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Meanwhile in Canada http://t.co/8gJQ3ICJI8
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinThree years ago Calgary got rid of fluoride in its water. How's that working out? http://t.co/FH6jw561oN
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinCIC says it has revoked John Maguire's passport. http://t.co/s8DgNNTHA4
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinDid you know B.C. residents are permitted to chop down a Christmas tree on Crown land? Here's the rules: http://t.co/ZKp6Y6bDx5
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinDamn Canada. RT @markmackinnon: Canada goes around NATO, sends military trainers to Ukraine: http://t.co/7YZ7yDZ4Sp
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinAustralia commits to military spending spree while Canada dithers on http://t.co/NQL1osAN6W http://t.co/tym5tuVaUU @GrayConnollyMatthew Fisher: Australia commits to military spending spree while Canada dithers on http://t.co/mUFlR5JyQG http://t.co/t1DCiFuC60
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinCanadian CF-18s operating from Kuwait on anti Daesh missions in Iraq. #ISIS http://t.co/pQxUaf5Rf7Royal Navy – U.K. to Relocate Two Attack Boats to Scotland by 2020 http://t.co/0kIFMfa4pc
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinVia @Pandaramaaa, what a picture of Guy Lafleur in front of Jean Beliveau's casket: http://t.co/PqW8og44Uy
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinI'm releasing my secret Starbucks Latte report tomorrow. I'm warning baristas on the entire Eastern seaboard.I would love to see Al Sharpton in a room with Glenn Beck or Ted Cruz.WATCH SNL spoof Al Sharpton on Garner decision: First time "everyone agrees with me" http://t.co/FAjPKrSoKg http://t.co/q9VGgRFwVH
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinWhat happens when you flush a bunch of GPS trackers down a St. Petersburg toilet "@leprasorium: http://t.co/dfNKoNQJvf"
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinStunning interior of Gloucester Cathedral, England. #travel #photography http://t.co/drjCaX4hTU
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinLg Cap All-Time High list of 100+ stocks with 50% being Financials & Healthcare. $XLV $XLF http://t.co/DDtKZSbfmb
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinWhite House: Release of torture report could put Americans at 'greater risk' http://t.co/RzqvCNdBwt http://t.co/mKbQyy7VF3
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinU.S. military puts thousands of troops on alert for release of CIA interrogation report http://t.co/8lPnfpHTnJ
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinRT @AP: BREAKING: Israeli lawmakers dissolve parliament, kick off election campaign for March 17 vote.
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin.@Gannett investigation finds grand jury documents withheld in #MikeBrown case http://t.co/zYfDMMVuOA (Brown family) http://t.co/aPaQJ0y2PP
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinU.S. aims for allied force of 1,500 against Islamic State http://t.co/kfL7svUgUU
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@Steverocks35 He was a rich Biotech billionaire until 2007, but stock lost 80% of it's value since. Sold his stock & his N/Worth is the team@jaykirell @Steverocks35 hahaha@Steverocks35 @JeffersonObama I'm not saying he's cheap, but their practice pucks are actually old Ring Dings from the early 90s.
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinV-22 Osprey Could Get Some Serious Firepower http://t.co/c84Vc3r0aN by @MarcusReports http://t.co/C0U88R1EV8
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinIraq SITREP map for the day is out! http://t.co/HylIDgBgbN http://t.co/0i6CIzYZG4
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinOttawa Senators have the lowest payroll in the league at $56 Million and one of the poorest owners.Argentine investigators are casting doubts on Mexico's claim over student remains: http://t.co/CoE6Fyj2Qu http://t.co/u6j7bWJDkg
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinMy favorite part of the American Bridge oppo research is the photo of 18-year-old @JohnKasich with President Nixon: http://t.co/MR6rmjFzq4
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinWow. What a shit-head. RT @ron_fournier: I can't breathe http://t.co/omByxO5k6q
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinMT @Enfoque: @jdbalart entrevistará al Presidente Obama mañana en Nashville en @Telemundo 6:30pm/5:30central. http://t.co/vi7qog9dvu
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@JeffersonObama and they're in Ottawa and that's punishment enough...
