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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Ischia

Working hard to close the imagination gap and make the invisible visible. Co-director of Science House. Futurist, writer, entrepreneur, advisor.

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@m_clem Actually maybe it *is* our faultIndeed. @greatdiscontent @anildash @iSmashFizzle looks great!
This, from the New York Times's report on NY ice cream trucks, may be the best quote the paper has ever published:
Retweeted by Rita J. King @stevesilberman @ArmisteadMaupin awww, what perfect boats ;) @futurefeed @jorgebarba AI doesn't need to "match humans." Only our egocentrism makes us think so. @rachsyme yes I said matching bonnets @rachsyme my Appalachian mother sewed my clothes and matching bonnets and sent me off to school that way *in Brooklyn*
Inventor, artist and all-around woman of cosmic mystery, Hedy Lamarr. @JenLucPiquant thanks for sharing that! I love Hedy Lamarr (pics are from the wall in my studio at Science House). @atlasobscura doesn't Bangkok have a longer name?
Digitizing hundreds of notebooks. Civil rights quest, New Orleans birthday weekend, first visit to my nephew. @lloyd2nd Start with The Neapolitan Novels and re-read them twice
@AnnMahNet @eminchilli 💥"One Skill that Will Take Your Writing from Good to Great" #writing
Retweeted by Rita J. King @AndrewFirlik my OFC gets a workout. @3dprintindustry This looks amazing. Will this be next year at the Venice Biennale? I thought 2016 was an in-between year.
One of our very favorite @ScienceHouse portfolio companies. So proud of your great work, @SeeClickFix! @CityLab I saw a man going the wrong way on a Citibike at Gramercy Park in NYC knock a woman out of a wheelchair a couple of days ago. @WriterlyTweets A snake spots their radiant heat. @waltmossberg For the past two weekends in a row I thought it was Memorial Day Weekend. So, yeah, I hear that.This new neighborhood will grow its own food, power itself, and handle its own waste:
Retweeted by Rita J. KingWe loved hearing everybody laugh so hard @ScienceHouse, @ucbtny! Thank you! @RoryAlbanese "My favorite thing about her is that she does what she wants to do. She doesn’t know what’s cool with other nine-year-olds." @RoryAlbanese Love the pictures of the two of them. Adorable and so sweet.Today rocks. Energetic new client @ScienceHouse, emotional note from a family member, and a request for info about the Imagination Age.Attempt at a messy hand lettered look this time. #madewithpaper by @FiftyThree #lettering #quote #digitalart ❤️
Retweeted by Rita J. King @rayoflightdsign @FiftyThree Thank you so much for that! Exactly what I needed to see this morning. Literally and figuratively. @marciprojects_ Have you seen this piece? @marciprojects_ if you want to email me at ritajking at gmail I am happy to help you. @marciprojects_ my work is less academic and more in the field but I have lots of documentation and work that might serve your needs.
Innovative "Braille Bricks" help blind children learn to read while playing with toys
Retweeted by Rita J. King @donohoe @dansinker also you can RT yourself as many times as you want @donohoe @dansinker *at least* once.Never been a fan of declarative headlines when a story hangs on anonymous sources who are supposedly in the know. @anildash @RMac18 Presented w/o comment. "According to people familiar with the situation who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity." @nitashatiku the next sentence is the key to that particular hatchet burial @JenLucPiquant @sarahkaplan48 fascinating! Shedding pottery like dandruffBroken pottery reveals the sheer devastation caused by the Black Death
Retweeted by Rita J. King @WriterlyTweets Perhaps it had never been mine.
@neiljgibson @FedEx 💕Inside the Story: Man with no hands, partial arms is star @FedEx employee #TeamFedEx
Retweeted by Rita J. King @HopeJahren @thejoelstein I recently found that book in a box, read it and just couldn't believe how horrible...
@renesugar thank you!Can someone please explain the difference between blockchain and a hash list?We need a better word than "rejection" to describe the very emotional catalyst that points to the improvement demanded by life. @nytimes more nuts than bolts, those proposals @Slate I have often wondered why people who talk to their kids about gun safety seem so sure that it means the kids are safe. @tummler10 @palafo I just don't think his supporters view these things as insults. Although I do *also* have gallows humor. @lawrence_wright @harikunzru only a sane person would write sir and then cross it out as if he's inviting a guest to a gala. @palafo @tummler10 maybe he wasn't intending those observations as insults @ELLEmagazine I like how there's a human giraffe in slide 37 who doesn't even score a mention in the caption20 Ideas to Transform a Balcony into a Cozy Reading Nook
Retweeted by Rita J. KingEvery week @theodoragoss writes a post that is invariably exactly what is happening with my own mind and writing. @kbatygin took away your instruments??Meet the secretive AI startup that’s trying to give computers imagination
Retweeted by Rita J. King"Cynicism is a poverty of curiosity and imagination and ambition." @brainpicker, I love this line from your commencement speech.
@bsmog yesssssssss @RitaJKing sometimes you have to kill your darlings, right?
Retweeted by Rita J. KingIt's okay to cut 54,232 words from a manuscript if they shouldn't be there. @chelseagsummers I do love the rewrite. But it's so radical in this case it's like a new manuscript. @chelseagsummers no you have no idea how inhibited the writing is @chelseagsummers I just started the third (and COMPLETE OVERHAUL) draft of mine, so...solidarity. @catbirdnyc You made my day! @KatWithSword I love @catbirdnyc too. A treasure trove of wonder.Beyond thrilled to announce that @catbirdnyc is stocking my Treasure of the Sirens jewelry line! @SagmeisterSimon @GPPi @EliasSagmeister @WHSummit !That's 2000 people filling beautiful Sydney Town Hall for a celebration of Elena Ferrante w Ann Goldstein #SWF16
Retweeted by Rita J. King @leaantigny @text_publishing @SydWritersFest made me cry from New York to see that! @reynoldsmichael @leaantigny @reynoldsmichael @text_publishing Yes!!
Here you go @Summer_Ash., @wernerherzog is teaching a masterclass on filmmaking. I'm taking it. @CoryBooker What did you speak about? @emilynussbaum I woke up dreaming that people were in the house. Common dream for me when we have an event the next day @ScienceHouse.
NYC. perfect Manhattan view for facilitating a session for the travel industry. @ScienceHouse
@bill_easterly @timoreilly @benphillips76 Big intellectual gap between Lorenzo the Magnificent and his dimwit son Piero the Unfortunate. @bill_easterly @timoreilly @benphillips76 wow!I always wanted a twin. imagine if more startups used "Everybody cleans" rather than "Move fast and break things"
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Peeling a thick layer of Ivy from a building woah!
Retweeted by Rita J. King @shaka_lulu the cosmos is spectacular and so are you! @shaka_lulu @plutokiller @kbatygin thank you! @shaka_lulu @plutokiller @kbatygin Is it true that they are neither imposters nor supernovae? @shaka_lulu @plutokiller @kbatygin are impostor supernovae actually supernovae? The name would suggest not but what are they? @shaka_lulu @plutokiller @kbatygin Can you help us with this question about impostor supernovae? @girlswritenow @lenadunham Love the idea! I just organized my hundreds of diaries from first grade on and have considered writing a book. @aarongell @NYMag wouldn't exactly call it a pietá since the kid is presumably alive
@NYMag Please don't say "no one" and "everybody." Not true. Some people realize we have a huge problem in this country. @maloneyfiles @nycjim As long as they stop at links and images, I think it could be a big improvement. @jack @ChronicleBooks I had In The Library but I never wore it so I gave it away.Nice Maxwell's Demon illustration, @newscientist! @kevinroose Experimental nations like ours are labs. @juliaxgulia It absolutely does get better. The later in your 30's, the better.Happy birthday to @katelanfoisy who introduced me to my husband, my best friend, a powerful goddess, and @ScienceHouse.
"We want to be a large company that's also an invention machine." @JeffBezos Hard for big companies, but @Amazon is nailing it.I definitely pay a lot less for sticks of butter, so I guess the answer is yes. @nytimesphoto "nurtured their careers" or used them to his advantage until he got jealous of their success? @nytimes @GreatDismal That's part of his appeal to those who support him. They *like* misogyny.