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BREAKING: @MittRomney will campaign in Westerville, Ohio on Wednesday with the iconic #GoldenBear himself, Jack Nicklaus
Retweeted by Andrea SaulSo glad y'all are ok! RT @sarahhaleyTN A HUGE thank you to the crew and first responders for keeping us safe today!PIC: fireman rush plane after @AnnDRomney emergency landing http://t.co/sILA4z6MCause of @AnnDRomney emergency landing, apparently an electrical fire.@MittRomney & @AnnDRomney talked immediately after emergency landingRe: @AnnDRomney emergency landing: apparently the plane filled with smoke ....@AnnDRomney plane makes emergency landing in CO. All okay. Thank goodness.105+ people in Chicago currently looking at @MittRomney website.Follow Friday for the latest news on @MittRomney! @Ted_Newton, @alcivar, @EvanYost2012, @RomneyResponse #FF
WATCH @MittRomney on @BarackObama admission: His slogan was "Yes, we can," now is "No, I can’t." http://t.co/fVJPoR0zFUN FACT: Volunteers have already knocked on more doors for this election than the entire '08 cycle #GOPGroundGame.@BarackObama said today “you can’t change Washington from the inside.” RT if you agree.
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Thanks everyone for the kind birthday wishes!A southern girl's dream birthday lunch!! Thanks @ggitcho! http://t.co/yOr4pcUI
Xinhua = Chinese propaganda MT @stefcutter China's Xinhua slams Romney for making his money off Chinese companies before running for pres
Retweeted by Andrea Saul#FF Romney press girls part 2: @LaurenZeltTate, @KristenECaron, @aebrandenburger, @AmyJGraham, @alisonjhawkins, @BrookeSammonFollow Friday ladies of @MittRomney press shop! @AMHenneberg, @sarahpompei, @ggitcho, @kristymcampbell, @sarahhaleyTN #FF
Flashback http://t.co/vpUqBo3k RT: @ZekeJMiller: Pool: POTUS will have an NSC briefing as soon as he's done speaking in Golden
Retweeted by Andrea SaulNew normal in @BarackObama’s economy = moving back in with your parents http://t.co/68PCcJFu #AreYouBetterOffUnder Obama we’ve lost manufacturing jobs, China has gained WATCH OUR NEW AD “Failing American Workers" http://t.co/RLy1g7ev
Must read WSJ editorial "Romney Offends the Pundits" http://t.co/BiBkMuYINew comments from Chairman McKeon on Violence in Egypt and Libya http://t.co/E3XSLK0x
Retweeted by Andrea SaulREAD @MittRomney statement on how American leadership is still sorely needed http://t.co/nfWQubPNREAD @MittRomney statement on today’s developments in Libya and Egypt http://t.co/NB3SrEwl
READ @MittRomney remarks to the National Guard Association Conference in NV http://t.co/f3XHEkdN
Volunteers across nation have already knocked on more doors 4 @MittRomney & GOP team than during entire ’08 campaignCBO announced today that the federal budget has exceeded $1 trillion for 4th straight year: http://t.co/LksoRr7P #AreYouBetterOff #tcotREAD state of the race memo about how @MittRomney will win from pollster Neil Newhouse: http://t.co/c3RysDVI
"We cannot afford a President who's 'incomplete'." - @MittRomney #ObamaIsntWorking
Retweeted by Andrea SaulExcept @BarackObama RT @ThisWeekABC George Will: Everyone knows capital of Israel, except the American State Department. #ThisWeek.@MittRomney on MTP: "I say we’re going to replace Obamacare. And I’m replacing it with my own plan."
