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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Ischia

Co-Director of Science House. Working hard to close the imagination gap. Futurist, writer, entrepreneur, advisor.

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@alyssaharad that sounds horrific @randal_olson @rasbt @marshallk or that it even needs to. @randal_olson @rasbt @marshallk I agree. I just don't know yet whether replicating them function for function will yield the same symphony. @randal_olson @rasbt @marshallk I understand but flight is different from human intelligence. Some say maybe it isn't. We don't know yet. @katherinebailey @rasbt @randal_olson @marshallk or enhanced it @randal_olson @rasbt @marshallk yes, but those "brains" adding speed to ours don't have to be the same as ours. @BenedictEvans @anildash @carribeiro @ryanxcharles And I can see stats from my global readership and I love that. @BenedictEvans @anildash @carribeiro @ryanxcharles It's great for business, but that's not clear from the comments on my posts. @BenedictEvans @anildash @carribeiro @ryanxcharles The comments are much lower quality than the extremely valuable connections I've made. @BenedictEvans @anildash @carribeiro @ryanxcharles I have 300k followers on LinkedIn and a couple of million unique readers. @kendavenport hope to see you soon! @randal_olson @rasbt @marshallk that's why I don't think we need to (or perhaps even can) replicate it. Better to expand the intelligence. @rasbt @randal_olson @marshallk we already have human brains. Now we need something different with which to mix them. @rasbt @randal_olson @marshallk @AndrewYNg not easy for humans to come to terms with the reality of the human condition. @rasbt @randal_olson @marshallk @AndrewYNg we also need to understand the varied chemical interactions we have with that algorithm. @MarcusFrei_ @randal_olson @marshallk @AndrewYNg @rasbt we don't listen to human guards. @rasbt @randal_olson @marshallk @AndrewYNg but it doesn't need to be and that's not the right (or most interesting) way to look at AI anyway @rasbt @randal_olson @marshallk @AndrewYNg I'm not convinced that even the most accurate reverse engineering on bio-brain will be "human" @MarcusFrei_ @randal_olson @marshallk @AndrewYNg @rasbt for a while but our human-centric perspective may prove problematic. @randal_olson @marshallk @AndrewYNg @rasbt I agree with the sentiment but the future will be full of different kinds of intelligence. @randal_olson @marshallk @AndrewYNg @rasbt AI doesn't have to be a copy of the human brain to be powerful.
@MissMMcCarthy @jendziura hi!I love this gorgeous picture of @jendziura in
I love my Feminist Unicorn pencils from @jendziura! @johnccarver Hello to you, pilgrim!An iconic example of big data in action to save lives @WeizmannScience: @CuriosityReview
IN OUR IMAGE: Pitch us your stories on the future of AI
Retweeted by Rita J. King @feastonhistory A friend of mine has a baby Arabella. Gorgeous name.My Grandma was so ahead of #JeffKoons. We didn't even have the headquarters for Science House back then. So much has changed in five years!Five years ago today, I came to @ScienceHouse to give a talk about creativity and imagination. I never left! @katelanfoisyMeet Viv: the AI that wants to read your mind and run your life - @guardian next generation beyond Siri?
Retweeted by Rita J. King @sknthla hubris isn't worth the trouble for anyone
I'm going to have nightmares about this tonight. @feastonhistory I thought the exact same. @HarvardBiz @nickducoff I've been studying the Renaissance for three years. I agree with you, but one cautionary note: the Renaissance was patriarchal. @metmuseum I disapprove of the way Livia treated Julia, who was banished to one of my ancestral islands, then called Pandateria.
@lizkingevents Do you work on small, high level events? Have you seen @ScienceHouse? @robinwasserman Thought you might want to know how many people have been raving about how great your book is today.I just finished an Imagination Age framework for leaders to discover the Unknown. I feel like I'm climbing off a boat after a long voyage. @DanielleMorrill Happens to companies too. When they're up, they're perfect. When they're down, they suck. Simplistic reporting. @DanielleMorrill Read The Halo Effect. Case after case of the same happening to males. Very male-oriented book. Same thing, though. @Stephan873 @pmarca The issue is more about depicting sacred parts of a culture in a profane way, out of context.Love this feature about the brilliant @CynthVonBuhler in @nytimes! @laurakitty: “@openculture: Jean-Luc Godard | Marianne Faithfull Singing “As Tears Go By” @mathewi It would be hard because you're limited on Facebook in a way that you aren't on Twitter. Unless it starts being used differently. @kbsmoke @observer you don't even have to delete your account. You can just stop looking. I do that on vacation and it's so nice. @IlanaCT @KatWithSword I agree! @peterwsinger +infinityThis NY island owned by same family for 400 yrs. The last remaining UK royal grant in U.S.
