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Joshua Baer @JoshuaBaer Austin, Texas

Austinpreneur. I help people quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs. @CapitalFactory @UTAustin @WPEngine @PostUp @Pingboard @AspenInstitute

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Watch us live from @CapitalFactory on #Periscope for @ATXStartupScene AMA's. Are you following us? 👇🏼 http://t.co/edOAtjxA4Y
Retweeted by Joshua BaerSuper excited to see @FIRSTweets @FTCTeams @FRCTeams at @ATXMakerFaire today! http://t.co/P8x8xSzVNH
Retweeted by Joshua BaerGraphic Design Summer Internship @NarrativeDx! Pls direct folks to http://t.co/0ZlEn6QbSc #startup #Austin @CFStartupJobs @DreamItHealth
Retweeted by Joshua Baer[BLOG] May Meetup Organizer of the Month | Meet David Vogelpohl of the AUSOME Meetup! http://t.co/qh46dfZ4Kb
Retweeted by Joshua BaerJoin @CapitalFactory who's celebrating another year of accelerating & co-working! http://t.co/FfoqencTDR http://t.co/nCUKZQdlN8
Retweeted by Joshua BaerI'm joining @capitalfactory and 80+ of Austin's innovative companies at @newcoatx on May 29th (and you should too): http://t.co/OKyM4ujL5m!
Retweeted by Joshua Baer.@UTAustin @LonghornStartup nourishes student entrepreneurs, via @TexasExes http://t.co/W7hr8qcwzw
Retweeted by Joshua BaerWe have desks with the best #ATX views. Apply now for 50% off a dedicated desk for June-August http://t.co/09dQ7MmYU7 http://t.co/saC5ID91NN
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@BalouGold come on by for a tour any Tues, Weds or Thurs at 4pm
Who are you and what have you done with Austin? http://t.co/fiDg1K7jr8Pumped to be presenting @NewCoATX alongside Austin's most forward thinking companies. Register for our session here: http://t.co/nS3huCMj3c
Retweeted by Joshua BaerGreat catching up with old #emailmafia friends @EmailDaniels @othereinstein http://t.co/VXkn78qC5e@JoshuaBaer and black. And a she:)
Retweeted by Joshua BaerThere should be a MacGyver remake where he is a computer hacker.We are so exited to be a part of @NewCoATX Come see our new Austin Return Path office & learn the Truth about Data Sharing fr @thetonyblank
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@Mholombo you can do it!Lavaboom Is Another Zero Access Encrypted Email Service Hosted In Germany http://t.co/YDMzXvQsnT by @riptari
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Texas, please don’t embarrass us tonight.Ever curious why ATx startups are unique? Go behind the scenes May 29th @ Atx NewCo event! @capitalfactory @newcoatx http://t.co/DdxRb9u67C!
Retweeted by Joshua Baer#2040EIR's sharing w @CODE2040 team abt their work at @CapitalFactory @1871Chicago @AmerUnderground http://t.co/m2zQNrJUah
Retweeted by Joshua BaerHeading to downtown Austin after the @bRealTime cocktail hr? Let the #ProgrammaticPartyBus take you there! #DPRS
Retweeted by Joshua BaerLoving the @asana Lunch & Learn @CFCoworking today! http://t.co/49zvvOnRwL
Retweeted by Joshua BaerBest cities to start a career: http://t.co/ZR0LplEPUx - Texas dominates.
Retweeted by Joshua BaerAmazon's Echo just got more useful. You can tell it to re-order commonly purchased goods and it'll search your order history & buy.
