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andy arthur @cocteautriplets Edinburgh, by the Meadows

Keeper of the Magnificent Octopus - freelance illustrator and bicycle enthusiast. Blower of the #YES trumpet. Bide in Edinburgh and yes, I've had my tea.

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@philipstout @astandred 10 or 15 persons. Some may have larger carriages than others
@SRDorman @threefromleith hmm. Was unimpressed by chop chop last time I was there. But I do like Vittorias. Still boycotting LA Fav. though@AidanMcGlynn can't do Howies, the actual wedding is there!@threefromleith cousin from Lake District and lives in Brussels, fiancee from US, so need the local knowledge to help@AidanMcGlynn probably 10-15. I forgot you're now a professional in the entertaining guests business. I shall suggest it@threefromleith aye. But for my cousin!@lcdabdoujaparov both actually lots of wide seats ;)@farnie @CooperativeFood those new biodegradable bags can sometimes be a bit prematureHey Edinburghers. American soon-to-be-relatives visiting. Any suggestions of place for eats that cater for larger parties?Hi Scotchland. You're better off under me and my Eton chums. I just can't be fucking bothered to come up and tell you why in person. Dave xRT @ignoblejen: Another lorry risks the railway bridge at Cameron Toll roundabout, mass congestion, avoid @edintravel http://t.co/gne48KAX9dAnother day. Another lousy sentence handed down by Scottish courts to driver who killed after previous bans for drink driving and no licenceCity cyclist has beef with chips – new red lanes are no good: http://t.co/vCpAjLOeHC #cycling #safety #Edinburgh
Retweeted by andy arthur@harts_cyclery @on_lothianbuses @LAHinds I'm sure they can come up with something what with mountains of Bustracker data at their disposal@harts_cyclery @on_lothianbuses @LAHinds I think they class their bit in the Chipwrapper as "evidence"?Much like the 22, the No. 26 @on_lothianbuses service spends 92% of its journey in town under 20mph http://t.co/kNTYbuod6K #20splenty
Census data from today: 49% of Glasgow households have a car. Time to design our cities for the majority.
Retweeted by andy arthurWashing out your jam jars before putting them in the recycling in case the binman thinks you're clarty #middleclassproblems@rockgem7 I assumed so!@twmp @bazzargh @gear_ratio Lothian Buses have nothing on Mundell's Motors of Ballygrant@gear_ratio and Edinburgh only place where ratio has gone down in last 10 years@AnthonyOram ching-ching! Nice one@captainbadbeard @lattegirl10 leather slip-on bawfies do?@accidentobizaro do I get a patch or such to sew onto them. You know, as a gang member? Is there a gang hut? Or build my own under covers?@twmp it's got a button up collar and everything. Reckon I could get away with a tieI took a major step in my life and bought a proper plaid flannel pyjama set. I am enjoying the experience thoroughly. Too thoroughly?@gear_ratio 40% declare no access to a car or van. The 40% of the population overlooked by our dear transport planners@lattegirl10 I'm sure if they can afford that car they can afford a £30 ticket. Was rather hoping it was going to be crushed into a cube!Busted! http://t.co/K2ay7MvO8b 1... 2... 3... Hurrah! #worstparkers #yplacestate agent's Lotus always parked in cycle lane or on double reds. Raised victory fist when I saw the ticket #YPLAC http://t.co/FLs7G3eMn9@HannahZakari zoo gift shops?@nelly0168 I knew you could relied to be down with the kids@Uberuce @AlexDRobertson @bikebirdy @SRDorman only if it's Thistly Crossbeen noticing people who've clearly never lifted an arm or leg in exercise sporting T-shirts or bags that say "I <3 PB" #whatgives@SRDorman it looks good because the new student village constructed from assorted grey plastic rectangles is well out of shot!@Uberuce @AlexDRobertson @bikebirdy @SRDorman pushbike on pint@instography didn't @smudgegs complain about those tiny spaces and receive a denial from @scotrail customer service that they even exist?One for the #lovers. @FolioArt's @owendaveydraws creates a superb editorial #illustration - http://t.co/TexqobEsgq - http://t.co/kvOqqJ0xxX
