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Rich Harris @Rich_Harris New York, New York

Graphics editor, @nytimes investigations team. Open sourceror

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@johnlindquist @mweststrate @sveltejs @RollupJS @eggheadio thank you! i may take you up on that at some pointMade an SVG animated login avatar, with the help of some trigonometry & GSAP. #animation #UX #gsap
Retweeted by Rich Harris @mweststrate @sveltejs @RollupJS wooo! a few rough edges still (e.g. console output) so excuse our dust, but drop b… @Zephraph thank you! that's very kind @silentworks @kristoferbaxter @tomdale just how we roll in nyc @manhattan_js @Rich_Harris @jashkenas cameo
Retweeted by Rich Harris @AdamRackis @_jayphelps endorse @jacobmischka @Una @manhattan_js I don't think so, but yes you should! It's good here @Una @manhattan_js Thank you so much!Sharing data about the violent deaths of American children. Getting a lot of outraged tweets that I'm sharing data…
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@tomdale @kaoDev @AdamRackis @jkohlmann @markdalgleish was wondering if you'd show back up on this thread or if you… @kaoDev @AdamRackis @jkohlmann @markdalgleish @tomdale that's what this conversation is about, "view source" is an… @AdamRackis @jkohlmann @markdalgleish @tomdale my point was more about remixing HTML and CSS. Could someone pull th… @AdamRackis @jkohlmann @markdalgleish @tomdale And there's an assumption in your argument that there *is* a trade-o… @AdamRackis @jkohlmann @markdalgleish @tomdale Nah, you're missing the point. People learn by remixing existing thi… @AdamRackis @jkohlmann @markdalgleish @tomdale Sourcemaps can do a lot to redress the balance. Unless you're compil… @AdamRackis @jkohlmann @markdalgleish @tomdale JavaScript — the really useful stuff to learn from as a beginner is… @AdamRackis @jkohlmann @markdalgleish @tomdale Wrong script, that's just some page furniture, the interactive is… @rebelliard @manhattan_js It's not going anywhere, and the team is actively working towards a 1.0 release, so if yo… @mikemaccana @Windows No, the website. Seems to have fixed itself now
@RactiveJS sadly i'm rendering charts with potentially millions of points, so SVG is impossible :( am making some p… @lukeed05 not bad! we'll keep each other from getting lazy while these behemoths lumber around us. we might yet fix this wretched platform @bahmutov @Cypress_io TIL!One thing these two excellent libs have in common: their components can be tested using @Cypress_io test runner ;)…
Retweeted by Rich Harriswe have plans to make that 8kb number smaller, btw @__jhannah @sveltejs great write-up, thank you!Vue and Svelte will be sharing the @manhattan_js stage tomorrow night, so this is a timely write-up (yes, Svelte re… @0gust1 @jennschiffer hard agree @mourner @michlbrmly @mykola that's basically what i've ended up doing, yeah. though it seems that we're not the fi… @Rich_Harris I was once on a similar quest, didn't end up using it but I did come across
Retweeted by Rich Harris @veltman oh! this looks promising. thanks 👍 @0gust1 @jennschiffer it's true, though 'tension' is really just code for 'we have to decide how to order these com… @gianlucaguarini it's just one small part of a much larger app. trying to keep things self-contained, so that someo… @0gust1 absolutely @gianlucaguarini unfortunately i need to actually ship this thing! don't have the luxury of learning a new languagestrongly endorse Jenn's take on this (and I'm a guy who writes a compiler for fun). It's not a binary choice betwee… anyone else gone back to only having 140 characters? @alshakero trying to avoid any non-JS dependencies, for maximum portability — current plan is to build a basic drawing API around Jimp @michlbrmly @mykola my needs are very basic — I basically just need to generate a scatterplot — so I'm probably goi… @mykola I will — currently my best plan is to implement a drawing API on top of Jimp (which gives you access to individual pixels) @NTulswani yeah, but it ultimately has dependencies on cairo and pango, which i'm trying to avoid @NTulswani it depends on node-canvas, sadlyNEW: What connects Russian trolls, fake news, social identity theft, and post-Florida-shooting hoaxes? It's easy to…
Retweeted by Rich HarrisDev Twitter, are there any alternatives to node-canvas? I need to draw simple graphics in Node, preferably without…🎉🎉🎉 welcome! 🎉🎉🎉 @futuraprime @sveltejs basically my hypothesis is that every time we find ourselves longing for inheritance/mixins,… @futuraprime @sveltejs it's not a thing, currently, am just saying that I reckon we should implement that so that t… @futuraprime @sveltejs so maybe it's something that Svelte should have built-in. But that may not be universally tr… @futuraprime @sveltejs it's a topic that's come up a few times. My suspicion is that *most* of the time there's a b… @futuraprime @sveltejs like this @_munter_ oops! I thought I already followed you — fixed now :) @_munter_ @RollupJS shouldn't do. are you certain that it's pulling in an ES module and not a different format? @_munter_ @RollupJS can you make a repro, perhaps in the REPL? @_munter_ @RollupJS What library? It needs to be an ES module (though it will do its best to convert from CommonJS)
The new structure of Sapper - the universal @sveltejs app framework - very much represents my model of a modern fro…
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@mattdesl @AdamRackis @guybedford (But I agree that Adam's config looks like a Vogon wrote it) @mattdesl @AdamRackis @guybedford I don't think is *that* overwhelming, but even if it is,… @mattdesl @AdamRackis @guybedford I think this can be solved with basic scaffolding. My projects typically start wi… @richardiii @AdamRackis @mattdesl @guybedford you can encode semver ranges in unpkg URLs, I just mean it's a pain t… @richardiii @AdamRackis @mattdesl @guybedford theoretically possible with `import foo from ' @AdamRackis @mattdesl @guybedford Like anything, it's a tradeoff — I think it's better if something like Rollup doe…'re Using The Platform™ (open in Chrome and check the network tab for a simple demo) @AdamRackis @guybedford plus @lukastaegert and over a hundred other contributors! big team effortI'm ready to call it: Rollup is the web application bundler for the future. The work @Rich_Harris and @guybedford h…
Retweeted by Rich Harrisbrilliant thread. i find the best way to interpret google's decisions is as though it were a nation state (in terms…
@dekdev no, it was something written specifically for that conversion — @dekdev the thing that caused problems with the Three.js conversion was all the cyclical dependencies — took some u…
@jkup @RollupJS 🙌holy moly is a good thread, that acknowledges the messy reality that brilliant, talented people with pure motivations ca…
@jwajsberg just for clarity — i can't guarantee it'll ever get fixed. At the time I built it, babili was absurdly s… @jwajsberg fair warning: it's not production-ready! (and might never be)🎉🎁 just released Rollup v0.56.0 with * ES2018 support * Much better rendering around removed code * Tree-shaking fo…
Retweeted by Rich Harris @jeremenichelli And I in turn borrowed it from and
@chriseppstein @ppk also, if my website — 'increasingly the home of ground-breaking mobile web research' — looked l… @chriseppstein @ppk imagine having the gall to suggest you get to decide who 'belongs' in 'our' craft. imagine bein… is a great illustration of a frustrating problem in responsive data visualization (from @kjhealy’s…
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@shancarter right on the edge @reconbot i honestly have no idea! the people making those decisions may as well be an entirely different company