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Working hard to close the imagination gap. Co-director of Science House. Futurist, writer, entrepreneur, advisor. Founder, Treasure of the Sirens.

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@erikhinton Make sure they stop charging you after you cancel. This happened to me at a different gym years ago but it was a major fight.
@slack2thefuture Same. And different angles. One of the reasons why Amazon is Amazon is the ability to create simpl… @slack2thefuture That's an interesting way to think about it. @mecredy @likaluca So sorry to hear that, but, yes, life is short and should be maximized to the fullest.50ft statue "dignity" goes up in South Dakota yesterday. Honoring the Lakota and the Dakota tribes that are indigen…
Retweeted by Use Your Imagination @mecredy @likaluca Lots of things, but at the core: I pared back on non-essentials and mental clutter. @likaluca This is a great takeaway. @likaluca I take my work seriously but I do not take myself seriously. @likaluca I feel younger now than I did when I was actually younger, and I'm much, much happier. @Raphaeleads Creativity is everywhere, in everyone. @cccalum It wasCoffee cup on a chess board is the most Science House looking Matisse I've ever seen. Matisse women
Retweeted by Use Your ImaginationTotal Eclipse by Annie Dillard is one of the most beautiful essays ever written. (Thanks @paperalphabet!) @paperalphabet Gorgeous @chapmanchapman It's true. My cousin (a blatant racist) insists she's obligated to defend him because Dems wanted s… @nycjayjay Put one outside my cousin's house on Staten Island too, please. @MaryKoCo Look what I have here @MaryKoCo For me, there's one missing between 8 and 9 and it's the one I want.A beautiful message about our collective souls and the power of art. truth behind most of the Confederate monuments being torn down tells an even larger story than you'd realize —…
Retweeted by Use Your ImaginationLove this @stephen_wolfram Precision Eclipse site. Guy Explains Why the Solar Eclipse Will Blow Your Mind | Short Film...
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@erikhinton WhatWe can predict eclipses 1000 years in advance. Dramatic testimony to the unyielding regularities underlying the natural world. 🌙
Retweeted by Use Your Imagination @stewartbrand @kevin2kelly Great picture of you! @iSmashFizzle For me, writing in Pages but saving to Dropbox works wonders. @iSmashFizzle I tried to use Scrivener until it erased an entire manuscript once. I got it back, exported it and never looked back. @Grady_Booch @chrisamaphone Please share with me when you find out. @Grady_Booch Persevering as in, made from durable parts? @Grady_Booch Pretty sure "sharing your sense of humor" means "laughing at all your stupid jokes" but this is why I… @itraor Even if we thought of one, it could flip fast @itraor There are some but fewer and far between @itraor I get that. I'm saying: what startup is safe from the Amazon effect? @pegcheng Saw one of those highway signs in Memphis today! @itraor What *doesn't* come close to Amazon? @mariskreizman Thanks to non-chronological timelines I *just* saw this and for a minute thought today is Friday and I'm losing my mind. @guisof ✨👌🏼
The design is absolutely brilliant.The Merchant Mariner's Memorial in Battery Park depicts a real moment when Germans sunk an American boat. was excited for the solar eclipse but this made me so sad
Retweeted by Use Your Imagination @rachsyme You've seen my history bookcase. I read every book on it. @neiljgibson @FedEx @EclipseGuys 🌞🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌞FDA Slams Homeopathy Company Over Deadly Nightshade In Product For Teething Babies
Retweeted by Use Your Imagination @RitaJKing no party like a siren party:
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@erikhinton Who did this?? ❤️🏺💦❤️🏺💦 @erikhinton Circe gave him the instructions. @erikhinton He killed the sirens.Someone needs to cover Virginia's brandishment laws and the implications of not enforcing them.What about writers who love both writing and revising? @nytimesbusiness @ellenjpollock1 I would like to invite you to @ScienceHouse in Manhattan. @SarahSiegel @debbubb Hi Sarah! I would love to be connected to Debora. @maureenjohnson @morningRoja No. In fact they are now insisting that the Democrats are the ones who supported slave…'s stop saying "getting dragged" since actual people are being dragged and killed by hate groups with speeding v…
@ibogost Not being allowed a CPK was, oddly, a pivotal identity altering event. @ibogost I have NO IDEA what I'm looking at here but I'm calling my mother to thank her for not allowing me to have a Cabbage Patch Kid. @elspethreeve I am in awe of this work, Elle. @jesticide @mariskreizman Which side is proud boys? @Beschizza @villagevoice Isn't guaranteed once you agree to ToS @Beschizza I wrote a cover story for @villagevoice in 2001 about Terms of Service and free speech, which isn't guaranteed.Inviting me to speak at an academic conference on AI is like inviting Mary Shelley to speak on transplant surgery
Retweeted by Use Your ImaginationThis thread!!!!
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@andevers ❤️❤️❤️ @andevers And THEN WHAT (make stuff up at this point I'm okay with that) @andevers I'm calmer just reading it. @andevers Was he staring at your trousers or what? @patrickdijusto @neiltyson I agree, but he tried to use "science" to make it seem like he couldn't be questioned because he was right. @andevers What?! @neiltyson @patrickdijusto In theory, I agree, but the Google manifesto guy insisted the same about his argument.323.1 million unpaid extras in the most realistic reality TV show imaginable. @chrisgrayson I was in Memphis at the time with locals who had pictures of Elvis on their work badges to honor him.
@blinkdaddy @wideawakewesley @ErnestCline My parents didn't care about age appropriateness when I was a book-loving… would be ✨ completely ✨ covered in gold stars. @PlanetDr Cover me with gold stars, botIt's Elvis Week, so I've got my Taking Care of Business in a Flash amulet on the ready. @iSmashFizzle ❤️ @erikhinton Stimulating the utopian imagination beyond the usual that! @amandamull I'm the pine hoping to avoid the flame. @stevesilberman So it's just like that NRA commercial, basically.