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@iDivaOfficial Thank you! @MoharBasu Thank youuuu Mohar! @sidkannan @richachadhafc Thanks Sid! Bet you are familiar with the phenomena of Shakeela's stardom. 😊 @TusharrJoshi @MoharBasu Soon soon. This is just the first look.Welcome to the average user's experience on Twitter @jack ! 🙂😎 you peeps ! 🙌 SINGLE. USE. PLASTIC. It was invented as a convenience but the world doesn’t know what to do with it. We’ll d… suppose for some on Twitter, 'White Privilege' will be considered racist next. Smashing good sense Haina?
Retweeted by TheRichaChadhaFeels like the end is neigh ... for real Manmohan Singh’s demeanour is such that it appears he was born wise. In his decade long Prime Ministerial tenur…
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Retweet this if you're going to reduce your plastic consumption.
Retweeted by TheRichaChadha @Imangadbedi God bless you both! 💕 @BabaGlocal Saaare nahin ... @nirojancat Thanks cat @atif345 @rameshlaus @Shubham72501692 I @CNNnews18 Thank you! @acerprash Thanks @i_Aniruddh @PranitaRavi No @Bollyhungama Thank you! @TataSky @UrbanAsian @lankeshindrajit @ShakeelaFilm Thank you Tata Sky 💕Thank you for sharing! நன்றி 💕 @PuneTimesOnline Soon soon soon 💖 @PrasantaHitler Thanks Prasanta. But why Hitler ? @iFaridoon 😉😈 @Rocky76B Thank you rocky. @Twitter @AuntyHindutva Very. @jaindeepak2509 वह दीपक सर! क्या आपकी कविता चुरा लूँ? @PoonamKumpatla @lankeshindrajit @ShakeelaFilm 🤗Dekho.. woh agayi!! #Shakeela #NotAPornStar @richachadha_ all the best Riches!!!!! Lovin’ the first look!
Retweeted by TheRichaChadha @ShriyaP Sweeeeeeetyyyy you're unstoppable. Like every hoarding from Mumbai to Delhi! @YehHaiMirzapurThank you my HUNNY! 🙌💕bold is gold. Haha @Salilacharya @lankeshindrajit @ShakeelaFilm Thanks Salil @brahmatmajay सर दीवार को भी तो देखिए! अभी और बहुत बाकी है! 💥💕🙌 @rstodaynews @lankeshindrajit @ShakeelaFilm ధన్యవాదాలు @SMBollywood Thank you @Raheelk Thank you Raheeeeeeel! 💥💖💕wish we could’ve met this time, but soon... @amarbutala Thank you my dimples! 💥💕💖This is iconic! Cannot wait . This is it!! Tum kitni khoobsurat ho Richa, yeh shayad mujhe roz bayan karna chahiye.…
Retweeted by TheRichaChadhaBOLD IS GOLD! Thank you guys! 💥शुक्रिया मेरे प्यारे सख़्त लौंडे! @renukaVyavahare Thanks Renuka! 💥 @SRKnitin_rathod Happy birthday!💥 @Kewrious Nahi nahi. Bahut hai ! @DILIPtheCHERIAN Hahahaa thank you so much 😊Spreading like fire🔥 #Shakeela trending in #India! @RichaChadha @lankeshindrajit
Retweeted by TheRichaChadha @ashwinmushran @lankeshindrajit @ShakeelaFilm Hahahaa. Telling you on WhatsApp. Slurp! @reviewwalebaba @ShakeelaFilm Thanks yaar @Flora_Saini थैंक्यू मेरी आयशा! @babi_asad वाह वाहAlways always always ! Thank you for being 💕 and for fighting the good fight! ❤️ IS GOLD GUYS! Thank you 🙏🏽 @UditaJ @lankeshindrajit @ShakeelaFilm Thank youuuuu Udita! Glad you liked 💥 @iFaridoon Thanks Faridoon. 🙏🏽 @anubhavsinha फुनेहरी फुलजड़ी! 💥 @janiceseq85 @lankeshindrajit @ShakeelaFilm Hellllooooooooooooo. Bold is gold ! 💥💖🤗 @OYERJALOK Thank you so much Alok! 💖 @ashwinmushran @lankeshindrajit @ShakeelaFilm Ashwin! I want Bhuiraaaa! 💥💕 @greatandhranews @lankeshindrajit @ShakeelaFilm ధన్యవాదాలు thank you so much 💥Oh thank you so much Atul! 💥💥😀 @bollywood_life @lankeshindrajit @TripathiiPankaj @sammy Thank you so much !💥❤️💥Thanks Glamsham 💥 you so much Manjusha 💥 you so much for sharing! 💥❤️💥 @tehseenp Thank you...💥 @baraju_SuperHit Thank you sir! 💥🙏🏽🤗💥thank you so much! you 💥❤️🙏🏽 @AndhraBoxOffice Thank you so much for sharing guys! ధన్యవాదాలు💥बोल्ड इस गोल्ड? धन्यवाद! 💥 you ! Kind peeps at I E. I promise to entertain! 💥 you 🙌 Thank you so much for sharing! 💥 you so much! All that glitters is gold! 💕 @123telugu Thank you very much for sharing! 💥💕Thank you guys 💥 you ! 💕 succinctly put! 💥💕Thank you. belated धनतेरस मेरे दिल्ली वालों! 💕💥😀 Thank you for sharing. you for sharing! ❤️ @AhmedabadTimes @TeamRichaChadha @RichaChadhaLove @richachadhafans @RichaChaddaFB @RichaaChadha @ShakeelaFilm @rohitkhilnani Thanks Rohit. Yeah this one I think will turn out to be isssspeshaaaal ! 💕 @SSMusicTweet 💥💕Isko dekho! 😀💥❤️Thanks you kind peeps at @ZoomTV you guys! ❤️💥💕 @NakuulMehta Thank you my Ishqbaaz! ❤️Thank you guys... Was missing Pune after watching Andhadhun 🤣💙 guys. Still remember that day that @renukaVyavahare met Shakeela for the first time! 💥 @girishjohar @lankeshindrajit @ShakeelaFilm Thank you @girishjohar ! 🙌 @ShwetaRohira Thanks my sweetie! @KhabarNwi @Bollyhungama बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद! @TheQuint Thanks guys 💕 @KiranManral @lankeshindrajit @ShakeelaFilm Thank you Kiran! 💕 @alifazal9 Thank you. Blush! Bass bhi kijiye! 💕 @IndiaTVHindi धन्यवाद @WIONews Thanks guys ! 🤗Thank you for all your fearless love! #Shakeela trending on #Twitter in #India 😀💕🙌 @indrajitlankesh @shakeelafilm peeps ! 🙏🏽❤️ @FilmyMafiaz @lankeshindrajit @ShakeelaFilm Thanks guysPOSTER ALERT: Check out the Bold and Fearless first look of #Shakeela ft. @RichaChadha! @lankeshindrajit
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