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Siren!: Romney opens up 7 point lead in Fla after debate http://t.co/MKZjyFeZ
Retweeted by Andrea SaulUh Oh RT @guypbenson: Wow, @stefcutter literally running away from @KatiePavlich, who's asking about her remarks on CNN. Video to come.
Retweeted by Andrea SaulPIC: @MittRomney meets with Reverends Billy and Franklin Graham http://t.co/dnP4Uyfs.@BarackObama campaign said Libya is only an issue b/c of Romney & Ryan. They’re wrong. http://t.co/yuVJeT7MPIC billboard greeting Obama in FL gives students a choice: 12 mil new jobs or move back in w mom & dad http://t.co/kGgN0bwq
.@StefCutter's admission that Obamas $5 trillion tax attack is a lie just got a shout out from Gov Romney on CNN http://t.co/92lAQ5qn
Retweeted by Andrea SaulThe Obama Big Bird ad looks like the work of a campaign in panic mode. It's crunch time, when voters get very serious, very smart. So, this?
Retweeted by Andrea SaulMUST READ: @AnnDRomney talks about the man she knows http://t.co/dYNsIzbPMUST READ @WSJ editorial on @MittRomney foreign policy speech, "Romney wouldn't 'lead from behind'" http://t.co/VKb7P997 #tcot#CantAfford4More MT @PounderFile Obama '08: If don't have record 2 run on, "u make big election about small things" http://t.co/HN2g7ax9
FLASHBACK MT @Timodc 5 years ago Madeline Albright held a call like this one bashing Barack Obama http://t.co/axta2BmyExcellent speech by @MittRomney at VMI- a blueprint for restoring America’s strength in the world
Retweeted by Andrea SaulTerrific, comprehensive speech by Gov. Romney at VMI. He knows America's role in the world should be as a leader not as a spectator.
Retweeted by Andrea SaulRomney: The torch America carries is one of decency & hope, our duty & honor to hold it high enough that all the world can see its light..@MittRomney: America’s security & cause of freedom cannot afford four more years like the last four years #CantAfford4More.@MittRomney: I believe that if America does not lead, others will—others who do not share our interests and our values..@MittRomney: I will affirm that my duty is not to my political prospects, but to the security of the nation #CantAfford4More“Hope is not a strategy.” READ @MittRomney foreign policy speech at VMI today http://t.co/eEf9BCUd #CantAfford4More.@MittRomney: modern instruments of war r important tools in our fight, but no substitute for nat'l security strategy for Mid East.@MittRomney: struggle in Mid East is a struggle between liberty & tyranny, justice & oppression, hope & despair..@MittRomney: Benghazi assault can't be blamed on reprehensible video despite Administration’s attempts to convince us of that for so longMUST READ op-ed: "No Escape From The Middle East" http://t.co/A3uMwTRg #CantAfford4More #tcotChuck Todd ystrday said Rs have enthusiasm edge http://t.co/dZuxc6Co Politico poll out 2day notes same thing http://t.co/T8YKFBFV
Retweeted by Andrea Saul
Vegas Review-Journal “choice's clear, only Romney has principles/experience 2 put America back on road 2 prosperity" http://t.co/lmRoWzeV
.@MittRomney supporters: Help us fight back - RT this MEMO: "President Obama’s $5 Trillion Falsehood" http://t.co/JDLHc35k #cantafford4more
Retweeted by Andrea SaulRomney Gets a Post-Debate Jolt http://t.co/dZfbb8LB
Retweeted by Andrea SaulPost #debate, @MittRomney also saw volunteers jump 63% Wed night alonePost #debate @MittRomney raised more than $12 million in less than 48 hours. Night of, more than 2 donations/second
Obama asked the proprietor at Rolston Poultry how business was going. "Terrible since you got here," the man said.
Retweeted by Andrea Saul
#HonestJoe: "Yes, we do" want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars http://t.co/rUJcDVMI #CantAfford4MoreStill trying to figure out why press can't even go to bathroom here at Biden event in IA without an Obama campaign volunteer as an escort.
