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Katie Pavlich @KatiePavlich Somewhere in my boots USA

Townhall editor. Fox News contributor. NYT best selling author. New book - Assault & Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women. Gunsite grad.

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You look beautiful! "@BilliRaeMcDonal: Finally Got It! #AssaultAndFlattery #katiepavlich #republican #women http://t.co/zn158N8dRPdon't worry @KatiePavlich is coming right back @FoxBusiness
Retweeted by Katie PavlichComing up with @MelissaAFrancis http://t.co/aUxI7Zv2JK.@KatiePavlich joins me at 9ET on http://t.co/B6tlGEp9OF to discuss her new book, Assault & Flattery...don't miss it! http://t.co/xsKVtZ1ned
Retweeted by Katie PavlichIllegal immigrants are living in the shadows so much that they walk into airports to get arrested for show. http://t.co/65cJTF1oNMProtestors against dumping illegal immigrants in Oracle, Az. Sent by a friend. http://t.co/8HCUv2HK6fCNN says @joseiswriting is a “symbol of immigration debate” - I have a better symbol, thanks to @katiepavlich http://t.co/WvELERYOCW
Retweeted by Katie PavlichTalking w/ @KatiePavlich a/b her new book right now! http://t.co/1phnj86RDs #TMA
Retweeted by Katie PavlichIn case you missed it last week: Five Marxist Books I Found at NOW's National Conference in Chicago http://t.co/5HPoivIrxmAwesome! Thanks. RT @Patriot_Musket: #ShareACoke with @KatiePavlich http://t.co/IMCHsfVHA920 pithy and poignant quotes from @KatiePavlich's new book on the left's #WarOnWomen #AssaultAndFlattery http://t.co/thrGMdz4Hs
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Happy birthday! @KathzehSince today is my bday, yesterday I picked up a copy of @KatiePavlich's new book as my gift to myself! http://t.co/xSrHRbXyqQ
Retweeted by Katie PavlichJust finished “Assault and Flattery” by @KatiePavlich. Great book! Women need to educate themselves! https://t.co/pmd0atfgBz
Retweeted by Katie PavlichStorm winds flip F-16 at Tucson Air Force Base [pic] http://t.co/OOmlMoodgx
Retweeted by Katie PavlichWatch this honorable man ---> @CodyFNfootball talk about the dishonorable Bowe Bergdahl on #hannity tonight.Is there a huge double standard between Dems and Repubs when it comes to talking about rape? Yes. Is Akin's justification stupid? Yes.The fact that Akin didn't simply say "I shouldn't have said what I did and it was wrong," is a disaster.Who the living hell told Akin to go on national tv and justify his "shutting that whole thing" down legitimate rape comments? #facepalmVegas has only one complaint about @KurtSchlichter's "Conservative Insurgency" - Not enough @HideousTerrier http://t.co/K8QEQwOTwq
Retweeted by Katie PavlichTomorrow is the big reveal for the latest from @smithwessoncorp!! Stay tuned for the video 07.15.2014… http://t.co/nM46xFmyvS
Retweeted by Katie PavlichListening to @megynkelly on O'Reilly and I think she'd really love Assault and Flattery. http://t.co/aVgEBPXyhf. @MegynKelly on O'Reilly responding to bogus claims by the left that Hobby Lobby decision bans birth control. "Bull!"Be there. RT@IndependentsFBN: TONIGHT: @michaelmalice @guypbenson join the panel! 9PM/12AM ET #FBN
Retweeted by Katie PavlichHey, just FYI, Virginia allowed carrying guns in bars and the crime rate *dropped* by 5 percent @MRodOfficial@KatiePavlich Downloaded to my Kindle this afternoon!
Retweeted by Katie PavlichMega conservative girl power this week on @TheFriddleShow! Tuesday at 9ET: @KatiePavlich! Annnnnnd... Wednesday at 9ET: @HollyRFisher!
