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Joshua Baer @JoshuaBaer Austin, TX, USA

Austinpreneur. I help people quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas.

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Top U.S. companies founded by 1st/2nd gen immigrants: 1 Apple 2 Google 3 IBM 4 Oracle 5 Facebook 6 Amazon 7 Qualcomm 8 EMC 9 eBay 10 VMware
Retweeted by Joshua BaerI was in the audience last night with Googlers and we were blown away at some of the pitches @AustinTechLive @LonghornStartup @briansharples
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Happy hour welcoming @realsavvy and @chironhealth to the incubator! (at @CapitalFactory in Austin, TX) https://t.co/3mOhHoIDlZDrones Sighted by Pilots Landing at JFK Airport in New York City Show New Risks http://t.co/PulO2x2L7b in @wsj@PieceMakerTech I'm a CMU alum and on the advisory board of SCS. Also very interested in 3D printing.@CMU_CIE @PieceMakerTech sounds cool I'd love to learn more@mellieprice it's ALL good. I love it!I love how every time @mellieprice hears about a challenge facing Austin, she looks for a business opportunity to solve it. @Lead_AustinOH at @lead_austin "You can't build your way out of a drought." #conservationThe gender diversity challenge: Princess Reema of Saudi Arabia to keynote SXSW Interactive on March 14 http://t.co/82ANRXmnGj #genderequity
Retweeted by Joshua BaerSoftware maker SimplyTapp raises $5.9M funding - http://t.co/tmy6JY6oQj
Retweeted by Joshua BaerCan you survive longer without water or internet? @Lead_AustinSchool Day for us! @Lead_Austin Will be learning about the natural environment from Austin's experts. #i<3ATX @JoshuaBaer
Retweeted by Joshua BaerLearning about the Austin environment with @lead_austin (@ Seton Administrative Offices) https://t.co/GBLkYAX5Ge http://t.co/DzKHbnlLyW15 hours left to save $270! Badge prices for SXSW 2015 go up at 11:59 pm CT on Nov 21 http://t.co/N5LlbYepmZ #sxsw http://t.co/j4KdCFWdmh
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@SpotOnSciences good luck!
look ma, no keys! @getnoki #duh #longhornstartup #longhornstartupdemoday #invisiblekeyboard #airtyping http://t.co/2jyEGyhzlb
Retweeted by Joshua BaerAustin has not one, but two new @DEMO Gods @EnergyCurb, @GoSLB Cc @CapitalFactory @JoshuaBaer http://t.co/PWRgPZPxVN
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@JosephKopser thanks for joining us and congrats on @ridescout's success!"Entrepreneurship is much more powerful as a team. So when we started @homeaway I went looking for a co-founder." @briansharples #startups
Retweeted by Joshua Baer"We're still using a keyboard layout designed to slow you down due to mechanical issues that don't exist anymore" @getnoki @LonghornStartup
Retweeted by Joshua BaerOur image of evil space aliens surely derives from a fear that they will treat us just as we treat one another.
Retweeted by Joshua Baer.@LonghornStartup Demo Day: "Today is our 1 year apple-versary!" - @JosephKopser Happy birthday @RideScout!
Retweeted by Joshua Baer24 hours to save a cool $270! Badge prices for SXSW 2015 increase at end of day Nov 21 http://t.co/N5LlbYepmZ #sxsw http://t.co/oKj9BNGAIh
Retweeted by Joshua Baer.@BobMetcalfe introduces @homeaway's @briansharples for tonight's @LonghornStartup epic interview! #unicornstatus http://t.co/QOcyzPZ3AH
Retweeted by Joshua Baer"Do what @JoshuaBaer tells you to do. Quit your job! BUT only when you have enough rent to pay." - @JosephKopser http://t.co/ilHmAQK1i8
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@TexasCA_Austin projecting $800,000 in 2015 revenue. @LonghornStartup projecting that many successful startups will launch from @UTAustin
Retweeted by Joshua Baer11th @LonghornStartup Demo Day: Gray Matter impact sensing mouthguard helps highlight athletes at risk of concussion. http://t.co/bkhIBpfsHt
Retweeted by Joshua BaerGoogle Fiber to offer free service for housing residents: http://t.co/KYc1Qy2ZVO