Retweeted by Andrea SaulAfter #debate last night, @MittRomney received more than 2 donations every second #CantAfford4More12 Obama Debate Lies http://t.co/PIb0tpHc #CantAfford4More#DEBATE LIE #8: @BarackObama says Social Security is "structurally sound" http://t.co/PpzP2Zdj #CantAfford4More#DEBATE LIE #7: @BarackObama makes false accusations about @MittRomney's economic plan http://t.co/PpzP2Zdj #CantAfford4More#DEBATE LIE #6: @BarackObama says he has created 5 million private sector jobs http://t.co/PpzP2Zdj #CantAfford4More#DEBATE LIE #5: @BarackObama says his plan reduces the deficit by $4 trillion http://t.co/PpzP2Zdj #CantAfford4More#DEBATE LIE #4: @BarackObama says he made adjustments to Simpson-Bowles for his own plan http://t.co/PpzP2Zdj #CantAfford4More#DEBATE LIE #3: @BarackObama says his plan is balanced in the manner of Simpson-Bowles http://t.co/PpzP2Zdj #CantAfford4More#DEBATE LIE #2: @BarackObama says @MittRomney's plan is a $5 trillion tax cut http://t.co/PpzP2Zdj #CantAfford4More#DEBATE LIE #1: @BarackObama says healthcare costs are becoming more affordable http://t.co/PpzP2Zdj #CantAfford4MoreFact Checking Obama: Obama's Top 8 #Debate Lies http://t.co/PpzP2ZdjMUST WATCH: Frank Luntz focus group on #debate http://t.co/pSjaAk84 #CantAfford4MoreIn last hour 36,221 tweeters say "Romney won". Only 9,245 bold enough to declare same for President.
Retweeted by Andrea SaulBREAKING: Results of CNN-ORC Post-Debate flash poll. Who won the debate: Romney 67%, Obama 25%. +_ 4%. #CNNDebate
Retweeted by Andrea Sauli can't believe i'm saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter
Retweeted by Andrea SaulVIDEO: NBC's Chuck Todd: "Big Night For Mitt Romney," Back To Drawing Board For Obama http://t.co/IFVge0sr"Mitt Romney absolutely wins the preparation. And he wins the style points," Obama's campaign manager tells Jessica Yellin #CNNDebate.
Retweeted by Andrea SaulKristol: Best Debate Performance By a GOP Presidential Candidate in More than Two Decades http://t.co/FAUZW93q
Retweeted by Andrea SaulIf that debate was a fight they would've stopped it!
Retweeted by Andrea Saul.@MittRomney outlines choice voters face #CantAfford4More #debate.@BarackObama says budgets matter. Then why has he never passed one? #CantAfford4More #debate.@MittRomney: trickle down gov't approach is not working #CantAfford4More #debateEmail from liberal friend: "I think I might vote for Romney." #scientificpolling
Retweeted by Andrea SaulUnder @BarackObama, average cost of in-state tuition at a 4-year college has increased 25% #CantAfford4MoreGood golly. Obama looks very annoyed/unhappy. #debates
Retweeted by Andrea SaulRomney’s in command right now. Taking on the President directly added a spark.
