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singer/instigator/recovering hipster-shoezager new solo record #Outside @runrunrunmusic http://t.co/nSyANgzWWg

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@Runxandersmith love watching u show us how it's done. Maybe u escort me to Russia one day introduce me to your new friends on stage ? Tx
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New jams tonight with @runrunrunmusic ;)))))) and big show announcement tmrwTweeps! would you pay £10 to charity for a @runxandersmith t-shirt? need a quick feedback, gotta use this voucher in 24hrs! :D
Retweeted by Xander SmithGreat Artists..Must follow @cassidyhaley @scarlettcherry @HeyAdamMusic @Runxandersmith @chrisadamsuk @GoodbyeJune Request #RadioPlay
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Have a great Sunday! <3 <3 @JeaninePolitte @XenaPW @Runxandersmith @Rx3_StreetTeam @kcinkcity @smellzlikeroses @RadarEcho @Artistsupporter
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jet lag sucks!!! i think im sleepy and then i'm just up staring at random you tube clips of "BOY MEETS WORLD"Yep. This happened last night :) http://t.co/gohKBZ2sTranzK last nite @Runxandersmith &@theonlydetox http://t.co/xhCA4CJF
Retweeted by Xander SmithHoly shit! It's me and my real girlfriends in @tranzk http://t.co/8vAA3YFR
Friday night at viper room w/ @brentamaker and friends. Drag queens up next http://t.co/mpK91DgOOn my way to Viper Room! TK plays at midnight. Jet lag is kicking in so I should be hallucinating soon :) fun fun funHi @Willambelli at sound check and random creepy dude in cowboy hat that walked into viper room http://t.co/JtECsMqYMe on jet lag! http://t.co/bllBDXCRWelcome home @Runxandersmith and have a great show tonight @TranzK @tru_cisco @nickspeck !!
Retweeted by Xander SmithGo see @tranzk in LA & @Monterrific in nyc & @mumiytroll_ in London tonight!! And if yer in Russia/Ukraine eat Borscht))picks have arrived, now for the fiddley bit! :D @runxandersmith http://t.co/UhU7dJes
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I'm home LA! Thanks Europe hello my own bed!!!!!@Runxandersmith thank you for follow back:) it's very pleasure. And your concert yesterday was just...wow:):):)
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BYE BYE UKRAINE- HELLO MOSCOW then LA http://t.co/3j6TSCkVEverybody just go to @rhealitre and @willambelli & follow and look at everything they do. new video and fun stuff!!!It's 4am Thurs in Kiev but what about LA? #confused #blurry-eyed sleepy but heading home :)) http://t.co/wcmMzTl4So much fun in Kiev http://t.co/vOWBSn54Кто не определился с планами на вечер?) Сегодня в 21:30 @runxandersmith выступает в Киеве - клуб Диван. Вход свободный! http://t.co/GrkmqCpF
Retweeted by Xander SmithHello Kiev I will play at 9:30 (21:30) tonight at Divan club. I will come early to talk to everyone after 8 (20:09) ))
Good morning Kiev! Last show tonight-I'm gonna miss u Europe @runrunrunmusic http://t.co/EM93jQoC http://t.co/tSD2Ayf3Pomada Club DJ & Ukraine loves @adamlambert http://t.co/IsasWvA5 KIEV rules! So fun @TommyJoeRatliffme, @Shomina_Kristy @Annnnetka @Mirgorodskaya_M and our American friend @Runxandersmith http://t.co/1CfCq5fa
Retweeted by Xander SmithGood morning Kiev http://t.co/WtI9NTBi
More details for WED- Xander Kiev show; http://t.co/0bq5pUDWHello. At a private Ukrainian party. Models, billionaires , vodka , salmon and caviar. Mob ? Uh... Don't askMumiy Troll's debut English cd 'Vladivostok' OUT NOW in the UK - http://t.co/WmvAmTs6Does this Kiev spot look familiar ? Hint: #QUEEN @adamlambert ! @TommyJoeRatliff @runrunrunmusic http://t.co/X8O1ikBpInfo: Xander show at 9pm (21:00) on WED Sept 5 at Divan cafe in KievHey UKRAINE - RUSSIA! FREE Xander show WED 5/9/12 in KIEV at DIVAN. Please tell all your friends. http://t.co/dyerSwTNHello Kiev! I'm here http://t.co/BmZJ8p94
On my way to Ukraine now! Will be in Kiev by 3pm )))Goodbye Russia ((((((((( sad Xander Smith. I will miss you. Do Svidaniya http://t.co/j2415gUcUkrainian hipster!!! @tommyjoeratliff @pauleyp @tru_cisco @monterrific @eddyTM @mumiytroll_ http://t.co/Nv7Z8qeYHello moscow. I'm hiding out in your town at Georgian restaurant? Lol. Ukraine tmrw and Kiev show this wedAt the Moscow Christian Orthodox church http://t.co/aZaBzzT8
Yea I'm a tweetin' rootin' tootin' hello kitty maniac! Going to bed, gotta rest up for Ukraine @KittyGlitty #addicted@Runxandersmith #hellokitty ;-) http://t.co/MIwIbLNm
Retweeted by Xander Smith@TommyJoeRatliff @Runxandersmith http://t.co/WGv8Rk7q
Retweeted by Xander SmithEveryone come over :))) cheesecake and cappuccino http://t.co/OMpEEMFYHere I am I'm at coffee house komsomolsky prospect,25 )))I'm here now http://t.co/dqbkPeb6Xander Ukraine show in Kiev looks good for wed Sep 5 @Glaaaaambert I will arrive on Monday w/ my friends @mumiytroll_@Runxandersmith @SashaGagarin New Bar!!! http://t.co/ywpp7EQ9
Retweeted by Xander Smith@FeduninaAlena yes come down and lets all meetHello meet me at main stage. Gorky park party woot wootHeading now to Gorky park for Moscow celebration day!ahhh I'm in Moscow I need you guys HERE w/me! Missing' @PauleyP @tommyjoeratliff @veronicabellino @m_weatherly @calpernia#SoMuchGoingOn @RunRunRunMusic all over Russia, @Runxandersmith in Europe, @TranzK headlining @theVIPERroom and my show tmrw @HOBSunset
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Bye bye Ekaterinburg-Happy Sept 1 everyone! @TommyJoeRatliff @PauleyP @runrunrunmusic @mumiytroll_ http://t.co/NYPIIaQvSome of my Awesome gifts tonight. Thank u xoxo http://t.co/7t8neIQCGOOD NIGHT FROM EKATERINBURG! FISH FISH FISH !!! KISS KISS KISS @RUNRUNRUNMUSIC http://t.co/nzzRSG14Random. I come come to my flat/hotel and film the russian couple getting engaged right now ! http://t.co/Ew6BFStzКИНО - Когда Твоя Девушка Больна (KINO -When Your Girlfriend is Ill) @ New Bar @runxandersmith http://t.co/8NW3TtUZ
Retweeted by Xander SmithFucking cool!!!!! Ekaterinburg was amazing. )))))))) fuck yeah russia. I played Kino and Yesterday by Beatles#FF @sebabybaby @My__95 @xWhenLoveFails @Runxandersmith @globiin3 <3
Retweeted by Xander SmithУгощаем @runxandersmith армянским пивом в Екб! @ Мама Манана (Mama Mañana) http://t.co/SueIXD3h
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Love at first sight! @runxandersmith & TheFish http://t.co/fzA3ZNFS
Retweeted by Xander Smithnyasha @runxandersmith http://t.co/yzN5wGoB