Retweeted by Joshua BaerThis is the state of the modern internet. http://t.co/6Qd0wTm6r1
Retweeted by Joshua Baer10th @LonghornStartup Demo Day: @TexasCA_Austin cost efficient custom shirts integrating shirt design by students. http://t.co/lciyCdXUte
Retweeted by Joshua Baer9th @LonghornStartup Demo Day: @OnePayTeam pay all your recurring monthly bills, on one bill, in one place. http://t.co/3lAan5LsM6
Retweeted by Joshua BaerStudents are giving presentations of new innovative products at UT's @LonghornStartup Demo day http://t.co/8jugFkDwu1
Retweeted by Joshua Baer"@HapBack's goal is to be the most streamlined events sponsorship platform available. - @LonghornStartup Demo Day http://t.co/GGCcC4QuMI
Retweeted by Joshua Baer8th up @LonghornStartup Demo Day: @HapBack connects small/mid-size business event planners with potential sponsors! http://t.co/Sth3Pcsrhl
Retweeted by Joshua Baer7th @LonghornStartup Demo Day: Choreo.io, connecting choreographers and dancers on a single mobile app. #atx #startup http://t.co/qfLrDkoE8v
Retweeted by Joshua Baer6th @LonghornStartup Demo Day: @everywherenergy use the kinetic energy generated by your steps to charge your device! http://t.co/sp1rdyRsrn
Retweeted by Joshua Baer5th @LonghornStartup Demo Day: Wearable tech, Lyte Lab, monitors glucose levels without invasive needles. #biotech http://t.co/1AwOlEtMO6
Retweeted by Joshua Baer1st up at @LonghornStartup Demo Day: @trytastebud find deals on meals during off-peak hours for all you night owls. http://t.co/oX4QYv5fMt
Retweeted by Joshua Baer2nd up @LonghornStartup Demo Day: @UTGamePlan plan, find, and share the best parties/tailgates on game day! \m/ http://t.co/lqLDxpQ3Fg
Retweeted by Joshua BaerSpareFoot Spearheads Startup Food Drive : http://t.co/jdtH67yFh1
Retweeted by Joshua Baer3rd @LonghornStartup Demo Day: @studyhuddle Find nearby students studying same material & meetup for a study sesh! http://t.co/AFnLVQ7Wyh
Retweeted by Joshua BaerNow pitching is @studyhuddle - an app devoted to helping college students get better grades. http://t.co/XDsH3Dgi60
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@TryTasteBud - let restaurants compete for your off peak hours business @LonghornStartup demo day
Retweeted by Joshua Baer4th @LonghornStartup Demo Day: @greeklink calendar for social life + platform connecting greeks locally & nationwide. http://t.co/tq4KokyN4C
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@SPOKEFLY I need a green one - size LPretty awesome that we have a sign language interpreter at the @LonghornStartup Demo Day #accessibility http://t.co/AbPI6KNLFm.@LonghornStartup students cooling their nerves backstage before they present! http://t.co/DD7WkEmWu1Packed house for @LonghornStartup Demo Day! I'm always so proud of my students when I see them on stage. http://t.co/nb51xcu6PY.@TryTasteBud allows for deals during off-peak hours + they have raised 500k in VC funding. Congrats! http://t.co/fnLS2Uq7ar
Retweeted by Joshua Baer#TBT to the 2013 Free to Be Class of Henry Crown Fellows! http://t.co/O461EYV26t
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@mrhooker you can email me josh@We are LIVE at the @LonghornStartup Fall 2014 Demo Day! Great program designed for student entrepreneurs to grow. \m/ http://t.co/SxEdCuABKn
Retweeted by Joshua BaerAnd we're off! Fall 2014 @LonghornStartup Demo Day has begun. We love @JoshuaBaer's shirt: "I help people quit jobs." http://t.co/33O8no59kn
Retweeted by Joshua BaerThe stage is ready! @longhornstartup Demo Day with @briansharples! (at @ourpresidents) https://t.co/l9I2wEEPBF http://t.co/TW2FdeMUTn@DellInnovators follow @LonghornStartup and @AustinTechLive - pitches start at 6pm!@jeffbrantley we love having kids here hacking! Email events@ to kick off the discussionPull any photos from your email and put them in cloud storage for free, right now! http://t.co/XyW9vENWBv
Retweeted by Joshua BaerThe internal @CapitalFactory email chain about #NetNeutrality is probably the most thoughtful and provocative commentary on the subject.