Retweeted by Andrea Saul.@BarackObama admits healthcare premiums have gone up #CantAfford4More.@MittRomney: instead of bringing ppl together, you pushed through Obamacare w Pelosi & Reid #CantAfford4More #debate.@MittRomney: Obamacare has killed jobs, can't see how Obama focused on Obamacare vs. focusing on jobs #debate #CantAfford4MorePresident Obama is struggling because he doesn't have a plan to fix the economy so its hard for him to answer these qs #CantAfford4More
Retweeted by Andrea Saul.@MittRomney supports no change for current retirees for Medicare #debate.@BarackObama cuts $716 billion from Medicare #CantAfford4More #debateUnintelligible answer from @BarackObama on social security. WHAT? #CantAfford4More #debateIs it just me or does @BarackObama clearly not remember his social security plan? #debate #CantAfford4MoreIn 08 debate Obama promised to take on entitlements during 1st term #StillWaiting #CantAfford4MoreYears.@BarackObama raised taxes on nearly 5 million middle-class Americans in Obamacare: http://t.co/ZHfrwDTI #CantAfford4More #debate.@MittRomney: I want to go down the path of growth with more Americans working #CantAfford4More #debateHow did @BarackObama respond to the fiscal commission? "Bypass almost all of its painful prescriptions" #CantAfford4MoreDebt hit $16 trillion under @BarackObama w 4 $1 trillion deficits #CantAfford4More.@MittRomney on debt: is it worth borrowing money from China to pay for it? #debate.@MittRomney: debt is a MORAL issue #debateUnder @BarackObama, 1 in 6 in poverty, 47 million on food stamps & 23 million struggling for work #CantAfford4More #debateThe Labor Department says unemployment rates increased in 26 states in August: http://t.co/TR1RoWvG #CantAfford4More.@MittRomney: for me, this is about jobs #debate #CantAfford4MoreMitt Romney’s plan will make the US energy independent by 2020 #RealRecovery #debate.@MittRomney: middle income Americans have been crushed #CantAfford4More.@BarackObama talks about what he will do, forgetting what he hasn't done #CantAfford4More.@MittRomney: I will restore the vitality that gets America working again #CantAfford4MoreFLASHBACK @BarackObama said if he couldn’t turn around economy in 3 years he’d be facing a 1 term proposition #CantAfford4MoreFOLLOW @RomneyResponse or go to http://t.co/2OhBGjSQ during #debate tonight for latest updates from Team Romney in real time
Follow all the Romney rapid response team with the click of a single button, "Follow all on Twitter," here: http://t.co/lMoMHv9q
Retweeted by Andrea SaulMr VP, we agree “the middle class HAS been buried the last 4 years" Get your own Honest Joe T-shirt today! http://t.co/ZQfrued7
Agree with @JoeBiden, the middle class has been buried the last 4 years, which is why we need a change in November #CantAfford4More
Retweeted by Andrea SaulWhile Obama has raised taxes on the middle class, a new study confirms Romney's plan does NOT: http://t.co/DdJ4jgI0 #tcotPIC: @MittRomney firing up the crowd in Denver http://t.co/n5Cru7AKColorado Rockies' own Todd Helton here to see @MittRomney tooPIC John Elway: "I have the pleasure of introducing the next president of the United States, Mitt Romney." http://t.co/QGhjbgCaPHOTO: sea of people ready to welcome @MittRomney in Denver http://t.co/fc9MiKSpPIC: crowd chanting "We want Mitt!" in Colorado #RomneyRyan2012 http://t.co/SinPBBii
Dem pollster MT @ppppolls Why I don't think it's over in Ohio- Obama approval 48/49 overall & 13/65 among undecideds: http://t.co/UV95vvyA
Friday Night Dump: Intelligence Community Formally “Retract[s]” Ambassador Rice’s Words … Buck Stops With POTUS: http://t.co/MlyEmjLQ
Retweeted by Andrea Saul#FF @RyanGOP and help him get to 10k followers! RT!
Obama economy stuck in neutral: 2nd quarter GDP growth slashed to 1.3%, manufacturing orders plummeted http://t.co/Cg1mTQK0
Highly offensive Obama camps thinks women either haven’t noticed or aren’t smart enough to care about Obama’s devastating policiesObama camp said women are “not really concerned about what’s happened over the last 4 years.” WHAT?!PIC: huge crowd turned out to support @MittRomney in Denver last night #RomneyRyan2012 http://t.co/HvIfLErH@JRubinBlogger How do they explain having the same "noise" view of Israel as Ahmadinejad?Obama on 60 Min: Israel’s concern about a nuclear Iran = “noise” & an attack that kills our ambassador = “bump in the road”Obama camp claims “bumps in the road” wasnt about Benghazi attack when question specifically referenced “recent events in the Middle East”I guess when u win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, an attack that kills an Ambassador is just a "bump in the road."
