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New album THE ORIGINAL HIGH out now! Lead Single GHOST TOWN Music Video by Hype Williams: http://t.co/XAA7s31DUy

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BLUE TUESDAY http://t.co/j5Pz3VpBSCAT http://t.co/raf9jCWA
Team @kelly_clarksonAnd let me say- @rihanna and @mikkyekko 's album recording and Grammy performance of STAY were so gorgeous and inspirational!And for those who didn't catch it from Seoul, here is STAY (a bit closer up) ;) http://t.co/0Eq14rdaHere is STAY / UNDERNEATH from our first night in Tokyo! Enjoy! http://t.co/rKI9DbsaFound this though! http://t.co/7Q2R6r1f Love me some TALC!On the flip side, it was nice to have your undivided attention. Connected eye to eye, ear to ear, heart to heart- w no technology tween us.Oye! Security was just doin the job they must have THOUGHT I wanted them to do. I will try and get them to chill out for the next two nightsThanks for a great first night in Tokyo!
SNOWKYO"CUCKOO" http://t.co/wFcp6mswCheck @preciousweapons new cut! https://t.co/kEKBcwkl dreamy!!New set my team and I created! So graphic! http://t.co/eSS9QrhAJust posted a photo http://t.co/pKR4LwG3Me and @adamlambert in Seoul. http://t.co/EMtB7Wkg
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTSpecial thanks to @Skinsandstones and all the fans who chipped in for the ferocious skeleton key necklace!! I LOVE it!!!@TommyJoeRatliff -- hey Tommy ! You make a great job of it ! Bri
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTJust posted a photo http://t.co/DdWAAh5YUs doing what we love and do best!! @ashleydzerigian adamlambert 🚧🚧🚧 #repost http://t.co/masYdP5V
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S KOREA. http://t.co/gF86igF2Seoul, Korea http://t.co/3jttbnT7We Are Glam!!! @lovemrspencer and I be4 the show! Hard work never looked so good! #love #bestie #beathttp://t.co/NnCq9fSe
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT@nrhgardner lemme know if u find a link!!!tommyjoescissorhands's photo http://t.co/PqTI4d0h amazing show in #seoul tonight. The crowd was hype! #fun!
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTRhythm n Booze baby!! @RickJordanDrums @ashleydzerigian @TommyJoeRatliff @brianlondon http://t.co/w2YKrEzk
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTSeoul! What an amaaaaaazing audience. Singing along so fabulously to all the songs!! We had so much fun with you!
I know it's been out a while, but damn this @BrunoMars album is so good!@RuPaul @lohanthony it's true! The kids got Moxie.@meganhilty of course!!!@princepuja come to S Korea?! Lol@princepuja Oooh I want one!!!Silver Ankh Chain Rosary now up in the puja Shop! $32. http://t.co/GudojvBh #pujajewelry #jewelry #Egyptian #Ankh #rosary #necklace
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT@brokenenglishx but that's not ALL bisexual people. That's one. And there are plenty of unfaithful straight and gay people too.@meganhilty loving your new song!!! Can't wait to hear the album.@DeDeDinah_0749 cuz I have friends that are Bi. Its true that some are confused but I think thats due to society not comfortable with it.http://t.co/z9INLRJr LOVE! @adamlambert vs @britneyspears :)))))
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTBisexual: Not Such a Dirty Word http://t.co/MnVCBWSs via @HuffPostGay Very true!Omg this is SOOO badass! Better Than I Know My Madness mash-up: http://t.co/2mbecmPOdavidarquette latest @bootsybellows creation in honor of @QueenWillRock http://t.co/YsazuFD0
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Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT“@spreckles: @adamlambert Glamily sounds like its moist tho” after 20 min onstage, we ARE moist. Lol high energy set list.“@glossaryofpearl: @adamlambert you are fucking tacky” hahah I know- its part of my look. Where have u been? LolJust a fabulous and funky family affair. #weareglamilyI just decided that this brief tour is to be called the "WE ARE GLAMILY TOUR"B-side from Trespassing.... http://t.co/Qpur4iiBCongrats to my friends @BethDitt0 & @GossipMusic on the new video for Get A Job!! #lovingit! #brilliant!! http://t.co/AT8kXqNt
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT@adamlambert yep...you definitely are an #AmericanNomad! ;)
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTI got Seoul but I'm not a Soldier"Better Than I Know Myself" by the one and only @adamlambert #NowPlaying #Amazeballs
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Valentine Homies. Love to You ALL! http://t.co/LxGfVBnk
@DavideLaffe @adamlambert @samsparro and his boo. An absolute blast! Must do it again soon! http://t.co/LImTRUV1
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@marysygiel it was a preview! It was rehearsal. More to come!http://t.co/BUqAcEFS this is amazing #adamsingsstay
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTWhat an inspiring #GrammyAwards ! :)My best Best Dressed lady tonight @KELLYROWLAND http://t.co/WLW9Ov0L
@katyperry OMG ur serving body body!! Dayum.Carrie U is FLAWLESSJack white!! Serious Rock!WE ARE WATCHING MUSIC/THE INDUSTRY CHANGE BEFORE OUR EYES. Can't you feel it???? This is fantastic. #GRAMMYS2013
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTThat Marley / Sting tribute felt SO good.@kelly_clarkson damn! SANG get face off!!!! Wow.Discovering @mikkyekko thru this RiRi track is fuckin great! His records are gorgeous.@rihanna - best she's ever sounded!! Wow. Full of such beautiful and haunting emotion.I also really liked Elton and Ed Sheeran. Great harmonies!Yes JT! Great performance! And Miguel sounded amazing too. #vocals!I Love this song "STAY". http://t.co/3kEu9o9gGrammy after party is about to go down!! Tune in to E! Right after the awards! http://t.co/mhfiTEWo
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTThe men look so classy this year!!@taylorswift13 looks so STUNNING@BonnieMcKee u look SO hot. Roman Goddess. OtherworldlyI want @NeYoCompound s jacket by Saint Laurent !@JanelleMonae is so CHICWatching E! Red carpet... @carlyraejepsen 's dress is so SICK@MissKellyO You look hot on the carpet!!! that hair!!!!! :)@AndressaTHBR I didn't take a photo. But we laughed about our "copying each other feud"OMG u guys I finally met Bill Kaulitz! It was brief but he was friendly and very cool. And TALL!Excited to 4 the #GRAMMYs on TV tonight. Been a wild party weekend! So fun! Glad to have connected and re-connected w so many g8 peeps.too much fun last night with @adamlambert @MiaVonGlitz @DarrenCriss @mrhudson and many many more.... #CAA #GRAMMYS http://t.co/cOfK1fRG
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nataliakills - can't wait to hear your music u were tellin me about! http://t.co/ru4qGc9X@planetjedward good seeing u guys last night! http://t.co/bzPPdZjj
Music Cares Springsteen realness!Hahah http://t.co/kokeFeiEI hope everyone stays safe on the East Coast during the blizzard. In other news, #Nemo is trending! That movie really is a classic.
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT@Its_smokey may wanna clear that w me @JustinHawkins !Sickest tattoo EVER! http://t.co/iy1lY9aV
Love you Blaine, but @adamlambert wore it better. #kurtrules
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTSet it to Pink Floyd http://t.co/k0vlLcpd@vintagetrouble tearin it up!!! Yes!! http://t.co/qPwsi8uV@keshasuxx new Deconstructed EP is so beautiful!! What a treat to hear her voice raw and emotional. Lovely singing. :)New @Pink video is really great. So genuine! Love that record too- "Just Give Me A Reason". SO inspiring.@PapaPeachez Rooting 4 u Papa Precocious :)@shoshannastone handful
@PapaPeachez living for you Mary. You sound like Nina Simone! Dare to be you and dare to be different. But PLAY BALL. ;)There are a nice diverse grip of 'mo's this year. ;) progressive!Curtis Finch Jr! Sangin w sass! U funny! First one to really grab my attention. ;)Ready for @americanidol Hollywood week!!Have y'all heard the new single from @falloutboy ? Soooooo badass@whoisjohnnyrice @babygarza featuring myself and the fabulous @hellojonte Get it on iTunes March 5th… http://t.co/NTu9Ccru
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