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In new CNN poll, Romney leads independents 59-35!! Topline appears tied, but sample is D +11 http://t.co/NDMlx9z1 #RomneyRyan2012
my mother is at the Bucks County Romney rally. Says she has never seen a crowd like this. Dwarfs the Bush '04 rally crowd at the same farm.
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On Sat before 08 election, Obama was in GOP area of MO with crowd of up to 40k. Today, he's in OH with a crowd of 4k.You know you're on the defensive when ... https://t.co/D2sGHn58Obama has 4,000 people in Cleveland area this morning. His last event in Cleveland before '08 election had 80,000 people.
Retweeted by Andrea SaulFIRST HERE- POWERFUL NEW VIDEO: @MittRomney & @PaulRyanVP wow crowd at CO’s Red Rocks http://t.co/zL2JwHQe #RomneyRyan2012This is the most important election of our lifetime and I ask you to vote for love of country this Tuesday. http://t.co/EY6otLL5
Retweeted by Andrea Saul. @MittRomney at OH rally: Today, Obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. Today I ask you to vote for love of country.According to West Chester Fire Chief, approx 30 thousand people at #RomneyRyan2012 event in OH tonight.Enormous overflow crowd to see @MittRomney in Ohio. #romneyryan2012 #tcot http://t.co/KSkzCoOa
Retweeted by Andrea SaulLove this crowd shot from the Romney rally in Ohio. #romneyryan2012 #tcot http://t.co/fmKHkLgV
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#RomneyRyan2012 RT @JimHeath10TV: Incredible crowd growing in West Chester. We're talking biggest Romney rally of year 20k plus.
Retweeted by Andrea SaulThe Friday before ’08 election, @BarackObama spoke to 40k ppl at 1 event alone. Today, he barley crosses 9k for 3 events.Joe “I always say what I mean” Biden says “he’s 'never' been proud of being Obama's vice president" http://t.co/ukRE5d4V.@BarackObama: from "hope & change" in 2008 to get "revenge" in 2012. #NotRightKindOfChange #CantAfford4More #revengeWATCH @MittRomney closing argument “Real Change From Day One” http://t.co/aDbnJZFj #RomneyRyan2012 #CantAfford4MoreSee jobs book, page 6 http://t.co/dNs6wrYN RT @jonward11 has romney ever mentioned the retraining reform act before today?Help @RyanGOP get to 15k followers! RT!NEW VIDEO: the unemployment rate is “More Than Just A Number” http://t.co/9baMZ54q #CantAfford4More #RomneyRyan2012READ @MittRomney closing arguments address "Real Change From Day One" http://t.co/Z94Q62HN #RomneyRyan2012 #CantAfford4More
Col. Joe Kittinger, world-record space skydiver, endorses @MittRomney! See our other former P.O.W. endorsements here: http://t.co/ipYbwivoNEW VIDEO “Change at the Pump” to play at gas stations across the country. http://t.co/BVQNu9Nx #CantAfford4MoreWATCH NEW @MittRomney ad "Secretary of Business." Why not have a president who actually understands business? http://t.co/DlWCmyHn
Folks, with YOUR help Romney will win on Tuesday. Click here to learn 4 simple ways to get involved, then pass it on: http://t.co/DdK8EAvW
Retweeted by Andrea Saul.@RalstonReports - We've closed gap in Washoe for 8 straight days. They are on pace to win Clark by ~60K - nowhere close to 08 80K+ margin
Retweeted by Andrea SaulOregon newspaper that endorsed @BarackObama in 08 endorses @MittRomney: http://t.co/kN2wh8W6 #RomneyRyan2012 #tcot
BREAKING --> RT @RyanGOP Surprise @MittRomney endorsement from Nashua Telegraph. Backed Obama in 08: http://t.co/Andtcplu #nhpoliticswhile insisting map hasn't changed... RT @jmartpolitico: In last week, Obama has gone up in 3 blue states seen as safe. http://t.co/BNkWXmEK
Retweeted by Andrea SaulD-FENCE! RT @chucktodd: Obama campaign adds MI to their new set of broadcast buys, which already included PA and MN...
Retweeted by Andrea SaulIf the decision of R to buy in MN&PA was out of weakness for Romney, O wouldn't be sending Clinton to MN, Biden to PA, or spending $ there.