Retweeted by Andrea SaulAhmadinejad agrees w/ @BarackObama that Israel's legitimate concerns are "noise" http://t.co/0lRdqiouTonight @BarackObama called Israel’s legitimate concern about the impact of an Iran armed w/ nuclear weapons "noise"
Disgusting. RT @CampaignCarl Leftists lament Ann Romney’s plane didn’t crash via Twitter… http://t.co/6sY8dlNP
BREAKING: @MittRomney will campaign in Westerville, Ohio on Wednesday with the iconic #GoldenBear himself, Jack Nicklaus
Retweeted by Andrea SaulSo glad y'all are ok! RT @sarahhaleyTN A HUGE thank you to the crew and first responders for keeping us safe today!PIC: fireman rush plane after @AnnDRomney emergency landing http://t.co/sILA4z6MCause of @AnnDRomney emergency landing, apparently an electrical fire.@MittRomney & @AnnDRomney talked immediately after emergency landingRe: @AnnDRomney emergency landing: apparently the plane filled with smoke ....@AnnDRomney plane makes emergency landing in CO. All okay. Thank goodness.105+ people in Chicago currently looking at @MittRomney website.Follow Friday for the latest news on @MittRomney! @Ted_Newton, @alcivar, @EvanYost2012, @RomneyResponse #FF
WATCH @MittRomney on @BarackObama admission: His slogan was "Yes, we can," now is "No, I can’t." http://t.co/fVJPoR0zFUN FACT: Volunteers have already knocked on more doors for this election than the entire '08 cycle #GOPGroundGame.@BarackObama said today “you can’t change Washington from the inside.” RT if you agree.
Retweeted by Andrea Saul
Thanks everyone for the kind birthday wishes!A southern girl's dream birthday lunch!! Thanks @ggitcho! http://t.co/yOr4pcUI
Xinhua = Chinese propaganda MT @stefcutter China's Xinhua slams Romney for making his money off Chinese companies before running for pres
Retweeted by Andrea Saul#FF Romney press girls part 2: @LaurenZeltTate, @KristenECaron, @aebrandenburger, @AmyJGraham, @alisonjhawkins, @BrookeSammonFollow Friday ladies of @MittRomney press shop! @AMHenneberg, @sarahpompei, @ggitcho, @kristymcampbell, @sarahhaleyTN #FF
Flashback http://t.co/vpUqBo3k RT: @ZekeJMiller: Pool: POTUS will have an NSC briefing as soon as he's done speaking in Golden
Retweeted by Andrea SaulNew normal in @BarackObama’s economy = moving back in with your parents http://t.co/68PCcJFu #AreYouBetterOffUnder Obama we’ve lost manufacturing jobs, China has gained WATCH OUR NEW AD “Failing American Workers" http://t.co/RLy1g7ev
Must read WSJ editorial "Romney Offends the Pundits" http://t.co/BiBkMuYINew comments from Chairman McKeon on Violence in Egypt and Libya http://t.co/E3XSLK0x
Retweeted by Andrea SaulREAD @MittRomney statement on how American leadership is still sorely needed http://t.co/nfWQubPNREAD @MittRomney statement on today’s developments in Libya and Egypt http://t.co/NB3SrEwl
READ @MittRomney remarks to the National Guard Association Conference in NV http://t.co/f3XHEkdN
Volunteers across nation have already knocked on more doors 4 @MittRomney & GOP team than during entire ’08 campaignCBO announced today that the federal budget has exceeded $1 trillion for 4th straight year: http://t.co/LksoRr7P #AreYouBetterOff #tcotREAD state of the race memo about how @MittRomney will win from pollster Neil Newhouse: http://t.co/c3RysDVI
"We cannot afford a President who's 'incomplete'." - @MittRomney #ObamaIsntWorking
Retweeted by Andrea SaulExcept @BarackObama RT @ThisWeekABC George Will: Everyone knows capital of Israel, except the American State Department. #ThisWeek.@MittRomney on MTP: "I say we’re going to replace Obamacare. And I’m replacing it with my own plan."
