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FTA provides financial & technical assistance to local public transit systems, including buses, subways, light rail, & commuter rail. We are part of @USDOT

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Colo spends $7.3 mill in FTA funds to replace, rehab 103 buses, 5 lt rail trains @coloradoDOT http://t.co/4Cwjy76nT5 http://t.co/41vIJWco9d
.@USDOT helping ensure rungs on the ladder of opportunity aren’t so far apart http://t.co/IEGVQA7fK6 http://t.co/UFVQksvZjy
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnHappening now: Senate Banking Committee hearing on MAP-21 with representatives from public transportation industry: http://t.co/oK3QUDgTwq
This Earth? More vulnerable than before. The one we leave behind doesn't have to be http://t.co/FbD9eZ3Uda #EarthDay http://t.co/e24tKld1eb
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You can read Acting Admin McMillan's written testimony about MAP-21 & reauthorization before Senate Banking at http://t.co/uUHoJk95mAThey're having some video problems. Audio-only is available at http://t.co/nVnjnsvSZ2Acting Admin McMillan is testifying NOW before Senate Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs Committee abt reauthorization http://t.co/ov2x5h6xpl
Wash Post: #VRE to build 1st new station in 23 years in Spotsylvania for growing pop, jobs. http://t.co/yk77HXrCMI http://t.co/0ADWw0dd4eTargeted for their service. We honor the memory of fallen coworkers. #OKCbombing http://t.co/bHovX0QCd2 http://t.co/60iKmo48k1
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.@FTA_DOT Senior Advisor Carolyn Flowers is a hit at our reception for her at the Jonathan Club; @JohnLivzey photo http://t.co/NMbPvPwiXg
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We're taking an effective program and making it better with today's #TIGERSummit http://t.co/XkT2OfqAuy http://t.co/5S1itjl36J
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnBetter like this? Or like this? When it comes to bike-ped #data, count on @USDOTFHWA http://t.co/bdK3ESwtH8 http://t.co/gl2LItuqCw
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5 Reasons to Stop Hating on Ferries http://t.co/JzZXOzrdJSProposed changes to FTA Capital Investment Grant Program guidance doc focus of 2 pm Thursday webinar. Includes Q&A http://t.co/gV6sQdqCUn
Read Acting Administrator McMillan's blog post on #WMATA introducing new, safer rail cars. http://t.co/rPKADmjY1m http://t.co/PepXpaqIqWGoing #multimodal at @RideUTA in Salt Lake City. http://t.co/1jPFRUPOtT
#DOT Dep Sec Mendez, #FTA's McMillan take premier ride in #WMATA's 7000 subway car: safer, more comfortable. http://t.co/5AklMDjVeMToday, #Dallas opened its first #streetcar, running 1.6 miles. $26 million funded by DOT TIGER grant. #NCTCOG http://t.co/eWu0imIDn9
We had to share more #SU4T images: Denver, Missoula, San Fran & Las Vegas @RTCSNV @sfmta_muni http://t.co/cCa0bu6SJk http://t.co/U7EBVeCCZS
Did you #StandUp4Transportation yesterday? We did! And so did a lot of our friends: http://t.co/yplyR6TIqU | More pics to come! #SU4T
FTA's McMillan: "To keep America moving, we will need a strong, reliable public transit system." http://t.co/o9YvphFNtx #GROW #SU4TRep Castor conducted her #SU4T townhall aboard a @GoHART express bus! https://t.co/7uzuq5BY44The cake says it all Stand Up for Transportation #SU4T in @MiamiDadeCounty @FTA_DOT @Tri_Rail @IRideMDT @iflymia http://t.co/etS2yEWz2N
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnHappy Stand Up 4 Transportation Day from the PeopleForBikes team! Learn more at http://t.co/2Otpof4CSI #SU4T http://t.co/HSLw3xp6Fa
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnIt's #StandUp4Transportation Day! Learn more on providing long-term federal funding at http://t.co/tLyju8veiz #SU4T http://t.co/dEYBZIVkS1
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnThank you for showing support for public transit & highway investments! #SU4T http://t.co/8hb1s2VjWu
