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Daniel Walsh @rhatdan Massachusetts

Mr SELinux, Consulting Engineer at Red Hat. Now I mainly work on OCI Containers, Project Atomic, the CRI-O project, buildah and docker^hMoby.

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@nullr0ute @jwboyer19 Correct, we are always looking for Issues that we have in the code, and discussion on what we should add.
@ianmiell @noeloc @ipbabble @kubernetesio Well we want OpenShift S2I and any other Dockerfile handling to use build… upon these fun works by @mairin and @rhatdan: The SELinux coloring book: The Con…
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @neelabhg @rhatdan There's a new one coming out in the next couple of weeks 😁
Retweeted by Daniel WalshNew Container Journal article on Buildah. buildah==simplicity #nobigfatdaemons @projectatomic @openshift @RedHat
New blog on Podman. @bbaude discusses whether it is good enough for most @docker workloads? Try it out and tell u… podman release. Mainly bugfixes this week. @RedHat @openshift @kubernetesio @projectatomic @muayyadalsadi @mattrickard @TSweeneyRedHat Yes I have talked to the @ansible team to rebase ansible-containers on… say no to root (in containers) via @opensourceway by @rhatdan
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @noeloc @ianmiell @ipbabble Still working on it. We have been able to hack somethings together, but we want to get… use #podman to run my pet container and It works!
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @rhatdan It's as good as the people working on it, and they're amazing!
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh“How good is Podman?” by Brent Baude“podman-0.4.3 released” by Brent Baude
@pierrchen You can build skopeo without ostree. But I think there is a prebuilt skopeo for ubuntu available, altho…, skopeo mentioned at ContainerCon EU :P
Retweeted by Daniel WalshIf you want to learn more about #Buildah and (some) #Podman then check out this link to three blog posts:
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @ibuildthecloud I'm looking towards Podman to provide this. Just runs a container with CNI configured...
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @ibuildthecloud First step was to build containers, we are now adding the pod functionality to podman commands.Olha o @jwendell dando entrevista sobre o CRI-O. #Containers
Retweeted by Daniel WalshLooking for an alternative to #Docker for building container images? Come learn about #Buildah from @ipbabble, seni…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshBuildah is a great tool to work with, give it a try!
Retweeted by Daniel WalshCheck out this Meetup: Hear from the Experts: Buildah & Podman relationship w/ #Kubernetes & #OpenShift
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh#RedHat's @JWhitehurst, Paul Cormier, @matthicksj, & @kernelcdub to deliver keynotes at this year's @RedHatSummit!…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshD&G 157: @ghelleks & I review earthworm jerky & say @drdavidawheeler 3 times in a mirror #dgshow
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @mattrickard @TSweeneyRedHat @muayyadalsadi Bulldah also wants to support the NON Dockerfile syntax. No reason to… @mattrickard @TSweeneyRedHat @muayyadalsadi And this is something we are actively working on with buildah as well.… @muayyadalsadi @TSweeneyRedHat We are all working towards the same goal of creating OCI Container images without pr… say no to root (in containers) via @opensourceway by @rhatdan
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh“DevSecOps, a term that serves to explicitly remind us that security needs to be embedded throughout the entire Dev…
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @stickster @fedora @kubernetesio @openshift @RedHat @projectatomic My mistake, sorry @complexmind Not my car.. 😉Now if you see #nobigfatdaemons...Spotted in Surrey #NoBigFatDaemons #openshift #nerdjoke @rhatdan
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Incredible lineup of @openshift customers & partners @RedHatSummit in San Francisco in 2 weeks! Don't miss it!!
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh#RedHat is a Diamond sponsor at #KubeCon + #CloudNativeCon in Copenhagen. Swing by our booth for the latest technic…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshWe just released the agenda for #RHSummit. Lots of great speakers this year and we're featuring more customers than…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshI'll be speaking about @kubernetesio #CRI-O @ConDaysEU in Hamburg!
Retweeted by Daniel WalshMan, I can't wait until upgrading to a new major OS release is this easy for everyone. Using @fedora Atomic Work…
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“Podman v0.4.2 Released” by Matt Heon
[opencontainers/distribution-spec] spec: support for passing client image name for mirroring use case
Retweeted by Daniel WalshNew Blog on Buildah on @fedora magazine. Buildah==Simplicity #nobigfatdaemons @kubernetesio @openshift @redhat
Our #sue2018-lineup, they were amazing! Their interesting talks about #AGC, #containertechnology,…
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh
Checkout these new tools that @RedHat has been collaborating with the #OpenSource community on for working with…
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh
Esta palestra irá descrever a arquitetura CRI-O, bem como demonstrar os diferentes recursos do kubernetes em execuç…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshJust say no to root (in containers) via @opensourceway by @rhatdan
Retweeted by Daniel WalshRight now @rhatdan from @RedHat is giving a talk about next generation container technologies. Let's see if he mana…
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @rhatdan @Snow_BV cri-O #buildah #podman #skopeo
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @rthallisey @RedHatSummit I will be trailing way behind you.Yesterday Dutch for @rhatdan now Portugese today for @runcom! What a multi-lingual crew! @RedHat @kubernetesio
Retweeted by Daniel WalshIf you haven't read @GrahamDumpleton latest O'Reilly book on OpenShift, it's worth a read and currently free at thi…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshSometimes you need some docker. Sometimes you don't. Use the best tools for the job with #buildah
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@RedHatSummit is looking great! Plan on attending May 7-10 in San Francisco. And check out the @openshift lineup -…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshI just signed up for @RedHatSummit 5k. If you're going to the summit, hope to see you running.
Open Container Initiative introduces the distribution-spec project: What it means for you
Retweeted by Daniel WalshWow! @rhatdan speaks containers and Dutch! #RedHat #CRI-O @redhatnews @opensourceway.
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh y'all
Retweeted by Daniel WalshMy attempt at explaining my opinion that cri-o may beat out containerd. I suspect this will only further irritate…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshHow to Run CRI-O 1.9.10 with OpenShift Container Platform 3.9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4
Retweeted by Daniel WalshAt #sue2018 @rhatdan on stage: Containers, containers, containers
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @v4nn1ster Nfs is optimized to only mount at the highest shared mount point.Excited about the talk and insights from @rhatdan about container technology. #SUE2018
Retweeted by Daniel WalshAt #sue2018, now @rhatdan is talking about containers @Snow_BV
Retweeted by Daniel WalshA new way to build containers by the buildah tool (the dog with underwear on its head - @rhatdan) #buildah #SUE2018
Retweeted by Daniel WalshA new way to build containers by using the buildah tool (the dog with underwear on its head - @rhatdan) #buildah
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @rhatdan van Red Hat sloot het ochtendprogramma af met een interessante talk over de "Next Generation Container Tec…
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@v4nn1ster Usually the file/directory is being created at boot time with the wrong label. Need to figure out which… is now officially supported with OCP 3.9. Lean stable alternative to docker #OpenShift #PaaS #crio #container
Retweeted by Daniel WalshI just assumed containerd would end up being the de-facto standard in k8s overtime. I think I'm wrong, I think cri…
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@itsnovonil @rhatdan If you have defined them with a ReplicationController, or DeploymentConfig, you can do a new r…
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @rhatdan @openshift @fatherlinux @kubernetesio @RedHat @projectatomic Thank you! Looking forward to "cri-o" support…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshNew blog on setting up @openshift 3.9 with CRI-0 by @fatherlinux. @kubernetesio @RedHat @projectatomic v0.16 has been released! It now supports all transports that skopeo does. @projectatomic @RedHat
Retweeted by Daniel WalshRed Hat Employs Buildah for Constructing Container Images
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @FranckPachot Disclaimer cause I work for @RedHat but have you checked out Buildah for building container images?
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh“How to Run CRI-O 1.9.10 with OpenShift Container Platform 3.9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4” by @fatherlinux in the latest #container technologies? Great, here is what the @openSUSE community has been working on l…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshCRI-O + @openshift + #RHEL = Awesome #RedHat #kubernetes
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @fatherlinux @openshift @linode OpenShift with CRI-O, no Docker on board....
Retweeted by Daniel WalshInteresting experiment with openshift and cri-o
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