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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Ischia

Working hard to close the imagination gap. Co-director of Science House. Futurist, writer, entrepreneur, advisor. Designer at Treasure of the Sirens.

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@jtotheizzoe Seriously. Definitely looks like a place with...ewwwww...bugs. @nytimes @palafo Even so, in NYC many of us lack the proper space to torture big chickens.Case in point. ban on burkinis will be lifted by the time climate change makes it impossible to visit the Côte d'Azur without protective gear.I wrote a policy paper and briefed members of the Obama Administration on VR seven years ago."Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition." Tim Leary quote, often misattributed to Marilyn Monroe. #WomensEqualityDay @BuzzFeedNews I didn't get my husband an engagement ring when I proposed because no diamond was big enough. He still said yes. @s_m_i strategy without execution is philosophy
@manwhohasitall But look what they did buy! @HopeJahren what does "on the record" mean in this context?Truman Capote died on this day in 1984. Here's something I wrote about my adventures writing in hotels he loved: @doriantaylor @vgr @golan thanks! I just ordered one. @vgr You can draw. Sit with someone and draw portraits of each other without looking down of lifting your pencil. Keep going for a while. @FortuneMagazine "savaged" is very strong language to describe "called for lower prices on a lifesaving medication."
This is so cool! A soft robot octopus that uses chemical reactions as fuel 🤖🐙
Retweeted by Rita J. KingHeartbreaking. @FabianoCaruana @HighStakesChess nice pickGot my hands on the screenplay for Sully, wow
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STAY ALIVE, GET WEIRD (Picasso self-portraits: aged 15, 25, 90)
Retweeted by Rita J. KingSomeone just showed up at @ScienceHouse with fresh cannoli and limoncello, so....
Retweeted by Rita J. King @edyong209 now you know how the rest of us in your fan club feel!I can't help but notice the proliferation of Alexa-enabled devices all over @ScienceHouse. cc @amazon
Creativity is work. Make space for it. #linkedin #leadership
Retweeted by Rita J. King @EricRWeinstein new in what way?Scientists ponder the future. I suspect that the "unplugging" concept mentioned in #6 will be dated soon enough. @heather_berlin "confabulatores nocturne" @SagmeisterSimon One of the many reasons we admire each other. You're the best, Simon. @sxipshirey @MARIADAHVANA srsly @mileskahn click on "pronunciation." Sounds more like "shame-less-ly opp-or-tu-nis-tic," and I had been saying it like ROO-dee for so long. @chelseagsummers that woman is so unprepared for what lies ahead.@sknthla We wouldn't understand the game that shows what becomes of tech once humans reach the end of our contribution to the tech tree.Civ II shows us that when you reach the end of the technology tree, you are doomed to degenerate into dystopia
Retweeted by Rita J. KingGoing through hundreds of notebooks. Same themes my whole life: human behavior, science, art, business and culture.
@bertnerdtram @MargaretAtwood @thehipdotcom @NewYorker "achieving a beautiful death" is perhaps the most difficult achievement to attain. @ForecasterEnten @GreatDismal @Carrasquillo @BuzzFeedNews it's not a major reversal. It's still "whatever gets attention." @gwbrown @thehipdotcom @JustinTrudeau So beautiful to see a nation celebrating life with art and processing death together so vividly.If only @JustinTrudeau was a benevolent dictator bent on conquering our continent.This is so beautiful. "Reveal themselves one star at a time." #manmachinepoemtour @SpaceLauren So, so good."Rilke is correct that we must all write as though eternity lay before us." @NewYorker #writerslife
Who wore it better? These magazine covers look like they were done by the same artist. Creative Weekend, everybody. Go make something! @michelledean amazing work! What a story!!! @palafo @mathewi the number of suspensions makes it seem that extremism is going mainstream.
@anildash @jonfavs the media is so determined to win him this election. @neiljgibson fun @neiljgibson @FedEx give him my contact info and we will go even if he doesn't take dogs. But if he *does....* @neiljgibson @FedEx We want to go on the Ramon Santiago tour! @edbatista @AdviceToWriters It is so much easier it is to be simple with even the most complex subjects with this in mind.Five female coders who changed the world: thanks, @SagmeisterSimon!I agree with @timoreilly. The power of voice with Alexa by @amazon is nascent, but will be *extremely* powerful. to see @HealthPrize, one of our portfolio companies at @ScienceHouse, growing. to @HealthPrize, one of our portfolio @ScienceHouse companies!
@CalMorgan totally
@MickeyAtwal @gradybooch @pickover @IBM yes! @MickeyAtwal @gradybooch @pickover An antique @IBM computer memory array with magnetic rings! @alyssaharad six of one half a dozen of the otherCan anyone (other than @gradybooch and @pickover!) identify this object? @alyssaharad I recently purchased a "modern Renaissance" eyeshadow palette and it is basically red eyeshadow Not a good look. @brokenheadlines I've been on Fox News and trust me, those guys were DEFINITELY wearing makeup during that segment. @Forbes I tighten my helmetSpace Twitter keeps me going when Political Twitter makes me want to quit. @JenLucPiquant @motherboard #BlackHoles @StevenSandhoff it will be indistinguishable soon enoughEither all intelligence is artificial, or none of it is. The distinction is unnecessary. @sknthla if that's true then your experience will be radically different from mine.
Here's what Rudy Giuliani, who was our mayor at the time, wrote about 9/11, which he has now forgotten. happened to "Never Forget!?" As a New Yorker and a human being, I am horrified by this. simple tips for sabotage: thanks @alexandreafonsoParaplegics are learning to walk again with virtual reality
Retweeted by Rita J. King"The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed yet." @GreatDismal
Retweeted by Rita J. King @sarahrich that makes me so happy @sarahrich yes actually. I was trying to help you. @sarahrich I had a dream about you last nightGood one, @newyorker! "Nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands" ee cummings @likaluca As a part-Neapolitan those books really hit me hard. Check out this Ferrante Feast: @ferenstein @pmarca 'FESTIVAL'
@alanna it sounds like she's doing enough. @simonhelberg I wouldn't have noticed unless you pointed it out but now, yep, I see it too.If the RNC does cut his cash, maybe his critics can also agree to stop being free advertising by repeating *everything* he says constantly. @HeerJeet How much funding does he need? His critics repeat every single thing he says so much that he doesn't need much of an ad spend. @pbump I've seen that tweet shared more times than I can count. His critics do his advertising for him so he can keep donor $ either way. @Slate If there's zero evidence, why keep sharing the link to the story? That is also fanning flames.
@CharoShane Glory Box by Portishead? @bryanrhoads but hey I'm a futurist not a coder @bryanrhoads his worry priorities may change with time @rachsyme @erikhinton here you go @rachsyme @erikhinton when I was young in my homemade clothes I had Donny and Marie dolls and I sang on their behalf a lot. @davidkwong @Delta I am so sorry. And I hope you didn't have to land at LaGuardia, where I was trapped for hours, unable to get out. @allenmmurray Meat apologies! I wish I could bring you to one so you could observe the entire cycle.According to @TheEconomist, making up after a fight is a *MALE SPECIALTY* on a dream, Bianca Passarge practiced for 8 hours a day in order to perfect her dance #Caturday
Retweeted by Rita J. King @TheAtlantic Because nothing says "come to Jesus" like a meeting at the Ritz. @JamilSmith @nytimes @jesmimi congratulations!
On the subject of political correctness: Anyone can be polite, but it takes a lot of sustained effort to truly be a good person. @Bre check it out: “@wunderkamercast: Pocket watch by Rene Lalique, ca. 1899-1900. #bats @FastCompany Totally. Hazard orange was the only thing holding many women back from slaughtering live animals. @SamBaker @jgombita @BBCSport @J_Ennis what?!?!
@marshallk :(Florida police simulating use of lethal force against a "bad guy" accidentally kill a 73 year old librarian: