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singer/instigator/recovering hipster-shoezager new solo record #Outside @runrunrunmusic http://t.co/nSyANgzWWg

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Thx @PauleyP @TommyJoeRatliff @VERONICABELLINO for my new T shirt back in studio 2day #SMF http://t.co/uGFKKFUAYes that's a drag queen in our "Pico" video! Look for @detoxicunt http://t.co/NN24cYSM @runrunrunmusic @MichaelGoorjianI liked a @YouTube video from @runxandersmith http://t.co/VCYUK5RJ "Oh Caitlin" - Xander Smith - Gibson LA Showr
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Omg You tube is Amazing! Ps-justine bateman totally hit on me then snubbed me one time. Lol http://t.co/xPhRYvp7@addimaree Strawberry twizzlers rule my universe!!!!!Hello tweeters???? Are u all sleeping?? Holla back! I'm in pajamas eating twizzlers, and watching Olivia Newton John on you tubeHey world! Happy Monday from LA. Latest Summer blogs, pics and show info! Go look & plz RT: http://t.co/gW0RI3nVCUUUTE!! RT @jojobananaface: Look what came. @dcsunset44 @Runxandersmith my phone is now kitty-fied. Jealous? :P http://t.co/OmcN01RU
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Its my pleasure! Have a great day :)) @Glambert_4_everHey @JordanChriz I'll be playing in Hamburg GERMANY on Aug 25. Join us http://t.co/qf3jrYEnThx @THEKINGDMC 4 the shout out @PauleyP its a pic of You/PP at HOB @NOH8Campaign :)Xander http://t.co/YBAgpWwSFS#@risingmagazine Thx 4 support of #HeySanPedro &@runrunrunmusic #StopMakingFriends next? http://t.co/GlanAx1ZHey @TommyJoeRatliff is lyin! We've decided to quit music, eat only brown rice w/hot sauce & drive a taco truck 2gether! @shortymom69
Yup, Me @TommyJoeRatliff @RunXanderSmith & @VeronicaBellino are in the band, see? :) http://t.co/2Vo1HWbW
Retweeted by Xander SmithIts OFFICIAL!!! Come see Run Run Run in MOSCOW- AUG 21 plz RT http://t.co/ywiQze2A @RunRunRunMusic @Rx3_StreetTeam @tru_ciscoThx @PauleyP for sharing your HK studio wonderfulness @TommyJoeRatliff @VERONICABELLINO http://t.co/6AsFyfC3Hey UK! See y'all in Manchester. AUG 26. Fun surprises i promise! Click "going" at http://t.co/hOZSNg3FJust had a fun, productive couple of days, in the studio with @PauleyP @Runxandersmith & @veronicabellino! 🎶🎸🍣🍸
Retweeted by Xander Smith@Bloody_Lou sad face! No school! Only MUSIC all the time :))))))))))) follow back GERMANYHey carolin @Bloody_Lou Join us in Hamburg on Aug 25 :)))) http://t.co/qf3jrYEn
hey these will fit me, right?? Hello Kitty 4ever!! http://t.co/7DkP6SLLHangin with @skrillex @PauleyP @TommyJoeRatliff making crazy MusiK!
Sitting here watchin @TommyJoeRatliff playin' killer bass on @PauleyP AMAZING secret sauce project!my gtr aint so shabby neither:)Hi to Russia Latvia Norway Germany UK Sweden! I'm coming in August. If u are ready, tweet me back now! I can't sleep! #HeySanPedro
Run Run Run in Moscow Aug21 at 16 tons club-Plz RT @alena_filina @parasolka @Fairytale_Lady @m_likhtenfeld @DivaZella @palka_analkaPrivet Russia! Moscow show for Run Run Run is AUG 21 at 16 Tons Club. Ticket info soon! Bring all your friends @RunRunRunMusicLove that they share my Hello Kitty obsession! @SeattleSusieQ @lyndseyparker @AndrewWK
Amazing turnout and fun times at @buzzbandsla tonight. Thx all http://t.co/GwAAM5F2I am SO California Dreamin' right now!! @Runxandersmith at Buzzbands LA tonight, plus Xander & @tru_cisco 6/30 http://t.co/hJUrtjme #Envy :)
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NEW BLAHG posted at @Runxandersmith's website: http://t.co/cq3SHiPR - scroll down to see fun pics!
