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My voice does more than just sing. instagram: stephaniejblock

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@petkoff And just in case you didn't know he spells it Bryan. Ugh. Congrats all the same!!!@petkoff You know I meant Brian, right? My brain wrote Brain but I meant Brian... After this explanation, my brain is tired... And tried."@MotherJones: These r the 194 children that've been killed by guns since Newtown http://t.co/ls1NRVdS7K http://t.co/DKeF3ai6hc." gone/guns!@petkoff Congrats on co staring w/ the Brain Cranston. That is crazy great!!! Just thrilled for you.@Dominic1110 My pleasure. Christmas and kids... I mean, one just has to give:) Hugs to all you #jerseyboys"@THR: Best Drama Series: Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, The Good Wife, HOUSE OF CARDS, Masters of Sex #GoldenGlobes" Congrats @HouseofCards@Mariobatali Help NY GE Food Label bill become law! TAKE ACTION! http://t.co/M6ntgWJKYh
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It did arrive! Thank you... So thoughtful! Merry Christmas."@JohnSelzer917: My #wcw today is the GORGEOUS and unbelievably talented @StephanieJBlock LOVE HER!! Thanks for the "crush"!! Happy Wed.@StephanieJBlock My list of 2013 best musical cast recordings - you're on there. Please retweet x http://t.co/TKZ3jhvAmb
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@JSibille42 Lookin' good... Very cute reindeer paper.
Hey students of #NYU/Tisch, you can still be artsy, edgy & funky and dress warmly. #coveryourlegs #atleastwearshoes@stevinix617 Miss you, Stevi and so impressed by your upcoming project with Leilani!! Amazing! Xoxox@stevinix617 Family love, is right"@MidDirRep: The amazing @stephaniejblock in #LittleMissSunshine @2STNYC is a member/supporter of #GiveMDR http://t.co/Rll1jSwFZy"
"@TimFederle: My version of yoga involves breathing SUPER deep in the holiday Post Office line."#namaste"@PerezHilton: @StephanieJBlock I may have to!" Hooray!! It's a really great line up... Would love to see you & hug ya!@issyrph Chrissy!!! How are you? Man, we wish you were here:)
@E_DaddySciotto You are ready for some shadow play with that Christmas 'stache. X@emilymarielew Wishing you a beautiful holiday season from me and your twitter Secret Santa. Merry, merry!!@terrondbrooks We miss you!! http://t.co/7FYTCjx3jS@kamilahmarshall We miss you!!! http://t.co/0LeVWUn1hJ@thejeffcalhoun What a incredible addition to @CovenantHouse. What an incredible voice for homeless youth!
@klo143 Happy, Happy, Happy! Hope you had a beautiful birthday.@ssbutterfly Becca!!! My bag 'o treasures... Thank you. So thoughtful and delicious. X@WillChaseMe Been watching you on #Nashville and you are a total star. Congrats, Will... Great things for you... Great things.Can't stage door tonight. Thanks all for coming to the show. Here's hoping you enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!@cyndilaupers I would love to be in Brazil right now... Let's switch.@BillyCardone Finally ready twitter...hope you enjoyed FIRST DATE."@EdenEspinosa: @LindsayMendez @JuliaMurney @StephanieJBlock you're amazing! Thanks for this! #greengirlsisterhood" Yes, my sisters, yes!!@broadway_alli Let it shine, Alli! Thanks for the blessing.
@ImReadyForNYC What a beautiful tweet!! Thank you. I feel honored to be in such a group and for your prayers... Much appreciated!@Bryan1207 Thanks, Bryan. #Iheartfinn too:)@ElphieGrl38 Happy Birthday!! Wear that tiara with pride:)
@GaffneyEmily ... Cause I'm doing a little off-broadway skit called #LittleMissSunshine.Drop the mic @LauraBenanti. You crushed it.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block(She says lovingly with a grin)Know which witch is which, tweeps.@shutupbuck Thanks, Michael!! Keeping up on #TSOML from your tweets:)So can I put guest star on SOUND OF MUSIC on my resume?? That's legit, right?“Death is something inevitable.When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people&his country,he can rest in peace” #Madiba
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockThank you Nelson Mandela. The world is a better place because you lived as a pure example of peace, forgiveness and unconditional love.@emilymarielew Just got ur letter at the theatre. I will be here tomorrow and will be coming out the stage door. See u then. X@EmGMarczak And where off-broadway? I don't see anything listed in the off-broadway theatre here in NY. Where is ITW playing?@EmGMarczak I have performances of my own, sweet girl.
@emilymarielew Not yet.I'm not the girliest girl, but I like shiny things. If it's bedazzled, I like it. I also like stickers & puppies. Oh Gawd. I'm girlie. Noooo@michreed0703 Thank you, Michael. Your tweet is lovely and I appreciate it!#LittleMissSunshine Women's Dressing Room wearing our teddy bear ski hats. Yes... We are the adults in this play. http://t.co/Ev8kHYBNMl@kio743 I got Josh's letter. Tell him THANK YOU:)@rusty__roo Russell, you are too kind! In that video I look more like a donkey than a cat... And a far cry from a "goddess". X
@theatregeek2423 The Christmas Song (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...)@fumbletons Thanks, Becky!! xo@heyits_fran I hope I don't look old enough to play Demi's mama... Not yet, anyway. #oilofolay@aoifemahood Be better than me... Be you!
RT! PLEASE HELP PIPPY! NY area, needs foster or adopter NOW! https://t.co/HagzN3YWux @Dontignoretruth @StephanieJBlock @joannakrupa
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@number1fansie I am so glad you enjoyed #LittleMissSunshine. We are the most fun dysfunctional family!! xo@ShortNdSweet15 I LOVE my ornament!!! THANK YOU. Starting to decorate tomorrow so it will hang proudly on our tree. #hohoholynight
@YumsMommy Not yet. Family fun until Dec. 7th!!Help this teacher make a great point to her students about the consequences of social network use. Please RT widely. http://t.co/Qx9A88BMve
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@DanielCoylee On my way... Order me a darjeeling.@_samiiseaman Don't have a favorite song. But I am a Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Billy Joel kinda girl. Give me lyrics that mean something.@hannahlmaurice I'm in NY in between shows and already have dinner plan;)@klo143 cute!!@SamanthaKari I will this afternoon, but can't this evening.incredible investigative piece by @THR on the inhumane treatment of animals in Hollywood's films http://t.co/Sg3ko99Xpw #animalsWEREharmed
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@lotusflowers26 Tired... But making it happen. Lots to do this weekend."@VirgoNation: #Virgo thinks it's better to be hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie." Tell it to me straight!For those wondering what #kinkyboots is about: Acceptance, Respect, & Love. For those wondering why it would be on the parade: see above.
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@klo143 Forgive me. No stage door tonight. Whole family in town and had to rush back to them. X@taliapfeffer Sorry sweet girl. Plz understand I only follow those I know. XGoodnight turkeys. Hope your hearts and bellies are happy & full.@EdenEspinosa We loved having you!! Our house is now truly a home after this Thanksgiving!!!The @ShakespeareBway gang had a great trip to #LittleMissSunshine this week at @2STNYC. So darkly funny & very moving. Congrats to all!
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block"@JimCaruso1: Unless you name is @MarthaStewart, @StephanieJBlock is probably a better hostess than you." I was a pretty special day!! xo
@CovHousePrez Thanks, Kevin! And we are so inspired by you and the grace with which you are changing the world! Happy Thanksgiving!
PLS RT for Layla, sweet family pup needs a forever home. Located Mass. https://t.co/pPTcspUoUA @Dontignoretruth @ROwazany @StephanieJBlock
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@MaxCrumm Thanks Max!!! I wish I would have seen you after. Honestly, thanks!!
@Renee_Jean Are you trying to open it with ur teeth?Pardon me... It's not a Corona. It's a Stella Artois (sp?) . This lawyer is even sadder than I originally thought.@xxXElphabaXxx Nope... Send it out.Grown men in suits making notations in legal documents while trying to open a Corona with their teeth on the NJ Transit... This is sad to me@xxXElphabaXxx It depends on how quickly u get it to 2ST and how long the questionnaire is."@VirgoNation: #Virgos hate to be told what they already know." This is VERY true.@shaynasteele Travel safely, lady!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.@fumbletons Sure. Mail it to Second Stage Theatre w/ Attn: Stephanie J Block
@WickedlyEmerald I never got a DM. And forgive me guys, but I'll be slow on twitter for a while. Family, holidays, etc...URGENT RT! Help share Patches for a home for the holidays! Great dog! NY area. https://t.co/rNbQzTbMRB @Dontignoretruth @StephanieJBlock
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@KathyDeitch How was the wedding, Deitch?? Plz give your family big hugs and congrats for me. Xo@fumbletons Thanks, Becky!! Have a beautiful Sunday in the city. X@ScottAlanNet whew wee... That tempo was brisk. You and your beautiful music... Just LOVE it at any tempo. X
@alisonfraser Loved meeting you the other day! You are simply wonderful!!@EmGMarczak Happy Birthday, Emily!! Hope #LittleMissSunshine was a fun and lovely gift!@MiniBlockhead Happy "adoption day"!! Soooo glad you enjoyed #LittleMissSunshine! I'll be expecting your playbill;)@MatthewCurtice had to run out tonight! Thanks for coming to #LittleMissSunshine, Matthew. Happy you had a great time.@nicole_allyse So glad you had fun!! We love shaking our badonkadonks too:)@YumsMommy I love that pic of us!!! We look so fresh and happy and alive. I like us!