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@acmincey Angleo, So glad you enjoyed! I don't come out the stage door on closing:( But Lots of folks still in the theatre.@DillonCody Thanks Dillon. Hope the tour is treating you well. Big hugs to all the sailors and passengers of the SS American.One last kiss goodbye to Drood!!! @StephanieJBlock @EdwinDrood54 @E_DaddySciotto @RCreightonNYC @WillChaseMe http://t.co/SzMLUmNEgb
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockMacaco and I pouting. We hate saying goodbye. Love you #DROOD family!! http://t.co/X4ZO9e3ZhEThe writing on the Wooooooooooooooooffffffffff #Drood 🐾
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@DrewMitchell890 Anything about House Of Cards... I retweet. It's a brilliant show aaaaaannnndd my husband is a regular on it;) #proudIf you have Netflix and aren't watching House of Cards, you're wasting money. It is superb.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockBWW Flashback: THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD Ends Romp on Broadway Today... http://t.co/JGChncOLE8 @EdwinDrood54
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@PerezHilton That is amazing, Perez!! Your heart must be so full. Big hugs to you and the little peanut. X
"@jenashtep: My secret favorite pastime is convincing NYU freshmen that Stephanie J. Block owns Blockheads. Shhhh." This makes me happy.@BillBerloni I want to hug Sunny!! Too cute.@SJBlockheads Amazing?? Caco looks like a "Hello Kitty" character:)@ssbutterfly Thnk u 4 your heartfelt letter & 4 the secret DVDs;) A heads up... ur DROOD CD cover wasn't in the envelope.@SHUTUPitsASH The bracelet is really sweet. Thank you. Sorry for the crazy video... speaking is hard;)@Alison_Anne90 Got your letter. Ask me questions here... And I'll answer/keep in contact as best I can.@TeaPartyCat Thanks for the follow. I laugh (and agree) with you daily.Happy birthday to Broadway director, performer and 2001 @TheTonyAwards nominated book writer, Lonny Price. http://t.co/bQ5rF3NIBZ
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block#FF @JimCaruso1 Jim is THE host of NYC nightlife. And we are proud to have him as a competition mentor and friend!
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oh let me guess i'll set my clocks ahead and then six months from now they'll tell me to set them back no thanks obama
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockPassage of human trafficking bill sends clear message - The Hill's Congress Blog http://t.co/7y8xzcetl9
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block.@StephanieJBlock, Chita Rivera and EDWIN DROOD’s charming company sing and sign CDs: http://t.co/FttSK9l1Bg
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockLast #DROOD event... Man, I am going to miss this group. I love this cast/crew very much!! http://t.co/lc5P5QksBJ@Tayoneo1234 Plz forgive. Have a wonderful day and still belt "Moonfall". X SJBToday 4:30 pm, @StephanieJBlock & more @EdwinDrood54 cast will perform at at Barnes&Noble E 86th to celebrate the Drood cast album release!
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockListening to @EdenEspinosa new album "Look Around"... Glorious, inspiring and just plain WELL SUNG! That tweeps is a true artist!!PLS RT! This sweet pup needs our help, every $1 counts!! https://t.co/H9jRG896Or @Dontignoretruth @HeathSheila @ROwazany @StephanieJBlock
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block"@TheSpiderJude: I'm not ready for a Broadway without @EdwinDrood54 #Drood @StephanieJBlock @AlisonCimmet @E_DaddySciotto" Me neither.@meganhilty Congratulations on your greatness, Megs!!Two fabulous #Broadway voices coming to @landmarkonmain @StephanieJBlock May 10 and @MeganHiltyOL June 15. http://t.co/s3iRwAYzPM
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@KRYSTAR0DRIGUEZ Thanks Krysta! So happy to see you last night and so glad you enjoyed #DROOD... And HAPPINESS;)#drood For my last show i will be pouncing across the stage. Only a few days left. Come see me! Licks and love 🐶
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@callmesquigs Macaco and I thank you. Lovely to see you again the other night!! XJust got home from a great night at the theater! Only 4 more chances to see #Drood! @StephanieJBlock is amazing as always! Last chance!!!!
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@ArtsyFARTSYIvan Happy Birthday! Roarrrr. Growl. Woof. What. Am. I. Doing?@Shipenby @Cacarooz... "Pawtograph". Love this:)
@AdamGwon Adam!!! Thank you so much... Love getting to know you. See you at the next rehearsal. X@samonsky So great! Really lovely job this morning on the Today show. X SJB@ashleybrown9 Hooray! Thank you, Ashley Brown. And congrats to you. We hope @SONGStheMusical extends so we can see ur brilliant self. X"She's more house of pies than house of cards." says my evil political opponent when I play an earnest female candidate for president
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@livingintheHOC Happily. Married to HOC's Lucas Goodwin, @SebArcelus. Looking forward to your posts. Thanks!@ECDilly Sexy got me no where... I knew I should have stuck with my turtleneck and slacks;) ha!#houseofcardsJust finished rehearsals for @SONGStheMusical. Get your tickets ASAP! @FashionistaMJS @TheNickAdams @ashleybrown9 @theJessicaRush
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Come join us 2nite at 8 at the Anthology Film Archives (32 2nd Ave) for NewFilmmakers' screening of @lastdayofaugust! http://t.co/5utKxx5Lud
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockWant to see @StephanieJBlock perform at our #RTCSpingGala March 11? Enter our contest for a chance to win tickets: http://t.co/LTaJypnotQ
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@ColorMeAlly Hey Allison! Hope your day turns around and gets much better.Happy Birthday to the masterful #stephenschwartz! Oh... The gifts you have given us.@jadesierraz Yes girls!!! You both look fantastic!@theatregeek2423 Have a great day, Emma.Just found out my album is available for pre-order thru http://t.co/CxXPAbzQTj The Target version has 2 bonus tracks Gravity & It Will Rain
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@ScottAlanNet done and done. Do you have some special news I don't know about?For those asking... Not wearing the last gown I posted to the gala. But going to buy it for future events! It's too incredible not to have.
"@CarmenMarcValvo: Look for this Carmen Marc Valvo Black Label @saks & @neimanmarcus http://t.co/X43tF0G04N" I will be buying this gown!!@SHUTUPitsASH Yes ma'am. Sooooo beautiful. The color is stunning.Had an amazing fitting at @CarmenMarcValvo today... Simply stunning gowns. Thanks to Carmen and Frank.Disney Fine Art by Collectors Editions introduces the art of James C. Mulligan, an Irish American artist and... http://t.co/sLYTBK4Yz9
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@netaleenoy on twitter or facebook... Under Houseofcards#HouseofCards is now airing in Israel. Tweet your friends there and let them know we want their comments! @HouseofCards
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@landmarkonmain proudly announces our Spotlight Gala (Take 2) on May 10 starring the amazing @StephanieJBlock http://t.co/cOHv1dcwVg
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Guys. Enter to win tixs to @RTC_NYC's Annual Gala. @LauraBenanti. @StephanieJBlock. Jane Krakowski. #doit http://t.co/dVZaYkQ8EO
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@ECDilly Now if only my mouth would work during these auditions... Hopefully they were distracted by my sexy shoes Loved seeing u 2!!.@StephanieJBlock, @BetsyWolfe and Jessie Mueller Will Sing at Barnes & Noble Mystery of Edwin Drood CD Event http://t.co/aYSjrtlPd3
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@theatregeek2423 I play the piano... Not well, mind you, but I can plunk out a tune.@SJBlocklings I took Spanish. I need to study up again. I also want to learn to be fluent in Italian.Just saw @StephanieJBlock and the AMAZING cast of Edwin Drood! So thankful that I got to share it with my family! The magic of theatre! :)
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@Cacarooz lounging in his car service... Heading home after a long week. RIDICULOUS. http://t.co/xLYutArGJxOk. #Drood fans are now asking for @Cacarooz "autograph" at the stage door. I will miss "signing" his paw. He's a canine STAR!!@g8rlane It will be great to see the beautiful newlyweds!!! Hehehehe"@EverythingNYC: Blue on blue! The Great Lawn and Turtle Pond @CentralParkNYC http://t.co/orsupSdjSv (via @gigi_nyc)" Wow!@ScottFreethy Chita, Kate and I are still in awe of you, your healing and strength. You are remarkable!!!Please help WEAVER get adopted. Cute 9 month Maltese. http://t.co/Uxo8b51zxP http://t.co/mnKoliU1xC
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@stephenoremus So thrilled for you. Here's to another hit!!! Many congrats to you, cast & crew. #KinkybootsHappy Opening @cinderellabway !!! Happy 1st preview @KinkyBootsBway !!!! Happy closing @marypoppins !!! this is gonna be a crazy night! xxx
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@Iloveidina1715 These faces are soooo incredibly sweet:)The cast of @EdwinDrood54 will be singing and signing autographs at Barnes & Noble on March 8th. http://t.co/ARE2vLOZTK
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockMe2“@SebArcelus: Only two episodes in, but @matthewrhys of #TheAmericans quickly becoming one of my new fave TV characters/actors. SO good!”
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"@KerryButlerNyc: Any #onelifetolive fans coming 2 C Renee Goldsberry in benefit performance for ps 84 this Sunday night?" She's fantastic!Naturally http://t.co/gJETG12Omc
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@WickedlyEmerald haven't seen season 3... Waiting to binge watch so plz no more spoilers.Thanks to all my friends and "followers" this #FollowFriday."@ccollier94: RT for opening night of The Drowsy Chaperone in Madison, IN?! Your Anything Goes playbill is on the set!" Happy, Happy Opening@MsMarianaA It's not me. It's run by a fellow "Blockhead" in London, Kesi.@StephanieJBlock Hey boo will u tweet this for me? Launching a charity campaign for uganda I organized thx! http://t.co/qwtnED9nYU
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block"@oczimmer: This is amazing! Spoofing @HouseofCards MUST SEE “@likepara: check out "House of Cardinals" http://t.co/8fXL7NjQ2C”" BRILLIANT!!@TonyBriant Holy cow! I honestly don't know how 15 years have passed. So glad we've stayed in touch. Xo@MsMarianaA I agree!!!@ssbutterfly I will be at B&N on Mar. 8th singing "Perfect Strangers" & "Writing On The Wall"... And the cast will be there for CD signing.@meganhilty Ahhhhhh yah! How cool."@ActorsEquity: #FF Broadway Leading Lady is Leading Man! ‏@StephanieJBlock stars as title character in @RTC_NYC @EdwinDrood54" Thanks AEA!