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My voice does more than just sing. instagram: stephaniejblock

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@kiralynd So thankful you came tonight. You look so beautiful and happy. X@1EvelyneDawson Best birthday witches, Evelyne!!!@taylor_crown Saying "good luck" is bad luck in the theatre. So... "Break a leg".@StephanieJBlock PLS RT&Follow: LOADS of awesome signed items in charity auction now @ http://t.co/Z13eHZNq0G PLS Visit :)
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@Cacarooz in his scary black cat Halloween costume. Macaco is traumatized but @SebArcelus & I got some good laughs. http://t.co/tBdWeNN1Vb@stephenoremus Previews, Stephen O. Previews... You know that drill. But my heart was w/ u all... IS w/ u all. @WICKED_Musical #WICKED10"@stephenoremus: Wearing the "I love the baby monkey"pin with the ORIGINAL Baby monkey.… http://t.co/XKQjw7BGrW" My fav pic of the night!!@klo143 Green frosting!!! My new favorite:) Thank you!
@jrittercritter That was a fun day... And you were sooooo not a 3rd wheel. We didn't even know we were a "bike" yet;) Hope you are great!!@NextToNormal_ Glad you were here this afternoon. You have a pretty awesome mentor... Listen and learn from that man. X@ErikLiberman Loved seeing you!!! xo"@roamingrn: @StephanieJBlock well aren't you two sneaky! ... http://t.co/YUfWK9TYB3" Our secret is out!!! God, I love that man.@Jen__Cody Let's plan it!!! Off of twitter:)@Jen__Cody You talkin' today? Or Wednesdays in the future? My curtain comes down 9:50ish and Seb is done 10:35ish... We got some time.Mel... I am currently snuggling w/ my otter and eating my cupcake! I am happy:) great seeing you today.@anthonyjalan Thank you, Anthony!!@klo143 Hey, Lady! I'm not at the theatre but THANK YOU so much for the treat.@lover8_lover Another indelible memory was singing ALAYM w/ @SebArcelus the first time after becoming husband & wife... incredibly special.@lover8_lover Sharing a piano bench w/ S. Schwartz & hearing the songs from @WICKED_Musical 4 the 1st time... A memory I will NEVER forget."@Hunter_Foster: Come on down and see Rocky Horror this week at @theaterbcp!!!!" After WICKED 2nite... Go celebrate ROCKY HORROR. Great fun!"@buckhollywood: Dumb Family Feud Family! I can't stop laughing! ALLIGATOR! http://t.co/ukpBOguvCa" Hilarious! What's wrong with them?;)@ShortNdSweet15 Thanks, Marissa!!! Enjoy tonight. I will be there in spirit. #elakanahmenahtumahtumelakanahmen@badkid83 Thanks, Michael!! What a tweet... THANK YOU!@EmRachHeath Happy Birthday, Emily. Sending you all my "best witches"!! (I can't be stopped)@parkerj_33 Happy Birthday, Parker. Hope it's wicked fun. (Sometimes I'm so clever it hurts) x@klo143 I have a show of my own 2nite, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE @2STNYC. I'm sure the celebration will be wonderful over at the Gershwin. Enjoy!@julie_james Thanks, Julie!! Love,love,love you too. X@Cacarooz sends his birthday wishes to @WICKED_Musical too! http://t.co/ExuyBA13qTCongradulotions @WICKED_Musical!! You led me to NYC... Led me to my prince and my "toto". It's been quite a ride these past 10 years.What's your favorite @WICKED_Musical song or memory? Where did you see it and who are some of your favorite alums?
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@clemons_taylor if it's coming to Second Stage... You would need to put their address. That's how the mail works:)@StephanieJBlock @century21stores well sounds like he needs to lose some buisness. I'm never shopping there unless they change.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block"@EdenEspinosa: @StephanieJBlock @century21stores wow!!! Good to know where he stands on losing business"@StephanieJBlock wow. That is gross. Shame on @century21stores. Never shopping there again. #DestroyingThePlanetOneBagAtATime
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockI received a letter from Larry Mentzer, SVP of @Century21stores. He appreciates my concern but has no intention on changing the policy.@NYWicks It is time for a revival of THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SONG. I played Sonia opposite Jason Alexander in LA back in 2010. It was great fun!
