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singer/instigator/recovering hipster-shoezager new solo record #Outside @runrunrunmusic http://t.co/nSyANgzWWg

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Great job! Love u long time!! @willambelli #iTunesFun! I chatted with TJR last Sat. They need HK with 'em @LindsayInTheSky :))))) http://t.co/bh6NXbPcHey @SeattleSusieQ guess what's on the way to Seattle???? Could be this?? http://t.co/TE2jvYbDKansas City? Fun! Now why was adam there?? They got good venue there called "record bar" and @kcinkcity @missnisha6849How r ya?? Miss ya!!! @SCmtnbert@SCmtnbert hi. Long story I wrote I included today in all the KS packages. I'll post it on my website soon for sure@jazzyjessy_88 not sure :( RRR was there a lot in last couple years in mplsHang in there-soon enough-just saw the video on Fuse-Where is adam? What city? @missnisha6849 @jazzytag @adamlambert #TRESPASSING@JeaninePolitte @jazzyjessy_88 oh hello there. Boy your kickstarter package is SUPER FANCY miss San Diego :)@FierceMama_ hey back to OZ. So all you aussies and kiwis. HEY SAN PEDRO will be on itunes mext month :)))@jazzyjessy_88 haha pretty alright!! Lol Prince is from Minnesota and so is Little House on the Prairie :)))@glamhalo hey there asheville is cool. That's where @ColorsParker RRR tour asst is working now :)@Isolde_13 @adamsmadams after 4 hours at the post office/ups/hallmark store I'm in bed already eating strawberries and tweeting!!!RT @XenaPW @JeaninePolitten Great news! @Runxandersmith will join @JuneauXena & me on March 28th for Radio Show chat, music & Hello Kitty?
Retweeted by Xander SmithLand of 10000 lakes :)@jazzyjessy_88 @HannaBec @Zoodlemouse13 @LindsayInTheSky @FierceMama_ @danigyrly @texshellbell @IllyBatBaby@AlakiNoelle thank u very much :)@adamsmadams @Isolde_13 I owe Miss ivette her very own HEY SAN PEDRO cd. Come and get it ladies!!! :)))@spindlespindle1 hello kitty wears size 2 I think?? :))))Hey everybody from LA @HannaBec @Zoodlemouse13 @LindsayInTheSky @jazzyjessy_88 @FierceMama_ @danigyrly @texshellbell @IllyBatBabyHey @adamsmadams when will I see you again???Can u get thrown in jail for stealing postage stamps?? Haha @LCMediaLLC @Monterrific@P0NDWATER I miss u that's all. Happy monday :)))Hey there. How ya been??? :) @P0NDWATER @sugarsgonesour_Omg I need a kickstarter to pay for the kickstarter mailing! Lol On its way to y'all XOXO http://t.co/fGsj7zEnOmg where is SHE going??? Seattle, Russia, New Zealand? Hello Kitty brought HEY SAN PEDRO http://t.co/CkicC00VA little sad to say bye bye to TETRIS socks but they have good HK company :) http://t.co/2d4PltS9
Hey @JuneauXena @XenaPW me thinks its time to tell more tales of Hello kitty and my other fancy amigos! HEY SAN PEDRO is here :)))@margcellent HK pic was a-mazing@jrl215 @KeliGreenEyes woot woot!!New cd goes out tmrw!!!!! Hey san pedro!!Yay. Hi everyone. I ate like 3 green frosting cupcakes from st pattys day. Running around in circles. Do zombies like frosting?:))Are u all sleeping??? Where is everybody. Tweet tweet tweet?Ummmm. Is it creepy to be taking pics of strangers' cars?? Lol HK forever!!!!! http://t.co/mwnrAj5tOmg can't wait for post office! Just handed @glamtravler her package. Yay!!! http://t.co/Kl2R5oPsKickstarter party at Xander's apt everybody @Rx3_StreetTeam @monterrific @kcinkcity WOOT! http://t.co/PSYgdc2OHey every1. Run Run Run is back in action next week. Look its excited Doug and @tru_cisco http://t.co/dHE4cfVF