Yes indeed! RT @mikeroweworks Holy crap! He read it... http://t.co/1zrB2Nrx
Retweeted by Andrea SaulHoly crap! He read it... http://t.co/3FFAAXXz
Retweeted by Andrea Saul#AreYouBetterOff RT @adamsmithtimes Team Romney welcomes Obama to Fla http://t.co/LB5Uszmv
.@BarackObama's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week: http://t.co/RWmRPVYi #ObamaIsntWorking #tcotFor every person lucky enough to find a job last month, nearly FOUR gave up looking. #AreYouBetterOffIf labor force participation was same as just last month, the unemployment rate would have ticked up to 8.4% #AreYouBetterOffIf labor force participation was same as when @BarackObama took office, the unemployment rate would be 11.2% #AreYouBetterOffNOT BETTER OFF: ANOTHER DISMAL JOBS REPORT http://t.co/U3i468Yr #AreYouBetterOff15 new @MittRomney TV ads in 8 states, WATCH 2 in FL: http://t.co/CdKiqT84 & http://t.co/zkCVeYg1
"Obama speech: Hope has become hang in there" http://t.co/siif6ADZ #AreYouBetterOffGov catching up on news after debate prep, incl. an interesting letter about skilled labor from @MikeRoweWorks http://t.co/tiyfgyBn
Retweeted by Andrea Saul“President Obama to Sell Status Quo, Not 'Change' in DNC Speech" http://t.co/vqOEraSe #AreYouBetterOffFLASHBACK: Rep. Frank Said Democrats Paid A “Terrible Price” For Focusing On ObamaCare http://t.co/UYZKTCjI #tcot
Retweeted by Andrea Saul.@MittRomney on @BarackObama’s speech tonight: “I think he wants a promises reset. We want a report on the promises he made.”For those who missed it great NEW AD from @MittRomney today. WATCH IT HERE http://t.co/ZynA4td4A year ago today Solyndra went bankrupt & left American taxpayers to pick up the bill. @BarackObama remains unapologetic.Looking good! MT @RyanGOP PIC: Romney/RNC Rapid Response Team poses for a group photo in our Charlotte warroom http://t.co/fUcun2iQ
Retweeted by Andrea SaulMUST WATCH new ad from the RNC "The Breakup" http://t.co/j8RD2Fze
Or earlier today MT @Timodc @bfouhy @Philip_Elliot @AP_Ken_Thomas Then why didnt Obama intervene when spox wouldnt answer that q months ago?.@Philip_Elliott, he "personally intervened" when he won't "personally" OR by spox even say that Jerusalem is Israel's capital? #DoubterNow is the time for @BarackObama to state in unequivocal terms whether or not he believes Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.buses, stage buildout, stadium rental, security, staff - How much $$ is the BOA cancellation costing OFA/DNC?
