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Researcher for @BuzzFeed Politics. I also like cats. Email me at Andrew@BuzzFeed.com. Gchat Andrew.Kaczynski@BuzzFeed.com Once challenged to duel by Rand Paul.

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Cheryl Mills started a hedge fund too? Is that like a right-of-passage in Clinton World? http://t.co/6fwCXd1988
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski@justice2just what’s your max bench?lmao http://t.co/pht2fqEMkD
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiBen Carson is a huge supporter of Israel. But he doesnt know what the Knesset is or what parties it has. http://t.co/3rGYXCK7JC
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiThis is art. http://t.co/8OWrp5Dkxu
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski@jneutron1969 @katherinemiller @ilanagain @MeganApper I also watched every video of Obama's dad online.The 68 Most Controversial Things Ted Cruz’s Dad Has Ever Said http://t.co/p9HCRGQVO9 from @ilanagain, @BuzzFeedAndrew, & @MeganApper
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski@EdB_Ohio @RBPundit @AsheSchow @seanmdav I was in HS in 2007-2008. Sorry I didn't do any papers on his dad who had been dead for 30 years.@EdB_Ohio @RBPundit @AsheSchow @seanmdav his dad is a public figure and speaker.@RBPundit @AsheSchow @seanmdav I seem to recall myself digging up new things on Obama's past a month into my career. http://t.co/dEh8MH2iTdHeard he likes Tim Hortons: https://t.co/5CKLTODCRLNYC’s largest brokerage under attack from a start-up: suit// ❤️ this, the people at Corcoran are the worst http://t.co/g2rvT0WqerGeorge Zimmerman bashes Obama for 'incendiary remarks' on Trayvon Martin http://t.co/7q8LtJDCBT
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski@BuzzFeedAndrew So if Huckabee did it then that's just th way it is now? Corruption n government is fully accepted? Ur an idiot. Most libs r
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiYou know who else attacking Clinton on her email destroyed all their hard drives when they left office: Mike Huckabee http://t.co/q66dagRBKlTed Cruz's dad is a conservative rock star, giving speeches every week to grassroots. Our review of his speeches: http://t.co/SQH4TNdPgNThe 68 Most Controversial Things Ted Cruz’s Dad Has Ever Said http://t.co/SQH4TNdPgN http://t.co/UkSKu4QJrN@neetzan @VickoftheHill the fake one was betterPic of fake eclipse from fake ISS by some dude: 15k RTs Pic of real eclipse from real ISS by an astronaut: 700 RTs http://t.co/n3gZyS3LqV
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiDick Swett RT @JamieNH2016 Big names at @JohnKasich Politics & Eggs: Judd Gregg, @JohnSununu, Dick Swett, Paul Hodes, Bill Weld, Chris ShaysIsrael Spied on Iran Nuclear Talks With U.S. http://t.co/R2h04F5XoyRep. Peter King Threatens to Jump Off a Bridge if Cruz Gets GOP Nomination http://t.co/NNGxfiCrds (VIDEO) http://t.co/dIeUpBuYTj
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@fourtwentyGOP so good. I'm book three now. Can't put down.'"Cruz says it 'is true' that Latinos and blacks have been 'uninformed, or deceived' into voting for Democrats." http://t.co/2EYiXTLq6p"Cruz said President Obama’s 'agenda is to bring us down to a third-world country.'" http://t.co/TWj0I52BrK"Cruz says LGBT people being called 'gays' is a conspiracy to make it socially acceptable because “gay means happy!” http://t.co/LvMam5zHooThe 68 Most Controversial Things Ted Cruz’s Dad Has Ever Said http://t.co/SQH4TNdPgN myself with @ilanagain and @meganapperThis Man Is Getting Paid At Least $1 Million After Being Wrongfully Imprisoned For 39 Years http://t.co/76zPI6qTvv via @o_ema @buzzfeednewsThe Holes in #TheJinx Might Go Deeper Than We Thought http://t.co/8bzM0REElu via @KateAurthur @buzzfeedFacebook May Host News Sites’ Content http://t.co/pRbPZBx7HvThese remarks by Anthony Kennedy sound like bad news for Obamacare: http://t.co/r432Sbeuc7 http://t.co/6vo83V4iR7
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiWait, but am I supposed to care what college kids think because they used Yik Yak instead of a more traditional internet ranting tool?