Retweeted by Xander SmithWhat a party at airport! Now I'm ready for adventure in Ekaterinburg! http://t.co/kOqoNq5tPRIVET!!! YES, I'm in airport pub then i will go to starbucks! should i can make a concert? will Police stop me? lol@Gagusik are you here!!!!!??? im in PUB next to starbucks. where the train starts to moscowYES! made it to moscow sheremetyevo! now i sit in PUB near train drop off! who's coming?? they have starbucks next door@Gagusik im in pub just near the train drop off at Shermen.. airport next to starbucks!! come see meI Depart for moscow airport Sherem then to Ekaterinburg. Will be in terminal from 1600 to 22:10! Come meet me for coffee
http://t.co/yPm7Knmd I hurried for ya! ;) here's me and @Runxandersmith , singing, talking, and yes Adam and Tommy both are mentioned lol
Retweeted by Xander Smiththank u for awesome tour of Stockholm @XiaCederlund :))) http://t.co/hTndzXahIn Stockholm w/ @xiacederlund she thinks I was taller & sends swedish kiss to @TommyJoeRatliff WOW http://t.co/4sX54BNGomg @XiaCederlund these swedish kids cried at moustache man http://t.co/yPgwrvIUPRIVET!! watch this @RunRunRunMusic http://t.co/vG1Q0kR5My awesome morning view of Stockholm from my bedroom http://t.co/8EBbH52LHello Sweden! join me 11am breakfast at Café Mariaberget HB Bastugatan 19, 118 25 Stockholm, Sweden +46 8 717 26 94
Anyone who wants to come along 4 a noonish stroll tmrw, I'll tweet addy 4 cafe in south Stockholm On Bastugaten in mornWhew! Finally made it safely to Stockholm, Sweden! Internet, lovely view of the town hall, and excellent hosts!Ok getting on plane #2 to Sweden. I need Swedish fish so wish me luck I make it! Naked plane lavatory photos needed? LolHey. Seriously twitter is quiet lately. Am I missing something here?Xander plays "pico" in UK flat with members of New Order/Marion/Haven/Johnny Marr http://t.co/TFV917WIOff to Sweden now ! http://t.co/OUGrLeKn
Thanks UK for curry, fish n chips, Alton towers, great music and good company !! Next up- Sweden! http://t.co/HSLGrqARHappiest Xander on earth! #fishandchips @runxandersmith http://t.co/8UKqwlp4
Retweeted by Xander SmithI love these rain people! Woot summer fun in UK @mandylou111 @omgelvis @dcsunset44 @jojobananaface http://t.co/iCx3O56UScary gothic rainy day at Alton towers in UK! http://t.co/vcmWiOR6Good morning UK. A morning Tea and then off to Alton towers w/ @mandylou111 @dcsunset44 @jojobananaface @omgelvis
Kissssssses @runxandersmith <3 http://t.co/A3W8FjKl
Retweeted by Xander SmithIs it okay to say on twitter that I want to make Hello Kitty babies with @omgelvis Wait , maybe it's the curry talkinThese are real hooligans @omgelvis @mandylou111 @hmgrensbraaten @jojobananaface @dcsunset44 http://t.co/967RaBgljust rehearsed w/ the special UK guests! Fuckin cool! @mandylou111 @omgelvis @jojobananaface @hmgrensbraaten @dcsunset44See y'all tonight. Don't miss it. I've got surprises @glamboosh @ukglambert @omgelvis I'm in Manchester !!!!3 hour lay over in London. Maybe I'll meet a spice girl?? @omgelvis yo Uk peeps- holla back! :))) http://t.co/0ZpGAfUD
Get ready UK. I'm getting on British Airways right now. Manchester bound http://t.co/3XeZgJb2Show tonight, come by 9pm to Hasenschaukel! This animal came from Berlin to see me in Hamburg. http://t.co/sFF3TMuhHello from Germany :))))))) @kcinkcity @tru_cisco @TommyJoeRatliff @hmgrensbraaten @LizAnneHill http://t.co/LEVrmGQI