Retweeted by Katie PavlichMy office in the sky ...Delta on the way to JFK right now.. Prepping for the week... @KatiePavlich http://t.co/NJLUDmAyYO
Retweeted by Katie PavlichHey y'all! If you're in DC & wish you had an on demand glam squad, mind filling out this survey for a friend? https://t.co/XPpvEz2YJP/s/Oaz2@KatiePavlich please help me out and fill this survey out and pass it along https://t.co/tSthlrelyn
Retweeted by Katie PavlichMixing a little business reading with pleasure today at the bookstore :) @KatiePavlich @students4lifehq http://t.co/r9hKqbp9pC
Retweeted by Katie PavlichAnd this is why I wrote a chapter in Assault and Flattery called: "Cretins of Camelot" http://t.co/5thHBh7jmMYes! And on Amazon. RT @damonyoung07231: @KatiePavlich Hey Katie, can I get this book at Barnes and Noble?@KatiePavlich The only thing left about Katie is her handwriting. Looking forward to reading your book.
Retweeted by Katie PavlichHave you picked up your copy of Assault and Flattery yet? http://t.co/uDdDVhMAWsIf you have a kid in college or if you are a kid in college, this is a must attend conference put on by @YAF ---> http://t.co/CdRyUtJJBZ"The author shined a light into places which I had not been exposed" #AssaultandFlattery http://t.co/00n1ruCK7b2:35 @kmox, @MarkReardonKMOX talks with @KatiePavlich about her new book Assault and Flattery. Listen: http://t.co/Al5IIaBAII
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@KatiePavlich You are going to be on KMOX this afternoon? You'll have more listeners than MSNBC will have viewers!
Retweeted by Katie PavlichHave you read @KatiePavlich's new book Assault and Flattery? You should! You can buy it now: http://t.co/aCaOB24iw8
Retweeted by Katie PavlichICYMI: @KatiePavlich discusses her new book “Assault and Flattery,” on @NRANews @CamAndCompany - https://t.co/jtyqmrviSC #NRA #2A
Retweeted by Katie PavlichComing up on @AmericaNewsroom at 925. WH spox says Obama is the most transparent president in history....what?
Let @KatiePavlich explain why "liberal" Hollywood hates women http://t.co/eCdzEibma2
Retweeted by Katie PavlichThink liberal Hollywood is pro-woman? Think again. Check out my piece in the New York Post ---> http://t.co/GbQBoNDbq5 #AssaultandFlatteryOP-ED/@KatiePavlich: Why 'liberal' Hollywood hates women http://t.co/FHWblYLitU
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YAY! I'll be spending Saturday night in my bed w/@KatiePavlich...wait, that sounds weird. #AssaultAndFlattery #GetIt http://t.co/tt6a9EsPf3
Retweeted by Katie PavlichLast 1 at my local B&N! Can't wait to dive in! @katiepavlich Assault & Flattery #mustread http://t.co/d5YK6rsKrE
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@KatiePavlich Reading "Assault and Flattery", I haven't read a takedown of the left this good since "The Tyranny of Cliches" by @JonahNRO
Retweeted by Katie PavlichThanks for having me on your show @okmaher!Yahoo! RT @oooitsleah: Look what I just found in Barnes & Noble, @KatiePavlich! http://t.co/EyH6cQy96eGuess who @KatiePavlich says is a REAL women’s rights group? via @theblaze http://t.co/PpnSHxLltn
Retweeted by Katie PavlichThanks for helping me get my tan on RT @jrun462: @KatiePavlich beach day in pcb with a great new book! http://t.co/JaKXBOzWdiAnti-hunting derangement syndrome strikes again. People think Spielberg killed an actual dinosaur. http://t.co/m398uUfOSFPeople are accusing Steven Spielberg of poaching a Triceratops. He did not kill a dinosaur. http://t.co/ztGefbzmFl http://t.co/NkXwhk3Kb1
Retweeted by Katie PavlichLate...but not forgotten. Happy Birthday #Outnumbered gal @KatiePavlich!