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnIt's time to get serious about investing in our nation's infrastructure. RT to #StandUp4Transportation #SU4T. http://t.co/ykZkIjfoAL
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnStand Up 4 Transportation Day - "We can't patch our way to prosperity." @SenatorDurbin @RTA_Chicago #SU4T http://t.co/XYYPf81liB
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn.@FTA_DOT Application period for 2015 TIGER grants is open. Learn more about TIGER grants here: http://t.co/lSdKJRgQOk
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnWe love transit, yes we do! We love transit, how about you?! #StandUp4Transportation #SU4T @APTA_Transit http://t.co/84b4lYn1LK
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnAttend or live stream Stand Up 4 Transportation today at 11 #SU4T http://t.co/cWuhbQQUVH
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnThere's a large gathering at Philly's #StandUp4Transportation rally this morning. http://t.co/RAj4bsa7J1 #SU4T http://t.co/D5mxea4Zcx
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnStand Up for Transportation! 52d until MAP-21 expires. We need long-term, sustainable transpo revenue stream. #SU4T http://t.co/4Dwy2Ssuri
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnThe weather is perfect to Stand Up 4 Transit @ Five Pts @ 11am! #SU4T #itsmarta http://t.co/f2N5fCUD2I
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn#SU4T together in #Philly. McMillan: long-term bill would give local partners the confidence to plan ahead. http://t.co/l0B0CnR3PQ"This country is going backwards in terms of #transportation investment," says @BilldeBlasio. #SU4T http://t.co/v1QDfYliAN
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnToday is #standup4transportation Day! http://t.co/QbcwNO334q #SU4T http://t.co/8zXfUNJZnH
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnIt's a beautiful morning for #StandUp4Transportation Day! How do you stand with us? Learn more: http://t.co/C7qv086AM6 #su4t
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnIt's National Stand Up For Transportation Day! Join us at Fountain Square today from 11 am - 1 pm. Do you Stand Up For Transportation? #SU4T
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn#SU4T #Transit Town Hall is at 10am. Join @USRepKCastor, @mikefortampa & @ms_eagan for federal funding discussion. http://t.co/rmpT9LIkNh
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FTA's McMillan 2 hlight need 4 long-term transportation funding 2morrow @ Philly #SU4T rally. http://t.co/JiJVYiqpW3 http://t.co/NpJuwgBebu
Save the date! @USDOT #TIGER Summit next Thurs, 4/16. Get hands-on help w/the TIGER grant process. Register today: http://t.co/oBxokvI7vvBus riders will enjoy a faster comm during peak hr bus lanes on Wilshire Blvd. @mridleythomas @ericgarcetti @FTA_DOT http://t.co/k9afJzfjil
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We are proud to support the new @MasonTransit center dedicated last week! @1030KMAS has the scoop, w/FTA remarks : http://t.co/Qf0mE6eDiq
When it comes to transit, everyone wins! http://t.co/aPk2bd5TWS #TransitTeams #FinalFour http://t.co/RPhigFxMiIGet ready for #FinalFour action & check out our #TransitTeams. @RideCATA keeps @michiganstateu & #EastLansing moving! http://t.co/KBkGKKQd6rGet ready for #FinalFour action by checking out our #TransitTeams. Next up: @KentuckyMBB & @Lextran in #Lexington http://t.co/eb9m1UW6zp
Check out your #FinalFour #TransitTeams! Next up: #CollegePark relies on balance just like the @umterps http://t.co/bfzbTZtAwq @wmataMore #TransitTeams of the #FinalFour! #GoDurham & @GoTriangle keep the @dukeblueplanet revolving! http://t.co/bfzbTZtAwq #DukeIt's #TransitTeams of the #FinalFour! #WRTD gives the assist to @UConnWBB & the rest of #Storrs CT http://t.co/AQePckeh7X @storrscenter
Grrr. TIGER is back, ready to improve #transportation in communities across the country http://t.co/PPlc07YW16 http://t.co/utaEir421l
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnU Drive. U Text. U Pay. April is #DistractedDrivingAwarenessMonth. Let's all #justdrive http://t.co/ZHCVLPidtC http://t.co/NlRnUfyWHF