Damn you, Halloween candy! Damn you!!! #nowillpower@kerryjaneellis1 How are YOU? With the @WICKED_Musical 10 year anniversary coming up, your beautiful green face is everywhere! Sending love.Photo Flash: First Look at @RoryOMalley @thewillswenson @StephanieJBlock & More in @2STNYC LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE http://t.co/jMxQ0qyoSG
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block"@Crazy4SJB: the @2STNYC photo booth.. i spy with my little eye @StephanieJBlock http://t.co/u2wWkjYxmT" I DO like to shake my "badonkadonk"@netaleenoy Just wrote a letter to @century21stores in regards to their "must use our plastic bag policy". We'll see how/if they respond.
Everyone's so preoccupied with the twist in last week's Homeland that they forgot to tell me Stephanie J. Block puts blush on Claire Danes.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block"@shaftshaft: @StephanieJBlock keeps going on abt getting a new playstation4. I'd leave one for her at the stage door. If I could." You lie.Don't shop @Century21stores as they REFUSE to allow you to use your own bag/recyclable bags. You must use their plastic bags. #killingearthBRITAIN: SJB on Homeland right now! Channel 4
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block“@ATimeToKillBway: "Ladies and gentleman of the jury, we're here today to serve justice." http://t.co/PNOJtLqtbJ” Come Judge for Yourself !
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@SHUTUPitsASH Happy Birthday, Ashley! Hope today is turning out to be a joyous celebration for you!! XHey, @ANALEIGHASHFORD. I am using your "ditty bag" here at 2ST. We are now intimately connected:) xo http://t.co/qaTSqOG0tf@PatrikRush oh look at us!!! We are tweeting and being best on social media! Love you, Patrick. X
"@PatrikRush: Perez Reviews: Little Miss Sunshine http://t.co/sAbZfAtOLj" Thank u @PerezHilton. U were so delicious. & generous w/ ur reviewRT URGENT! Partially blind & lost in NY! https://t.co/i9yY2Ba4g1 @Dontignoretruth @StephanieJBlock @meganhilty @KChenoweth @ROwazany
Retweeted by Stephanie J. BlockOur #LittleMissSunshine girls!!! #pumkinsandprincesses @2STNYC http://t.co/oRD4WgZw0MHey everyone vote 4 #houseofcards #peopleschoiceawards Favorite Streaming Series! http://t.co/eBNsPRXMIo
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@SJBlockheads Stephanie J. Block will be appearing at the Aventura Arts and Cultural Center on February 9. Groups of 10+ save on tickets!
