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Joshua Baer @JoshuaBaer Austin, TX, USA

Austinpreneur. I help people quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas.

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Watch us live from @CapitalFactory on #Periscope for @ATXStartupScene AMA's. Are you following us? 👇🏼 http://t.co/edOAtjxA4Y
Retweeted by Joshua BaerSuper excited to see @FIRSTweets @FTCTeams @FRCTeams at @ATXMakerFaire today! http://t.co/P8x8xSzVNH
Retweeted by Joshua BaerGraphic Design Summer Internship @NarrativeDx! Pls direct folks to http://t.co/0ZlEn6QbSc #startup #Austin @CFStartupJobs @DreamItHealth
Retweeted by Joshua Baer[BLOG] May Meetup Organizer of the Month | Meet David Vogelpohl of the AUSOME Meetup! http://t.co/qh46dfZ4Kb
Retweeted by Joshua BaerJoin @CapitalFactory who's celebrating another year of accelerating & co-working! http://t.co/FfoqencTDR http://t.co/nCUKZQdlN8
Retweeted by Joshua BaerI'm joining @capitalfactory and 80+ of Austin's innovative companies at @newcoatx on May 29th (and you should too): http://t.co/OKyM4ujL5m!
Retweeted by Joshua Baer.@UTAustin @LonghornStartup nourishes student entrepreneurs, via @TexasExes http://t.co/W7hr8qcwzw
Retweeted by Joshua BaerWe have desks with the best #ATX views. Apply now for 50% off a dedicated desk for June-August http://t.co/09dQ7MmYU7 http://t.co/saC5ID91NN
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@BalouGold come on by for a tour any Tues, Weds or Thurs at 4pm
Who are you and what have you done with Austin? http://t.co/fiDg1K7jr8Pumped to be presenting @NewCoATX alongside Austin's most forward thinking companies. Register for our session here: http://t.co/nS3huCMj3c
Retweeted by Joshua BaerGreat catching up with old #emailmafia friends @EmailDaniels @othereinstein http://t.co/VXkn78qC5e@JoshuaBaer and black. And a she:)
Retweeted by Joshua BaerThere should be a MacGyver remake where he is a computer hacker.We are so exited to be a part of @NewCoATX Come see our new Austin Return Path office & learn the Truth about Data Sharing fr @thetonyblank
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@Mholombo you can do it!Lavaboom Is Another Zero Access Encrypted Email Service Hosted In Germany http://t.co/YDMzXvQsnT by @riptari
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Texas, please don’t embarrass us tonight.Ever curious why ATx startups are unique? Go behind the scenes May 29th @ Atx NewCo event! @capitalfactory @newcoatx http://t.co/DdxRb9u67C!
Retweeted by Joshua Baer#2040EIR's sharing w @CODE2040 team abt their work at @CapitalFactory @1871Chicago @AmerUnderground http://t.co/m2zQNrJUah
Retweeted by Joshua BaerHeading to downtown Austin after the @bRealTime cocktail hr? Let the #ProgrammaticPartyBus take you there! #DPRS
Retweeted by Joshua BaerLoving the @asana Lunch & Learn @CFCoworking today! http://t.co/49zvvOnRwL
Retweeted by Joshua BaerBest cities to start a career: http://t.co/ZR0LplEPUx - Texas dominates.
Retweeted by Joshua BaerAmazon's Echo just got more useful. You can tell it to re-order commonly purchased goods and it'll search your order history & buy.
