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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Ischia

Working hard to close the imagination gap. Co-director of Science House. Futurist, writer, entrepreneur, advisor. Designer at Treasure of the Sirens.

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It may not seem so important right now, but one day soon, it will.
@marciamarcia That's kind of how I felt at the end of that book. @alwayscoffee see @TREASUREoftheSIRENS on Instagram for a sneak previewDear All Women, at noon sharp tomorrow I am creating something that will symbolize a new era in our collective lives for years to come.The pendulum is going to swing again and we will all be living in a future someday that is already being created. Let's get to work. @moorehn I was going to say the same about New Yorkers though I fear, thanks to zombies with cell phones, that the fast walking is gone. @WriterlyTweets Ducking giraffe heads; bony wrecking balls. #amwriting #sixwordstory @TeenVogue How traditional? Native American flutes and music from the Spanish Colonial expansion under the crown of Castile? @jeffweiner @FastCompany @LinkedInEditors I love the makeover! @RGerds22 @chefbeaumac Having been to a team dinner with @chefbeaumac I can assure you that you are in a for a serious treat.Does a "traditionally American" performance mean Native American flute, or music from the colonial expansion under the crown of Castile? @fingida Want a sneak peek?
@RebeccaSkloot @phylogenomics @HBO @Oprah THRILLING!❤️ @mactonnies I wish you had lived to see this day. All Women, I am making something for us and I can't wait to share it with you.Knowing he had it going on, Robert Cornelius posed for the world's very first selfie in 1839.… you're into reading what @elonmusk calls "a chronicle of wonder," check out @RichardGarriott's book: @tummler10 @andrewslack @CivicHall @ericpliu @knightfdn @CitizenUniv you pinged me as I'm working on an Imagination Age leadership document @tummler10 @andrewslack @CivicHall @ericpliu @knightfdn @CitizenUniv very interesting! Thank you. @davidllada did Kasparov talk about world events in any of those interviews? @johnlevenstein “Affectations,” said Gertrude Stein when she heard the news of Duncan's death, “can be dangerous.” @johnlevenstein Isadora Duncan was strangled in France, when the enormous silk scarf she was wearing got tangled in her car's rear hubcaps. @johnlevenstein My mother called me Isadora Duncan when as a child I wore dark glasses and flowing scarves. "That's how she died," she said.
@alexismadrigal that gave me the feels thinking about the picture @sarahrich posted of the mermaid costume in action. @umairh @WendyBrandes I agree. Peace is not the absence of conflict. @marshallk gives me chills (to say the least) that he died the next day. I have visited the exact spot where it happened. @marshallk It's a lot. @johnlevenstein Just bought out the first print run. @johnlevenstein no wonder people are sleeping through the rose ceremony
There's so much in this 2 minute clip that requires a lot of very deep thinking just to scratch the surface. equation is deceptively simple: ER = EPR. But its implications are far more complicated.
Retweeted by Rita J. King @DorothyProject cannot wait to get my hands on that! @ValaAfshar @JeffBezos exactly rightEvidence suggests that this is probably still an edge over most humans. @PhotonicPunk how did it go?? @Marilyn_Res @anaisnin @NationalGallery I study Michelangelo's Pietàs so I am very excited to see this! @chelseagsummers enjoy it while it lasts because when that brain starts working again it hurts @postkxj @dpatil the Jake Brewer really got me like ❤️💔 @chelseagsummers I was unrelentingly sick a couple of weeks ago and I realized that I had gone hours without thinking.
@johnlevenstein I rolled my eyes hard when I read that. @anaisnin @Marilyn_Res @NationalGallery I've always believed that painting is of Judith and the head of Holofernes. @Outis169 @davidllada yes @CalMorgan Also, I'm kind of shocked by all the smart people who seem to have absolutely no grasp of the meaning of "double standard." @CalMorgan through what mechanism? @CalMorgan Why answer honestly or directly when few hold them accountable and nasty lies make for countless incredulous tweets? @johnlevenstein @Splitsider oh god I love seeing young Sam and Diane with Coach. @davidllada bluffing is a very human concept.Poems from my father: Asking For Faith by Jan Twardowski."Watching the end of human dominance in poker," James said, when I asked him what he's up to today. @vgr @GeneLinetsky would that change anything?
@Nick_Offerman the novelty never wears off Ron Swanson eating bacon-wrapped shrimp. @moorehn People have yet to understand that amplification *is* a form of endorsement. @TheGoodDeath gorgeous!In landing Falcon 9 dead center on a floating platform in the middle of the ocean after launch, @spacex reminds everyone what's possible.
@themaxburns you MADE MY DAY! Would love to catch up. Look, it's us. @scottbelsky I agree about volume and frequency but intuition is a slippery slope too. @MarkDaavis moral standards change and ethics change by extension.
@StevenSandhoff I just realized that I neglected to tag the person for whom that tweet was intended! @FloIriondo I want to come in and make more videos with you. I have some ideas. @johnlevenstein so nothing satisfies you, is what you're revealing❤️ @CalMorgan I'm no grammarian and I mixed up Polonius and Claudius (I knew who was who, it just came out wrong) but otherwise... @johnlevenstein I'm surprised already. @CalMorgan I kept my mouth shut about my grades but I got an A.If an ethics committee doesn't like your behavior, and you don't care and aren't held accountable, a new code of ethics emerges.Ethics are not fixed. Ethics shift based on changing perceptions of what's good and what's bad. @seanmcarroll @preskill @JannaLevin @MattStrassler @TrueSciPhi happy, angry, neutral, no face, to all of you I say THANK YOU & hi, Matt :) @CalMorgan impactful suxI may have just cried while giving a monologue about how much I love this girl and books and how the world is worth… @johnlevenstein I don't think that's why he was crying. @debbiemillman @brainpicker @RichardGarriott I got so excited that I sent the picture before it was correctly placed on the wall but anyway!I love the way @debbiemillman's #verarubin tribute looks on the wall @ScienceHouse! cc @RichardGarriott @brainpicker @bradbecker bad intentions become the culture @nilerodgers you are an amazing human beingPS. How will the immortals fund their existence in order to avoid the corporations that own their data and storage from turning them off? @russbengtson I can't fathom being stuck in a landscape of ads for imaginary realities and objects forever.I wanted to be immortal until I started thinking about which company would own the data and storage for my expandin… @CalMorgan there's more