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Congrats 2 @MasonTransit 4 opening beautiful new Transit-Community Center! http://t.co/bCPeXv2XjU #MTAwesome http://t.co/6Xiu0ZwU4aNo April Fools’: Over 61,000 US Bridges Need Repair - ARTBA analysis of DOT data. HTF faces May 31 funding deadline http://t.co/R9vEBxMoOT
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnMore #FinalFour #TransitTeams! @SBTranspo keeps #NotreDame & #SouthBend moving http://t.co/tHu3oXca8q @ndwbb #MarchMadnessDo you know your #FinalFour #TransitTeams? First up: @mymetrobus in #Madison WI, home of @BadgerMBB http://t.co/EpOhLEHAr1 #MarchMadnessNo fooling: Happy birthday to @USDOT, officially founded on April 1st, 1967! History buffs can read up here: http://t.co/oA7Y8jn1g3
A big challenge in OH is transpo to medical appts. Maybe @FTA_DOT 's Ride to Wellness program will ease this burden? http://t.co/w75GpIZpSb
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnLowey Hosts Federal Railroad Administrator in Chappaqua to Highlight the Need for Action on Grade Crossing Safety http://t.co/lHqv2KAqpm
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@MobilityLabTeam's ideas for getting people excited about transit might inspire some fun: http://t.co/GBbO30Z4Jd http://t.co/mc2Tzu8Fur
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnA shared responsibility for #transit #safety requires sharing knowledge as well @FTA_DOT http://t.co/y2peA5EIBj
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn#CTfastrak rider: "I haven't been on a bus since the school bus." Read news roundup. #BRT http://t.co/h1W2m73US1 http://t.co/eaWBWOSfvGWATCH: DOT's @SecretaryFoxx will be talking w/ @Politico's @mikeallen at today's #PlaybookLunch starting at 12. http://t.co/KEn48dnGzQ
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.@kcexec launches the celebration of the new MV Sally Fox with the community on #Vashon. http://t.co/i6qFpNxDKf
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnLA Rail hired “motormanettes” with age, weight reqs as drivers, conductors during WWII. #TransportationSHE #wmnhist http://t.co/B5obElp5jc
And in press-release-ese: .@USDOT Celebrates Opening of #Connecticut's First Bus Rapid Transit System http://t.co/Ag422vBwKPToday we celebrated the opening of @ctfastrak: new bus rapid transit service in #Connecticut http://t.co/4QE59GD5pI http://t.co/a0Yl5jvlda@FTA_DOT celebrates the first #BRT in CT @ctfastrak . People, this is huge! Kudos to many. We can't wait to ride! http://t.co/vkSBZa99uw
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnOlive Wetzel Dennis 1885-1957 1st female engineer 4 B&O RR Invented reclining seats& window vents #TransportationSHE http://t.co/0zRsPf5yly
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnThe ribbon is cut! @ctfastrak @CTrides @GovMalloyOffice @LGWyman @stewartfornb http://t.co/LSDpVIpgJW
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn.@FTA_DOT @AARP & other agencies conduct Ped/Bicyclist/Transit Safety Assessment along @kcmo Prospect Ave http://t.co/m7QvA3jYzG
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnExpect Good Things As CTfastrak Gets Underway http://t.co/GCmw0tta7W #GetOnBoard @ctfastrak @FTA_DOT @ChooseHartford @Tri_State @urbandata
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn@ctfastrak multiuse trail connecting stations, communities #GetOnBoard @BikesAsTrans @Commute_by_Bike @HYPEHartford http://t.co/V6ByfdXhcR
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn@Tri_State @ctfastrak incl dedicated lane, real time bus info and ticket vending machines. Service free for 9 days begins 3/28 #GetOnBoard
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnCommissioner Redeker "@ctfastrak is already successful because there is private sector investment along the line"
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn#CTfastak officially on Google! Zoom into the map & you can see the bus road & trail labeled! https://t.co/7uVbWx8lJj http://t.co/Oc42jVIIb5