Retweeted by Xander Smith@Phoenixgal69 yup 6/30 @Runxandersmith house party here SD 7/19 Adam costa Mesa 7/21 Adam Fantasy springs
Retweeted by Xander SmithYes @dcsunset44 @argeneau miss @jojobananaface will b at Manchester show since the universe has made me her fav spirit animal! :)Hey @argeneau me thinks these cool folks will b at Xander UK show 8/26 @mandylou111 @KeighleyUK @LambritsUK @omgelvis @dcsunset44Lol. Happy twitter b day @UKGlambert. Come hang w/ me in the UK this august 26 :))http://t.co/rpstSoo9 @mandylou111If YOU r in LA, come see me perform TUES at BUZZbands.LA! http://t.co/DRy7ROaS joining me @ardenfisher @chriscano @buzzbandsla
hi Europe-Xander &RRR: Riga8/19;Moscow 8/21;Oslo 8/23;Hamburg8/25;Mnchstr8/26;SwedenTBA;Ekaterinaburg8/31 http://t.co/gW0RI3nVFirst Me & @TommyJoeRatliff & @RunXanderSmith tame photo in meeting about what your gonna LOVE! http://t.co/uF7aLJA4
Retweeted by Xander SmithYes, thank u @PauleyP for inviting me & @TommyJoeRatliff over for awesome food and crazy fun! Gnite awesome PP!Hey do they have tequila in Moscow? ))@Aleks_Glambert see you on Aug 21 w/ @runrunrunmusic@smallblueangel @TommyJoeRatliff @PauleyP stand by... I have a feeling...Super fun! And thumbs way up for the chile rellenos. Yum! Yum! Yum! @TommyJoeRatliff @PauleyP
Hi. I'm hello kitty. I'm listening to Depeche Mode right now cuz they pretty much rule http://t.co/57dAlPzfGettin' mexican food 2nite with @pauleyp @TommyJoeRatliff Chips/Salsa. Yum.@MontesAngels1 #FF awww... Sweet! See u on june 30 in SD :))))))Hey Anna @Glam4Mama coming to Oslo 8/23 and now we r looking into Sweden. :)) #HeySanPedroSan Diego @RunXanderSmith of @RunRunRunMusic will perform songs off Hey San Pedro 6/30/12 w @tru_cisco https://t.co/wJT6zLdn RSVP by 6/16
Retweeted by Xander SmithFond memories 4 this lineup @warnwillis @TommyJoeRatliff @Monterrific @Runxandersmith Final gig was 1yr ago 2day in ChiTown!@Cuckoo_TJR_Vamp @mandylou111 @LambritsUK #hiderazors. No Wayy!! I'm scared! Moustache 4ever in UK! @TommyJoeRatliff @NOH8CampaignFF# these awesome musicians for joining me on #HeySanPedro shows @ardenfisher @chriscano @TedGowans @tru_cisco more to come!hey Russians. Will you come to see @runrunrunmusic in Moscow on 8/21? We Will rock you! @Rx3_StreetTeamClearly Tru is blowing up! I'm lucky he's letting me play :)) @adamsmadams @Shadow_505 @dougiesauris @tru_cisco @JeaninePolitte
Next Tues-Lot1 cafe @buzzbandsla I'll be joined onstage by @TranzK @ozomatli alumni @ardenfisher @chriscano http://t.co/DRy7ROaSHey all! please FOLLOW @runrunrunmusic we will be announcing Summer shows and links to music and merch @Rx3_StreetTeam
Are there any Def Leppard fans left? C'mon the boys from Sheffield r playin! #RockofAges http://t.co/FcthRxBtHoly Shit! On my way to see #defLeppard at #houseofblues. Thanks to @nicspeck. Shhh... Secret show :) #RockofAges #HighnDryOh yes! I'm coming to Hamburg 8/25. Get ready Germany!!! HK + #HeySanPedro :))@smallblueangel
HEY SCANDINAVIA - come join us in OSLO on 8/23! See details here: http://t.co/opDG11idGreat article in http://t.co/X82nFSAz @Monterrific. Thx so much for the mention of #HeySanPedro. Be safe & keep rockin!Follow my bandmate @runxandersmith and check out his new cd http://t.co/0Z0jlfKi
Retweeted by Xander Smithhttp://t.co/5n42FZuL @nownowband @_JoseGonzalez_ @The_National @VasDefrans @Runxandersmith @JarrellGuitars @SeymourDuncan
Retweeted by Xander SmithHey Europe! Xander solo+@runrunrunmusic shows in August 19-Riga 21-Moscow 23-Oslo 25-Hamburg 26-ManchesterUK http://t.co/CySDZGA3Hey @StevenUndefined Twitter is so boring 2nite but u have the best mssge for my good nite tweet. Its June 5 so BE EXCELLENT! :)U won't find me trying to look too cool 4 school! Lol #aftermybedtimeforsure http://t.co/1IRH7DSROmg! @scarlettcherry @adamlambert @leecherry remember this fun outfit?? Space oddity? Lol http://t.co/kE8n35r3Hey world! My new record #HeySanPedro is out now on iTunes! Check it out! :) http://t.co/0GweZgeT