@TheDanHolguin hiiiii. Yes RRR version is on Itunes. Look up "endless winter Run Run Run". Solo cd is coming next month. Miss uThis guy is ready for ST PATTYs day for sure!! http://t.co/hqb1x8SG@Franeriffic was my favorite thing I did all day next to watching the Color Purple!! Yer very welcome!Tweet if u want a copy of HEY SAN PEDRO :)Everybody have a great saturday! So much gratitude as we're gettin' ready to mail out "Hey San Pedro" to y'all @Rx3_StreetTeamIndie breakfast!! Lol @risingmagazine @AdamsWench @danzr4ever @kcinkcity @monterrific http://t.co/9roJxHxBSomebody gots a canoe cuz Its raining in LA. Watch out!@crazycraz09 depends on what kinda puppy? Maybe Miss Xandy. LolOmg I'm soooo hungry. #jealous @danzr4ever @AdamsWench @Monterrific
My neighbour, who is deaf, is bangin on the wall :-\ think @runxandersmith may be turned up a bit too loud
Retweeted by Xander SmithThis FF# goes out to @glamtravler for her love n support of HEY SAN PEDRO http://t.co/PCiZTet9@Runxandersmith I will see u next. Week. In SD Xander. Going to be Fun Fun Big Fun and celebrating my bd and Jennifer bd. @southernpinoy
Retweeted by Xander SmithGreat!! Will we see you in LA too or in SD?? Can't wait to rock u! @southernpinoy @adamswench@Artistsupporter show is on thursday. Then we can all get dinner after and maybe even do something Friday afternoon?? Fun times :)
@Artistsupporter heyyyyy did u get your ticket to Seattle to come get your hug from me on Apr 26?? Wink wink wink :)))Hey why are all the russians coming to LA?? :)) I've been asleep all day. Did I miss any twitter action??3/24 LA VIPER ROOM is close to sold out! Get your tix ASAP for @mumiytroll & @runrunrunmusic HERE: http://t.co/PEu2sikwThank u guys so much for believing in me and this album :) HEY SAN PEDRO is my shoulder to cry on... @Monterrific @Debberrific
Omg!! Its here. HEY SAN PEDRO is born. I'm going to Disneyland to celebrate RT peeps http://t.co/aArez2PhMy blackberry is dumb. Can't stream anything apparently :(Tweeetttterrrs!!! Where u at???? Adam stream is over lolGot my Seattle plane tckt! XANDER ks show Thu April 26- Plz spread the word CANADA, WASHGTN, ALASKA & OREGON http://t.co/L1bpgBYa
@asherly89 I wish I was sneezing now :))))Who's those girls?? :) @mapetiteamore http://t.co/DiUM18PMGet your tix now - Russian band @MumiyTroll_ w/ LA's finest @RunRunRunMusic @casbahsandiego 3/25/12 http://t.co/68RS5kKJ @Runxandersmith
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Thinking of you guys <3 @runxandersmith @kcinkcity @MaPetiteAmore @margcellent @4Adam4Life @AdamsWench @Phoenixgal69 http://t.co/bWMk5iNZ
Retweeted by Xander Smith@_Light_Dark_BB happpppy b day to u!!!
Me and my own bed go 2gether like peas n carrots. Yay I'm finally home in LA :))) http://t.co/3oNuYHJJBye bye NYC. Beautiful sunday morning farewell http://t.co/4sPHs8CIHello @glambee666 One year since 3/11. Gambare JAPAN!!
Crazy thought! What about y'all fly to California for both RRR shows w/ Mumiy Troll SAT 3/24 Viper Room LA SUN 3/25 Casbah SD :)))@smellzlikeroses hello!!!San diego will RULE!! Can't wait :) @AdamsWench @southernpinoy @Rx3_StreetTeamHey everybody! Is that officially France?? http://t.co/aDdxLnbNToday is just another walk in Central Park :) http://t.co/7qYfpMm7Have a great friday everybody from the fancy Hotel Carlyle :) FF# everybody http://t.co/gdWB9gXS@thejuicyjus we miss u too!
Yay for women ALL AROUND THE WORLD :))) @MusicalAbusePrivet ladies since it is international women's day in Russia http://t.co/d8pNIryaGerman mother/daughter en route to Lady liberty today. Lovely nyc weather 2day http://t.co/z5KL1cVNHey kids-on my way to lady liberty. Pic of german mother/daughter
Oh lookee here Xandy and Clive are now bestees! he came to see Herb Alpert...of course :) http://t.co/3bBQ0CQ7Just met Clive Davis.... Woah...Happy birthday @DaeshMolodejj @glamary71Its my new roomie in new york city http://t.co/zhDY9aVa
Check out a video I shot Sunday - @Runxandersmith playing a new song, Horrible, at the Living Room in NYC! http://t.co/af8MXxLY
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Lol. Live woody allen then off to cruise nyc with @nicspeck where's @runrunrunmusic :) http://t.co/j7gAgvdqI'm hanging with @nicspeck in NYC watching Woody Allen play clarinet @Rx3_StreetTeam http://t.co/QCqpDc3I@loriandjava @TommyJoeRatliff that's silly. I thought he just looks like he's laughing super hard! But what were we looking at???Thanks millymills 4 cool shot of me n' @TommyJoeRatliff Fun times! Where was that taken?? http://t.co/eGN8Tqtb@Glamgasmic @monterrific don't pick on monte. He's from texas and they don't ice skate. Lol@glamgran58 idaho!!?? Weehoo! Come join us for seattle xander kickstarter show April 26!! :)@AdamsWench @glamgran58 @keligreeneyes @mapetiteamore @kcinkcity SD woot woot!!
Okay so final tweet goes out to the amazing @mapetiteamore thx for making NYC so great! Xo http://t.co/87Cv6lRRRockefeller Cntr @monterrific @mapetiteamore @stellina429 @NoSilverNoGold @marianbpainter http://t.co/3k5XTclaUh @monterrific there's no ice skating in Texas? @MontesAngels1 @Monte_StreetF @kcinkcity http://t.co/PJI7epKpAaahhhhhhh yay ice skating!! http://t.co/DNT91R34Thai food and then ice skating in NYC next http://t.co/4fxjIV57RT @margmusical RT @Monterrific: Just played "Cold" with @Runxandersmith and Herb Alperts band at Xander's @kickstarter party in NYC....
Retweeted by Xander SmithOmg #hellokittyobsession HK NYC @livingroomny @monterrrific @Rx3_StreetTeam @mapetiteamore http://t.co/woExffox@MzzQ2U I'm in nyc!! Send your peeps to the free show. 4-6pm 154 ludlow stMe + very special guests today in NYC! Who are they??? Hmmm...?Xander kickstarter show. Woot woot! @Rx3_StreetTeam @mapetiteamore@BCDeAnne amazing
NYC @Runxandersmith show 2m, followed by ice skating! Somebody, please video the songs and the inevitably hilarious slipping/sliding after!
