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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Ischia

Working hard to close the imagination gap. Co-director of Science House. Futurist, writer, entrepreneur, advisor, artist.

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@AndyRichter @MaryKoCo and @johnlevensteinCosmic wonder.
2018 #FlowerReport @Plinz @Miles_Brundage 1) The decision may not be made up front 2) Many employees may not be involved or even know.… @Plinz @Miles_Brundage PS. If the regulatory constraints are insufficiently expensive, they are less constraining b… @Plinz @Miles_Brundage And eventually any stance Google may take will have blurred boundaries, new geopolitical con… @FernRiddell @nwalks Good lord @rachsyme I'm writing by hand today 👯My namesake. United States of Amnesia. @johnlevenstein Or fostered the mass expansion of crony capitalism in war and disaster that led to the erosion of r… @johnlevenstein How do you feel about this? I've been waiting for this day so I'm emotionally prepared but I'm concerned about you. @JenLucPiquant Now take NASA's new director out there and set him up with a distant new home @johnlevenstein you posted headless duckie in a totally cavalier fashion with no explanationPeak NYC #FlowerReport for @alyssaharad. @joelneely @mdudas You *know* I have, Joel :) @mdudas So many people who suddenly want to solve problems with blockchain when the same problems could have been (…
@moorehn View from the lounge (where I am now sitting) @moorehn @moorehn I'm into the light and the lounge @hels @moorehn I do want that @relicsbyrild Poems by Tricky is another good one: love Mezzanine and always will. @stevesilberman @AstrayedMind Or a well developed neocortex @MrEwanMorrison My great-grandmother is from an island called Ventotene that has a now-abandoned panopticon prison… @MrEwanMorrison @MX_Chevalier_XM Love this one @timoreilly @Grady_Booch It is an excellent piece @MikeDrucker Bathroom mirror selfie @MikeDrucker @mfishmann @MWilkers13 I love this picture @MrEwanMorrison Gorgeous! @MrEwanMorrison Thanks! I've got designs in the works from shipwrecks all over the world. @johnlevenstein Also, "refusing." @claytoncubitt Although we always did say this is what separates us from the other animals, so @relicsbyrild ❤️🏺💦 @KatWithSword I'm still working on the wild mermaid hair...I didn't forget you. @WWWJT @jerrysaltz Can we please put this on display at @ScienceHouse?! @WWWJT @jerrysaltz I LOVE THIS @ShannaPeeples 😍🔥 @Claire What jewelry company, Treasure of the Sirens, is inspired by shipwrecks. We are about to release our Antikythera pend… @MrEwanMorrison I have a jewelry company, Treasure of the Sirens, that makes jewelry from shipwrecks. This is our s… @aliceemross Highly recommend digitizing them first @morninggloria @GreatDismal Although it would be great to see more men becoming professional @zeynep Does that count as "connecting people?" @mecredy Humans being human @gaunetes Initials embroidered onto his silken robes, tiny ring with his personal insignia, a sextant, on his pinky. @gaunetes Was this before or after he smoked his cigar and told you wise observations he's made about humanity?❤️ @kate_hammer Thank you @RuffyanMe That's exactly right @ziyatong !!! @rachsyme There's a Proust café at the Museum of Jurassic Technology in LA that serves only madeleines and tea
@2degreesofalie They are the absolute worst @jendziura It's like licking a coffee filter filled with wet grounds @johnlevenstein @MaryKoCo Just going out for a walk on casual Friday. You? @austinkleon I love it @wolfejosh @shapeways Given the volume with which I order it would be much easier for me to have a single point of… @wolfejosh @shapeways I need to discuss ways to get consistency in the raw bronze, though. Just received a shipment and need to return it.Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality. --Cheshire Cat @emmaeisenberg Have you contacted @sylviethecamera? @bessbell 👋🏽The brain is many things but it is really a machine that allows the universe to experience specifics instead of everything all at once. @Grady_Booch Also it seems like people are trying to solve problems with blockchain that they could have solved in… @joelneely Imagine if we could spearhead thisA great thread about why teams should take the time to write collaboratively. Words are how the architecture of an… @PGourevitch My first whispered curse occurs when my alarm goes off.
I did this constantly until @davideagleman helped me realize that I don't need to try and remember everything. @wolfejosh @VentureBeat Yes! I think nine million of those were mine @crisplyspoken @JoaquinCastrotx @pearson What is the name of this textbook? @frynaomifry My only true friend group @claytoncubitt Thank you for posting this!