Retweeted by Katie PavlichPhotos from @KatiePavlich's book launch/bday party last night. It was a blast celebrating with u! -> http://t.co/a1R8QJrnc3 CC: @guypbenson
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@michellemalkin Thanks Michelle!Oh how nice, the guy who said he wanted to see @HollyRFisher raped is back ---> @PatKasprikA handy comparison of @HillaryClinton's "Hard Choices" and @KatiePavlich's "Assault and Flattery” in two pictures http://t.co/W9IJW8NYxH
Retweeted by Katie PavlichIf u don't buy my friend @KatiePavlich's #AssaultandFlattery the terrorists & hippies have already won: http://t.co/KNA7IyW3IU
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich“God made man and God made woman, but Sam Colt made them equal.” #2A #AssaultandFlattery http://t.co/VGU3GqI4QI.@dc_rachel recaps the @LuceLadies "Woman of the Year" award presentation to @KatiePavlich -> http://t.co/y0vbOnhAi7 #tcot
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@StandAtTheReady Obviously CBP is part of DHS. The question was in reference to the agency as an umbrella and what they were doing..@KatiePavlich: MS-13 Gang Members Recruiting Inside Immigration Facility @AmericaNewsroom @MarthaMacCallum http://t.co/JKPaV7csCx
Retweeted by Katie PavlichOh what a SHOCK. "The Virginia Democratic Party were not immediately available for comment." http://t.co/2FxfTNp8G5The left isn’t going to like who conservative commentator @KatiePavlich says is a REAL women’s rights group http://t.co/aDn61yXHEG
Retweeted by Katie PavlichLeft isn’t going to like who conservative commentator @KatiePavlich says is a REAL women's rights group http://t.co/DtNoR4FJc6 via @theblaze
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich"FDR to Kennedy to Clinton, they were all adulterers” -- @KatiePavlich unloads on leftist hypocrites #WarOnWomen https://t.co/ZJRGCEeaN1
Retweeted by Katie PavlichGang members using our facilities 2 recruit new members? Wow! No danger there! @KatiePavlich @marthamaccallum #BorderCrisis
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@KatiePavlich great segment with @marthamaccallum on #MS13 & illegals xing border. Loving #AssaultAndFlattery.
Retweeted by Katie PavlichComing up on @AmericaNewsroomBorder Patrol Warns MS-13 Using Nogales Processing Center as Recruitment Hub http://t.co/AZuXiAGNfCGuys, @KatiePavlich has a new book whose title I lurve: "Assault & Flattery" Git 'er done, people: http://t.co/niIJZzn3R0
Retweeted by Katie PavlichThank you SO much to everyone for all of your birthday wishes yesterday! I had a great day.
That's one hell of a birthday cake! Thanks @JonGarthwaite! #AssaultandFlattery http://t.co/l0ms66gw1Z@KatiePavlich It's your birthday, But I received a present! #assaultandflattery http://t.co/qr0RTVpDCV
Retweeted by Katie PavlichSo much fun hearing from and meeting @KatiePavlich this afternoon! Can't wait to read Assault and Flattery! http://t.co/MtHT1LrqC1
Retweeted by Katie PavlichA million thank yous to @LuceLadies. I am honored and humbled to be your Woman of the Year. http://t.co/mw2OFwHEcRSome epic trolling from @townhallcom here: "10 Places We Read @KatiePavlich's Assault & Flattery to Annoy Feminists" http://t.co/Px1Rddt9l4
Retweeted by Katie PavlichThis is AWESOME. 10 Places @obrienc2 and @karalynnejones read Assault and Flattery to annoy the Left --> http://t.co/opVucYMCl5 #YesAllWomenICYMI yesterday: Five Marxist Books I Found at NOW's National Conference in Chicago http://t.co/uteXNgeIjP #YesAllWomenWhy is Barack Obama giving a campaign speech?@Slim_Shady2o3 @KatiePavlich I have your book. I found it at Sam's Club. I returned my Costco Card.got back money, and bought your book.