Retweeted by Joshua BaerWP Engine is looking for Senior DevOps Engineer. Come join our incredible team! Tons of opportuni... http://t.co/pNkdavkWf4 #job
Retweeted by Joshua BaerNice parking spot at @Travaasa_Austin for the @Lead_Austin final retreat. http://t.co/idqEvBMjQ1.@lead_austin final retreat! (@ Travaasa Austin in Austin, TX) https://t.co/hOzxCxDKNa@JoshuaBaer @HCFellows @bazaarbrett - had a great time talking tech and @CapitalFactory, AspenHCF and leadership, #socinn and #ADLFuture
Retweeted by Joshua BaerEpic @HCFellows dinner last night with @bazaarbrett, Randi Shade, and @J0NATHAN_G the new director of @ADL_National http://t.co/7ol51eo1ZcOverheard talking about #Gigabot at #MakerCon: "technology is insane... That printer just blew my MIND!" @re_3D http://t.co/d0bJo25MKs
Retweeted by Joshua BaerThese Austin #startups are fighting political & cultural isolation. Vote to hear their #sxsweco panel! http://t.co/UzEHwt8cQH @JoshuaBaer
Retweeted by Joshua BaerFun week in Lone Star State w/ #ADL teams in Dallas, Houston, Austin. More charged up every day about #ADLfuture
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Strategery with @bazaarbrett (@ Fonda San Miguel in Austin, TX) https://t.co/9iYe7KLbD6WP Engine is looking for Software Developer. Come join our incredible team! Tons of opportunity! http://t.co/qa4Pono823 #job
Retweeted by Joshua BaerVisit @GetPlum, where smart home hardware and software collide! (Pls RT) | http://t.co/o40snec9XZ
Retweeted by Joshua BaerSummer Move-In Special! Come work with me at @CFCoworking http://t.co/43RfeLgjpt@maxmackey a few days
@jw on my desk http://t.co/RJSlJHapuJ@itsemil we just took back the 7th floor where you guys worked from back in 2011My China trip is going to be awesome.@itsemil Kenny Van Zant is giving a talk tomorrow at 3pm that will be really good@itsemil are you in Austin? I haven’t seen you around yet!My treasured friend @h3h and family are facing a terrible situation and need financial help. Please lend a hand: http://t.co/uiHngMRk4h
Retweeted by Joshua BaerAnyone know of a social media scheduling tool besides hootsuite/buffer? Need something that can handle 30+ accounts. MUST HAVE CALENDAR VIEW
Retweeted by Joshua Baer.@allenmorgan thanks for stopping by @CapitalFactory today! I'm looking forward to seeing you in Austin more often! http://t.co/21zdLEBgUW#LIVE from @CapitalFactory: Watch any of our three meetups now 👉🏼 #IoT #Product #CustomerService | http://t.co/CJ17oAgbMK (please RT)
Retweeted by Joshua BaerNo final exam @LonghornStartup. Your kind instructors and TA’s completed grading today. Finest class ever. Congrats! https://t.co/tUEpFsEGfK
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@StormPins say hi to everyone for me!@seanspectors Best part is, I still don’t know how it works. Zero learning curve. It does stuff to you, you don’t do stuff to it.That moment when you create a new tab in a Google spreadsheet and without asking a coworker starts filling in the fields seconds later.Tuesday's are the new Monday's. @capitalfactory has your back with these #Texas brews. #itsfiveoclocksomewhere http://t.co/0gOdi7DHQA
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@GldnKey thanks for stopping by!@LarryChiang we do one every Friday for @CapitalFactory and were the first official one besides Accelerator. Now there are so many...Can't wait for @asana COO @kennyvz to talk about "Accountability and Execution at #startup" tomorrow @CapitalFactory @AustinTechLive #atx
Retweeted by Joshua BaerOur #Austin office is #hiring! 5th best place to move after #graduation #austinjobs http://t.co/86VJgykOjK https://t.co/XWMrulakVE
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@thinkbigKC @GCUCUSA what makes you say that? I think they are just getting ready to open. @TechSquare.@mellieprice of @CapitalFactory, says #millennials, driving force of innovation, seek cultural diversity http://t.co/ARfGsqk79m #LGBT
Retweeted by Joshua BaerEntrepreneurs! @CTANAngels funding cycle deadline is this month, Fri, May 29! Learn more: http://t.co/SckMylKlrf #Austin #Texas #startups
Retweeted by Joshua BaerAustin web professionals, have you joined the Refresh Austin slack channel yet? You should: http://t.co/3taX6aMaI7
Retweeted by Joshua BaerExcited to join @NewCoATX on 5/29 talking LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes @DellMedSchool - join one session for free: http://t.co/uanRMOagKt
Retweeted by Joshua BaerCome talk to me about Austin Accelerators today at 4pm http://t.co/fxTf4uf5s3SESSION FULL 🎉: "Session Title: Black Market: the untold story of cargo and fuel theft" with @NuveTeam. | http://t.co/zToxS18hEe
Retweeted by Joshua BaerNew to #Austin? Our next @ATXStartupScene happy hour is May 19th @CapitalFactory. | RSVP http://t.co/5ygB0WYhV2 (please RT)
Retweeted by Joshua BaerGet an inside look at Austin's most innovative companies at NewCo Austin 2015 on 5/29 @newcoatx #newco #newcoatx http://t.co/9ZDPoSvd7x
Retweeted by Joshua BaerKetra is hiring! cc @goketra @JoshuaBaer https://t.co/sGOQteagR7 #jobs
