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@stillamjennifer The ocean! Just lie there and let the tide do all the work. What work, you ask. I have no clue. Have a wine. @notcreative388 Hopefully. I miss you all. @stillamjennifer No. You're not going without. I'm afraid it's the bath-tub or.......................what is the opposite of a bath-tub? @notcreative388 You never offend anyone, dear...unless it's funny to do so. @notcreative388 Sorry. Didn't mean to appear rude. I was just answering your previous question. Sorry. @ntfem Nice song. Do you have any other/actual emotions?.@ntfem If this isn't a joke, you're sick. If this is a joke, you're sick. @notcreative388 Yeah. There are physical similarities and then there are other things - we both love reading and writing. @another_wench @notcreative388 You find out abruptly & then you fall in love. It's great. I have two wee nephews to fall in love with too @another_wench @cherokee_autumn You hate it but you're strong. And she needs that strength. You're doing a pretty good job. @cherokee_autumn It'll scare her more if you're nervous. Be brave as fuck! Be solid. I know you can do that. @notcreative388 It's fairly easy, apparently. Your dad just has to have a daughter with another wife. Wish I'd known. @another_wench @nakedlaughing She is the loveliest person ever. I just love her. @another_wench @nakedlaughing That's a pretty good opening line.Has anyone experienced instant love? What a weird experience. @nakedlaughing That was about the coolest thing ever. She is so lovely. And I have wee nephews too! @another_wench @wiserthaniwasb4 As long as your time-line works, that's all that matters. @idebunkforme @nakedlaughing We're cool as always. How are you? @another_wench @notcreative388 Hi there! How are you, ya mad wee Canuck?@another_wench @another_wench I promised my little sister that I'd start writing. You may receive word about a short story in a week or two. @another_wench I'm doing OK. Am living in my wee flat (have been working night shift for over a year) and am starting to get "there". @another_wench Meeting my wee sis was surreal. Instant love is a weird thing. @wiserthaniwasb4 You jumped off the ark? Congrats. Ironically, I'm listening to Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac. @idebunkforme @another_wench I got divorced, my dad died and I met my little sister for the first time. It's been quite a year. You?It's odd. When you have nothing to tweet everyone is there to read and comment on it. When you have something to say no one is there. @another_wench No worries. How's you? @Another_Wench Can you ask Heather if she'll unblock me? BTW How are you?Tom Cruise here. In my next blockbuster movie I star as a novelist who retires & starts his own religion because that's where the money is
Retweeted by Grant Drummond @stillamjennifer I have a bath. Any good?Can someone tell Heather to unblock me, please.
Finally watched Ep. 7. Why is anyone unemployed? Judging by the end credits everyone one earth except me worked on that film.
This is just cool as fuck
@iraiseufacts Night mate.Ruined it again. @athyvaya Well maybe not that small! Is has been a while admittedly. @athyvaya If the snake looks like it's really far away...then yes. @athyvaya I also have a cream for that. Works a treat. Within seconds of administering it I'm fast asleep..#guns #gunnuts #gunsafety #guncontrol #gunsense
Retweeted by Grant Drummond#socialsecurity #entitlements #congress I hate politicians
Retweeted by Grant Drummond @bsarge50t There's so much wrong with that sentence I don't know where to begin. @cablefixer @sensiblysecular @athyvaya I have a cream that can help with that.Hello. How have you all been?
@SecularSmeghead Haha @SecularSmeghead If it's "bestiality" shouldn't that first line read "You like that goat, boy?"?
