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andy arthur @cocteautriplets By the Lochend ducks

Keeper of the Magnificent Octopus - sometime illustrator, attempter of DIY and bicycle enthusiast. Bide in Edinburgh and yes, I've had my tea.

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Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh 14:42 17/9/14 #indyref http://t.co/I8GmcDreBu http://t.co/UIxm1qrmd4
Retweeted by andy arthurEdinburgh Street Scene http://t.co/xmEG4G69ZH
Retweeted by andy arthurUrgent Appeal: George Square in Glasgow is shrinking. Please Help. @WingsScotland @medialens http://t.co/LKxXa8ddec
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@oobr added in 2014 Euros. These put Glasgow and Edinburgh out, especially when adding high Green votes. Each out by 2 or 3 placesBest thing about this tonight is that the organiser just told me 3 month ago she was voting no. Then she did this: http://t.co/Mv0NwdsIlx
Retweeted by andy arthurHounding Miliband on his photoshoot achieves nothing. He's more than capable of messing it up for himself in front of the cameras #indyref@oobr might have a shit averaging it across last Holyrood, Euro and Westminster results. Just for a larfDear Westminster please stop lying to us. NHS Scotland, Wales & NI are under pressure cos ur cutting our Block Grants http://t.co/hYhCbYIYd1
Retweeted by andy arthurwhat a strange #Indyref bot. Trying to get "I am voting no" trending? http://t.co/pb2utafV1i@rebelraising it's quite something what a little panicked Westminster/London Media can do to cloud an otherwise civil campaign until now@benmorrisillo agree! Can think of far better places to watch the night unfold. Like comfort of my own sofa surrounded by snacks and beerWhat hope have we when even @EdinburghPolice block the cycle lanes (at Gayfield Square) http://t.co/qcXtsppVeH
Retweeted by andy arthurEdinburgh: still going to be here on Friday. Still going to be grand. Whatever happens. Keep the heid. #indyref http://t.co/qZChp5s42G
Retweeted by andy arthur@bbclaurak @andywightman how many are excited and optimistic?@cocteautriplets @highlowlandlad @GreenYes2014 I’ve now quoted how the “Yes” ratings were derived by CS, on blogpost: http://t.co/G3v3gIIUAg
Retweeted by andy arthur@oobr also does not account for W. Isles, Orkney and Shetland being run by independents on local platform (minor point given o/a vote share)@oobr index appears derived from ranking council areas by SNP vote share, 10 = highest, 0 = lowest. But 3 areas with ~20% SNP vote get a 0?@JoeGirl80 @NaeFear Jim has to pay for his column inches through crowdfunding. BT get theirs for free.@oobr thanks for clarification. Given difference in how people vote GE / local / Holyrood / Euro it does seem bit of an odd predictor@ianmb and I've been more than happy to lampoon politicians of the SNP in past too https://t.co/5Oh5EX9ijC https://t.co/B7djYy7QU1@ianmb it's not the mockery or otherwise of the face (the BT leaflet doesn't), it's just a wearily thin "argument" that doesn't help case@ianmb I'm not actually in charge of a campaign trying to win a referendum or put over a positive case for the Union though, am I@highlowlandlad @GreenYes2014 @oobr confused by "Yes" ratings. Are they really based only on 2012 (local) elections? Seems odd choice@urbancyclist @velocast of course, but with 2 days there's probably better and more productive messages for them to be getting out thereSo the latest Better Together #indyref game-changer is a picture of Alex Salmond's face. Cogent. That's changed my mind for sure.@JamesMcLeary @NewScotGirl in Andrew Burns (right, Edinburgh Council leader) defence, he's neither a millionaire or from London.@EDIWorstDrivers @edinburghpaper really. you should have something more constructive to contribute than a poor attempt at misleading voters@tomallan that would be the second Edinburgh Trikes-for-yes picture I've seen today!Never done any canvassing before, but I'm heading to Stenhouse Cross to help @Radical_Indy tonight! #indyref http://t.co/zZLm87PuVb
Retweeted by andy arthur@scotbot you'd think such passionate believers in the Union would at least get all their flags the right way up. You'd think...Not returned your #indyref postal vote? You can hand it in to Waverley Court or City Chambers reception. Or at an Edin polling place on Thur
Retweeted by andy arthurThought that was an #indyref convoy going up the road. Turns out it was just your common or garden human cannonball plus cannonSome amendments (coloured) to @georgemorrall's "proof" that "current democratic process works" http://t.co/sXtnc595r6 #indyrefEngraving from the wall of the Scottish parliament http://t.co/s3tEDU36vM
Retweeted by andy arthur@Goatstoeso @AdamPollock social media kept people briefed, it's the door-knockers, voter registrars and meeting organisers who've done it@scotbot I often find channelling Iain Paisley helps to validate my point of viewI see lots of Better Together stickers being worn, not so badges. A badge is for life, not just the photoshoot.http://t.co/r9hSxM3erH "don't leave it to others to decide what is best for you..." Quite. That's obviously the USDAW's job #indyref
@AidanMcGlynn "Informed Decision" and the Daily Record. Does not compute.If only Gordon brown had been Primeminster when he was an MP he'd have got us those new powers no bother.
Retweeted by andy arthur@realcolinquinn @andywightman I know... CALL THEM FISH! Nobody's tried that one before, gotta work... 1/10 for originality, 8/10 for artworkBacon Wrapped Chorizo and Cheese Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers Smoked With Cherry Wood http://t.co/ewdSpO0Qrn
Retweeted by andy arthur@nataliemcgarry try revoking permissions of unnecessary (or all) AppsLabour's eve of poll leaflet just says "Vote No, it's not worth the risk". How did these people ever move out of their parents' basements?
Retweeted by andy arthur@iainmacwhirter Well, it's printed on fake parchment with fake yellowing edges, so it must be a Very Serious Document
Retweeted by andy arthur"Vote No. It's not worth the risk". Wow. Just wow. http://t.co/fMXJ9eJghI
Retweeted by andy arthurthat omits 5 GEs, '51 & '59 aren't right, overlooks SNP under-representation, dubious logic @GeorgeMorrall @LAHinds http://t.co/sXtnc595r6Hello Yes campaign! @WeAreNational are looking to collate the best articles about the #indyref for a blog post - send me your favourites!
Retweeted by andy arthur@SuseJohnston you mean I wasn't already? I was on the damn telly! ;)@elainehutton ah sorry my misinterpretation. Didn't mean to bite your head off!@ChristainWright @AdamPollock which is why I had to leave out the bit that said "...when a No vote meens heehaw all additional powers" ;)@filmscorematt seems rather vainglorious, all that talk about being champions of the world@elainehutton why should anyone be sorry? It's been a marvellous exercise in getting people to wake the *** up from their democratic slumber@filmscorematt really? not one wee tune? whatever the result it will be better with a singalong@CollectCelticFC @AdamPollock picture says it all. "LOL"Speaking on Panorama, Peter Andre said that 'Yes' voters are "sleepwalking towards existential oblivion" #indyref
Retweeted by andy arthurSeeking views of celebs on political issues isn't new. In Ireland Jedwards views on subordinated bondholders are worth listening to #indyref
Retweeted by andy arthurTomorrow, on the Politics Show, Kerry Katona will explain the dangers of a constitutional crisis, in the event of a 'yes' vote. #indyref
Retweeted by andy arthur@ChristainWright @AdamPollock you forgot the bit about "and then they claim you're voting for additional powers with a No vote"Folks. What songs are on your September 18th/19th #resultsnightplaylist? #indyref@ballboymusic watch this space. I know a pole in need of a flag
@threefromleith @lee_carson @ScalareSorpasso there's the pre-requisite, alcohol-induced outpouring of orgasmic affection to be done first@threefromleith @lee_carson @ScalareSorpasso analogy still stands. whatever the result, for many it's going to be the baby they didn't want.@lee_carson although I had a dream to that effect (missed voting ) on Friday night! Everything else turned out well in the end :)@lee_carson @ScalareSorpasso excellent analogy. Except the referendum can't come 12 days early so I miss it like the boy didcan't think of one celebrity whose opinion matters so much to me it would outweigh the informed decision I arrived at all by myself #indyref@sallyhinch  @soorplooms will get that sorted for youHey Yessers, how about instead of marches you all get to the polling stations for opening then spend the rest of the day getting vote out?
