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Tristan Kromer @TriKro San Francisco, CA, USA

#leanstartup, #custdev, #RoR, banjo, questions, tao, #bmgen, irony, #UX, unstealthy, T-shaped * generalist. No ninjas or rockstars please. I run @leancircle.

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@hgieldanowski Thanks for sharing Hardy!Straw Man Lean Enterprise http://t.co/GrzHZb7XMF via @trikro : Great thoughts. You ain't lean if you ain't. Be hungry.
Retweeted by Tristan KromerBin 'Aunt Sally' I say - Straw Man #Lean #Enterprise http://t.co/vtHXg3NR7A by @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@brownpf ha! Brit version
#LeanEnterprise is like teenage sex; Everyone wants to do it but no one knows how to! #LeanStartup
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@opatan Thanks again Nasser!Straw Man Lean Enterprise http://t.co/lejWtXojIq by @TriKro #LeanEnterprise
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@adamberk Thanks Adam! @Justin_Wilcox @StartLabsRS @TechPeaks @dianakanderWe should all be arguing against straw men. http://t.co/Dy2l3V6F7T via @TriKro @Justin_Wilcox @StartLabsRS @TechPeaks @dianakander
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@nickgilkey Thanks for the tweet!Great read: Straw Man Lean Enterprise http://t.co/QfRcIkR7I3 via @trikro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@Alfonso_Prim Thanks for the tweet Alfonso!Straw Man Lean Enterprise http://t.co/2ddMvwlvL0 via @TriKro #lean
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@FastMikie working on it, thanks for the request!@dariusdunlap Thanks for sharing DD!Saying Build-Measure-Learn doesn't make us lean. Saying orbital sander doesn't make us carpenters. http://t.co/w64mFTKGtx via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan KromerCool read. Straw Man Lean Enterprise http://t.co/QA9bvCXUV4 via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@HalaSaleh1 Thanks Hala!@frontreport Thanks for sharing Håken!What is Lean Enterprise? No one knows! http://t.co/7Xhed0QUy1 by @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan KromerI thought "Lean Enterprise" means "We do lots of landing pages" cc @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@davidjbland Actually it means "we outsource lots of landing pages."Why Your Unique Value Proposition is Killing Your Landing Page Conversions and How to Fix It by @Unbounce http://t.co/uWz37OfmKpComparing an enterprise to a startup is like comparing an ocean to a dolphin. They simply don’t equate. http://t.co/gM2RAqYdMu via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@eschmalzbauer Thanks for sharing Eric!@sammcafee Thanks Sam. See you next week at David/Ryan's event?Saying Build-Measure-Learn doesn't make us lean. Saying orbital sander doesn't make us carpenters. http://t.co/xBbeusNWJj via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@myinnervoice If an invalid hypotheses means laying 1000 people off, it clearly wasn't a minimal experiment.@ITFOU@myinnervoice A "failed" experiment means you didn't learn anything. @ITFOUlean startup buzzword bingo http://t.co/akOx8EIDVzThe enterprise adoption of lean startup principles is following much the same course as startup ecos http://t.co/kah5eUtoBSStraw Man Lean Enterprise http://t.co/3SS0L4LgfYHow I increased conversion on my checkout form by 60% by @pud http://t.co/ba8bwUBxPH@gsiener Thanks for sharing Graham!Investigating disruptive innovation shouldn't mean killing the cash cow prematurely. http://t.co/riQxXyS6uM via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan KromerThe Last Goodbye: How To Shut Down A Failing Product by Kevin Stone http://t.co/LpviwAG0adA Surprisingly Powerful Mechanism for Growing a SaaS Startup by @ttunguz http://t.co/07gpepDMME@gregbretz Thanks for sharing Greg!Enterprises can become Innovation Ecosystems. http://t.co/APSmzy8eFY via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan KromerUX Crash Course: User Psychology by Joel Marsh http://t.co/0qwRuAZyKU@inno101 Thanks for sharing!
@myinnervoice Sadly, complexity is almost by definition, unmanageable. Perhaps it can be navigable. @ITFOU@danbar87 if it would fit in 140 I would.How to Sell Absolutely Anything [43m Video] | Gary Vaynerchuk http://t.co/3Nt22y3okL@StartUpRoar Thanks for sharing Tony!Lean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems by @TriKro Daily Best in #startup http://t.co/PulTGeePjk
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@jacobstevens @halfbyte lol...I forget the "I have..."Uh...by "time to kill" I meant, I have time to kill. No homicide here.Dear Clients, Please Stop: Ten Ways Founders Sabotage Themselves by @rezendi http://t.co/2DUn4noDV8Please checkout the next Lean Lunch w/ Intuit Innovation Leader @jeffzias and @movestheneedles on July 25th http://t.co/SnWkAfyLZZTime to kill in Palo Alto. Anyone around?@jcvangent Thanks for sharing Hans!@AWSOMEDEVSIGNER sure, ping me if you need an intro3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Conducting Your Startup Experiment by Kuty Shalev http://t.co/Mxh53zbUK1@AWSOMEDEVSIGNER geez, crazy. I know a guy with a robot to build custom boards. Hope more stuff like that will lower costs.Surprising to see hardware startups asking for $2M to get to launch in 1 year. Seems too much to get to early adopters.Yay hardware startups #PCH2014 http://t.co/oTJlgC0wL6Better Than Human: Why Robots Will — And Must — Take Our Jobs | Gadget Lab | WIRED http://t.co/i8GJczdxdELean Lunch recording w/ @MovesTheNeedle & @TriKro available http://t.co/D8ty4TrqrE
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@JasmineM___ Thanks Jasmine! I'd agree with that.Lean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems by @TriKro http://t.co/BZhuMbyOST
Retweeted by Tristan KromerLean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems by @TriKro - http://t.co/dkEkS2aD91
Retweeted by Tristan KromerArt and Handwriting, FTW by SnowShoe http://t.co/qN5KjwHsvVLean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems http://t.co/YiQv8VxYJL via @trikro Good place to start if you're curious about Lean + Enterprise
Retweeted by Tristan KromerFor those across the Atlantic - my blog post: "Lean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems" http://t.co/gzkHbXK8bdLean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems by @TriKro http://t.co/aRGh09lmIZ
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@josecunyat Working on some more posts in that series for next week. Slight enterprise divergence.@philderidder Thanks for the tweet Philippe!"An enterprise is not a startup and to treat it as such is dangerously wrong." by @TriKro http://t.co/ibIDHP4C9m #leanenterprise
Retweeted by Tristan KromerLean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems by @TriKro - http://t.co/j4Sk1F07op
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@bennelijacobs Thanks again Tendayi!@ITFOU Thanks for sharing!@mmaciasr Thanks for sharing Miguel!Lean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems http://t.co/IIHOu7QPJa vía @trikro
Retweeted by Tristan KromerLean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems http://t.co/wpPpSgp18V via @trikro #LeanStartup
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@oscar__ramirez Thanks for the interview Oscar!@a_faga Thanks for sharing Alex!The most comparable thing to an enterprise is not a startup, but a startup ecosystem. http://t.co/Bqk297DVjh via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan KromerMeetings with Experts: Tristan Kromer @TriKro - Lean Startup Coach & Advisor - STARTUP COMMONS ORG http://t.co/k0XK2lxVGv
Retweeted by Tristan KromerLean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems by @TriKro http://t.co/a5ZgMRywd2 #leanstartup
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@Alfonso_Prim @yoemprendo Thanks for the tweets! As always!
@christineluc Will do, thanks Christine!@alirtariq Cool...where did you join?@ardinger Thanks for sharing Brian! As always!@tendayiviki Thanks man....still waiting on your book!@jfraser This is going to be a loooon series. Thanks Jason!@opatan Thanks for the tweet Nasser!@bebraw Thanks for sharing Juho!For those across the Pacific - my new blog post: "Lean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems" http://t.co/q9Hgs1xZWs@TO Good luck with that. I can't even stop people from conflating Concierge test with Wiz of Oz test. @keesvannunen@TO @williampietri @obie Fortunately I don't have thousands of readers. So I wouldn't really worry about it.@snowsowhite hi snow white, here is my new post on #leanenterprise that you requested awhile ago: http://t.co/RLNNZVWRgQ@colourmix hi seenu, here is my new post on #leanenterprise that you requested awhile ago: http://t.co/FGwNiMmEsN@alirtariq hi ali, here is my new post on #leanenterprise that you requested early last month: http://t.co/L38pfOX2gH@tendayiviki hi tendayi, here is my new post on #leanenterprise http://t.co/xSoWtpJY99Had a GREAT Lean Lunch w/Tristan Kromer today. Thanks to @illbuy_it @trikro and @blankben! http://t.co/Jsb4MyN095
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@brownpf thanks Paul!Great piece from @TriKro - #Lean #Enterprise & #Innovation Ecosystem http://t.co/toJAWnzPmu
Retweeted by Tristan KromerLove it! -> Leading and Managing Through the Design of Environments by Michael Hamman http://t.co/y32mAWvxX8Stop Per User SaaS pricing; You're Killing Growth by Patrick Campbell http://t.co/Wz4yU68Wuh@keesvannunen We are fighting against Gödel's Incompleteness theorem at that point.@keesvannunen I hate rules. I do like frameworks. Except when they are confused for rules. @TOComparing an enterprise to a startup is like comparing an ocean to a dolphin. They simply don’t equate. http://t.co/muspDfAVqI via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@keesvannunen I like the colony approach but not quite analogous. I sometimes say sandbox. Either is better than "accelerator" @TOStartup community is P2P by @SaintSal http://t.co/bUotNhhZIT@obie Thanks :)Investigating disruptive innovation shouldn't mean killing the cash cow prematurely. http://t.co/XrsVVkW6Op via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@TO @obie Also not about @BarryOReilly's book or @tendayiviki's book. I am book agnostic. Both the one's I've read were well worth reading.@TO @obie Guys, if you're offended, I apologize. It was not about your book but was a response to knee jerk adoption of lean startup.@AdamYuret Damn...I knew there was something wrong with my business model! @semanticwill @davidjbland @TO @lauraklein@TO That post is not a criticism of your book. Sorry if you took it that way.@semanticwill a lot of stuff labelled lean isn't very lean. I aim for "leaner" @davidjbland @AdamYuret @TO @lauraklein@TriKro Silence! Agreement is unacceptable on the twitters. you’re fighting. We said so! Now, fight! ;-) @davidjbland @to @lauraklein
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@acmanica10 Thanks for the tweets!Great session with @edmunds ! Thank you Aaron and Ben f/ @movestheneedle for coordinating this week's Lean Lunch http://t.co/VluKYhp5tV@zurcherart damn...that means I have to write it now!@lisaw1 <blush>@zurcherart Thanks for sharing!Enterprises can become Innovation Ecosystems. http://t.co/7Pko08Sg5y via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@davidjbland @TriKro @TO DON'T TRY TO MAKE THIS BETTER, DAVID. I want to see a fight.
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@TriKro Is there any other way to use a Gannt chart? @davidjbland @TO
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@lisaw1 Thanks for sharing Lisa!The most comparable thing to an enterprise is not a startup, but a startup ecosystem. http://t.co/GucE5jZWNm via @TriKro #prodmgmt
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@JorgeGiuffra @RichMironov Thanks for sharing Rich and Jojo!@davidjbland Can I use a Gannt chart a weapon? @TO @lauraklein@lauraklein @davidjbland @TO If we're doing a cage match I want @BarryOReilly on my team.@davidjbland To be honest I thought we (@to and I) were agreeing, but I'll get into that later. @lauraklein@illbuy_it Thanks for sharing! Really great to see a fast moving team..@trikro writes his worst blog post ever, clearly misunderstands the point of #LeanEnterprise http://t.co/DESqocYgjQ
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@lauraklein You're in charge of making the eventbrite page. @TO@TriKro @TO *grabs popcorn and places bets*
Retweeted by Tristan KromerHeh heh -> Scott Adams Blog: The Pivot 06/16/2014 http://t.co/dz132KpfnMAn enterprise is not a startup and to treat it as such is dangerously wrong. http://t.co/tWOis02s0Z via @TriKro #prodmgmt
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@TO Fight fight fight!@illbuy_it Nice to meet you!Lean Lunch time! I'll be on Google Hangouts over here: http://t.co/zfj6doqCuM w/ @movestheneedleframework Innovation Ecosystem Design 1024x653 Lean Enterprise &amp; Innovation Ecosystems http://t.co/RMK3iEKxhlGetting ready for a Lean Lunch session. Will be on in 15 minutes. http://t.co/FdCWdqQdhG @movestheneedleLean Enterprise &amp; Innovation Ecosystems http://t.co/APCYonCiBBLean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems http://t.co/DDegafg0U3My new blog post: "Lean Enterprise & Innovation Ecosystems" http://t.co/qczjkY6uKJJoin us at 10am for Lean Lunch with @TriKro and I'll Buy It from @edmunds https://t.co/7U5q2CHLaC
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@samarasalas Thanks for sharing!Please sign up and bring @trikro to Mexico City! Lean startup workshop on product/market fit: http://t.co/dC9CG7ioAb
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer4 Signs Your SaaS Business is Dying by @shpigford http://t.co/N4CHIzzb6lYay @luxrco! Our Agile Team Grows Stronger by @clevergirl http://t.co/niT7YRJg6YHeartfelt thanks 2 our extended @luxrco family: @jfraser, @katerutter, @JmAlayaay, @ShuqiaoS, @TriKro, @jseiden, @thinknow, and the rest!!
Retweeted by Tristan KromerGive Me 45 Minutes in the Morning and I'll Give You a Productive Day - PandaWhale http://t.co/VTuHY7XyYk@Vocino definitely nice weather! I lived there for a few months when I was a musicianTo be a lean enterprise, break silos down into a single team capable of (in)validating a hypothesis. http://t.co/yQG6OxfFrm via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan KromerI'll be doing a Hangouts session on lean with @edmunds and @movestheneedle tomorrow morning at 10am (PST) http://t.co/nZilfN6bneSuccess and Failure — San Diego Startup Community http://t.co/DBSN3wyBVK
The Lean Brand In 999 Words by @brantcooper http://t.co/slmUmX1VxZBranding is for Old-School, Madison Avenue, Creative-Guru, Marketing Geniuses by @brantcooper http://t.co/VLs0EMtF6bDerek Sivers: How to start a movement by @sivers http://t.co/nKr5KlOHbW
Snoopy’s Guide to the Writing Life: Ray Bradbury on Creative Purpose in the Face of Rejection | Brain Pickings http://t.co/8o2NlaZ1Ki40% of Your Team’s Effort Is Wasted. These 4 Methods Get Results | TIME http://t.co/Mr4lj7vSUgPiecemeal Lean Startup is just Waterfall in disguise.... http://t.co/cTEgaitdd1 via @TriKro
