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Townhall editor. Fox News contributor. NYT best selling author. New book - Assault & Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women. Gunsite grad.

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If only the government had the same standards for government employees as it does for the private sector http://t.co/cmO0hK053s #GMHey, at least Biden didn't say "This is a big f*cking deal" into the mic this time.. @KatiePavlich No, they spent OUR money on commercials!
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich"The idea that everybody in this country can get decent healthcare, we are on our way" -Obama. He should define "decent"Obama says to the press "The website will go down, that isn't news"And Obama swings at the Kochs "We didn't have billions of dollars for commercials like...some people did"And now, he's thanking Nancy Pelosi "We wouldn't be here today without them and they should be proud of what they've done.""It is progress." -ObamaShorter Obama: Why do Republicans hate everyone and want people to feel like they don't matter?"The debate over repealing this law is over, the Affordable Care Act is here to stay" -Obama.And now Obama is yelling "Why are they [Republicans] so mad about people getting healthcare?!" wanna get more hyperbolic, Mr. President?Obama just compared Obamacare to the devil...I think on accident but he's not wrong."Change is hard...overcoming something new is scary and hard." -Obama"The law's not perfect, we've had to make a few adjustments along the way....and yes sometimes it is confusing" -ObamaAnd now he's touting Planned Parenthood #barfAnd there he goes with the bogus "if you're a woman you can no longer be charged more just cuz you're a woman" women use more healthcare!"This law has made our healthcare system a lot better" -Obama. Because doctors leaving, rationed care and expensive premiums are way better!Obama pants on fire: "Premiums have risen more slowly since the ACA passed than anytime in the past 50 years"Obama "The share of Americans with insurance is up"...what?Obama says Obamacare makes people with existing plans more stable....wowObama calls mammograms and contraception "free." Hint: it isn't free, at all.Obama started his speech with "providing affordable, quality" healthcare: LIESTouting Medicaid expansion and "kids" staying on their parents plan until they are 26 year-old adult childrenAnd the progressives wildly cheer 7 million "sign-ups" as a success!He has arrived.And, Obama is late.To make things worse, Obama has decided to speak at 4:15, 45 minutes before it is socially acceptable to drink.When it looked like WH wouldn’t meet enrollment goal, WH denied ever having one. Now after surge, WH is touting that same enrollment goal.Katie on @NRANews now - RT @KatiePavlich: Still to this day not a single person fired for Operation Fast and Furious http://t.co/Asfam2FfgS
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@KatiePavlich I read that story. & he did from almost a mile away. Does that officially make him the Baddest Man on the Planet?
Retweeted by Katie PavlichGod bless our troops, especially our (British) snipers: killed six Taliban with one bullet http://t.co/6x1hUBhQ6tTroubling to see former U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke describe effort to retaliate against a #FastandFurious whistle-blower as "transparency."
Retweeted by Katie PavlichYou guys finally read the bill to find out what is in it @NancyPelosi?Just met with Pres. Obama to discuss progress on health care & America’s top priorities. Stay tuned for great news! http://t.co/Dd3wADEi8s
Retweeted by Katie PavlichWait, progressives don't like Wall Street? @gabrielmalorComing up with @Varneyco on Fox Business in 7 mins and then with @GretchenCarlson at 2 pm.Now, the goal of 7 million has been met! The goal the WH made, denied making and is now taking credit for. http://t.co/IcLqS4WioCHey, remember when it looked like enrollees wouldn't reach 7 million so the WH denied saying the goal was 7 million? https://t.co/Zm85PLgCAvFLASHBACK before Obama announces 7 million enrollees to hit goal: Carney says 7 million enrollees wasn't WH goal https://t.co/qywXbuLpZCAt 4:15pmET today President @BarackObama will deliver a statement on the Affordable Care Act in the #WhiteHouse Rose Garden #fnpolitics #ACA
Retweeted by Katie PavlichStill to this day not a single person fired for Operation Fast and Furious http://t.co/5M2pbJy26T #disgraceHey, remember when B. Todd Jones promised to clean up ATF if he was confirmed as director? Good times, good times. http://t.co/5M2pbJy26TIf Republicans win the Senate in November, we'll finally have some investigative power on the Judiciary Committee http://t.co/zaG3pQIxs5
Sweet! Not the 777, thanks for playing @raphdelrioAwesome! “@LifeaSongSINGIT: @yesnicksearcy @KatiePavlich just donated to #GosnellMovie Thank You for info & link to http://t.co/68KuS4mgSxhttp://t.co/wadijIXibt “@humanmovers: @KatiePavlich where to fund?”Culture changes policy. Lets change things by funding a tv movie about serial killer and abortionist Kermit Gosnell. http://t.co/wadijIXibt. @WendyDavisTexas claims she doesn't know who serial killer Kermit Gosnell is. Lets educate her with a tv movie --> http://t.co/wadijIXibtHollywood is already working on a movie about Jodi Arias, help Ann and Phelim make a movie about Kermit Gosnell. http://t.co/wadijIXibt.Do u believe in justice? "We think the reason nobody acted was because the women were poor & of color" http://t.co/wadijIXibt #GosnellMovie"Indiegogo allows us to bypass the Hollywood studios and the usual funding sources for movies." http://t.co/wadijIXibt #GosnellMovie"Over the years, many ppl came to know that something was going on here. But no one put a stop to it." http://t.co/wadijIXibt #Gosnellmovie"Be the change you wish to see in the world" #GosnellMovie http://t.co/ofoWdbt6B5 http://t.co/7H7x2Eg6wlMillions of Americans know who Jodi Arias is, very few know who Kermit Gosnell is. It's up to US to change that. http://t.co/ofoWdbt6B5I know you know someone who has no clue who Kermit Gosnell is. Let's change that ----> http://t.co/ofoWdbt6B5 #GosnellMovieIt's good of you to give them fair warning, @KatiePavlich. The fat-shaming could start on them any minute.