Retweeted by Joshua BaerThe great @BobMetcalfe (y'know, #Metcalfe's Law) takes on Moore's Law and the #IoT: http://t.co/BB6s4T8GfB (@sdtimes) http://t.co/RgUYExdxDV
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@Bill_Gross @Demo @Idealab congratulations!Great presentation today @Demo of new @Idealab company http://t.co/9750vIyXao dramatically improving email: http://t.co/aqqJ9j59Te
Retweeted by Joshua Baerhttp://t.co/9750vIyXao is mobile email w/a built-in personal assistant, new from @Idealab Would love your feedback. http://t.co/sgo38itEyv
Retweeted by Joshua BaerGoogle says it will provide infrastructure for free in areas that meet so-called signup goals http://t.co/sRCQNBHxf5
Retweeted by Joshua BaerSpareFoot is looking for Product Designer. Learn more or Jobvite a friend. #austin #startup #jobs http://t.co/SuvmSKmujV #job
Retweeted by Joshua BaerWe're launching soon! Head to http://t.co/QKikMr4Ykd for more. @CFStartupNews @CapitalFactory #startup #tech #news http://t.co/4huA1MiMaq
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@amybaer thanks for volunteering me to dress up as Santa Claus! My mom will be so proud...New Story: Biggest Austin Presence at DEMO in History http://t.co/7SVxd4H4yL
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@SWFortWorth Jonathan is one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen. My @LonghornStartup students and @CapitalFactory founders love him!Thank you @ALCON_DTS for handling our networking 😊 you rock! http://t.co/9aKq1kJdpy
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@amywilkinson great talking with you! Can't wait for China! @EFStaff.@whurley launches a new fintech startup http://t.co/tJrUH8sJHr via @MyABJFollow us for updates on events at CF! Huge thanks to @GoogleForEntrep for always supporting our events & community. http://t.co/k8TrOkvssN
Retweeted by Joshua BaerA passion for product is good, but a passion for people is great. #abjF2F
Retweeted by Joshua BaerTrain it! Is there new momentum for the long-dormant plans for railway service between Austin and San Antonio? http://t.co/hwvqPv5kMO
Retweeted by Joshua BaerJoin @BobMetcalfe @BenJDyer @briansharples & 12 student startups tonight at the @UTAustin @LonghornStartup Demo Day! http://t.co/HLJHWzcJdaReport: Angel investing growth in Austin outpaces U.S. http://t.co/oltKkpOSOy in @myabj by @cgcalnan via @tnoit
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@cgcalnan Nice! @CapitalFactory is without question the most active Angel investor in Austin with 45 investments in the last year#Austin based mobile app company @HRVST launches beta version of Draft http://t.co/aHm9sgeq1c
Retweeted by Joshua BaerLooking forward to seeing @tonyhsieh and @ABJEditor stare longingly into each other's eyes for the next hour. #abjF2F http://t.co/3pnnd4wZ3K
Retweeted by Joshua BaerNice case-study on Facebook’s homepage about @WPEngine using HHVM to make Wordpress wicked fast http://t.co/Eg3Ks7UDr8 #FTW
Thursday at UT: @LonghornStartup Demo Day, including undergraduate startups & HomeAway's @briansharples http://t.co/ndoxWjtPKo
Retweeted by Joshua BaerRenowned startup PAYPAL is the Presenting Sponsor of Thursday’s @LonghornStartup Demo Day. Austin founderati, gather 5pm @UTAustin LBJ
Retweeted by Joshua BaerWe're looking for driven, world-class professionals the world over to join our team: http://t.co/wHd537yESb #jobs #hiring #ATX
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@bazaarbrett in NH where I grew up it was "wicked" (adjective)Eric Shepperd just totally called it, “Why does Josh do what he does? So that he can dress like that.” @Lead_AustinOH from Eric Shepperd at @lead_austin: "If you’re wondering what the next big thing is, look in the mirror. It’s you."Modern bootstraps http://t.co/SNTVaaVpiY@NicholleJ @aprildowning1 check out @GivePulse!How to be a strong woman in tech - "I learned to not be dramatic [...] I learned to say yes [...] I rarely said no [...]" - @aprildowning1
Retweeted by Joshua BaerIt's a Goodnight @ordoro celebrating their new #freemium #ordermanagement launch! http://t.co/xS3rTLzPpu
Retweeted by Joshua BaerExcited to be judging BREW Pitch Night in Baton Rouge - lots of interesting startups to hear from.
Retweeted by Joshua BaerCongrats @BrianSharples @RIchardGarriott on @EntMagazine Feature: What It Means to Be an Entrepreneur http://t.co/gN1fGo1gZo
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@CapitalFactory hosting #ATXGISDemoDay @TheLBJSchool. Kicking off with 4 GIS startups pitching! http://t.co/9H2wXYLXLJ
Retweeted by Joshua Baer.@aprildowning1's top tips: 1) Come from a place of passion, 2) Have a call to action, 3) Establish a mechanism to use. #IgniteYWA
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@JoshuaBaer @Lead_Austin @bootstrapaustin @ATXequation now u & @GiveRealty on ATX's unique journey entrepreneurship! http://t.co/f7D12ej4am
Retweeted by Joshua BaerEnjoyed sharing @GetCygnus at #atxgisday2014. Best of luck to ZyncUp, @demand_food, and GeoCounts.
Retweeted by Joshua BaerI love listening to my good friend @Bijoy inspiring others about Austin and finding their own personal journey. http://t.co/uXdZXeYb4kTed Versus Technology: @SenTedCruz visits @CapitalFactory and plays prop comic http://t.co/VWahDF52wB in @AustinChronicle
Retweeted by Joshua BaerProp comedy and pandering: About that Ted Cruz trip to @CapitalFactory ... http://t.co/lkGV6E3Ouu #NetNeutrality
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