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Jacob Weisberg runs the Slate Group, reads a lot, and writes about politics.

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Neo-Stalinism, Dept of Culture http://t.co/LuvdNrCAbQPlay the $45 million Strad in front of the $142 million Bacon for worthless billionaires http://t.co/SAQzWOQSKDPretty much everything @dwightgarner likes, I buy. Amazon should give him a vig. http://t.co/JAKxoOUvvtMy @SlateGabfest rec this week: Colm Toibin's great essays on Irish & other writers, New Ways to Kill Your Mother http://t.co/HCUZdtyli4Why Do Humans Laugh? (Hint: It’s Rarely Because Something Is Funny.) http://t.co/kmN48bkPLD via @slateShould Hillary Want Democrats to Lose the Senate? http://t.co/oAMcF9SuDf via @slateWhat Happens When You Approach Global Poverty as a Science Experiment? http://t.co/fWZO09hACT via @slateTrying and Failing (and Trying and Failing) to Talk to My Daughter About Sex http://t.co/Y5R3A1HQtT via @slateHappy birthday, @politicoroger. I've been enjoying your writing longer than almost anyone's.The simple cheese trick restaurants don't want you to know: http://t.co/aLEKQL40ct http://t.co/Hfkvs42mz0
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergThis interview about adultery will probably make you very uncomfortable. I mean that as an endorsement. http://t.co/fsod4dRtvn
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergNew @SlateGabfest: Is Hillary too old? With supersubs @nytimescollins and @jacobwe http://t.co/F21g1JBgPQ
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergSo fun subbing on @SlateGabfest this week with the great Gail Collins & @davidplotz http://t.co/HZsKCkZomO via @slateA teaser from the next Game of Thrones. http://t.co/IU5CCvwzO9An "A" paper at UNC -- if you're a jock. http://t.co/woYTDcnekn via @slateI got 351 points on @Slate's Friday news quiz! http://t.co/l5n23hcbRiSpouses in Happy Marriages Cheat. http://t.co/Jp1XwoEEEy via @slate
This is like a caricature of a credulous science story. Bad links, context, explanations, range of reporting. http://t.co/qUluYwwchT
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergSo @SlateGabfest Bazelon and Dickerson on vacation? No problem! We got @nytimescollins (Gail Collins) and @jacobwe (Weisberg) instead.
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergGeoff Dyer had a small stroke and wrote a lovely piece about it. http://t.co/eAfFsqxIn4The Logic of Facebook ’s Multibillion-Dollar Shopping Spree http://t.co/9uUXKkQvNk via @slateJimmy Wales Tells holistic therapy advocates to get stuffed. http://t.co/LhMcYlzbSZ via @slateWhites only on this pathetic-looking Bravo show. http://t.co/zM83BeoHyEIn Christie's "review," Bridgegate is officially "the George Washington Bridge Toll Lane Realignment in Fort Lee." http://t.co/zeLKHY5UWp
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergGreat first piece from our new business writer @alisongriswold on deregulating Monopoly. http://t.co/lVYwbkyhH7 via @slateC'mon @538, @NYTimeskrugman has his faults, but being a company man isn't one of them. "Data" tells you nothing here. http://t.co/xSOUGAOLBgWho's winning the @538 @pkrugman argument? I agree with @daveweigel: Krugman. http://t.co/UeADTNAg4O via @slateFood trucks are awesome @LV_Anderson asks: What else should be truckified? http://t.co/OuhiD7vdZd via @slate@fmanjoo @nickbilton You should do that -- updated version of Slate "Hackathalon." I volunteer to ref. @davidplotzThis, on the Hobby Lobby case, is real smart. http://t.co/9Wg2PWGeee
Retweeted by Jacob Weisbergcorporations shld not be considered ppl when it comes to fundamental liberties we enjoy by virtue of human autonomy http://t.co/jXGFbckgE2And especially to @AuerbachKeller for his nomination in Columns & Commentary, which went to @Dahlialithwick last year. #elliesCongratulations to my excellent @Slate colleagues on today's ASME nominations, including best Website. #ellies
Best episode of @TheAmericansFX yet. As enthralling as it is chilling.
