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Rich Harris @Rich_Harris New York, New York

Graphics editor, @nytimes investigations team. Open sourceror

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I built for Sapper, so that SSR apps could hand off their (cyclical, non-JSON-friendly) dat…🍦 scoop @jonathanvswan: Per a second source with direct knowledge: “He’s expecting to be fired,” so plans to step d…
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FUN FACT: When Guttenberg made his press, they kept the letters in cases. Lesser-used letters, like capital ones, w…
Retweeted by Rich Harrisendorse. It's impossible not to like this show and everyone in it @jaffathecake @swyx @getify Nice. That's going to help a lot, thanks. Though I guess it makes it even more importan…
@swyx @jaffathecake @getify it's kind of amazing how much confusion service workers continue to cause :('ban cars' thesis: -Economic: Driving is subsidized. This needs to recognized and eliminated. -Ethical: Driver vi…
Retweeted by Rich Harris @kg_creative @jongold @spikebrehm I did this in a green card interview a couple of months back. My wife was furious with me afterwards!
@jongold @spikebrehm this was one of the hardest things to learn when I moved from the UK to the US — if someone co…“Rethinking JavaScript Test Coverage”
Retweeted by Rich Harrishere's a really nice, minimal implementation of the idle-until-urgent pattern ( by…📣 has just received a considerable update! 🗞 Plugin docs moved and refined 🗞 Plugin list m…
Retweeted by Rich Harris📢 I just published a new article where I do a deep dive into improving website performance with a technique I'm cal…
Retweeted by Rich Harris @iaincollins @TheEconomist brilliant!
"So what kind of music do you like?"
Retweeted by Rich Harris @lukeed05 @Loilo92 @_developit @jdalton Shredded. @johnlindquist @WebStormIDE I've heard 'theatre mode', 'presentation mode', 'focus', and several others - probably… @Loilo92 @lukeed05 @_developit @jdalton 😢 @lukeed05 @_developit @Loilo92 @jdalton add it to the long list of side projects i would love to do but will never have time for!Today in Upshot: Friendship Maps™ Using Facebook data, @emilymbadger and I look into county-level friendships for n…
Retweeted by Rich Harris @gauiis @code yeah, just visually. Fold Plus is indeed open source — extension page here, r… @gauiis Turns out that exists - there's an extension called 'fold plus' for Code - but it'd be better to hide stuff… @keithjgrant Lots of times when that isn't possible or desirable. Having a class split into dozens of files isn't b… @Loilo92 @jdalton @_developit I like it! @nikcorg No, that's great - good to know the idea is out there at least, and gives something to copy @auchenberg @iA Not exactly — rather than dimming stuff, I'd like to get rid of it altogether (say I have a 1,000 l… @Rich_Harris There's an extension named Fold Plus with a command "Fold Plus: All keep Cursor Line" which might do w…
Retweeted by Rich Harris @jkohlmann yeah! that's very close to what i'm after — getting rid of the other stuff altogether would be ideal, bu… @gerald_arthur @montogeek it'd be very easy to accidentally lose your work... @mtabini @theseatoms 👌VSCode users: is there such a thing as, err... not sure how to describe it — the opposite of code folding? By which…
@tivac @RollupJS on a project involving multiple Node servers, got bored of slow feedback cycles so made a @RollupJS plugin… on the iOS App Store is built with @sveltejs. I don't know if it's the first iPhone app built with Svelt…
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@tbranyen @jdalton answered on the issueoh my word it's so beautiful
Retweeted by Rich HarrisJokes are such a weird thing to exist... it's like the brain going "Ohoho, you fooled my branch predictor? I'll giv…
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@lukeed05 @rauchg ship itttttt @rauchg Working on it :)If you don't want to name your son after Justin Trudeau's dad or the inventor of the Bézier curve, that's ok. Don't… @OliverJAsh @bahmutov @swyx It's not really designed with updating projects in mind, after the initial scaffold. Th…, so folks wanted me to expand on this idea, so here we go. Elite disaffection and the return of the Ameri…
Retweeted by Rich HarrisOne of the most important visualisations of social data ever undertaken - h/t @bigmonsterlove
Retweeted by Rich Harris @kentcdodds extremely quick and dirty but you can do this: Though for unit testing purpose… @kentcdodds @mourner @RReverser 🤗
@alizauf @CitiBikeNYC this is amazing!after eatin a Nature Valley granola bar
Retweeted by Rich Harris @boubiyeah @dan_abramov @AdamRackis This is actually one of the main reasons a code of ethics would be so valuable… @kentcdodds In Svelte? The short answer is you don't, it's not a use case worth supporting. If you want to quickly… @PaulMaly 🤣 why would you do this to me?! @MrJamesHenry sure was. Difficult namesake to live up toI'm just a really big fan of the actor Richard Harris @RReverser I'm not sure I could have built any of my projects without Acorn! One of the most brilliant and influent… @RReverser 🙇‍♂️ you are much too kind — I assure you the admiration is mutual! @julienrenaux @TimvdLippe @polymer @stenciljs @skate_js @sveltejs @eavichay probably worth including both, rather t… @dan_abramov @AdamRackis if i tried that i would lose a limb @mspanish @sveltejs 😂 @dan_abramov @AdamRackis i'm still not entirely sure what this means but i like how it sounds :)
@AdamRackis @dan_abramov Like, for example, investing in tools that make it less hard :) @AdamRackis @dan_abramov You're right, we probably shouldn't even try to use our considerable power for the betterment of society @jamiebuilds 🙌Hmm. @sveltejs is 1,739 bytes too many [rolls up sleeves] much bytes does it take to create a Todo app with different Web Components technologies? 🤔 Demos and results:…
Retweeted by Rich Harris @dan_abramov @AdamRackis And then there's things like this: Failing to build sites that pr… @dan_abramov @AdamRackis Access to information can have decisive effects on people's outcomes at the micro and macr… @AdamRackis @dan_abramov You might not have *noticed* it, but your transpiled classes were bulkier and slower to in… @KrisSiegel @dan_abramov @AdamRackis This is my experience too. And to be clear, it's not generally through lack of… @dan_abramov @AdamRackis So, const/let and arrows transpile very well (although Babel used to have a dreadful perf… @dan_abramov @AdamRackis Sure. But some professions have codes of ethics to ensure that end users come first. An ar… @AdamRackis @dan_abramov I think you're an exception. I think there are plenty of examples of devs doing the opposi… @gareteliot @AdamRackis @sveltejs That too, very much so — we don't have a culture of really interrogating our tool… @dan_abramov @AdamRackis We can go back and forth for hours on the details of how to quantify different aspects of… @gareteliot @AdamRackis @sveltejs No, I think it's worth investing in solutions that provide equivalent or better D… @threepointone @dan_abramov @AdamRackis I don't :) but I enjoyed that wikipedia page — thank you 🥃 @dan_abramov @AdamRackis Right — and in the second case, I believe the issue is one of culture. We're all partly re… @gareteliot @AdamRackis @sveltejs As an industry I think we should care less about our clients and more about our users @dan_abramov @AdamRackis To me, the point here is that devs are *choosing* the tools that give them a better DX, ra… @gareteliot @AdamRackis @sveltejs I literally just sent you evidence @gareteliot @AdamRackis @sveltejs It's not about what outweighs what. It's about whether there's a UX sacrifice at… @fardarter @AdamRackis No, I maintain a component framework called @sveltejs and an app framework called Sapper, wh… @gareteliot @AdamRackis I don't maintain an alternative framework (@sveltejs) for shits and giggles. There absolute… @dan_abramov @AdamRackis I think you're taking this thread as being about React when it's not, it's about developer… @fardarter @AdamRackis They don't care what technology you used to build the site. Users don't ask for 'a beautiful development experience' @dan_abramov @AdamRackis Maybe in some cases! It's still disingenuous to claim that better DX automatically transla… @dan_abramov @AdamRackis A group of us got together recently and decided that this would henceforth be known as the… @fardarter @AdamRackis Clients might (though it's honestly kinda weird when clients dictate tech choices), users obviously don't give a shit @AdamRackis There's no shortage of examples of projects that devs flock to precisely because of the DX. You've even… @AdamRackis And I'm not criticising React here, I'm guilty of it too. It's second nature — after all, we're adverti… @AdamRackis Hard disagree. Since you're using React as an example, let's look at *literally the first thing* on the… @lukastaegert @bterlson so cool! i've been writing `process.env.NODE_ENV` everywhere like a superstitious plebTree-shaking does not know about modules 😱
Retweeted by Rich Harris @bterlson @justinfagnani @lukastaegert probably! 😬 @bterlson @justinfagnani in fact it looks like it works across module boundaries too! @lukastaegert did some badass… @bterlson @justinfagnani it should be smart enough, certainly as long as the declaration is in the module @bterlson @justinfagnani You could use — you *might* run into problems if a module is expec… @0gust1 @CitiBikeNYC i used to feel the same way until i tried one and discovered i was very wrong! effortlessly cr… @CitiBikeNYC Found an entry for #accidentalboobcharts right outside the office @alizauf @jadiehm @swyx @alizauf @CitiBikeNYC i sure do!