Yes indeed! RT @mikeroweworks Holy crap! He read it... http://t.co/1zrB2Nrx
Retweeted by Andrea SaulHoly crap! He read it... http://t.co/3FFAAXXz
Retweeted by Andrea Saul#AreYouBetterOff RT @adamsmithtimes Team Romney welcomes Obama to Fla http://t.co/LB5Uszmv
.@BarackObama's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week: http://t.co/RWmRPVYi #ObamaIsntWorking #tcotFor every person lucky enough to find a job last month, nearly FOUR gave up looking. #AreYouBetterOffIf labor force participation was same as just last month, the unemployment rate would have ticked up to 8.4% #AreYouBetterOffIf labor force participation was same as when @BarackObama took office, the unemployment rate would be 11.2% #AreYouBetterOffNOT BETTER OFF: ANOTHER DISMAL JOBS REPORT http://t.co/U3i468Yr #AreYouBetterOff15 new @MittRomney TV ads in 8 states, WATCH 2 in FL: http://t.co/CdKiqT84 & http://t.co/zkCVeYg1
"Obama speech: Hope has become hang in there" http://t.co/siif6ADZ #AreYouBetterOffGov catching up on news after debate prep, incl. an interesting letter about skilled labor from @MikeRoweWorks http://t.co/tiyfgyBn
Retweeted by Andrea Saul“President Obama to Sell Status Quo, Not 'Change' in DNC Speech" http://t.co/vqOEraSe #AreYouBetterOffFLASHBACK: Rep. Frank Said Democrats Paid A “Terrible Price” For Focusing On ObamaCare http://t.co/UYZKTCjI #tcot
Retweeted by Andrea Saul.@MittRomney on @BarackObama’s speech tonight: “I think he wants a promises reset. We want a report on the promises he made.”For those who missed it great NEW AD from @MittRomney today. WATCH IT HERE http://t.co/ZynA4td4A year ago today Solyndra went bankrupt & left American taxpayers to pick up the bill. @BarackObama remains unapologetic.Looking good! MT @RyanGOP PIC: Romney/RNC Rapid Response Team poses for a group photo in our Charlotte warroom http://t.co/fUcun2iQ
Retweeted by Andrea SaulMUST WATCH new ad from the RNC "The Breakup" http://t.co/j8RD2Fze
Or earlier today MT @Timodc @bfouhy @Philip_Elliot @AP_Ken_Thomas Then why didnt Obama intervene when spox wouldnt answer that q months ago?.@Philip_Elliott, he "personally intervened" when he won't "personally" OR by spox even say that Jerusalem is Israel's capital? #DoubterNow is the time for @BarackObama to state in unequivocal terms whether or not he believes Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.buses, stage buildout, stadium rental, security, staff - How much $$ is the BOA cancellation costing OFA/DNC?
Retweeted by Andrea SaulMUST READ: “GAO confirms Obama changed welfare to work rules” http://t.co/kgnvGAu2 #ObamaIsntWorking36 hrs prior! MT @wxbrad It's a simple question, if u had a #Panthers game or concert w 20% chance of storms would u cancel 24hrs prior?FLASHBACK “In an exclusive 1 on 1 interview w NBC12, President Obama himself was hesitant to guarantee a packed house” http://t.co/xEk36ULkWhat happened 2 rain or shine? RT @RyanGOP Charlotte meteorologist -->MT @wxbrad: Severe threat is almost 0 Thur night & chance of rain 20%#CantFillStadium MT @wxbrad My main point is if u were going 2 move inside 4 small wx threat Thur U could have made that decision a week ago
Surprised to learn from Dems "the gov't is the only thing we all belong to." Try again, gov't belongs to us. #AreYouBetterOffCongrats to Vandy grad Brandt Snedeker on being named to U.S. Ryder Cup team! cc: @WillieGeistWOW. National debt has hit $16 trillion. #ObamaIsntWorking #NotBetterOffor voters' answer in 1 word: NO MT @TheFix The GOP answer 2 the "are you better off" question in 1 chart http://t.co/rkwqiM1l.@MittRomney: unfortunate entire Dem Party has embraced Obama's shameful refusal 2 acknowledge Jerusalem is Israel’s capitalForgot to note Sperling said this: “The president had a jobs council.” #pasttense
Retweeted by Andrea SaulMakes it better? MT @markknoller: Obama press secy Jen Psaki told reporters on AF1 Obama has made the incomplete remark "countless times"
Retweeted by Andrea Saul.@RyanGOP, doubt '08 Obama voters thought voting "hope & change" was actually a vote for "incomplete" #AreYouBetterOffhttp://t.co/HtliaGOB MT @adamnagourney Cutter & Messina tell ABC they don't know if WH gets night-before peak of jobless figures. (Hmmm?!)Record 46.7 million Americans received food stamps in June http://t.co/elPLv6r2 #ObamaIsntWorkingFLASHBACK @BarackObama: “If I don’t have this done in 3 years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition” #Incomplete.@BarackObama admits he hasn’t gotten the job done http://t.co/w9NyI015 #Incomplete #AreYouBetterOff
Obama campaign emails "25% OFF everything in the store!" When will we see a "going out of business" sale?
As seen on TV #RomneyRyan2012 http://t.co/n0oqQY1GBalloon drop pic!! http://t.co/Q2JPhKLaREAD @MittRomney's full remarks to the Republican National Convention http://t.co/XPp2y3Ei #RomneyRyan2012PIC: Clint Eastwood takes the stage!! http://t.co/ejLvAWDpPhoto: crowd erupts in "USA" chant w intro of Olympians here for @MittRomney http://t.co/2KWB0UWsPic: Bob White takes the stage at the RNC! http://t.co/zV4m2jHQ
Pic: @MittRomney over the top! http://t.co/pnXM5RhY
PIC: @MittRomney video plays at RNC #RomneyRyan2012 http://t.co/fwmgD81WPIC: Debt clock unveiled at GOP convention http://t.co/Pku7BIu6
Solyndra leaves taxpayers behind once more: http://t.co/sl8lfjVK #ObamaIsntWorking #tcot
@mattgiese Done!PIC, from today's Denver Post "O, did you get us here too?" http://t.co/qXGhwQeMCongrats to the latest Bain alum selected for top @BarackObama admin post! http://t.co/BC9GLmuYWhat @BarackObama's economy has done to my home town: http://t.co/vjBNYhuA
Crowd is pumped up for America's Comeback Team #RomneyRyan2012 http://t.co/uXJwFhpR
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PHOTO: @BarackObama's motorcade drives by a local business displaying a "We Did Build It" sign in Windham, NH http://t.co/fcEnHkTG
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There's only only one person who has defunded Medicare. His name is @BarackObama.
Retweeted by Andrea SaulTop story on WaPo Web site for past 12 hours: Iowa deli owner caters White House press meals in anti-Obama t-shirt http://t.co/4z6c7kff
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Obama, on the defensive over his record of raiding Medicare to pay for Obamacare, is forced to respond today. #onhisheels
Retweeted by Andrea SaulOhio is Romney Country #RomneyRyan2012 http://t.co/c0QktE8J
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.@JohnKingUSA says senior Obama official privately told him @JoeBiden's "chains" comments were "not helpful" & "distracting" cc: @jrpsaki
Retweeted by Andrea SaulIn 72 hours, @MittRomney & @PaulRyanVP raised $7.4 million online with over 101,000 donations
VIDEO: Breitbart -"Clown Car: Axelrod Calls His Own Deputy Cutter 'Liar'" http://t.co/aQTQPPJC cc: @Stefcutter @DavidAxelrod #tcot
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$5 million raised, 70,000+ donations online since @MittRomney announced @PaulRyanVP#HometownBust @jodikantor At Obama fundraiser in Chicago. Admission only $51, but room is half full.You'd think a boy band walked into thousands of teenage girls. Nope @MittRomney & @PaulRyanVP. http://t.co/eG5q1ccw
Retweeted by Andrea SaulAwesome http://t.co/FvNfw9We
Retweeted by Andrea Saul$3.5 million raised online in 24 hrs of @MittRomney's pick of @PaulRyanVP #RomneyRyan2012
Just passed $2 million raised since @MittRomney announced @PaulRyanVP #RomneyRyan2012