Retweeted by Joshua BaerWP Engine is looking for Senior DevOps Engineer. Come join our incredible team! Tons of opportuni... http://t.co/pNkdavkWf4 #job
Retweeted by Joshua BaerNice parking spot at @Travaasa_Austin for the @Lead_Austin final retreat. http://t.co/idqEvBMjQ1.@lead_austin final retreat! (@ Travaasa Austin in Austin, TX) https://t.co/hOzxCxDKNa@JoshuaBaer @HCFellows @bazaarbrett - had a great time talking tech and @CapitalFactory, AspenHCF and leadership, #socinn and #ADLFuture
Retweeted by Joshua BaerEpic @HCFellows dinner last night with @bazaarbrett, Randi Shade, and @J0NATHAN_G the new director of @ADL_National http://t.co/7ol51eo1ZcOverheard talking about #Gigabot at #MakerCon: "technology is insane... That printer just blew my MIND!" @re_3D http://t.co/d0bJo25MKs
Retweeted by Joshua BaerThese Austin #startups are fighting political & cultural isolation. Vote to hear their #sxsweco panel! http://t.co/UzEHwt8cQH @JoshuaBaer
Retweeted by Joshua BaerFun week in Lone Star State w/ #ADL teams in Dallas, Houston, Austin. More charged up every day about #ADLfuture
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Strategery with @bazaarbrett (@ Fonda San Miguel in Austin, TX) https://t.co/9iYe7KLbD6WP Engine is looking for Software Developer. Come join our incredible team! Tons of opportunity! http://t.co/qa4Pono823 #job
Retweeted by Joshua BaerVisit @GetPlum, where smart home hardware and software collide! (Pls RT) | http://t.co/o40snec9XZ
Retweeted by Joshua BaerSummer Move-In Special! Come work with me at @CFCoworking http://t.co/43RfeLgjpt@maxmackey a few days
@jw on my desk http://t.co/RJSlJHapuJ@itsemil we just took back the 7th floor where you guys worked from back in 2011My China trip is going to be awesome.@itsemil Kenny Van Zant is giving a talk tomorrow at 3pm that will be really good@itsemil are you in Austin? I haven’t seen you around yet!My treasured friend @h3h and family are facing a terrible situation and need financial help. Please lend a hand: http://t.co/uiHngMRk4h
Retweeted by Joshua BaerAnyone know of a social media scheduling tool besides hootsuite/buffer? Need something that can handle 30+ accounts. MUST HAVE CALENDAR VIEW
Retweeted by Joshua Baer.@allenmorgan thanks for stopping by @CapitalFactory today! I'm looking forward to seeing you in Austin more often! http://t.co/21zdLEBgUW#LIVE from @CapitalFactory: Watch any of our three meetups now 👉🏼 #IoT #Product #CustomerService | http://t.co/CJ17oAgbMK (please RT)
Retweeted by Joshua BaerNo final exam @LonghornStartup. Your kind instructors and TA’s completed grading today. Finest class ever. Congrats! https://t.co/tUEpFsEGfK
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@StormPins say hi to everyone for me!@seanspectors Best part is, I still don’t know how it works. Zero learning curve. It does stuff to you, you don’t do stuff to it.That moment when you create a new tab in a Google spreadsheet and without asking a coworker starts filling in the fields seconds later.Tuesday's are the new Monday's. @capitalfactory has your back with these #Texas brews. #itsfiveoclocksomewhere http://t.co/0gOdi7DHQA
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@GldnKey thanks for stopping by!@LarryChiang we do one every Friday for @CapitalFactory and were the first official one besides Accelerator. Now there are so many...Can't wait for @asana COO @kennyvz to talk about "Accountability and Execution at #startup" tomorrow @CapitalFactory @AustinTechLive #atx
Retweeted by Joshua BaerOur #Austin office is #hiring! 5th best place to move after #graduation #austinjobs http://t.co/86VJgykOjK https://t.co/XWMrulakVE
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@thinkbigKC @GCUCUSA what makes you say that? I think they are just getting ready to open. @TechSquare.@mellieprice of @CapitalFactory, says #millennials, driving force of innovation, seek cultural diversity http://t.co/ARfGsqk79m #LGBT
Retweeted by Joshua BaerEntrepreneurs! @CTANAngels funding cycle deadline is this month, Fri, May 29! Learn more: http://t.co/SckMylKlrf #Austin #Texas #startups
Retweeted by Joshua BaerAustin web professionals, have you joined the Refresh Austin slack channel yet? You should: http://t.co/3taX6aMaI7
Retweeted by Joshua BaerExcited to join @NewCoATX on 5/29 talking LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes @DellMedSchool - join one session for free: http://t.co/uanRMOagKt
