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singer/instigator/recovering hipster-shoezager new solo record #Outside @runrunrunmusic http://t.co/nSyANgzWWg

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my unicorn is at santa monica pier 2day eating churros. I'm stuck on 110 headed to practice for an acoustic Nymphs show on FriSitting in traffic in LA when I would rather be at Dland watching fireworks! freeway=:( http://yfrog.com/kip2bkgj@HellOnHighHeels def when they find a new "note" on the keyboard. And also when they add the 2 new wave girls to their bandRT @Rx3_StreetTeam: RRRandom fact: "On My Way" by @RunRunRunMusic was written by @Runxandersmith on his way to @Monterrific 's wedding!
Retweeted by Xander Smith@KeliGreenEyes moustache is still intact after NOH8 :)@smellslikeroses HappyThuRRRsday! Did I ever thank you for the follow-back?thank you:)Cool that you follow your fans!FOLLOWS 2031!@smellzlikerosed HappyThuRRRsday! Did I ever thank you for the follow-back?thank you:)Cool that you follow your fans!FOLLOWS 2031!
Gooooddddd nightttttt :)))) from Los Angeles. love hugs - Xanderclaus!Check out "Pico" http://bit.ly/ona7Ed & follow @RunRunRunMusic @RunXanderSmith @tru_cisco @alekspeck @douglaspalmerun @nicspeck
Retweeted by Xander Smith@Kirstieluvsmax yessssss@mandylou111 stay tuned for special news this weekend@adamsmadams always!!@mandylou111 my moustache got in a fight with the tape! Btw. How much do u want me to come sing rrr songs in UK?@TheKnightStuffx it was beyond fun! Dallas will be great. Congrats @JeffParshleySo cool!! Can't wait to see it! RT @Runxandersmith: Thx to @NOH8Campaign @bouska and @JeffParshley today. fu… (cont) http://deck.ly/~UOrmT
Retweeted by Xander Smith@jojobananaface @TommyJoeRatliff @JeffParshley this is def Not from our photo shoot. Lol. Or was I drunk?Thx to @NOH8Campaign @bouska and @JeffParshley today. fun pic but real RRR r coming :) http://yfrog.com/khncosrnjNOH8+RRR:THX@NOH8Campaign @JeffParshley @bouska @PauleyP @TommyJoeRatliff @Luvthe1yourwith http://yfrog.com/khcsvktqj
Ok battery dead. Bye bye from dland. NOH8 photo shoot tmrw for @RunRunRunMusic Gnite kids http://yfrog.com/keih9yskjIttttssss a smaaallll worldddd! @Rx3_StreetTeam @RunRunRunMusic is def covering this song http://yfrog.com/kl4ayioj@LaynieDane @HannaBec itsss a smallll world after all. Next up watershow &fast pass over at splash mtn. Did HM, pirates, Indiana j@sauce_e_minx Da!!! I am Sashenka :)what's next? SMALL WORLD. i've decided I will take peeps to disneyland. Let's discuss this for reals! Rachel - dworld IS awesomeDisneyland rules! I might by some Mickey ears now http://yfrog.com/ki1eznzj1 min to fireworks http://yfrog.com/klxubdujhttp://yfrog.com/ke57dyej@parasolka Natasha Uri OlgaU menya 3 ruske druga at Disneyland http://yfrog.com/kkupaunj@dana1220 all of them!@omgelvis "I know you are but what am I?" -pee weeDland railroad gonna headup over to space mountain now http://yfrog.com/ke7bvjj@Grrrr_girl I am showing my russian friends dland for the first time@adamsmadams what about when rrr plays at hob anaheim on Oct 6?@margo8461 Tranz k may play at hob anaheim at Disney on Aug 10. Just went on haunted mansion. YayI'm at disneyland...again. Go mark twain and tom Sawyer island http://yfrog.com/kjywbejHey kids http://bit.ly/oGdEfu check out @Monterrific amazing performance from boston. Thanks @juneauxena @lcmediallc its awesome!Fun times at @TranzK/ Steel Panthers with @VampBeastie @HideUrFeathers @nynex @Luvthe1yourwith @brycef @Runxandersmith & co! #iloveLA
Retweeted by Xander Smithparty at Tranz k with @omgelvis @rhealitre @willambelli @TranzK http://yfrog.com/kkhgwjgj
@JuneauXena yes yes yes. plz send me link to archive of montes streaming from boston. Need a monte fix!Tour poster by @tru_cisco http://t.co/me9oKc2 ... Tour video by @AlekSpeck http://t.co/iJ97M0K ... what's @Runxandersmith gonna make us??
Retweeted by Xander Smith@crazycraz09 I cee youuu tooOmg big night in LA. @TranzK at hob and @TommyJoeRatliff and Ravi @isaacthecarp tonight at cheetahs@LaurieLovesAdam @TommyJoeRatliff @IsaacTheCarp @TheRaviDhar can't cuz I play in Tranz k 2nite at hob! Good luck tjr, ravi & isaacHi everyone. Ok I'm awake now. Was up too late watching episodes of UK comedy The Mighty Boosh :)@phoenixgal69 oh yeah!
@BUSYBEE8 so funny. That jt is pretty talented for sure and I grew up on iron maiden :)@omgelvis send me all names for tmrw. I can get y'all in for $5. Beats the $20 they try to charge. :)@margo8461 @Yrs4asong Oct 1 will be a fun show and we can all hang out :)Congrats to @Monterrific and all the folks in Boston for a great ustream performance tonight. Lots of happy folks :) @lcmediallctranz k is earlier than usual. 10PM. Fb our invite to get in for $5. Mon july 18 hob la http://yfrog.com/kln9evij@omgelvis 10:15 real time@omgelvis @Luvthe1yourwith Tranz kkkkkkkkkk weehooo!Tranz k is monday 7-18 at house of blues. Everyone will go crazy fo sho @TranzK @willambelli @rhealitre @tru_cisco @Monterrific@MrsTongueTanya yes maybe if u invite me :) we can eat Borscht, yes?@Rx3_StreetTeam @Runxandersmith I just heard the song Pico on the TV show, which I look. Actually only the music, without words. It's great!
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Thank baby Jesus I stayed home tonight! The best show ever is SNL with JT and Gaga http://yfrog.com/kegn7fwjCheck out "Pico" http://t.co/GPX1yhG & follow @RunRunRunMusic @RunXanderSmith @tru_cisco @alekspeck @douglaspalmerun @nicspeck
Retweeted by Xander Smith@Glamtravler I drew Xmas tree@citygirl36 omg. Just u waitI forgot to mention I'm at a "Carmageddon" party. Our main freeway is closed for repairs! http://yfrog.com/kjep2dqjPartying with this guy @Rx3_StreetTeam @Monterrific @rhealitre http://yfrog.com/khc0jqqjLooks like its bingo by the pool in cali. Damn its tough living in LA. Lol http://yfrog.com/khlfeanjHey I might be down for some boggle http://yfrog.com/kfcv5rgj@TranzK @nicspeck @Runxandersmith @willambelli @ArdenFisher @HOBSunset @charliepaulson @itsVickyVox @RheaLitre http://twitpic.com/5r9cd7
Retweeted by Xander SmithHey kids. big ups to @Monterrific who is rocking house parties in Philly and Boston this weekend. Have fun everyone :)
Have Rock, Will Travel... to a city near you!! http://yfrog.com/kk0fx1j @Runxandersmith @tru_cisco @alekspeck @douglaspalmerun @nicspeck
Retweeted by Xander Smith@JessSeinfeld families sharing twitter:) I can't even get my mom to learn how to text.Ps- we enjoyed jerrys show at Caesars before