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@bsmog why do the sites say you wouldn't be good dog parents? @maloneyfiles I love good art forgery stories.The word serendipity entered the English language on this day in 1754, at just the right moment.
Retweeted by Rita J. King @alyssaharad I don't care that much about grammar at all. That's what editors are for. @ekbarbarossa failing or just taking a breather?Packing up a Treasure of the Sirens special commission with a secret scroll inside makes me so happy. @daxshepard1 @IMKristenBell I'm in bed sick today and this completely made my day. Beyond adorable. @toto99com
@CNBC It's not a black swan if it can be predicted in advance"Why do they try to make the robots sound like people when they call? It's obviously a robot." "It's not obvious to everyone." @LocalMemphis Thanks for responding. That's sad. I love Memphis. @Local24Maria @LocalMemphis what happened? @jaredbkeller @beejoli amen @jaredbkeller @beejoli was this told to you verbally or in writing?This @WeizmannScience cancer drug might be huge in the fight against Alzheimer's too! @CuriosityReviewThe struggle is real! @ctrlzee what a great idea.
@JimDalrympleII That woman who likes shooting giraffes is going to read that part until the book opens to that page on its own.Memphis Donates Water to Flint - via @FedEx
Retweeted by Rita J. King @nxthompson Already McGeorge is knocked down a few! Such a quick and excellent revision. Peggy should be #1, but hey, it's your list. @nxthompson How many tweets has Herzog seen? Usually when people think Twitter is stupid they don't bother with it. Anyway. McGeorge Bundy. @nxthompson I can't believe I'm unwinding right now with a McGeorge Bundy rabbit hole. But I am. @NancyHightower And people connect in different ways at different times. @NancyHightower It is possible people spent more time socially in the past. Was that time really deep? Maybe face to face is deep enough. @NancyHightower true deep connections are rare but I'm not sure they are more rare now than they ever were. @NancyHightower Is it a breakdown? People still have meaningful connections. And they weren't always meaningful before, either... @nxthompson I hope you never need to reprioritize that list. @nxthompson How big a drop between Ammon and Ted? @leslieberland So many of the most interesting things that have happened thanks to Twitter remain invisible. @leslieberland I would love to host a session @ScienceHouse for longterm Twitter users to meet you and share powerful stories. @jackOr insinuate that deep and meaningful interactions and conversations *never* happen now.When people misremember the time before smartphones as a golden era of perpetually deep, meaningful conversations & interactions.Artificial intelligence pioneer Marvin Minsky dies at 88
Retweeted by Rita J. King @karaswisher The boxes are often shockingly big for one little item. @amazon
@good The internet really would have freaked out about my father's parenting. Turns out being self-sufficient isn't a bad thing AT ALL. @pmarca if you *do* click just tell me what it says because I'm not clickingToday was a beautiful day full of coincidences and sweet, unexpected gestures from people I love.The Valentine's Day Treasure of the Sirens inventory has arrived! @wunderkamercast I can't favorite that tweet enough.
I could take another week of snow. @theodoragoss every week you write what I've been thinking about that week. It's eerie and beautiful. @feastonhistory 86% of the way into The Story of a New Name: struffoli, chicken broth and insalata di rinforzo.
Thrilled to see this, @nmpanek & @shaka_lulu! Tonight I found a @NASA pin on a dress I gave a NASA talk in. @davidcowan lucky friend! @HeartCPRDerek Walcott. born Jan. 23, 1930. poems: @parisreview interview:
Retweeted by Rita J. KingX-Ray pics of flowers, from the 1930s | @hyperallergic
Retweeted by Rita J. King @nntaleb @bpermaculture @ScienceHouse Connections/ideas emerge when you're not focused, but focus is required for execution. @nntaleb @bpermaculture @ScienceHouse I understand your point. Part of me agrees, part of me disagrees. @nntaleb @bpermaculture Chess, reading and writing are the top three ways we focus @ScienceHouse.Annie in the #nyc snow. @maloneyfiles @feastonhistory @reynoldsmichael @EuropaEditions please DM me your emails and let's pick a date.
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