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from akron, ohio. live in LA. born on kentucky ave. I can’t swim. I play baseball. queer spiritualist. LABF world champ. Butch ‘20🏴

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Maybe it should crumble and those of us who work for change, inclusion, and basic goddamn decency to our fellow hum… Buy, Tuesday night @20sideddie It was Phil.When one of my baseball teammates knocks on my door in the same flannel havent even seen a full trailer for The Green Book but I know what a Green Book was and WHY it was and it weren’t… Akron, for life (by Dani Rachmann)
My top 3 fav hobbies: Baseball Music Being nice as hell to people @mollypriddy “Let’s get normal!”My favorite so far, and by farSobriety is a helluva drugPeople who threaten and physically attack their intimate partners should not be able to gain access to firearms Do… @jaseidler Basewall StreetDear god beltre represented everything right about baseball. he treated everyone with respect, had fun on the field a…
Retweeted by rhea tofurkey butcherI play ⚾️ Not 🥎“One of the few members of Congress here.” @SheaSerrano Thank you for your servicewhen the melatonin hit thinking Jordan petersom is the smartestGo Rams and shitSo like, this is why I stopped being affected by Twitter so much. The tweet below feels inflammatory taken by itsel… @PattyArquette @CNBC @CNBCMakeIt seems to be clarifying that she does not have $50k in investments as was previously made viral last week.
@IListenToSwans @Ocasio2018 Also you could take it up with @AdyBarkan instead of me, since they’re the one part of… @GhostPanther The kicker? We didn’t. The American people didn’t choose either.Was it always like this, and we just didn’t know? Perhaps But now we know, so what will we doI remember a time when if a tragedy occurred, we refrained from tweeting jokes or promoting things, scolded each ot… @joshgondelman @AnnasBoston Josh I am so happy for you @joonlee @dumbfoundead Oh my @MikeBatesSBN Oh my ITS VICTORY BLUE MIKE @franklinleonard @RepJoeWilson Right ran suit! It was the TAN SUIT yes. Tan suit. @IListenToSwans @Ocasio2018 If we’re gonna talk about people saying they’ll work with Republicans on bipartisan stu… @IListenToSwans @Ocasio2018 Yes I think the protests worked. If you read the thread, there’s a lot of good info on… for days this for years this for all of time @franklinleonard @RepJoeWilson But Franklin don’t you see Obama disrespected the office first by, um, being, well, um...uhhhhCrowdfunding, or what we could be paying for with our taxes @IListenToSwans Ok yes but seems like the new dems in Congress like @Ocasio2018 support her so that’s what I’m talk… @jbouie What a piece of work @jbouie This is the Scrabble lady right?And I’d much rather focus on those who are uniting and working together, than the 16 people going rogue. It also se…’s a thread to get you all caught up on the left and how we are all gonna get shit done a woman use the car wash vacuum on the underside of her car. No judgement just ain’t never seent it before.Dear The World, You’re welcome. @paulscheer @PFTompkins This is shaping up to be a hell of a podcast episodeBuy not but I really love these thousand dollar smartphones they’re really smartI thought this came out over the weekend but it comes out today so guess what but it today! 🍝🍜 @ParkerMolloy @OhNoSheTwitnt Something I am well aware of @AAGPBL @andrewhodwitz @GregProops I love what y’all are doing now, and I truly meant the executives of the time.Dear Portland, Oregon: a second show has been added at @MississippiStud on 1/19. Please buy a ticket and come say h… @raesanni I too, am hurt @ParkerMolloy It’s not my fault I was a childGotta tell y’all something: I’ve never seen Space Jam @npwhite @andrewhodwitz @GregProops Mamie Peanut Johnson, Tonie Stone, and Connie Morgan. All three are in the Negro Leagues Hall of Fame. @LouisatheLast @transscribe *meant to also include trans thereSomething else: while it is literally the minimum, the movie A League of Their Own included more black women than t… @LouisatheLast @transscribe I mean sure but you have to think of the context in which the movie was made and the co… hope that people also sit their sons down to watch this movie. @LouisatheLast @transscribe But Louisa, there IS a lesbian storyline in that movie.I can't even explain to you how much this movie and this story mean to me. @transscribe Me too. I feel like I am some combo of Kit, Dottie, and Doris. Sun in Kit Moon in Dottie Doris rising?"You ARE gonna miss this. I don't care what you say.""Just when I want you to stay you're leavin'." God damn if A League of Their Own ain't a country song. @transscribe Thank uuuuuu @stephschaefer11 Nope. We are also allowed to disagree.The cut to Alice in the dugout there is brutal, and I hadn't really noticed it before. Brilliant editing. Baseball.Also: Dottie didn't drop the ball on purpose. Kit wanted it more.In "A League of Their Own" when Bill Pullman says "THAT'S MY WIFE!" about Dottie's 2 out, 2 RBI go ahead single is such a great moment @heymonroe Saw someone wait in line to talk to an agent specifically to get their pass printed, nothing else. He was under 30.Shout out to all my homies who was on here doin work before twitter put that hate filter in that shit was real back then y’all I see youLeBron James scored 51 points tonight. He might not be your GOAT, but he sure as hell is my GOAT. is a hell of a thing to read’s another one if you needed it (you did) 😎
Watch Buster and then watch Chloe Zao’s tremendous work of art, The Rider. @EmperorADB 36I’m running for president @vivekshraya 😍I'll tell you something: that jacket and coat don't look like a girl who struggles.Thank god I’m a country boy
@benroy00 @MrEmilyHeller YES WE DO“Me want great climate.” @ContraPoints Don’t gotta know nothin about baseball just gotta wanna talk @Hegemommy @inkandtonic Slow West was also good @imaliwaller The jokes are back thereTry to relieve yourself of the belief that any individual human being owes you anything, @Hegemommy @inkandtonic It’s not any more than what you’d consider to be a traditional movie from this time period,… @NekoCase It you, Neko? @kenklippenstein Because he’s never been corrected or questioned in his life when he speaks @inkandtonic Exactly. Not one could have been from the perspective of 1 million+ people of this continent? Did they… really love the storytelling of Ballad of Buster Skruggs. Just wish it didn’t have to often be at the expense of… shit both @benroy00 & @MrEmilyHeller have new albums out treat yourself to a solid Saturday and download these fine folksMy gender identity is none of the clothes I like ever fit
Retweeted by rhea tofurkey butcher @LeftCanon You’re missing the point by five football fields @anylaurie16 @staceyabrams The whole time @hodgman This is why we get along so wellMy gender identity is none of the clothes I like ever fit @BomberTrans @ContraPoints I’m sober so2016: stop the first woman president 2018: stop the first black woman governor 2020:You bet your ass I bought the shit out of this @KaylaPekkala @tedleo @ContraPoints @ParkerMolloy ASAP, for a Rookie of the Year review perhaps?