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Me trying to be @adamlambert at the last minute back in 2009 Halloween. Goodtimes, i love my boo :) http://t.co/YP0BPgVy
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT@adamlambert Channeling my inner peacock - now have to work on the rest of the costume :-) http://t.co/wfT8yWqz
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@adamlambert My brother made this out of bottle caps and cardboard from Beer. The Bud Man http://t.co/MmquFIiZ
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTHey! Retweet this for @adamlambert to check out my costume http://t.co/2rjQ8Ble Photo shoot at school, used for posters:)
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTImma share my fav costume pics u send me! ;)@adamlambert First costume of many this year; zombie Roxie Hart (@SiriuslySeverus) and Velma Kelly (myself). http://t.co/lqRO6okA
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTAnd please tweet me your costumes too! I'd love to see you all feeling creative. Dress up is the BEST expression (besides music of course)So excited for my favorite holiday! Halloween!!!! I will def be posting pictures this weekend :)
@PerezHilton girl are u still on this? Haha I have no further quarrel w you!!@stacyfrancis def a miscommunication ... Sorry for putting u in the middle of that. I made an assumption based on character and not fact.@PerezHilton sucks when folks don't check their facts first huh? Sorry.@PerezHilton woah my bad.... Hahah here we go....One queen's bread is another queen's butter@stacyfrancis and opinions are like assholes.@stacyfrancis yes but he would have said the same about Adele if rolling in the deep hadn't blown up. She changed the game b/c of talent.More exciting things. http://t.co/wd692Rp5
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT@negativeneil: Youtube show: Occupy LA http://t.co/Uv77CLVx Doesn't necessarily reflect my views (cuz most is over my head) but PROUD of u!
Just did two phone interviews today and spent a significant amount of time chatting bout YOU Glamberts! Seriously- I adore u!Please include #PR9anthonyryan in all of you tweets until Wednesday at midnight! Voting counts every 5 minutes. @ryanauld@kelly_clarkson oh and "don't be a girl about it" great!@BonnieMcKeee @OLIGEE1 @Josh_Abraham congrats on the new @kelly_clarkson album cuts!!@kelly_clarkson the new album is awesome!! Such integrity! Fav songs: Honestly, Let Me Down and Alone. You sound amaaaazing!
@Pink Sleep No More blew my brain! I want to see it again!Come dance with me NY! I'm teaching @BroadwayDanceCenter this Wednesday the 26th @1:30pm...Let's do this!
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@stacyfrancis aww of course! I've been a fan of yours since I heard you sing in HAIR at Reprise!
http://t.co/Nl3umc9mNile Rodgers & Adam Lambert contemplating the groove on a new song in the studio http://t.co/ppiVnIJr
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTI really wouldn't say it if it weren't true-Working w Adam Lambert was one of the most organically perfect jams I've had since Bowie
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT@chasingskylines yes ma'am! Some Funky grooves comin
"Acceptance starts in the home". -Leila Lambert, Fierce Mama. @adamlambert @scarlettcherry
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT@adamlambert Yeah man I was just listening to the bit we did at the end-WOW! This is grooving SO DEEP! http://t.co/NATFOK4o
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTHilarious & smart marriage equality comedy. Love it! Watch all episodes here http://t.co/SOJPYDS8 #Husbands deserves to trend! @TeamHusbandsMy gorgeous Mama, Leila's Advocate interview. http://t.co/a1Uwb1QB@nilerodgers the feeling is sooo mutual. :) what an amazing day.Working with the Legend @nilerodgers in NYC today!! http://t.co/2yQgsDm0
💜 Glaad Spirit Day! I support LBGT youth against bullies! Put up your forcefields and don't let anyone take your energy!!@SkylarGrey haha. Probably so... ;) disfunction junction.
Wham!!! Amazing!!! @princepuja: NEW COLLECTION!!! Check out the new lookbook at http://t.co/s76MwPfd!”
“@TheIlluminati: Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” mmmmmmhmmmm@BonnieMcKeee yummmmm@TommyJoeRatliff HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
I love it... Soft glow... That's how I look when you're really buzzed. HahaThanks for checking out my @TheAdvocateMag interview! Is it me or did someone get a little photoshop happy? Pierre Et Gilles realness lolReinventing Adam Lambert http://t.co/fFkVJwjl
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i see these music labels dont know what they talkin about these kidz & fans aint 4get the 90's. always tryin 2 say nobody remembers the 90's
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTTHE. tYpos all the live long dayWatching A Color Purple. This movie gets me everytime #sobbing*definitely@milestougeaux I definately want one.@milestougeaux hahah are wearing that hat?Happy Sunday All!
Now PRINCE: 'controversy' yes King of funk#linkinpark new divide... So rich.#hypnotizeU BY n.e.r.d. Sexiest shit I heard the past 5 years. Sorry bout it #Now listening to #maggotbrain by FUNKADELIC. perfection.@sam_sparro bow listening to ur track #cottonmouthsparro cuz I'm Sooooo stoned. Lol California greening.Btw listening to "titanium" by @siamusic (n guetta)@siamusic ok!!!
@sam_sparro @siamusic and I rubbed charlie's belly today and everything.@siamusic @sam_sparro im a dog. Why no invite???