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@JasonLBaptiste innovation and leadership must come from the top. Can't outsource it or hire some "smart kids".
Retweeted by Jason L. Baptiste@PeterCHoran I know...crazy. They're one of the most forward thinking big pubs out there when it comes to digital."B2B Marketing Has A Long Way To Go In Mobile" via @Onswipe http://t.co/X1YKybM2eoFinally going to give Medium a whirl… cc @benparr @MattPRDReal-Time Analytics Startup Chartbeat Adds Data For Native Ads, Raises $3M More http://t.co/Ez9xgp59XQ by @anthonyha
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteBanner ad is going away is because of shift from content/publisher driven world to developer/software driven world. Devs won't take standardStartups should only go to conferences if they're not busy with product or customers. Corollary: most startups who go have little traction.
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@michaelmontero @andresbarreto of course :) .@andresbarreto perfect timing. mid june for roof party, mardi gras themed.@andresbarreto When are you in NYC again?Mobile has killed the homepage.iMessage purgatory - http://t.co/QbNjzJpXJ7 . This is the biggest hassle when switching to Android."Responsive design doesn’t make sense if you’re truly mobile first" via @Onswipe http://t.co/T6Tn0dFG5HI shot this with my @Leica_Camera M Monochrom. #Batman #Batmobile #Gotham http://t.co/WPHKLxgBLM http://t.co/p5DEf6fLzJ
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteThe best mobile commerce apps actually make shopping easier than desktop websites
Retweeted by Jason L. Baptiste@DelRey well saidWhy is the web browser basically the same 20 years later?When you hit your Big Fucking Goal - I was chatting with Jonathan Wegener, CEO of Timehop, last week.... http://t.co/FdrcYAFpAb
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WSJ: The Cheap-Smartphone Revolution http://t.co/ieeLE8yL65 $35 devices coming fast, to change Third & First Worlds. Cheap Smart Ubiquitous.
Retweeted by Jason L. Baptiste@benparr beats captivated that segment! CAPTIVOLOGY.@benparr it would have been biggest selling android phone in US by volume.What would have happened if Beats launched a well done $99 android phone?Apple working on a JavaScript accelerator for WebKit which doesn't require the use of asm.js http://t.co/Ii8BptPmYl http://t.co/hxtq7SFXVf
Retweeted by Jason L. Baptiste@anniegaus you're welcome. Will look at. def should update, but 7.0.4 not root cause. thank you again.@jwegener pleasuretitFind (Yelp), Book Table (OpenTable), Pick Dish (Foursquare), Get Deal (Groupon), Order (Square), Delivery (Seamless), Pay (PayPal, Cover).
Retweeted by Jason L. Baptiste@AnnieGaus hey which iPad and ios version? I'll look into this. Sorry for the trouble.Unlimited Messaging Therapy Startup Talkspace Raises $2.5M From Spark Capital And Softbank http://t.co/ssFmfToU0Y by @ryanlawler
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Sometimes you gotta roll a hard six.Re-read again. Worth the effort: The Great Unwatched, via @nytimes http://t.co/XjSq09JTkC
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteWe're used to all these faux humble acquisition tweets from startup founders and Dr. Dre's like, "Gimme my money!"
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Surprises me how little innovation has happened with gesture in major apps. Best: Snapchat, Tinder, Mailbox, Tweetie(pull-to-refresh), and?
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteI've traveled thousands of miles for this (@ Sticky's Finger Joint - @sfjnyc) http://t.co/sITwhuPydQ#Nets win 104-90 over the #Heat! Time to celebrate another @PartyCity win! http://t.co/vDDDQ2SXSq
Retweeted by Jason L. Baptiste@patrickyan I don't want your fewcha!
Drone beach @ Santa Monica Beach http://t.co/0vfLpukRlUWe've really been doing acquisition announcements the wrong way in the valley. http://t.co/9GofG5YjeK
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Great quote from a Hollywood legend. #TheKid http://t.co/hIBPABv6lq
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteApple to acquire Beats for 3.2bn and rumored 2 billion more if Dr. Dre finally releases Detox.Speaking on mobile, deep links, and what's next... (@ Digital Hollywood) http://t.co/JYdFOXKFAaAnnouncing Crashlytics for OS X http://t.co/9ZW42BZ39s #iosdev http://t.co/UgmoS17LDq
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So @StephenAtHome says T-Mobile can relieve constipation. It's true. Just look at how we're making @att sh!t themselves.
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteLa La Land for the week (@ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - @flylaxairport w/ @andrewparker) http://t.co/LtzGEqbg1lI don't get why GoGo uses a captcha. Yes everyone on the flight is human and he connection is too slow to use a bot to repeatedly try.@c4milo smart in what sense?What would you want from a piece of software that let you blog/write better on your mobile phone?EndlessTV Serves Up Free Web Video to Your Phone, Minus the Ads. How Long Can That Last? / by @pkafka / http://t.co/jSA6Qzt0GO
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteRemember when webshots was all the rage?App with endless amount of content via @ComplexMag!? Yes, please! Read: @ComplexMag + @endless_tv's partnership here: http://t.co/7VTnHLECcx
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteSomeone should start a travel agency with simple packages for people who leave tech jobs and need to decompress for a couple weeks.
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twitter isnt dead the novel isnt dead nothing is dead stop trying to make death happen
Retweeted by Jason L. Baptiste@johnolilly opens at 6 pm, bathtub gin, hidden speakeasy. http://t.co/CSq9vPne6WGotta give Facebook credit. Who'd have thought "ad network" and "autoplay" would be topics du jour even 6 months ago?
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@AskAmex your website is once again broken and causing me to pay more for my flights. can someone please help?Thinking: Marketing should follow and accommodate product. Not the other way around. When product isn't at the center, it shows...
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteMy latest in @Forbes: "Deeplinking -- And 4 Ways To Fix App Discovery" http://t.co/Wv8sT0ZtzjApparently teenagers hate the new @Snapchat update. Teenagers also hated Facebook's updates yet here we are 1.2B active FB users later...
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteHistory's most expensive predictions: "Google is a one trick ads pony." "FB won't be able to monetize mobile." "Twitter will never be big."
Retweeted by Jason L. Baptiste@mjbarash that tweet made no sense I realized.Thought x-factor was the show where they make people conquer their craziest fears like spiders@mjbarash sounds like an episode of xfactor.
Fun MakersKit DIY Projects Made Exclusively for Urban Outfitters http://t.co/PxN5dWoPh8
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteIf real estate listings were as good and authentic as AirBNB listings, people would be a lot happier.Pied Piper is fucked, don't see IPO happening. Too high of a burn and compression algorithms are a commodity.Want to do a startup, no ideas? 1: Go into companies & look at all the crazy ways they use spreadsheets. 2: Purpose-built SaaS. 3: Profit.
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteThe Truth will set you free! #WeTheNets http://t.co/8h0JNjhETm
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We're going to Game 7! #Nets win 97-83 #BKNvsTOR
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteLet's go @BrooklynNets! #forbrooklyn
Retweeted by Jason L. Baptiste"Smartphones are blind, but iBeacons will change that" via @Onswipe http://t.co/5tYt2oClH1
"Facebook is ignoring a huge market with FAN" via @Onswipe http://t.co/Xu5HAXBW23Currently listening to "All Along The Watchtower" DMB cover - http://t.co/HnMbQKUCN3App discovery still dominated by personal recommendations http://t.co/rLMekDCQ0j
Retweeted by Jason L. Baptiste2005 vs 2014. http://t.co/UEbE46Vpxc
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteWhy Silicon Valley VCs suddenly love the media. ... (@kdoctor / Politico) http://t.co/iQ8aMfqyR4 http://t.co/WAK2lvla5S
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteHello Spring.@pwernau @apricotcapital @lum congrats all!Excited this morning to announce the acquisition of angel investment awe.sm by Unified Social http://t.co/oqdRmSHzo5 @apricotcapital @lum
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteLaying the last mile of "ibeacons" may be as important as when we laid the last mile for broadband.
biz someone should build: Give away iBeacons to SMBs, charge O2O companies small transaction fee to talk to them
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteI wish there was a directory of official app urls i.e. - Skype is Skype:// . Sort of like what ICANN does for the web.Teenager @MichaelSayman taught himself to code, saved his family's home, and landed on the main stage at Facebook f8: http://t.co/7ZcA87D8yG
Retweeted by Jason L. Baptiste@semil Airbnb for umbrellas (nyc edition)Does anyone know if FAN will work with mobile web?@ericfranchi seems that's the play here from the language. Diving into it all now to see if there's a branded play.@ericfranchi the thing is, it's all CPI based. CPI just wants volume - 1 million impressions = only 25 downloads. http://t.co/35pYB7SFJd@ericfranchi well said. inventory isn't the issue on mobile… it's quality inventory for brands.The person who invented 'monetization' should be homiciderized
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteI'm at Michael's Restaurant - @michaelsnewyork w/ @cyberjournalist http://t.co/WoMgA1Ffs7.@femmebot found it. Swiftly.@femmebot it's for small microtasks, things that are commonly asked/take 1-2 hours maxWhat is the site where you can hire freelancers to do quick tasks - change logo, fix simple CSS, etc ?
@davidlee HUGE area, @Onswipe alum doing something cool here with @fromparcelLogistics, logistics, logistics. #megatrend
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteWhat the hell does Peter Mayhew do at a table read? http://t.co/wcvvSD1dNs http://t.co/Il06wntx7q
Retweeted by Jason L. BaptisteThe Star Wars: Episode VII Cast Revealed http://t.co/ip2iEvVRFdngl this is bananas. @timehop above @facebook in the UK app store http://t.co/HwDOwmZr2r
Retweeted by Jason L. Baptiste@nalin reverted to airdrop with my gf. Even carousel was "too much" work.@nalin @gallaugher yep, too much friction.@nalin @gallaugher the multi peer / ble API? I'm also curious why bump faltered.Do we want "smart watches" or a much better lock screen?