Retweeted by Andrea SaulMUST READ MEMO from RFP Political Director Rich Beeson on winning Pennsylvania http://t.co/BMoniuJE #expandthemap
#Sandy relief supplies on Romney Bus in VA. All VA offices accepting donations. Locations: http://t.co/X7WQc2CE http://t.co/vpjbZ7nW
Retweeted by Andrea SaulRound 1 of #Sandy relief supplies at our Arlington HQ. We'll be accepting donations at all VA Victory offices. http://t.co/PpUkejwJ
Retweeted by Andrea SaulBring donations to VA Victory offices. Romney bus will deliver them to those affected by #Sandy. #RomneyRyan2012 http://t.co/NHdoUPEQ
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Add another to the list ... The Lima News Endorses @MittRomney http://t.co/LEBcSkn6 #RomneyRyan2012 #CantAfford4MoreGreen Bay Press-Gazette endorses Romney, who “is the best choice to turn around the U.S. economy.” http://t.co/8zfME8BvMomentum gaining for @MittRomney across the country. READ a list of his newspaper endorsements HERE: http://t.co/ifaedrUzVirginia endorsements for @MittRomney today: RTD, Lynchburg News & Advance, Danville Register & Bee, & Newport News Daily Press #vaisformitt
Retweeted by Andrea SaulJoins IA, OH, & VA MittMentum! MT @BrettDoster .@mittromney endorsed by Naples Daily News, Florida Today & Florida Times Union #FLMittmentumRichmond Times-Dispatch joins chorus of endorsements for Romney: “Romney Promises Hope For Recovery” http://t.co/50B0O4aHFour largest Iowa papers endorsed Romney: Des Moines Register, Cedar Rapids Gazette, Quad-City Times, & Sioux City JournalCincinnati Enquirer endorses Romney: “A Governor & Business Leader with a Record of Solving Problems” http://t.co/0O4ci0fSAnother Obama term will result in trillions in new debt, fewer jobs & tax hikes on middle-class families http://t.co/frHuQyYL.@MittRomney Wins Iowa Des Moines Register Endorsement. First Republican Presidential Endorsement in 40 years http://t.co/O1zkZnoF
.@MittRomney clearly has the momentum here in Nevada. Governor Romney will carry Nevada and be next President. He has my full support.
Retweeted by Andrea SaulHuffington Post: "South Florida Sun-Sentinel Dumps Barack Obama For Mitt Romney" http://t.co/mTyIG9xR #tcot #sayfie
Retweeted by Andrea SaulSouth Florida Sun Sentinel is most recent paper to endorse @MittRomney for president. READ FULL LIST: http://t.co/k8XmMeKp
In closing days of the race, Romney frames his candidacy as 'big-choice' vs. status quo of Obama. It's like watching '08 in reverse.
Retweeted by Andrea Saul.@MittRomney Must Read Memo: The State of the Ohio Presidential Campaign http://t.co/XaM3e0pD #RomneyRyan2012
Retweeted by Andrea Saul.@NewYorkPost: "For America's Future, The Post Endorses Mitt Romney For President" http://t.co/m8Xwgwi8 #RomneyRyan2012 #tcotMore October Fundraising FAST FACTS: @MittRomney Effort Has Approximately $169 Million Cash On Hand – Read More HERE: http://t.co/ab7Qvzzx
Retweeted by Andrea SaulBOOM: In first half of October alone, @MittRomney effort raised $111.8 million. #RomneyRyan2012
HUGE line for Romney in Las Vegas — easily a half-mile long
Retweeted by Andrea SaulMUST READ new memo from @LanheeChen on @BarackObama's nonexistent plan for a 2nd term: http://t.co/gugzZCAK #CantAfford4MoreHeadline on Drudge: Team Obama: NC gone. Is VA next? #tcot #IncredibleShrinkingCampaign
Retweeted by Andrea SaulREAD what they’re saying about Obama’s so-called plan: “It's just all compiled in a nice booklet now" http://t.co/tJq0HIaO #CantAfford4MoreVIDEO: Ohio focus group overwhelmingly thinks @MittRomney won last night's debate http://t.co/IlQQbAno #RomneyRyan2012 #tcotREAD what they're saying in battleground states about @MittRomney's "presidential" #debate performance http://t.co/4qM3BR2SVIDEO: Romney Wins CBS Focus Group In Ohio http://t.co/IlQQbAno #debatesPPP post-debate INDYs only key stat: "More/less likely to vote after debate" - Obama 32 more/48 less. Romney 47 more/35 less.