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OMFG they are here!! HEY SAN PEDRO thx and happy bday to @kcinkcity :) http://t.co/F3f4LYE1Get ready folks!!! Today is the day. Kickstarters will be receiving info for download of #HeySanPedro Xander Smith solo record- :)FF# @mapetiteamore @loriandjava @margcellent @libracatz @JeaninePolitte @seattlesusieq @MontesAngels1 @Monte_StreetF @glamtravlerFF# @kcinkcity @adamlambert @risingmagazine @PauleyP @SteveMartinToGo @runrunrunmusic @NOH8Campaign @willambelli and #HelloKitty
I might have to skip my own show for a cruise on THIS!! Just kidding-Mickey's docked in NY http://t.co/i7i0norJIce skating afterparty w/Xander (@Runxandersmith) THIS SUNDAY - Mar 4th 7:30-10pm. Contact me here ==> http://t.co/Y4wat3Cp
Retweeted by Xander SmithHERB ALPERT's band will join me this sunday in NYC for songs from my solo record, HEY SAN PEDRO. #lucky google Herb Alpert kids :)
Omg they made this very cute corner for moi thanks @livingroomny @mapetiteamore http://t.co/mcb4XN5zRT @Runxandersmith: XANDER SMITH this SUNDAY 3/4 in NYC @livingroomny 4-6pm KICKSTARTER PARTY!!! http://t.co/yUtEHs0f
Retweeted by Xander Smith@NoSilverNoGold NJ in da house!!!!! :))))I'm scoping out the living room rt now! Its awesome! Can't wait for Sun show :) BE THERE! http://t.co/MNdiREI7@timesmasher heyyyy. Yer pretty lucky! I'm taking u to vegas next time :)XANDER SMITH this SUNDAY 3/4 in NYC @livingroomny 4-6pm KICKSTARTER PARTY!!! http://t.co/KoOVQaeyWhat?? @Libra_Fietje no way!! I didn't see that..hmmm. He MUST have borrowed my rubber duckee! That TJR is a scoundrel :) bubbles!Helpppppp http://t.co/a9bSDysdHmmm... Maybe I shouldn't use the whole bottle of hotel bubble bath next time? NYC weehoo! http://t.co/vAWX8tzP
Lol. Now that's too hard to spell :) thx @mandyyyyxOmg. I'm in the top floor mick jagger suite of the Hotel Carlyle with tony danza and regis fillman right now! Uh..woah!Ok that's the biggest chicken pot pie I've ever seen! Thx NYC http://t.co/xi8LyDrP
Who's coming 2C Xander (@Runxandersmith) NYC show? THIS SUNDAY - Mar 4th at @livingroomny 4-6pm. RSVP here ==> http://t.co/Y4wat3Cp
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Uh yes!!! 4ever! @AlakiNoelle @Artistsupporter Xander solo April 26 in Seattle at the gibson showroom. I'm thinking u need to come
@Artistsupporter xoxoxoxoHappiest place on earth... Next to disneyland!! http://t.co/s9ZlO9g4NYC!!! http://t.co/zDLZ9NriHey kids I'm off to NYC today. I'll be there all week AND plz come to my show next Sunday Mar 4 4pm @LIVINGROOMny ICE Skating Too!Songs recorded, check. Music mastered, check. Artwork perfected, check. CDs being pressed, check. I'M GOING TO NY!!!@glitzylady just posted it today! Spread the word Gibson showroom says we can have many folks :))))@glitzylady hey APR 26. There is an invite now on FB. Go look "xander smith seattle kickstarter show". Come join us!Hi @panameragirl xoxo and hugs to texas http://t.co/5FFkWOiK come see me in NYC or SEATTLe wink wink. New songs almost hereHey @litigatrix2 big HK hug and I WANT that puzzle or else. See u APR 26 in seattle xo http://t.co/5FFkWOiKAnd for u @adamsmadams how ya doin? We missed u last nite. Hugs to u http://t.co/5FFkWOiK xoxoHi @avagandy how r u? Miss u but here's a shout and hug to you http://t.co/5FFkWOiK :) new songs almost hereFirst HK hug tonight goes AGAIN to @libracatz cuz she rules! http://t.co/5FFkWOiK
@Pegs223 ok. I followed all of em that let me :))Ok step 1-hide credit car step 2-admit HK owns my soul step 3-repeat 1 & 2. http://t.co/445tYnowAaaaaahgghghhhg. I can't even handle this right now!! http://t.co/SdmJdlxr#FF @Runxandersmith @Rx3_StreetTeam @SocialGlambert @KeliGreenEyes @IndieMusicBus @AdamsWench @Cynthilu @RisingMagazine @RumbleU @PR4MP
Retweeted by Xander Smith#FF @RunRunRunMusic @Runxandersmith @nicspeck @Douglaspalmerun @AlekSpeck @Rx3_StreetTeam @kcinkcity
Retweeted by Xander SmithSupport indie music & #FF @TheDanHolguin @Runxandersmith @LeoMoctezuma @MiKEMUNiCH @KingQueen @tru_cisco @bencaron2005 @BPMAJOR @sam_sparro
Retweeted by Xander Smith#FF the fabulous @runrunrunmusic guys @runxandersmith @tru_cisco @nicspeck @Douglaspalmerun @AlekSpeck Can't wait to see #WHATSNEXT!!