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnFolks are getting excited for #CTfastrak opening day - check out this great manicure! #GetOnBoard http://t.co/BmdgGRrtKy
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnBusway is coming: First @ctfastrak bus will leave #Hartford at 4:52 a.m. Saturday http://t.co/ODIw2roewG http://t.co/iUHsrr3G0p
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn#CTfastrak riders: Spread the word about launch day! Hashtag #GetOnBoard on @ThunderclapIt: https://t.co/1kSpULITEZhttp://t.co/ZoN6n2YZ0V
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnIf you weren't excited enough about @ctfastrak, how about viewing a "trailer" from @pixelartfilmshttps://t.co/iSs89gGWWB
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All-female team of Military Sealift Command civil service mariners aboard the USNS Wally Shirra! #TransportationSHE http://t.co/1m2wPmFUGc
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnRepeat for our West Coast friends: Transit looks good on you. http://t.co/LWwrNClZDo @SFBART #TransitThursday http://t.co/DG3DcWOrW1Meredith Neizer was one of the first women to graduate from the USMMA (1978) #TransportationSHE #MARAD
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnIn 1974, USMMA accepted first group of women students. They are the first women accepted at any U.S. Military Academy #TransportationSHE
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnDOT's new rule improves access to public #transportation for people with disabilities #transit http://t.co/oafYQ6wyqo
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnOn @FTA_DOT bike & ped safety audit of West End Station area w/ @MARTASERVICE @GADeptofTrans @Cityofatlanta http://t.co/ssEcYVzP0o
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnTransit looks good on you. http://t.co/LWwrNClZDo @SFBART #TransitThursday http://t.co/FMNAqdZIC9
Mesa mayor: Rail extension will revive downtown http://t.co/hvzs0nbVc3 via @azcentral#Mesa Mayor John Giles: Millennials, seniors, they don't want more parking lots. They want #lightrail. http://t.co/6l8VzE726U
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnMeet Jennifer Nicks—FHWA Geotechnical Engineer helping to create Accelerated Bridge Construction: http://t.co/c60VpI6UPj #TransportationSHE
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnNews outlet @TheOnion gets it half-right on the future of #transportation #BeyondTraffic http://t.co/pRBApdAKeg
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnWally Funk: 1st woman FAA air safety investigator, now a global speaker on Air Safety. #TransportationSHE #history http://t.co/BgXP5U1fp4
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Admin Nicole Nason led NHTSA to require Electronic Stability Control on cars in 2007, which has saved thousands of lives. #TransportationSHE
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnMeet Jerry. His wife Lyndy, sons Barrett & Brad, & two pups appreciate you driving with caution in work zones #nwzaw http://t.co/J0uQMZbLWk
Retweeted by Federal Transit Admn#NWZAW continues: Watch VDOT's Flickr album through the week for related photos & agency's "Go Orange" Day: https://t.co/F9f8IPedi3
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NHTSA’s first administrator, Joan Claybrook, was integral to making lifesaving air bags standard in vehicles. #TransportationSHE
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnMartha J. Coston,1859 patented Telegraphic Night Signals,pyrotechnic signaling sys maritime comms #TransportationSHE http://t.co/RYYTGtG6F7
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnDon't forget! Our webinar on State Safety Oversight is TOMORROW & Transit Safety Certification is THUR. Learn more: http://t.co/rKwud8QFeTToday starts National Work Zone Awareness Week. Expect the unexpected. #SafeWorkZones #NWZAW http://t.co/N4kaf7JlyX http://t.co/zngPq0VQLN
Retweeted by Federal Transit AdmnState Safety Oversight (SSO) Program NPRM @FTA_DOT http://t.co/tw6RgUT6RO
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