Retweeted by andy arthurEngland's local transport funding from 2015 shown here More roads, more cars. No change. Ever. http://t.co/VSQKOuCKqV http://t.co/UuwJylAtXX
Retweeted by andy arthurYou might get a funny handshake if you shop at George Kidd, Tailor & Clothier. From 'Historical Guide to Edzell' 1882 http://t.co/9TOwY33VVw
Retweeted by andy arthur@AlexDRobertson @bikebirdy @Uberuce @SRDorman Bike en Black IPA@Uberuce @SRDorman @bikebirdy @AlexDRobertson following Tuesday works for me.@AndrewDBurns @SpokesLothian @CyclingEdin @LAHinds I'm sure there's a mountain of Bustracker data which can illustrate the point even finer@CyclingEdin (I think my CCE posts of that are stuck in spam purgatory)How long does a 22 bus in Leith spend over 20mph? Answer here http://t.co/oWy8ctstLB cc @SpokesLothian @AndrewDBurns @CyclingEdin @LAHindsVisualisation of time an off-peak @on_lothianbuses No. 22 through Leith and town spends over 20mph http://t.co/de7PUqyPbj cc @greenerleith
That last link is awaiting moderation! Here's the time/speed track of the No. 22 from Leith to the Gyle http://t.co/53xlSySbTzThat's a No. 22 outside of Rush Hour. Apparently 20mph on Leith Walk will ruin the service. Let me be not the first to say "bollocks"Take your GPS on the @on_lothianbuses No. 22 http://t.co/rqDsGIi8dI and you'll find it's almost never over 20mph in residential areas@bikebirdy @Uberuce @AlexDRobertson Pedal on Porter or Spin on Stout@Uberuce @AlexDRobertson @bikebirdy you want to drop by @CorkCask next time you're up Laidback way. They'll get you sorted for porters@bikebirdy no I think you're right, car definitely skids to the right as it attempts to go left.Seems I learned nothing from the @nicewaycode http://t.co/5xHpEWW0bl but then again neither did the arsehole driving T40BYG in the rainWorried about loss of Greenbelt and urban sprawl? Our meeting Thurs 26 Sept, 7.30pm at 7 Victoria Terrace, looking at Local Development Plan
Retweeted by andy arthurCause two deaths over 27 years and only have to wait five years before being allowed to drive again? Skewed. http://t.co/7tB8b2ZGSU
Retweeted by andy arthurHere's my blog about the unsuccessful appeal of the sentence for driver who killed cyclist Audrey Fyfe http://t.co/EuGy9KtzA2 @CTC_Cyclists
Retweeted by andy arthur@allytibbitt council have been round this year pasting up notices saying it's a footpath obstruction and to be removed #truestoryGenuinely stunned by McCourt judgement today: http://t.co/LmkRi3cZE9 not increasing the 5-year driving ban is an insult - it really is :-((
Retweeted by andy arthurBreaking bad, game of thrones, waking dead, insert name here. Whatever I'd rather live out my own fantasies instead of watching any.
Retweeted by andy arthurThe point in the #mccourt case is that he shouldn't have been *anywhere near* a cyclist's back wheel. This is a free pass for killer drivers
Retweeted by andy arthurI call this simply "The Scottish Legal System" #mccourt http://t.co/Ry7ZmHjV2DDo we really expect a profession living in a makebelieve land of powdered wigs, titles, gowns and robes to be in touch with modern reality?The law double-checks McCourt's sentence and confirms that repeatedly killing people with a car does not warrant permanent disqualification.
Retweeted by andy arthurOur response to today’s Court of Appeal verdict on the Gary McCourt case. http://t.co/jGmJcuwyAz
Retweeted by andy arthurDeeply worried by the McCourt verdict and my thoughts are with the Fyfe family. Clearly the sentencing guidelines will need to be looked at.
Retweeted by andy arthurUPDATED: Victim's family "lost for words". Cyclist killer Gary McCourt: Crown loses appeal against 'lenient' sentence http://t.co/at69G6QVoQ
Retweeted by andy arthurKill two cyclists 20 years apart , get a slap on the wrist and allowed back behind the wheel? Says much about priorities. Disgusted.
Retweeted by andy arthur@cocteautriplets Dear bereaved families, no justice for you, because we wouldn't want to make someone catch the bus to work. Sorry!
Retweeted by andy arthurIn other Scottish legal news, new offence of "killing them slightly" invented to justify non-custodial sentences for twice-convicted killersDear Scottish Cyclists, your right to life worth less than right to drive of twice-convicted killer. Lots of love, Scottish Legal System x@DominicMHinde I make a habit of closing my eyes and thinking happy thoughts whenever Chipwrapper online commentators are involved
@DominicMHinde let us look long and hard at the QBiC, then build exactly the opposite of that. Should do the trick@urbancyclist worth every penny a number of times over@threefromleith @on_lothianbuses @cocteautriplets Speeding from one traffic light to the next does NOT increase ur average speed!
Retweeted by andy arthur@bikebirdy I'm part of that particular division however we've had nothing! Then again our own director thinks we're a 3rd party supplier...@bikebirdy still parked there on double yellows, although tucked in a bit more so not blocking the path@bikebirdy although I didn't know about the Challenge until monday afternoon as there were no posters in changing rooms, only the lift@bikebirdy I'm logging mine manually olde-fashioned. Had to go back through the camera footage with a stopwatch to work that outAll in all, I spent 19% of my morning commute waiting at traffic lights on unavoidable main roads or road-prioritised toucans #quickerbybike1/2 Very pleased to announce that @Quickbeamband will be playing their first ever shop gig this Saturday 28th at 7.30pm in @avalanche_edin
Retweeted by andy arthurMorning commute took 25mins for 5.9miles. A whole 1:40 (7%) spent waiting to cross 1 car-filled road - South Gyle Access #quickerbybike@StevoLaughton @Downfader "driver of 7.5 tons of metal thinks he's in a rally car when it's unloaded"@on_lothianbuses also feedback given on Leith Walk consultation claimed cyclists on road slow buses. It's quite the opposite in practice@on_lothianbuses it can be debunked by opening up bustracker data to inspection. Personal GPS on routes suggest impact of 20mph = minimal@geologiser @david_mccraw of course it could be debunked either way if they opened up bustracker data. Which they won't #hiding@SRDorman sorted now. Android app slow and clunky@geologiser @david_mccraw has sat on services with GPS. Some hardly ever get over 20mph even when quiet. Reduced limits would add secondsI find @on_lothianbuses lobbying against 20mph zones in #Edinburgh as ruinous to service to be disingenuous at best http://t.co/mlHdJMFgK2And the winner of worst possible choice of font on a poster EVER is... http://t.co/IR2Gp0wwVz (via imgur)
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@magnatom @wjohngalloway "you people" is the sort of language used by people who want "you people" to go "back to [their] own country"@steveo_mcg we were approaching a red, naturally, and he has hard over left within 20mDear Haulage Industry, really appreciate the "bikes keep away" stickers when your lorries pass cyclists like this http://t.co/U2hs1ONsqQ@bajarse @SuzySuperJ aye it's nice, but some chump in East Lothian Council thought that Type 1 Aggregate is suitable for surface repairshttp://t.co/LQZs0Lq0p6 on a cactus, the pricks are on the outside #yesitsaBMWThe only 'twerk we're interested in: http://t.co/bB6NsVAO2L
Retweeted by andy arthur@monicawilde @elfahy @EdinburghTom I read somewhere that, despite over-the-top appearance, it's meant as an economical, modular construction@monicawilde @elfahy @EdinburghTom I hadn't heard of Gowanbank, can easily see the likeness in the crazy-paving walls and rubble chimneys.