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FTA provides financial & technical assistance to local public transit systems, including buses, subways, light rail, & commuter rail. We are part of @USDOT

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In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth, we're republishing a speech by @SecretaryFoxx on #Transportation and #Opportunity http://t.co/qy5DLlNfus
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnAdd "well-being" to the list of #transit's benefits! http://t.co/C0hUQcukJM
The THUD Subcommittee listens as @CongCulberson questions @SecretaryFoxx of @USDOT on light rail funding. http://t.co/1wGPgmxFNl
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Did you know about @nc4mm's Healthcare Access Mobility Design Challenge? Applications open NOW thru 03/27. More info: http://t.co/mjeN5nTaM1
86 cities and counting in our #Mayors4Safety challenge. Your city not in? Get LOUD http://t.co/gmGMCp5tB5 http://t.co/ggdqcedKf6
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnNew report from @ODOT_Statewide highlights growing demand for transit in #Ohio, need for more long-term investment: http://t.co/EqxCJUrNHX
Good news for improved #transit #safety as @FTA_DOT proposes new measures http://t.co/Ocvr6mr1ub http://t.co/EfkC9sxoYV
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn83 cities and counting! Is your community in on the #Mayors4Safety bike-ped Challenge? Still time... http://t.co/5lxO73EtxW
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnThe bus is back, as #GrowAmerica Express returns to #DC, but hard work remains ahead http://t.co/u1lDwoHTPS http://t.co/LB3CWfvg8T
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn#Transit (including by #bike) is a consistently safe mode of transport, says a column in the @alexandrianews: http://t.co/Oi6g0EK684
Grant from @FTA_DOT helps Portland region plan best ways to move people after an emergency. http://t.co/NVPpaCTE7p @Portland_State
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnOn last #GrowAmerica stop, @SecretaryFoxx announced proposed rule 2 increase state #safety oversight of rail transit: http://t.co/rCxIC8KmWYFor sports fans @SecretaryFoxx has the perfect analogy: the way we funded transpo the past 6 years is like running the wildcat. Every. Down..@SecretaryFoxx at #DC Union Station just now promoting #GrowAmerica: Says long-term #transportation solution needed http://t.co/IGWTWh6wo0#GrowAmerica Express in Durham yesterday: #transit key solution to growth challenges http://t.co/4lnSjRBu5m http://t.co/h55O01bmiU
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Thanks for the warm welcome...inside! @mamakoid @USDOT @SecretaryFoxx#GROWAMERICA Express safely parked while I talked #transit with @gotriangle http://t.co/4lnSjRT4WU http://t.co/7oaiNWOWLM
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnOur #GrowAmerica Act: ✓ Invests in our highway and transit system ✓ Expands the middle class http://t.co/USgXFTDQGA http://t.co/BI6UbNXemQ
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnWe're so thankful to have @SecretaryFoxx share his #GROWAMERICA transportation vision with us & can't wait to see what it accomplishes!
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn.@SecretaryFoxx Calls for Transportation Investment @TriangleTransit @FTA_DOT @USDOT http://t.co/oV3XKseax5
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn.@SecretaryFoxx was in #Durham today to talk about transit's impact on the economy: http://t.co/94SF7mwUAf @triangletransit #GrowAmerica"The vision that @triangletransit has requires a big commitment" - @SecretaryFoxx #GrowAmerica
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnSpeaking in #Durham NC @SecretaryFoxx says rail transit can help area cope with 80% growth over next 30 yrs. @triangletransitWe’ll be live tweeting today’s @usdot meeting with @secretaryfoxx! Stay tuned! #GROWAMERICA
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn@SecretaryFoxx Great that your are going around the country highlighting transit infrastructure. @FTA_DOT @APTA_info @TheRapid @USDOTFRA
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnThe @VP at @SCPorts: "Closing tax loopholes will allow #infrastructure investment" http://t.co/9GJR6yA5XP #growamerica
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnAll aboard. @USDOT Secy. Anthony Foxx coming to @CityofDurhamNC. Checking out @TriangleOTF's Durham/Orange Light Rail Project.
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn.@VP: "Malfunction Junction and its ilk, obstacles to commerce, #jobs" http://t.co/osXNCDOgsG #growamerica
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.@METROHouston re-imagined its bus system, improving service without spending a dime. Read more: http://t.co/HQDeE1ZP7Q #Houston @voxdotcomDC-area followers: watch out for inclement weather on your PM commute! http://t.co/tEgPzAvSaCWill we choose #infrastructure that allows US to seize opportunities, to keep moving forward? http://t.co/dcLeidOoNB #growamerica
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnAJC Article: Grant to fund MARTA safety. Glad to partner with @SecretaryFoxx @FTA_DOT to improve safety. http://t.co/qInwWOOuOE
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Utah's Unified #Transportation Plan recognized by @USDOT @USDOTFHWA @FTA_DOT as nat'l model on regional collaboration http://t.co/2CtbdzZXeb
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnInvesting in a 21st century infrastructure will create jobs, grow the economy & take Jacksonville to the next level. http://t.co/nvf4WQrRrM
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnGlad to host @SecretaryFoxx as he kicked off the GROW AMERICA bus tour at TLH. Best wishes on the rest of the tour! http://t.co/3brfY1dZ6G
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn#50million by the @USDOT @FTA_DOT to support #CostEffective #EnergyEfficient Low - #ZeroEmission transit projects: http://t.co/pr8eygiRt8
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn@FTA_DOT has awarded @SFBART a $5 million grant to develop a new technology to protect trackside workers http://t.co/4IByNZGaH5
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn@FTA_DOT to provide @MetroLosAngeles w/ funding for new tools to improve safety along its light/heavy rail tracks http://t.co/gdJqzPBoB9
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnGet #transportation experience this summer @ @COMTO_National & @FTA_DOT’s Careers in Transportation for Youth program http://t.co/75R3uZ0Fnj
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Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn❤️ 🚌 🚇 🚈 🚲 ❤️ ❤️ 🚍 🚋 🚢 🚆 ❤️ ❤️ 🚠 🚴 🚶 🚐 ❤️
Cleveland to get $2.7M grant to improve bus safety @FTA_DOT http://t.co/v0KMwT6QTk
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnSafety, Resilience, Emergency Response initiative from @FTA_DOT funds #transit preparation http://t.co/GJehr8zS8X
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnThanks @FTA_DOT Yvette Taylor for helping PR and @DTOP by providing our elderly and disabled, freedom & mobility. http://t.co/h0FRm18KFz
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnToday we joined @DTOP to deliver 39 buses that will help keep elderly & people with disabilities across #PuertoRico mobile & independent.ENTREGAN 39 VEHÍCULOS PARA FACILITAR MOVILIDAD DE PERSONAS DE EDAD AVANZADA Y CON IMPEDIMENTOS-http://t.co/m7euM1PlJs http://t.co/0c09gvUbyw
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnComo parte del Programa de Gobierno ponemos en práctica apoyar al envejeciente y nuevas oportunidades de desarrollo. http://t.co/Ri8pPlIxFS
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnDesde el inicio de este Programa en 1976, la #ACT ha entregado 783 unidades #MejorandoCalidaddeVida #JuntosMoviendoPR http://t.co/2zECJqzCWh
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnLos 39 vehículos tipo entregados tienen capacidad para 16 pasajeros. #MejorandoCalidaddeVida #JuntosMoviendoPR http://t.co/eHk4oZ8USv
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnAhora: Entregan Vehículos a Municipios, Instituciones Sin Fines de Lucro y Centros para Personas de Edad Avanzada. http://t.co/VuxyEU6Pg2
