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Daniel Walsh @rhatdan Massachusetts

Mr SELinux, Consulting Engineer at Red Hat. Now I mainly work on OCI Containers, Project Atomic, the CRI-O project, buildah and docker^hMoby.

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This mustache is begging you "please" give CRI-O a try! Friendly members of the community are here to help you get…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshBuildah blog by @TSweeneyRedHat shows how @docker and Buildah can build and use the same containers image. buildah… image signing means: * digitally sign a container image * put the signature somewhere it can be retriev…
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@jamieeduncan I would not be surprised if there was a limit, but it has to be huge. You would likely hit other lim… 0.11 has shipped! Available in @fedora, @ubuntu @centos and soon @RHELdevelop Have you tried to build a c… @jawnsy @fatherlinux All processes are running in a a namespaces, look at /proc/self/ns. All processes run in a cg… @jawnsy @rhatdan I should have caveated that with - on a Red Hat system, everything under systems is run as a conta…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshNew blog by @runc0m on Kubernetes Security using CRI-O and Simple Signing. #nobigfatdaemons @rhatdan often says, all processes are essentially containers. Basically, containers are just fancy processes wi…
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh“Secure your Kubernetes production cluster” by @runc0m
The @openshift PM team honors our top #Kubernetes committer for 2017 @smarterclayton with some sweet tees.…
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#Containers without #Docker at #RedHat.
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How Linux containers have evolved via @opensourceway by @rhatdan
Retweeted by Daniel WalshAn article on @lwnnet over break, that you might have missed "Containers without Docker" @kubernetesio @openshift
I'm going to " 2018". See you there? via @Eventbrite
“Ultimately, the strategies that allow Amazon to continue growing will also be its limitation. “If the platform nee…
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A First Look at KubeVirt via @openshift “A #Kubernetes add-on to enable management of virtu…
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@runc0m It's ok, some people even believe I mispronounce some words.“RedHat is clearly the clear leader here with a very impressive offering in @OpenShift. Kudos to them for building…
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Retweeted by Daniel Walshkubernetes-incubator/cri-o (1.0.8): Open Container Initiative-based implementation of #Kubernetes Container...
Retweeted by Daniel WalshBrand new graphic for the CRI-O website! #Kubernetes
Retweeted by Daniel WalshCRI-O: All the runtime Kubernetes needs
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @kubernetesio more than 300 are @kubernetesio e2e tests, around 100 are CRI-O's own integration and unit tests and…
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh[video uploaded] @redhatcloud's @rhatdan and @mrunalp on the State of the Container EcoSystem at Red Hat 's…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshLuv me my new and improved Buildah logo's from @mairin !
Retweeted by Daniel WalshBuildah has a new improved logo, less tighty whitey. you know each PR in @kubernetesio CRI-O goes through more than 500 tests before ever thinking about merging it?
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@runc0m @rhatdan @mrunalp @benbreardjr @cheddarmint @JenInnovate @TheMaxamillion It was great seeing the whole CRI-…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshA new convert to CRI-O. @matthewsezeller SELinux does not automatically label. Basically there are a series of rules to label a directory.… Support for #Kubernetes – cri-o – Medium by @rhatdan #CRIO
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@theanarcat Boston accent. although most of New England "drops R's"
@rhatdan is preaching about CRI-O at #KubeCon
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @jeffro_ligon @cheddarmint I'm bringing back a bunch for the teamLots of @RedHatNews hats @KubeCon_ excited about CRI-O - lots of really interesting possibilities in a Kubernetes focused container runtime
Retweeted by Daniel WalshIt's snowing in Austin #KubeCon
Retweeted by Daniel WalshClearly your swag is a hit ( and perhaps a bit creepy in terms of predicting the weather) @jzb
Retweeted by Daniel WalshCouldn’t agree more. That and containers/image and containers/storage help put the Open in OCI with projects like…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshIf you need to perform actions on @docker images without pulling them down check out this awesome project! projecta…
Retweeted by Daniel Walshhoy a la de griego le ha parecido buena idea hacernos una broma y decirnos que había examen sorpresa ay que prankst…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshAnother tutorial on #Buildah is up. This one on how to use Buildah with container registries.
Retweeted by Daniel WalshLet's get started to build your own #OCI Images via #buildah
Retweeted by Daniel WalshNice quick getting started with #Buildah . And checkout upstream #buildah tutorials here:
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @tn961ir I believe no one should care. CRI was about creating choiceLuckily my friends at @RedHatSoftware hooked me up with some sweet CRI-O gear for the Austin weather at #KubeCon
Retweeted by Daniel WalshHey #KubeCon all those snowflakes? Proof that CRI-O is awesome! #SignFromAbove
Retweeted by Daniel WalshCRI-O: All the runtime Kubernetes needs via @opensourceway
Retweeted by Daniel WalshHow does CRI-O support work? Basically, master == Kube 1.9, Support == Kube 1.8. Tech Preview == OpenShift 3.7. Thi…
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @jessfraz hope u picked up a CRI-O beanieFollow @theCUBE & don't miss a minute in 2018 Dan Walsh - Red Hat on #theCUBE from #KubeCon @rhatdan @RedHatNews
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @william_markito @rhatdan I wonder who coined #nobigfatdaemons
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @joshprismon @Nakashon @kubernetesio Yes just like @docker and rkt but CRI-O is dedicated to @kubernetesio.Not sure if @rhatdan intended his hat to be the most practical swag at #kubecon, but it sure is on this blustery ni…
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@joshprismon @Nakashon @kubernetesio is the interface not the deamon it calls to get work done.Committed another PR to @ProjectAtomic #Buildah Another tutorial re container registries. Just waiting on @rhatdan to LGTM and the merge
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @purpleidea @rothgar @runc0m We want to work closer with systemd in the future. @purpleidea @rothgar @runc0m CRI is a lightweight daemon for launching OCI containers under Kubernetes. Supports an… @purpleidea @runc0m If systemd-nspawn grew oci support it could replace runc. @spidler @lordcyphar Bulidah should work inside a container just need to volume mount in /var/lib/containers. We wi… @ipbabble present on buildah at the COS Open Source #meetup hosted by @PolarisAlphaLLC
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh#Buildah fun. Hit a bump but got back on track
Retweeted by Daniel WalshBuildah seems really cool. #nobigfatdaemons
Retweeted by Daniel WalshOCI and #Buildah #CRIO #Skopeo for the win.
Retweeted by Daniel WalshAnd maybe in the future the automated pipeline will have more OCI choices like #buildah Whatever is best for your p…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshCRI-O: All the runtime Kubernetes needs
Retweeted by Daniel WalshWhatever this panel says @vbatts, I love CRI-O
Retweeted by Daniel WalshCatching @mrunalp at #CloudNativeCon talking about the cri-o project's runtime for Kubernetes
Retweeted by Daniel WalshBrave @mrunalp demoing CRI-O at #KubeCon live. Important focus on runtimes that are purposely built for just what o…
Retweeted by Daniel WalshFresh cri-o hats at the #RedHat / @OpenShift booth! #KubeCon / #CloudNativeCon
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @erailine @OpenShiftFed And cri-o 1.0
Retweeted by Daniel Walsh @vbatts I got an amazing cri-o beanie yesterday so that's basically the same amount of publicity right?
Retweeted by Daniel WalshDid you know you can entirely swap docker for CRI-O in kubernetes >= 1.7 and just get going? :) ping me if you need any help!
Retweeted by Daniel WalshCRI-O demo at the Red Hat booth in 15! Come and ask guys #KubeCon #RedHat
Retweeted by Daniel Walshthe wonderful @vbatts discussing the roadmap for @OCI_ORG 2018 #KubeCon
Retweeted by Daniel WalshAttending @OCI_ORG community meeting. Figure out goals of next year.@Great keynote by @smarterclayton! Talking about how Red Hat runs Kubernetes at scale and finds and fixes bugs. Have…
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