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergI'm "unreservedly interlaced" with Deborah. #Goopify your relationship status: http://t.co/uQwrxJAPxv via @SlateWhether they cover changing tires or burning tires, journalists must be allowed to work freely in Bahrain. #F1 http://t.co/dsvB6ZyDwRFrench food porn http://t.co/biYQkZVnhP via @slateThe joy of kids doing stuff themselves by @johndickerson http://t.co/CIUNnwl8B9 via @slateSchools Are Letting Students With Lice Stay in Class. You Think That’s Gross? I Think It’s Awesome. http://t.co/ExfPMf4mct via @slateEach Supreme Court Justice assigned a contraceptive device by @dahlialithwick. http://t.co/RSFZ3hc2Sh via @slateSally McNally poses for pictures. There's an accompanying story about NY bookstores. http://t.co/h8Ac4vrVeUMessage: Even Gwyneth’s separation is better than yours. http://t.co/npNdUnHnFO via @slateThis new (unconfirmed) security footage of the train that jumped the tracks at O'Hare Airport is crazy--WATCH: http://t.co/Nar66q5pDA
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergThough @davidplotz would savor. http://t.co/FVbPsf6NzR"Pandas and yak soup on Michelle Obama's China menu." I would yak in my soup too. http://t.co/FVbPsf6NzRGwyneth Paltrow announces divorce in most Gwyneth Paltrow way possible: http://t.co/ey0YivGLGM http://t.co/mzrlGxLOx6
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergWow. The NYPD is treating the recent vandalism of this Harlem church sign as a hate crime. Wow http://t.co/r0ctCHtiuT http://t.co/ptCLgQzuXa
Retweeted by Jacob Weisberg#Russia: Soviet-style forced psychiatric treatment for protester http://t.co/90NrCoq0gf http://t.co/T8PE73XuPw
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergI'm very glad that @FLOTUS Michelle Obama is raising free speech and substance in her China trip! http://t.co/mAimynAxtq Good stuff!
Retweeted by Jacob Weisberg
Tech Companies Are Reading Your Email. Do You Care? http://t.co/fdcGa24uaL via @slateSo pleased to have the talented @jbouie writing for @Slate. He's already on fire.Fifty Years Ago American Evangelicals Didn’t Care Much About Abortion or Contraception. What Changed?http://t.co/lUzpdmso1Z via @slateIRS: Bitcoin Isn’t a Currency http://t.co/TjeVc90hyk via @slateCheck Your Inbox: Amazon Might Have Just Handed You a Wad of Cash http://t.co/bjz15FUqMI via @slateHow Did Finger-Tenting Become a Symbol of Evil? http://t.co/299OuG8hyP via @slate
The New York Times is wrong. Homosexual is not a bad word: http://t.co/PZkk8uNcip
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergRemember Reagan's genius move of saluting the terracotta warriors? http://t.co/0QzNMj4h2SMarch comes in like a lion, goes out like an even angrier lion, trailing human body parts. It's 30 degrees outside!