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnHey @USDOT- #stuckintraffic? Invest in safe and convenient bike/ped infrastructure. Benefits ALL. via @ktharris08 http://t.co/vevf4Sp97e
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnAmerica can’t afford NOT to fix U.S. #highways, #bridges and #transit systems. #StuckInTraffic. http://t.co/JZcY6fyFnf
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnRT @APA_Planning Investing in public transit near affordable senior housing crucial and important for vibrant public health #StuckInTraffic
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn
✓ 10AM: #SurfaceTrans Hearing ✓ 12PM: #StuckInTraffic Townhall w/ @SecretaryFoxx Tune in: http://t.co/HFhDVamVdw http://t.co/57iuxQEdX6
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnLIVE now @SecretaryFoxx at @Transport hearing. Tune in at noon (EST) for #stuckintraffic! http://t.co/DAU0DLqjrW
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnNew Fast Lane Blog post. Participate in the Q&A today! http://t.co/IA04HMjG7I #StuckInTrafficSee @SecretaryFoxx as he appears before @Transport today: http://t.co/IeiZj09l3P. #StuckInTrafficLive w/ Chairman @RepBillShuster & @SecretaryFoxx at #SurfaceTrans hearing! http://t.co/JqjNDOZrmv #StuckInTraffic http://t.co/GhKi767hIj
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnListen now! US DoT Secretary Foxx testifying before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee http://t.co/EJG2UmoXw0
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnNOW live! http://t.co/2HSzxiHg5K @Transport Committee Hearing w/ @SecretaryFoxx
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn
New #CNG buses will help @CherokeeNation save on fuel costs and reduce emissions http://t.co/GqjkkVsCrW #green #energy #OklahomaAnnouncing the Best #CompleteStreets Policies of 2014: http://t.co/dkvB8yv4iR http://t.co/2m1wm0lqsY
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnWe're all in the transportation business. Join @SecretaryFoxx & I TOMORROW @ 12 noon ET at #StuckInTraffic. http://t.co/RJeRvgkSi6
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“It’s given me an opportunity to provide for my family.” @MWRTA celebrates driver training effort in Framingham http://t.co/QKq43fWireI posted 7 photos on Facebook in the album "Pawtucket Wintertime Farmers Market -- on the R-Line!" http://t.co/uCl064FDLp
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnHow do you move? How will you move in 2045? Show us in a picture! http://t.co/3iCUrCsjJf #beyondtraffic http://t.co/OxCPCgMuac
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$75M for Tacoma Link Expansion Proposed @BarackObama @whitehouse @USDOT @FTA_DOT http://t.co/6FknTg9atj
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Did U hear? More electric buses are on the way! @FTA_DOT awarded #RTD a $4.7m grant to expand our electric bus fleet! http://t.co/ULKpbxDRVP
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnTouchdown! @valleymetro served a record number of people for the #SuperBowl in #Phoenix http://t.co/u9hE0QQHgH http://t.co/zU7rbSvLQd#Zeroemission #buses? We think so! @FTA_DOT will allocate $55 million toward #cleanenergy #transportation projects. http://t.co/eNo8eyKbnC
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnWow! @FTA_DOT funding 10 more #fuelcell buses- http://t.co/RHNUC6IvAn - @SunlineTransit and SARTA in Ohio @FC_Corridor @BallardPwr #hydrogen
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnCan you say "Lo-No?" @FTA_DOT can, and so can 10 communities across US. http://t.co/qIwPkwEPgM #transit
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn
.@USDOT @SecretaryFoxx announces $122 million loan for improvements to @CTA's Blue Line in #Chicago http://t.co/lFVWoS31V110 new #fuelcell buses to be deployed @SARTAonline and @SunlineTransit Thanks for the clean air @FTA_DOT! http://t.co/MJZyN8GGGL
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn@TrafficMike_BHM Working 4 us but we have had periodic issues w/loading errors. Tech team is working on it. Restarting browser usually helpsDART to add seven all-electric buses with $7.6m federal grant http://t.co/82ll5KL2j5 @FTA_DOT http://t.co/APGKKJkKmb
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnBig thanks & congrats to @ridetarc who hosted our announcement of grants for Low- & No-Emission buses in 10 cities! http://t.co/n8lNOM38p2Congrats @therta! LoNo grant will bring more Low- & No-Emission buses to #Worcester http://t.co/YwRcNq3Zav @BostonGlobe @telegramdotcomCongrats @lextran! LoNo grant will bring more Low- & No-Emission buses to #Lexington http://t.co/YwRcNq3Zav @heraldleaderCongrats @SanJoaquinRTD! LoNo grant will bring more Low- & No-Emission buses to #Stockton http://t.co/YwRcNq3Zav @recordnet @sacbee_newsCongrats @SunlineTransit! LoNo grant will bring Low- & No-Emission buses to #Riverside County http://t.co/YwRcNq3Zav @MyDesert @pecom_newsCongrats @dartmedia! LoNo grant will bring more Low- & No-Emission buses to #Dallas http://t.co/YwRcNq3Zav @dallasnews @startelegramCongrats @SARTAOnline! LoNo grant will bring Low- & No-Emission buses to #Canton http://t.co/YwRcNq3Zav @clevelanddotcom @CantonRepdotcomCarolyn Flowers @FTA_DOT @ridetarc @lextran as 2 #transit agencies to receive a grant to expand zero emissions fleet http://t.co/fhrFdXht3N
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnCongrats @MBTA! LoNo grant will bring more Low- & No-Emission buses to #Boston http://t.co/YwRcNq3Zav @BostonGlobe @BostonDotComCongrats @DuluthTransit! LoNo grant will bring more Low- & No-Emission buses to #Duluth http://t.co/YwRcNq3Zav @duluthnewsCongrats @RedRoseTransit! LoNo grant will bring Low- & No-Emission buses to #Lancaster http://t.co/YwRcNq3Zav @LancasterOnline @pennliveIt's #electric! FTA announces Low- and No-Emission #bus grants for 10 cities. http://t.co/YwRcNq3Zav #BoogieWoogieWoogieTARC News: @FTA_DOT, #ZeroBus fleet increases by 50% #FreeRides #AllElectric #Louisville http://t.co/ZJhedwcrd5
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnOur sustainability plan is moving forward thanks to @FTA_DOT grant. #zerobus reduces emissions http://t.co/jxJ9wG5siY
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn5 new #zerobuses and charging station thanks to @FTA_DOT grant @ridetarc http://t.co/Tt56ppAdWK
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn@Downtown_Lou -> More Exciting TARC News @FTA_DOT, Today 1:30p at #SluggerField! #ZeroBus #FreeRides #Louisville http://t.co/LK9MIwR9iq
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn@Roger_Bowles Under MAP-21, FTA has new safety and oversight authority that did not exist in 1997. See here: http://t.co/UpGbCkomy2
FY2016 @WhiteHouse #budget advances @FTA_DOT capital #transit projects http://t.co/0pztCm5Qub
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnNew Smokey Point #transit center opens in #Snohomish County #Washington this month. Congrats @MyCommTrans! http://t.co/bFAOpk9jlp#TwinCities #transit ridership reaches highest mark in more than 30 years http://t.co/Se1XG7xfBR #Minneapolis #StPaul @MetroTransitMN
25 #transit projects recommended for New Starts/Small Starts/Core Capacity grants in FY'16 budget http://t.co/WK2MY7AC3Q@jackesavage You can read DOT's thoughts on the future of bike-ped starting on pg 225 of Beyond Traffic, avail here: http://t.co/anqDNYaj2h.@USDOT wants YOUR thoughts on the future of #transportation: http://t.co/nzoDVDihT7 #BeyondTraffic
#BeyondTraffic @Google Talk w/@SecretaryFoxx and @ericschmidt starting soon – 3PM PST/6PM EST. Watch LIVE: http://t.co/JNQJqsGeXu
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