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FTA provides financial & technical assistance to local public transit systems, including buses, subways, light rail, & commuter rail. We are part of @USDOT

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And in press-release-ese: .@USDOT Celebrates Opening of #Connecticut's First Bus Rapid Transit System http://t.co/Ag422vBwKPToday we celebrated the opening of @ctfastrak: new bus rapid transit service in #Connecticut http://t.co/4QE59GD5pI http://t.co/a0Yl5jvlda@FTA_DOT celebrates the first #BRT in CT @ctfastrak . People, this is huge! Kudos to many. We can't wait to ride! http://t.co/vkSBZa99uw
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnOlive Wetzel Dennis 1885-1957 1st female engineer 4 B&O RR Invented reclining seats& window vents #TransportationSHE http://t.co/0zRsPf5yly
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnThe ribbon is cut! @ctfastrak @CTrides @GovMalloyOffice @LGWyman @stewartfornb http://t.co/LSDpVIpgJW
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn.@FTA_DOT @AARP & other agencies conduct Ped/Bicyclist/Transit Safety Assessment along @kcmo Prospect Ave http://t.co/m7QvA3jYzG
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnExpect Good Things As CTfastrak Gets Underway http://t.co/GCmw0tta7W #GetOnBoard @ctfastrak @FTA_DOT @ChooseHartford @Tri_State @urbandata
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn@ctfastrak multiuse trail connecting stations, communities #GetOnBoard @BikesAsTrans @Commute_by_Bike @HYPEHartford http://t.co/V6ByfdXhcR
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn@Tri_State @ctfastrak incl dedicated lane, real time bus info and ticket vending machines. Service free for 9 days begins 3/28 #GetOnBoard
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnCommissioner Redeker "@ctfastrak is already successful because there is private sector investment along the line"
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn#CTfastak officially on Google! Zoom into the map & you can see the bus road & trail labeled! https://t.co/7uVbWx8lJj http://t.co/Oc42jVIIb5
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnFolks are getting excited for #CTfastrak opening day - check out this great manicure! #GetOnBoard http://t.co/BmdgGRrtKy
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnBusway is coming: First @ctfastrak bus will leave #Hartford at 4:52 a.m. Saturday http://t.co/ODIw2roewG http://t.co/iUHsrr3G0p
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn#CTfastrak riders: Spread the word about launch day! Hashtag #GetOnBoard on @ThunderclapIt: https://t.co/1kSpULITEZhttp://t.co/ZoN6n2YZ0V
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnIf you weren't excited enough about @ctfastrak, how about viewing a "trailer" from @pixelartfilmshttps://t.co/iSs89gGWWB
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn
All-female team of Military Sealift Command civil service mariners aboard the USNS Wally Shirra! #TransportationSHE http://t.co/1m2wPmFUGc
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnRepeat for our West Coast friends: Transit looks good on you. http://t.co/LWwrNClZDo @SFBART #TransitThursday http://t.co/DG3DcWOrW1Meredith Neizer was one of the first women to graduate from the USMMA (1978) #TransportationSHE #MARAD
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnIn 1974, USMMA accepted first group of women students. They are the first women accepted at any U.S. Military Academy #TransportationSHE
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnDOT's new rule improves access to public #transportation for people with disabilities #transit http://t.co/oafYQ6wyqo
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnOn @FTA_DOT bike & ped safety audit of West End Station area w/ @MARTASERVICE @GADeptofTrans @Cityofatlanta http://t.co/ssEcYVzP0o
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnTransit looks good on you. http://t.co/LWwrNClZDo @SFBART #TransitThursday http://t.co/FMNAqdZIC9
Mesa mayor: Rail extension will revive downtown http://t.co/hvzs0nbVc3 via @azcentral#Mesa Mayor John Giles: Millennials, seniors, they don't want more parking lots. They want #lightrail. http://t.co/6l8VzE726U
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnMeet Jennifer Nicks—FHWA Geotechnical Engineer helping to create Accelerated Bridge Construction: http://t.co/c60VpI6UPj #TransportationSHE
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnNews outlet @TheOnion gets it half-right on the future of #transportation #BeyondTraffic http://t.co/pRBApdAKeg
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnWally Funk: 1st woman FAA air safety investigator, now a global speaker on Air Safety. #TransportationSHE #history http://t.co/BgXP5U1fp4
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn
Admin Nicole Nason led NHTSA to require Electronic Stability Control on cars in 2007, which has saved thousands of lives. #TransportationSHE
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnMeet Jerry. His wife Lyndy, sons Barrett & Brad, & two pups appreciate you driving with caution in work zones #nwzaw http://t.co/J0uQMZbLWk
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn#NWZAW continues: Watch VDOT's Flickr album through the week for related photos & agency's "Go Orange" Day: https://t.co/F9f8IPedi3
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn
NHTSA’s first administrator, Joan Claybrook, was integral to making lifesaving air bags standard in vehicles. #TransportationSHE
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnMartha J. Coston,1859 patented Telegraphic Night Signals,pyrotechnic signaling sys maritime comms #TransportationSHE http://t.co/RYYTGtG6F7
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnDon't forget! Our webinar on State Safety Oversight is TOMORROW & Transit Safety Certification is THUR. Learn more: http://t.co/rKwud8QFeTToday starts National Work Zone Awareness Week. Expect the unexpected. #SafeWorkZones #NWZAW http://t.co/N4kaf7JlyX http://t.co/zngPq0VQLN
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnState Safety Oversight (SSO) Program NPRM @FTA_DOT http://t.co/tw6RgUT6RO
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnThanks to our project partners @FTA_DOT and @1500Marilla and thanks to U.S manufacturer @BrookvilleCorp. http://t.co/JCmguEQBwI
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn
Vision researcher Gertrude Rand designed Holland Tunnel lighting, improving bus optics. #transportationSHE #wmnhist http://t.co/MqAQjOOSbFBRT Project in #Jacksonville Gets Major Boots @SecretaryFoxx @JTAFLA @USDOT @FTA_DOT http://t.co/HWIENycBzT
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnDay 1. Here is Ms. Doris, the first #MARTA customer on Route 196. She said she's on her way to a job interview. http://t.co/hdl4E8Z52a
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnVision researcher Gertrude Rand designed Holland Tunnel lighting, improving bus optics. #transportationshe #wmnhist http://t.co/JujciqI3S6
President Obama just took action to cut the Federal Government's carbon pollution emissions → http://t.co/RfVueggeWD http://t.co/hJHqg6PuIN
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn
This morning @SecretaryFoxx & Chairman @RepBillShuster talked #infrastructure, getting beyond funding "stovepipes" http://t.co/LUmYFmSpA2From accessible transit in #Arkansas to jobs in #Wisconsin, transit investments support #rural communities. http://t.co/hl60tyarAsTune in: @MarioDB chairs #budget hearing on surface #transportation progs w/ @USDOTFHWA @FTA_DOT @NHTSAgov & #MARAD http://t.co/HOfaROUne8
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn#njinfrastructure @SecretaryFoxx: #BeyondTraffic Blue Book is user friendly; check it out http://t.co/3K6Vf4x7S4 and share your ideas!
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn#njinfrastructure @Transport: we need to see the holistic system and its problems...and recognize investment pays dividends
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn.@SecretaryFoxx: "This is a generational challenge." #njinfrastructure http://t.co/mtf8PI490y
ICYMI: 2 very important #transit #safety webinars will be offered next week. Sign up today! http://t.co/rKwud8QFeTToday is #TransitDriverAppreciationDay! Be sure to thank YOUR driver today and spread the word. #tdad (h/t @trimet) http://t.co/XeUCwHIdf1A bird? A plane? Nope. The #JAX First Coast Flyer, w/support from your @FTA_DOT http://t.co/6Bur74FHzD http://t.co/jaLQjvZkBp
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnTWO important webinars coming up on Transit Safety Certification & State Safety Oversight. Sign up today! More at http://t.co/rKwud8QFeT
A key policy change will help local communities give their residents better access to transportation jobs: http://t.co/I07G4Fh4AX
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn@Philip_R_Moon Moving to a new CMS this summer & regional sites will be much improved. For that error, try restarting your browser.
Future of US #transportation is calling for your input. @USDOT web session "How We Move" Tues, 1pm, EDT http://t.co/jh3hVvf1RX
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnTime for YOU to answer the bell. #BeyondTraffic web session: Tues. 1pm ET "How We Move" http://t.co/eqiV6v328o http://t.co/2Os5RANpjJ
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn#Jacksonville is building its transit future. Read about the new North Corridor BRT: http://t.co/s2Otcwru2U #JAX #FL http://t.co/MEhgAGJHvr
Today, @USDOT announced a new Final Rule to help ensure equal access to transit for the disabled – learn more: http://t.co/P1ChWxQPWSCongrats to FTA Senior Advisor Carolyn Flowers, was just recognized by COMTO as one of 13 Women Who Move the Nation: http://t.co/f43KAoRPhE
At #Mayors4Safety, FTA Admin McMillan said "pedestrians + cyclists are 1st-class citizens." http://t.co/QRW5kFaOup http://t.co/XjqDFrppBdTherese McMillan @FTA_DOT #Mayors4Safety: Low income neighborhoods 2x rate of ped injuries, 2x likely to lack #CompleteStreets #VisionZero
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Healthy aging in place? @FTA_DOT is working on that with @nc4mm and #Ride2Wellness http://t.co/PBOIRRCyWQ http://t.co/cjXNQPc76d
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnHealthy aging + Ladders of Opportunity = @FTA_DOT's Ride To Wellness http://t.co/gRf2ptsCpQ
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnAt the Rides to Wellness Summit, Acting FTA Admin McMillan says collaboration is key 2 improving access 2 healthcare http://t.co/VAdmwvM0yr#APTAleg15 is almost over, but don't miss our Capital Investment Grants workshop! | Penn Ave Terrace | Register @9AM, program 9:30-12:30
"This is a nationwide phenomenon." #Transit ridership in 2014 reached its highest level in generations. http://t.co/Mv2WdIcVAL @APTA_info
#APTAleg15: Learn from our Policy and Program Management offices & talk future of #transit at the Policy & Planning Cmte | Salon I | 5:00PMThere is no one size fits all approach to safety says @USDOT @FTA_DOT McMillan tells #APTAleg15
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnActing Admin McMillan & @USDOTFRA Acting Admin Feinberg discuss successful #transportation investments #APTAleg15 http://t.co/MV8kIs4MJbActing Admin Therese McMillan poses the question @APTA_info "how can we not afford to invest?" @FTA_DOT #APTAleg15 http://t.co/fLgZdzCqfv
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnActing FTA Admin Therese McMillan @ #APTAleg15: "To accommodate future growth, invest in #transit today" @APTA_info http://t.co/h2dBl08UzvNext up at #APTAleg15 (and LIVE on @cspan 3): Acting FTA Admin McMillan joins Acting @USDOTFRA Admin Feinberg for a panel discussion @ 1:4573% of the jobs in public transport in US are in the private sector @APTA_CEO @APTA_info @FTA_DOT @MassTransitmag @USChamber
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn#APTAleg15 @APTA_info Chair Phil Washington talks about the state of American #transit and #infrastructure http://t.co/l845Vfc8U8
And don't miss our discussion of #disability issues in the Access Cmte | Salon F | 3:30PM | #APTAleg15Coming up: learn more about our Rides to Wellness Initiative @ the State Affairs Cmte! | Salon E | 3:30 PM | #APTAleg15We'll be talking Build America and more at the Private-Public Partnership Cmte! | Salon F | 2:00PM | #APTALeg15Interested in #health & #transportation? We're talking Rides 2 Wellness in the Mobility Management Cmte! | Salon E | 1:30 PM | #APTAleg15Good morning #APTAleg15! See you nice & early 2 talk wellness in the Intergovernmental Issues Legislative Subcommittee | Dirksen Rm | 8:30AM
Friday fun! MT @SecretaryFoxx: Not family-friendly, but on target re #infrastructure & the faux trailer is fun http://t.co/1OHGfyOWJ3
"critical points for #transit safety: one size does not fit all; pilot program starting to find what works;" @FTA_DOT Therese McMillan
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnWith a new Local Hire plan, @SecretaryFoxx says #transit can create community jobs, build Ladders of Opportunity: http://t.co/HmDjU4A4Sj
#DOT Proposes Initiatives to Give Local Workers a Boost in Federal Investments @SecretaryFoxx @USDOTFHWA @FTA_DOT http://t.co/UbtiXDVGd6
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnUSDOT announces local hire initiative! http://t.co/XexuwhqStO
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnJust in from @HuffPostLive: @SecretaryFoxx calls #infrastructure 'sexy' so you'll [finally] pay attention http://t.co/moIe4IEvuW
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnLater today talking w/ @HuffPostLive on #BeyondTraffic 30-yr #transportation framework http://t.co/2PW4qO1pni http://t.co/fIDVXpiWXi
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Normally we do not advise dumping subway cars in the ocean, but this time we'll make an exception: http://t.co/rjYQDAHciA #sustainability
In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth, we're republishing a speech by @SecretaryFoxx on #Transportation and #Opportunity http://t.co/qy5DLlNfus
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnAdd "well-being" to the list of #transit's benefits! http://t.co/C0hUQcukJM
The THUD Subcommittee listens as @CongCulberson questions @SecretaryFoxx of @USDOT on light rail funding. http://t.co/1wGPgmxFNl
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn
Did you know about @nc4mm's Healthcare Access Mobility Design Challenge? Applications open NOW thru 03/27. More info: http://t.co/mjeN5nTaM1
86 cities and counting in our #Mayors4Safety challenge. Your city not in? Get LOUD http://t.co/gmGMCp5tB5 http://t.co/ggdqcedKf6
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnNew report from @ODOT_Statewide highlights growing demand for transit in #Ohio, need for more long-term investment: http://t.co/EqxCJUrNHX
Good news for improved #transit #safety as @FTA_DOT proposes new measures http://t.co/Ocvr6mr1ub http://t.co/EfkC9sxoYV
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn83 cities and counting! Is your community in on the #Mayors4Safety bike-ped Challenge? Still time... http://t.co/5lxO73EtxW
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnThe bus is back, as #GrowAmerica Express returns to #DC, but hard work remains ahead http://t.co/u1lDwoHTPS http://t.co/LB3CWfvg8T
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn#Transit (including by #bike) is a consistently safe mode of transport, says a column in the @alexandrianews: http://t.co/Oi6g0EK684
Grant from @FTA_DOT helps Portland region plan best ways to move people after an emergency. http://t.co/NVPpaCTE7p @Portland_State
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnOn last #GrowAmerica stop, @SecretaryFoxx announced proposed rule 2 increase state #safety oversight of rail transit: http://t.co/rCxIC8KmWYFor sports fans @SecretaryFoxx has the perfect analogy: the way we funded transpo the past 6 years is like running the wildcat. Every. Down..@SecretaryFoxx at #DC Union Station just now promoting #GrowAmerica: Says long-term #transportation solution needed http://t.co/IGWTWh6wo0
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