Retweeted by Andrea SaulMUST READ: “GAO confirms Obama changed welfare to work rules” http://t.co/kgnvGAu2 #ObamaIsntWorking36 hrs prior! MT @wxbrad It's a simple question, if u had a #Panthers game or concert w 20% chance of storms would u cancel 24hrs prior?FLASHBACK “In an exclusive 1 on 1 interview w NBC12, President Obama himself was hesitant to guarantee a packed house” http://t.co/xEk36ULkWhat happened 2 rain or shine? RT @RyanGOP Charlotte meteorologist -->MT @wxbrad: Severe threat is almost 0 Thur night & chance of rain 20%#CantFillStadium MT @wxbrad My main point is if u were going 2 move inside 4 small wx threat Thur U could have made that decision a week ago
Surprised to learn from Dems "the gov't is the only thing we all belong to." Try again, gov't belongs to us. #AreYouBetterOffCongrats to Vandy grad Brandt Snedeker on being named to U.S. Ryder Cup team! cc: @WillieGeistWOW. National debt has hit $16 trillion. #ObamaIsntWorking #NotBetterOffor voters' answer in 1 word: NO MT @TheFix The GOP answer 2 the "are you better off" question in 1 chart http://t.co/rkwqiM1l.@MittRomney: unfortunate entire Dem Party has embraced Obama's shameful refusal 2 acknowledge Jerusalem is Israel’s capitalForgot to note Sperling said this: “The president had a jobs council.” #pasttense
Retweeted by Andrea SaulMakes it better? MT @markknoller: Obama press secy Jen Psaki told reporters on AF1 Obama has made the incomplete remark "countless times"
Retweeted by Andrea Saul.@RyanGOP, doubt '08 Obama voters thought voting "hope & change" was actually a vote for "incomplete" #AreYouBetterOffhttp://t.co/HtliaGOB MT @adamnagourney Cutter & Messina tell ABC they don't know if WH gets night-before peak of jobless figures. (Hmmm?!)Record 46.7 million Americans received food stamps in June http://t.co/elPLv6r2 #ObamaIsntWorkingFLASHBACK @BarackObama: “If I don’t have this done in 3 years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition” #Incomplete.@BarackObama admits he hasn’t gotten the job done http://t.co/w9NyI015 #Incomplete #AreYouBetterOff
Obama campaign emails "25% OFF everything in the store!" When will we see a "going out of business" sale?
As seen on TV #RomneyRyan2012 http://t.co/n0oqQY1GBalloon drop pic!! http://t.co/Q2JPhKLaREAD @MittRomney's full remarks to the Republican National Convention http://t.co/XPp2y3Ei #RomneyRyan2012PIC: Clint Eastwood takes the stage!! http://t.co/ejLvAWDpPhoto: crowd erupts in "USA" chant w intro of Olympians here for @MittRomney http://t.co/2KWB0UWsPic: Bob White takes the stage at the RNC! http://t.co/zV4m2jHQ
Pic: @MittRomney over the top! http://t.co/pnXM5RhY
PIC: @MittRomney video plays at RNC #RomneyRyan2012 http://t.co/fwmgD81WPIC: Debt clock unveiled at GOP convention http://t.co/Pku7BIu6
Solyndra leaves taxpayers behind once more: http://t.co/sl8lfjVK #ObamaIsntWorking #tcot
@mattgiese Done!PIC, from today's Denver Post "O, did you get us here too?" http://t.co/qXGhwQeMCongrats to the latest Bain alum selected for top @BarackObama admin post! http://t.co/BC9GLmuYWhat @BarackObama's economy has done to my home town: http://t.co/vjBNYhuA
Crowd is pumped up for America's Comeback Team #RomneyRyan2012 http://t.co/uXJwFhpR
Retweeted by Andrea Saul
PHOTO: @BarackObama's motorcade drives by a local business displaying a "We Did Build It" sign in Windham, NH http://t.co/fcEnHkTG
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There's only only one person who has defunded Medicare. His name is @BarackObama.
Retweeted by Andrea SaulTop story on WaPo Web site for past 12 hours: Iowa deli owner caters White House press meals in anti-Obama t-shirt http://t.co/4z6c7kff
Retweeted by Andrea Saul
Obama, on the defensive over his record of raiding Medicare to pay for Obamacare, is forced to respond today. #onhisheels
Retweeted by Andrea SaulOhio is Romney Country #RomneyRyan2012 http://t.co/c0QktE8J
Retweeted by Andrea Saul
.@JohnKingUSA says senior Obama official privately told him @JoeBiden's "chains" comments were "not helpful" & "distracting" cc: @jrpsaki
Retweeted by Andrea SaulIn 72 hours, @MittRomney & @PaulRyanVP raised $7.4 million online with over 101,000 donations
VIDEO: Breitbart -"Clown Car: Axelrod Calls His Own Deputy Cutter 'Liar'" http://t.co/aQTQPPJC cc: @Stefcutter @DavidAxelrod #tcot
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$5 million raised, 70,000+ donations online since @MittRomney announced @PaulRyanVP#HometownBust @jodikantor At Obama fundraiser in Chicago. Admission only $51, but room is half full.