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A person with thoughts from Akron, Ohio - I use they/them pronouns but any are really ok as long as you’re not being a jerk #blacklivesmatter 🛠

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Please remember to vote this year: @aGillianHames @MikeDrucker Thanks Tim Kaine and internet reporting sucks @MikeDrucker I really disagreed with that choice @Thesixler And much much left ofHere are five Democrats that didn’t vote for Pompeo @MikeDrucker Couldn’t then, can’t now @MikeDrucker Fuckin’ Tim KaineI related to and wanted to be friends with Rudy, I felt sorry for Vanessa. I had a crush on Denise. Being able to… night I danced to The Cosby Show intro. I loved it. That show allowed me, a white kid raised by white people… Constand brought her civil case against Bill Cosby 13 years ago. This remarkable profile, which included her…
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🛠🇵🇷 @XGroverX Hey this is @cameronesposito’s photo @evanrachelwood That’s @cameronesposito’s image!If only we had the same legal standards for our presidents as we do for our sitcom stars.
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🛠🇵🇷 @robinthede @TheRundownBET Bonus episode?!?ACCOUNTABILITY. This is the only way things will change.
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🛠🇵🇷 @misterdoit @AndyKindler Yeah I agree, that’s not me in the photoI am thinking of the women who put their lives on the line to speak their truth. I hope they can find freedom today… unforgettable @NYMag cover from 2015. #BillCosby
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🛠🇵🇷Bill Cosby is guilty of three counts of sexual assaultBREAKING: Bill Cosby found guilty on all three counts in sexual assault retrial.
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🛠🇵🇷Hello. i have been working on an hr about sexual assault. A writer for @thedailybeast saw it this week.
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🛠🇵🇷In her daring and hilarious new hour of comedy, Cameron Esposito opens up about her experience as a survivor of sex…
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🛠🇵🇷 @IanKarmel I sure couldnt when I had mowing shoesI think about the 2010 year end recap episode of all songs considered where the one critic cries while recommending… @IanKarmel The rural version of this is mowing shoes but nobody who needs mowing shoes can afford Yeezys I dont thinkIs @Reductress subtweeting us again @britnidlc ✋🏻 @ChrisisGross Guess who already picked him up @84Hanners @PFTompkins @cameronesposito Hmm @ForeverDogTeam?
I’m an in debt thinkerLeBron would never FOR THE WIN!!
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🛠🇵🇷Don't make idols of human beings. The cult of celebrity is a big part of why we're in the mess we're in as a societ…
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🛠🇵🇷No, not Andrew MillerI dont really like to swear on here but no fucking shit people saying a black person is in the sunken place makes my balls itch
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🛠🇵🇷 @agent_squeaks Sure but she didn’t have to do it in the first place? @SeaBurden @transyurochka Didn’t know, thx for the heads up @SeaBurden I didnt know, damOh, I also really thought it sucked when Shania praised Trump Later gurlShe did it. “No ones ever really gone.” #michellemacnamara also: you never put your finger on the trigger because you should assume every firearm is loaded. My dad also taught me that.It took til my twenties because I was shut out of a lot of the culture of parts of my family cuz of how I was born, you understand @goodrichgevaart You mean this one? @Maggie_557 oh yeah my gramma taught me that as a kid too, I yelled at a kid for pointing a broom at me once and wa… @content67 that's alright, I can see how that could happen @BirchandMaple word @content67 That...isn't me? @Hbrowne24 yeah I just feel like our bodies are already so weaponized against us, and they'd just flip it to be lik… @karlhess I like when they get caught for gun safety and they're like shit now I really have to apologizebreaking: dumb rich man likes trump
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🛠🇵🇷The Life of Pepe
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🛠🇵🇷 @donwill What is happening Don @MaraWilson I’m glad you said “almost” because BUCKEYES ARE A GIFT @Hbrowne24 I mean exactly but then do we want to equate our bodies with gun ownership? That’s why I have held off m… @aparnapkin Wow @cythusly Exactly @craigcalcaterra Is sixth the new secondThe first time I ever held a gun was in my twenties and my dad was instructing me and told me, “THE first thing you… @TylerMahanCoe “SJW” topics @JasonIsbell @1followernodad Look, guys I finally went and bought that Super Mario soda on eBay that I’ve been want… @ryanreynolds86 same friend same @AngryBlackLady @PFTompkins HE IS A PHILLIES PHAN!Look, I love all my episodes of this podcast but this one was especially fun and I had a great time with one of my… fantasy baseball friends: IT IS ACUÑA DAY, BABYJust said “money cash” and I stand by it
@kenklippenstein “This is how business works!” @Caissie WEWS was MY childhood news and honestly this couldn’t have happened to a better station #TedHenry @TijuanaPanthers was just thinking about you bb’s today gotta get me one of them fresh tees of yoursJust hit 81k thank u 🛠 @StelliniTweets Welcome to 2018 Nick! @TylerMahanCoe Hell yeah TylerDamn, that is the desk of a busy man
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🛠🇵🇷 @swimommyb I guess my whole point is: you/we don’t have to define everything. You can just be open, fluid in your u… @heysuz69 Yeah all these people are my people @KendraJames_ Boy oh boyAh, the classic “call them what I am” defense @deray lololololololololol