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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Ischia

Working hard to close the imagination gap. Co-director of Science House. Futurist, writer, entrepreneur, advisor, artist.

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The part of the equation that catches my imagination is "and the length of time that these civilizations would have… @elonmusk @WorldAndScience Even on earth now, a lot of our communications aren't being broadcast out into space.It is possible that many advanced civilizations exist in a tiny window between harnessing fire and driving themselv… @elonmusk @WorldAndScience The part of the equation that catches my imagination is "and the length of time that the… @alyssaharad @MindyFurano First one is after five @MindyFurano
@RitaJKing Dinner is #served
Retweeted by Rita J. King @MindyFurano I am laughing so hard @mhucka What do you think of this? @CalMorgan What do you have against the quince jar?#FlowerReport is a nice dose of peace, sanity and nature every Sunday, curated by @alyssaharadToday's #FlowerReport from the Secret Garden on the roof of @ScienceHouse in Manhattan. @CalMorgan ✨👌🏼 @TheCut @GlynnMacN and grateful that I never caved to the pressure when I was being grilled constantly about my plans and intentions. @TheCut @GlynnMacN I am recently on the other side of all of those emotions also...
@alexanderchee @chrislhayes Better to let it sit and reveal itself than to issue an insincere and meaningless apology. @Plinz PS. She only gets one bite of corn. Her staff ate the rest. 🐶🌽😳 @Plinz Her Highness is busy at the moment but I will check with her staff to see when the calligrapher is free to p… @Plinz @Plinz I've never heard anyone say it controls the mind...who says that? Dogs *do* rule. @mariskreizman Or an old one cleared out because its inhabitants don't seem quite as bad anymore @AlexaErnstini Lucky @ziyatong Such polite doxxing! @wolfejosh @shapeways it would be *so* helpful if Shapeways could label samples with the actual name of the metal.…'s dinner was lit. Or this is what happens when you eat a firefly.
Retweeted by Rita J. King @arthens Why? @mathewi I see. If they had good material, it would promote itself. @mathewi What is the purpose of this interview? And why reveal their location? @BCBAILEY74 😳 @pickover If only the radicals remained in their nests. @MillerMadeline Sent you an email 🏺💦
@KatWithSword YESHappy Birthday to the great, Octavia Butler. I have this, from her notebooks, pinned above my desk at all times.
Retweeted by Rita J. King @Mandy_RN13 @ziyatong ❤️🏺💦 scroll inside is a fragment of the last siren song that says "sail on, wiser..." @UPSLongitudes I am the founder of a company that 3D prints objects inspired by things found in shipwrecks. I desig… @EmilyRCWilson Another scene from last night. Madeline Miller told everyone to read The Odyssey and my eyes teared… @EmilyRCWilson last night @stevesilberman The theme on my relatives' Facebook pages is that liberals love to "manufacture outrage" and this i… @annasproul @wordbookstores @rachsyme @MillerMadeline @juliebarer I had to stop reading so many times because 👁👁💦My faith in humanity was restored tonight at @wordbookstores by @rachsyme and @MillerMadeline talking about her bri… @Plinz Hmmmmm
I made myself a jacket. The message doesn't mean anything but it is painted in red to symbolize blood. @rachsyme EXACTLY @stevesilberman It's true that the message wasn't hidden. It is painted in huge white letters. @hiwildflower @luxlotus Ancients is truly gorgeous. cc @rachsyme @juliebarer @KatieANYC I just called and they said the response has been overwhelming, and they are heartened by it… @juliebarer @KatieANYC Thank you for sharing thisAnd now for something completely different... Actress Lynda Carter (aka ‘70s TV Wonder Woman) covers the KISS song…
Retweeted by Rita J. King @rachsyme I feel that way in the spring when, at the first sign of the green edges of a hyacinth forcing its way th… visited today with a friend who is a curator at the Air & Space museum, and he pointed out these holes in the whe…
Retweeted by Rita J. King @LucyACarson That image gives him way too much credit. He looks almost considerate. @MindyFurano I've hired some amazing people @MindyFurano YES @reynoldsmichael @ischia_ponte on Instagram. @feastonhistory pointed it out and I was like ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤ @wolfejosh @shapeways I'm working on one as we speak. @reynoldsmichael Did you see the stills from my ❤️ Castello Aragonese?? @rachsyme It's called Flight and it's in Memphis
@stevesilberman Hey billionaires are people too @CalMorgan Unless you end up in Canada and you're too high to remember where you are @mariskreizman Mine thinks I'm an idiot who doesn't understand that nosing a bowl means she wants more food and scr… @frynaomifry Represent for both of us will you @timoreilly @StevenPargett @amcafee It's true, but the machines won't be far behind."The power of splitting a nuclear family is horrific fallout." An excellent thread. @Plinz @Evolving_Ego @telephotic Not instigating harm is one part of it. The other part, whether or not the law req… @ArielDumas I didn't think so 🍌 @ArielDumas Did you eat the peel? @Plinz @Evolving_Ego People are losing sight of the relationship between free speech and responsibility. As childre… @mariskreizman The world has always had awful things in it with different people becoming aware of those awful thin… @Bob_Wachter @Atul_Gawande I am looking forward to seeing what you do with this, @Atul_Gawande. Great pick for this venture. @rachsyme @juliebarer @MillerMadeline @wordbookstores Very much looking forward to this!! @loreleiensemble @NumerousAnimals Yes! Where's a link to the information? @Plinz @Grady_Booch The technium wants what it wants. @CynthVonBuhler Thank you! Miss your gorgeous face
@rachsyme @Zaphod137 I loved living in the foothills of the Sandias. @CynthVonBuhler Congratulations! @CynthVonBuhler I need you to help me finish mine. I think I have all my paperwork together. Do you have a checklis… @jason_pontin I have a couple of relatives who voted for this and feel like they are getting exactly what they hoped for.