Retweeted by Katie PavlichIs Obama Admin using “pervasive” controls over agencies, preventing press from doing their jobs? 2pm FOX @GretchenCarlson @KatiePavlich
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich38 Journalism grps call for end to ‘Excessive Information Control’ by Obama- Will admin become more transparent as promised?@KatiePavlich
Retweeted by Katie PavlichAt least they aren't hanging around and leaning and stuff! @ItsSpencerBrown @SlateConservative publishing trend of the moment: Hot babes (but we have brains too, hence why we write books) http://t.co/JyNI0W5lk4@LisaDaftari Thanks Lisa!On second thought, I'll take it as a compliment http://t.co/7rmUFjR11QI wonder if when Hillary puts herself on covers of her books if she's just "leaning around" on her title or something http://t.co/t9bo8apB4k"Attractive female conservative authors just hanging around, leaning on their book titles." Okay? http://t.co/SD0VQl2xBwWhat do I want for my birthday? Your selfies with my new book. (Don't worry, I told Carlos Danger he's not invited) http://t.co/7YqRZv2zmLIt's a book for everyone. @PoliticsofJon read it @amdavis36. Check out his review http://t.co/tNxDf1iMT0It's my birthday y'all! I think you should celebrate by buying yourselves a gift or two ;) ---> http://t.co/7YqRZv2zmL
Coming up on the #KellyFileOoooohhh hey @KatiePavlich!!!Can't wait to read it!!! :) http://t.co/XQ5dHbWyFU
Retweeted by Katie PavlichWho's going 2 @KatiePavlich book signing @booksngreetings ?Wally's Coupon 4all ! $3 off $10 ! #hotbagels #WallyWorld http://t.co/EvIqVhoTnW
Retweeted by Katie PavlichThanks to @obrienc2 for taking the time to chat with me about Assault and Flattery http://t.co/BlVPgyHG3KAttention men! Assault and Flattery is a book about women, but is for fathers, husbands, sons, and boyfriends, too. http://t.co/BVa7bAWF1nAssault and Flattery is a book for men! "@beastmode2713: @KatiePavlich are you going to write a book for men? #iwouldbuyitNOW actually cares about rights? Then why do they promote Marxist systems that treat women like crap? http://t.co/62NB5eqfPDInteresting reading material at the largest "women's rights" organization in the country: Communist Manifesto by Marx http://t.co/62NB5eqfPDThere were many more, I only bought five RT @TheBonfireMedia: I'm shocked there was only 5 @KatiePavlichCheck out the 5 Marxist books I found for sale at the NOW national conference in Chicago http://t.co/05wBwWi9Ga@KatiePavlich wow an incredible interview last night with @marklevinshow Katie! Keep up the good work and I'm definitely getting your book 😃
Retweeted by Katie PavlichI understand the reference to a "Katrina moment" but there's a significant difference between and natural and a man-made disaster.
Retweeted by Katie PavlichJust heard @KatiePavlich on the @marklevinshow podcast. In a word...OUTSTANDING!' Just bought her new book! #tcot #ccot #tgdn
Retweeted by Katie PavlichAssault and Flattery is #1 in Women and Politics! Now onto breaking into the top 100 overall books. http://t.co/d7k8hVevnE@KatiePavlich just got assault & flattery can't wait to start reading!
Retweeted by Katie PavlichWanna beat Hillary in 2016? Help @KatiePavlich beat her today! Help Assault and Flattery beat Clinton's book now: http://t.co/rSmr2kcSB8
Retweeted by Katie PavlichI will be doing a book signing tonight at @Booksngreetings. Northvale, NJ tonight at 7 pm. Address & details here --> http://t.co/626tO4JQgzWritten by a liberal man, no less. I think we call that vile mansplaining. @keithurbahnMake your least hard choice of the day. Buy @katiepavlich’s new book and get #KatiePnotHRC trending!