Retweeted by Joshua BaerCome talk to me about Austin Accelerators today at 4pm http://t.co/fxTf4uf5s3SESSION FULL 🎉: "Session Title: Black Market: the untold story of cargo and fuel theft" with @NuveTeam. | http://t.co/zToxS18hEe
Retweeted by Joshua BaerNew to #Austin? Our next @ATXStartupScene happy hour is May 19th @CapitalFactory. | RSVP http://t.co/5ygB0WYhV2 (please RT)
Retweeted by Joshua BaerGet an inside look at Austin's most innovative companies at NewCo Austin 2015 on 5/29 @newcoatx #newco #newcoatx http://t.co/9ZDPoSvd7x
Retweeted by Joshua BaerKetra is hiring! cc @goketra @JoshuaBaer https://t.co/sGOQteagR7 #jobs
Retweeted by Joshua BaerWP Engine is looking for Python/PHP Developer. Come join our incredible team! Tons of opportunity... http://t.co/RyNs2Beu2R #job
Retweeted by Joshua Baer.@TrendKite helps the world’s biggest brands communicate and connect with global audiences. Learn more 👉 http://t.co/NPHOjble60. (Pls RT)
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@RedVelvetEvents @JoannaRVE the point was to have you retweet it! :-)
Excited to be in Boulder for @bldrstartupweek again. Congrats to the organizing team for a fantastic first day! #BSW15
Retweeted by Joshua BaerTomorrow my 6-year-old is coming to work with me because she finished 1st grade in @DreamBox_Learn. Good excused to play hooky from Kinder!I’ve pretty much ditched my todo list. I still keep lists of things, but todos go on my calendar when I’m going to do them.@schnitzelboy direct flights Toronto to Austin…. http://t.co/P1irViTqTHGetting a dedicated desk @CapitalFactory just got easier. Get 50% off a desk for June-August | http://t.co/09dQ7MmYU7 http://t.co/jeKDqt9DWP
Retweeted by Joshua BaerMavis was amazing that night! RT @acltv: Now streaming for a limited time, @TheBonnieRaitt & @mavisstaples http://t.co/3AfS68yQ3p #acltvAgreed. @FTC affirms States to allow consumers to choose how they buy their cars. #Tesla #Michigan http://t.co/fT1JHjMpzg
Retweeted by Joshua BaerEntrepreneurship has been a key driver of job creation & innovation. We must continue to encourage it as a key driver of econ growth. #PAGE
Retweeted by Joshua BaerI'm joining @capitalfactory and 80+ of Austin's innovative companies at @newcoatx on May 29th (and you should too): http://t.co/EWsW7b22VQ
Retweeted by Joshua BaerThe inaugural @NewCoATX event is May 29th. We're presenting with lots of others! http://t.co/Xcu79enRSi
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@seclectech @marcusjcarey my apologies if I offended!@seclectech @marcusjcarey that wasn’t meant to be a dig on managers, just a funny contrast and play on wordsManagers start with resources and come up with reasonable goals. An entrepreneur starts with unreasonable goals and finds the resources.Questions About Austin #Startup Scene? Ask @joshuabaer May 19 @capitalfactory @4-6pm http://t.co/1i8IQQ9Ur6 #Austin
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@JoshuaBaer @StartupDigest We're hiring 15+ positions in ATX; looking for passionate devs ready to change the world. http://t.co/Pkqor74RNC
Retweeted by Joshua BaerDucking out a bit early today for our @XGames shindig. Come visit us downtown at 5: http://t.co/fHatObmpAt #COTA http://t.co/SFfChGvDz6
Retweeted by Joshua Baer"Entrepreneurs can change the world, one idea at a time" @BarackObama #PAGE #StartTheSpark #RiseOfRest @WhiteHouse http://t.co/QOzIgoUd9k
Retweeted by Joshua BaerHere's Fred from @CapitalFactory at our very own @DigiShoreditch #hackney #austin mixer @OpenKitchenN1 http://t.co/QCTkHFq6qB
Retweeted by Joshua BaerHackney's @getkahoot founded by Oslo's @johanbrand sets up in Austin @CapitalFactory a beautiful thing! #DS15 http://t.co/kYXeu5waH9
Retweeted by Joshua Baer"Diversity is a box you check. Inclusion is when your culture benefits from people's differences." @gerryval at @bldrstartupweek
Retweeted by Joshua Baer"I never did anything spectacular unless chips were down" @BarbaraCorcoran at @Whi.... http://t.co/GMJ1YVXJC1 http://t.co/jZZlUfhDDd
Retweeted by Joshua BaerInvesting in Entrepreneurship panel w Mark Cuban, Daymond John & Barbara Corcoran. #ChallengeFestival #StartTheSpark http://t.co/o2qSuTogcm
Retweeted by Joshua BaerAustin companies attracted $265.33 million in venture capital investment in the first quarter of 2015. View more: http://t.co/xCZLum4eBo
Retweeted by Joshua Baer3 Cheers for the #Austin Teams at #1776challenge today @1776 @LearningList @VChain & @PenpalSchools http://t.co/tsOD1xtLkG
