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Rick DeVos @RickDeVos Grand Rapids, Michigan

CEO of @StartGarden, Founder of @ArtPrize, Proud Michigander-anian, Investor, Reader, Helicopter Pilot, Traveler, Photographer, Curious Individual.

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Yikes student didn’t pass the exam, but he has a bright future in California housing policy
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Good Magic win in overtimePancakes. RT @esquire: There was one very important thing missing from the Marco Rubio pancake breakfast:
Retweeted by Rick DeVosI'm fully convinced that the people who eat and enjoy cornichons and/or marmalade are actually monsters in human form.Not gonna lie. The AOL sign on/dial up audio brings back great memories. --> cc @hnshah
Retweeted by Rick DeVosI dig it. much will ‘free college’ cost? New study: Colleges respond to more financial aid by increasing tuition, spending
Retweeted by Rick DeVosAnd here it is, of course. Han but ...
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Merry Super Bowl to all, and to all a good night. @ExSubSpy Eh, no. Super Bowl Twitter. What can I say.I want the Arby's "We Have the Meat" brass and drum sample to play behind me when I say things of middling/little importance.I want to kill the puppy monkey baby commercial with fire.Congrats everyone, you have "Awkward Elevator Conversations About Sports #1, #2, #3, and #4" in the bag for this week. Well done."Please, we are looking for a media moment here. Tell us something that is newsworthy so we can monetize it with our sponsors."Trophy Ceremonies: Always So AwkwardI wish Batman v Superman wasn't a thing.And that's.........................................................................................................................the game.The Secret Life of Pets looks enjoyable.Shots of dejected fans, always sad. @exjon Heresy. Never.I don't buy it that Helen Mirren drinks, or has ever drunk, Budweiser. @polymathandvine Makes senseI've seen a refreshing lack of HEADS EXPLODING OH MY GOODNESS BEYONCÉ IS THE SUN AND THE EARTH AND THE MOON Twitter tonight, which is nice.Yeah that Drake T-Mobile commercial is goodSuch an amazing set, such haunting images. Christopher Walken, please.Babies are THE GRODIEST, amirite? Super Bowl Twitter 2. Debate Twitter 3. Everyday TwitterWe probably need a couple catheter commercials to balance things out now. You know, with all the focus on Number 2. Am I right? I'm right.I enjoy the singing sheep. I don't have a pickup, but has it really taken us this long for OEM Truck Bed Audio systems to become a thing?I fully expect the NARAL Twitter account to start complaining about commercials not paying proper respect to Moloch by the end of the game.THE HEINZ WEINER DOG COMMERCIAL IS EVERYTHING.Panthers' owner looks pretty happy. 😑#Disruption. do not understand the Butterfinger commercial in any way, but I bet it's Problematic because cowboys are Problematic.In the Future, we will all be pooping, or straining to poop, our brains out. Everywhere.Oh, here's your Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea commercial. Enjoy!We have to dispel the notion that Coldplay doesn't know what they're doing. Coldplay knows exactly what they're doing.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThe halftime show was nice but obvi needed some more SharkFETUSES *stadium of @NARAL supporters hisses* AREN'T *audience gasps" HUMAN *audience explodes in joy, vuvuzelas blown*
Retweeted by Rick DeVosFavorite Chris Martin appearance:"What a talented young man!" - everyone's mom talking about the Bruno Mars segmentThe dancing flowers are a nice. Would be so much easier doing the whole production at night though.I know it's cool to not like Coldplay but I still enjoy them.You can tell it's World Music because there are lots and lots and lots of children involved.🎶 I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside 🎶 - right nowIt seems like a huge production disadvantage to have the halftime show take place in daylight.Where have you gone, Tom Selleck? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.Few things better encapsulate our emasculated age than the shot of some dainty fingers operating a Prius shifter to initiate a car chaseIn the future, everyone will suffer from Opioid-Induced Constipation.There were student brigades during the Cultural Revolution with a better sense of humor than this.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosSeriously the most unintentionally funny Twitter account of the night. to see the #SuperBowl in person after all! But at 17,500MPH, it didn't last long. #YearInSpace
Retweeted by Rick DeVosI enjoy the full length Drake T-Mobile ad.Worried about whether Twitter can handle Lady Gaga & Beyoncé appearing at the same event. Too many ppl making sure we know how AMAZING it isOh, here's your opioid-induced constipation commercial. Enjoy!Picking out some glitter eyeshadow to wear tomorrow. Going to be the talk of the office. #OnTrendIt's like a parody account. @brianburch Yeah I'm way behind the curve because I never liked the thing.How are you watching the Super Bowl?
Retweeted by Rick DeVosA live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is probably the worst idea in the history of movies. #ConfessYourUnpopularOpinionI will always love the MatrixCam®There needs to be a Twitter account devoted to rating every single advertisement on how Problematic it is.The value-added on that facemask (TD prevented, opposing player almost murdered) was definitely greater than the cost (one yard penalty).
Retweeted by Rick DeVosBourne movies...mehThat Buick looks like a mashup between the VW Eos and the Chrysler Sebring Convertible.Does Advil really need to be advertising during the Super Bowl?I could be cool with more "George Takei maniacally laughing" interjections.Make the pug monkey baby thing stop. #NightmaresThere is especially no improving on the animated Baloo of "Tail Spin."Yes please Audi R8Truth be told, there is simply no improving on the animated Baloo.I don't know how I feel about this live action Jungle Book thing.No, Doritos.Advertising review so far: D-The breathing ad was kinda cool, but not a fit for Michelob Ultra.Companies spent $78.4 million more on ads during the 2014 #SuperBowl than the entire 7-game 2014 World Series -- @Kantar_Media
Retweeted by Rick DeVosIs it just me or does the commentary sound like it's coming in over a CB radio?Clete Blakeman. #AmericaDisappointed thatGaga didn't burst out of an American flag cocoon & then give birth to the Constitution. #WhitneyStillGotItTho #SuperBowl50
Retweeted by Rick DeVosMilitary jet flyovers = the bestI bet Duke and Duchess Gaga must be very proud of their daughter.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosWine: $25 Beer: $13 Water: $7
Retweeted by Rick DeVosAdvertisers, start your engines!This would be very awesome. Would love to do the Atlantic crossing on this ship.
"Excuse us while we insert ourselves in the middle of this debate in a transparent attempt to set and cultivate our preferred Narrative"🎶 This is the debate that never ennnnnnnnnds 🎶Michael Moore does not look well.Rubio agrees and amplifies"And now I will deliver THE NEWS to you with my NEWS ANCHOR VOICE."Sweaty foreheadI thought quarantine WAS one of the most ancient and effective tools used to get a disease under control.Quarantine!It would be funnier if during these quarter breaks they shoved mics in the candidates faces and they had to give winded & sweaty answersEverything within the Narrative, nothing outside the Narrative, nothing against the Narrative."Well you know Trump really seems to be running the floor well tonight. Rubio needs to work on his jump shot and dribble penetration a bit."Stop with these quarter-break-instant-analysis segments!Rubio's stump speech is like a giant rhetorical electromagnet that pulls every answer to its coils.
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