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block"@SJBlockheads: Your value doesn't decrease based on someone else's inability to see your worth." This is awesome... AND TRUE! #rememberit@MaxCrumm Buy one. Tell me how that works"... Cause I want an otter too.@CovHousePrez Awww man. That makes me so happy! You inspire us!!! Run on, Kevin. X
@YumsMommy Right? I never found him funny either. #toeachhisown
@sierraboggess Were you at our little musical tonight? If so... I hate that I missed you. Big hugs!Kudos to the hardest working family Off-Broadway #LittleMissSunshine @2STNYC Wonderful show, brilliant set, genius direction & choreography.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@clemons_taylor Yup. Just make sure it has my name c/o Second Stage Cast of LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE and have a SASE. Thanks.Creating a new musical is not for wimps!! #LittleMissSunshine @2STNYC
@Alison_Anne90 Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday, dear Alison... Happy birthday to you!@kieraleighashfo Heal fast. Be strong and rest up!! There's only one you.@_samiiseaman Happy, Happy sweet Sami!! Thanks for being such a dear one and for your support!! Hugs to you and your mom.PLS RT for Alice a happy little dog that really needs a home! Not safe at NYACC. https://t.co/HLJEznwOsh @Dontignoretruth @StephanieJBlock
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@YumsMommy Ok, that photo is hilarious and adorable!!@hannahlmaurice Be yourself. Consider it a mini-concert instead of an audition. And BREATHE!!@Maryleefairbank Thanks, ML! It was a really great shoot and I was relieved when I saw the episode. X@Push10Lick Happy Birthday, Kirsty!! Thanks for all the love "across the pond".Sitting outside @ATimeToKillBway. Audience just went WILD!!! They certainly know what they like and dislike. This they like, Wildly, loudly!Yay to the marvelous @thewillswenson @CaissieLevy!!! You r going to love working with "the Frenchies" and they r going to love you!10 Years of Oz- Fiyero Flashback! @DerekKlena @joeymcintyre @SebArcelus @TayeDiggs @Andy_Karl @kyledeanmassey http://t.co/NWWDy1M6BT
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John Grisham fans – go see @ATimeToKillBway! The acting was wonderful and the story is timeless and very powerful.
Retweeted by Stephanie J. Block@YumsMommy Well, that's pretty cool. Hooray!For all the @SHO_Homeland love last night, "Counselor Patricia Cooper" thanks you. #2lawyersin1family@_samiiseaman Thanks for my bag'o treats! You are so lovely and thoughtful. Hope you enjoyed #LittleMissSunshine. X@MrReggieLee Thanks, Reggie!!! Congrats on all your goodness! xoxox
OK guys! Since I can't be w/ @SebArcelus tonight. Let's all give collective positive thoughts at 6pm ET to send him onstage for his Opening.@samunderwood Congrats on all your GREAT work! What a thrill. Come to 2ST soon . We'll duet. xo"@samunderwood: Don't miss @StephanieJBlock in #Homeland 2nite Such a pleasure to watch work (wish I asked her 2 tap dance w/ me! I woulda:)@number1fansie Thank you!! So glad you enjoyed #LittleMissSunshine"@ATimeToKillBway: Opening Night festivities r abt 2 begin! In a few mins our red carpet will be bustling. http://t.co/oWh7OYHoDT" Eeeeeee!"@Daryl_Roth: @SebArcelus @2STNYC @StephanieJBlock that's what love looks like xo" Happy Opening, Daryl! Kiss my man for me! He is my hero.@SebArcelus You r so crazy!! Love that u r here... Now, go get ready for your Opening Night on Broadway!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!
"@SebArcelus: @SHO_Homeland 2morrow nite to watch @StephanieJBlock, lawyer up!" And u counselor, As u lawyer up on Bway. @ATimeToKillBway#NJTransit you are a complete failure!!!
@verseau93 Yup. That was me. I know my cue(s). X@WickedlyEmerald It's over. Tomorrow will be a brand new start!! Brand spankin' new. Sleep well.@YumsMommy That's incredible!! And I love that your trip started with a little BFO!! Travel safely.May we help more than we hurt, may we seek to understand more than be understood and may we love more than we judge.
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"@Rosie: Laboratory chimpanzees see sky for first time via @Telegraph http://t.co/FGuiuJemaw - PROFOUND" Brought me to tears!@RealPhanKarin Happy Birthday, Karin! Don't do what Mimi did... Live joyfully!@BillyCardone Great seeing you, Billy."@CoryBooker: Thank you so much, New Jersey. I'm proud to be your senator-elect: https://t.co/KhXPeFsFhx" WooHoo!! This is a good man."@SoThatsNicole: PLEASE RETWEET this young boy has yet 2 b found. #FindAvonte 14 yr old autistic boy. http://t.co/Ps5tJvpqsL" Keep eyes open
"@SWAllison1: One for you & the otter one for @SebArcelus. http://t.co/x852h4RtQL" I'm now obsessed w/ otters! Another animal I want to hug"I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress..." John Adams.
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