Retweeted by Katie PavlichGuys, @yesnicksearcy just asked nicely for you to help with this. Don't make him ask twice! http://t.co/ofoWdbt6B5 #GosnellMovieWhen the media and hollywood won't tell the truth, Ann and Phelim will, but they need your help. http://t.co/ofoWdbt6B5 #GosnellMovieW/ your help @annmcelhinney & @PhelimMcAleer will be able to make a tv movie about America's worst serial killer. http://t.co/ofoWdbt6B5If you don't like the way Hollywood does things, CHANGE IT by making this #GosnellMovie happen. http://t.co/ofoWdbt6B5History should not pass by w/ out a full account of Gosnell's crimes in the cultural record. Donate to make it happen http://t.co/ofoWdbt6B5Help us reach $300K in the next 2 hrs for http://t.co/JszxWSzG2j GIVE & RT NOW, we can do this with your support! #gosnellmovie #prolife
Retweeted by Katie PavlichDo you know who America's worst serial killer is? Bundy? Gacey? Nope. It's Kermit Gosnell. Lets make a movie bout him http://t.co/ofoWdbt6B5If not YOU then who, if not NOW then when? http://t.co/hUpiSbEjps DONATE & RT please to make this movie happen! #gosnellmovie #prolife #tcot
Retweeted by Katie PavlichDEVELOPING: 777 not exempt from crash should fuel tanks end up empty while in flight. Stay tuned to CNN. http://t.co/szVJ10nL8yHey thanks CNN for making sure we all knew the crucial fact that planes cannot fly on empty fuel tanks http://t.co/P6uXuTCUgII see "ran into the enclosure barrier, not visible to the public," sad @DanMarriesKOLDUm, how did it break its neck in a zoo? @DanMarriesKOLDSo... They can spot hundreds of pieces of trash in the ocean via satellite but haven't found plane parts yet...okay.@mchastain81 Woman!Wait...wasn't Obama supposed to be a super awesomely talented athlete? Is he a phony at everything? http://t.co/cpRPTyWqukEnd your Monday with three of my favorite Tweeters ---> @hale_razor @kesgardner and @RBPunditBREAKING: ATF Director Todd Jones to testify Wed. on agency’s reckless storefront sting operations around the U.S.
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@KatiePavlich Help us make the movie about abortionist Gosnell that MSM & Hollywood won't. Donate http://t.co/hUpiSbEjps & RT #gosnellmovie
Retweeted by Katie PavlichLol @hello__caitlin? That's your answer? Are you also opposed to UA advertising for liberal events?'Help make it happen': Round 1 of #GosnellMovie crowd-funding Twitterfest is under way http://t.co/SMBoZrZIXj
Retweeted by Katie PavlichLooks like @GosnellMovie has picked up a couple hundred followers since this morning. Give this important campaign a follow! #prolife
Retweeted by Katie PavlichHey @Taleb52! I'm going to that! @UofA@KatiePavlich will be speaking @UofA on Thursday. Anyone want to go? http://t.co/V41diVen4P
Retweeted by Katie PavlichIs that a problem @hello__caitlin? Why are you opposed to advertising for a Young Americans for Freedom event?[VID] @KatiePavlich on @AmericaNewsroom talks #Obamacare Fallout for Dems at Midterms #tcot #teaparty #ACA http://t.co/VEwKIpgkcK
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich#Gosnell the Movie: Crowd-Sourcing Campaign Launched to Expose America's Worst Serial Killer http://t.co/0QLLHrbZ2a @KatiePavlich
Retweeted by Katie PavlichHey "Journalists," let's keep pretending that the 7 million HHS is struggling to sign up was supposed to have happened by Dec 15th, 2013.
