpLinda Hope you have a great day!! - :) xanderclaus@TheOneCalledEli its A-mazing. I have the t shirtOmg! Wow! Thank u so very much everyone for the awesome support on KICKSTARTER. We can't wait to see y'all and send u goodies. Big :))))@JuneauXena zzzzzzzzzz... :)Thank u all so much for Kickstarter support and LUV @kcinkcity @lcmediallc @monterrific @IamCarmit Lee& @scarlettcherry4 hrs left ahhhhh. Kickstarter is so cool @myndzeye@HeniGlamBitch :)@HeniGlamBitch hiiiii from san joseTHANK U ALL! $9045! and PLENTY fun stuff left, even @Runxandersmith in YOUR home!! Let's blow the doors off this thing! http://t.co/q4zsu1Z
Retweeted by Xander SmithBig shout out to late night tweeters who are pledging. Thx so much. Too cool. FYI Anyone wants to pledge for house prty in LV I'll set it up
Heyyyyy. I'm gonna be in the lobby of the fairmont in san jose. Let's sing david hasselhoff songs and party tonight. #gotpopcornTime for a late night sunday snack! http://t.co/SDOpZQg@Isolde_13 @JeaninePolitte @adamsmadams the boys r down. Let's make this happen. Split the pledge and I will get Grace & ALL the boys to LV200 puts @RunRunRunMusic over 9K & gets you up close & personal with @Runxandersmith & Mickey Mouse! Split w/ a friend! http://t.co/q4zsu1Z
Retweeted by Xander Smith@MaPetiteAmore #TeamNoStache! It will grow back Xander! @Runxandersmith @RunRunRunMusic
Retweeted by Xander SmithHey everybody. How about a private show and only for you I will shave it off if anyone wants to pledge 1000. Just sayin :)FS# @Glambertknot666 @nicspeck @tru_Cisco @Douglaspalmerun @AlekSpeck @Rx3_StreetTeam @RunRunRunMusic @NOH8Campaign@stellina429 @neonsilvr16 I'm so sick of u gals ALL being smarter quicker and fancier than me! I should have know :))@neonsilvr16 yes. U like? Ps. see u soon for NY/NJ xander house party. hit up @stellina429 :)#FS (that's follow sunday) lol @nicspeck he's amazing bass player/matine idol in Run Run Run and he fixed his twitter! Go Nic!Here is link to Kickstarter. Thx guys :) http://t.co/sCxDS8R LAST chance. Go team RRR! @JeaninePolitte @dougiesauris@Rebecca0313 #RRR size med. Better bring on Oct 1 or else lol@TXsunshine001 & Y are u awake?We gots RRRoadrunners all over the world where its daytime. Lol. Don't mess with Texas:) http://t.co/sCxDS8RRRR kICKSTARTER buys gas and plenty of hello kitty gum. Last chance to pledge kids http://t.co/sCxDS8R@juliacochran hello. I'm going to the Montalvo winery tmrw. Find me on Facebook. "xander smith". :)@ElenaLambliff spacibo!@OutlandoGirl drive home safe. Dinner and journey on piano was fun!Privet. Last day to get the new mp3 of "Do Svidaniya" by @RunRunRunMusic for only $5 featuring Ilya Lagutenko http://t.co/sCxDS8R
@scarlettcherry :))))omg. Thanks everyone. Kickstarter is kicking ass! http://t.co/sCxDS8R @RunRunRunMusic @Rx3_StreetTeamDo you know the way to San Jose? Lol. me and @Douglaspalmerun headed up there for a day. SARATOGA winery. Fun times!@MindiFletch :)@TeenyLini :)Good morning. (1)FYI I'm going to San Jose tonight (2) I love heavy metal and hello kitty (3) last day for KICKSTARTER! http://t.co/sCxDS8R@Scrantonian13 hey. Working on a ks party near ya. Contact @stellina429. Xander #haveguitarwilltravel lol http://t.co/sCxDS8R
ahhhhh this is the new link folks to kickstarter http://t.co/sCxDS8R. THX @IamCarmitPlz help @Runxandersmith reach their goal! http:/kck.st/pNJPTD
Retweeted by Xander SmithHey east coast. Let's do this! Contact @stellina429 we just hit $7500 on ks. Amazing. Boston, Philly, Nyc ??? Only 59 hrs leftOr who would be interested in attending a @Runxandersmith East Coast house party in the fall?
Retweeted by Xander Smith@Kirstieluvsmax I love this. Ps. Working up a show for east coast. #gokickstarterSwedish fish is chewy candy like gummy bears. Yum!plz FF# @Douglaspalmerun "I had a blast at the viper room last night with new and old friends alike! Thanks for making us feel like kings!"Only I go to Staples to buy office supplies and find uh..Swedish fish. Shhh..don't tell http://t.co/bfE0vxy#FF @Runxandersmith ‘s RRRoadrunners @TheEmotionBatz @Beehoneybunny @MJHardyBritt @klyukvaVsahare @RunRunRunMusic #HAVEROCKWILLTRAVEL
Retweeted by Xander SmithIs ANYONE interested in getting @Runxandersmith over here to do an acoustic gig? Please let me know asap. It… (cont) http://t.co/ouvyeCt
Retweeted by Xander SmithThank u everyone for an amazing night at Viper Room. We closed with "10,000" #dedicated to @kcinkcity and all u loverly RRR kickstarters :)#ssmf full house @theviperroom for @RunRunRunMusic @runxandersmith - woohoo! Shared via TweetCaster
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Oh boy with @adamsmadams @tru_Cisco @Isolde_13 @dougiesauris @JeaninePolitte @Douglaspalmerun at rainbow. Headed to viper nowGetting ready to see @RunRunRunMusic and @Runxandersmith @theVIPERroom tonight!! Sunset strip music festival!!! Support local music!
Retweeted by Xander Smith@libracatz yes. Better come by 10 PM@nikkitrl @runrunrunmusic welcome to twitter :)hey everybody at viperroom will get in at 10PM to see run run run when the veronicas huge guest list leaves. I promise :)we r live on www.moheak.com right now kids @runrunrunmusicTwit kiss to @mandylou111 and @amytovsky for being the 100th backers on RRR kickstarter. Weehoo xoThurs Aug 18. Watch @RunRunRunMusic at @MoheakRadio 5:30PM PST and then head to Viper Room for 10PM set. Password is "pico"Nice job @cassidyhaley rockin out with @TheDanHolguin @Vmuckey0218 @loriandjava http://t.co/HeSsFA4
@Debberrific sept 26. @NOH8Campaign photo shoot with @RunRunRunMusic in NashvilleWeeeehooooo! come to Nashville @Debberrific @NOH8Campaign @bouskaYo. Heading now to see @cassidyhaley. And them millions of milkshakes in Weho! Yes! Good times@Runxandersmith Cant wait for your acoustic set on @MoheakRadio tomorrow! xoxo
Retweeted by Xander SmithI know u kids don't believe me but get your tix now. Better safe than sorry http://t.co/cfkRERK 10PM viper room RRR oh yeah.Hey Europe ! @WendyAndries bring me to Europe for only $500 for kickstarter + plane ticket. c'mon :) fun times@Zoodlemouse13 I'm off work all week. We're heading out for Xander's show at the Viper room
Retweeted by Xander Smith@cassidyhaley see u tonight :) 11ish yes?Viper Room tix for RRR 8/18. Get em b4 sell out http://t.co/cfkRERK #goRRRoadrunners
Hi there @GlamPimpLinda @Rx3_StreetTeam @RunRunRunMusic @monterrific @adamlambert Houston TX here we come!! :) Sept 23$7 k! A-mazing! thank u so much RRRoadrunners check it out! http://t.co/sCxDS8R @RunRunRunMusic @monterrific @Rx3_StreetTeam @adamlambert
Only 6 days left! Please help @RunRunRunMusic hit the real $7-10k goal! Thx 4 the love/support so far. http://t.co/yQeIRSEPrivet! 3 planets converge @adamlambert & Mumiy Troll w/ @RunRunRunMusic last year Dallas same bldg http://t.co/EdvHFHy@SweetKirabella would have loved to be there to hear that omg. @Runxandersmith @Isolde_13
Retweeted by Xander Smith@wenchpixie hi. I am following u silly.@Runxandersmith Hey babe! @scarlettcherry & I recorded the duet today that u slayed the track for!! Can't wait 4 u to hear it;)
Retweeted by Xander SmithLooks like we are never leaving san diego cuz Monte is rocking his whole new record in the parking lot of Le stats. #holylatesundaynite@adamsmadams @TalinTheMuse @Isolde_13 oh yeah RRR in Aug 18, Sept 3 and 19@AdamsWench OMG! So Awesome! Got choked up over this. May be time 4 bed. ;D Have fun sweetie. Give @Runxandersmith & @Monterrific hugs 4 me
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@Monterrific your new album is amazing. Thx for playing on the way to San Diego. Thumbs up! http://t.co/WS9p21Y@SweetKirabella @AlakiNoelle yessss Seattle on Sept 10. I'm playing here comes the sun 10 times@Isolde_13 @SweetKirabella @AlakiNoelle @Monterrific see u guys in a minute@JuneauXena ahhhhh. I'm at montes show in SD. And I have to log off. He's gonna start. Waaahhh! Next time. I will dj tears for fears!@JuneauXena ok aye aye :)Y'all should have seen @Rhealitre and @TranzK at in n out last night. Drag queens and hamburgers? http://t.co/9O4znC6@bleubelle31 let's do it! Only 7 days left on KS. Yikes@bleubelle31 georgia. So yer def coming to nola and nashville for RRR? :)@margo8461 @monterrific lol. Guess that's true. But hey 2037 peeps aint bad.@bleubelle31 @OutlandoGirl ok you guys are my second twitter sneak attack. Lol. How goes it from San Diego? :)@TheRudeBunny yesss :)just explaining to @monterrific I wanna be following more people than anyone! So don't be surprised if I sneakattack tweet ya. twitter Fun!@TheRudeBunny what up duder ? How ya been@adamsmadams Monte just drove by and scooped me up. I was very busy... Eating chips and watching a Rush documentary. Ha! See u at viperroomMe and @monterrific almost to san diego. Where the heck is the Sun? gonna turn around and head back to LA. Lol just kidding@margo8461 @phoenixgal69 everybody come to all the RRR shows. Lol. #HaveRockWillTravelFall @Rx3_StreetTeam @RunRunRunMusicI'm going to see Monte at Le Stats in SD tonight! U go too! @Monterrific @lcmedialc @Rx3_StreetTeam @Monte_StreetFRRR in Houston Houston Houston. Fri 9/23 Get yo tix here http://t.co/n3C1LL2
@ntomomi happy birthday from @runrunrunmusic@Arachnidkid welcome back lady wifi! :)Was awesome finally getting to meet @Runxandersmith :) See you tomorrow! http://t.co/A3wdWyE
Retweeted by Xander SmithThx everyone for supporting @TranzK @cassidyhaley @TheDanHolguin at OC pride todayMy phone or twitter is broken. :( Oc pride pics later kidsCan u see this pic anyone ?Look who came to see @TranzK. Its @aleebabee and Shelly. Oh boy its OC pride awwww yeah!Almost there kids! @TranzK @rhealitre @tru_Cisco @nicspeck @charliepaulson @itsVickyVox @ardenfisher @detoxifierce are at OC Pride@cassidyhaley @AlakiNoelle @TheDanHolguin @rhealitre @RunRunRunMusic @TranzK see u soon! Very very very cool! #OCpriderulessee you soon love RT @AlakiNoelle OC Pride tomorrow! Excited!! @TheDanHolguin @cassidyhaley @Runxandersmith @TranzK
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ignore viper room website! there will be tix for RRR after 9PM 8/18 with secret password "Pico" @RunRunRunMusic @Rx3_StreetTeam@rachel_hoffman yum. Strawberry pop next to viper room!Chillin in hollywood at Coney Dog. "how'd yer day go with Faygo?" @rachel_hoffman. RRR-Detroit 9/29fyi my DM don't work! Silly twitter. But happy Friday and see u at OCpride with @TranzK and @cassidyhaley SAT and going to @Monterrific SUN@IndigoDaze awesome!! Meet and greet is special soundcheck party!@myangelsushi my moustache has magical powers so duct tape was no problem :)Hey texas! RRR in Dallas Thu 9-22 AND Houston 9-23. Quick! Get your tix now for Dallas first road show of tour http://t.co/Spj8KWN#FF @TranzK @charliepaulson @nicspeck @Runxandersmith @ArdenFisher @itsVickyVox @DetoxIcunt @willambelli @RheaLitre #OCpridefest
Retweeted by Xander Smith@lexiglam @SeattleSusieQ hey there plz contact Susan. Xander is soon to he Sleeeepless in Seattle
Who lives in the Northwest? plz contact @SeattleSusieQ who is having a @Runxandersmith KS House Party on Sept. 10 in Seattle! Plz support!@AlakiNoelle @Monterrific @cassidyhaley @TranzK @_ I will be there for ALL of them! Come join us. :)X marks the spot! @Runxandersmith 's @NOH8Campaign pic!! http://yfrog.com/h82v68j
Retweeted by Xander Smith@glitzylady Ooh!! You should totally go, it's gonna be goodtimes!! @SeattleSusieQ @Runxandersmith
Retweeted by Xander SmithHappy #thuRRRsday, thuRRRsday, thuRRRsday! @tru_cisco @Runxandersmith @nicspeck @AlekSpeck @Douglaspalmerun @RunRunRunMusic @Rx3_StreetTeam
Retweeted by Xander Smith@omgelvis well we've almost hit $6500 on kickstarter. Maybe that's enough petrol to get to Spain?? @Rx3_StreetTeam @RunRunRunMusic1st kickstarter trip to disneyland was a total success and so fun. Thx to @loriandjava and @vmuckey0218 they are def #GOODCOMPANY
@adamsmadams ahhhhhhhhhhh xoXander + his new friend at disneyland's thunder mountain ranch http://yfrog.com/gyc0qfqjj