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergThe Great Gatsby 2.0 -- no, wait, it's the @SlateGabfest photographed by @StephenAtHome https://t.co/aIRGA34R6xWhat @Slate did for @hblodget, @hblodget doing for Anthony Weiner. http://t.co/1z4s08lO2ZPrepare for "explosive cyclogenesis." http://t.co/NqhI6bFyBk via @slateStill on the table for this week: "one of the strongest winter storms in recent memory." My latest thoughts: http://t.co/CfUwYuKsfS
Retweeted by Jacob Weisberg@zurcherart please join!Nice NYT story today about @slate's coming membership program Slate Plus. But to emphasize: NOT A PAYWALL. http://t.co/kp7bITbDSW
Retweeted by Jacob Weisberg@zurcherart you were.We'd be crazy not to sell now, before bubble bursts, says Vice CEO http://t.co/i982e4Sf5HThis Sicilian nun singing Alicia Keys' "No One" is the new Susan Boyle: http://t.co/0Xm9e4LJNQ http://t.co/Jqgmtp5BHY
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergSlate says no to payall, yes to membership. http://t.co/Ue9ptQcqqL
Glad to provide some light relief on GIlmore Girls heavy-duty reading list. http://t.co/egaWqBqCWeDear FOX News: Punctuation: It's there for your protection. http://t.co/wpmqrxt0XY
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergDear Mr. Buffett: I Have a Perfect Bracket. Give Me $10 Million and We’ll Call It Even. http://t.co/pwJZuv6piT via @slateTotes classic Kinsley /“@JBennet: Actually, come to think of it, you should read this regardless. Classic Kinsley. http://t.co/V6Pnu04jky
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Guy with perfect bracket didn't enter Warren Buffett's $1 billion challenge. Oops. http://t.co/MhAgRCZHyt
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.@ABC News should be embarrassed. Network borrows reporting from @josh_levin without proper attribution. http://t.co/uosIZrtBiK
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Slatest PM: The Simple Computer Upgrade That Could Have Solved the MH370 Mystery http://t.co/KZOxPhNrop via @slate
A “Startlingly Simple Theory” About the Missing Airliner is Sweeping the Internet. It’s Wrong. http://t.co/eFuSYVEfgv via @slate
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergThere are the 10 types of ER patients: http://t.co/djnoRK67Ur http://t.co/U9aQBglk1B
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergOdds that Newsweek got the right man have gone from 50-50 to around 1 in 10.We're looking for a part-time homepage editor in D.C. http://t.co/NUnivYEe7D or NY: http://t.co/xntafgf2qx #slatejobs
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergNewsweek has located Flight 370 in California. Well, a Flight 370, anyway.
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergThis will make you shudder: in 1920s Baltimore, wealthy families turned asylum patients into slaves. http://t.co/GxTpfgaKyE via @slate
Why didn't any passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight phone for help? http://t.co/7XzM1f9XuP
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergDorian Nakamoto official statement/denial. Very interested to see how @newsweek @truth_eater @jimpoco respond. http://t.co/wfCyK1dQ48
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergThe honest version of the strangers kissing video is diverse, awkward, and a bit creepy. WATCH http://t.co/gUG4b2w3bW http://t.co/o6UFLUNA0R
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergDon’t trust Malaysian PM on pilot terrorism link says @WilliamJDobson http://t.co/NldK27pln1 via @slateJenny McCarthy says vaccines cause autism (they don’t) & that she cured son of autism w/gluten-free diet (she didn’t) http://t.co/VUmWQLuS8cWait, ASME is having a best sexist cover contest? Rare instance of Industry self-parody (intentional?) https://t.co/BFslRIS8sE
Why I Think It’s Very Possible That the Missing Airliner Is in Central Asia http://t.co/jriAUhrzmC via @slateDon’t Be a Sucker—You Shouldn’t Take Warren Buffett’s $1 Billion Bracket Challenge http://t.co/H8WnFTOYgg via @slateTerry Richardson, creep extraordinaire http://t.co/bMGRizExJU via @slateThis is exciting: @daveweigel has a new podcast. Intvus Howard Dean in this one. #pressing http://t.co/g4oLwptXxV
Retweeted by Jacob WeisbergOzick on Malamud was a close second http://t.co/ZiNWwmvqSrBest thing in today's NYT is this amazing Swedish interview with Phillip Roth. http://t.co/0HpQktmwY5
I'm looking for a new Executive Assistant (because @sarahtrankle is getting promoted) http://t.co/h4tqlIHLXaAre you my new assistant? http://t.co/4QC81OVy9YIs Amazon Prime Worth It? Use Our Widget to Find Out If It’s a Good Deal for You. ​ http://t.co/N3yW6mmOdf via @slateI got 443 points on @Slate's Friday news quiz! http://t.co/b0pfgvy1UU
For first time in 40 years, US has sanctioned an experiment with LSD (please keep it away from the CIA). http://t.co/CKgdUpdKEj via @slateMark Zuckerberg Called Obama to Lecture Him About Privacy. It Did Not Go Well. http://t.co/BTmAf9uOUp via @slateHarsh #Internet crackdown under way in #Russia with independent news sites banned. #Censorship #Soviet http://t.co/3zK8BS6owx
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