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Working hard to close the imagination gap. Co-director of Science House. Futurist, writer, entrepreneur, advisor. Founder, Treasure of the Sirens.

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@jojobickley that's beautiful @ssh106400 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @rilaws I am the unshakeable trace of sorrow at an otherwise happy event on Catherine Deneuve's face. cc @rachsymeFlowers for you all from the Secret Garden @ScienceHouse. 💕 Mr. Rogers thread really got me. 💦 @Grady_Booch @seanmcarroll even if God did exist she might be more like an artist who has no control over the life of her creation.
@hillaryjacobson @amachinist @tomi_adeyemi 🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥 @tsboyajian @kickstarter ❤️✨ @johnlevenstein she did not @laurenduca @SimonsRock excellent speech! When I was younger I was an investigative reporter during Bush admin. This choked me up. ♥️ @hodgman "I'm only piling on if my hand is on the top and his is on the bottom." @bobtedeschi @DomnicSmithy a few more seconds detailing what an early intervention entails would be very helpful! @bobcesca_go @Salon If only history were so easy to erase. @rachsyme this is why I hesitated to watch. @BenedictEvans "flamboyant frontman" tells a story in itself.
#FlowerReport @alyssaharad @readandbreathe it could go either way @hodgman Where at the Denver airport did this take place?My psyche was so deeply impacted by #twinpeaks back in the day that I'm terrified to go back but I feel I won't be able to resist for long. @farnamstreet the "orgy of murder" in the family seems to fly in the face of the procreation theory. Not all procreation is physical...The quest to understand the most mysterious star in the universe, now with more data! #tabbysstar @theferocity @NancyPodcast that illustration!Very excited about my new notebook. dot. @farnamstreet can't wait to get into Cleopatra and Simone de Beauvoir.The botanist in the Secret Garden @ScienceHouse. Secret Garden @ScienceHouse. strangest star is dimming again! Can't wait to see what we learn. #tabbysstar
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@alyssaharad that moment bothered me too. A lot.I tried it just to see and auto fill gave me "burlesque" and "but krampus." @johnlevenstein @nytimesbusiness @sullivanpaul "I just want you guys to know that my wife is getting the condo." "We thought so, dad." "Ok." @johnlevenstein srsly
@johnlevenstein until tonight? @Grady_Booch @epredator 👇🏻 @Edcrab_ it's a long story @JustineBateman @DeepDrumpf @NatronJones that is the funniest bio I've ever seen. @skap5 @TheBIF @elithechef congratulations!! @laurenduca @SimonsRock I would love to see a transcript afterward. Lucky audience! @laurenduca I gave a commencement speech last weekend and one of the grads tossed a yellow rubber duck in my lap after. It was great. @johnlevenstein because you complained about Mom-Dad? @rachsyme Annie wants to cheer you upHarry Houdini, Debbie Harry, and a miniature pony named Alexander the Great in tiny, leopard print sneakers: @kathynaasz @MatthewModine @GHGadgetGirl PS. We aren't in person but I wish we were because I miss @GHGadgetGirl @kathynaasz @MatthewModine @GHGadgetGirl I loved him in everything.I'm about to judge a physics competition. One of the other judges is @MatthewModine so I'm just giving this to you…
The art market's heavy focus on earlier material reminds me of the Renaissance when they ran out of classics to read. @manwhohasitall if it's *possible* then why is it so rare?These incredible women are advancing AI research across the world:
Retweeted by Use Your Imagination @KatWithSword ❤️ @evanoneil @debrahampton @yobetts ❤️❤️❤️ @yobetts ❤️❤️❤️I like my sky at 23.
Please, @Amazon and @JeffBezos DO THIS. unveils its most powerful quantum processor yet in Venice. @rachsyme @helfitzgerald something you might love here. Circa 1555. @rachsyme It's your favorite because it's the best.Flower bomb
Retweeted by Use Your Imagination @johnlevenstein it is total manufactured comic hysteria, as if he can't even *imagine* what will come forth until it is upon him. @davidfrum @AFP A transcript is a recording. Written, not verbal, but it is a record.
The code name of our new @ScienceHouse project is "risky business." I don't ever want the name to change. @SeattlesBanker @AndrewFirlik Very interesting. @rachsyme did we ever know what was coming from day to day? @KristenRadtke @Tim_OConnell @PantheonBooks @mtaeckens @nytimesbooks @AnyaUlinich I have your book on the chair next to me. @KristenRadtke @Tim_OConnell @PantheonBooks @mtaeckens @nytimesbooks @AnyaUlinich YES!!! PS. How old *is* baby Jessica now? @rachsyme that story @paperhaus wow @tiffanyyannetta same @claytoncubitt they DO suck
@vaughanbell @neuropsychblog we've got a Greg Dunn at @ScienceHouse. Love his work.Hanging art at @ScienceHouse. You might recognize it @DeepMindAI @Google @ReelAsDirt. @joelneely Intuition is so misunderstood. @stephen_wolfram @stewartbrand A staple at @ScienceHouse.
@RichardGarriott I believe that if you had everything you wished for, the whole world would be better off. @PresidentHaney @Centenary_NJ @WELLO @marylorene should belong to you, @RichardGarriott. @Grady_Booch people who lack imagination tend to mock what they can't envision. @sundarpichai @karaswisher very poignant but...I can't help but want more information about the missing spleen. @JeffBezos So did she. And so did we all because right now I'm reading a book (written by a woman in 1377) thanks to you and @amazon.