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@KatiePavlich Great interview on @marklevinshow and plan on showing your book to my 3 daughters!
Retweeted by Katie PavlichHillary Clinton enables abusive and powerful men. I call them out for what they are: liars and lechers. http://t.co/fWRTJ39KCV #KatiePnotHRC. @KatiePavlich is within striking distance of Hillary's book! http://t.co/Vz5BLJg8iK
Retweeted by Katie PavlichHey guys, let's have @katiepavlich's book beat Hillary's on Amazon and get #KatiePnotHRC trending: http://t.co/KXvBwPYPnK
Retweeted by Katie PavlichHillary Clinton is America's most famous enabler of abusive and powerful men. Lets beat her book sales. http://t.co/BVN9vg3wyK #KatiePnotHRCLet’s make @katiepavlich’s book beat @hillaryclinton’s. #157 and climbing! #KatiePnotHRC http://t.co/7tlXa2ckAs
Retweeted by Katie PavlichHappy Wednesday! Wanna beat Hillary? Assault and Flattery is just 51 slots away from breaking the top 100 books! http://t.co/JjLCAhPqrY
@KatiePavlich got mine today! Already read about 100 pages. So good! http://t.co/22HehYo530
Retweeted by Katie PavlichIf you didn't get your copy of Assault and Flattery today, get it tomorrow! http://t.co/B6cwlVjfXxJust watched @KatiePavlich on #Hannity report on #MS13 gang in Nogales coming through illegally. Makes you wonder who else is sneaking in..
Retweeted by Katie PavlichOn an entirely different note, tune into #Hannity in 5 minutes to watch my exclusive report on MS-13 gang members in the Nogales BP facilityPure awesome @PoliticsofJon @KurtSchlichterThis pretty and brilliant lady, @LisaDaftari, will be on the @IndependentsFBN tonight http://t.co/L7VusncrAvWhat a great interview with @KatiePavlich on @marklevinshow. Such a spitfire. Get her new book #assaultandflattery! BS on #waronwomen
Retweeted by Katie PavlichCall Obama and the Dems liars? Republicans going on the offensive? #Radical @KatiePavlich #hewitt
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@KatiePavlich up next to talk #AssaultandFlattery her new best-seller
Retweeted by Katie PavlichCan't wait to read it, @KatiePavlich! You rock. http://t.co/ZQmN5Xqlw9
Retweeted by Katie PavlichAlright, @KatiePavlich don't let me down! #notawoman #stillcare http://t.co/cDZMvV0XPn
Retweeted by Katie PavlichWho perpetuates the war on women? Next @KatiePavlich and @noellenikpour discuss this with @seanhannity - listen: http://t.co/Uth3l5kTsn
Retweeted by Katie PavlichIt’s safe to say that @KatiePavlich has mastered the art of trolling — @billclinton et al, beware #AssaultAndFlattery http://t.co/g4EPyy5hR9
Retweeted by Katie PavlichComing up on #TEMS at 4 ET: @AHMalcolm, @SalenaZitoTrib, @KatiePavlich, @SharylAttkisson http://t.co/WMeTSjOYUK
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@lflohrmann @joshkaib good man!@KatiePavlich There it is! Assault and Flattery in the Barnes and Nobel in Union Square! #tcot #waronwomenses http://t.co/PIoxzp8LrE
Retweeted by Katie PavlichWe would welcome @KatiePavlich in studio no matter what. But, looking at all the reactions we will ask her back asap.
