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Rich Harris @Rich_Harris New York, New York

Graphics editor, @nytimes investigations team. Open sourceror

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@PaulBGD @sveltejs ha, I know - just kidding. There might be a vim plugin for Monaco or codemirror that could do the job though. One day!The next installment in my "It's Hard to Be a Turtle" series. Once again, I feel bad for laughing but turtles are j…
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In honor of the #WorldCup I present to you this note, written to my grandparents' gift shop in 1982. "I am very s…
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@sithmel Yeah, that's what I'm going to start doing I think, so that my modules work with the flagFacebook political ad archive - found the @NewYorker is a frequent offender in not labeling its ‘political’ ‘ads’ (…
Retweeted by Rich Harris @timneutkens @kentcdodds of course, it'd be much easier if webpack just ignored falsy values in the plugins array,… @MylesBorins @reconbot @guybedford ah, nice. that would ease the transition for a lot of folks. i'm guessing… @NickColley it looks like *currently* it will take your pkg.main and slap a .mjs on it, which means your pkg.main n… Jesus, I am laughing so hard at this. #lovecraftiannightmare
Retweeted by Rich Harrisjust discovered that `node --experimental-modules` doesn't respect pkg.module. disappointing, given that it's a con… headline deserves a Pulitzer
Retweeted by Rich HarrisI just published "Disappearing Frameworks", about how new web platform features and compile-time frameworks are boo…
Retweeted by Rich Harris @arxpoetica @sveltejs It's open source already, but is very early @octref @sveltejs (though in fairness, Vue and Svelte are equivalent in this context, and Sapper Studio is already… @octref @sveltejs this looks awesome! I largely agree with the point about generalising these ideas, but I think it…
"Not to sound alarmist, but at this point, there’s no great reason to believe any station is safe." Ooof.
Retweeted by Rich HarrisNYT CEO Mark Thompson has been railing about things like this on Facebook for a week. Facebook's tools are actively…
Retweeted by Rich Harris @cramforce @jsconfeu tbf i've had much, much worse @MatthewDeaners @theefer @jsconfeu i am very interested in these thoughts! @MatthewDeaners @theefer @jsconfeu yeah, Ractive was doing that back in 2013 😉 @MatthewDeaners @theefer @jsconfeu my interest is in learning where setting inline styles is no longer appropriate.… @MatthewDeaners @theefer @jsconfeu the key difference is that currently, if you want data-bound styles they have to… @MatthewDeaners @theefer @jsconfeu the reason I mention it is that's exactly what Svelte is (among other things) —… @richardiii thanks!the reviews for my @jsconfeu talk are in, and they are... weirdly specific @Phao_Lo @sveltejs Not exactly — it's much less ambitious, just taking existing tools (e.g. webpack) and wrapping t… @bahmutov thanks — lesson learned, always do a run-through with the proper AV setup... @mykola if you figure it out let me know @MatthewDeaners @theefer @jsconfeu I find <div className={styles.myComponentModifier} /> pretty funky — would be mu… @mattzeunert @jasonlaster11 @RReverser @_munter_ @auchenberg @sveltejs @aubergene @kdzwinel this is extremely cool! @vonKristoff exactly @giuseppegurgone @sveltejs I guess! I'm a visual learner, and especially when it comes to code I often can't grok s… @cris_o thank you! @giuseppegurgone @sveltejs Maybe! Hard to include visual elements in a podcast though... @andreujuanc Do it! That's why the webpack config is exposed, not hidden away inside Sapper. It shouldn't be the default thoughit's like there's a prize for Biggest Ratio @mathisonian @sveltejs thanks! and likewise, i've enjoyed seeing Idyll grow @PaulBGD @sveltejs it has an integrated terminal, so it *sort of* already does!
@dam @jsconfeu thank you! @richharris oh no, sorry for the noise! 🤣 @_reznord @sveltejs thank you! @robwormald @jasonlaster11 @RReverser @_munter_ @auchenberg @sveltejs @aubergene can you select an element and figu… @RReverser @jasonlaster11 @_munter_ @auchenberg @sveltejs @aubergene oooohhhh interesting. huh. that's devious! @jasonlaster11 @RReverser @_munter_ @auchenberg @sveltejs @aubergene that'd work for server-rendered pages... I can… @auchenberg @sveltejs @paul_irish It's Svelte-specific, yeah, though a standardised approach would be great. There'… @_munter_ @auchenberg @sveltejs 'HTML sourcemaps' was the starting point for this idea — tip o' the hat to… @auchenberg @sveltejs Thx! When compiling with `dev: true`, Svelte generates code that adds a { file, line, column… @SCRWD @sveltejs @code short answer — maybe, one day? @MatthewDeaners @theefer @jsconfeu looks interesting! keep me posted if you flesh it out @NickColley that focus bug in Sapper is fixed now btw — our docs are now hopefully more accessible @marvinhagemeist @sveltejs no — see for a bit more of the rationale etc. There *is* a langu… @ilblog @sveltejs is badass!design aids like Browsersync between mobile/tablet/desktop views. (This is why Sapper Studio uses Blender-style lay… framework- and editor- agnostic, I'm all for it. Thirdly, this doesn't replace VSCode etc. You could use it p… to do that in a greenfield project. Secondly, VSCode is a *general purpose* power tool — I'm interested in s… is a good question, so I'm going to try and answer it. On the face of it, creating a new framework-specific ID… @SylvainPV @ken_wheeler @_zouhir @thekitze @jsui_app @_egoistlily @dvnabbott @Akryum ah, noted. thanks! @jcampbell_05 @ken_wheeler @_zouhir @thekitze @jsui_app @_egoistlily @dvnabbott Sounds like React Native is your be… @KevinQ @sveltejs heh - no, you can pass on this one, it doesn't work with Preview. (Yet.) @vincentriemer Ah, that's very cool! Glad it's useful @jcampbell_05 @ken_wheeler @_zouhir @thekitze @jsui_app @_egoistlily @dvnabbott It's a very Svelte (and Sapper) -ce… @Zephraph @artsy @orta i don't believe we have! yeah, that'd be great @cramforce @sveltejs thank you! 🙏 @vincentriemer woah, really? mind-blown.gif! i had no idea, would be fascinated to learn how you're using itAnyway, I'm far from the only person working on post-CLI tooling — shout-out to @ken_wheeler (electron-webpack-dash… you're interested, the project is here: It comes with big flashing HERE BE DRAGONS warn… vision is that anyone, novice or expert, will be able to create a full-featured dynamic (or static! it does both…'s just one way a framework-aware IDE can significantly improve dev experience. It's VERY early — more bugs tha…' preview of the experimental IDE I'm working on for @sveltejs apps. Notice how selecting an element takes us to… @lukeed05 well, if you don't end up settling on a prototype you like then there's always a slot for you on the Svelte core team 😉 @lukeed05 YES JOIN US actually don't, I don't want to compete with you, I'll lose! 🤣 but anyway — heartfelt thanks…
@dan_abramov does CRA use eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y? if so, they're probably very similar, as that was the main source of inspiration @NickColley awesome, thank you! this looks super helpful @marktnoonan @sveltejs 🤗Being a compiler is so great because there's no trade-off involved in adding features like this. It's free! Obvious… is what a typical a11y warning looks like (this is an interactive warning inside Sapper Studio, our experiment… regret not having time to cover this in the talk, but this is one of the aspects of @sveltejs I'm proudest of — i… @NickColley Sapper's scroll handling is fairly robust hopefully, but if you can see anything we're doing wrong then… @NickColley oh, interesting! well resetting the focus should be easy — I've just opened an issue…