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Tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist & troublemaker, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Otherwise known as Dr Yes at @virgin!

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The most important thing about a business is your people: #VirginFamily and shaking up industries goes hand in hand: to turn challenges into opportunities:
Congratulations to @VirginFest for bringing together such a great array of artists for its LA festival this year:… advice from the 100% Human At Work network on how smarter recruitment can help your company prepare itse… business is nothing more or less than its people, and fittingly Virgin By Design is made by many. At its heart, i… we celebrate our 50th birthday, we’ve created a unique book to tell our story, featuring various dreams that hav… I’ve been very excited about. Introducing #VirginByDesign - a special look behind the scenes of the cultu…
A great Q&A between @HollyBranson and LinkedIn: for a bike ride through the Atlas Mountains – the scenery was breathtaking (as were the steep climbs!)… my mum to visit some of the women that her foundation has helped over the past 20 years, and she couldn’t stop… to announce our new book Virgin by Design, celebrating 50 magical years of the @Virgin brand… wonderful to spend some time in Morocco with my mum visiting the @EveBranson Foundation… to make the most of your marketing budget by being more creative:
.@VirginVoyages’ Scarlet Lady sails into #Liverpool. What a beautiful ship.“Creating a psychological, physical and emotional safe space for employees is very important to me. That’s when cre…
Encouraging to see businesses use creativity and innovation to create products and services that leave a positive g…’s fun how little ideas can make people smile and make people more likely to book an experience:… we tried to get more people to book our recording studio in the early days of the @Virgin brand… idea that inspired encouraging people to pinch @VirginAtlantic’s salt and pepper pots: hired over 600 new team members last year. Here’s a look at what life is like at the company:… so much fun joining @VirginVoyages as their first cruise ship, Scarlet Lady, sets sail for the very first time:… @DoverDC @VirginVoyages @VirginAtlantic @Port_of_Dover @DoverRNLI Thanks for having me and for the trip down memory lane! @xCarrie82x @GMB @kategarraway @adilray @VirginHolidays Happy to hear this Carrie. Have a wonderful holiday – and m… interesting idea about how to make meetings more productive: #ReadByRichard
Great to see @Virgin_Sport create a challenge that encourages teams and workplaces to become more active:… back at my great ‘aha’ moment among other things: new report from @RockyMtnInst provides a great review of Hawaii’s clean energy journey
It’s your words that count, not the spelling: to see @VirginMoney taking @Virgin’s music heritage into the future with new partnerships with two of the wor…“In this world, when we combine head and heart – we can accomplish anything.” Wonderful to hear from Andrew Youn,…
I’m so proud of the @VirginVoyages team and everything that has been achieved with their first ship…’ve wanted to launch a cruise line since I was in my 20s and I’m so excited that it’s finally happening with… tips on how to always be innovating in business to show off @VirginVoyages’ first cruise ship Scarlet Lady to the world for the first time… selling the first Virgin Mobile product to wrapping one of our trains in Pride colours, Vic Whitehouse has som… @VirginRadioUK Show is now the country’s biggest digital-only breakfast show“To shift from doom and gloom to a positive, optimistic, constructive attitude is very important because it is what…
The next @Virgin company is on its way… #VirginFamily back at my earliest memory, my greatest ‘aha’ moment and most memorable meeting I’ve ever had:… my ideal superpower to my favourite ice cream flavour – here are some odd answers to 10 questions I’ve never b… yourself makes the best impression - great to read the research that proves it: back at the moment I met my wonderful wife, Joan: #tbt
Exciting to see @VirginFest announce their 2020 lineup @lizzo @asvpxrocky #VirginFest2020 endorsements and impersonation scams are becoming increasingly commonplace online. Avoid the scammers: is our not-for-profit entrepreneurial hub where you can find lots of advice, events and tips for he… of @VirginAtlantic’s most memorable campaigns still makes me smile: tips on making the most of your marketing budget: @VirginStartUp an entrepreneurial approach to non-profits and making change happen: SpaceShipTwo Unity and mothership, VMS Eve, land at Spaceport America and complete another vital step on…
The most important thing about a business is its people #VirginFamily to see @VirginAtlantic coming back to Cape Town, one of my favourite cities thoughts on collaboration and why it’s so important to surround yourself with a great team:… makes the @Virgin brand special is its people: #VirginFamily latest radio show episode talking about the role business has to play in tackling global issues…
It’s always such a privilege seeing nature in its rawest form. Mahali Mzuri really does offer some of the best wild… visited @VirginLimitedEd’s wonderful safari lodge Mahali Mzuri recently and it really instils a sense of peace wi… Mahali Mzuri: #Kenya @VirginLimitedEd @BecksOtf Thanks Lesego – enjoy @AndrewDavies2 Two of my favourite things…Five tips on how to delegate: #MondayMotivation
.@VirginAtlantic does not fly to Japan, but we are in discussions with the UK government and seeing if there is any… borrow some of these off your list @HollyBranson to @VirginUnite President @JeanOelwang on joining @thebteamhq as they work to do business differently to p…
How my dyslexia has been a great benefit to me in business: @MadeByDyslexia have revealed the wearable technology that helps Sailors get around the ship. Better still, the ban… 9m tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean each year, threatening our ecosystems, wildlife and huma… best ideas for businesses are often the ones that solve a problem. Great to see the progress that @grypmat has… work is evolving - @HollyBranson shares six key trends identified by @thebteamhq’s 100% Human At Work network:…
Scarlet is red The ocean is blue Here’s our new ship Ready for you! @VirginVoyages is a very special day for all the Virgin family as we take delivery of Scarlet Lady, @VirginVoyages’ very fir… to see @VirginAtlantic’s partners @Delta pledging $1 billion to become the world’s first carbon-neutral a… @VirginBalloons @Virgin @VirginMoney Brilliant @HollyBranson @Sustainably @VirginStartUp Two amazing entrepreneurs @oceanunite @OceanoAzulF Such an important message - thanks for sharing @NigelCaseyHC @VirginAtlantic @ukinsouthafrica Looking forward to it @dpatil @MadeByDyslexia Really kind of you, thanksSome of my favourite romantic escapes around the world – I’ve seen many proposals and weddings (and even officiated… has always held a special place in my heart – and it seems I’m not alone. Lovely to read some of the pro… to see @Virgin recognised as one of @OFB_LGBT’s Equality Champions for going above and beyond to stand up for… Unity and VMS Eve have landed at the Gateway to Space, Spaceport America, New Mexico. Read about the n…
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Inspiring to see how @SafeHands4Girls are helping to prevent harm to 50 million girls at risk of #FGM. Learn about… of the most amazing things about being dyslexic is the imagination it gives you. I started dreaming from a youn… is just a different way of thinking, not a disadvantage. Wouldn’t the world be rather boring if we were al…’s the words that count (not the spelling) @MadeByDyslexia top five tips to help you take on new challenges:
It was really exciting to visit the @virgingalactic team at Spaceport America - the world’s first purpose-built com…’re so excited we’re shouting from the rooftops! 🗣 Our lineup drops in just ONE WEEK! ONE WEEK! ONE WEEK! Set you…
Retweeted by Richard Branson.@VirginAtlantic are coming back to Cape Town, one of my favourite cities. We’re launching a new daily seasonal ser… is set to launch new telecoms services in Spain, an exciting moment for the #VirginFamily @ValaAfshar Thanks for the kind words ValaCongratulations to @VirginRadioUK on becoming the most listened-to commercial digital station:…
How to take an entrepreneurial approach to the not-for-profit sector: @HollyBranson thoughts on the @VirginAtlantic GlobalFlyer and the need for a continuous push for innovation… @VirginAtlantic GlobalFlyer and a runway to net zero this day in 1990, @TheElders' founder @NelsonMandela walked free after 27 years’ imprisonment. In today’s troubl… February 11th 2006, Steve Fossett, in the @VirginAtlantic GlobalFlyer, completed the longest distance ever flown… back at the past 44 years with my wonderful wife, Joan:
Interesting to read about how satellite tags and tagging expeditions are crucial to protecting shark populations:… Whitehouse has played such an important role in the #VirginFamily story. From selling the first Virgin Mobile p…