Retweeted by andy arthur@lee_carson @ScalareSorpasso you're right though. People - inc. me - so caught up on 18th as a date they struggle to think one day beyond@sallyhinch you need to ask @soorplooms @sooif you want the correct answer. She's the one in the know on these things@lee_carson not at all. Stinker of a hangover and then years of hard, hard work first. Under no illusions it's as simple as the referendum@Sneekyboy @cocteautriplets what do they think #indyref is? Scotch Mist?
Retweeted by andy arthur@sallyhinch not automatically and not necessarily (and probably not). Crystal clear answer from my person in the know on these things@ballboymusic found my "I Hate Scotland" t-shirt the other day. What do I do with it on 19th?serious question - will an independent Scotland be a member of the @OECD?
Retweeted by andy arthurOoohhh... Vote NO for a guaranteed House of Commons debate in October on further devo... BE STILL MY BEATING HEART... A DEBATE... THATS IT!
Retweeted by andy arthur"let's get to work" cc @BikesNBukes  http://t.co/PKNTEzK4S6@CityCycling @YesScotland @scotbot #VoteYes tomorrow we start laying in supplies for best/most heartbreaking election night of our lives!I just had a premonition of Friday evening. And Scotland has won back its sovereignty. :) http://t.co/eVP5iiKIiG via @YesScotland #IndyRef
Retweeted by andy arthur@threefromleith should sort out your constipation too, if you were afflicted in that way!@SkyNews I'm sorry? Where exactly is Sterling? http://t.co/5SRXKFsaYR
Retweeted by andy arthurIsle of Man (not part of UK) has M&S, Tesco, PC World, Next, etc. Goods cost exactly the same there as in the UK #indyref @YesScotland
Retweeted by andy arthur
Glasgow was amazing today. Edinburgh tomorrow. Spread the word. See you there :-) http://t.co/FNNjDb0dUY
Retweeted by andy arthurNote to Scottish Lib Dems - putting a big display in your window so it reads "SCOTTISH LIBERAL DEMOCRATS. NO THANKS". That I can agree withExpected #indyref declaration times for every Scottish council area. via @gerrybraiden @scottreid1980 http://t.co/6JUnOyJYKA
Retweeted by andy arthurVolunteers from @YesScotland stall are currently helping clear #OrangeOrder litter in The Meadows. #indyref http://t.co/qDruYZR3Cg
Retweeted by andy arthurWould like to thank the buses of angry Lodge supporters passing my @YesWindaes for confirming my stereotype of them
We repeat, all Yes campaigners should stay clear of the march in Edinburgh tomorrow. Focus on campaigning. #VoteYes #IndyRef
Retweeted by andy arthurSTOP THE WORLD. Scotland wants to get on https://t.co/Om4GdRrvNl #IndyRef  http://t.co/h4uBvphUgeGoodness. Accidentally saw a @UK_Together scare story on FB that @NaeFear is planning some sinister "round up the unionists" future state@TheRealMcGowan @WeAreNational #IndyRef #Yes you missed the subtle symbolism of wiping ones feet on the union flagWhatever the outcome, will we be able to work together to make Scotland a truly cycle friendly nation? http://t.co/zCYjgqx8l7
Retweeted by andy arthurThe Meadows stall will relocate to Cameron Toll tomorrow, starting at 10.30am. The Orange Order can have the Meadows all to themselves.
Retweeted by andy arthurPlease note we have no plans to move our depots to London in the event of a yes vote. We're not taking sides; it just wouldn't be practical.
Retweeted by andy arthurOne of the sentences of the year. Politician’s name removed to honour my #indyref tweet moratorium. ;P http://t.co/ynDdeWuHAF
Retweeted by andy arthurRegretting your postal vote? http://t.co/CUPcK7WzCn "Can I use the form to cancel an existing postal vote?"
Retweeted by andy arthurSuggestion. All future #indyref debates to take the format of Just a Minute@stubryant @free180914 #indyref more of a borg cube@carltonreid @DavidjHendy @robinlustig I'm not a No voter, but the campaign would be immeasurably improved by sending 100 Robins north