Retweeted by Xander Smith#FF @DreamSutra @steph4sure @Showgirlsindrag @Runxandersmith @talidemar @tru_cisco @LatriceRoyale @SHARON_NEEDLES @DiDaRitz @keshasuxx
Retweeted by Xander SmithNew CD is done. Check out http://t.co/gW0WfDoP and kickstarters plz look for new MP3 today. Woot woot! @Rx3_StreetTeamApart from loud, drunk but almost sold out crowd &near RIOT,show was Awesome at ViperRoom http://t.co/HTKJgkpYHere's your super hug @AthenaFatale http://t.co/5FFkWOiK xoxoxo g nite from LaLa landHi @cctexasgirl might have been all that burnin EMOtion:) Thx to everyone that came out! Next stop NYC on Mar 4-More Xander riots!Hey @outlandogirl u missed a riot at my show but not this amazing hug http://t.co/5FFkWOiK love XandypandaThank u @waternai for coming out! U rule and deserve an amazing Viper Room shout out and http://t.co/5FFkWOiKHey @granni9 how goes it?? Here a hug for your awesome support on my new music. Thank u so much http://t.co/5FFkWOiK@kapaki hells yeah! My love songs cause LA riots!! LolHey @tigrr13 u rule and deserve a late night HK hug xoxo http://t.co/5FFkWOiK smooch and stuffHey @mellenbo here's a Hello kitty tweet from the Viper Room. Thx for being awesome on KS http://t.co/5FFkWOiK and I miss WKRPOmg why was their a RIOT at my acoustic show 2nite??? Holy viper room police and fire engines
Don't worry kids-Runnin 10 min late her at 'ole Viper Room-Johnny depp keeps looking at me http://t.co/hC74IQsxLA peeps! Who's going to the Viper Room tonight to support @Runxandersmith ?? Pics/videos, pleeeeeeeease!!
Retweeted by Xander Smith@JeaninePolitte @theVIPERroom awwww! Yer gonna miss me playing with NO PANTS!! Just kidding!! HahaWeeehoooo!! Love it @southernpinoy @adamswench @swan20Who needs starbucks?? Coffee for the rush hour drive thru LA! http://t.co/XhH664t8Big day Tomorrow -new CD goes to get pressed and I perform at Viper Room solo first time :) http://t.co/gW0WfDoP. G nite worldLast tweet 2nite @dcsunset44 for supporting the new cd on KS. I'm honored by you and so is hello kitty :) http://t.co/5FFkWOiKHugs to @_lilzy and a follow for being so supportive to me and my kickstarter xoxo http://t.co/5FFkWOiK :)))Hey @massmore here's a tweet from LA and big thx for your pledge and awesome bass tone http://t.co/5FFkWOiK GENZ BENZ rules!@DaeshMolodejj DA DA DA!!!@AlakiNoelle seattle on apr 26 and nyc mar 4 is closest right now. :)Hi @beviegirl I love iowa! We love ankeny,iowacity,desmoines and more :) here's a LA hug http://t.co/5FFkWOiK xoxoMaple leaves and big hugs to @alakinoelle. http://t.co/5FFkWOiK canada is awesome :)thx for your support n luv on kickstarterHi @stellina429. I'm almost to the East coast weeehooo http://t.co/5FFkWOiK xoxoxoxo big west coast hug to YOUHey @lisalisansd can't wait to come to SD! Big kickstarter hug to u http://t.co/5FFkWOiK love n hugs from Xandy
Be jealous cuz (1) just heard final mix of new Xander CD (2) wearing shorts 2day:) http://t.co/vVM52HTY