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin"@HockeyScanner: Even a miraculous win against Canucks couldn't save Paul MacLean. #fired #sens@SunGarrioch Reality is the Sens lineup isn't good enough. And their payroll is lowest in league. Melnyk's net worth is in free fall.Reality is the Sens lineup isn't good enough. And their payroll is shockingly low.Players are surprised after win last night. The Senators had warned Paul MacLean several times they weren't happy. #Sens
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinMaybe Sens should have fired owner. Dead last in payroll yet currently in 20th place overall. NHL costs per point: http://t.co/Y1lTW1nm3N
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinI just got the 1st exclusive interview with Sens new head coach Dave Cameron….wait this isn’t him? http://t.co/4PiTVSNTH6
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinSens GM: MacLean had lost the room, ‘didn’t believe in the group’ anymore http://t.co/a3QIF7zNMx
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinOnline reaction to Paul MacLean's firing as Sens head coach: Ottawa Senators head coach Paul M... http://t.co/cFNN4WZEql #ottawa #Canada
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinSens fire head coach. About time.Mmmmmmm. Key lime treats: http://t.co/qMqHFSdevX http://t.co/LqWShl1kn6$TSX Seems world hates all things Canadian in energy equities! Overdone? http://t.co/NTvlK4wSZl @EddyElfenbeinCanada's $TSX loses 325 points. What do you expect on an energy dependent index.The Koch i360 Data Mining Machine Gets Even Bigger & Effective- http://t.co/VPbU7jSnf8
Mexico says evidence and DNA tests confirm missing students were incinerated at a garbage dump http://t.co/c5o4RhS66e http://t.co/HgRbmGg8dR
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinThe American Audacity is out! http://t.co/uKx1gFq20z Stories via @TheEIU @AlternEconomics @rjrod2013'Father Of Home Video Games' Dies - http://t.co/NAtY8pBS3V #Pong@JeffersonObama Lol funny, crazy how good tv got off the grid
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@dogstar7tweets hahaha@JeffersonObama Nice and Schweddy http://t.co/Jz4tu9qHqy
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@HaroldItz @EST_Laced_Up Radio Crap. Stuff even the Chinese don't use.@HaroldItz @JeffersonObama Good for them, everyone deserve that shitty remote controlled helicopter
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinMan Goes to Jail for Punching a Hole in a Monet Painting Worth $10 Million http://t.co/tXANoAZ7hY
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@dogstar7tweets Where's Alec Baldwin when you need his Christmas balls?@justnotmvp @voxdotcom Spidy sure loves his morning Hookah@voxdotcom @JeffersonObama Meanwhile in Egypt... http://t.co/nrdVxO059K
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@crtconsu lol I'll become a lush.@mmilam55 @HaroldItz lolTyphoon spares Philippines major damage http://t.co/Ec6pNa8OoM
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinJUST IN: Demonstrators blocking all lanes of EB Highway 24 at 52nd Street in Oakland.@abc7newsBayArea #protest http://t.co/tcfoglOj9T
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@HaroldItz I bet they still couldn't find the right connection power cord for their smart phone. #RadioShackThe people smashing windows at Radio Shack in #Berkeley are the first people who have gone into Radio Shack in years
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinApparently I now have 200 HBO shows I must absolutely binge watch before the next must see TV show comes around. I'm so fucked.Cities with a lower number of Wal-Mart stores tend to have lower crime rates.
