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@Sarahbway Pictures from fans.Dear friends, family, others in the NYC area: please go see the gem that is @EdwinDrood54. So funny, so smart, so creative. Go! #Drood
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@chad3c Thanks, Chad! So glad you are diggin' it.@ColorMeAlly Hoping today has brought you many things to be happy about... Recognize and enjoy.Window washers at a children's hospital - This deserves endless retweets http://t.co/lYspZV4Y
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@thewillswenson Ooooooh, you seem to be doing juuuuuussssttttt fine. XHave old towels and blankets? Don't throw them out-donate them to your local shelter/rescue. There are so many ways to help animals in need!
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@KylieJenner #HouseofCards
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@MasonCordell Happy Birthday! Hope it has been a blessed day. X@Sarahbway Welcome to the "heads", Sarah. Thanks for joining. X
@BroadwayManiac4 Zach, as of now... March 10 looks like a firm closing date.@chelseacullern Amazing news!!!"@thedailybeast: Confirmed: Skeleton Is Richard III http://t.co/M3VpEp8h #cheatsheet" Amazing!!Have YOU signed to protect the #Arctic? Not yet??? ACT NOW: http://t.co/83vuExf7 Already signed? RT to spread the word! Time is running out!
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@StevePasquale @SebArcelus and I LOVED your performance in #DoNoHarm last week. Can't wait for next episode. You r truly fantastic!!
@theatregeek2423 David Sedaris' books all make me laugh out loud! He has such a way of writing. I feel like we r friends... But we r not.@sierraboggess You bettah come backstage lady, girl. Fun to know you're out there today!! Welcome home! X@BrianGGallagher Hi!! Too much between he and I? We will certainly simmer down for our "tada-less" date. Hope u r soooo happy!! XoThis is why I watch #HouseOfCards #Netflix Handsome guy, playing a great character with ethos. #MarryMe http://t.co/IQr4qUTHLife is about balance. Be kind, but don't let people abuse you. Trust, but don't be deceived. Be content, but never stop improving yourself.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@brittbrittnyc Kathe is fabulous! Love her so! Give her a squeeze for me. XRuthless. Manipulative. Heartless. Intriguing. #HouseofCards
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block#Netflix officially hit one out of the park with @houseofcards what a great show! Watch out #hbo #HouseofCards #WatchResponsibly
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockI'm loving #HouseOfCards on #Netflix. David Fincher always inspires me.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block#houseofcards has been an incredible treat that came out of nowhere. I heard no advance buzz on this and it is a tour de force. Watch it!
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockFrank Underwood makes Don Draper look like a nun... #houseofcards #netflix
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@MichaelWPadgett Thank you, Michael!! So glad you had a great time.
@rsb15731 yep... As written and performed. That's the whole point of the song. We r a bit judgmental and unaccepting of dif nationalities.@EdenEspinosa I am late... But the wishes are true and full of love. Happy Birthday, E!!! All good things coming your way. XGotta admit: most Wednesdays and Saturdays feel like Groundhogs Day.@SingNAlong Nope. Just in Palm Springs.@sfosternyc @Jen__Cody Ok...girl love time. I think u both r amazing, talented and hilarious women!!! So there.This is the future of TV “@HouseofCards: Netflix Original Series #HouseofCards is now streaming! On your schedule. http://t.co/vNxC2HvI
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block"What do you want, my source or my integrity?" #HouseofCards
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockJust a few minutes in to #HouseofCards and I'm in love. #ishouldprobablybeinpolitics
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockThe new original series @HouseofCards with @KevinSpacey on @Netflix is amazing. Didn't think it was possible to be this good! #HouseOfCards
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@rsb15731 Fanny Brice in FUNNY GIRL or Sonia Walsk in THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SONG."@PaulWontorek: @StephanieJBlock Yes! And that newspaper editor guy is dreamy! ;)" Don't tell anyone, but he's in my bed right now."@PaulWontorek: Digging into #HouseofCards on @netflix. Think I might be hooked!" Smart writing. Great acting. LOVE IT!!Bo and Kitty were found with a note “Best Friends take good care of them" Bonded pair help us network them http://t.co/vW2jHr80
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@LarryPoindexter Thanks, Larry. I like being referred as a smart and funnier folk. Cheers!!Just a few hours to go until the Feb 1 @HouseofCards debut! Watch all 13 epsiodes on your own schedule. http://t.co/3Zt3eaoL
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockT-minus 3 hrs 18 min til @netflix @HouseofCards is live. Practice yr fake cough, call in sick and enjoy the ride! http://t.co/iSP4uhmh
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Charles McGrath writes with such depth on such a HUGE range of topics. A propos my previous tweet here he is on #Drood: http://t.co/CxXUQ2DU
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@JenniPenni3d Breathe. Relax. And feel secure knowing you are healing and strong! Thinking of you.A fun clip by the hilarious and talented Nicole Parker.... Enjoy! http://t.co/5isTKqV4Peter Benson and Bobby Creighton from DROOD at the Chatterbox tonight 5-6 at Don't Tell Mama! http://t.co/jMkpyluP
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@ChrissyJacobs Chrissy. I hate having to let you know, that I have scheduled concerts in CA and will be away from DROOD Feb. 8-10th. X
@LetMeBeY0urStar Happy Birthday, Amanda! X SJB2 More Days Till @HouseofCards Only On @netflix! @SebArcelus @houseofcardsfc http://t.co/7oyg1aiA
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockThe #Drood 2013 Cast Recording is now on iTunes: http://t.co/xA728SRw @EdwinDrood54 Enjoy!
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@MikeBloomberg Please free gorgeous/abusd horses used n the corrupt carriagehorse industry. this cruelty dosnt represent the best city NYC!
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@carlie_dawn its ok, my Fiyero crush was @SebArcelus but then I found out he was married to my fav actress lol
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockBaily& Jessie- 8yo Cocker spaniels in Farmingdale NY need immediate rescue Sched to be pts thurs http://t.co/9unzrXjz
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@kamilahmarshall Milah!!! Your new profile picture is cah-ray-zee beautiful!!! Oh friend, you are so gorgeous. XMy gorgeous husband on the red carpet at the DC premiere of his new Netflix series, HOUSE OF CARDS! Just so proud. http://t.co/u5lS0Rsm@baileyford2016 Yes, I am... About to start Act. 2:)#Cheap #Drood Discount Tkts to 'THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD'. SAVE UpTo $48 on Tix VISIT: http://t.co/fJQvufjB
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockRT if you used to do jigsaw puzzles while listening to SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE and also you didn't go to the prom
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"@JoeThomasNYC: Larry O'Keefe: my vote to write MEAN GIRLS musical. @morganajames as Regina & @StephanieJBlock as Ms. Norbury.." I like it!@raymondjlee @SebArcelus and I are in!!! The Kowabunga Players... What do ya think? X@Susan_Blackwell my contract is signed and being faxed to you... Let's pitch this show! Kisses, Lady Blackwell.
@xanderflorals Only the singing voice of Barbie in commercials for Mattel.@chenoite fantastic news!!! Very relieved.@WickedlyEmerald Thanks Kesi and Emma! That was a nice compliment to wake up to. X@MaddiesCorner @StephanieJBlock PLEASE NY! Be on the lookout for blind & deaf Simone She is out there somewhere! https://t.co/Sw2bEWIM … RT
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@bryantmontalvo Thank you, Bryant. That means a lot. X"@LeeHollisBussie: Oh & @StephanieJBlock can act her ass off." Thank you, Mr. Bussie. Now, if only I cld literally act a bit of my ass off.When I stand before God - I hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything u gave me'. Erma B.
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@Kimactinup amazing! She could be your little one... Stunning!! X@rsb15731 I have seen the musical, the movie and the city.@MsTheatreChica It's all about covering your head and wearing warm shoes with thick socks... And layer,layer,layer.Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockBlock as a dapper Edwin Drood was worth price of admission alone. Hot! (1st act outfit, of course not the bearded thing) @stephaniejblock
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@RustyMowery So happy to meet you! You are a lovely energy to be around. Best w/ KINKY BOOTS!! X@RustyMowery a@rsb15731 Nope... Didn't see ANNIE. I was just tweeting Annie.@auntieamyr That's the pooch. Amazing, right?Run to see Edwin Drood before it closes. Stellar cast knocking it out of the park! Great night in the Theatre
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@bendgold @Schmackarys They are... make that were... Delish! The cast/crew of @RTC_NYC #Drood thanks you.@ScottNevins Great seeing you... And will be again in a few weeks!! Travel safely.@Alyssa_Milano I am so sorry. I can't even imagine. Love & comfort.@BetsyWolfe Sweet girl, that Erin. We'll just have to be a bit patient;)"@AP: Crocodile warning: Thousands of crocs escape farm after flooding in South Africa: http://t.co/IQR1SzwS -RAS" Prob my worst nightmare!@MulliganJimmy The walls are still standing... but my heart melted a little:)@ETLeviton Eric!!! I can't believe I did not get to see you last night. Congrats on K Boots and let's make a coffee/lunch happen soon. X@LILLACRAWFORD Yes I do... Yes I would. It has been my dream to sing "Tomorrow" on broadway since I was 12. Xo@A_Little_Wicked Hello, Hannah. Here I am... Tweeting you:)You know what's fun? Being in a room with @Chita_Rivera, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Rob Marshall. That is fun! And yes... I am rubbing it in.@JSibille42 He is a Beaut!!!!
@YumsMommy I love those pictures. They r real. Hate the "posey" pics!
It is COLD outside Help your outdoor cats stay warm. A shelter with straw bedding (NOT hay) can help them make it thru rough weather
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@MartyandMarissa Why didn't I see you after?! Hope you had fun! X@donnavivino Drats! I am sorry I missed you, Donna. Plz give Kathe Mull some lovin for me. X"@spkheller: Everyone should listen to this week @actorsgrind podcast hosted by @MattyBlakeActor featuring @SebArcelus http://t.co/aLO2z02I"
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockHappy birthday to the one & only @Chita_Rivera! We have two shows today so come out & celebrate with us! #Drood
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockPhoto Exclusive: Ye Old MZ Uncovers Scandal at DROOD's Music Hall Royale! http://t.co/4ObtLfnH - @RTC_NYC @StephanieJBlock @WillChaseMe
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@MckenzieJones00 Do it. Handwritten letters are so nice to receive. X"@Capathianyc: Capathia Jenkins' #concert on 01/24 at 7:30 PM @ Kauffma... Kansas City, MO http://t.co/YnvPoHw8 In KC,MO? GO. She's amazing!