The 3 most powerful words in the known universe are "I don't know". Embrace them, and embrace their power. I know fuck all and it's awesome.Stop trying to prove what you think is right is right and start trying to prove it wrong instead. @notcreative388 No problem, you mad wee canuck! @NiceMangos @beccarosler @Chef_Rinz @rini6 @dHoodstr @GodFreeWorld @SecularBloke @GodFreeWorld A pleasure as always, mate. @NiceMangos ;-)Do we still do FF? If so please follow @NiceMangos @notcreative388 @beccarosler @Chef_Rinz @rini6 @dHoodstr @GodFreeWorld @SecularBlokeHer: You'll never guess what happened. Him: What d'you want me to do about it? Her: Nothing. I'm just saying. Him: Argument time! & on & on @NiceMangos I get that! You've been saying as much through this whole conversation.I get that! @Williamnewport @NiceMangos Breathing room is always nice. "Your ancient book said this so you MUST blelieve it" is not. @Williamnewport @NiceMangos Is still a young religion though. It needs to find its feet. @Williamnewport @Williamnewport Gets in the way of what? @NiceMangos @NiceMangos You don't think it has moved on? @Williamnewport @Williamnewport So fucking what? @NiceMangos @Williamnewport Is still a Christian country. Stop taking @NiceMangos out of the convo. Most people people in UK are probs atheist. Like me. @Williamnewport d) You can only say that shit b/c Christianity in the UK has moved on. @NiceMangos is stating that Islam has moved on also @Williamnewport a) try spelling words correctly: it's "our" b) it's sex not gender c) don't talk behind peoples' backs @NiceMangos @NiceMangos The UK is actually a Christian country: the Queen is head of the church as well as the head of state. Nice going @Williamnewport @beccarosler Well...good! Take your time to mourn then move on. But never forget. ;-) @beccarosler I'd wait a while if I were you. And don't think of the new cat as a "replacement".
@StaunchA It's always the females who have to remain chaste! HA! What a giveaway as to these MAN-made culturesOne essential ingredient in life is provocation: if you can't be provoked you aren't alive. Why shun this necessity in favour of stagnation? @dumbasstbh He wishes* *would run from screaming and crying. @Williamnewport Nice black and white argument there! No compromise! Christians either stone kids to death or they're heathens. @NiceMangos @Kramanash Why have you just sent us the letter S in Morse code? @NiceMangos @dystime You had to pay to visit a cemetery? @NiceMangos Of course not, you Jew hater. You had slaves too. And you burned witches...oh wait, that was them. Was in the bible. @RJGrantDrummond I think I meant "finale". @emmybooth Awesome film! PS Didn't he get cut from it? lol Have fun! @Film4FrightFest @horror_channel3 of 3 The grand heathenetical finally. I love MP. #Atheism2 of 3 More heathenism from MP. Love it. #Atheism1 of 3. Love Monty Python! For all my followers aged 30 or under: you'll love them too, I'm sure. #Science #Atheism @Joesayyy We do! Though mine is shit. Seriously! 5 mins to load a YT vid? Bastards! That's not what you meant is it? @CGirl143 Exactly! The "so-called" A-team. @CGirl143 Why did he put scare quotes round the A-team? That WAS their name. lolBlood vessels of a real person who dedicated their body to science for display
Retweeted by Grant DrummondSo we've all to play by YOUR rules, have we? Well fuck you mr. policeman and your so-called anti-arson laws! @SecularSmeghead Agreed. This new stuff where she looks like an S&M granny in a too-tight corset? No, no, no. @Jeanniefully I think he should concentrate on growing some manners, and some balls. #PickOnAGirlWhyDontYa @SecularSmeghead The last thing I liked of hers was the cover of Ray of Light. Before that? Mostly great (except the films). @bendon82 Don't go all Daffy Duck on me. I meant AFTER they're born, of course. I'm not not an abortionist! @thebanite @SecularSmeghead I remember when she was still hot...happy days. @bendon82 @thebanite You two are both nuts. We should just shoot all minors and therefore avoid anyone having mental illness in the future. @chrisrock Japs! Should I point out that I'm Scottish and don't really have a fucking clue what your tweet was about?...Go Japs! @notcreative388 Lucky timing then? Lovely!#InjureAFilm Have Madonna be involved in some capacity. @notcreative388 Am doing very well, ta. Am only on here intermittently now. Sucks a bit but what can you do? @meredith_webb9 Shouldn't that read "apple juicers"? ;-) @notcreative388 Hello dear! How are you?How Many Lives Will be Lost 4U to Feel Chic? Save Lives, be happy in UR own skin #BoycottFur
Retweeted by Grant Drummond @Clausfarre143 I think all anyone could reasonably claim right now is that your IQ isn't real. @notcreative388 @Morbiousstone @GRIMACHU @tiffany_babe9 o_OHoly tits! Twenty-odd notifications! All from the same nutter! That was one hell of a ramble. @nakedlaughing Fuck a duck, mate, you look lovely. As always ;-)
@emanuel14486948 Why not? The first person to do anything (get a tattoo, go bungee jumping, have a shave) wasn't "mimicking" another. @emanuel14486948 You're assuming they mimicked an angel based on nothing. Why not an alien or an animal? Why assume "mimicking" at all?