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiTed Cruz should disrupt politics by streaming from a head-mounted GoPro, 24/7, until the election.
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski@megynkelly @realDonaldTrump no please stop@cnnadam hunt them down.Fictional TV presidents are more popular than President Barack Obama, poll finds http://t.co/99ufV23fbR http://t.co/20zl7hZUUa
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski@chuckwoolery @BuzzFeedBen you could say Netanyahu and Republicans made a “Love Connection” if I may.#Netanyahu has proven that #conservatives can win BIG. If only #America would listen. If only the #Republicanparty would listen.
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiEven Some Of The Most Liberal American Jews Are Skeptical Of Obama’s Iran Deal http://t.co/gYcjPt5YwuSo someone FOIAd @Amtrak and this is what they got http://t.co/uD5PLvKPND
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiWhat is even the point of college if you're going to run away from ideas you don't like? http://t.co/A3bKnP6PHS http://t.co/R6S2HFQiHK
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynskiwhoa if true http://t.co/BWeGGPFrnaHaHa. This is awesome: https://t.co/nbPtl2jjlxNational Geographic publicist said that after reviewing my coverage, they have declined my credentials "out of respect" for Bill O'Reilly.
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiCNN: WH reax to Ayatollah's Death to America was that it was "intended for a domestic political audience."
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiEd Troll h/t @mcurryfelidae07 http://t.co/TTvibqQfpeDon’t believe http://t.co/C3YPkFlOPk, Ted Cruz is not a Nigerian prince http://t.co/xfL14tInMJOh hi there, Scott Walker, running ads on searches for “Ted Cruz” http://t.co/KqA1WPEBRkpure 100% liquified troll http://t.co/YShGSGI8ul@RosieGray http://t.co/CCEx8En4WSNYT questions claim HRC ducked B'gazi Sunday shows cos she was tired. I reported she simply didn't want to do em. http://t.co/OthOeAGMFw
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiSusan Rice mourns Chinua Achebe on Twitter … two years late http://t.co/MQJp8Asvd7 via @POLITICOSan Diego police body camera report: Fewer complaints, less use of force http://t.co/7wwXIB454V@ebruenig lolThis Cruz speech is the weirdest cover of John Lennon's "Imagine" ever.Who processes the tax postcards if there's no IRS?Will it play in Peoria RT @HotlineJosh: Is this Ted Cruz speech accessible to the average Iowa caucus voter? Message is, delivery grandioise"AIDS is not just God's punishment for homosexuals. It is God's punishment for the society that tolerates homosexuals." — Jerry Falwell.
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiClinton response seems to be we only did a few times: http://t.co/Xql8UBBQRx http://t.co/imNyJutLjFYeah, problematic for Clinton. http://t.co/Xql8UBBQRx http://t.co/FWcnizmlHpRemember when Hillary said she only emailed other State Dept. employees on their official emails? Not true. http://t.co/1xiP3jHHJv
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiTed Cruz Announces He's Your Mom
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiKing told me backlash to his "Jews are Dems 1st" comments occurred cuz "everyone in the discussion knows I’m right.” http://t.co/qTaf11AGxBCalled Steve King yesterday to ask why he thought Jews vote for Democrats. What he said: http://t.co/iXCoqKYdUS http://t.co/lrHCO5JYQk"Ted Cruz I'd vote for him over my heroes Ronald Reagan, George Washington," says CSPAN caller.
Mitt Romney attacking Clinton over her email is some hilarious shit. Romney team destroyed their hard drives in 2006! http://t.co/Mm4HmS943HThe most horrifying picture in politics. http://t.co/bF6iaRr5hq@BuzzFeedAndrew http://t.co/xaLC3NbriI
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski@TheRickWilson @GayPatriot http://t.co/JdhP8XszeZ"Huckabee, meanwhile, is hawking a secret biblical cancer cure." http://t.co/bbNFeL6DbrWill livesteam the livesteam of Cruz announcement on meerkat. Am I doing this right?Prediction: the Paul Blart sequel will reduce national morale to a simpering lamentation, and we will slide back into a permanent recession
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiHaven't been able to get on Twitter for a few days but here are some pics from my press conference lol http://t.co/OyENfBVMDU
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiAP posted photos of Ted Cruz's walkthrough at Liberty Univ. tomorrow. Sure looks like an announcement. http://t.co/QmImV5ASln
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiAnswer: Bachmann 2012. (who knew!) (not me) http://t.co/miYi1TUl0o@JohnZorabedian I meant besides them.Curious. Is there another presidential candidate in past who has renounced dual citizenship of a foreign country?What time is Cruz's speech tommorowMidnight tonight we’re hitting Duncan’s Toy Chest. Five floors of cash. https://t.co/jut6xkGb1oTonight around midnight there will be some news you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned…
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiWoah: Exclusive preview of the Cruz speech via @BuzzFeedAndrew https://t.co/qHGGn9G4Wd
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski#BanBorowitz http://t.co/Smr3cjIzVN
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski@daveweigel @BDayspring @BenHarris_1 same thought.These ads follow me around the Internet. This is my cross to bear: http://t.co/MdtN2MrzDeThis is kind of shocking. Who approved this book? http://t.co/0iMobtP4lB@BenjaminPGlaser I'm reading them concurrently and can't stop.On to book three http://t.co/NjVafIPCAq@woodhouseb hello kitty?Said this the other day, Jeb does ZERO talk radio interview. Says a lot about base popularity. http://t.co/tx4rSSVtbJ@blakehounshell we're not normal@eelcobvr @blakehounshell yeah every speech.@blakehounshell by his telling me was marxist until he went back to Cuba.@blakehounshell yeah I thought everyone did. Rafael is huge deal among grassroots and gives speeches every week.@blakehounshell how is that fact little know?@HeerJeet @BuzzFeedBen https://t.co/7VeDbMpChSI asked Steve King why he thought Jewish Americans vote for Democrats. What he told me: http://t.co/iXCoqKYdUS http://t.co/lrHCO5JYQkSteve King told me backlash to his comments occurred because "everyone in the discussion knows I’m right.” http://t.co/qTaf11AGxBJust got off phone with Steve King whose doubling down, expanding on questioning of why Jews vote for Democrats: http://t.co/iXCoqKYdUSSteve King Defends Questioning Why U.S. Jews Vote Democrat: “Many Are Leftists First,” “They Are http://t.co/wpMfAOX0j1Starbucks Nixes Barista Notes About Race http://t.co/30efzreUEh race together...to nearest exist when barista attempts to discuss race@RadioFreeTom @RosieGray oh come on, Red October was great movie. Cut him some slack. You try speaking Russian as a Scot.>>> , and consequently Obama's words carry a heavy strategic price.
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiThe democratic values that Israel and the United States share are the very backbone of the relationship between both countries >>>
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiThe President's statement made yesterday about the deterioration of democracy in Israel strategically damages Israel's standing in the world
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski@ConArtCritic @BecketAdams @charlescwcooke @daveweigel I heard he watches hockey.Politics May Make Meerkat, But Meerkat Won’t Change Politics Much http://t.co/5fgpXn32Z1Lol RT @PoliticoKevin: Globe editorial board says Elizabeth Warren should run for president: http://t.co/WD9yWoIFPg@JMay1000 @BuzzFeedNews @BuzzFeedBen I think you're reading too much into tweet, denoting it's quote from police on investigation.@BecketAdams @charlescwcooke @daveweigel Ted Cruz ate at Tim Hortons. What is he hiding?Ted Cruz to Announce 2016 Presidential Bid Monday http://t.co/yzjbxhEy5xUh, no? RT @JRubinBlogger: whatever you think of him isnt Jerry Brown infinitely more interesting than Hillary?
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YOU WENT TO DUKE RT @SenRandPaul: #Kentucky wins, becomes first Division I team to start 36-0! On to the Sweet Sixteen. Four to go. #BBN
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski@GlenAWalken I was looking for this https://t.co/gleMewaoQvRandomly came across first hit job ever written about me on Breitbart from Jan. 2012. I was mostly confused by it: http://t.co/mkxuqgkFWAdoes this count as smarm? http://t.co/8q8KFQLzIcDavid Copperfield's Latest Trick: Flooding His NYC Apartment Building  http://t.co/EDq2ko6w7wThis isn't a fair fight: https://t.co/wDOF5K5gCAGood to know @SteveKingIA has become a Talmudic scholar on what defines Jews. Steve, you really are mashugana. Look it up.
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiIf you're arguing over support for Israel with man whose last name is literally Israel you're losing: http://t.co/ehrlfPVjOvSteve King doubling-down on his 'how can Jews be Democrats' comments it looks like. https://t.co/580i0SRBzE http://t.co/dTrMuLXjxjThis is getting lot of RTs today for some reason. https://t.co/nxOl0t8lLIWaiting for the first politician to accidentally Meeekat themselves on the john.Is there a group of people Steve King has not offended?Compelling Ari Shavit column on Israel's election. http://t.co/Q6o17fnhvkFBI begins probe of Aaron Schock spending http://t.co/sHHyPC5sHk via @POLITICOA Starbucks exec deleted his Twitter account after backlash over the company's 'race together' campaign http://t.co/omsMQxXz1b"Only a third of Americans (34%) correctly say the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) was enacted by the Bush administration."
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiI don't need Congressman Steve King questioning my religion or my politics. I demand an apology from him & repudiation from GOP. #dangerous
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski
Ted Cruz Sets Off 2016 Buzz with Speech Announcement http://t.co/vMpTlDymw2@BuzzFeedAndrew she has her own social network run out of her house.
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiDoes Hillary Clinton not have a Facebook?@LibertyCentral @dangainor @RosieGray I agree, Dan should really move on.1393 was an eventful yr;we had challenges & achievements.To get past challenges we named it“The Yr of NATL Determination&Jihadi Management”.
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski@khamenei_ir are you team follow back?@dangainor @LibertyCentral @RosieGray it's very obvious there's no point in engaging with you.@dangainor @LibertyCentral @RosieGray what’s your confusion here?@dangainor @LibertyCentral @RosieGray he’s advised by someone who is literally a paid peddler for Saudi Arabia. It’s fair to note.@blakehounshell you mean wisccccconsin accent.Rand Paul says Clinton will have trouble running as first potential woman president when foundation takes Saudi $. http://t.co/Ud15CORb4G“…rights record, a terrible women’s rights record.” http://t.co/Ud15CORb4G..& to run on women’s rights issues when she’s been getting $ from countries who have a terrible human’s rights.." http://t.co/uVvevZvvfvRand: "It will be very difficult for her to run as the first woman candidate who could be president... http://t.co/uVvevZvvfvRand Paul: “Difficult” For Clinton To Run On Women’s Rights While Taking Money From Saudi Arabia http://t.co/weiE8MINHbRand Paul: Clinton found taking $ from countries w/bad record on women’s rights problematic: http://t.co/Ud15CORb4G http://t.co/G5RoSucfKKSaudi Lobbyist Sits On Rand Paul’s Senate Re-Election Leadership Team http://t.co/ZYqGNdy2s3 via @rosiegray @buzzfeednewsEditor's note on @nickbilton column: an "inadequate account" of "research about cellphone radiation and cancer risk." http://t.co/XyQxjhTMdv
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiThis is the kind of pig we can all get behind. Via @SciencePorn http://t.co/IkvoOcqeza
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski@fmanjoo but they just show up unprompted if you get in a fight.Why in Grand Theft Auto is there no consequence for running people over with your car but if you get in a fight the cops come?"One America News outperforms Fusion, Bloomberg and Al Jazeera combined" in ratings. http://t.co/QvY02KVXYL via @emmaroller
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski.@SteveKingIA: "I don’t understand how Jews in America can be Democrats first and Jewish second..." http://t.co/NdhZZVmLEb
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski.@JesseLehrich leaving American Bridge. I wonder what mysterious non-campaign entity he could be off to...Legendary coach Barry Switzer is NOT stranded in Ukraine after being mugged, despite what a scammer's email says. http://t.co/AzsT3ZrNLb
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski"Anti-Semitism is a component of this and just plain liberalism is another component," King on Democrats & Israel. http://t.co/T1Dtjhr3ZVSteve King discussing Democrats not going to Netanyahu speech and Iran relations: http://t.co/vZA8KKx5bM http://t.co/foXfDAfuNPSteve King: I Don’t Understand How American Jews Can Be Democrats http://t.co/gn4Aij4I33Benghazi Committee Calls On Clinton To Turn Over Email Servers For Outside Review http://t.co/OfoPrI640m via @dcbigjohn @buzzfeednews@JTReeves @maggieNYT @rubycramer ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?@prestonrudie I always consider Wisconsin part of Canada.@maggieNYT @rubycramer @JTReeves ???Not since "I voted for the Iraq war authorization to strengthen Pres Bush's hand at the UN" ... http://t.co/iVzOAjVeSJ
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiWe built it up. And now it's solid. Solid as Barack. That's what this lead is -- that's what g-g-g-g-g-got. Pumped for Barack Variety Hour.
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski@JTReeves Bahhhh! I was just thinking about this the other day! You need to tell me asap. PS- check out the Misc's new FB fan page!
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiShoulder surgery in the AM . Holla!
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiLooking out the window and quietly crying into my sweater/
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynskihttp://t.co/SXrXyTmmLR@mwbank http://t.co/5BrFoRTmXcI was a highwayman. Along the coach roads I did ride http://t.co/xlp7a3EAaithe yellow region is the midwest. the red region is people allowed to comment on it. @ClaraJeffery @petersagaladdendum (only people raised in the red region may comment on my map of the mid-west and be taken seriously) http://t.co/bLKo7E0OHO@BuzzFeedAndrew I concur, this is accurate.
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski@soundslikepuget not bad@conncarroll I don’t really have a good answer for you on that.@thecazbah @baseballcrank http://t.co/yLdiGOYVDO@petersagal southwestThis is the Mid-West (full disclosure: Ohioan) http://t.co/CkqLg46LPx@Olivianuzzi MORE LIKE BLAND PAUL.Rand Paul does NH radio interview, says nothing interesting: https://t.co/w7bXxbWG61@thegarance @blakehounshell or the john.@blakehounshell I’m Meerkating this tweet.Wanna feel old? MT @CNNWire: http://t.co/A8H1DYy2pp
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiIn Congress, a Double Standard for Email http://t.co/fPRontIW39
Exclusive: CLINTON CHARITY TAPS FOREIGN FRIENDS: cash kept flowing from individuals with connections to foreign govts http://t.co/qq3N47v0bF
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiBibi Deploys the Southern Strategy http://t.co/eOCYBi1mYdPHOTOS: Your Mom Gets Renovated
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiFolks, this has become a Scott Walker stump staple: "I didn’t inherit wealth or fame or fortune from my family..."
Retweeted by Andrew Kaczynski@TheRickWilson @DLoesch post everythingAIPAC statement criticizes Obama's attacks on Netanyahu http://t.co/xVztkjK0Do
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiNetanyahu tells Andrea Mitchell: You misunderstood. I was trying to turn out my Arab *supporters* in droves #noreally http://t.co/ABtumOrGup
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiHuckabee: Obama’s “Extraordinary Disdain” For Israel Comes From “Identity With, Sympathy” For Middle East Nations http://t.co/1i5ud25I4YFree idea: Starbucks baristas who will discuss with customers the 1947 United Nations partition plan for Palestine.
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiReuters: Emails sought of nearly a dozen U.S. State Dept. workers under Clinton http://t.co/4axlPSE2SI
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiGonna have a chat with my Starbucks barista about this one tomorrow morning http://t.co/gdLQxdolv4
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiHuffington Post interviewing Obama on March 21st.1. Never wear blackface 2. Don't wear blackface if your country killed millions of Congolese 3. Never wear blackface http://t.co/SKI4RC399P
Retweeted by Andrew KaczynskiHow long will this last http://t.co/RzYlL4sOTSI thought this Fraggle Rock movie thing was a hoax.The Final, Fitting End To Hillary Clinton’s Noncampaign http://t.co/l9WkyzhX6Y via @rubycramer @buzzfeednews@_cingraham today I think@_cingraham http://t.co/aUpUFJQs6L