Retweeted by Joshua BaerOver 70 entrepreneurs from over 20 different countries are in attendance @WhiteHouse! #StartTheSpark #DrivetoDC
Retweeted by Joshua BaerOur startups are graduating! Gather your team & grab some desks @CapitalFactory at 1/2 off | http://t.co/09dQ7MmYU7 http://t.co/OfVTmsk8GU
Retweeted by Joshua Baer"@CapitalFactory crushes projects #withAsana" -@cheldeli & @JoshuaBaer http://t.co/DOFJbPstNu http://t.co/4u1miKIGlg
Retweeted by Joshua BaerLearn from CEO, @QManning his tips for First Time #CEO's at @newcoatx May 29th in Austin. https://t.co/cjyjwhH9kl http://t.co/wMIRbZl1C2
Retweeted by Joshua Baer.@NewCoATX is May 29th! Join the RideScout session on Mobility In Motion with @JosephKopser: http://t.co/F1hkMtVyOd
Retweeted by Joshua BaerGood luck to @PenpalSchools @VChain and all of the startups pitching at the @1776 #ChallengeCup today!Austin energy management startup CURB wins business plan contest in Pittsburgh http://t.co/T0B0r0QKbA
Retweeted by Joshua BaerHook 'em Horns RT @UTAustin: Today, we celebrate 115 years of orange and white. http://t.co/VePSZySeY4 #HookEm http://t.co/1BY2smymGF
Retweeted by Joshua BaerCome celebrate the 2015 #ATXalist of hottest #startups with us! http://t.co/05LyxKcAcJ
Retweeted by Joshua BaerUS support for legal marijuana use 1969 12% 1990 16% 2006 32% 2015 53% http://t.co/lVIYBrk66H http://t.co/SRwtwHzZ14
Retweeted by Joshua BaerJoin Pres. Obama on why US invests in women & young entrepreneurs worldwide, 8:00 pm Austria time: http://t.co/gTdbmtN5et #StartTheSpark
Retweeted by Joshua BaerWar In Heaven: Angels And VCs Duke It Out In Silicon Valley @Forbes http://t.co/c8tc1utfI7
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Austin Startup Digest for May 11 via @JoshuaBaer https://t.co/llTO6TgFMF
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@EagleEyeCloud @asana @SteveCase you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@loopconf @3686South @RideScout @Dell you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@heatherjbrunner @UnLtdUSA @zoeschlag you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@HQRaleigh you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@geekdomfund @techstars @TechCrunch @NurturMe you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@JoshuaBaer @amirpc @DieboldInc @DCVC @ResonantVC you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@UTOTC @thedailytexan you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@ChaseSmallBiz @Favor @LawnStarter you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@LonghornStartup @UTAustin @ElbenShira you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@dailydot @jrubin @ah8 @AngelHack @Chase you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@1776 @Bbruhis @AlphaLabGear you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@JacquelinesLife @noahkagan @juliehuls you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@cgergen @NathanSiva @RiseOfRest @MichaelDell you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@NewCoATX @damon you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@BenedictEvans @moconinja @StartupLJackson you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@ATXStartupScene @cgcalnan @ROIKOI you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@youroam @BeehiveID @PenpalSchools you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@BuiltInAustin @BrewDrop @Buddytruk @bitfusionio you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@asmartbear @BobMetcalfe @GoRobTaylor @deandrako you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@SiliconHillsNew @statesman @WSJD you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@KFreund @ehuddleston @stevenkword @Cratejoy you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@VentureCenter you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@switchorg @patientio @wpengine you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)@AustinOnBudget @VChain @EnergyCurb @TheAlbinoDragon you're in the #Austin @StartupDigest for May 11 http://t.co/eqzyDWu1VS (please retweet)Every large company, starts as a small company. @SteveCase #RiseofRest
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@CapitalFactory Help spread the word? We are giving $100k to young innovators. It's the last week of applications! http://t.co/Z7lYkSNUrK
Retweeted by Joshua BaerCome work on a project tomorrow night at @wwcodeatx hack night! http://t.co/yUG2NZSOyG
Retweeted by Joshua BaerDemo Days, because if they called them Powerpoint Days nobody would go.