Retweeted by Joshua BaerWP Engine is looking for Python/PHP Developer. Come join our incredible team! Tons of opportunity... http://t.co/RyNs2Beu2R #job
Retweeted by Joshua Baer.@TrendKite helps the world’s biggest brands communicate and connect with global audiences. Learn more 👉 http://t.co/NPHOjble60. (Pls RT)
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@RedVelvetEvents @JoannaRVE the point was to have you retweet it! :-)
Excited to be in Boulder for @bldrstartupweek again. Congrats to the organizing team for a fantastic first day! #BSW15
Retweeted by Joshua BaerTomorrow my 6-year-old is coming to work with me because she finished 1st grade in @DreamBox_Learn. Good excused to play hooky from Kinder!I’ve pretty much ditched my todo list. I still keep lists of things, but todos go on my calendar when I’m going to do them.@schnitzelboy direct flights Toronto to Austin…. http://t.co/P1irViTqTHGetting a dedicated desk @CapitalFactory just got easier. Get 50% off a desk for June-August | http://t.co/09dQ7MmYU7 http://t.co/jeKDqt9DWP
Retweeted by Joshua BaerMavis was amazing that night! RT @acltv: Now streaming for a limited time, @TheBonnieRaitt & @mavisstaples http://t.co/3AfS68yQ3p #acltvAgreed. @FTC affirms States to allow consumers to choose how they buy their cars. #Tesla #Michigan http://t.co/fT1JHjMpzg
Retweeted by Joshua BaerEntrepreneurship has been a key driver of job creation & innovation. We must continue to encourage it as a key driver of econ growth. #PAGE
Retweeted by Joshua BaerI'm joining @capitalfactory and 80+ of Austin's innovative companies at @newcoatx on May 29th (and you should too): http://t.co/EWsW7b22VQ
Retweeted by Joshua BaerThe inaugural @NewCoATX event is May 29th. We're presenting with lots of others! http://t.co/Xcu79enRSi
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@seclectech @marcusjcarey my apologies if I offended!@seclectech @marcusjcarey that wasn’t meant to be a dig on managers, just a funny contrast and play on wordsManagers start with resources and come up with reasonable goals. An entrepreneur starts with unreasonable goals and finds the resources.Questions About Austin #Startup Scene? Ask @joshuabaer May 19 @capitalfactory @4-6pm http://t.co/1i8IQQ9Ur6 #Austin
Retweeted by Joshua Baer@JoshuaBaer @StartupDigest We're hiring 15+ positions in ATX; looking for passionate devs ready to change the world. http://t.co/Pkqor74RNC
Retweeted by Joshua BaerDucking out a bit early today for our @XGames shindig. Come visit us downtown at 5: http://t.co/fHatObmpAt #COTA http://t.co/SFfChGvDz6
Retweeted by Joshua Baer"Entrepreneurs can change the world, one idea at a time" @BarackObama #PAGE #StartTheSpark #RiseOfRest @WhiteHouse http://t.co/QOzIgoUd9k
Retweeted by Joshua BaerHere's Fred from @CapitalFactory at our very own @DigiShoreditch #hackney #austin mixer @OpenKitchenN1 http://t.co/QCTkHFq6qB
Retweeted by Joshua BaerHackney's @getkahoot founded by Oslo's @johanbrand sets up in Austin @CapitalFactory a beautiful thing! #DS15 http://t.co/kYXeu5waH9
Retweeted by Joshua Baer"Diversity is a box you check. Inclusion is when your culture benefits from people's differences." @gerryval at @bldrstartupweek
Retweeted by Joshua Baer"I never did anything spectacular unless chips were down" @BarbaraCorcoran at @Whi.... http://t.co/GMJ1YVXJC1 http://t.co/jZZlUfhDDd
Retweeted by Joshua BaerInvesting in Entrepreneurship panel w Mark Cuban, Daymond John & Barbara Corcoran. #ChallengeFestival #StartTheSpark http://t.co/o2qSuTogcm
Retweeted by Joshua BaerAustin companies attracted $265.33 million in venture capital investment in the first quarter of 2015. View more: http://t.co/xCZLum4eBo
Retweeted by Joshua Baer3 Cheers for the #Austin Teams at #1776challenge today @1776 @LearningList @VChain & @PenpalSchools http://t.co/tsOD1xtLkG
Retweeted by Joshua BaerOver 70 entrepreneurs from over 20 different countries are in attendance @WhiteHouse! #StartTheSpark #DrivetoDC
Retweeted by Joshua BaerOur startups are graduating! Gather your team & grab some desks @CapitalFactory at 1/2 off | http://t.co/09dQ7MmYU7 http://t.co/OfVTmsk8GU
Retweeted by Joshua Baer"@CapitalFactory crushes projects #withAsana" -@cheldeli & @JoshuaBaer http://t.co/DOFJbPstNu http://t.co/4u1miKIGlg
Retweeted by Joshua BaerLearn from CEO, @QManning his tips for First Time #CEO's at @newcoatx May 29th in Austin. https://t.co/cjyjwhH9kl http://t.co/wMIRbZl1C2
Retweeted by Joshua Baer.@NewCoATX is May 29th! Join the RideScout session on Mobility In Motion with @JosephKopser: http://t.co/F1hkMtVyOd
Retweeted by Joshua BaerGood luck to @PenpalSchools @VChain and all of the startups pitching at the @1776 #ChallengeCup today!Austin energy management startup CURB wins business plan contest in Pittsburgh http://t.co/T0B0r0QKbA
Retweeted by Joshua BaerHook 'em Horns RT @UTAustin: Today, we celebrate 115 years of orange and white. http://t.co/VePSZySeY4 #HookEm http://t.co/1BY2smymGF
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