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinI don't want that, and why would I pay for it. http://t.co/libEQSqHwi
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinAre you sure there's an In-N-Out Burger here? http://t.co/WZnO0RbdJ6One hour of hookah is as bad for you as 100 cigarettes http://t.co/kT4ChT92rn http://t.co/JAkN0Wn3Jq
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinDrink from 2014+: 2009 Pinot Noir - Fox Den Vineyard, Dutton-Goldfield Winery. Notes from http://t.co/S9YULPler1
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin.... The president has seen my boobs http://t.co/I5BRXOl1UO
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@KPhed @JeffersonObama @gregpinelo https://t.co/RYq50Dgd7B incase you need it...
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@KPhed @JeffersonObama @gregpinelo Agreed,but I'm still laughing at the SNL version (what they did to Chewbacca..hahaha..snort..heee..whew!)
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@Anon_Fringe @politicoAn estimated 905 Islamic State terrorists have died trying to conquer #Kobane. That's many more than most terrorist group memberships.
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinRomania elects new president and Russia delays negotiations for using Russian airspace for TAROM's new Beijing flight http://t.co/8UTyINv4Kr
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin#SheroCancerFighter RT @officialroycey: Please RT the hell out of this. Thank you. http://t.co/EcYltaYVoX
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@RussOnPolitics Probably the most powerful Republican that could win the Presidency but doubt he can win GOP base.Ohio Gov. John Kasich is following George W. Bush's "compassionate conservatism" model to win the White House. http://t.co/LB0CCcr7Yy
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin.@WholeFoods pledges to cut ties with Mexican produce grower following LATimes investigation of worker abuse. http://t.co/AwDM62aVYh
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinMark your calendar. Please make plans to see #Selma. Read: With ‘Selma,’ Ava DuVernay Seeks a Different Equality http://t.co/o4haWh9frz.
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinHouse-Senate negotiators near spending deal http://t.co/ddpNYyishk | AP Photo http://t.co/iJzxtDJhhK
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinUPDATE: Missing Texas doctor found safe after nearly week-long search http://t.co/fqgb8PPvJ9 http://t.co/9HQRWPcziB
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinFoulness MT @BuzzFeed: Pizza Slut Has A New Crust Made Completely Out Of Doritos And Cheese http://t.co/Wg4rptxk4J http://t.co/Wz1JMftkgn
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinRT @trcfwtt Ben Carson may be the only neurosurgeon without a brain of his own.
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@KPhed @grey_zoe @gregpinelo Looks amazing. Love what he did to Star Trek films. JJ is brilliant. Lucas is a horrible writer@MissMMishmash Thanks@JeffersonObama I'm tired of these mother...ing tanks on this mother...ing plain!
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@MissMMishmash Thanks. I usually discuss films and history on Sundays. My timeline is mostly politics and economics during the week :)@ClaudeJohnson Spot on. Details were so incredible, so we then have an ending that contradicts WW II Tank reality. Victim of own success@Steverocks35 You MoFos get off my M***** F****** tank!! :-)@Steverocks35 hahaha@JeffersonObama Where was Samuel Jackson?????
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@Kaffe_Takk Most of Tarantino's latest films are remakes of 70s Italian films ie: Inglorious Basterds & Django Unchained@jedikermit I read an interview in a Brit mag with Tarantino, and apparently he grew up a WW II film buff. His fav film is Where Eagles Dare@Steverocks35 It was a post 9-11 film and with lots of bravado. Pearl Harbor storyline reflects 2001 jingoistic era.@arpigreco Cheers. Enjoy watching them! :)@JeffersonObama I haven't seen any of these yet. Now I have a list. Thanks! Will give u my official critique afterward ;-)
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@Kaffe_Takk Awesome. The 1978 Italian version is also excellent.@ClaudeJohnson I like Brad Pitt and WW II precise details in film but Fury was a disappointment.Agreed. So awful. Especially terrible if you understand German because you'll get so many added levels of pure hokey-ness. @JeffersonObama!