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Interested in lean enterprise? I'll be doing a Lean Lunch with @movetheneedle and @edmunds on the 17th http://t.co/8YZNN0reySAirbnb Co-Founder: If Rejection Slows You Down, Entrepreneurship Isn't For You by @catclifford http://t.co/WjR8IcN5uIThe Information Age to the Networked Age: Are You Network Literate? by @reidhoffman http://t.co/cyD4sLCvJEPivot – Firing the Plan Not the People. 2 Minutes to See Why. by @sgblank http://t.co/kgrTNu56gW10 Marketing Lessons Learned From Working at Facebook, Mint, Appsumo by @noahkagan http://t.co/XIONRzx2c5
@ux4science You need an excuse to buy more @lego_group?Why has no one thought of this before. WHY. http://t.co/fmT3azBVzG
Retweeted by Tristan KromerWorkshop: Market-Facing Skills For Product Managers/Product Owners by @richmironov http://t.co/UDmDJ374kfPre-orders end today! Last chance to get your copy of #TheLeanBrand. Grab yours: http://t.co/Llt9SUP7bL
User Testing Tips: Lessons Learned from Both Sides of the Table by @jenrhelms http://t.co/VfBtigkvZsToyota invents lean manufacturing. Decades later Toyota adopts lean startup, a system based on lean mfg. Good stuff. @TriKro @davidjbland
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer25 in SF -> Toyota shares insights on applying #LeanStartup, at the next Corporate Intrapreneurship Meetup http://t.co/EFOdvc6c4n
@neiltyson Cosmos will inspire another generation of scientists!I will be on Lean Lunch with @aaroneden and Ben Blank from @movestheneedle - June 17th http://t.co/6ae6Yt6QdI“I am a man of fixed and unbending principles, the first of which is to be flexible at all times." Everett Dirksen
@BradNeiman Thanks for sharing BradTo be a lean enterprise, silos must be broken down into a single team capable of (in)validating a http://t.co/m0Q7Ew4uk7 via @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan KromerBranding is for Old-School, Madison Avenue, Creative-Guru, Marketing Geniuses by @brantcooper http://t.co/yRcn1q2ibSThe Lean UX Anti-Pattern by @tendayiviki http://t.co/0UhYWQBFk1This Thu in SF -> Modern Enterprise Products with Mihir Nanavati at Tradeshift http://t.co/qucwAsPwMgIf it doesn't result in validating learning, whatever we build isn't an MVP. http://t.co/SpYT9FrSUW przez @TriKro
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@hannesseeberg Thanks for sharing Hannes"Build-Measure-Learn should be backwards. Start with hypothesis, set the questions and only then build something to measure it" @TriKro #UX
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I'll be doing some live coaching with @aaroneden this Tues http://t.co/4uxLLz0Fc4Retention is King by Jamie Quint http://t.co/mosHI81hqx
@voritic Thanks for sharing Victor!Please sign up and bring @trikro to Mexico City! Lean startup workshop on product/market fit: http://t.co/x9djwsT9XL
Retweeted by Tristan KromerOn 6/17 @ 10amPST we will interview @TriKro at coach a team from @edmunds live. Join us! https://t.co/aP3W7EH1Pq #leanstartup
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#ff @ifindkarma and of course @kungfupanda
@toddhgardner Heya, sorry. This morning was a bit hectic. I am going to try to stop by the conference at 1 and then I have to fly.Look who is in the top shelf at the Norwegian Developer's Conference cc @pv @brantcooper @lauraklein http://t.co/wEXWktRDWPRan into the Poppendiecks while in Oslo! Cc: @mpoppendieck http://t.co/4kh9az7OGU@davidjbland yeah...nice one
@rhensley99 The addendum should probably be, "The only failure is failure to learn." @davidjbland @cyetainFailure is feedback.How Airbnb Uses Experiments to Learn and Make Decisions: http://t.co/US4Zy3MqwL http://t.co/laZYzfSAwb@toddhgardner Not sure what my schedule is tomorrow. Maybe in the morning? Coming to SF anytime?Hey #ndcoslo folks! The slides are up for my "Banish Your Inner Critic" talk: http://t.co/LGCbumDfXo @ndc_conferences
Retweeted by Tristan KromerHere's article vresion of my #ndcoslo talk: "Breakring the Perfectionism-Procrastination Infinite Loop" article: http://t.co/6LrFjU9gOE
Retweeted by Tristan Kromer@_richardg Thanks for coming!