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Tristan Kromer @TriKro San Francisco, CA, USA

#leanstartup, #custdev, #RoR, banjo, questions, tao, #bmgen, irony, #UX, unstealthy, T-shaped * generalist. No ninjas or rockstars please. I run @leancircle.

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Just got two free slots for my workshop next week -> Your MVP Sucks! - How to crush your dreams and embrace reality http://t.co/u2aqWHqY3fLean Startups: Q&A with Tristan Kromer @trikro Don't miss the live stream this Wednesday @ 6pm #LeanStartup #Egypt http://t.co/ANgJntfjkv
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@TheFoundersHive @StuartBrameld Thanks for the tweet!"@StuartBrameld: remember the 'V' of MVP = Viable "The Four Parts of a Minimal Viable Product" by @TriKro http://t.co/EfeJPSDl65"
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@AlbinBajramovic :)@andrewjscott will be in Oslo in June!I'll be covering #LeanInnovation @agilecamp this Saturday - How to innovate w/o imploding http://t.co/IVOzClm9ZRCheck out ShareRoot “Leading Pinterest Marketing Solution, 500 Startups Batch 8” https://t.co/t1BB1joE2h"The best vision is insight." - Malcolm S. Forbes
@fpalao Thanks for the tweet Francisco!This #leanstartup workshop looks great! "Testing Product/Market Fit for Early Stage Startups" http://t.co/KzjxkOFWqn cc/ @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@MarkoKehm Thanks for the tweet Marko! (Second Marko today)@mlocher Thanks for sharing Marko!@liviobojonca Thanks for sharing Livio!@narifahad working on it! Next post this Tues.Product Mentorship Series: 9 Questions with @RichMironov http://t.co/Mn6ZZIUXiK@alirtariq Yeah definitely. Trying to get to those posts.