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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Ischia

Working hard to close the imagination gap. Co-director of Science House. Futurist, writer, entrepreneur, advisor. Founder, Treasure of the Sirens.

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@HenryButtermilk Venice @HenryButtermilk I was in this courtyard when I heard it. @ScienceHouse @lauradaquino would love for you to take the survey!Thank you for the motivation to finish my book before a machine does it. cc @Grady_Booch @rachsyme Fresh notebook Cappuccino Molten chocolate cake Hot pink sunset Cello played behind a door, ajar Jade g… you believe that focus is worth fighting for? I would love it if you took this anonymous @ScienceHouse survey. @alexanderchee @mere215 @melissabroder Gorgeous
@ACMChess @davidllada @USChess @chessless @QualityChess Ordered! @juliaferraioli Like a chess grandmaster. They don't need the board or pieces.Current mood: Bob Dylan in the ‘We are the world’ video.
Retweeted by Rita J. KingCreate your own town of happiness
Retweeted by Rita J. King @likaluca No way. You've got that amazing brain.I have one old friend who would understand all of my feelings about this. 💔❤️ @johnlevenstein The fake laughter is a huge part of the reason why men get away with harassment. Other people laugh… @johnlevenstein Courtesy laughter. I will never forget the first time I heard it and that whole world clicked into place for me.Big misconception about managing compassionately is that it's a "soft" skill. Most compassionate people I know are typically the strongest.
Retweeted by Rita J. King @jeffweiner YES @lirarandallIn Bolivia, there is a 91 meter high vertical cliff that has footprints marching over it from 8 different species o…
Retweeted by Rita J. King @ziyatong What?! @rocza @pearson What year was this published?! @ziyatong This chokes me up for so many reasons that only one old friend I know would understand.
@Werner That's conceptually terrifying and true of so many organizations."It's always funny when people think there's any profession that's going to be safe from automation." --Olivia, 18-year-old niece. @robinsloan 🤖 @DeepMindAI @JeffDSachs @DianeCoyle1859 @CFigueres I would like to be involved in the development of your collabora… @7homaslin Have you seen my Bureau of AI project? @7homaslin I have been thinking about it A LOT @DrJoeHanson @AstroKatie This is a love machine right here. @DrJoeHanson @AstroKatie Animal psychologist sounds like a truly excellent job. @DrJoeHanson I see @AstroKatie @DrJoeHanson Maybe it is trying to tell us something about the fear response @DrJoeHanson @AstroKatie I'm so glad I didn't click the link! @DrJoeHanson I know it's not what you're asking but I'm pretty sure dogs care more about people than most people do. @moorehn A white cape. @moorehn PS. Do NOT wear a cape to the Sack of Rome. Sure, the troops can spot you more easily but so can the Pope's goldsmith. @moorehn I am writing about the House of Bourbon as we speak!Why is everyone focused on the singing and not the logistics of a commercial air passenger carrying a casket on a f…
@Nicole_Cliffe Mine met at a block party in Brooklyn. If you look at my profile picture you'll see what happened ni… @CynthVonBuhler @ComicsTitan @CharlesArdai @HardCaseCrime Miss you so much 💋 @elonmusk This is adorable.This is the most beautiful thing and every human should know and truly understand it. We are made of stars and we s… @BadAstronomer @MartinHajovsky @LIGO SO BEAUTIFUL @ComicsTitan @CynthVonBuhler @CharlesArdai @HardCaseCrime Cynthia you brilliant goddessLovers of food & design: get this new book from @wendymac @brainpicker @debbiemillman @sarahrich about Cipe Pineles…
Retweeted by Rita J. KingPeople who worry about robot overlords might not fully realize that we've already lost control of our creations. @Recode People are so worried about robot overlords that they fail to realize that humans have already lost control of our creations. @alexismadrigal Truly delightful!Today, @rachsyme sent me something she wrote. It was magnificent. Powerful, mesmerizing and real. Write and create. It matters so much. @IsaacFitzgerald @rachsyme @AM2DM On top of the awe-inspiring pinkness @rachsyme sent me a piece of writing today t… @rachsyme With that said, I've made MANY great friends for life, including you, on Twitter. @rachsyme I've raised an eyebrow since 2007 when most of the suggested follows were men in tech. @johnlevenstein @DesiJed @missmayim May I never @johnlevenstein Oh, you're back? @DesiJed @johnlevenstein @missmayim Technically, saying you're the one who is hurt, deeply deeply or otherwise, isn't actually an apology. @johnlevenstein @megh_wright What like verbally? Physically? As opposed to sitting on the couch and silently willin… @johnlevenstein @megh_wright His wife has to die so he's forced to interact with his child. Wow. @johnlevenstein I was irritated by the comment being called a "joke." @davidfrum Disgusting.
@editorialiste @mathewi @CJR Same! @theferocity Ask her whether Jolene was properly scared off!I had no idea that a bat could be this big. @jhagel Would love to catch up soon.I also connected with so many great women because @rachsyme mentioned me in her tweet. Thank you, Rachel ✨ to the biggest discovery of the year we finally know where all the elements of the periodic table get made
Retweeted by Rita J. KingToday is the first day of Longreads member drive. We're looking to raise 25K: ALL of which goes to writers.
Retweeted by Rita J. KingThe opioid epidemic is a national tragedy. @seeglazek on the Sackler family, who has made a fortune off oxycotin:
Retweeted by Rita J. KingWe need applied imagination now, more than ever. @johnlevenstein Probably for himself. @jhagel Thank you! The concept has developed a lot. I believe we should mean applied imagination when we say AI. @kathyeldon Kathy, thank you for your boundless perseverance and belief that the world can be better. ❤️ @kathyeldon And Mogadishu 👁👁💦💔
@StarshipBuilder Both. And the pace is so fast that we can't process it all before the next doubling happens.Moore's Law, but for the news cycle.That's because the term soft power is as misleading as "soft skills" to mean a deep understanding of complex human… @jasonzweigwsj My father typed a copy of that poem for me many years ago, when I was a little girl writer. I still… father gave me this poem, The Writer, many years ago. I cherish it. It will move your soul if you love to write. @rachsyme I just saw this as I'm writing the chapter exactly halfway through my book 💋 @HeardFC @alyssaharad Roses in Brooklyn is the highlight of my childhood.