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@CapitalFactory companies representing at @1776 challenge cup festival cc:@Bbruhis @PenpalSchools #ChallengeFestival http://t.co/zFysIp1nbG
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@satpalparmar thanks!Support the Austin startup ecosystem by filling out this survey by @StartupCompass (partnering with @CrunchBase) -> http://t.co/girL2GadtN
Retweeted by Joshua BaerStartup Founders: "Convince yourself, then team, then customers, then seek investors" @pauljudge @ATLTechEdge
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@JoshuaBaer @StartupDigest @NuveTeam is looking for software developers and mechanical engineers: http://t.co/bXPtvAa9AR
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@JoshuaBaer @StartupDigest we are hiring a front end Web engineer @PristineIO https://t.co/FrQcd8aSxw
Retweeted by Joshua BaerAustin startups - who is hiring? I want to feature you in the @StartupDigest. Send a tweet with a short description and link to job postingDid you know @PenpalSchools works with over 60,000 students from 60+ countries? Hear their story. 📝 (Pls RT) | http://t.co/ytw9zJ7DKt
Retweeted by Joshua Baer#ATCCEOSummit #startupshowdown features companies from @CapitalFactory @ATI_UT @TechStars @BunkerIncubator @SKUatx! http://t.co/3QliEF5usu
Retweeted by Joshua BaerIn advance of #1776Challenge Festival, @dharrisindc & I share "7 Factors That Make or Break a Six-Figure Pitch" @1776 http://t.co/l5v4W7TFp3
Retweeted by Joshua BaerHello followers, we want to ask you to vote for us for a Main St. Grant by Chase http://t.co/cWoOAVLTlt #supplychain #edtech #edtechchat
Retweeted by Joshua BaerPlease vote for us in the @Chase $2M #MissionMainSt Grants program! https://t.co/YaedzU6mFB via @ChaseSmallBiz
Retweeted by Joshua BaerI just gave @TheAlbinoDragon some big support in @Chase $2M #MissionMainSt Grants program. https://t.co/r45hsBuw0y via @ChaseSmallBiz
Retweeted by Joshua Baer#Austin tech #startup Curb Inc. wins business plan contest @AlphaLabGear http://t.co/KBoE4hUImh #energy
Retweeted by Joshua BaerIts been fun watching @amirpc figure this out. Great biz! "Announcing the Cratejoy Subscription Marketplace" http://t.co/aLRaJApt4C
Retweeted by Joshua BaerCome work with our team. @wpengine is looking for a NOC Engineer. http://t.co/2NRLb2nYdR #job
Retweeted by Joshua Baerbubble and overvalued are not synonymous. that certain asset classes are not in a bubble doesn't mean they are not overvalued.
Retweeted by Joshua Baercorporate versus startup http://t.co/Rvp7vd72yv
Retweeted by Joshua BaerToday is my birthday! Would you give $32 for clean water? PLEASE RT! Watch: https://t.co/Xl18AIx8sQ Give here: https://t.co/ZVqC2uEKwj
Retweeted by Joshua Baer6 Austin-based on-demand startups making your life way easier including @Favor @BrewDrop @lawnstarter & more- http://t.co/jjdvEq2uU1
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@PatientIO is hiring two (2) platform engineers. C# / .NET experience is a plus. Learn more here: http://t.co/QoFF1Ob4Sn
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@pingboard is @upstart the first customer to create a team just for dogs? great use case (and popular team)! http://t.co/qgA7GTa2UZ
Retweeted by Joshua BaerAnonymous Cratejoy Merchant reveals successes in first 12mo in biz, just quit their job to run biz full time! http://t.co/SJndbiUUFx
Retweeted by Joshua BaerAs a part of our Twitter community we are offering $10 off the first time you use Buddytruk. Promo code: TWITTER10 :) http://t.co/HHt3ylDBqP
Retweeted by Joshua BaerLearning from the best, @wpengine CEO @heatherjbrunner, post #CollisionConf http://t.co/YLri8cGqEN
Retweeted by Joshua BaerGonna be #moving soon? The folks at @buddytruk and MOOV can help you with that heavy couch: http://t.co/iqMyhNv6eR http://t.co/TvEqiztdDW
Retweeted by Joshua BaerChecking your smartphone expands to fill the time available. Conversely, checking a smart watch compresses each task to a single verb
Retweeted by Joshua BaerWhen @TheMotleyFool's international sites went dark, we were able to help. Here's how: http://t.co/scIFzn4SPR http://t.co/gED1hnMDYR
Retweeted by Joshua BaerWe've made 280 hires since '10. Tony was hired in '13. Can you guess his number? Take your best shot and win swag. http://t.co/vMFrqgYlaC
Retweeted by Joshua BaerBusy grading final papers from @LonghornStartup Lab students, all of whom are well above average.
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We are looking forward to this! @NewCoATX https://t.co/T37GsvOXiB
Retweeted by Joshua BaerPerfect XI mobile app is now out! Download today. iTunes: http://t.co/XXNjsF8JME Android: http://t.co/J9Nl5oOyFl http://t.co/GjZk1tEe9S
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@PenpalSchools good luck!Our fearless leader practices his @1776 pitch in front of a thoughtful audience! #DrivetoDC #GreenSchools #Chickens http://t.co/pqk7uvHUqR
Retweeted by Joshua BaerAustin's @UnLtdUSA is now a year old, has already identified & vetted 135 Austin-based social entrepreneurs. Congratulations! @ZoeSchlag
Retweeted by Joshua BaerCheck out a recent interview with BrewDrop's co-founder: http://t.co/jMyO6r8R28 shot by @thedailytexan on site @CapitalFactory #atx
Retweeted by Joshua BaerSteve Case believes the startup hub of the US could be everywhere and that the story needs to change http://t.co/R5IIzxnYHz
Retweeted by Joshua BaerWhat is total employee engagement & why is every company looking for it? Join us at @NewCoATX at YEI HQ to find out. http://t.co/mbZk7hX1nA
Retweeted by Joshua BaerAbsolutely amazing. In a single day, Elon Musk presented a path to solving climate change: https://t.co/8qRRry5W2H
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@abatalion I can’t believe I haven’t gotten mine yet!People screaming "new tech bubble" should consider equally logical alternative: New tech systematically undervalued 2002-2014.
Retweeted by Joshua BaerFuture entrepreneurs at @CampusSeoul! :) Campus for Moms kickoff session w/ @sarahdrinkwater & Yoonmin Cho http://t.co/R1sOII74PV
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@PenpalSchools rocking it @HQRaleigh on their way to @1776 from @CapitalFactory http://t.co/fxGUt62G8K
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@morganlinton http://t.co/duMdNs5tXD@WhiteHouse we already do - it's called the Internet!This was the blog post that birthed the @LonghornStartup program at @UTAustin. Thanks @ElbenShira! http://t.co/WYOLEYds9IOur survey reports 41% of coding bootcamp attendees are women. Significantly higher than traditional CS classrooms! http://t.co/vBIjbOK3cR
Retweeted by Joshua BaerOur @NewCoATX session is 3 weeks from today! Be sure to register and join @RealSavvy: http://t.co/5hwS5MtkMK #NewCoATX #tech #startup
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@tufticus @AngelHack there is an @OmniHotels in the building :-)60 years ago, Detroit was Silicon Valley. @SteveCase #RiseOfRest
Retweeted by Joshua BaerAustin-based company founded by former UT student sues U.S. State Department over 3-D guns http://t.co/6ja0A0TDGn
Retweeted by Joshua BaerWelcome @bitfusionio back from their #TCDisrupt success! Glad to have you working at @CapitalFactory! http://t.co/fWRYjRg2umGlad to announce $1.45M raise http://t.co/KgieDrIDD5 frm @DCVC @ResonantVC @geekdomfund #TCDisrupt #TCBattlefield cc @techstars @TechCrunch
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@thesurfrepublic thanks!Tonight is date night with @SashaVBaer while Mommy takes big brother and sister to their swim meet.@techwildcatters I like the “hands on hips” version betterBest coworking application comment ever "I fell in love with you guys during Austin Start Up Week and I'm finally ready to propose."The smartest founders & best companies I know have never optimized for round size/valuation. Ballers optimize for team, including investors.
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Time to email China...@JosephKopser Korean WarThank you to @BobMetcalfe and @BenJDyer for 8 great semesters of @LonghornStartup with me. http://t.co/y7fbhQhiuoSpring 2015 is a wrap! Congrats to all of the student entrepreneurs on another great semester. See you in the fall Seminar!
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@BobMetcalfe that means more coming from you than anyone else in the world. Thanks for being a great mentor and friend.The NSA collection of millions of Americans’ phone records isn't authorized by the Patriot Act, appeals court rules: http://t.co/bQqSImpoWm
Retweeted by Joshua BaerUnder Armour CEO Kevin Plank to Speak at ATC CEO Summit http://t.co/4E37zMfU57
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@robertreeves we were all making fun of you on FacebookAustin's center of gravity for entrepreneurs, @CapitalFactory, is accelerated #withAsana http://t.co/DOFJbPstNu http://t.co/d684du9v50
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