Retweeted by Katie PavlichMake sure to get @KatiePavlich’s new book! It takes the fight to liberals & their “war on women.” http://t.co/0GDzF2WFxK #tcot
Retweeted by Katie PavlichAlways fun! RT @noellenikpour: I had such a great time today doing Hannity's radio show with @KatiePavlich!Oh how nice, looks like Joe deleted his c-word comment. http://t.co/zVzVmuDrRsEXCLUSIVE Q&A: @KatiePavlich destroys the idea that reliance on government is empowering: http://t.co/LBQ7BEFqfk
Retweeted by Katie PavlichSo to actually get some information, you can take a look at her book here: http://t.co/nHKh49gEIG http://t.co/60YjklH4vo
Retweeted by Katie PavlichAmazon review of @KatiePavlich's book on how progressives are promulgating a war on women actually proves her thesis http://t.co/F3bXLpQIkC
Retweeted by Katie PavlichHow appropriate! Amazon reviewer Joe Carr writes " This book makes me want to call the author the C word" http://t.co/yl0wLFQRRy #WaronWomenJust bought @KatiePavlich 's new book. It was located about 50yds from the front for some reason. #assaultandflattery http://t.co/br2enwHya5
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@KatiePavlich Great hearing you on @wilkowmajority. Please keep up the fight for actual women's rights, like the #SecondAmendment #GirlPower
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@KatiePavlich can't wait to start my summer reading! http://t.co/hw78JNpNHf
Retweeted by Katie PavlichInternal summary: Violent MS-13 Gang Members Leave Graffiti on Bathroom Walls of Nogales Border Patrol Processing Ctr http://t.co/3uv9Gmp1aYMan's AND woman's best friend. MT @Shotty_Lucas: @KatiePavlich purchased half of Barnes&Nobles inventory! http://t.co/DPnCqhh73x
Retweeted by Katie PavlichLove the lab! RT @Shotty_Lucas: @KatiePavlich purchased half of Barnes&Nobles inventory! #Assaultandflattery http://t.co/vyv7IzJcum@KatiePavlich just downloaded #AssaultAndFlattery on #NookHD+. Sorry, this is best pic this Old Marine can get. http://t.co/WBNXYOUBtR
Retweeted by Katie PavlichJust bought @KatiePavlich 's new book #AssaultandFlattery on my Kindle 😊👍🇺🇸 #tcot
Retweeted by Katie PavlichICYMI Fox and Friends earlier, @slaboe as you covered. http://t.co/zgqS6MehYBOnly 836 spots to go to break into the top 100 books on Amazon ----> http://t.co/4hvoONpLUl #BeatHillary #AssaultandFlattery@KatiePavlich woop woop! Best I could do...Kindle edition http://t.co/zQw3IXZuqo
Retweeted by Katie PavlichThanks to @talkradio200 for putting me on this summer reading list! I'm in good company with @KurtSchlichter http://t.co/rlWxsY0IkLHappiest onsale day to @KatiePavlich, whose Assault and Flattery comes as close to my own views as I've read. Buy! http://t.co/wGkpr7GXJp
Retweeted by Katie PavlichGet @KatiePavlich's book right now like I did! #BookBomb And feel free to get free shipping by pairing it with mine! http://t.co/3t6kfF25Mq
Retweeted by Katie PavlichBookstore! Take a picture so I can retweet it @pup2dog #AssaultandFlatteryThanks @kilmeade! http://t.co/2cUMwakajctalking #immigration #irs & $10 mil yankee napping law suit. guests this hour: @elilake & @KatiePavlich listen @ http://t.co/53QqEtOHDn
Retweeted by Katie PavlichAssault and Flattery: Exclusive Q&A with Author @KatiePavlich => http://t.co/SVA3Or0gJv
Retweeted by Katie PavlichAssault and Flattery hits stores today, do you have your copy yet? http://t.co/YakwYj7neFhey @KatiePavlich CONGRATS on your latest! Well done @foxandfriends Hope to see you around the office when I return from my #staycation !