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@Iamwhoismoses hahaha Old School@JeffersonObama what about the old school Godzilla movies? Ah ha ha
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@Steverocks35 @Gus_802 She was worth my price of admission@jedikermit I thought I would hate it and avoided it for way too long but Inglorious Basterds is a masterpiece. Simply a great storyline.@grey_zoe @KPhed @gregpinelo lol Yes@Steverocks35 Had lots of Jingoistic one liners but the action was fairly good in my opinion.@livecut It was a fun film. Tarantino took a bit of his film from 1978 original Italian film & modeled his Germans on Where Eagles Dare@lvdjgarcia Not sure exact figures but billions in US dollars.@Iamwhoismoses Worthy@Sesan72 Yes indeed@BostonIrishBlog I don't hate Pearl Harbor film. I rate it a 7 and flight scenes were well done.@laurelandhardly It was exciting scene but trying to open a hatch instead of firing PanzerFaust or anti-tank rounds was ridiculous@laurelandhardly Exactly and that 300 SS Panzer Grenadiers didn't knock out the tank with PanzerFaust.@arpigreco Band of Brothers beats all films but no fair, it has 10 episodes.@arpigreco Where Eagles Dare overall is the best WW II film, but for action, I rate Brest Fortress the best. Nothing beats Band of BrothersReally bad WW II films of late: Red Tails, Fortress, Fury & Company of Heroes. Good ones: Counterfeiters, Max Manus & Inglorious BasterdsMost 1970s WW II films used NATO or 1950s tanks but today's films use 1-2 real mock up models and use CGI to replicate units.For a tank movie, the film Fury is a 6. The film Cross of Iron, White Tiger, Patton, Liberation and Bridge Too Far are superior tank films.I wanted so bad for Fury to be a great WW II film, but sadly it was just average. Poor script and a poor ending. http://t.co/Aw8v4vCmMN@BostonIrishBlog I watched a 2013 WW II film called Fortress about B-17 unit in Sicily. It was horrible. Fake CGI, horrible acting.@JeffersonObama absolutely, there's a happy medium in there somewhere. Great pictorial lists either way.
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@BostonIrishBlog True. They've made a few WW II aviation films in last 3 years which are horrible. Bad CGI and bad scripts.@BostonIrishBlog I love CGI when they need to create a Panzer division worth of tanks or 1,000 B-17 raid. It looks fake on a smaller scaleI was so excited for Fury and I felt let down. It was great in Sherman and tank realism, but a poor story line and ridiculous finish.@BostonIrishBlog On the other hand, the last 3 WW II films I watched (all recent) had way too much computerized CGI. It looked so fake.@BostonIrishBlog In terms of computer blue screen and CGI?@JeffersonObama I saw Memphis Belle on tv last week. Oh boy. It has NOT aged well.
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@ksecus Indeed. Great acting and realistic logistics@gregpinelo @JeffersonObama would have liked Bay's Pearl Harbor much more with Transformers
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinWW II film buffs http://t.co/OAVIl77lT4Kurdish female fighters of the YPJ during military training. Photos by Birgitta Haubner for @jungewelt #TwitterKurds http://t.co/60Dawcdavs
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinSaudi arrests 135 people on terrorism charges - http://t.co/WihTni37IW http://t.co/m9KuG5Yguj
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@gregpinelo Way better but Kate Beckinsale was so hot looking.;)@JeffersonObama Sooooo much better than the Michael Bay atrocity.
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinWW II #PearlHarbor Films for WW II buffs. http://t.co/eaqmE6Z8ppWatching the WW II classic film TORA TORA TORA #December7th What a powerful film about Pearl Harbor http://t.co/KbNgKyUcfJRichard Pryor did a darkly prescient bit on police chokeholds in 1977--WATCH: http://t.co/eg7huaLuix http://t.co/OQNbhNzwVj
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin‘"Daesh": John Kerry starts calling the Islamic State a name they hate http://t.co/7bHg8t35Sa
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@TheWarRoom_Tom Nice!@JeffersonObama Smoking one at this VERY moment! #corona
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin