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You make me want to listen to music again! #teamrhea

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to those worried about radiation from Japan, this is way worse and far more dangerous than a nuclear reactor http://t.co/xKvx9FOBBQ
Retweeted by Lori @willambelli @facebook Really? FB is so ridiculous!Thank you to @HuffPostGay and @HammerBrad for this amazing write up for @UprisingOfLove Now let's do this! http://t.co/npDHdbQ7Ez
Retweeted by Lori ANNOUNCEMENT: The Circus rolls into San Diego this Sunday!!! Stripper Circus San Diego EVERY Sunday at RICH'S!!! http://t.co/Pni5fyNjzp
Retweeted by Lori @TheOnlyDetox Love them!@adamsmadams Cool! Hope it has heat for you!
@Andy: Are u ready to get Jax'd!!??? @LisaVanderpump & @mrjaxtaylor live at 11! #WWHL we plan to TORTURE Jax!! http://t.co/NXBLDct0Qa
Retweeted by Lori The Rhea Litre' California Tour! Feb 19 - Mar 1 http://t.co/ZhsbaxeUeM
Retweeted by Lori Hot Damn! Melrose and Highland http://t.co/LnTV3BgvAF
Retweeted by Lori @brianslagel @montepittman @Bourdain @LesHallesParkAv Oooooh, fancy! Hope I get to go there some day. Enjoy!
Win 1.5 million, yas! #EsuranceSave30OMG!!! Pretty much. #SuperBowl RT @pcastroeditor: This pretty much sums it up. #SB48 #ojsimpson http://t.co/Mvlsls4urE
Retweeted by Lori Yep!! Rt “@UrthaLun: How many of us fans thought of GGG and @fakedansavage during that #butterfinger ad? CC: @1milmomsGreat halftime pep talk, Broncos.
Retweeted by Lori Wtf is happening in this game???Bruno Mars' backup dancers have more rushing yards than the Broncos' offense.
Retweeted by Lori @kellydirck Yep, we really need it now. This blows.Omg, yum!! RT “@TheAbbeyWeHo: #SuperBowl cravings! #abbeyweho #foodie @ The Abbey Food & Bar http://t.co/1A0x858bjWLove your endorsement of diversity and tolerance in the USA, @CocaCola—how about some support for Russian LGBT people? #CheersToSochi
Retweeted by Lori Pistachios worst nightmare: to be intercut by David Beckham in his underwear. I would ask for my money back from the Super Bowl money team.
Retweeted by Lori 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍RT “@MarlaTellez: And of course I heart anything w David Beckham, as well! #H&M #Hotthe only thing i hate more than bruno mars is the red hot chili peppers. i hope a sinkhole is the special surprise guest during halftime.
Retweeted by Lori Download the #NewU2Song 'Invisible' for FREE now and $1 goes to support @RED's fight against AIDS. http://t.co/GPT16S53D0 #U2InvisibleDL new U2 song for free, B of A donates to (RED) 'Invisible' - Download it now, for free, for (RED) on iTunes. http://t.co/tJ8TrhjgRa@fakedansavage Hahaha, I love you, Dan!! And get just what you mean!@MissMistyViolet Follow @LogoTV . They explainin' it all to you 😃It's one cow, one bull, for life—as God intended! #BiblicalAnimalHusbandry #superbowlcommercials
Retweeted by Lori This #Chevy commercial promotes polygamy and group sex. I'm offended. #superbowlcommercials
Retweeted by Lori Lol, ILU! RT “@mrbrodybrown: What time does Beyonce go on today? Wait...WHAT?????”Ok, I'm in love with Kurt Russell all over again, lol. #SuperBowl #hotObama: Oh Bill you've got a long list of my mistakes @tvnewser: Obama to O'Reilly you & your station promote scandals http://t.co/9YJziCVpn7
Retweeted by Lori @SteveMachuca Not to mention the pastries! LolHaha, Pres. Obama just ate Bill O'Reilly's lunch in that interview. 😃 Fox News can suck it!#SuperBowlSunday make sure to take a @Uber_LA if your celebrating the turn up with alcohol or super bowls! #NODUI!
Retweeted by Lori My love @i_brandonbryant owned everything on that stage last night #britney #piecesofme http://t.co/ShGTfChWAk
Retweeted by Lori @LexiLevinthal I can't wait!! Two more weeks til I see her!@LexiLevinthal Oh well, I guess it was nice of her to show up. How did you like Britney?@LexiLevinthal So what happened?? Did Gaga perform at all?Me and Brit Brit <3 http://t.co/8ECoHV0wkI #Applause4Britney @britneyspears we had so much fun at your show!