Hey San Diego @RunXanderSmith of @RunRunRunMusic will perform songs off Hey San Pedro 6/30/12 w @tru_cisco https://t.co/wJT6zLdn
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Rockin out now to DEVO! one of the bestest bands ever! From Akron, Ohio! #YouMustWhipIt http://t.co/GdPukvYW@Thraceadams @mychemlove @felia01 u can contact Kerstin for all the details but sure sign up for FB. Its a party for sure :)))))Germany here I come. Aug 25 click "going" @mychemlove http://t.co/ZJmQ1UZJ @thraceadamsDamn str8t! See u this August UK fo sho! @KeighleyUK @GlamTravler @vintagetrouble @LambritsUK @mandylou111 @omgelvis #HeySanPedro
#FF @Runxandersmith because 1) he rocks (musically and personally) and 2) #HeySanPedro is on iTunes - get it now! http://t.co/cGsV4NTZ
Retweeted by Xander SmithThx Ted. U rule at guitar :) next time let's rock spandex and strobe lites! @TedGowans have fun 2nite at @heyoceanbandExcited for @Runxandersmith performance w/special guest @tedgowans !! #HeySanPedro #RockNRollaMTV @MusicSavesLives http://t.co/xbP48OYa
Retweeted by Xander SmithShow today w/ @tedgowans & jessy greene (foos) at MTV movie awards eco lounge. Big Thx to @Gibson90210 @gibsonguitar 4 inviting usIt's official. Xander Smith solo show in Germany. Plz RT and see u soon Hamburg! HK will be there! http://t.co/pNBvVSGOTwitter is boring tonight! I'm going to bed. Nite nite! :)))))))))). Love Xandypants http://t.co/44Ug6zP9))))) Good night from California see u AUG 21. Xoxo @DaeshMolodejj @Gagusik
Plz RT- Privet Russia! RRR has confirmed Moscow club for Aug 21! Venue name very soon! Get ready to Rock! SPACIBO! @runrunrunmusic#FF the man who will show Norway some REAL music August 23rd @ Skuret, Oslo @RunXanderSmith #HeySanPedro
Retweeted by Xander SmithHappy b day to @Gagusik from sunny los angeles :)Hi Poland- I follow @Suck_My_Glitter @KittyKaty182 @GlamKlaudis @AdamSaulilove66 @Naniy96 @blackGLAM17 @GlamMJ_MyWorld @jadoreYSLHey every1 FF# our friend and director of Pico video @MichaelGoorjian @Rx3_StreetTeam. Happy Friday ;)))Hello spain!!! @TJR_Spain
Gr8t rehearsal 2day w/ @runrunrunmusic @nicspeck @tru_cisco Getting ready for Riga arena 8/19 @AlekSpeck @Douglaspalmerun @rigapicHello Europe! Come rock w/ RRR Riga 8/19 Moscow 8/21+Xander Oslo 8/23 Hamburg 8/24-25 Manchester UK 8/26... More TBA weehooo!!Hiii :) we got the venue for Hamburg just waiting to for them to pick Fri or Sat Aug 24/25! Exciting @felia01 @Thraceadams
Spent the afternoon working on surprise for @pauleyp Did someone say guitars? Stay tuned... :))Do it! Mini-Cali Vacation folks makes sense? SFpride/AL in SF 6/23 + LA/Disney +Xander/Cisco SD 6/30 @JeaninePolitte @tru_cisco@Runxandersmith Momma @tranzk @lesbogasms Had SO much fun with u guys yesterday at Disney!! Thanks 4 the amazing tour!! HIDDEN MICKEYS!
Retweeted by Xander SmithHello Russia! I'm going to sleep now. Can't wait to see you August 21 in Moscow! Go listen to songs at http://t.co/gW0RI3nVHi Ali-I'm home safe from disneyland. Another kickstarter adventure in awesomeness thx @Rx3_StreetTeam @runrunrunmusic @lesbogasms
@Morgan_Dancer you need to go UNDER the right circumstances! Lol... :))))))))Alice in Its A Small World! Thx @lesbogasms @Sandishader for another gr8 D land adventure! http://t.co/g7BVLYysFinal tweet. Dead phone. Yay disneyland @Sandishader @lesbogasms http://t.co/l7enPkyaIts official! Coolest girl at Disneyland http://t.co/cYH3oESu@jojobananaface @dcsunset44 we want u in LA!!!