big thanks to @tru_cisco for creating the amazing artwork for the new Xander CD! hi five - he is SO multitalented :)))))I wish i was in OHIO for @cynthilu to give this big http://t.co/5FFkWOiK in person. was so great seeing you in LALA landhi @dayflower1 thx so much for your KS love and here's a big hug 4 U http://t.co/5FFkWOiK new music soon!!Hey @shadow_505 y'all ready for a HK hug in Texas? http://t.co/5FFkWOiK see you in Houston this Spring i hope xoxoFor now http://t.co/5FFkWOiK will suffice for @JackieLNelson until i give u real 1 this April in Seattle-#bringumbrellahey @myndzeye don't work too hard 2day cuz it's time for a http://t.co/5FFkWOiK break for being so awesome! xoxoxoHere's a goodnight hug http://t.co/5FFkWOiK to @jojobananaface in the UK for support & luv on kickstarter-new music soonhow about a big twitter hug for @loriandjava http://t.co/5FFkWOiK for more luv&support than a guy could ask for! xoxoHey kids I'm at @gibson90210 @gibsonguitar in bev hills taping 2 new songs @Rx3_StreetTeam http://t.co/GUkD9Rk7Here's @Runxandersmith 's FB invite for Thursday's Viper Room show: http://t.co/6DInCjEj Join for $10 tix! Playing songs from new cd #Down
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Come see Xander in (@Runxandersmith) NYC! Just 2 wks to Mar 4th show at @livingroomny 4-6pm. Be there!! ==> http://t.co/Y4wat3Cp
Retweeted by Xander SmithLoverly @margcellent you are the bestest and here's my last KS http://t.co/5FFkWOiK for today for you darling! xoxoxoxoeveryone should follow @kla_t cuz she's the bomb. hugs to ya darling (ps-come to NYC on 3/4) http://t.co/5FFkWOiKhey hey hey to the UK @omgelvis super duper hug all the way across the pond to u http://t.co/5FFkWOiKhows @deidreinorbit today? do you need a big hug http://t.co/5FFkWOiK for being so cool and supporting KS? i think so :)hey @bsmith72891 you may not want a Hello Kitty hug http://t.co/5FFkWOiK but too bad cuz you rule and here it is :)))Hey @pegs223 happy pred day and big HUG http://t.co/5FFkWOiK to you for all your luv/support on my kickstarter. xoxoattention @linusbadseed you need a huge HUG from me and HK http://t.co/5FFkWOiK cuz you rule and i love u!!Hello @dukeharebert hows about a big hug http://t.co/5FFkWOiK from me and Hello Kitty for yer awesome support on KS?? :)
Hey there lori! Yer amazing that's all there is to it! :))) @loriandjava @dougiesauris2 weeks to Xander's (@Runxandersmith) NYC show. Mar 4 at @livingroomny 4-6pm. Be there!! ==> http://t.co/Y4wat3Cp
Retweeted by Xander Smith@Glamlilly Xander loves Ukraine!!!Love and http://t.co/5FFkWOiK goes to @jeaninepolitte. Can't wait for our KS party in SD on June 23! Fun fun funSunday hugs http://t.co/5FFkWOiK to @GlamPimpLinda. Thx for all your awesome support of my kickstarter and this new music. XoHey @finewinebaby you think HelloKitty would like the Golden Gate? Big http://t.co/5FFkWOiK for u from LA :)))Not to leave out the amazing @Isolde_13 who def gets a big hug from LA this morning xo http://t.co/5FFkWOiKDearest @alikat1323 missing you very very much xoxo big hug to you 2day http://t.co/5FFkWOiK xoSunday http://t.co/5FFkWOiK to @luv2laugh77 hope we get to see u in NYC on 3/4?? Miss ya and thx for your luv/supportAre u asleep or awake in Japan @glambee666 cuz u need a big Hug like HelloKitty http://t.co/5FFkWOiKGood morning @alabranda. Here's a twit hug http://t.co/5FFkWOiK for being so cool and backing my kickstarter! Thx cindySweet dreams of unicorns, snow cones, and dancing polar bears! Hello Kitty for president in 2012! Xander in NYC 3/4, Seattle 4/26That's very cool! Hi five :)) @southernpinoy @Artistsupporter @Monterrific @AdamsWench