Retweeted by Lori @rhizoboy Awww, thanks! Miss our adventures!Me and @tommyjoeratliff after the show 💕 http://t.co/dfBR32DnOx@julietsimmsall and @andybvb! Photo credit: @loriandjava! ❤️ #julietsimms #andybiersack #chainreaction http://t.co/e0tomRnpQu
Retweeted by Lori
Great hanging out with you @TommyJoeRatliff! You are the best!That was was a great show @TommyJoeRatliff !!! Love hearing you play!!❤️With @tommyjoeratliff and Juliette @simmspiration http://t.co/BfDg3zmUT5@_Lilzy @TommyJoeRatliff Me too!!Great show! http://t.co/OGZf1CDCMBGetting ready @tommyjoeratliff @tommjoeratliff http://t.co/9v1thThagNIt's @tommyjoeratliff with Juliett Simms http://t.co/tbYrIoMMq5@TommyJoeRatliff Here to see you play!!!@adamsmadams I will. Wish you were here!@adamsmadams Beautiful!!!@AndersonBrooks Awesome! I'm going in a couple of weeks. Let us know what you think!@MiKEMUNiCH Well, you kinda look like a Tyler... 😀I suppose this is what you get when the suggested attire is "Voodoo Bayou Saloon Chic" w/@mikemunich @… http://t.co/67Vc9SGpDc
Retweeted by Lori Awwwww, @thelesliejordan! So cute! “@GayWeHo: Normally I don't ask to take pictures with our celebrity patients..but http://t.co/6IPUcn4Wg6
@_Lilzy Oh, it just seemed out of the blue to me, lol. I should have known who 😜@_Lilzy Just talking in general, or......?? Lol@TommyJoeRatliff Yay! You know I always support you! And you're playing so close to me, how could I resist? 🎉🎸🍸We are excited to announce that we will be performing at Doheny Blues Festival. Tickets are on sale NOW!... http://t.co/81dtm1XBfl
Retweeted by Lori @vintagetrouble What??? Right near my house!!! Yay!@fakedansavage "We're gonna need a bigger bus..."
Retweeted by Lori So... the guy Chris Christie threw under the bus just pulled Christie under it. http://t.co/pwz5mR35vR
Retweeted by Lori At lunch with friends, funny how quickly the conversation turns to @MilesDavisMoody
Retweeted by Lori #GAYMERGENCY: Watch @RuPaulsDragRace a week early on the @LogoTV App? YAAAAAAAAS! http://t.co/18GxSW9L6o
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Well, @britneyspears, if @ladygaga is going to join you in your Vegas show for a night, make it when I'm there in Feb! 😜@jamesdoyleiv First Miley & Madonna, now @britneyspears & @ladygaga ?Little bird told me something cool today. See you soon @LadyGaga ;)
Retweeted by Lori @ChrisCrocker Awww, sorry you are leaving. Glad I got to meet you tho!Wednesday, February 5 Vintage Trouble with Sandra Bullock and Blake Shelton ! http://t.co/ScTVP8fmlA http://t.co/eLYQNL6zeb
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@RheaLitre It finally got there! 🎉🎉Yaz! There's @montepittman on MTV w @MileyCyrus and @Madonna right now!!@kellydirck Well, brace yourself, it's dropping into the 60's & there's a chance of drizzle!! Drizzle!! We'll be on "Storm Watch", I'm sure@kellydirck Ahhh, well, good!@kellydirck Are you home yet, btw?My Son is a STAR Mike Munich @MikeMunich #HausOfLitre http://t.co/mriYsLX1cP
Retweeted by Lori Wow! W Gaga, Adam, Xtina & many more! RT “@MiKEMUNiCH: Check out my brand new sizzle reel! http://t.co/tHFmXB2qm2 http://t.co/OcMsfkbi3cMusic Video for HANG ON 2 YOUR LOVE is now LIVE! http://t.co/EnnNCQwA1j http://t.co/sCngvgK9Mh
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@madonna YEEEE MAAAAA FUCKINNNN HAAAWWW YALLLL ❤️👅❤️👅❤️👅 http://t.co/rDTmRa6Yd6
Retweeted by Lori Just finished jamming with @Madonna & @MileyCyrus with my Bourgeouis @RayLaMontagne guitar. Had a great time! Watch for it tomorrow night!
Retweeted by Lori I mean, if I were one of the representatives in that room listening to the State of the Union, I'd be that lady in the pumpkin blazer #SOTU
Retweeted by Lori U think Republicans hate watching Obama walk in? Wait till he starts the mass gay wedding -@BillMaher #SOTU
Retweeted by Lori Hey California are you ready? The #CaliGirlTour in coming Feb 16 - March 2 http://t.co/2d8gjmoxH6
Retweeted by Lori @courtneyact @willambelli Awwwww, sistas!Yay, Sam!!! RT “@SamuelGarf: Familiar looking guy in this new #Verizon campaign. ;) #samgarf http://t.co/qpR3NBByhgIf you shop in downtown LA never visit this bigots store: https://t.co/VJr71ah6FT
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lol, that hat! RT “@belindasLAmusic: and yes pharrell is still wearing that hat at the beatles tribute”http://t.co/UM9cC7GPow
Retweeted by Lori rosemcgowan's photo Rose and the boys http://t.co/5Jp0FclhuK
Retweeted by Lori @RheaLitre Yep! And also Beyonce's entire Grammy performance outfit. Obsessed! 💥
I wanna find Shakira's top for @RheaLitre #fierce #TargetAdYep @Pink was the best!!Thank you @Pink for an awesome performance. Not pointing fingers but..... The best so far 💚 You!
Retweeted by Lori “@LA_Reid: That was the greatest performance so far tonight. I am so proud and happy for @Pink” this is my award. I love you x
Retweeted by Lori LOVE Gary Clark Jr w Keith Urban!! He deserves more recognition!Oh and if you're complaining because you've already seen it suck my toenails. The rest of us have had to stay off Twitter for three hours.
Retweeted by Lori And that's a wrap on the Freedom Reigns photoshoot. Huge thank you to the cast and crew of this super… http://t.co/LB3ccVQdhL
Retweeted by Lori It's like we suffer for being cooler. RT @THR It really is nuts that CBS tape-delaying #Grammys to the West Coast. In this day and age...
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