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Working hard to close the imagination gap. Co-director of Science House. Futurist, writer, entrepreneur, advisor. Founder, Treasure of the Sirens.

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@erikhinton @dansinker ✨👌🏼Complex little monkeys.This site put a quick end to the marmoset-acquisition conversation between myself and my niece. pink vs. blackest black! Love this story. @hannahtraining @jwherrman @chrislhayes Just like they are dying now while kids are playing on nearby baseball fields from opiate overdoses. @jwherrman @chrislhayes Exactly @ImaginariumOrg ✨👌🏼 @hodgman I want to change my name to Basil Wolverton and my picture to Robot Woman. @johnlevenstein Just make sure that if Molly has a toy that looks like an apple it isn't in her mouth before dinner @johnlevenstein Never mind I saw that you got hungry and confused your fingers and fries @johnlevenstein Can you explain now? @farnamstreet Amen @dailydot How to avoid being *accused* of sexual assault.
@gutelius Yesssss @Kasparov63 Can't resist sharing this one again. One of the best pictures I've ever taken, and a great memory too. considering taking next week off, starting now. @StephLauren My nickname is The Generalissima and I don't mind it. @chelseagsummers Maria Menounos in a diamond Randi Rahm @chelseagsummers What are you exploring? @chelseagsummers Madonna in a Gaultier bra @chelseagsummers Jacqueline Kennedy in pink Chanel @chelseagsummers Björk in the swan dress @chelseagsummers I think of Grace Kelly in Rear Window. @CalMorgan @chelseagsummers Rita Hayworth is my namesake and I ❤️ her @debbiebere @james_clear You are brilliant beyond belief in every way that the world needs most,@debbiebere!#MaxPlanck #Imagination
Retweeted by Use Your Imagination @sarahcuda Fascinating letter. A founder who loves their own company should protect it from Stone Age bullshit. @ACLU What felonies is he being charged with?As a liberal arts major who works in tech, I agree. @jowyang My husband, whenever he attempts to update Chessbase, which only runs on Windows.
Beautiful. agree, @iSmashFizzle & @johnlevenstein.
@helfitzgerald that is my dollhouse.Also math, science and engineering. @futuryst Yessss @RitaKing702 My company Science House works with a client there. I am in Memphis a lot. @johnlevenstein SAME @GetBullish @james_clear @JenLucPiquant @Summer_Ash @iSmashFizzle @brainpicker @moorehn @MargaretAtwood @schemaly @james_clear Heather Berlin, Heather Knight, @JenLucPiquant, @Summer_Ash, @GetBullish, @iSmashFizzle, @brainpicker,…
@moorehn @thisisjendoll @sebastianbach Or as my mother says, it was "deep like," not love, per se @moorehn @thisisjendoll @sebastianbach I loved him too!The creative process is a process of surrender, not control. Mystery is at the heart of #creativity. That, and surprise. JULIA CAMERON
Retweeted by Use Your Imagination @james_clear Check the bios of the women who respond to your request. Will lead you down some interesting paths, no doubt. @cindygallop @james_clear So many across many fields. @lirarandall. @bethcomstock. Elena Ferrante. @JannaLevin @james_clear In which fields? @KajaPerina This is amazing @mtyka! @alyssaharad @summersumz @LArtisan That's my favorite perfume. @alyssaharad It smells like herbs hanging from wooden beams, smoke and moonlit gardens. @johnlevenstein Teachable moment is not my favorite phrase.
@RitaKing702 I just got back from Memphis! I love BB King. Amazing that you're his daughter and we have the same name! @rachsyme Until that point, most relationships are circumstantial @Raphaeleads So true!!! @qz Any discussion of this subject for any reason is too much discussion.Watching him deal with rejection constantly made me realize it is a part of the path. Every time you persevere, you are more competitive.The skeleton at the typewriter is on the front of the card and the note is inside. And you better believe I keep it visible.I write every single day. My father got me started when I was tiny, made me do it, and encouraged me to solicit sca… @CalMorgan For everyoneFor the children who are being raised by combat veterans who are not rehabilitated into ordinary reality upon retur… beloved niece reminds me of @GalGadot, not just in her looks, but in her warrior's disposition. @Raphaeleads Amazing picture! @Raphaeleads ExactlyI've been collecting my Wonder Woman gear for many years and my costume is amazing. @erikhinton As long as they'll still deliver even the rarest vegetable I want to my house, I won't miss picking pro…
@brittneyplz I very fondly remember the Mermaid Parade and that feeling. @brittneyplz Inside is a scroll with "sail on, wiser..." written on it, from the only surviving siren song. @brittneyplz DM me your address and I will send you one that arrived today, etched with one of the Glyphs of the Imagination Age. @AlannaBennett @brittneyplz Gorgeous pictures! @brittneyplz ❤️🏺💦 mermaids forever @brittneyplz I want to send you a raw bronze so you can carry that feeling with you every d… @stewartbrand ❤️❤️❤️ thisI love this ancient Venice time machine project so much! Via @stewartbrand @kim_lear_ Mike Foster was correct in introducing us.Reading @harari_yuval's Sapiens is a harrowing experience. I highly recommend to all members of my species. future is already here, it's just not very evenly distributed. --@GreatDismal @rgay Sometimes when I feel dispirited, I read the love notes people leave in your mentions. ❤️❤️❤️ Your hard work is deeply appreciated. @BKCHarvard @Harvard I would love to know more about this project. Here's something I wrote:…
@jaredbkeller I had to take the chair out of my bedroom and now it's weird because I have to deal with the clothes in real time.TGIF! Time to destroy your phone with a hammer and 'bleach' your emails!