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US GDP (2Q S) comes in stronger than expected at +4.2% vs +3.9% exp, from +4.0%.
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinThe US GDP grew 4.2% in the second quarter: http://t.co/U5KzDo60ca http://t.co/QjntRdREGu
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinWHOA!! IMPEACH!! RT @Forbes: The US GDP grew 4.2% in the second quarter: http://t.co/QvJ9cbILsK http://t.co/TNwMRwwChl@Limey98 @JeffersonObama @TheDailyEdge @WSJ chart shows just how impressive Obama recovery has been http://t.co/grUPX2Cko8
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinHahaha You boys catch the suit Obama was wearing at his news presser? Where was his tie & his taste in summer wear? http://t.co/UwhF2Q1Wp7@TrumpDog1 @imillhiser Obama hates cancer....OMG....Republicans are for cancer...@imillhiser GOP Rule 101: If Obama is for it, we are against it, even though we were for it before. @JeffersonObama
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@TheDailyEdge @JeffersonObama Excuse me? You surely don't believe your own propaganda. Your guy, Obama is a f*%king joke. Read the news
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@deb_bob @imillhiser Indeed@imillhiser @JeffersonObama Circular logic at its best.
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinThe More Things Change, The More #GOP Stays The Same. (BTW—the John Birch Society was co-founded by #Koch Bros' dad) http://t.co/z4fbPuj5zL
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinI miss decisive Admins with a foreign policy! 1,500 advanced US missiles sold to Iran's Mullahs! Leadership! ! http://t.co/ZgfyG5SOKkMR. PRESIDENT, I'll lend you my tan suit if I can get a ride in Air Force One!!!? http://t.co/xGz8Vyuu4JRussia Is Burying Soldiers in Unmarked Graves to Hide Role in Ukraine | New Republic http://t.co/JeOhb6yuOf
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@EybertD Irony is dead. Read my posts much?GOOD NEWS: Economy grew 4.2% in 2nd Quarter BAD NEWS: GOP promising new government #shutdown to fuck things up again http://t.co/kaJAmIIyk8
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinMitch McConnell's Romney moment: Caught on tape at Koch conference. Promises to cut min wage, EPA, and UI: http://t.co/rqcVCv0roS
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinStratfor Map: Russian-European Natural Gas Networks http://t.co/AxOBuApKZU http://t.co/sppWEZHkPN
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinNATO just released satellite evidence Russia is lying about invading Ukraine http://t.co/WKy0ssJBmR http://t.co/PXk8Pe2gdM
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinAmerican journalist James Foley was tortured, waterboarded several times by Islamic State militants http://t.co/ameXkWBOo6
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinHere's Obama's "We Don't Have a Strategy Yet" statement in full context; don't fall for the distortions http://t.co/cv0xIXctCf
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin1970's-Upper deck of a Qantas B747. Keep the party going! ^‿^ http://t.co/e3uCM7zEX2
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvinremember how DC press spent summer telling you how hot, hot, HOT Rick Perry was as GOP candidate? He's polling at 5%; http://t.co/B1ptMzsULy
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinThe Rotherham child abuse scandal is a tale of apologists, misogyny and double standards http://t.co/ZRyLi877db http://t.co/eWO37V8ASu
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinBobby Jindal is suing the Obama Admin to stop Jindal's own education plan. Because that somehow makes sense. http://t.co/qgwoKBv3pj
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinDear @FoxNews: Stop using Asian-Americans to attack black people. http://t.co/bjYlYa78JR http://t.co/lmQEZJFelX
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinBig news for Democrats as the costs of Medicare are coming down http://t.co/blOni3PeD6
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinPHOTOS: NATO releases satellite images it says shows Russian forces inside Ukraine: http://t.co/Yi3IZdSoLr http://t.co/jqGUOfFK5Y
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinJoan Rivers rushed her 19th corps to hospital. I'm crying here.When the first black prez speaks to blacks as only he can, he is branded “the scold of ‘black America’” http://t.co/l9M2FnqkAX
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinThe GOP's all-out war on Obamacare is in a death spiral: http://t.co/veLi06KTlX http://t.co/H5lEQMwD22
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinUkraine announces that the Russian invasion has begun. Our report from the ground: http://t.co/JsYxDwQauw http://t.co/Mm22WESMI9
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvinhttp://t.co/k64ahpGuR9@E_L_P lol Yeah, not bad.We don't even wait for controversy anymore. We hear "we don't have a strategy yet"; we anticipate internalized GOP talking points; & react
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@mletterle I don't think the Kremlin is really getting it's money's worth out of Cohen these days
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinIMPEACH!!! http://t.co/564Ha9PKub http://t.co/N3Pc64J2tT@lvdjgarcia lol@JeffersonObama there's 'leisure wear' & then there's *leisure wear* http://t.co/F6xDqNuSEl
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinThese lazy black Presidents and their casual look and no tie. http://t.co/564Ha9PKub http://t.co/N3Pc64J2tTSpot which one of these 4 Presidents with summer leisure suits has a tie? http://t.co/564Ha9PKub http://t.co/N3Pc64J2tT@JeffersonObama He looked into his soul and saw a Rayon suit.....
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@mama2fluffs @AaronDC88 Hypocrisy 101@AaronDC88 @JeffersonObama I like their ties as well....I applaud our President to his bold choice of suits. It looked great
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@alinatede lolHey, even our help is wearing suits like us now? http://t.co/N3Pc64J2tTThese young new Presidents and their summer suit jackets! http://t.co/APpVxZifTa (via @JeffersonObama)
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinGod is a Predator drone: one Texas megachurch preacher's bizarre lecture series http://t.co/9GxoHkT750 http://t.co/09mbUZwO2T
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@jonkay Even as we speak, Burger King trucks are rolling across the border under the guise of 'humanitarian aid' http://t.co/eRiu5hG2so
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@JustinBrannan lol@jaketapper Hey guys, lay off my suit.....hey why are you guys armed? http://t.co/oErQhNmtg4@GrayConnolly @20committee Send the F-35 JSFs in crates. We'll get the Iraqis to build them in next 10 years.@GrayConnolly @20committee Well Australia better send us their F-35 Lighnings!!These young new Presidents and their summer suit jackets! http://t.co/N3Pc64J2tTVideo leaks of a man being tased in front of his children for sitting in a public space: http://t.co/SKyXGQwGGB http://t.co/IicReGLtMs
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@20committee @GrayConnolly Can women vote in Australia yet? ;)@GrayConnolly @SottileStephen @20committee Long cigarette holders replaced by Bongs ;)@GrayConnolly @20committee @JeffersonObama tactical nukes, anyone?
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@GrayConnolly @20committee USA USA USAChicks dig the tan suits on us Presidents. #LaffaireBeigeSuit http://t.co/3mjPV0L18Y@20committee @GrayConnolly @JeffersonObama Mine doesn't fit now! Do we help a compromise on UKR or effectively "declare war"??
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@20committee @GrayConnolly lol@20committee @GrayConnolly http://t.co/EZ2fJlggmt@GrayConnolly @JeffersonObama I admit to owning a light beige suit. Made in Thailand, which makes it semi-ok. Summer, you know.
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@GrayConnolly @20committee You got some serious cool taste dude! http://t.co/84YctroGgUActually I kinda liked Obama's Borat suit. If only Mr Sagdiyev had joined him at the podium. Putin needs hard words & total, vicious mocking
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@sunflwer1975 @tresec29 hahaha@tresec29 @JeffersonObama rwnj's are traumatized by the fact that #HelloKitty isn't a cat 😂😟😒
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinLike I dig the Mucho President's suit dude! http://t.co/84YctroGgU@tresec29 Apprently ;)@JeffersonObama Good god... rwnj's are complaining about the color of POTUS' suit? Obviously there isn't enough going on in the world.
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@JeffersonObama I actually like the "I'm on vacay and I'm a stylish dresser, kiss my ass" Obama.
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinPre Labor Day light suits are still in. These right wing trailer trash critics are wearing cowboy boots with jeans and Walmart cotton shirts@JeffersonObama Isn't it still summer? That looks like a modern summer suit. (thank God seersucker went out of fashion last century!)
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinOh good there is a new Stephen F. Cohen @thenation piece explaining how this is all America’s fault http://t.co/F2DUjXrCDU
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinHey assholes. Kiss my black ass. #BeigeSuit http://t.co/EQhc8DoBH6@JeffersonObama Wrong color! Also, his suit was the wrong color!
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinWait until the imbeciles on Fox News get a LOAD OF THIS SUIT!!? http://t.co/oErQhNmtg4America's right wing had nothing else to slam the black President about on a day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine? http://t.co/564Ha9PKub'The audacity of taupe': Obama suit creates sartorial stir http://t.co/IHBwR2mxMZ http://t.co/SEaFcTY1YM
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinOk Guys, don't shoot me. http://t.co/oErQhNmtg4NYC's Finest Hate It!!! #LaffaireBeigeSuit http://t.co/oErQhNmtg4LOOK AT US STYLING DUDE BROS http://t.co/4MdmoxvIWv http://t.co/oErQhNmtg4LOOK AT US STYLING DUDE BROS http://t.co/4MdmoxvIWv@GrayConnolly @Steverocks35 I will have to have your Tom Cruise look ;)@GrayConnolly @Steverocks35 What kind of loser wears those suits anyways? http://t.co/1tqjOqZ5W0@GrayConnolly lolWe need to teach this Obama fellow some dress code manners. http://t.co/4MdmoxvIWv@Rooz739 I have a business overcoat winter jacket like that :)@SueHM lol Yep@JeffersonObama first golf, and then this! pretty damn uppity
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinImpeach that SOB RT @Steverocks35: @JeffersonObama WE NEED A PRESIDENT NOT A CENTURY 21 AGENT! #DERP@JeffersonObama #suitghazi
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin@JeffersonObama WHO CARES OBAMA WAS WEARING A TAN SUIT #IMPEACH
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinThe White Media Beltway types were screaming "Take that suit off and get back to the cotton crops" http://t.co/l7wrNct2siThis President has no shame. How dare he wear a suit like a white dude. http://t.co/l7wrNct2siThe Obama suit backlash is a promising sign of gender equality http://t.co/EV0f9Ga0PZ
Retweeted by Jeff GauvinUN peacekeepers seized in Syrian Golan Heights http://t.co/dyRmqr1Hf2 http://t.co/7YNExRntKI
Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin