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@jadesierraz Thanks, Jade!"@carroll_ann: #Drood was fantastic. @stephaniejblock sang 6 feet from my face. #theatregeek" Sorry if @WillChaseMe and I spittled on you;)@kamilahmarshall You make me so happy, friend! I just adore you... That's all.@emilyfayeoakley More importantly, how was my butt in my "man pants". I hope to receive an award again this year;)
At Mystery of Edwin Drood!!! @StephanieJBlock you are rediculous!!!
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockAwesome rehearsal for @RTC_NYC's #SpringGala2013 with @StephanieJBlock and @Jane_Krakowski today! It's going to be a great show!!!
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@ashleybrown9 Yay!! I love that you're here. Hope to see you after. X@RickyStevenYoun I have a youtube version of "My Heart Will Go On" that makes NO sense at all. It was all a blur.@NickWDWRogers Nick, hope you enjoy @HouseofCards ! It's great... And so is @SebArcelus.@ScottAlanNet Hello, my friend. Ok. I invited him backstage... We'll see if he "takes the bait";) xo@tammutu If you want/ are avail to come back after... Plz do. Say hi and meet Chita. She's amazing. Plus, I adore your fiance. Hope u enjoy.
@xJOHNBOYx me too. Done.Laura Benanti, @StephanieJBlock & More Set to Perform at Roundabout's Spring Gala, 3/11: http://t.co/FTrtQVI6Eb
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@WickedlyEmerald You're both super adorable!! Sisters are the best!!@_samiiseaman I have no idea.@MsMarianaA I am sorry. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.Great song w/ important message by @AIMenken & Craig Carnelia. Retweet and help the @dramatistsguild spread the word! http://t.co/e9Ngb1wF6J
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block
I knew that line around the block was for Roseland and not "Cinderella"... They didn't look like R&H folks. #deductivereasoning #Sherlock@bolts55 How do you say... "You are ridiculous." In Czech?@netaleenoy 10-4, good buddy!Two more weeks of #Drood! That's only 16 more opportunities to vote-- can we get a few new murderer/lover/Datchery combinations in? @RTC_NYC
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@SanctuaryFan226 Happy "Sweet 16". Enjoy!!!
@xxXElphabaXxx Hug it out.In the Los Angeles area? We have these 7 wonderful and very sweet dogs looking to be adopted. http://t.co/DtDJRTEK8A
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@ColorMeAlly Happy Birthday, Allison.PLS RT for Bronx & hurry & foster or adopt him, he is OUT OF TIME! https://t.co/YqaLpgDoQM @Dontignoretruth @ROwazany @StephanieJBlock
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockGood Night. Oh... And I'm an ass for forgetting the "s" in Les Miserables. Tired... Still... An ass. Or should I say, as..."s"."@MattGoldich: Steven Spielberg is so Ang Lee right now #Oscars" This is genius!!Ok... I want to be Jane Fonda! She is amazing through and through!!@jezemelody Rupert totally kicks ass! ;)The melting ice. Oh god in heaven.
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@marykhamann Mary. I did listen. There was no thank you to CMS, AB or HK. Not angry... Just surprised.My prediction: Barbra Streisand will sing "The Way We Were" (in honor of Marvin Hamlisch) possibly during the 'In Memoriam' section.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@pseumoustophy I did know that. My mom was at the show last night and told me he was there. Fun. Would love to have met him.@ABridgd_version Oh good. I am so glad... Must have been in the kitchen....Mystery of Edwin Drood", Rupert Holmes wrote our version. I am not performing the work of Charles Dickens.Guys... I know Victor Hugo wrote Les Miserable but He didn't create the work that is being performed. Just as Charles Dickens wrote "The...@DaveClemmons It's crazy, right?@executrixie It's based On Victor Hugo's novel... But every word, every note was written by the creators above.I am shocked no one is thanking the CREATORS of "Les Miserable". Cheers to Claude-Michel Schonberg, Alain Boubil and Herbert Kretzmer.@WickedlyEmerald Nope... Would love to.@Sarahbway Not yet.@frenchfanzel I got engaged in France. It will always be a VERY special place to me!!@PerezHilton Now, I want to put my arms around you... Tight, toned, YOU!@Joy_175 Don't know what you can do... Sure it's great.@PerezHilton Good taste... He's adorable!!@MiniBlockhead here you go...@StephaniesHats Certainly not my Datchery hat.@IlovewickedSJB Should be there:)@WickedlyEmerald You have mad twitter skills and I am sure thousands of other things you are great at.@theatregeek2423 I got it and your signed PQ song book and headshot are on their way to you.@SJBlocklings Are you sure it's not just peanut sauce instead of peanut butter sauce?@Audra_Lutz Just remember it's a play so..."play"... Just do that, and there's nothing to be scared about.@SJBlocklings No. I have never had peanut butter chicken. That scares me a little bit.@Iloveidina1715 Hailey. Swiffer couldn't be easier... I have no tips for you. Good luck.@justenm123 Always wanted to play the Baker's Wife.@frenchfanzel Thank you so much!! Merci! Merci!@ColorMeAlly Here's another... :)@SJBlocklings Of course!! Delish!@taylor_crown So glad. It does become fun when you realize it's all about you and your art... Not about them.@MsTheatreChica I think that I could be working cleaning bathrooms somewhere. Everything then seems wonderful in the rehearsal room.@maryGprom I am watching the Oscars... And drooling over Halle Berry's dress. Sensational!@theatregeek2423 If I HAD to choose... Waffles.@hadleyfraser Your 'stache just won those two ladies an Oscar. Niiiiiiiccccce.@Iloveidina1715 Day was good. Still going strong.@MsTheatreChica I get to see, feel and react to the audience.@theatregeek2423 As is mine.@SJBlocklings All of Jane Austen.@lotusflowers26 Nothing. Stay strong and ignore them. What they think of you is NONE of your business. You know who you are. They don't."@BestEarthPix: We take so much for granted. http://t.co/NHNZ1uf5Pz" 4 hrs of glamour and make believe... Let's not forget what's real.The Mystery of Edwin Drood was FANTASTIC! Amazing cast and all star performances! #Drood #Broadway #Musical #Theatre @EdwinDrood54
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockWow, #Drood closes so soon...I'm sad to see it go. It was one of the most joyous experiences I've ever had in a theatre.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block"Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too.” Isabel Allende http://t.co/P9LKwWkEW2
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@YumsMommy Thanks for the love and support! X
Only 3 things can change our lives: dreams, suffering and love
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockTim Federle’s Children’s Novel Is About Love for Theater http://t.co/Mc3UcLXT4c
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@sferezy Ah man... Thanks! I am sorry we didn't get to chat after. So much love and light to you too, sweet Steven!!
@JSibille42 Nah... You have to be making that up. #Hartford #firstmetSebastian@MissShortbread Lavender deserves a shot... Or should I say a "puff". You would be FABULOUS!! #DROOD@EdenArmy In.@haypod22 Girl, I am one of the last one still hangin on to my blackberry. #lastofthemowhekins@LauraBenanti I'm a nerd through and through, Ms. Laura. X@TerrelleKay Don't be mad. I am just handing out the tweets today! Thanks for your love and support.@WickedlyEmerald Absolutely believe in heaven... Lots of family and friends there.@lukebayer Working on it;)@StephaniesHats I think it's absolutely ridiculous... And hilarious... Did I mention ridiculous?@fishtheelephant Stay calm... Yes, always. People are nice... Not enough.@SJBlocklings Same advice for all... Just tweeted some. Xo@Dishthetrish89 Tricia. First I have to grow up... We are all still waiting on that. :)@taylor_crown Don't worry about "nailing it". Just breathe, be in the moment, enjoy every word coming out of your mouth and then leave. :)@lukebayer Thanks Luke. 30 years of lessons are starting to pay off:)Watch @StephanieJBlock perform A Chorus Line's 'What I Did for Love' at 2013 Steve Chase Awards http://t.co/E92IHgipzN
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@EdenEspinosa Hey... I think you're great! :)@EdenEspinosa
In a perfect world, #madmen would begin a season the week after #scandalABC goes on hiatus, followed by a new set of #houseofcards
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@BrianGGallagher Had to pull it together since I was going to be sharing the stage with your lady:)@SebArcelus hawking www.midtownMarchMedley for me! And showing off sassy ice skates... (@StephanieJBlock's hubby!) http://t.co/nk1QLcCZis
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@joshgad So glad you are enjoying. @SebArcelus is crazy proud to be a part of such an incredible group. #houseofcardsVIDEO: @StephanieJBlock & @meganhilty reunite at the 2013 Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards gala http://t.co/0IEPTJn9a2" Ignore my big belly:)