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@PRoseish @MomsDemand @KatieShow Why won't @shannonrwatts debate @KatiePavlich about her anti-gun agitprop? #scared #cowards
Retweeted by Katie PavlichComing up on @americanewsroomOn this last day to sign up for Obamacare -- the http://t.co/u55Wi874zE website is down.
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Despite the rotten egg thrown our way by ole man winter, 24 hours from now it will be around 60. Keep the faith.
Retweeted by Katie PavlichI understand not everyone likes hunting, so thanks for putting down your burger long enough to bitch about it.
Retweeted by Katie PavlichAmerican attitudes on taxation would change overnight if we had to pay taxes ourselves instead of taxes being withheld from paychecks.
Retweeted by Katie PavlichAgain missing the point. If every wage earner had to write a tax check every 2 wks instead of withholding things would be diff @shugnite12That pool is so sad “@crousselle: SNOW. WHY. https://t.co/L70hJtGzX3You just completely missed the point. Writing a check & sending in in the mail to the IRS far diff than withholding @shugnite12 @josephcurlThis “@josephcurl: If everyone had to pay taxes in cash four times a year like the self-employed do they'd storm the Capitol w/ pitchforks!”By WORKING and paying "their fair share" like the rest of us @ericbolling! Where is my handout? The handout I paid for anyway.Hi @capitalweather, my heart is broken. You said winter is over but...it is snowing in Arlington.Guess who is writing a big fat check to the IRS? Me. Please tell me again taxes aren't high enough and that I should pay more for your crap.
Yep, it was. “@sergio5941: @KatiePavlich that offensive charging foul was BS”Damn.This is where we Bear Down!
Retweeted by Katie PavlichOVERTIME.Halftime in Anaheim: Arizona 28 Wisconsin 25 20 minutes decides our destiny. Let's bring it! #BearDown
Retweeted by Katie PavlichTime for dinner... Badgers are on the menu! Go Cats! #BearDown @guypbensonWow, what an incredible loss. Rest in Peace Noel Sheppard. http://t.co/jWT6yJI7DyGroundbreaking: @PhelimMcAleer & @annmcelhinney making documentary on America's top serial killer Kermit Gosnell==> http://t.co/SfTNEaaAE3
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich
Hundreds. “@mchastain81: @KatiePavlich @Fox5Kyle Plus who knows how many he killed we’ll never know about…...”Also, Gosnell killed more people than Gary Ridgeway, John Wayne Gacey, Zodiac Killer and Ted Bundy combined @Fox5Kyle http://t.co/wadijIXibtAmericans have heard of Ted Bundy and The Zodiac Killer, it's time they learned about Kermit Gosnell. Donate ---> http://t.co/wadijIXibt.Funding phase and have launched one of the largest crowd funding campaigns in history to get the job done http://t.co/ofoWdbt6B5 @Fox5KyleEXCLUSIVE: Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell Eyed as Topic of TV Miniseries http://t.co/1mPP6ox8MM
Retweeted by Katie PavlichDid you know that Kermit Gosnell is America's most vicious serial killer? Help bring the story to a TV movie ---> http://t.co/hzuAW50WanBREAKING: Biggest ever crowdfunding campaign for TV movie about America's worst serial killer. http://t.co/hzuAW50WanJust checked. STILL not one mention of Leland Yee's arrest on @CNN's website. http://t.co/nfntEFGb1m
Retweeted by Katie PavlichBREAKING: @EbonyMag issues apology to @RaffiWilliams. Bravo! http://t.co/UHtDiqP8ww
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich'Go Raffi!' RNC staffer targeted by racist Ebony editor appears on FOX & Friends [video] http://t.co/htuw2lu8jC
Retweeted by Katie PavlichFINALLY “@capitalweather: Announcement: We pronounce winter over effective today. Details: http://t.co/dHrJbc4BKIIn Texas you should be more worried about getting eaten by the wild hogs @greggutfeld!.@Reince Calls on Ebony Magazine to Apologize After Editor’s Racial Attacks on RNC Staffer http://t.co/X22qqjfZU4
Retweeted by Katie PavlichReally @clgoddard? Guns are immune from regulation in the US? You can't be serious.Classic liberal move... http://t.co/s87Z97xcYB
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich#FF ---> @LisaDaftari and be sure to read and share her beautiful tribute to her role model and Grandmother ---> http://t.co/DB0Lu0kIlGWut RT @AP_Politics: Obama may allow air defense help for Syria rebels http://t.co/FQYtoNfB6gThis can't be right. A complete blackout of Leland Yee coverage on @CNN. How is this possible??
Retweeted by Katie PavlichThe media is shameless. Utterly shameless. They're running a protection racket for a gun running Democrat politician.
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich#FF @simonschuster family: @AtriaBooks @GalleryBooks @ScribnerBooks @SimonAudio @TouchstoneBooks @threshold_books @DuckComndrBooks
Retweeted by Katie PavlichBarely, but made it out alive! RT @Neoconbuckeye: @KatiePavlich how in the world did they let a conservative survive in TucsonAnd the UA Wildcats march on to the Elite Eight! #BearDownC'MON!!!! LET'S GO!!!!
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THAT DIDN'T COUNT?!!!!! NOOOO!!! #AZvsSDSUIt would be nice if these refs would call something in paint against San Diego State #AZvsSDSUBear Down Cats! http://t.co/WzZ0sEXLMFNot tonight! Cats play in an hour “@CJS369: @KatiePavlich Do you ever sleep?”Coming up on the #KellyFile at 9:30@KatiePavlich if your internet browser accepts an internet cookie from the ACA website, you've enrolled
Retweeted by Katie PavlichThe same goal the White House said was their goal, then said wasn't their goal, and is now saying is the goal. @TalismanJohnnyASo, the Obama administration is now counting checking a box as "enrolled" or "signed up" for Obamacare. What a joke. http://t.co/DEDnNHnkyO.@JamilahLemieux You treated @Raffiwilliams a certain way because you thought he was white? I'm thinking of a term. That term is "racist."
Retweeted by Katie PavlichWow, this is too good http://t.co/ejVSIVgvY3@KatiePavlich Also not a fan of "internal investigations." Only politicians can get away with "let's investigate ourselves!"
Retweeted by Katie PavlichNot a fan of attorneys hired by public officials "investigating" scandals of said public official, regardless of political affiliationYou might even say I Voxsplain it RT @KatiePavlich: Yes, debt matters. @KevinWGlass tells you why: http://t.co/3gJupVowp4
Retweeted by Katie PavlichYes, debt matters. @KevinWGlass tells you why: http://t.co/MqeoMnE1GZComing up on the @JonJustice show in 30 mins! http://t.co/L2gLmLB6PM.Guest hosting this morning on @SiriusXMPatriot. 6-9 am Eastern. Discussing DOJ, ATF, media shield law, Border Patrol, and Arpaio. Ch. 125
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Hey @tabithahale! When did Tulula start her modeling career? Lookin' fab! http://t.co/TfllcOKwVo@HappyWithNoGod Take a look at this #ProLife #Cunt @KatiePavlich she needs to be hit in the head with her Payless heels #instigator
Retweeted by Katie PavlichLet's unionize football players in high school, guys. They put tons of time into it. ESPN makes money off them with Elite 11 (which I love)
Retweeted by Katie PavlichHobby Lobby provides for 16 out of 20 BC options. You leftists demand 100% compliance to your "authority." #frightening
Retweeted by Katie PavlichThe "cure" to abortion is adoption. Have a goodnight. @Nothing2doradioExactly, so if the 4 types of birthcontrol coverage Hobby Lobby doesn't offer is a deal breaker for you, go somewhere else @Nothing2doradioThe onesie, something liberals never grow out of @mchastain81 @KristinaRibali @redsteezeThis. “@freddoso: @BethanyBowra Don't worry, Bethany. It gets better. @LauraLevitesNot the issue, dude. Issue is the First Amendment, not how you spend your salary. Try again @Nothing2doradioSo nice try w/ Christian ideologue" bs, also reality check, many Christians are pro-birth control, just not abortifacients @Nothing2doradioFunny how when you're opposed to paying for other people's crap you're stereotyped. Support Christians but I'm agnostic. @Nothing2doradioYay feminism!!! Not surprised a pro abort would attack a young woman. “@LauraLevites: @BethanyBowra yes it should, you should be murdered”Wow! “@TwitchyTeam: 'Comedian' Laura Levites to pro-life teen Bethany Bowra: 'You should be murdered' http://t.co/0PybS6YysbYikes. Charlotte Mayor arrested on federal public corruption charges http://t.co/OsS7SzWJ8bWell well look at that. After shooting at LAX TSA thinks it is a good idea to have good guys with guns in the airport http://t.co/ImagmvbZeKTyranny: Kim Jong Un Orders All Men to Wear His Haircut http://t.co/0IgCNvKiBtOh how I wish Margaret Thatcher was around to comment on Obama's concept of "international community"Obama's speech is making me miss Flight 370 coverageOh and guess what? ATF is "reviewing" how supervisors approvd "fraud" aka not doing anything to hold them accountable http://t.co/3MGsr5MhKdFast and Furious supervisor pulled a $200,000 JPMorgan salary while on paid leave from ATF to save his retirement http://t.co/3MGsr5MhKdAbsent govt approval, "McMahon's employment by JPMorgan while on leave from ATF would have clearly constituted fraud" http://t.co/Fw7zclRMQtOfficial Report: ATF Money Scandal Would Be 'Fraud' http://t.co/Fw7zclRMQtComing up on @Varneyco"Will you provide all of the emails" -Issa to Koskinen. Koskinen won't give a straight answer #IRS "We will give you redacted copies"So, the NSA keeps track of all of our emails and yet Koskinen says he can't pull Lois Lerner's because there are too many. #IRSKoskinen: "We will continue redacting documents." Terrific. #IRSDem Rep. Connolley says the investigation into the #IRS targeting is all about conservative rallying the base, not about wrongdoingLois Lerner's emails were subpoenaed six months ago #IRSIssa has asked Koskinen for all of Lois Lerner's emails #IRS"Unfortunately you've been more concerned with managing political fallout than complying w/ this Committee" -Issa to KoskinenIRS Commissioner John Koskinen is one of only two IRS political appointees #IRSYou're* RT @CathylizEngle: Your a racist @KatiePavlichWhat will Elijah Cummings throw a tantrum over today? #IRSICYMI: Watch @Sarah_Jean and @crousselle at the Supreme Court yesterday http://t.co/eFhxu5eYhz
Please define what "in line" means @HealthCareTara. "In line," "enrolled," whatever.BREAKING: Surprise! Obama Admin Extends Obamacare Enrollment Deadline For Pretty Much Everyone http://t.co/GUE2BJmjiTTomorrow: @KatiePavlich @RussFrushtick @jvanderson @LoriWindham1 @JillianKayM @wallethub's John Kiernan & hereO's Daniel Ivesha
Retweeted by Katie PavlichWhat happened at the Supreme Court today by @danpdoherty http://t.co/HOJHQeAmjEGreat job Sarah! “@Sarah_Jean_: Cold day at the Supreme Court #Obamacare #HobbyLobby #ReligiousFreedomForAll http://t.co/ta6NEYDp65Second Amendment supporters @EmilyMiller @KatiePavlich will be @NSSF 2014 Ind.Summit. http://t.co/lT9vBrirys #2A K http://t.co/RiqblXJdAu
Retweeted by Katie PavlichThx!“@talkradio200: @KatiePavlich Great appearance on @TeamCavuto!”@KatiePavlich I went from $146/m to $253/m.. $3500k deductible jumped to $6k. Ugh.
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich@KatiePavlich my HC has gone from $450/mo in Mar 2010 to $1150/mo now. Deductible from $2500 to $7500
Retweeted by Katie PavlichI'll be on with @TeamCavuto around 4:20 et to talk about how much you've paid for Obamacare http://t.co/ssgny0y0Hu@KatiePavlich putins version of "let's move" ....into crimea
Retweeted by Katie PavlichBoxer proves that for Left, contraception mandate is all about sex, for the right it's about life & religious freedom http://t.co/k6OwFj86qQHey look what I got! Finding Mr. Righteous by @LisaDeP. Thanks Lisa! Get your copy on Amazon. http://t.co/0oM9m2CUJXBarbara Boxer is the worst http://t.co/k6OwFj86qQ#RapeCultureIsWhen Democrats tell women they don't need guns to protect themselves. #2ndAmendment #2a http://t.co/SkBJJdiwtA @KatiePavlich
Retweeted by Katie PavlichWell this is weird http://t.co/e6nsFINna2Your smart phone uses more electricity than a fridge. Our digital lifestyle is contributing to growing power demand http://t.co/2BcUi62fML
Retweeted by Katie Pavlich"The United States is the leader of the free world" -Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte being more proud of America than Obama on world stage"There is no geopolitcal conflict that can be solved without the United States" -Dutch Prime Minister Mark RutteAnd Barack Obama is still confused about the difference between national security threats vs geopolitical foes."Russia is threatening its immediate neighbors not out of strength, but out of weakness." -Obama. That makes....no sense at all.I think Obama just tried to say Russia is more isolated now that it was under Reagan. This is just amazing.