Retweeted by Andrea Saul.@MittRomney projected leadership tonight. He has what it takes to be our commander in chief. #RomneyRyan2012 #DebatesKristol: President Romney http://t.co/5s0sVXo7
Retweeted by Andrea SaulICYMI: Cleveland Plain Dealer: "Barack Obama warns against embarrassing China on trade complaints" http://t.co/jXEkalbL
Retweeted by Andrea Saul.@MittRomney: I don’t see our influence growing around the world, I see our influence receding. #CantAfford4More #debates.@MittRomney: Mr. President, by the way you skipped Israel. They noticed. #CantAfford4More #debates.@MittRomney: we’re 4 years closer to a nuclear Iran #CantAfford4More #debatesJust think about it: Tonight, Obama insulted the entire Navy - comparing the Naval fleet to outmoded horses and bayonets. #debate
Retweeted by Andrea Saul.@MittRomney: the president said he’d meet w/ all the world’s worst actors & then began apology tour #CantAfford4More #debates.@BarackObama has not visited Israel since taking office. #debates #CantAfford4More.@BarackObama has referred to Israel as merely “one of our closest allies in the region.” #debates #CantAfford4More.@MittRomney I will not cut our military by $1 trillion, that is making our future less certain & less secure. #CantAfford4More #debates.@MittRomney: the president hasn’t balanced a budget yet #CantAfford4More #debates.@MittRomney discusses how Mass was #1 in schools: by bringing Republicans & Democrats together #CantAfford4More #debates.@BarackObama's $16 Trillion Debt: A National Security Threat http://t.co/goUkNDx9 #CantAfford4More #debates.@MittRomney: when it comes to the economy, I know how to create 12 million new jobs & increasing take home pay #CantAfford4More #debates.@MittRomney: I will not cut our military budget #CantAfford4More #debates.@MittRomney: no where in the world is America’s influence in the world stronger than it was 4 years ago #CantAfford4More #debates.@MittRomney: we have weakened our economy, we need a strong economy #CantAfford4More #debates.@MittRomney: our purpose is to make sure the world is at peace. #CantAfford4More #debates.@MittRomney: I wish we would have had a better vision of the future #CantAfford4More #debatesNEW DEBATE VIDEO: Romney: I'm Not Going To Tell Putin He'll Have More Flexibility http://t.co/V6tyrfzp
Retweeted by Andrea SaulThe Obama Record: "Leading From Behind" in Syria http://t.co/k1T8ufOL #debates #CantAfford4More.@MittRomney: this should have been a time for American leadership #CantAfford4More #debates.@BarackObama has failed to lead in stopping violence in Syria, where tens of thousands have been massacred by the Assad regime. #debates.@MittRomney: I certainly won’t tell Mr. Putin that I’ll have more ‘flexibility’ after the election #debates #CantAfford4More.@MittRomney: attacking me is not an agenda #CantAfford4More #debates
ALERT: Tampa Bay Times: "Voter suppression efforts in Fla - against Republicans" http://t.co/Zw8BFuyy #tcot
Retweeted by Andrea SaulWe can't afford four more years of @BarackObama's foreign policy: http://t.co/euhKsLfi #CantAfford4More #ObamaIsntWorking
NH Union Leader also backs @MittRomney for president. Read "what they're saying"! http://t.co/lqXAYwLr #RomneyRyan2012 #tcotFort Worth Star-Telegram endorsed @BarackObama in 08, now they're endorsing @MittRomney: http://t.co/bvfpNt6W #RomneyRyan2012Endorsements rolling in. Arizona Republic: "Romney Can Lead Economy Forward" http://t.co/QYeinDeb #RomneyRyan2012 #tcotAnother great endorsement for @MittRomney today. This one from Florida's Tampa Tribune: http://t.co/xNytOizl #RomneyRyan2012Pittsburgh Tribune-Review "enthusiastically" endorses @MittRomney for president http://t.co/tUMlNV9i #RomneyRyan2012 #tcotMUST READ: Columbus Dispatch endorses @MittRomney http://t.co/eVMDeHvo #RomneyRyan2012 #tcot
.@MittRomney on a roll in Ohio: early voting suggests a huge enthusiasm gap in favor of GOP. http://t.co/ArC8ulGv #RomneyRyan2012WATCH @MittRomney in Florida: "We have big ideas, bold ideas, a strong agenda." http://t.co/xFQiwwXw #RomneyRyan2012 #tcotPIC: huge crowd listens as John Rich warms up the crowd for @MittRomney & @PaulRyanVP in Daytona Beach http://t.co/SjfsCAhNPHOTO: Daytona crowd ready for @MittRomney & @PaulRyanVP #RomneyRyan2012 http://t.co/8JzRwExgPIC view from the @MittRomney plane cockpit: @PaulRyanVP just landed #RomneyRyan2012 http://t.co/QGXFYSgg
In '08, the Orlando Sentinel backed @BarackObama. Today, they endorsed @MittRomney: http://t.co/Gq7KjQ5R #RomneyRyan2012