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Working hard to close the imagination gap. Co-director of Science House. Futurist, writer, entrepreneur, advisor. Founder, Treasure of the Sirens.

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Love this! @LindaLacina @Entrepreneur @Padmasree I even painted a pond of beautiful goldfish once and gave it to my mother who loves it. @Entrepreneur @LindaLacina quite a few times @Padmasree inspired me to stop what I was doing and go paint. @davidfrum @mollyesque When more people on the left are able to apply that "dimensionally, not linearly," strategy, things will change. @juliagalef @4eyes_ I think it is making a clear and quite intention demand!I loved meeting these people. They are serious about reinventing higher education. @sparksandhoney @DCTweetBounce congratulations!!
@Microsoft It's a Cyberpower PC. Literally the worst design for the activation code aside from disappearing ink. @microsoft When you make people scratch off to get the Windows 10 activation number, the number disappears. Now wha… @edge it is exquisite @TayoRockson thank you! @CalMorgan @LilHatJones PS I was just thinking about what Cassie said about watching the sun set on the mural when you posted that. @CalMorgan @LilHatJones your fans want more information @TomiObaro I wish I'd remembered to get smoked salmon! @MargaretAtwood @I_am_MrB it is perfect. @johnlevenstein do you want me to tell you? @sundarpichai @Google love that doodle! @hels it's naturally flavored @FastCompany @laurabrown99 one of my all-time favorites on Instagram. A refreshingly sincere person. @johnlevenstein You're like wait, it's cars? Motorcycles? Cars, right. Okay! Cars. Cars. @johnlevenstein but you don't *know* @onwardrobots @oliveruberti got mine
@juliaxgulia they have a ways to go but just wait until they surpass human expectations "faster than anyone imagined." @MargaretAtwood @HandmaidsOnHulu @AneCrabtree @Conconhead beautiful work.So, so good. @nilerodgers I'm so sorry, Nile, but so happy that you created such iconic music together. ❤️ @ACM_CEO @TheOfficialACM The only way we will have sufficient jobs is if we invent them. @ACM_CEO @TheOfficialACM optimistic that work will be automated?
@metadatastan seed of truth in every mythThe Chinese accidentally invented gunpowder while attempting to create elixirs for immortality. @iSmashFizzle I heard a woman in a hotel last night repeatedly threatening to beat her tiny son's ass because he was laughing.Gorgeous place that I love. @theferocity I was a LIT major and now I run Science House so I agreeI love this story. @johnlevenstein love her little Fifty Shades of MOLLY mask. @johnlevenstein what is your dog's name? @johnlevenstein but if she does I hope the baby and the mom barge in @feastonhistory @iambooksboston oh! Do tell! I'm sure you were glorious as usual.
@CalMorgan It was an enjoyable diversion between clients and the Sack of Rome, my friend.I highly recommend following @CalMorgan for a daily dose dose of imagination and inspiration. @CalMorgan @LilHatJones PS. *Tons* of inspiration and imagination! @CalMorgan @LilHatJones Two weeks ago, Tuesday: "9,628, Cal." Cal nods thoughtfully. That Thursday night: "9,845. We're getting there." @iambooksboston @feastonhistory My brilliant friend ❤️ @csilvey Yes, she has to wear something to work and she has good taste.We all do multiple things while billions of neutrinos course through us. In order of priority, her skirt is the lea… is definitely not what Amal Clooney was doing at the UN.
@goreybypass ❤️Mood. @codytatman been therePrevail seems like the wrong word here. @LilHatJones @CalMorgan I do not like them... @JamilSmith "Intentional or not" is generous. How can it possibly be unintentional? @razimus @RichardGarriott @starr_long @ultimadragons ❤️ @DaleInnis @HarvardBiz but we also don't follow all the developments at this point so not sure where the trajectory stands. @DaleInnis @HarvardBiz James (my husband, who is an inventor)says the same. @DaleInnis You disagree? Curious about why. @HarvardBiz
@iSmashFizzle " I won't say it, I'll prove it." ❤️If you've had your eye on my Treasure of the Sirens jewelry line at @catbirdnyc, today would be a great day to go f… @laurabrown99 best thing ever. Every aspect of it was so brilliantly conceived, including data about increased profitability w/women leaders @sbondioli @dansinker @pourmecoffee I can't stand when my dog comes back with bows. My dog also hates it. who thinks things are weird now might want to pause and let this sink in. pay is great, but I will only consider feminism a true success when women are allowed to fail upwards half as often as men are.
Retweeted by Use Your Imagination @iSmashFizzle @scifizoe ❤️🔥 @GrahamPWaller we need to connect again soon!On #InternationalWomensDay, meet mathematician Mary Somerville — the woman for whom the word "scientist" was coined…
Retweeted by Use Your ImaginationKatherine Freese has dedicated her life to trying to find the answer. #InternationalWomensDay
Retweeted by Use Your ImaginationToday & everyday, I am committed to developing women in leadership roles and helping companies get smart about it. #InternationalWomensDayShe's not "defiant." She's fearless. Big difference. And the piece is called Fearless Girl. Come on, @TIME. woman of science.
@BuzzFeed @Cassiesmyth Wow. Glasgow, 19. Was it the sprinkles? @theferocity I'm not happy without writing @erikhinton gelatinous ooze likely wouldn't be programmed like these bodies @epistenixe they don't feel fun or silly @lorengrush I would have left nail marks on any wrist near me @epistenixe yes but why?Every day, this. Why, suddenly? @ShoshUMD Thank *you* for the comforting reminder.Today has been full to the brim with inspiring women. This is beautiful, @ShoshUMD. @JewelCodeCorp @ShoshUMD this is so gorgeous, Shoshana. You are such an inspiration.