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@KatiePavlich is a boss. Speaking of Ted Kennedy, you realize that he has the only confirmed kill in the "War On Women...."
Retweeted by Katie PavlichOn my Kindle today 'Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women' from @KatiePavlich & 'Act of War' from @BradThor
Retweeted by Katie PavlichComing up on @foxandfriends at 6:20. Assault and Flattery is officially here! http://t.co/D1UGX3W6r3
Lets make it happen! "@twentz73: I bet @KatiePavlich book sells better than HRC book.”My 10 yr-old girl while watching @KatiePavlich & @JedediahBila tonite on @Hannity: "They're good role models. They're not liberal!" #Pride
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@thejaredcagle for America!Hey, I hear @KatiePavlich has a book coming out tomorrow. If you love America, you should buy it :) #assaultandflattery
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@KatiePavlich Watching U on #Hannity from Vegas. I'm going to buy your new book tomorrow! And as always, U look GREAT!
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@JedediahBila @KatiePavlich @Gavin_McInnes This panel is going to be great. #Hannity
Retweeted by Katie PavlichWorse than silence, they've been offering full throated defenses of the IRS during hearings! @amandacarpenterI'm on #Hannity tonight. Also on Fox and Friends at 620 am tomorrow for the big Assault and Flattery reveal. Tune in! http://t.co/ev0YecMqOPYou have officially redeemed yourself @FNC_Ladies_RuleGreat finally meeting @KatiePavlich @FoxNews tonight. Break a leg with your new book! http://t.co/SFtcvaqfkV
Retweeted by Katie PavlichBe jealous. I just happened to find @BradThor today in a city with 8 million people. Congrats on the new book! http://t.co/7F7s1cvHYPThe #WarOnWomen will never be the same. Probably bc @KatiePavlich just cuts through that BS in her new book http://t.co/2gCmBfrqqS
Retweeted by Katie PavlichDem. Rep. Henry Cuellar on Cavuto "I hope this [border crisis] doesn't turn into Obama's Katrina." Says Obama needs to see what's happening.Tomorrow @KatiePavlich's new book will be out! #ChristmasInJuly
Retweeted by Katie PavlichTypical: Liberal Michelle Obama employs just two men, but pays them much more than the women she has on staff http://t.co/fwxZuuc6oEAin't gonna lie... I'm kinda stoked for release tomorrow of new book by @KatiePavlich, Assault and Flattery.
Retweeted by Katie PavlichTomorrow, new @KatiePavlich book Assault And Flattery goes on sale -- and Katie will be on #TEMS to discuss it! http://t.co/LCqMlZVY4C
Retweeted by Katie PavlichOh my, really?! Little Sisters of the Poor Make NOW's "Dirty 100" List http://t.co/zt0aQNEU0BWell look at who wrote the foreword to this release, the one and only @EdMorrissey! ---> http://t.co/TMZVU6R5DoSuper pumped for @KatiePavlich's new book! On sale tomorrow: http://t.co/91tAHuaIBz
Retweeted by Katie PavlichMust read from @conncarroll on how Obama can end the Border crisis right now http://t.co/pGDBDxNFlb@ross_tanya thanks!!Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women is officially out tomorrow, u can preorder now! http://t.co/wPzgxNbwCzWell look what arrived on my desk this morning…coverage of @KatiePavlich’s new “Assault and Flattery” coming this wk http://t.co/JUqUKUwbjg
Retweeted by Katie PavlichSo excited for @KatiePavlich new book! 🇺🇸 #assaultandflattery #katiepavlich http://t.co/vI6618ihnc
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It's science. http://t.co/gXj4A9kPOBMonsoons! Tis the season. Weather forecast here http://t.co/jzPpfx3K8H -ew http://t.co/u7hzRrlYPP
Retweeted by Katie PavlichIn which CAIR immediately defends boy who was throwing molotov cocktails and had knifes attacking Israeli Soldiers https://t.co/Urc2hxCF0X
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich