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Shout out to these folks blocking out the signs of the terrified at #WomensMarchLA @CocoDavies There were all kinds of people out here with the exact same setup, which is weird. We also had the stre… @CocoDavies Same vendors in LA. Really odd because they did not seem to be sanctioned by the march (perhaps they we… Times didn’t interview people at the march cuz there weren’t no windows for them to stare into the distance out of @RavenclawEarper I went, my wording is confusing @CocoDavies This was in Denver?Just watched all of Mindhunter, I’m fine
Women's March Whitehorse, Yukon 2018 #womensMarch2018
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🇵🇷 @MikeDrucker What a time to be aliveThat awkwardly symbolic moment when you're a dude in your underwear who thinks the Women's March is cheering for yo…
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🇵🇷Government shutdowns in the modern era: - 1995 (Republican Congress) - 1996 (Republican Congress) - 2013 (Republic…
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🇵🇷Tfw you’re “working” like the Federal government will be shutdown on the 1-year anniversary of President Trump's inauguration.
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🇵🇷Vile
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🇵🇷White House very pleased with itself for doing work
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🇵🇷Republicans are struggling to govern now that they're in control of everything because the only thing that united t…
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🇵🇷 @marymcraig It sucks because there are so many local and congressional Dems doing good works, like brass tacks work… is what dealing with a landlord is like, because he is, ultimately, a landlord. A racist landlord. @marymcraig Are they letting the wall get built so they have something literal to point to as a failure/waste of mo… when people were fighting about Tom Perez? That was a year ago and now the government is shut downThe Tide Pods of the nineties.
@marcellacomedy Damn Marcella just text me @1followernodad Oh Oh! Check out @TomboyExchange, they make very simple sports style bras. RHEASENTME gets you % off! @1followernodad Sure thing! I've had sports bras for years not knowing that the pad can come out. @1followernodad Not on the cheap ones I've gotten from Target, the place where the pad comes out is real hidden, and the pad is real small. @1followernodad (sometimes) @1followernodad (you can take the pads out) @jaboukie @TrondyNewman "to be a great help meet to him"Look, when I was four I tried to touch powder dishwasher detergent and my depression surviving grandmother snapped… @cmclymer congrats my friend. also: I just accidentally unfollowed you when I meant to send a tweet to you.To recap: Today, a guy who has 5 children by 3 women, all of whom he cheated on, had sex with a porn star right aft…
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🇵🇷This is one thing I would actually love for his supporters to comment on. Like, for real, explain it. & prayers to RepublicansDolly wrote ‘I Will Always Love You’ all by herself, then turned down Elvis’ offer to record it because he and Colo…
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🇵🇷 @joshgondelman No need it was accurate @joshgondelman Oh god josh @andizeisler SHE IS OK LOW BLOOD SUGAR @ReignOfApril @smithmegan Wow @EKLindrok The cake is not the point @MikeDrucker I made a joke (are jokes even a thing anymore? I am unsure) last year about something being the first…“It’s a slippery slope forcing a cake shop to bake a cake for a gay couple.” Indeed it is.☹️ @MikeDrucker @hellolanemoore Movies? @Penny_Underbust Hey, I appreciate that. I understand your point but wanted to explain further. I think the stuff I… @mariskreizman “Your hormones are the reason you are unqualified for the job. Mine, however, are the reason the job… @mariskreizman “Women are mysterious and flighty; given to fits of rage an hysteria.” “Also: shut up I cant contr… @mariskreizman Lol @Penny_Underbust Also: I believe that you only can realize you “didn’t need college” if you went to college. @Penny_Underbust I learned this outside of college practically, but college gave me a name for it, something desper… life is sacred unless we decide it isn’t, and when it isn’t well, good luck, “life isn’t fair.”Every life is sacred unless it’s the earth, because that’s here for us to pillage and destroy, like our fathers and his fathers fatherEvery life is sacred unless it’s an animal, then we torture and abuse them for food, clothing, superfluous testing of chemicals, etcEvery life is sacred unless they maybe committed a crime, or are suspected of a crime, especially if they are a person of color?Every life is sacred unless it’s a pregnant person, an LGBTQIA person, an immigrant, a person of color, a religion that isn’t your own?How can someone believe every life is sacred, yet not want those lives to have healthcare, safe water, decent food, or an education?I may not have gone to a prestigious college, or one that anyone has really even heard of, but I was the first one… @cristela9 They just...let it expire. @stazeekat I am an alcoholic in recovery, I’m not sure what you mean by thisElections, they have consequences will quite literally lead to the death of trans people this will quite literally lead to the death of people…
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🇵🇷 @ParkerMolloy Holy shitGo ahead and debate which party to blame for #shutdown. But keep in mind that Trump -- a party of one -- could have…
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🇵🇷And shoutout to the person who believes 1:43am is the perfect time to pull their garbage cans back from the roadShout out to all my homies with insomnia
Wait wall what 4 has a “Facts of Life” reference and Kelita Smith, who would later play Wanda on Bernie Mac. @katiemcvay 20?My Queen, Khadijah #nocrime right what the hell am I doing on here, Living Single is on HuluNot to be alarmist but Did y’all notice that Donald Trump is President @PFTompkins @pattymo I hope they keep doing it, every week for the next past year and a half!It’s 1/18/18 and we can’t even enjoy it“You’re changing,” - People who are staying the same.
Retweeted by Rhea Butcher 🇵🇷 @Illestmind Yes, the people aren’t bad. We agree. Take care. @Thesixler They have splashless now!Um, yeah, that’s exactly what I’m saying. I am literally an alcoholic my friend. as f*ck sober people, unite