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Working hard to close the imagination gap. Co-director of Science House. Futurist, writer, entrepreneur, advisor. Founder, Treasure of the Sirens.

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@JannaLevin and yet clients are still like "show and up and work." @JannaLevin amen @JannaLevin "A baby feels like a parasite but really the genes are the parasite and they're just using the baby. And you." @JannaLevin This is why my mother doesn't mind that I don't have kids.Nobody does #tbt like @RealLyndaCarter.
Retweeted by Use Your Imagination @longnow @larrybrilliant @stewartbrand @Interval Wish I could have been there for that. @CalMorgan @Temple_Emily @lithub @jynnnne @riverheadbooks ❤️❤️❤️ @likaluca @CalMorgan @lithub ❤️❤️❤️
@mariskreizman "Been there, done that." --Annie👇🏻
Retweeted by Use Your ImaginationHidden Figures makes me very happy to have served as futurist at NASA Langley's think tank. @Grady_Booch good one @rachsyme The lobby candles are Santal 33. @rachsyme The first time I ever smelled Santal 33 was when the Gramercy Park Hotel first reopened. It was a memorable night.Now that climate change isn't real we can enjoy February blooms without worrying about pesky scientific reality."Being mistaken for a fashion reporter because I happen to be a man makes me angry," says Ben, male journalist banging on about men's issues
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Anybody else see the resemblance between these two explorers of sea and space? @Astro_Mike @metmuseum why does he look like you?? @CalMorgan @LilHatJones Let's make that dream come true! @thisisjendoll I already hit that slope today. @CalMorgan Okay those are clearly Bugles which reminds me that the Bugles of @LilHatJones are STILL WAITING. @CalMorgan I feel like choice #3 should be JossWhedon @JessicaValenti @nytimes That's one of many issues I had with that article. "Liberals," with such a broad brushstroke.China is serious about science. @BadAstronomer @seanmcarroll my husband just read me an article and it was this.
❤️ @crystallyn @AlyssInWnderlnd @amazon done! @seanmcarroll if only consciousness *did* bring the world into existence!
@Tim_OConnell yes are so many documentaries about forgers who outsmart the art world that I really question "the art world." @24petwatch I've been trying to deal with your customer service reps for a many, MANY months overdue claim payment and I need assistance.❤️❤️❤️ @MargaretAtwood @henningfischer @GEdesign @jenniecoo that is adorable! @Grady_Booch @tedtalks This talk is brilliant! ❤️❤️❤️ @Grady_Booch @TEDTalks I'm scared of *your* superintelligence, pal. #rhymeswithhalMy friend @Grady_Booch made rocket fuel in his bedroom as a kid. Now he doesn't want us to fear superintelligence. entire bodies are made up of molecular machinery that has no idea what it's doing or that we can think.A hauntingly gorgeous a cappella version of Tom Waits' The Briar and the Rose: cc @MARIADAHVANA
People throw the word genius around but THIS *IS* GENIUS. middle-schooler robot-building protégé is interested in this @IBM superhero vision project: cc @Grady_Booch @Grady_Booch Do you happen to know where this research is being done? A great kid in NYC is very interested. @ValaAfshar I always start by asking them what they think the jobs of the future will be. @Scirens @ecaren @Signal2NoiseMag You hit the bullseye like a laser beam hitting a mirror on the moon. @Scirens @ecaren @Signal2NoiseMag musesI love this portrait of the magical @katelanfoisy, a conduit to many dimensions. @Quartzy I thought the opposite. I've heard many complain that novel findings mean a grant may be in jeopardy. @davidllada your photo of her was amazing @fredbenenson +1
@JesseThorn Try @brainpickings @JesseThorn Try @farnamstreetDifferent angles on the same thought. am having a similar experience, writing a book about a woman who lived five centuries ago. I We're on repeat. @davidllada @chess24com @chess24es @chess24de @anishgiri @AnaMatnadze who is she? How brilliant. I am in awe of her brilliance. @davidllada @chess24com @chess24es @chess24de @anishgiri @AnaMatnadze perfect choice of textile. Gorgeous picture."Subtle." Thankfully not each day, or everywhere, in this case. @juliagalef I have spent quite a bit of time reading the Demeter scent library and I have never encountered that one, thankfully! Wow.A spectacular person, @nmpanek. @namshine @nmpanek @TheAgenda spectacular person @CalMorgan How are you feeling now? @CalMorgan OH NO @johnlevenstein I can see how you'd feel that way, but I'm sure it irritated you that you couldn't talk yet. @johnlevenstein Happy Birthday! I would push you all over Manhattan in that carriage. @YS absolutely right. @stewart It is unpredictable what will happen when intelligence evolves in ways we can't understand. @stewart and we don't fully understand what it means to be human. @stewart bioware is making strides @stewart we may be able to synthesize volition from the beginning. @stewart agree it's hard for Twitter. Happy to discuss in any medium. @baratunde @TheRoot whaaaaaaaaaaat ?!?!?! @hassanisms thanks for responding but I already looked into it and 💥👀 @stewart Also I would love to know more about what you mean. @stewart @BenedictEvans I believe it's all just intelligence, period, the universe evolving. @BenedictEvans one is imaginary and one is real, so we can control how we perceive the former.
💋 @CalMorgan Same to you misterI will never forget Etan Patz. The jury reached a verdict today for the first child whose face appeared on the milk cartons of my childhood. @Reuters AND? @iSmashFizzle ❤️