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rhea butcher @RheaButcher Los Angeles, CA.

comic with a 35 year old farmer's tan from akron, ohio. born on kentucky avenue. I can’t swim. I play baseball.

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Some days you just have to let your hair down so you can wash it in the kitchen sink.
Retweeted by rhea butcher @meakoopa Wow thank you for your servicethe president is a billionaire. almost every member of his cabinet has over 6 mansions. betsy devos has 11 yachts.…
Retweeted by rhea butcher @MarciaBelsky Lol “debate nights”Another rad show tomorrow night @ucbtla at 8pm! Bee there beebees. too, have lost about 200 followers recently. This explains it. @JuliaSerano OH SO THAT'S WHAT THAT WAS @PunkPatriot @ItsTheBrandi There are. Does it get the same coverage/cash flow as the MLB? No, it does not. I'm not… like this morning we’re all outraged about staplers? This website @ItsTheBrandi If it is, no major league teams/professional softball teams are are playing at their fieldFeels like this website has just fully broken recently. People who’ve stuck around to try to make it or keep it a g… then it was as big a deal on television as the Little League World Series/MLB crossoverHow wild would it be to see professional sports teams play for and hang out with a bunch of little girls who also play the same sport
Go see it you need me I’ll be on instagramBaseball twitter: I called the A’s, there are tapes
Leg hair getting so long it’s got a natural part @faithchoyce Apparently
Heck of a headline and heck of a HAIRCUT congrats my dude is where I went to college. I am still paying off the loans. @elizaskinner 1. Great work 2. My statement is in response to something like the following: “I went to see my thera… @yashar @Ocasio2018 closed to press because the audience is domestic abuse survivors is very different than banning the press.If there's anything @HulkHogan knows about its brothers and hoods.
Retweeted by rhea butcher @carmenriosss @ayobrobro It's funny, Rushmore was about a poor kid above his station and then everything after that… in mind we've seen Crazy Rich White People hundreds of time at this point.
Retweeted by rhea butcherReally despise the word "yummy" in any contextWild that everyone on Twitter is an expert in politicsExcited to be hosting the Highland Square Film Festival this fall in my hometown of Akron, Ohio! @TijuanaPanthers Is this what The Leftovers is like? @TijuanaPanthers Thank god I haven't lost youBaby’s First Conspiracy Theory: The Government Laced That Weed with Opioids @EmersonMinako I’m sorry I had to cancel due to a work conflict. Promise I’ll come there in 2019. @ChrisCubas I’m sorry Chris @trixiemattel 💕💓💓💕Lost a bunch of followers so @AndyRichter Mostly just lookin' at 'em and shit
@ira @AWolfeful Yes! And Queer Nation (founded in 1990) was perhaps the originator of “we’re here we’re queer” in hopes… @PChill708 I think it’s better if you stick to the acronym unless you are speaking *with* your queer friends who id… @Baer_Bill But but but, let's all fight over who has moar "working class" fans @cogentmutation Me*I AM VERY MUCH HERE FOR WOMEN'S HOCKEY THIS SEASON (@NWHL) go see Alice tonight @samswey They spent a lot of time wondering if he was racist in 2016, then castigating his opponent for calling it outThis is one of my favorite performances by Aretha Franklin. She was only 22 here. We’ve lost a treasure. 💔
Retweeted by rhea butcherRest in power, Aretha. You were not only the Queen of Soul, but a warrior, a survivor, an icon, and a protector. Yo…
Retweeted by rhea butcherOh but my joy of today Is that we can all be proud to say To be young, gifted and black Is where it's at.”Young, gifted and black How I long to know the truth There are times when I look back And I am haunted by my youthWhen you feel really low Yeah, there's a great truth you should know When you're young, gifted and black Your soul's intactYoung, gifted and black We must begin to tell our young There's a world waiting for you This is a quest that's just begunIn the whole world you know There are billion boys and girls Who are young, gifted and black, And that's a fact!“To be young, gifted and black, Oh what a lovely precious dream To be young, gifted and black, Open your heart to what I meanYoung, Gifted and Black @lindaholmes This I love this song so muchGrateful to have experienced life with Aretha Franklin. Sound will never be the same. @TrondyNewman @joshgondelman BOTH @IanKarmel Someone gave me the finger because they started driving into me at a four way stop in the middle of my left turn @PFTompkins I wanted to do "Alright, alright, alright" but all the gif's suck so I apologize for this inferior reply. @PFTompkins @PFTompkins I feel like this is about me and I’ll do a better job PaulAin't nothing a little Telecaster and pedal steel can't fix @dantelfer Just bought itOh shit ya boi gettin into constellations and shitMy website is messed up, so here’s the ticket links to my upcoming rescheduled shows: Sacramento:… @sbellelauren that too @allisonkilkenny He's five minutes from saying "Pokemon DON'T go to the polls!"See, I just walk there @ira BANG BANG @PaddyAbs @Baer_Bill Once the staties ping em for ten miles over they get purdy mad but otherwise cool with manslaughter @Baer_Bill Jesus @LibyaLiberty Oh boyNO BAT FLIPS NO HOME RUN TROTS NO EXCITEMENT NO EMOTION DON'T ENJOY THIS Why does everyone think baseball is boringI’m wary of people who, when asked to consider race, react as if you want them to ignore class. You have to conside…
Retweeted by rhea butcher @sackobooks @AyeshaASiddiqi That’s what Ayesha already said. @AyeshaASiddiqi ✊🏻👏🏻✊🏻👏🏻✊🏻👏🏻
I’m growing my hair out @michaelianblack You mean like, a pizza place?