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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Ischia

Working hard to close the imagination gap. Co-director of Science House. Futurist, writer, entrepreneur, advisor. Founder, Treasure of the Sirens.

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@ArielDumas Ten days before it kicks in I will tell you how I *really* feel. @ArielDumas I want to do the Bloody Hell segment on day 18. @ArielDumas maybe the subject can be "I'd tap that if it's chocolate."'t study philosophy, they said. Ha! Join me on 12/29 for The Happier Hour at @CaveatNYC! Come for drinks, leave… @ArielDumas I wanna be a guest @lapresmidi I like that. I have a side business making jewelry inspired by objects found in shipwrecks. @ThomasLS @elizabethcatte My mother is southern Appalachian. She came to NYC when she was 17 and I never fully unde… best for robot happen when our jobs meat-children untake END COMMUNICATION
Retweeted by Rita J. King @Remember_Sarah @GreatDismal Wow!!!In 1982 an artist named Agnes Denes grew a two-acre wheatfield next to the World Trade Center and I think about it…
Retweeted by Rita J. King @caveatnyc I am so sorry that I will not be able to make it to this one!!! @byobrooks Do you prefer the punctuation to remain where it was before the words were ripped out, or clustered? @ChuckWendig Get rid of all the words in your book, and simply communicate it telepathically to your audience. @ThomasLS @coreykindberg Shrieking demons, sorry forgot that part @ThomasLS @coreykindberg Probably sounds like a wailing ghost in chains with wind blowing the curtains and cabinets… @Grady_Booch @elonmusk That the government would choose to focus on the short term for competitive reasons and that… @pickover 🐡 SIMPSONS’ Home Gets Re-Imagined in 8 Very Different Styles
Retweeted by Rita J. King @Nnedi YES! @ftrain From when? @eveewing It reminds me of a photorealistic painting of a scene that is not inherently poetic.
@rossrubin @harrymccracken Alexa "Cody" as in full of code? @farnamstreet Amen @AndrewCrow Same @NYFCOOfficial @KATHhattan @AwardsCircuit @SloanFoundation @KinoLorberEdu @zeitgeistfilms Bombshell is THE GREATEST! @DearSplenda AMENSo now I know there's a 420km wide RIVER OF MOLTEN IRON speeding around within our planet's core, messing with our magnetic fields.The first computer scientist!
Retweeted by Rita J. King @stewartbrand @longnow We are such fancy canvases for bacteria and viruses! @rachsyme @radhikajones ❤️❤️❤️
@spartanwarriors @Pete__Simon @metmuseum Don't tell her about Circe @sylvia__north @rachelrosenfelt At least one supportive parent sounds so dreamy @Raphaeleads @LACMA Sounds like you already did @Raphaeleads Love that @andevers Why *is* that happening? @Raphaeleads I'm sure there is but living through the struggle is proof.The creation of art matters for many reasons, especially because it is a discipline that leads to clear thinking about complex things. @kmcurry Empathy is simply the ability to understand. How one chooses to react to that understanding is a separate… @ashwinram @amazon Can you DM me your email? Thanks @shorepatrol Hitting it off is much easier than sustaining it, which is what relationships are all about. @shorepatrol It isn't complicated. Empathy is awareness. What you choose to do with that awareness defines your abi… @vgr Empathy and sympathy aren't the same thing. A truly empathic person will realize when the other person wants a… is the *ability to understand the feelings of another.* If an answer is what is being sought, an empathic p… @ashwinram @thinkmariya @MitsukuChatbot @amazon We played with the social bots at @ScienceHouse and we also have some suggestions. @MarsCuriosity @ValaAfshar @MarsRovers I want those blueberries so bad @ReformedBroker @marincogan What a weird ad @jackclarkSF I wish you luck chipping away at that ignorance and would love to know more about how you're tackling that challenge. @MaryKoCo I wonder whatWondering where Satoshi Nakamoto is and what he or she is doing. @bessbell @ArielDumas Also right now @InStyle @chrissyteigen The best part of this is having @johnlegend referred to as Teigen. @rachsyme 🔥 @melissabroder I bought an autographed copy of one of your books tonight and I'm reading and loving it right at this moment. @anildash @waltmossberg Let's put it this way. Matt Lauer's friend says he's now broken, weak and ashamed. The trut… @anildash @waltmossberg A lot of harassers are also mentors. @MaryKoCo @slack2thefuture @MindyFurano @johnlevenstein Hi I'M NICK and I care about my appearance!
@BPL_Presents YES. Some people are linear and others pack an entire geological record into the depth of their experiences. @supergovernance @Grady_Booch @AnthroPunk As an ethicist I assure you that action is rarely taken when an ethicist… @amandahess @anildash I agree that the people who opened doors did it because I had something compelling and marketable. @supergovernance @Grady_Booch @AnthroPunk Actually an algorithm created by a precocious five year old might instant… the jury see the Daniel Shaver video before acquitting Philip Brailsford?Go see @alexhaggiagdean's brilliant film BOMBSHELL about the spectacularly creative inventor and artist Hedy Lamarr. @alexhaggiagdean THANK YOU PLUS INFINITY for your brilliant work on Bombshell! I have two framed portraits of Hedy… @wix ALL of your FAQ answers for "payment issues" are about your customers paying YOU, not about our customers paying US! I need support. @wix my customers at are getting an error after they try to pay and I don't see atelephone… relief that family doesn't count here because, though I love mine, they are more the door slammer type. @johnlevenstein Does karaoke count? @Grady_Booch @IBMResearch Hahahaha @rachsyme @CalMorgan 👋🏽 Cal @anildash Also thank you to Rony Vardi & Leigh Plessner @catbirdnyc, the first to stock my Treasure of the Sirens j… @rachsyme ❤️❤️❤️ let's get more writers in here in 2018. @anildash The late Don Forst gave me the @villagevoice cover for an experimental bombshell article about terms of s… @anildash My 2017 was made by @slack2thefuture literally and figuratively opening a door to the future, for which I am grateful. @pomeranian99 @anildash @NaomiAKlein Naomi Klein included my investigative reporting on post-Katrina corporate prof… @Grady_Booch @IBMResearch Let me know if that holds up after you've heard it a dozen times. @ChuckWendig Dogs, books and moonpie! @caveatnyc PS. The illustration of two men and raised man hands in the audience creates the impression that…! @caveatnyc, a delicious slice of nerd heaven for New Yorkers. I love you, Caveat! Thank you @NewYorker! time you feel a bout of Imposter Syndrome coming on, read this and realize that *real imposters* don't care.